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  1. Sally's Story Part 1 - New in Town
  2. Sally's Story Part 2 - Lost Virginity
  3. Sally's Story Part 2- lost virginity

Sally's Story Part 2 - Lost Virginity

Categories Fiction, Coercion, Drug, First Time

Authror: XOXnaughtylittlegirlXOX

Published: 19 December 2017

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Sally spent the week learning the ropes at Jackson's Bar and Grill. Janette had taken her under her wing and they were becoming fast friends. Sally was a fast learner and a hard worker so she got comfortable in her role fast. She knew the whole menu and was great with customers.

Finally it was Sunday, the day where she would find out if she was hired on full time or not. Jackson stepped out of his office and motioned for her to come back there.

She came in and he closed the door behind her.
"This has been a great week thank you for this opportunity Jackson."
"The pleasure was all mine, please take a seat," he smiled and motioned to the chair.
"Let's cut to the chase. You did a great job this week and we would love to have you."
Sally grinned, "Thank you so much."
"Now, there are a few things you're going to need if you want to work here."
Sally nodded to show she was listening.
"The main thing is going to be your wardrobe. Janette will take you shopping to get some things that will fit in with our look here. These clothes will have to be tighter then you're used to and a bit more.. well.. sexy. If this makes you uncomfortable you are free to leave now and find another job."
Sally thought for a moment, "I think it should be fine. I might be sheltered but I know enough to know that's how you get tips and customers through the door."
Jackson smiled, " Great to hear. I will also be rewarding both of you for a great week of work with a spa day. Get whatever you want and listen to Janette she knows what's good for you females."
"Don't worry I trust her," Sally grinned excited to experience something new.

The girls went on their little day out to the spa for the rest of the day and then on Monday did their shopping. Sally was feeling great. Initially the waxing really hurt but now she loved the feeling of being all silky smooth especially under her new clothes. Her parent's would have never in a million years would have let her leaving the house in even the least revealing and sexy clothes they purchased.

When they got back Jackson moved her into her own apartment. It looked a lot like Janette's. She had a kitchenette but Jackson told her she could eat all her meals down at the restaurant for free if she wanted. There was just four units above the bar. Jackson just rented out the spare rooms to people who were to drunk to drive home. Now there was only one spare unit.

Sally worked the next whole week in her new clothes and she made a lot of tips. She had been fighting with her family so the communication reduced to one text a week telling them she was okay.

The next Sunday rolled around and was dead. The three of them sat at a table and ate supper. Jackson was keeping Sally's drink topped up with more then just alcohol.

He put one drop of a very special drug in every time he went to the bar to refill her drink. When she began to feel funny she chalked it up to the booze. This drug was basically a concentrated aphrodisiac he had picked up when he had traveled to Japan.

As the night went on she got more and more flirty with Jackson. She didn't even notice he had put the closed sign on and locked the door. Janette had went up to bed early leaving just the two of them alone.

Jackson turned on the music and began to dance with her warming her up. She burned inside and pressed into him feeling her pussy tingle. He leaned down and kissed her and she didn't resist kissing him back. She had never been kissed before and she loved it.

Jackson pulled back and smiled, "Wow you're so beautiful and special."
Sally blushed.
Jackson kissed her again, "Hey I want you to meet a very special friend of mine."
Then a man walked came from Jackson's office and walked over to them. He was tall with brown hair and green eyes.
"Hi, I'm Lucas."
"Oh, hi I'm Sally."

Then Lucas moved behind Sally and began to dance with her too creating a sandwich effect with her in the middle. She was about to protest but then she got hot all over and groaned while she could feel their hardness press into her. She didn't know a lot about sex but she knew the basics. She was a virgin herself.

Lucas started kissing the back of her neck as Jackson kissed her mouth. Then he trailed down her skin and kissed her breasts that wasn't covered by her shirt.

Soon she felt hands on her body they were feeling her waist, her legs, her butt, her breasts and panted hard. The pleasure starting to overwhelm her. Then she felt a table hit her hip they had been swaying together she didn't even see that they had gotten close to a table.

Suddenly she felt them bend her over the table.
"Guys, what are you doing?!"
"Shhh baby we are going to take care of you," Lucas rubbed her thighs below her skirt and started sliding it up.

She tried to push his hands away but Jackson grabbed her arms and held them down as her skirt was lifted showing off her new lace panties and her ass.

Lucas began to rub her through her panties and she groaned her body responding to him.
He smiled, "I've been watching you this week and when Jackson offered me your virginity how could I say no to this tight pussy."
Her eyes went wide and she struggled against them but hey held her.
He began to slide her panties down and off and tucked them into his pocket, "I'm keeping these to remind me of this night."

She heard him unzip his pants as they fell to the floor, "I paid good money for this pussy so now it's mine."
Then he shoved his cock inside her all at once making her scream gripping the table. Then he paused feeling his cock deep inside her pussy.

The drug worked almost as a pain killer and she quickly forgot it as she felt him start to move in and out of her. Each thrust filled her with a new height of pleasure and she let a small moan escape her lips.

"You like me inside your tight little pussy don't you? You were wet and ready for me to take your virginity," he thrust deeply inside her pulling out slowly.

"You love me fucking your hard in front of your boss don't you?" he thrust hard into her again making her grunt.

Then he started slamming in and out of her hard the table was squeaking with every thrust. His balls were slapping her clit and she could feel something inside her building getting ready to explode.

"You're pussy is so tight on my cock... oh baby I'm going to fill you up."

Then she was pushed over the edge and she had an orgasm her pussy contracting squeezing his cock. Her body shook beneath his riding out the waves of pleasure.
"Fuck yea," he grunted as he slammed into her hard and filled her pussy with his cum groaning as it shot deep inside her.

He pulled out slowly and she groaned missing the feeling of being full. The cum slowly dripped out of her pussy. She wanted more the alcohol, drug and her orgasm mixed together and she had one desire to be filled again and again.

Her wish would be fulfilled by the end of the night.

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Sally's Story Part 2 - Lost Virginity

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