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Categories Fantasy, Teen, Young

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 19 December 2017

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(Related to and subsequent to THE AWAKENING stories)

Alexander Sunday, one of the ten richest men in the world, confidently approached the spanking new headquarters of DUOMENTALITIES, a relatively recent corporation enjoying some of its new financial resources through its IPO, which he had invested in. Alex approached every business meeting, with a positive spirit, since he had more than enough funds at his disposal to cover over quietly any failure on his part. As he was approaching to be one of the first trillionaires, he had the funds to buy the secrecy needed, too. Though he rarely needed to make either of those loser’s moves.

This start-up has a very interesting history, as short as it was. It had started as the product of startling research in the saving of the lives of very damaged in mind or truly horrible young people, by superimposing of the mental state of a much more aged provider of unquestioned honorability. At least as honorable, as the investigating bodies could determine. There was actual science involved in this, but some of it seemed to be convoluted with a dash of ‘hocus pocus’ added. The results couldn’t be ignored, though.

With the first few objects of their efforts, the results were muddled, with the longest lasting being of two and a half years. During the initiation of the change, the results were startling, but keeping the connection between the body of the patient and the mind of the older interloper was very difficult. During an exercise of a grandfather and his malignant grandson, it was learned that a DNA connection was a key to the success of the project. And then with his assimilation into the active life of a young teen’s total world, along with intimate reinforcements from very close relatives, the success of this particular case was at the two year mark being very encouraging.

But, the researchers realized that the propitiousness of this case would be very difficult to repeat. So, they tried to find methods to duplicate the situation without having to produce the actual same initial conditions of that case. This resulted in the new science of ‘Memory Matching’ that circumvented the up to then relationship factor with an approximate duplication of it, with remarkable results. It was hoped by the aged purchaser and providers of the mature mentalities that this would produce a type of immortality for them. But, it was at first and from then on a hideously expensive process, with very stringent protocols attached. No matter what the donor’s thought of the process, it was intended to salvage something worthwhile from very damaged young people. And the principals of this effort had ensured that it could not be coopted by any government or other entity by arranging that the research center, the hospital for the actual transfers and even the main researchers would all be erased, if any effort to interfere was detected to be likely to succeed.

The recipient of the procedure had to be on record as willing, or at least pass the very stringent assessment tests by third party analysts, who were very dubious about this whole thing from the start, of being an assumed a mind damaged or non-recoverable young wastrel, either male or female to prevent unfair coopting of unqualified mental candidates by the forces of the finances of the desirous donators.

One of the conditions of the contract to enter this process was that in this case, you really couldn’t really ‘take it with you.’ There would be enough funds provided to the project to cover the expenses of the accepting family, the project’s education and a reasonable block of funds to allow the young one upon his/her finishing of his/her education to buy McD’s sites or anything else he wanted to do with it. But, the results were on him/her because the rest of his billions were forfeit in the process. A lot of it went to the corporation of the process, some to his relatives and a lot to ‘Save the Church Mice,’ or some other ‘worthy’ charities.

His identity would be hidden from the public along with redacted reports of the success of the results for advertising, educational and research purposes. And there was no escape from the results upon entering it, it was completely upon the newly occupied person to make a success of its new life within the framework of the support of the object’s family. The current so far successful progress of the ‘Jimmy’ project was very encouraging in its second year.

With the unveiling of the knowledge of this process to the general public, the IPO was initiated to get enough funds to fend off the expected copiers and reverse engineering types. With the funds that the DUOMENTALITIES Corporation received in the IPO and initial projects, they would be far ahead in this science for the foreseeable future.

All of this, Alex knew as part of the prospectus that he had received, along with a very revealing video that had been produced by the corporation for a sharing with very rich and likely subjects for the future of this process. There was no hurry in all of this, because any time in the aged person’s life the process could be entered upon with a likely match with a young person. As long as the aged per-son’s mind remained viable.

So, Alex was now approaching the Search Committee to inform them of his willingness to enter the process and his preparations to follow the protocols. There were some undercurrents in his acceptance of the corporation’s conditions, with a bit of monetary voodoo to hide some unknown assets and some possibly unsavory personal attributes. But, in all practical manners, his candidacy met all of the very stringent requirements for the process.

Unknown to Alex, a ‘Rich Bitch’ that he was vaguely aware of, named Madame Mathilda was entering the initial process of being accepted to this protocol, too. She was intended to be a key factor in his successful assimilation with her assimilation, too.

The offices that he approached were not in Twilight City, where the physical work was accomplished, but in the rather sleepy mid-sized town of Big City, where most of the initial thinking, experiments and initial trials had been located. In a quiet corner of the town was the super-secret headquarters and secrets repository for the whole operation. And its communications with the hospital down south were never done over the internet, nor cell phones. It was always in writ-ten form and transported in very unpredictable manners. Their industrial enemies never quite got a handle on it and so it was never actually compromised, because fake encrypted messages were sent between the facilities.

The public view of the offices would lead a person to think that this was a dental office of very advanced procedures. In actuality, a very busy dental practice really did take up the front of the building, but much of the secret operation was underground. And to access it, a person had to navigate right through an active suite of dental stations.

When Alex reported to the front desk of the dental operation, he was told to take a seat until his dental assistant would be ready to lead him to his cubicle. What she really did was take him to a rear door in the dental suite, which he was clicked through and then down an elevator to a much larger suite of rooms and operations. He then was guided to one of the sub-manager’s office to confer on the possible service they might be willing to do for him.

As he barely paid any attention to the discourse of the underling, he did catch the phrases: Young persons with healthy bodies who were on self-destructive courses; parents who were beyond their wits end with children that they loved but saw as totally wasted in their life and aims and the tears of mourning parents at their rebellious children’s premature and very stupid deaths. This corporation intended to do something about this in all the cases that qualified.

In the case of the donors, it was often that the real purpose was to in some form continue a life that was being very successful, in some way. With the opportunities in young bodies to also enact a number of fantasies of theirs that were not possible in their youths, mostly because in their relative youthful innocence they hadn’t even been conjured up by them.

Alex as a serious scientist really did intend to continue his work to move forward the bar in his chosen area of interest, but he wasn’t beyond working this system for other less honorable purposes and was setting things up to do so. He had hidden a number of very valuable assets in secrecy over many previous years that could be tapped, before he even knew of this. And since he had done none of the same since his first interview with the corporation, it gave the appearance of him obeying the protocols, which heavily influenced the decision to include him in the program.

With this meeting, he was also advised of the young boy that was the target of this particular melding. The boy had been in constant trouble and was detained in isolation, possibly for the rest of his life. He had voluntarily agreed to this operation with the codicil that he would get at least a minimum awareness of what would be happening, with no ability to interfere or communicate with the newly acquired mental state that would inhabit his body. Alex was somewhat dubious with this, but the sub-manager assured him that additional protocols would be in place to prevent that from interfering with his new life.

Alex didn’t fear the mind of what he considered an inferior person, but was worried that this other mind might be able to report back to the corporation on what he was doing, especially what he was doing that would violate the protocols that he had agreed to.

The man looking across the desk was surmising what the hesitance on Alexander’s part might mean, but in his ignorance suggested that the remainder of the young man’s native awareness, would not be able to communicate with anyone (not entirely true, actually) which calmed down Alex, which he tried to hide. Well, but not totally from the sub-manager. From this the sub-manager placed an inconspicuous flag on Alex’s prospectus and passed it on to the determining authorities.

Alex was advised to get his affairs in order and report to the hospital in Twilight city the next Tuesday for the transference. They monitored his activity over the weekend and determined that it appeared that he was complying with the protocols. His total assets were put in such a shape that if the transfer was successful, things would proceed as insisted on, if the transfer didn’t work out, he would still retain ownership of all of his assets. The determining factor would be his death certificate that would appear normal since only his memories were to be transferred.

When Alex (now with the identification and body of Donnie) awoke, he spent some time in adjusting to his surroundings. He figured out that he was in a mental health facility, the children’s ward. And from the clipboard at the foot of his bed he obtained the name and age of his newly acquired body. Donnie Morris, aged 15 soon to be sixteen.

When the nurse came in, she with a bluff optimistic attitude, “Well, our sleepy boy is awake. Are you ready for breakfast?”

Donnie nodded, but remained silent, not wanting to risk a voice just yet.

“Cat got your tongue, huh.”

With his continued silence, she relented and let him dress to move down to breakfast. Even though the boy was physically similar to Alex’s past youthful body, it was a real adventure to coordinate his dressing attempts. A silent voice from behind, said that he would help. Alex pondered over that for a few stark moments, ‘Wasn’t he supposed to be a silent partner?’

“Yes, I will almost always be silent and non-interfering. But, if I see a time of possible help, I will lightly jog you as to my availability to help. After all, I have a lot more experience in this world that you have dropped in to now, that you do.”

“Good to note, as long as you don’t interfere.”

“No possibility of that!”

With that he (they) moved down to breakfast, where the non-welcoming that he got indicated that either the others were not interested beyond their immediate covey of friends, or that they knew him all too well. Probably a bit of both. But, he settled down to an at least edible breakfast anyway. And then waited to see what he was to do next. At that, again seemingly from behind him, the helping voice said that if he got up that he would guide him to the school room that he was expected to attend next. And so progressed the day, and after that with his experiencing the confinement protocol that he was to follow, he soon didn’t need the help anymore and almost total silence became the norm from behind him.

Over the next few weeks the nurses and other personnel noticed drastic changes in ‘Donnie’s’ behavior and attitudes. He was much more cooperative in everything and definitely left his hands off of others, either in anger or in teen lust. In fact, they saw little of the previous anger tantrums at all. Alex let a couple light ones to leak out to allay suspicions that they might have about him. But, trailed them off to nothing over a couple of weeks. And his hands on the girls, were just very light over that time, too. Not completely unappreciated by the girls, either.

At his next fitness examination, ‘Donnie’ flew thru the analysis, on his observed behavior and his tested results. So, the administration floated the idea of freeing him to the Governor. Since these facilities were overcrowded anyway, any realistic excuse to release someone was gladly entertained. And with the caveat that he would be closely monitored with his release, Donnie was returned to his very nervous family.

Even though they initiated the replacement in him, they were very worried about the reality of what was coming home to them. Another struggle between hopeful expectations and dreaded realities in evidence, they feared.

When the cab delivered him to their house in the late evening, Donnie appeared to be subdued, a definite improvement on his demeanor than when he had been dragged away to the reform school/mental health facility experience. He just nodded to his folks and smiled at his sisters and them requested that he go to bed for the night, since he had already had dinner and wanted to embark on his return to a normal life the next morning. His thoughtful parents acquiesced to that request and let him proceed up to his room to sleep the night away in his own bed for the first time in several months.

As his eyes dimmed for the night, he saw a crack open in his door and eyes peeping at him, but with a quick withdrawal.

The next morning, he with his release papers, dressed for school and caught the school bus right on time. The other students who were well aware of his previous conduct were holding their breaths to see what would happen this morning on the ride. But, nothing did, Donnie just sat in his seat with seemingly no notice of anyone else on the bus. And then at school he disembarked and met with one of the counselors to be reactivated in attendance with his classes.

When he went home that night, he had a pile of papers and assignments to begin to catch up on the return to par with his graduating class. He made a significant advance in them right that first night, with the results passed in the next day to the teachers’ surprises. Another peaceful day for him and then another uneventful passage back home in the afternoon.

That night he joined the family at the dinner table to everyone’s carefully expressed delight. No one addressed him in conversation, but they all acted very kindly to him, never-the-less. After dinner, he skipped the regular T.V. viewings and returned to his room to again attack the stack of homework.

Late that night, while he was lightly asleep, his sister Kate, a fellow high school student, entered his room and moved under the covers right up next to him. He was barely aware of this, until she reversed to be down under the blankets with his now arisen cock up her throat and her choking with his release of cum down her throat. With this Donnie arose stricken at this turn of events that he feared could undo all of the efforts that had been made for him up to then. “Won’t this get me into trouble?”

But, ignoring him, Kate reversed herself again, and after wildly kissing him and then reinvigorating his cock, moved to the center of his bed and laid on her back with her legs wide open to his interest. With him seemingly under her control, he moved to take up his position between the open legs and immediately to her moaning and sighing, initialized his penetration of her vagina. She actively cooperated with this effort, with her hands on his back and then his butt cheeks pulling him ever more tightly in to her expectant interior. Finally, with his mind completely turned off (but the real Donnie’s turned on) he emptied into her vault as she shimmied and shook in her cumming climax, too.

She then with him coming back out of the lustful mentality, reversed for them to cleanse each other off in the classic ‘69’ position. With this done, she tenderly kissed him and with the bedroom door prematurely opened for her escape under another set of eyes, she silently left him in the room despondent over this unexpected and unwanted occurrence.

The next day at the breakfast table no mention of the previous night’s events were mentioned, and everyone acted as if nothing had happened, even Kate. The day passed by with his delivering another batch of catch-up homework to the respective teachers and then back home again. The same ritual was followed with him again retiring early to toil some more on the reducing stack of homework.

When he went to bed that night, another sister joined him, with the same aggressive sex play and silence in the face of his concerns. This time it was Magna, who followed the same routine as Kate had the previous night, except she insisted on anal, instead of vaginal sex. He dumped into her just as deeply and prodigiously as he had the night before. And fell asleep with tears in his eyes. (The original Donnie had a smile, though.)

Donnie got up in the morning again to go to school, this time on a Friday. He was terrified at what would happen on the weekend, after what had happened on the previous two nights. After all there was still his mother in the house and another sister just about his age, too. But, he did what he could about the situation, namely had dinner with his family, dispensed with the T.V. and worked prodigiously on the homework pile that was approaching zero in height.

This night he was afraid to go to sleep and was ready to defend himself from any more female incursions into his bed. He, of course, very much enjoyed them, but in the aftermath was desperately fearful of the results that they would have on his status as a visitor into Donnie’s mind. This time with his mind still awake and alert, another female figure appeared and came thru his bedroom door to his bed. She was a slightly heavier version of his sisters and he knew immediately that this was his mother.

When he tried to deflect her attentions, she resisted and reminded him that she was the reason that he was out of jail, as she put it. He then felt totally vulnerable and gave into a session of sex with his mother that resulted in him emptying up thru her cervix, with her in her peak of sexual heat at her egg delivery into her womb. Somehow, he instinctively knew this, too. Then with very pronounced kissing, she left his bed with him in absolute terror and panic at what had just transpired and the risks to his new life that this might bring.

He worked hard on his homework over the weekend and managed to catch up to where he should be, he also mowed the lawn for his father, which he had never done before. But, on Sunday morning with the rest of the family at church, his younger sister came to his room as he was listening to music on his radio and successfully seduced him to fuck her, too. She left his room with a very large smile on her face, like a conquering Amazon Queen.

That night he went to bed confident in his status at school, but very fearful of his status as a mind visitor. Nobody bothered him that night.

When he awoke in the morning, he was back on the hospital bed that this mind transfer had been initiated on, with fear and confusion binding up his mind.

Then the doctor came in to address him. “Sorry about that! But, we have found lately that doing a pre-final trial in this mode is of a lot of help to get the mind visitor off to a good start when he is delivered into the real thing. (This was a blatant lie! The real reason was because of incipient suspicions about his suitability for this project. They wanted to see how he would react to the situation.) For one thing, it helps him to see the kind of terror that he has caused in his former self in the welcoming body. And since, he is not likely to suffer from or enjoy of the seductions that were stylized in the pre-trial, he will be prepared to enjoy whatever real occurrences of consensual sex that he will really therefore experience.

From your reactions that we noted, we think that you are ready for the real thing, and so next Tuesday, we expect you to return for the final delivery. Rest up in the meantime. Also, the real Donnie will not be aware of what is happening in his now overtaken body.

Alex now left the building, and never returned.

“Pity,” said the C.E.O. of DUOMENTALITITIES with a smile on his face.


Alan was still in touch very carefully with some of his old rich bitch and rich stud friends from the old times, when he had been married to Edna. He was assumed to be dead in a car wreck back when Jazzmine, was still alive. But with the aid of the BASH BROTHERS and an easily bought off and disinterested medical examiner, the fantasy of his death had been promulgated in the community, which enabled him to escape the attention of some very bad people who were targeting him for trying to help Brenda (Jazzmine.)

It all started for him and Brenda, because Edna and he were in a quite open marriage, with both of the truly in love with each other, but because of high libidos in each they were also fucking about anyone that they could talk into servicing them. On one weekend when Edna was away to fuck one of her rich stud buddies, he was unexpectantly left alone in his bed in sore needs to be attended to. Brenda, who was about sixteen at the time and a budding hoyden in her own right, happened to walk by with his door open and out of curiosity she peeked in to see Alan trying to minister to himself with his modest sized cock in plain view to her.

She, herself, had been dumped by her latest teen male playmate and was feeling rather pissed and blue over it. Besides, she had not found another person to take care of her needs for the weekend. So, without bothering to think of it very deeply, she moved in to the bedroom, slipped off her jammies and joined her Daddy (actually step-daddy) in his bed. He was too shocked to say anything, besides he had had the trots for her for some time. So, he just took things in stride and began to love the little girl up.

She lightly kissed him because of feeling no real connection to him, but welcomed his attention to her still budding breasts. She was one of the females that actually enjoyed having her tits suckled on as well as kissed and caressed. He lingered in this mode and then she moved his mouth down to her pussy where it belonged. He was wildly turned on by this time and completely serviced her young woman pussy, with a generous gift of her girly cum as his reward. He was a bit puzzled as to how far more he should go after this.

She read his indecision and left little doubt about what she wanted next by laying on her back with her legs splayed out and a come hither look in her eyes. He got that, and then moved without delay, in case she might change her mind not a chance of that, a pushed up into her vagina rather quickly. He got a loud sigh and moans over that. And since she came rather quickly, he didn’t delay and came up in o her paradise chamber very soon after. They spent their time in bed over the rest of the weekend with him demonstrating with her everything that he knew about sex intimacies. She was a very able and enthused student.

However, when Edna got home on Sunday evening and Brenda saw how she took Alan into her arms and led him off to the bedroom for now what she knew what, the guilt started to gather up into her mind and heart. For she loved Edna, her mother, like no one else that she knew and wanted nothing to do with breaking up their marriage, as strange as it was. So, Monday morning she called a taxi and left to live a life on her own terms and abilities.

Alan, even the cad that he was, felt just terrible over Brenda’s desperate moving out and into a very sketchy and dangerous mode of life. He would pass a bit of money to her on the slight at times, pretending to be a client of hers and tried to monitor her situation as well as he could. With her encountering Marcus, the taxi driver, he felt some relief, because he had a good reputation among the ladies of the town. He was known to be very kind and gentle with them, and absolutely honest in his dealings with them. Besides, in Brenda’s case, he was the only safe haven that she felt comfortable in availing herself of.

Later he became aware of some very toxic people that she had become tangled with, including the mayor, and tried to warn her off, but was too late. It led to her being killed and dumped in a dumpster. He was very heart-broken over this and out of his anger, hunted down as many of the operatives involved in this as he could. Even having the former mayor offed, too. Eventually the gang figured this out and made a move on him, too. With this the Bash Brothers came to his help, since they had known Brenda (Jazzmine) as a friend and provider and were very angry over what had been done to her.

With him the assumed victim of a car wreck, he decided to stay in Big City and use a bit of the vast fortune that he had saved after leaving plenty for Edna’s future. He needed to be inconspicuous and so bought a local low volume gas station to stay busy and out of sight. He completely changed his looks and no one seemed to think twice about him as he hid in plain sight over the years. He did smile when Edna and Marcus took up with each other, he still cared about Edna and respected Marcus on how he had treated Brenda, so his blessing for whatever amount that it a counted for was on this relationship.

After a few years, though, he began to fear that his cover could be blown, so he began to look into alternative options for the rest of his life. And the newly minted corporation, DUOMENTALITIES, came to his attention. His rich friends that were still in touch mentioned this to him and alerted to him the up to date results of their very new and radical method for treating extreme juvenile misbehavior, with a mind transfer process called, MEMORY MATCHING. At the time that he became interested, it was a very good time, since the possible donors for this process had become spooked by the underground related story of the failure involving a local man that they all knew of, Alex.

Alan showed up for his faux dental appointment and was with an assistant’s guidance directed to a door to the rear of the treatment area and shown through by having the door unlocked by her. He then went down the stairs to a much larger facility and down the central hallway to an office’s open door at the far end. Once inside, the door closed and he took the only seat available to await his appointment, the real one for this visit.

After about fifteen minutes, to test his patience he guessed, a spiffy dressed young man came in and took up seating behind the sparse desk opposite of Alan’s chair. He spent a minute or two looking over Alan, before addressing him.

“I see that you have taken off all of the disguise that you have used for the last couple of years, or at least all that is convenient for you to do on short notice here, to assume your rightful identity, which will remain unspoken here. Unwritten, also.”

Alan, just nodded.

“You are considerably out of the range of our usual candidates in several ways, but as things are a bit tough for us these days, we are going to entertain using you anyway. Do you know what this is really about and what is expected of you?”

“I have seen one of your brochures and read it very carefully. And I have talked with ones who you have interviewed in the past. The ones that backed out.”

“I see, do you have any further questions about the process or protocols?”

“No, not really. But I do have a couple of conditions that I would insist on, if I decide to go through with it. First of all, with the complete divestiture of my wealth, I have this to be necessary. That the family that takes me in well provided for out of my funds. That my education as a young person be guaranteed all the way through a PHD. And that one million dollars of my money be squirreled away for me to access on my twenty-fifth birthday to invest or use as I wish. And second that my identity remains unknown from the time I enter your process until I die, in my new identity.”

“Yes, sir. Most of that is part of the protocol. But, we know for a fact that you have more than one million hid in various places, that we do not know the location of. So, that is of very much concern to us. We are sure that you will meet the minimum or higher standards of what funds will be invested in this process by you and to meet the protocols. But, we are worried about the hidden ones that we do not know the whereabouts of.”

“Well sir, that is part of the risk on your part. I am not going to advise you to any other funds that I might have for you to be worried about. You only need to make the judgement call as to whether I will be honorable in their use, if they indeed do exist. I am entering the possibility of doing this mainly because, I am worried about being found out. There are still plenty of enemies of mine who would like to locate me, in a retribution mode, you know.”

“Alright then, I think that we understand each other now. I will run this by the board and if you hear from us again, you will be in and expected to organize the transfer of the funds you are going to advance as indicated in the prospectus.”

“Thank you for your time, and I wish you well in your continued operations.”

With that, Alan redonned his disguise and left the building.

Three days later he got his confirmation with the caveat that they would be observing him even more closely than the others, especially to see what he did with his hidden funds, but if nothing overtly harmful was done with them, they would leave well enough alone.

The next Tuesday with his documents in hand, he arrived at the Twilight City hospital to undergo the procedure. The next thing he knew he was again a fifteen year old boy, in an unfamiliar body and in very unfamiliar surroundings, just awakening from a night of sleep.

With a few minutes to get his mind and new body tuned in to each other, the bedroom door opened and his ‘mother’ came in with a, “Okay sleepyhead, you need to get up and get ready for school.” And with a wistful look in her eyes, she moved to his bed and gathered him up into her arms to a robust hug. Frank, reached back and hugged her too, with the words, “I will try to make your son to be worthy for you to be proud of.” She hugged him back with, “I know that you will.” And then left the room for him to get ready.

Ripe aged mind, with young functional body led to the longest time that it had ever taken him to get ready to do anything. But, eventually, well before he would be late, he grabbed an egg muffin, and a lunch sack and was out the door to catch the just arriving bus. Two presumed to be sisters joined him in this, they seemed to be also of high school age. Or at least of late middle school development. One of them, Gloria, took a seat beside him on the bus. The other, Mary, went to the back to evidently sit with her boyfriend.

When he got to school, a designated student aide took him by the hand and guided him to his locker, helped him to open it, gave him the binder with his class schedules in it with a map of the school and the location of the classrooms on the opposite side of the page to the schedule. It was noted that he was up to date on his homework, but at a very low level of achievement. And the aide whispered to him, that she hoped that he was over the horrible acts of violence and other feared actions of the past, with his being released from treatment at the county mental health hospital. Frank just looked up to her and nodded.

During his first class he was a bit lost as to where he was to sit, so the teacher nodded to a front row seat, evidently to keep a close eye on him. It seemed that the whole school was in on his situation, but that was not so, the staff and student body had been notified that a formerly very disruptive student had gone through some very deep treatment, and was returning to the school, hopefully being a much more tractable person now. They expected slips, but hoped for the best. Especially, those who had suffered at his hands.

During the day, the fellow students were quite polite to him, or just left him alone. When at lunch, one girl came and sat with him. He seemed to recognize something in the look of her eyes, but couldn’t pull up into his mind as to what it connected with. But, she was very helpful to him, to get acquainted with the school, teachers and possible trouble spots for him among the students. There still were some who held very resentful feelings as to how he had acted in the past. Were still provisionally afraid of him, but looking for an opening to take a little retribution on him.

After a couple of days of enduring pointed elbows and knuckles in the hair, he visited the assistant principal to get a reading on how much of this he needed to take. Mr. Stark informed him, that he had taken enough already and that he wasn’t, despite his past history, expected to become some former victim’s punching bag. But, he must measure out his response to what actually he suffered and to not return to the fearsome methods that he had used in the past. He nodded to this, with the knowledge that he had done a little boxing in the Navy, during his youth.

So, over the next couple of days, some of his former victims, now bullies, found that it was no fun getting punched by someone who knew how. And when they went to the staff over it, the answer was, “Leave, Frank alone!” That covered that and they stayed away from him. But, Lacy, the little girl continued to be his lunchtime friend.

At the end of the first week, on a Friday evening Frank asked his ‘mother’ about Lacy. Since she was being so friendly to him, and most of the other students acted a bit afraid of her. After all, she was just a bit of a girl, part Asian and only about four feet- eight inches tall. Mabel, his new ‘mother’ informed him that she didn’t know that much, but from the papers and T.V. it had been reported that she had taken a kitchen knife to her family and done a lot of harm to them, thankfully not killing any of them. That she had be incarcerated in the same mental hospital as him and had after six months come out like a totally different person. Perhaps, she was drawn to him because of similar experiences she noted, in a conspiratorial manner. Frank nodded to her and gave her the hug that she so evidently needed and then they went on with the evening.

That night Marcia joined him in his bed while he was dozing. And when he awoke to her playing with his cock, he opened his eyes and immediately asked if this wasn’t going to get him into trouble. She responded that it wouldn’t since this had been going on for a couple years, and that their parents knew about it. The only restriction was that he was not to enter her vagina, only her mouth and ass, so that there would be no premature grandchildren in the home. Frank readily accepted this and proceeded to use a very simple program of lust with her, appropriate to a boy of that age, and she wasn’t complaining. She especially liked the new varieties of oral attentions that she had never experienced before, like humming on her pussy and using ice in her mouth. She couldn’t wait until she could learn more from this new version of her beloved brother. And with Gloria the next night, it was more of the same.

But, on Sunday night, with Don, the ‘father’ out bowling with his buddies, his new mom came to be with him, and there was no vaginal restriction with her. She was an avid lover, somewhat plush of body, but very dedicated to give to him an extremely fine intimate time of it. She especially liked the side-by-side facing ‘69’ position. And when finally ready for the main event, guided him to resoundingly plunge and pull his cock into and nearly out of her love vault until he emptied up into her cervical area. Evidently, she wanted for him to produce another son that would actually be hers, and not a hollowed out version, not that she ever treated Frank badly.

When Don got home from bowling, Frank could hear them fucking vigorously, evidently to cover over any produce from her time with him. He heard him explode in fear, at the no condom condition that she was evidently enforcing, but when it came down to it, no man in his right mind would refuse to fill this woman, if she asked for it.

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