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Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Incest, Romance

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 20 December 2017

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On Monday with his return to school, things seemed to be running a lot smoother. The bullies had been warned away and they seemed to be taking the warnings seriously. The rest of the students seemed to be provisionally willing to let bygones be bygones, especially since they weren’t being repeated. Even one boy, approached him at lunch with him sitting again with Lacy and asked very politely how he was doing. Frank responded that he was still a bit disoriented from the mental treatments, but was catching up rather rapidly. Lacy was taking this in with interest. Then the boy, in a serious mode asked Frank if he remembered what he had been like before the treatments. And Frank answered him honestly, that he remembered very little about it. That most of what he knew had been told to him by others, and that he was horrified at what he had been doing. The boy nodded in sympathy with that and wandered off to spread the word among the other students.

With that, Lacy held his hand and looking into his eyes, “It is tough adjusting isn’t it? I am about six months ahead of you. Alex was supposed to be with us, but backed out, so I guess you are my designated partner. They did this so that we wouldn’t be totally isolated in this rather strange situation. I will always be there for you when you need someone to unload on over the frustrations of this. But, it seems to me, that you are doing very well in it for the present.”

“Thank you, Lacy. I appreciate that. I think I know who you were before the transfer, but let’s keep that unspoken. And I am sorry, but I can’t for very serious reasons admit who I was. But, I will definitely lean on you when I need it. You have been so helpful for my transition so far.”

She then inquired of him as to whether he would like to do some social things with her. He asked what she was interested in, and she answered that she liked burgers, movies, zoos and just plain walking. He mentioned that he liked those things and also roller skating and visits to a library. She smiled and averred that there was much for them to share, and would he like to go out for burgers and a movie the coming Saturday evening. He said that he would have to clear it with his parents, but provisionally the answer was ,’Yes.’ They broke off from lunch with her with a very big smile on her face. The other students noticed this.

During the school week, Gloria and Marcia each only moved in to his bedroom for fluffing up once each, and Mabel was not involved in this. She had given her approval for Frank to date Lacy, and his dad would provide the transportation, with a cell phone to cue him as to the timing of their movements.

During their burgers, shakes and fries, they had a lot of time to compare notes on the challenges that they were experiencing in their changeovers to new bodies. It definitely had its advantages, but some disadvantages, too. For instance she noted that she wasn’t getting as much sex as she was used to. He didn’t bother to add to that conversation, but noted it for further addressing later. But, he did reach for her hand and held it very lightly for the rest of their meal. Try to eat a hamburger with one hand and you might know of the sacrifice that he rendered at this time.

When they cued in Don to come and transport them to the movie, they sat together in the back seat, totally involved with each other. Don couldn’t help but smile to himself. Even if this was as hollow version of his son, with a stranger inhabiting its mind, it still looked like his son, and he was happy, which was a very welcome view to him as a father.

When they got to the movie theater, they bought tickets to a movie that they were only mild interested in, because Frank knew what was of the most interest to Lacy. As they moved to the top row of seats, she was in front and he then noticed that she had on a short skirt that just barely covered her little girl panties. When they were seated, two other couples moved up to the same row but then moved to another row at least two rows down. Lacy and Frank weren’t sure if it was because they were recognized or just as a sympathetic favor to another affectionate couple, but they were thankful anyway.

After they settled in, they suffered through the movie news and then the previews. At the end of the previews, the theater darkened and the lady with the flashlight came through, this time all the way up to the top row. Frank and Lacy just blinked at her intrusion and she left to not come back. They then made sure that the shared cell phone was definitely off.

When the move started, they got ready for some serious snuggling, with her panties off and initially up to his nose, and his zipper moved all the way down. Since this was a very noisy movie, they weren’t very much concerned about any noises that they made themselves. It was an action movie with a very loud sound track. And the continual action scenes, much like a video game, kept the other viewer’s eye right on the screen. They could have had a mass of giant spiders up above them and they wouldn’t have noticed it.

Lacy and Frank were only in to noticing each other from this point on. With her panties off and installed up into the neck of his shirt for his smelling pleasure, she moved his free hand to her pussy for it to be invigorated. It was already wetted and the smell wafting up from it had his mind reeling in pleasure. Her hand was already stroking on his cock, very lightly as he wasn’t giving off pre-cum yet. With this going on, they turned to each other and began some very serious kissing, tongues and all. And her other hand was guiding his head to the proper alignment for their kissing, while his found its way up to inside of her very small bra.

They were very happy with this for several minutes and then she laid down on the seats with the armrests up and mounted her mouth over his dick. He kept his hand under her body installed up into her pussy as much as he could and she was fucking his fingers as she sucked him off. He came soon after that and she then rose up to be beside him again. Then the next very intense action sequence started, he got onto the floor between the rows of seats and seated his mouth on to her pussy. She was squirming with the considerable pleasurable feelings that this was sponsoring, and she then came too.

For about another half an hour, they just hugged together with each of their hands sampling the various sexy zones of interest to them. When the lengthy finality finally started, she moved up on his lap and installed his cock up into her pussy and rode him to her and his next climax to the climatic music of the movie. They then with big smiles disengaged and prepared themselves to meet Don to take them each home.

They were hand in hand and widely smiling when Dad came to get them. They took up hugging close together in the back seats, and any mystery of what was generating this closeness was dispelled when Don saw that Lacy’s panties were reversed and inside out on her. He smiled at that and thought to himself, ‘Good job, son!’ And meant it, too.

When he walked her up to her door, they engaged in a very long kiss and then with pats on each other’s hands, broke off for Frank to return to the car to go home. Don, didn’t say a word to Frank, just nodded when Frank looked up to the rear view mirror, and they smiled together.

The next afternoon, Saturday, Frank got a call from Lacy advising him that her parents had okayed him coming over to play games and watch movies with her on Saturdays, if he wanted to. And since they only lived about a mile apart, it wouldn’t be that far to ride a bike or walk for that matter. And she advised him that her mother promised to keep her brothers out of the way. They liked to play in the pool with their girlfriends then anyway. And her mom promised to buy pizza’s enough to feed all of them including the boys and their girlfriends. Frank asked to leave the landline phone for a minute and ran this by his mom. She said that it sounded like a lot of fun and agreed to it starting the next weekend. So, Frank passed that on and Lacy hung up really excited about this.

That Sunday night while his sisters were staying over with girlfriends and due to go to school from their house; and Don was enjoying his regular bowling night out with the guys, Mable made it clear as to how she would spend the night with Frank. Early in the evening after cuddling to watch a movie with Frank’s mouth firmly attached to her breasts, they repaired up to his bedroom and got seriously involved. No hurrying this time. They had hours before Don was due home. This time after him emptying up into her vagina, she played with him with the object of letting him up into her ass.

Don arrived unexpectantly home to find his son, firmly installed up into his wife’s ass, pounding her in the place that she never allowed him to visit. He was furious and stormed out of the house to find a place to sleep elsewhere. Mabel tried over and over to get him on his cell, but after the first three times that it rang on his end, he turned it off. After that, she returned to Frank’s bed and spent the night curled up with him, with his cock up her pussy.

The next morning, she received separation papers from Don. She knew what this would be a preview of and wondered how she would weather the time until a resolution of this. Frank whispered into her ear to not worry, he had funds available that would tide her over until things worked out. And he also advised her to contact the Mount Beaver Detective agency to investigate what was really going on. He said that he could cover this expense, too.

The sisters seemed to be oblivious to this, as long as it didn’t directly affect them. And during the following school week seemed to just totally ignore the whole mess, while they fucked Frank one of them on Tuesday night and the other on Thursday night. During the day, Frank and Lacy found ways to lightly share each other’s lusty feelings, looking forward to the coming Saturday.

And both of them were succeeding in their studies to a much higher degree than ever before. The school staff noticed this and decided that they could fuck anywhere in the school as long as it was private, if that would ensure continued scholastic success on their parts. Of course, they never got around to announcing this to the loving couple, but they did just ignore their disappearances during lunch some times. The other students were in on this and loved the brazenness of it. None of them got the same considerations though.

On the first Saturday visit of Frank to Lacy’s home, he was welcomed at the door not by Lacy, but by her mother. She took the boy in to her arms and led him to where Lacy was waiting for him sitting on the couch with a number of games and the T.V. on. With that, she put on her coat and informed the young couple that she was going shopping and expected to be gone for two hours. And that the boys had gone with their girlfriends to the public pool this time and were instruct-ed to also stay away for at least two hours. No problem for them, since she gave them enough money to treat all of them at the Burger Burp after swimming. Also, that a pizza was on the way for the couple, too. With that she showed a wide smile and left in the car.

“Wow,” he said as he looked at Lacy’s smile. “Is she always that accommodating?”

“Not at all, though she is very fun to be around and generous, too. But this is very new in my brief experience with her.”

And Lacy continued, “By the way, I am fixed so that there is no way that I can become pregnant. It can be reversed later, but I probably won’t do that, unless my husband wants it, since I already have raised babies and as far as I care, that is just enough.”

“Sounds good to me,” Frank offered and they spread the games around and turned on the T.V. to await the pizza man so that they could get to the real reason for this get together. They only had to endure about fifteen minutes of the noon news until he arrived. Frank from his own pocket gave him an additional tip, and then they parked the pizza on the kitchen counter and moved up to her bedroom.

When they got up to the bedroom, she sat on the side of the bed and asked him to sit in the cushy chair facing her. He could see her young girl panties and his cock was raising very rapidly. She noticed this and offered, “You know Frank that I am really enjoying this being a little girl. In my previous life I was a much larger one. Sexy as hell, but bigger. I have noticed that by being this small that I am almost irresistibly sexy without any of the added features that the big girls need to use. I love these little girl panties. They are so very comfortable, a lot more than thongs and lacy ones. And they also do a good job of containing the frequent evidence of my being turned on, which doubles as a very adorable toy for the boys to enjoy.”

With that she flounced up her skirt, showing off the total effect of her pretty panties and asked what I thought of them. Through a choked voice, I offered that I thought that they were wonderful and that I was looking forward to enjoying her cum that was obviously wetting them up. She smiled at that and took them off to toss them over to me. Frank immediately smelled of them and then installed them into the front top of his shirt for further inspiration.

She then continued, “And notice as I remove my top to show off my little girl’s bra. Isn’t it cute, too?” I nodded enthusiastically at that, too. And even without removing it, my little titties are highlighted by its being so colorful, don’t you think?” More nodding.

She then shed the rest of her clothing and stood up facing me. “Now look at this little body with its lightly furred pubis, apparent pussy slit and clit peeking out at the top. Then my titties, so small but so precious. I can hardly keep my own hands off of them.

After twerking them and teasingly pinching the nipples, she turned around and bent over to show off her ass and its entry. “Notice my little rosette, it is slightly open now, isn’t it. That is because I am turned on by showing myself off to you, my good young man. Now it is your turn to show yourself off to me.”

As she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs splayed out showing off her pussy slit, I did so, highlighting my not inconsiderable cock, to her fascination. It has to be admitted that men just don’t have as many exciting places on them as women do.

After that, she moved over to her bureau and took out a pair of panties just like the ones around my neck and though they looked larger than the other, she put them on and invited me, now naked up on her bed to be under the covers with her. She guided us into a spoon position and then reached back to anoint my cock with some lube, which she also reached inside of her panties to spread up her slit also.

With me totally mystified as to what was next, she reached back and moved my cock to be laying up her slit and then closed her legs around it. She then cooed to me over her shoulder, “Frank now pound up and down my slit and see how it feels to you.”

I did so with no little concern of a lack of stimulation, but boy was I wrong. It felt if anything even better than being in her. This little girl body was the best pillow that I had ever cuddled up with, and her slit with her cum leaking into it turned out to be one of the ultimate nesting places for my cock. After plowing that field for several minutes, she shifted her posture and I slipped up inside of her to continue the plowing, only now up deeply inside of her. I then understood what the panties were for. With my cock and balls installed inside of them, my cock was guided and held up to her pussy tissues to both of our delights. Even now with me still installed within them and up her vagina, the stimulation of my balls continued. It was pure sexual genius at work. I stopped myself from ruining the mood by asking where this idea came from, I didn’t care, and I soon after came gloriously up into her pussy with her climaxing right with me.

When her mother came back home from shopping after the two hours, we were back on the couch playing cribbage, one of the very best games that two people can play.

She came over and took us each under her arms and assured us that we were doing very well in ensuring both of our transitions into these two new lives.

With that she kissed me on the forehead and sent me away to go home with humongous smiles on my face. When I got home, Mom suggested that I might want to remove the girl’s panties around my neck with a slight laugh.


After another week of on par activities with Gloria, Marcia, Mabel and Lacy, the next Monday, about two weeks since Don left, began with the bang of mulitmerv missiles to Frank’s life.

First of all, both sisters announced to Frank that they would be foregoing further regular attentions to him. They each had now regular boyfriends that would fill all of their needs. They didn’t say never, though. And on one particularly lonely night, when Frank approached Marcia’s bed she opened the covers and sweetly welcomed him in.

Mabel was now showing and so became very sensitive to how she was used, no intention to give him up in her pussy, but with severe restrictions how. No such restrictions with Lacy, though. It was just inconvenient for them to get together as often as they would like. Even with sixteen year old bodies, they seemed to want to move in together and make a life from then on. But, that wasn’t going to happen with approval of any pertinent authorities. So, they continued on, getting some fun at school at odd times and having their gloriously refreshing Saturdays together.

Along with this, Don was found out by the Mount Baker Detective Agency. Candy took care of this investigation herself and in the process nearly fell into Don’s bed herself. Only Candy’s professional reserve saved that catastrophe, because Don was a stud for sure. But, the report provided showed that his Sunday nights bowling actually had ceased a couple of years ago, and his Sunday time was taken up with a series of very ripe female alleys, oral, vaginal and backdoor. The youngest of them, the current one, was only fourteen years old. This could endanger his professional career if it got out, not to mention his freedom. With Mabel’s newly apparent pregnancy from an unknown but suspected partner, there appeared to be a standoff brewing, which could lead to a sensible resolution to this whole situation. The respective lawyers were churning with hours and paperwork over that.

And then to top all of this off, the local and national T.V. news announced that DUOMENTALITIES was under active investigation by several federal and state authorities including the FBI. And in the preview to an hour long national report on this, it was leaked that a very senior retired FBI agent had infiltrated this operation and was regularly reporting back to the home office on his experiences.

In the preliminary agreement with Don, it was agreed that he would have Frank on Sunday afternoons and into the evenings for the time being and the girls on Saturday afternoons. Worked out for Mabel, too. Since she could well afford to wait until later in the night on Sundays to get her weekly fuck from Frank. It didn’t’ really matter to her.

Since, Mabel wasn’t taking up the intimate slack during the week, Frank felt a bit left out on a limb. Lacy would have liked to have filled in some, but that was just not going to be for the present. Neither of the sisters ever denied him his needs on the few times that he entered their bedrooms late at night, but he also wanted to respect their feeling towards their boyfriends and so was very sparing of this privilege, which the girls loved him even more for.

On one of the Sunday visits; Christie, Don’s new teen A.A. bimbo and Frank were left alone for four hours while Don had to take on an emergency meeting at the firm. Christie made it apparent during the first fifteen minutes of their time alone that she was definitely interested, as Frank very much favored the stud Don in looks. Frank was unsure of how to handle this, he didn’t want to punch his father’s current pussy’s ticket to paradise behind his back.

But the decision was taken out of his hands when he got a cell call from Don requesting that Frank take care of Christie’s needs, but have her ready to be picked up by her brother at ten o’clock that evening. That blew the hat off of Frank’s reserve and they repaired to Don’s bed for some intimate games.

Frank had never done ‘black’ before and was curious as to what differences might be in order. In Christie’s case, not much. The main thing was that she simply adored oral on her pussy. Her black partners tended to stall on that desired attention, but of course it was among Frank’s favorite things to do with a female.

As they laid lazily hands on enjoying each other’s favors, Frank asked if she had a pair of panties that were at least two sizes too big. She replied that she didn’t and why would he ask that, ‘pending’ was his only reply. He then asked if she would wear a pair of his father’s fancy briefs for some fun, and she with a strange look in her eyes, said that she would. As soon as she had them on he had her over on her side with himself saddled up to her in the spoon position. He then with her giggling, installed his dick and balls to the inside of the shorts and worked his cock up into between her legs. She was now starting to get the idea and so she reached for the lube in the drawer at the side of the bed that she had often used with Don and anointed very generously her pussy slit.

With that, Frank began very slowly to work up and down in her pussy valley, and she started feeling it right away. She could feel her girlish cum beginning to add more slickness to the process and now her clit was getting glancing blows in the process, too. She felt her body warming up and her mind turning off, the preliminary to her being planted with man seed. Just as she was about to blow, Frank backed up and withdrew from her legged position. Her reaction was, “What the Fuck!!”

But, he then moved her to her side facing him, but reversed head to foot, and then giving her a pillow to brace up her shoulders with and taking one himself, he initiated her into face to face, side by side 69. She caught on right away and quickly they were sailing off into sexual dreamland, with both of their bodies lite up like a forest fire.

It took several minutes after restarting the fires within her, but when she came, it was monumental, and he awaited his to be up inside of her. As soon as she came down to a semblance of pre-climax fury, she rolled over on to her back and welcomed him up into her vaginal kingdom. When he got up to her throne, her cervix, she went bananas again and drove him to installing his royal favors all over her pulsating throne. As he came down she fiercely hugged him and then tried to kiss his face off. With that in progress, they both fell asleep with him still in her.

The young couple entwined on the master bed had lost tract of time and so she heard the loud knocking on the front door. She just threw over herself a bathrobe hanging nearby and ran to the door to prevent her adult brother from waking up the neighborhood. When he saw her condition, he closed the door and locked it behind him and took her by the hand to quickly move up to the master bedroom. There he found Frank still asleep, so Taylor nudged him, and when he awoke, instructed him to take the bottom, he was going to take the top with Christie in between. So with a lot of lube on his dick and up her ass, they together made a Christie sandwich, with Frank on his back on the bottom with his modest dick up into her vagina, and then Christie face down on him, with Taylor in the rear, literally. Taylor informed Frank that since he was on top, it was up to him to provide the motions, and so Taylor took the responsibility very seriously and was making all of them very happy. They each came like shotgun reports, Taylor, Christie and Frank in that order and then rolled over in profound laughter still installed in each other.

Just about the, Don showed up and mused, “I see that you two have found a game to your liking, and invited Taylor in to the fun, too. How about me?”

With Frank and Taylor withdrew from the ‘field of battle’ to watch the next joust and were not disappointed to see Don plant his lance right up into Christie’s abdomen for another royal blessing to her. With that Taylor and Christie went home and Frank was driven home by his father, Don. Nothing was said, just a lot of smiles to go around. Don, thinking, “There are many more where she came from.”

When Frank sated for a change, undressed and cleared out his pockets to send his clothing down to the laundry, he found a plaintive note from Christie, ‘Here is my cell number, and please let me see you again!” Frank figured that he would work this out for sure. He upon the next meeting found out that Taylor expected a tip for each time he picked her up and delivered her for his bother, and that the family welcomed a generous stipend towards their welfare also. Since Frank had money to burn, this was no problem and the family responded by assigning Christie to Frank on Wednesday evenings and all night, since she was home schooled and had a couple of in person classes with labs to complete along with proctored exams to take regularly on Thursdays. It turned out that she was very bright, too. Figures.

Now, Frank had Wednesdays taken care of, other school nights as needed with either his sisters or mom, and Saturdays with Lacy. Sundays, he reserved for his father’s latest crush as invited. Things were looking up, especially since Lacy and Christie hit it off just fine when they met at lunch on her first Thursday at school with Frank.

Meanwhile, the divorce was quickly working its way through the legal process, undoubtedly advanced by having the BASH BROTHERS, a local facilitating sub-contractor to the Mount Baker Detective Agency, deliver the second batch of legal forms to be filled out by Don. There were several urban legends attributed to them, and no one wanted to test the validity of them. So, Don filled them in right then and handed them over, “Thank you, sir!” was all that hey said as they took their leave. Muscle and politeness, a devastating combination for sure. Evidently they were ‘Odd Job’ admirers.

With the divorce, the current balance in things continued, with Mabel getting the house and primary custody of the kids. She however had no intention of denying Don’s access to the kids as long as he behaved. And he was sterling in his treatment of them to absolutely no surprise to Mabel. She continued to carry a dimly lit torch for him for the rest of her life, and he made it apparent to her, that he felt the same, despite their now legally enforced division of their lives.

And with everyone’s cooperation, Frank was getting his prodigious intimate needs taken very well of.

The next bombshell in Frank’s life when he was instructed to visit the local FBI office over a matter of interest to both of them involving the DUOMENTALITIES Corporation and its activities.

When Frank arrived on time for the interview, he was left sitting in the wait-ing room, for exactly sixteen minutes. And then led to the interviewing room, as stark as could be imagined and then seated in perhaps the most un-comfortable chain known to mankind.

When Frank settled down on the terrible chair, the interviewer busied himself consulting with a voluminous notebook, completely ignoring Frank. The guy, evidently FBI, was dressed rather finely, with a very neat haircut and clean shaved face. When he looked up to address Frank’s eyes, he presented to him a very uninterested attitude. And then stared right into Frank’s eyes for fifteen minutes, with apparently no blinking of his eyes at all. If he thought that this was going to intimidate the sixteen year old boy in front of him, he was not taking seriously that the boy was only sixteen in body. In mind, he was three times the age of the interviewer and possessor of a whole lot more experience of this kind of session that the interviewer.

After that the interviewer asked the boy in front of him if he had any statement to be made in defense of himself. The boy’s answer was, “Not necessary!” And then silence until the interviewer gave up and sent the boy on his way. Another one, he thought, because that is exactly the same reaction that he and the interviewers at other locations had gotten from everyone that they questioned.

The governmental authorities then decided to turn up the heat on the corporation and the donors in younger bodies. So, they keyed in a Senate subcommittee that was starving for some issue to make public hay with. And old persons taking over young person’s bodies seemed to be their meat.

However, when they subpoenaed the staff and subjects in this activity, they got the same treatment from the staff and subjects as the FBI had, received. And when the blustering and threatening began, the T.V. ratings took a plunge and the political action committees told the Senators to back off. The public didn’t care a fig about the staff, but saw only quite young boys and girls being verbally assaulted and threatened by big governmental bullies. The public wasn’t buying at all the assertions of minds being transferred. They believed their eyes at the youth of the subpoenaed youngsters.

So, the interested agencies decided to approach this situation in another way. They called together all of the key administrative personnel of DUOMENTALITIES for a meeting and presented their findings and interpretations of the situation. First, of all they were not sold on the ideal of old people, even if they were rich, of coopting young person’s bodies. They admitted that in the cases that they knew of it had been wildly successful. But, the idea behind it made them want to throw-up.

They also admitted that their efforts to acquire the technology used was a relative failure. They had made a number of intuitive guesses as to what was the manner of it working, but admitted that the success that it was enjoying must have been due to some insight that was a complete accident and unlikely to ever be discovered again. And they admitted that the safeguards that the corporation had incorporated into their security had the government completely baffled as to how to override them. Probably, functionally impossible. People who are willing to die to protect their ideas, were usually beyond overpowering. To a certain degree this was a comfort to the government, since no one else was likely to ever subvert their security, either.

So, now the plan to proceed into the future came up. The government surmised that the expenses of developing this idea and the technology to implement it had long been covered. And that the corporation was now making extremely high profits. The FBI knew that the investors had to make their payments on their B.M.W’s and Sea Cruiser yachts. But, it was felt that if they would com-promise to use this manner to better the future of middling offenders, by not sending an older person’s mind to displace the younger person, but to use the younger person’s mind for a redacting process to remove anti-social behavior impulses, that society would be well–served and the payments on their yachts could continue.

This offer completely flummoxed the corporation staff and legal team. This was unexpected, they had been certain that they would face a cease and desist order. But, with that, they advised that they would study this offer when it was received in written legal form and then get back to them as quickly as possible with their answer or counter-offer. The government official in charge said, one week and we will revisit and modify this offer. The corporation said that they would take that in consideration.

A month later a meeting of all of the local young people who had been coopted was arranged and at the table before the dozen or so of them, was sitting representatives of the DUOMENTALITIES Corporation, and the pertinent governmental authorities. The lead lawyer of the company called the meeting to order.

“This meeting has been arranged to inform you patients in the process, of decisions that have been made between the corporation and the government. First of all, there will be no effort to interfere with your situations as long as you stay out of serious trouble, including rape of other young people.

You will be encouraged to take as permanent partners others in this pro-gram, as young possessed older minds would seem to match up better together. Second choice would be close relatives, who feel a special connection with you. Any incest involved in that will be officially ignored.

Any hidden funds that you possess beyond what was granted to you by the corporation will be taxed as they are spent, unless you can prove that they come from already taxed funds.

That is about it, unless there are any questions. No hands went up and so the meeting was dismissed.

Things proceeded from that point on, and the only transfers that were officially publicized after that were those involving redacting and then replacing the younger minds in their own bodies. This was suggested for older patients, but it was found that only the younger ones had the resiliency to endure the redacting process.

Two weeks after the meeting, Lacy and Frank petitioned the local court to have themselves declared adults and able to marry. The court in closed session was advised by the corporation and the FBI as to the status of the couple and upon verifying this information gave them permission and a marriage license. The families were thrilled. Less thrilled was Christie, but when she found out that it was going to be a limited open-marriage and that she was welcome to join in with them, she was very happy about that.

Time passed by, with Frank and Lacy again obtaining PHD’s in their chosen fields, the same as they had in their previous bodies, and life moved on rather pleasantly for them.

The corporation and the government kept looking for additional ways that the technology could be expanded in usage, but so far had failed in that effort

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