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A Game of High Stakes

Categories Fiction, BDSM, Extreme, Lesbian

Author: ST99

Published: 19 December 2017

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There was a house that was known to throw the best parties in the city. It was far enough out in the countryside to avoid noise complaints, and the house was so large that it might as well be called a small mansion. It could easily hold a hundred people on just the first floor. College students were often seen driving out in droves whenever there was something going on. It had a reputation that seemed to grow with each passing month.

On the third floor, far enough to muffle the booming music pouring out of the downstairs stereo system, there was a bedroom with no bed. The center of the room held a round wooden table with three chairs set around it, and each chair held a woman. They were Rachel, Erica, and Willow.

Rachel was the preppy. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, and a naturally cheery face. She was the kind of person who’s idea of a night out went along the lines of shopping for clothes and searching for fun new outfits to wear, though today she was dressed rather plainly in a bright red t-shirt and simple skinny jeans. The shirt and jeans were tight enough to show off her slim figure and petite chest without calling too much attention to herself. She was getting a bachelor’s degree in nursing, which was something that she had found a knack for. She had already managed to line up an internship at the local hospital.

Willow was the goth. She had short black hair, a pouty face, remarkably pale skin, and was the shortest of the three by half a foot. Her nails were painted black, there were bright silver studs in her ears, and a borderline purple purse leaned against the nearby table leg. With her elegant knee length black skirt, dark flowing top, and expertly applied makeup, Willow was dressed to kill. It was the kind of outfit most people would only wear for special occasions. Willow was an art major, and she was really only enrolled to have fun and sharpen her drawing skills. She already made a steady wage manning the local sex shop’s front counter.

Erica was the cheerleader. The blond was almost a living stereotype with her large breasts, bubble butt, bronzed tan skin, and resting bitch face. She was a natural gossip, the kind of woman who naturally found herself in the sidelines of the latest drama. She was also a rather nice person, to the surprise of those who didn’t know her well. Her jean short shorts and white crop top bordered on slutty, but only just. Erica was ready to go back downstairs and spend the night drinking and dancing. She had already snagged a quick drink on the way up. It wasn’t enough to get her even halfway buzzed, but it did loosen her shoulders.

The three were a study in contrasts. None of them had any classes together, and there wasn’t much in the way of shared interests. The one thing that they had in common, and the reason why they were alone upstairs, was that they were part of a secret club. They were initiates of a sorority hidden from most of the college, one with no more than a dozen members in total. The reason for their secrecy, and the reason for their low membership, was that they all had a love for all kinds of extreme BDSM sex games. It wasn’t something they wanted spread around.

Today was something more special than their usual meetups. Rachel had a deck of cards in her hands, and she gave the two other women a playful smile. “Alright, girls. Let me go over this one last time so we’re all clear on what’s about to happen. A group of guys has managed to pool enough money together to hire a night of entertainment from the sorority, for the party. You know what I’m talking about. The last lucky woman to get escort duty basically ended up getting fucked through half the night. She had sex with more than two dozen different guys, and most of them came back for a second round. I heard that she got fucked so hard that she walked funny for days. She made the sorority a lot of money. Like, a ton of money.”

Rachel caught each of their eyes, one at a time. “Since we’re bottom of the totem pole, one of us has escort duty. But only one. The other two get to go downstairs and spend the rest of the night partying. And nobody wants to miss a good party, right?”

“Yeah,” Erica said. Willow just nodded.

“So,” Rachel continued, “we have to play a game. A single hand of poker. The stakes are simple. Winners tie up the loser, send up the guys, then go out and have fun. The loser gets stripped and locked in the Fuck Box.”

Rachel paused, and all three women turned to look at the huge cube-shaped oak box set against the far wall. It was still sealed shut, so all they could see was the faint seams that ran through the front panel and across the top. A small foldable table was set up to the side. It held a ticket dispenser filled with a long stream of brightly colored condoms packets and a large tube of lube. A waste bin for the used rubbers was on the floor nearby.

Willow seemed entranced by the sight. Erica gave Rachel a haughty smirk. “Well, it’s a good thing I don’t plan on losing, cause I have a hot guy waiting for me downstairs. I hope one of you is ready to spend the night on your back.”

Willow shot Erica a look. “Wow, really? Knock on wood. Can you tempt fate any harder? I mean, you know you’re basically asking to lose, right?”

Erica shrugged. “Believe me or not, I say what I mean. I’m only fucking one guy tonight.”

Rachel caught their attention with a clap of her hands. “Yeah, great. Shit talking is over, okay? Good. So, to continue what I was saying, this is a bet. We’re gambling. That means there has to be something to throw in the pot. It’s a little something extra to add on top of Fuck Box duty, you know? Just to make sure we’re all taking this seriously. Everyone brought their forfeit?”

Willow reached under the table and brought out a leather hood and a bright red ballgag. “I heard that the box wasn’t entirely soundproof. You can hear the person inside if they make enough noise. That kind of goes against the spirit of the whole thing, don’t you think? The guys aren’t supposed to know anything about the woman inside the box. All they are supposed to see is a faceless, noiseless hole to fuck.”

The last sentence was said with a breathless lilt to her voice. Willow cleared her throat, suddenly embarrassed, and pushed her bet to the center of the table. “Yeah, I bet that. Loser is gagged.”

Erica licked her lips, then put on a slightly forced grin. “I’ve got something even better than that. I’ll prove that I don’t plan on losing with this!” She slapped her bet down on the table.

It was a pair of latex panties and a dildo. The latex was cloudy gray and partially opaque, though still clear enough to see through the material. It was also crotchless, there was a vertical slit in the front. The dildo was pure black, almost slick looking with the way the light shone off the rubber, and it was about six inches long. The base was oddly shaped, with a thin curved scoop of rubber poking out from the top and bottom end. Almost like a badly proportioned pickaxe.

Willow looked at Erica in surprise. Rachel raised her eyebrows. “Is that what I think it is?” Rachel asked. “Because that looks like a dildo that’s supposed to go up the ass.”

Erica shrugged, putting on an air of nonchalance. “Yep. Cover it in lube, stick it in, and slap on the underwear. It doesn’t get in the way of the fucking, and the latex will keep the dildo from getting pushed out. The base is shaped so that it rests against the taint and up the asscrack, everything is covered by the asscheeks. They’ll barely notice anything. I mean, the guys aren’t paying for anal. It’s not like they are being cheated out of anything.”

Willow looked at the dildo with a healthy amount of respect. Rachel stared at Erica as she mentally walked through her logic. “We haven’t cleaned ourselves out. We’re dirty back there.”

“It won’t come out until the end,” Erica retorted. “Nobody will see anything. It’ll just be there to… enhance the experience. It will make everything more extreme. Isn’t that what we want? That’s why we joined in the first place. Right?”

Rachel conceded the point with a wave of her hand. “Yes, that’s true. Alright. Fine. Loser has to get locked in the box with her ass packed. I wasn’t expecting anything like that, so I’ll admit my forfeit isn’t as impressive.”

She pulled out a pair of wireless earbuds and an old IPad. “I figured that a girl might start to feel a little bored with nothing to do but get fucked and wait to get fucked. So I thought it would be nice have something to listen to while the time passes.”

She flicked the IPad on, set the volume as high as it could go, and then pressed the play button. There was a few second of static, and then the unmistakable sound of a cane hitting flesh and a woman breathily moaning thanks.

Willow gaped. “Was that the chapter master?”

The cane struck again, and the woman let out another thank you. Rachel nodded and turned the volume back down. “Yep. All of the leadership film their sessions. It’s something to watch later and show the new girls after they manage to get full membership. I begged a copy of one off a source who shall remain nameless, but who may or may not have been the woman tanning the hide off the chapter master’s ass. In that part of the track, at least. The video had half a dozen different sessions mixed together.”

She patted the IPad, turned it off, and then slid it to the middle of the table. “Loser has some porn to listen to while she works. It has about two and a half hours of audio before it loops back to the start.”

The three women stared at the pot. The faint, muted sound of thumping bass filled the silence. Each was thinking about the same thing, of the enormity of what was about to happen. For all their love of extreme sex, none of them had ever done something like this before. They’ve talked about it, dreamed about it, but it had always remained a fantasy. They never thought it could be real. Each woman, at the back of her mind, felt a faint stirring of doubt.

Then all three met each other’s eyes and bolstered their confidence. Nobody was going to back down. Not now, when their pride was on the line. That and their social status. Nobody would be able to live down the embarrassment of leaving in the middle of a scene like this, especially before it even started. Each was sure that they just had to win. Win, and not lose.

Rachel picked up the deck and began to shuffle. “I’m assuming you all know how to play.”

Willow laughed. “God, please. Yes.”

Erica rolled her eyes. “Do you even have to ask?”

“Just checking.” Rachel cut the deck, shuffled it a little more, and slid the first cards towards Erica. It wasn’t the most professional deal in the world, but she wasn’t trying to do anything fancy. Just get the cards to where they had to go.

Each woman was given five facedown cards. Each took their cards and flipped them up, careful not to let the others see, and there was a few furious seconds of staring and thinking. Willow bit her lips, Erica remained expressionless, and Rachel had faint worry flash across her face.

Rachel pointedly sighed and stretched her arms. “Alright. Time to discard.”

She tossed three cards towards the deck. Willow, after a few seconds, closed her eyes and passed four cards over. Erica cautiously pulled out two cards and left three in her hand.

Rachel slid the cards to the side and dealt new cards. One to Erica, one to Willow, one to herself, and so on until everyone had a full hand. Rachel looked at her new cards with a wary expression, then set them on the table face down. “Well. Loser takes all. Who feels brave enough to show first?”

Neither Erica nor Willow moved. Rachel, unexpectedly, let out a wide grin. “Fine. Read them and weep!”

She flipped her cards up with a flourish. She had a queen of clubs, a jack of spades, and three eights. A three of a kind.

Willow covered her mouth with her hand. “Wow, that’s good. I can’t beat that.”

Erica pursed her lips and said nothing.

After a few seconds, a nervous Willow laid down her cards. “Um, well. I guess I lose. I don’t really have anything. At all.”

Her cards were an ace of hearts, a nine of spades, an eight of diamonds, and both a four and three of clubs. Rachel shook her head at the sight. “You weren’t very lucky, huh?”

Willow rubbed the back of her head. “No, not really.”

Erica was still quiet. Both Willow and Rachel turned to her. “Well,” Rachel said after a few seconds. “Time to show us your hand.”

Erica, with a sudden jerk, threw her cards to the table and crossed her arms in an angry pout. There was a jack of clubs, a ten of clubs, a nine of clubs, an eight of clubs, and a six of diamonds. Both women realized what happened at the same time.

Rachel burst out laughing. “Did I steal your queen of clubs? Hah, I did! Wow. Really? I can’t believe you tried to go for a straight flush.”

“I didn’t have anything else,” Erica said stiffly. “It was either that or throw the whole hand.”

Willow seemed to be stifling giggles. “Jesus, what did I say? You gave yourself bad luck. You shouldn’t have said that you were going to win.”

Erica just scowled harder. Rachel’s smiled dimmed, and then turned into something a little harder. A little more aggressive. Willow was invigorated by her victory. She straightened up in her seat and sat with more poise and confidence than she had just a few minutes ago. “Well,” Rachel said softly, “you know what happens now.”

Erica looked down, face dimming for just a second, before she let out a sigh and stood up. “Yeah,” she muttered. “I’m stripping.”

Rachel leaned over and patted Willow’s arm. “Can you be a dear and lube up the dildo? Help Erica get dressed while I open the box.”

Willow nodded, surprised. “Oh. Okay.”

Erica shimmied out of her shorts. Her panties were bright red and lacy. Rachel turned around and walked over to the box. The sound of Erica stripping, and the sound of Willow opening up a bottle of lube and squirting some out, seemed very loud in the otherwise quiet room. Faint music notwithstanding. She shook her head clear of distractions and focused on the box.

There were two very small, very discreet cabinet locks on the front panel. One was near the top and the other only slightly left of center. Rachel fished two keys out of her pockets, popped them both in, and then turned. The box came apart on two separate sets of hinges. The top panel opened up like a chest, and the center panel split in half like a double door. Rachel flipped the heavy lid upwards and leaned it against the back wall, then spread the front panel apart.

The box was hollow. The wood inside had been carved into the shape of a chair and covered in heavily cushioned upholstery. The seat’s headrest was close enough to the top hole’s lip that anyone inside would have to feel the bottom of the lid on the crown of their head when it was shut. There were also leather straps sewn into the padding, surrounding the seat from all sides. Rachel knew, from what an older member had told her, that it was wickedly comfortable to sit on. The first woman had spent hours and hours inside with no problems to show for it, save for a very sore pussy.

Rachel leaned down and hooked her fingers underneath the bottom of a drawer built just under the front panel. It took some tugging, but she managed to pull it out. With a sound similar to a recliner extending, the box popped out something that looked like a short and narrow wood footrest with a top covered in more cushioning. There was a small lever underneath that locked the thing in place. Rachel pulled the lever, then pressed down and tested her weight against the small ledge sticking out from the box. It held firm.

There wasn’t much else to do. There were a few straps to loosen, but the last group had tidied up after themselves. It only took a few moments, a few seconds longer when she had to lean into the box to check for any that she might have missed. But that was about all there was. There was nothing left to do but help Willow.

Rachel looked back. Erica was completely naked and laying down on her back with her neck craned up towards Willow, who was sitting in front of her spread open legs. Erica’s large breasts, with her thin areolas and puffy pink nipples, were hanging heavy on her chest. Her silky smooth sex and breasts were only slightly less tanned than the rest of her sun-kissed skin. Erica was doing her best to stay silent while Willow carefully pressed the tip of the dildo against her asshole. It was gleaming with lube.

Rachel let out a long, even breath. She walked over to the table, where Erica’s clothes were folded up and set aside. She shuffled through them with interest, and saw that her bra was as bright and lacy as her panties. “You really were planning on getting lucky,” Rachel remarked.

She was rewarded with a pointed glare. The expression was undercut by the look of lust and vulnerability that threatened to overcome Erica’s composure.

“Yeah,” Erica muttered. She suddenly bit her lip as Willow managed to push the tip of the dildo through her asshole. Her body swallowed a good inch and a half of rubber all at once before clenching down.

“I bet,” Rachel said dryly. After a pause, she walked over and stood over Erica’s body. Close enough to get a good bird’s eye view of Erica’s tits and pussy. Erica looked up with an irritated glower, but she said nothing. Rachel smiled in response.

Rachel watched Erica take another inch of dildo into her ass with some interest. Her gaze lazily swept over Erica’s body, stopping for a little while on her pussy. She was waxed bare. Erica pressed her lips shut and turned to the floor as the dildo slid even further in. Rachel didn’t miss how hard Erica’s nipples were. They stuck out straight into the air.

Willow hummed a short tuneless noise. “You’re enjoying this. Look, Rachel, her pussy is already soaking wet. Erica, are you sure you didn’t jinx yourself on purpose? Were you looking forward to this?”

Erica let out a short, uneven breath. “No,” she protested. Her words must have sounded feeble even to herself. She visibly restrained herself from making any sound as the last of the dildo was pushed all the way into her body in one smooth thrust. The dildo was forced forward until the base of the plug was pressed flush against her skin.

Willow let go and moved her hands away, letting Erica’s spread cheeks fall back down. They could barely see the dildo poking out between her bubble butt. The end of the plug hugged her inner curves. “You were right about it being hard to see,” Rachel said. Her voice was remarkably steady. “We can fit the underwear over this with no problems.”

“Good,” Erica said with false bravado.

The latex panties were next, and they were small. Willow didn’t have any problems pulling them up Erica’s legs, but she had to struggle to get them over the curve of Erica’s ass. The underwear was tight and clingy, almost obnoxiously so, and it didn’t want to stretch out any further than it had to. Willow was finally able to force them all the way up after half a minute of furious tugging and concentration. The latex clenched down on Erica’s ass like a second skin. The opaque grey latex straining to contain her ass was a sight to see.

The tight latex hugged her inner curves just as tightly as it did her outer. Including her asshole. The latex seemed to lightly press down against the base of the assplug, not with much force but definitely enough to keep it from slipping out. The edges of the crotchless hole in the front were perfectly shaped to slip around and underneath her pussy lips. Her red and glistening pussy lips, Rachel noted. The latex pressed against her slit and pushed the outer folds together and outward, giving it a puffier appearance.

Rachel and Willow both took a moment to stare. Erica bit her lip and said nothing, nor did she try to move her legs and hide herself. After the moment had passed, Willow leaned over and picked up the ballgag. “Okay. Now we do this.”

Erica sat up. She opened her mouth and let Willow work the rubber ball into her mouth. It was just the right size, large enough to keep her mouth wide open but not so much that she had to strain her jaw. It sealed her lips shut. Willow looped the strap around Erica’s head and tightened, pulling with enough force to jerk Erica’s head back.

Erica glared. Willow gave her a guileless smile, and Rachel took the opportunity to lean down and push the wireless earbuds into Erica’s ears. Rachel fiddled with it for a few more moments to make sure they were comfortably all the way inside. Erica waited with ill grace and a wet huff buried underneath the ballgag. Willow picked up the leather hood and scooted behind Erica. She waved it in front of her face and said, “This comes next. Doesn’t it look exciting?”

The hood was jet black. It looked very intimidating, in part because of the mess of laces that ran down the back. The only other hole in the leather was the slit to let her nose stick out. Willow loosened it as much as she could while Erica looked behind her shoulder and watched nervously. Willow lightly tapped her shoulder and had Erica face forward. Then she pulled the hood down Erica’s head. It took a few hard tugs to get the bottom all the way down to Erica’s neck, and a while longer for Willow to brush the ends of Erica’s blond hair into the hood. All but Erica’s nose was hidden from view.

Willow tightened the laces with a steady but firm hand. Each tug jerked the hood farther shut. She had to really pull to get the last few laces tight. The hood was spread taut over Erica’s skin. By the time Willow was done it was hugging her face like the latex panties did her butt. The leather over the ballgag bulged outward, enough to plainly show she was gagged underneath. The rest of her face was nothing more than a black, blank mask.

Rachel admired the sight. Willow stared at Erica, taking in both her mask and her naked body, now with transparent lust. Neither missed how hard Erica’s nipples had become. There were somehow jutting even farther out from her chest than before. Willow blinked, then shook her head and stood up. “Alright. Time for you to get into the Fuck Box.”

Rachel and Willow helped Erica to her feet and slowly led her to the massive wooden box across the room. Her nose flared with each breath, and each careful step was short and unsteady. She was obviously unused to the dildo in her ass, which pressed upward every time she lifted her leg forward. From the soft noises Willow and Rachel were hearing, this wasn’t an entirely uncomfortable feeling. Soon enough Erica was standing front of the box, and she was breathing a little heavier than what was justified for such a short walk.

The open box stood ready. Rachel measured the distance between the bottom of the seat and Erica with a critical eye. “This will be a little tricky,” Rachel told Willow. “Turn her around. Like this, yeah. Okay. Now, gently let her fall down. Not too fast.”

Rachel and Willow held Erica as they lowered her into the box back first. Erica’s ass touched the outstretched lip near the edge, but Rachel had her scoot farther back. Erica leaned into the box and then flopped into the cushioned groove inside. She twisted around and found a comfortable position, sinking a little into the recliner as she moved. Her back bent and her ass tilted up, until her thighs were almost parallel to the ground and her tailbone was nestled inside the footrest. She fit in the box perfectly, and the end result had her shaped like a softly curved “J” with her back cradled by copious and well positioned padding.

Erica’s legs hung out from the box and dangled above the floor. Willow grabbed one and Rachel took the other. Then, carefully, each woman pushed them up towards the box and towards Erica’s face. All three women were very flexible, a requirement for what they did so often in their free time, but Erica was a cheerleader. She could bend her body into pretzels that put the rest to shame. That meant it was easy to get Erica’s legs up towards her chest, and only a little harder to get them near her shoulders. They kept at it, slow and steady, and Erica knew what was about to happen; she moved her arms out of the way so Rachel and Willow could press her feet against the sides of her own head. Erica moved her arm back into place, pinning her calves underneath her armpits.

It was a position that Erica had practiced many, many times before. It was basically yoga, which meant she could do it in the gym and get nothing more than the occasional odd look. Erica could spend all night bent the way she was now with no problems. Which was important, because she actually was going to spend the rest of the night like that.

Erica’s spread open legs were tucked in the box and out of the way. Her pussy was tilted up and thrust out into the air, a perfect angle for fucking. The shallow dish her tailbone was sunk into not only supported her back, it had her pelvis far enough out of the box so that nobody had to worry about banging their knees against the front panel while plowing into her pussy. Erica even had her butt high enough up to show a hint of the anal dildo poking out and pressing against the bottom of the latex panties. Willow and Rachel both looked on in approval.

Then came the straps. Erica’s arms were pressed against her sides, and the leather bindings were wrapped around her torso and her wrists to keep them in place. More were looped around her legs, lower arms, and upper arms. Straps were soon crisscrossing her whole body. Erica wasn’t tied tightly, Rachel and Willow left some slack for her to squirm around, but the sheer number of leather coming from so many angles was enough to keep Erica from doing anything more than impotently shake. Her waist was firmly stuck in place and incapable of any movement.

Erica let out a heavy breath. She garbled something unintelligible into the ballgag, but not urgently. Rachel shook her head. “You know we can’t understand you.”

There were more unintelligible words. Willow took a step back and ran her eyes over the whole scene, then silently sneaked out her cellphone. Rachel raised her eyebrows, then smiled and moved out of the shot. Willow snapped a picture as Rachel said, “Erica, come on. Don’t be sassy.”

Erica snorted. Willow put her phone away and gave Rachel a wide smile and a thumbs up. Rachel shook her head in mock consternation. Then she walked over to the box and grabbed the two front doors. “We’re almost done, Erica. Just one more minute.”

Rachel closed the panels. Each had an adjustable semicircle of wood near the bottom that could be pulled in or out like a camera shutter. Together, they made it possible to make a hole in the panels that was just big enough to fit Erica’s outstretched butt through. Everything beyond her waist was sealed away as Rachel had the shutter constrict as far down as it could go. There was a very small lock that latched the shutter in place, a lock that perfectly fit Rachel’s key. Rachel wordlessly stuck it inside and turned. She could hear the clunk of metal sliding into place.

Now all Rachel and Willow could see was Erica’s pussy, the bottom of her bronze spread-open legs, and the latex panties that covered most of her skin. Also a small amount of the anal dildo. Rachel took her key and slid it into the front panel lock. A flick of her wrist later and Erica could no longer get out even if she really tried.

Rachel handed the key over to Willow, who put it in a pocket. They both walked to the side of the box and went to their tiptoes to peer over the hole on top. They could see the top of Erica’s head, which was nothing but slick black leather, her lightly sweat soaked body covered in leather straps, and her outstretched nose.

Rachel leaned over and patted the top of her head. The hood jerked to the side, which was as far as Erica could move. “Have fun, Erica. We’ve got to get going. There’s a party waiting for us.”

Erica let out a low muffled moan. It was barely audible. Willow smiled. “I’ll see you later,” she said. “Try to show those guys a good time, okay? They should get their money’s worth.”

Erica tried to moan louder than before, but failed. Rachel shut the top lid with a fairly loud thud. It didn’t make a total seal; there were tiny pinprick holes scattered around to let air in. It was still enough to cut off Erica’s voice. Rachel and Willow both paused, waiting, but there was no other sound. Erica could no longer be heard. Rachel locked the top lid shut with the second key and let it fall into her pocket. Each key only unlocked half of the box; they would need both to let Erica out.

Rachel clicked her tongue. “One last thing.”

Rachel fiddled with the box’s side panel. After about ten seconds, she was able to pry out a short thick stick, the end of which was a rubber handlebar. It popped out on hinges, the kind that had a small metal pin that Rachel could use to lock it in place. She pulled out an identical handlebar on the other side.

“So they can get good leverage,” Willow guessed. Rachel nodded. She walked over in front of Erica, grabbed the two rubber grips, and pantomimed thrusting into Erica’s pussy. Rachel used her arms to pull forward and shove down harder than she would have without the handles. Willow laughed.

They moved the wood table and the three chairs to the far corner, out of the way. There was a closet near the door; Erica’s clothes were picked up and tossed inside. Nobody wanted some stranger to walk out with Erica’s only change of clothes. Rachel pulled out her IPad, set it to play, and took a small charging cable out of Willow’s purse. She connected one end to the IPad and plugged the other into the closet power socket, then tossed the whole thing on top of the clothes. Willow also dumped her purse inside. Then the closet was locked shut and that key back in Rachel’s pocket with the other.

They both looked at the room one last time. The Fuck Box looked solid, the cracks where it opened all but invisible to the naked eye, and Erica’s exposed sex sat snug at waist level. The table with the condoms and lube invitingly loomed nearby. The waste bin was near the spot where a man would step away after finishing with Erica, perfectly positioned for their discarded rubber. Everything was ready. Willow walked out of the room, at least after taking another quick picture with her phone, and Rachel softly closed the door behind her.

The hallway was empty. The music was a little louder now. Something with heavy bass and a fast tempo was playing. The two women didn’t see anyone until they were coming down the stairway. A large black man standing on the second floor stairwell looked up as the two of them walked down. Rachel instantly recognized him. He was Brian, the captain of the football team. A good dozen or more bulky men were loitering in the hall behind him.

He gave them both a questioning stare. “The bathrooms downstairs were all full,” Rachel explained. “We had to touch up our makeup.”

Willow gave Brian and bright, innocent smile. Brian nervously rubbed the back of his head. “Oh. Cool,” he said. “Just wondering. You didn’t see anyone up there?”

Willow acted confused. “No. Why?”

Brain paused, then shook his head. “Nothing. We’re just waiting for someone. It doesn’t matter.”

They waited for a second, but when it was clear he wasn’t going to say anything else Rachel shrugged and continued downstairs. Willow followed. The sound of laughing, booming base, and excited chatter came over them like a sudden tidal wave, and it was strong enough to drown out all casual conversation. Rachel and Willow stopped ten steps above the first floor, away from the crowd, and leaned closer.

“That guy was on the football team,” Willow said into Rachel’s ear.

“Yeah. So are those other guys. I mean, you could guess that by looking. You saw how buff they were.”

Willow raised her eyebrows. “He probably knows Erica.”

Rachel thought for a moment and said, “Probably.”

“You don’t think he’ll recognize her?”

Rachel shrugged. “How? He can’t hear her, or talk to her. All he’ll see is a pussy. I mean, she probably won’t recognize him, or any of them, and I bet she knows everyone on the football team.”

The two women were silent as they digested those words.

“Those were a lot of guys. I’m surprised,” Rachel remarked.

“Really? But you said there was two dozen of them last time.”

“Yeah, there was. But that was throughout the whole night. People trickled in as time went on, you know? She started with only half a dozen. The rest showed up afterwards. If Erica has that many customers right at the beginning…”

Willow slowly nodded. “There’s going to be a bigger crowd. But so what? The box was really popular, right? Those guys must have just invited friends. Doesn’t that mean the sorority gets more money?”

Rachel shrugged. “Yeah. I’m just saying. If there are twice as many people now, and that doesn’t change for the whole night… she’s looking at, maybe, somewhere around fifty men?”

Willow whistled, low and slow. “Wow. She has her work cut out for her.”

Rachel laughed in surprise, then slapped Willow on the shoulder. “God, your bad. I mean, I’m just putting it out there. You know? Just so we understand what’s going on.”

“Yeah, I get that. You know what I say?” Willow took a few steps down the stairs and looked back up with a soft smirk. “We should get a hard drink and find some cute guys to dance with.”

Rachel found her face curving up in a smile. “Well, when you put it that way, why not?”

Willow stepped into the roiling sea of people. Rachel pulled out a small burner phone from her pocket. There was only one name on the contact list. She tapped it open and typed in a short message.

Door is open. No bruising the merchandise, wear protection, and don’t try to open the box. Everything ends at three thirty AM, be out of the house by three forty five. No other rules. Have fun and go wild.

She sent the text out and turned off the phone. It took a good ten seconds for the message to reach Brian’s cellphone. Rachel could tell the second he got it. She heard the sound of footsteps racing up the stairs all the way over the blaring music. A few other people looked up. A dozen football players in a rush weren’t quiet.

Willow was out of sight. Off to meet up with friends and go out on the prowl, Rachel assumed. She knew to meet back up at four.

“Well, no reason not to cut loose and have some fun,” she murmured to herself. “I have time to burn.” And maybe she could try to find that guy Erica was talking about meeting earlier.

* * * * *

Everything was wound down by four in the morning. Most people were gone. Those that were too drunk to drive had partnered up with those who were relatively sober, or they just unsteadily sneaked into their cars and tried their luck while the roads were still empty. A few were fast asleep on couches and the floor. They would get kicked out in half an hour, in some cases by being literally thrown out.

Willow had a wide goofy smile on her face. Her lipstick was smeared, her skin was red and sweaty, and her blouse had a noticeable beer stain on the front. The scent of booze clung to her like a cloud. She giggled and batted Rachel’s side. “Oh my god,” she slurred, “I had so much fun. It was, like, amazing. I, I,” she hiccupped and put her hands to her mouth. “Oh my god. It was great.”

Rachel was pleasantly buzzed. Not nearly as bad as Willow. She was able to climb the stairs without needing to steady herself on the banister. “I bet,” she teased. “You’re a mess.”

“Yeah,” Willow said happily. “I am.”

They walked up in companionable silence. The house was dead quiet. Their soft breathing was the only thing to break up the hush. They made it to the third floor, and there was no sign of anyone around.

“I checked the cars out front,” Rachel told Willow. “All the guys are gone. We can just walk Erica out.”

Willow nodded, a little too strongly. She actually missed a step before Rachel caught her. “Cool,” she said unevenly. “I’ll help. I’ll try.”

The door to the bedroom was closed. Rachel turned the knob and pulled it open, then stepped in. Willow stumbled in behind her.

Erica’s body was slumped. Her ass sagged down bonelessly into the cushion below her. Her slit was puffed up, almost aggressively bright red, and it glistened in the light. It was covered in a thick layer of lubricant, but as Rachel walked closer she saw that there also was a good amount of natural juice. The latex panties still covered her ass, just as tight and clingy as before, and the faint dark mark of her assplug remained in place.

The room stank of sex and beer. Small bits of trash were scattered across the floor. The huge tube of lube was noticeably emptier than before and the tickertape of condoms was actually close to running out. Rachel looked into the waste bin and raised her eyebrows at the huge number of used rubbers inside. “Wow. Erica’s been busy.”

“Erica got fucked silly,” Willow trilled. She leaned against the wall, seemingly unaware of the wide grin on her face. “Man, that looked like fun.”

Rachel disguised her bark of laughter with a cough. “Really,” she said, a little disbelieving.

Willow bobbed her head. “Um, yeah? I mean, it’s super hot. Right? Doesn’t it just seem…”

She waved her hand around. She tried to sound out a word, but failed. Rachel slid out her phone and carefully took a picture of Erica and the Fuck Box, then the dirty bin full of condoms. “Exciting?”

“Yeah.” Willow’s eyes went to Erica, and then lingered there. “I mean, I wouldn’t have minded losing. It wouldn’t have been that bad. But, there were a lot of guys…”

Rachel opened a group text message to all the women in the sorority. She added the two pictures to her message, then began to type.

Erica lost the game. She made a lot of customers happy. You might be able to see the dildo in her ass. That was her bet, btw. We’re just getting ready to head out.

Rachel hit send. Willow’s phone buzzed, and she blinked owlishly before she realized it was from Rachel. “Oh, right. I forgot that we were supposed to do that. How are we getting the box out?”

“Don’t worry, someone will be back for that later,” Rachel said. “It’s too big to move, you have to take it apart and carry it out in pieces.”

Willow flopped her arms up in a shrug. Rachel’s phone vibrated as multiple text messages came at the same time.

Akane> wooow she got fucked. also that is super ironic w her ass. how big?

Wendy> Good job. I’m glad to see everything went well. We already have a car on the way.

Linda> Wow! That’s a lot of condoms! Tons. I bet she had fun :D

Rachel smiled, then tapped out a reply.

Ticket dispenser is almost empty. We can count how many condoms were taken. Dildo is six inches. Thank you ma’am, we’ll be ready to go.

“Willow, can you get Erica out of there? We have to leave soon, and I want her decent before we carry her outside.” Rachel pulled out her key to the box and tossed it to Willow.

Willow, drunk as she was, somehow managed to catch it without missing a beat. She laughed a laugh caught between a giggle and a choke. “Yeah. Sure.”

Willow ambled over to Erica’s limp body. Rachel walked over to the closet, unlocked the door, and pulled it open. She leaned down and turned off the IPad. She could see, out of the corner of her eye, Erica’s butt slightly twitched. Rachel picked up Erica’s clothes and dropped them on the table pushed into the corner. Then she pulled out a chair and sat down with a sigh.

It had been a long night. But a fun one. Rachel smiled as she remembered that the next party was supposed to be two weeks from now. The Fuck Box would probably be there. It seemed popular enough. She wouldn’t be surprised if something like this was set up regularly from now on. The sorority was going to make a ridiculous amount of money renting this thing out.

It also meant that, when the next game came, Rachel had a chance to end up like Erica. Fucked silly by a horde of faceless men, one after the other, for hours straight. There was always the chance, or more likely the certainty, that some of the guys were going to be people she knew. Most of the men who came to these parties went to her college, after all. She could easily imagine some of her classmates waiting in line for their turn with the Fuck Box.

But that was alright. She wouldn’t have joined the sorority if she hadn’t found something like this exciting. She was almost hoping to losing, just a little bit. Willow wasn’t the only one who thought Erica getting fucked by so many guys was hot. Her glistening pussy, and the pile of used condoms, was an insanely sexy sight.

Rachel didn’t want to lose. The Fuck Box was intense, extreme, something that she had to try and avoid. That was the point of the game. There had to be high stakes, because where would the fun of winning be if there wasn’t a chance to lose?

Rachel watched Willow start to unbox Erica. “Good game,” Rachel murmured. It was. She couldn’t wait for the next one.

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A Game of High Stakes

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