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Recollections 2 Ch. 08

Categories Diary, Lesbian, Male / Female, Romance

Author: Kaadorix

Published: 20 December 2017

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Recollections 2
Written by: Kaadorix

M/F, F/F and a whole lot more

Chapter 08: "Clash"

(Six Years Ago // Flashback)

-*- Thursday, March 31, 2011 -*-
-*- Lake Quivira, Kansas -*-

Alexa looked cute as a country bumpkin sitting at the kitchen
counter in what was now officially our home here on the waterfront
in Lake Quivira, eating vegan chocolate chip cookies, wearing an
overalls-style dress made of denim featuring a frayed hemline and
a pink blouse underneath with long sleeves, and a pair of purple
spandex leggings. My 19-year-old girlfriend was now my fiancee,
and it was Alexa - not me - who ultimately popped the question,
completely out of the blue and at random, this past Saturday in
the overnight hours. While I never once envisioned Alexa being
the one to ask me to marry her - I was assured it would be the
other way around - I accepted her proposal without hesitation.
Everything about our relationship thus far had been so unique and
out of the ordinary. Why would the proposal be any different?

Yes, I repeat - Alexa and I were getting MARRIED! I had been
floating on cloud nine, overcome with happiness and positive
emotions, since Saturday. Even after all this time had elapsed, I
still found it difficult to believe that we were finally engaged!
I honestly considered myself the luckiest man alive.

Yet at the same time, I had actually been quite reluctant these
past few months as to whether or not I should ask Alexa to marry me.
How many times had I changed my mind? I'll ask her tonight. No, I
better not. Wait until Tuesday night? Or perhaps it would be wiser
on the weekend? Oh, I wanted to marry Alexa. Do not misunderstand
me on that. It's just that I did not want to pressure her or make
her feel that I was trying to push our relationship toward where I
wanted it to go quicker than it should. She was SO MUCH younger
than me, and I wanted things, for her own sake rather my mine, to
progress naturally. Slowly. Alexa's surprise proposal not only
capped off the happiest day of my life, but it also relieved a lot
of stress, way too much worry and anxiety, for me. With a quick
turnaround, we could now eye our wedding date - May 8, 2011.

Just five short weeks from today.

It was Alexa's idea to rush the process along, and I was more
than willing to go along for the ride. Why not? Seriously, I was
ready to marry her the very day we first met nine months ago. I
even had fantasies of seeing Alexa in an exquisite, lush bridal
gown, and making love to her with it still on later that evening.

Soon, my man, I said inwardly. Soon...

Alexa finished eating and pushed her plate of scrumptious
cookies to the side. I immediately leaned in for a creamy,
_chocolately_ kiss, and she laughed against my lips.

"That, Alexandra Hope [Last Name], is one of the MANY things I
love about you. One of the COUNTLESS things."

She offered me a curious glance. "Sticky kisses?"

I kissed her again. "You're not afraid to laugh when we're
kissing. You're not afraid to be yourself, to speak your mind,
to talk about difficult subjects. I LOVE the level of honesty
that you and I share together. It's so amazing and wonderful." I
tucked Alexa's hair behind her ear and pulled her a bit closer.
"I'm blown away that you and I are actually engaged and you moved
into my house, officially, today. This house is now your house.
Treat it that way. You have free reign to change whatever you
like around here, and make this house your own." Truly, I did not
care. Alexa could change or switch around anything here.

She flashed that sexy smile of hers. She had so many different
smiles - sweet, sassy, playful, sarcastic, seductive and flat-out
hot as sin - and I loved every single one of them. "I think it's
been a long time coming. A bit overdue, I'd say. Me, moving in."

Indeed, Alexa and I now lived under the same roof. I took a
vacation day from work, which was very rare for me (i.e. my first
one since April of 2010), and spent the afternoon helping Alexa
move what personal belongings she had from her dorm room at the
University of Kansas here to my home in Lake Quivira. Since she
and Merissa had been living in a tiny, cramped 12-by-19 foot
dorm room (228 square feet of living space, which translated to
114 square feet of personal space for each of them), there had not
been a whole lot to transport. Most of it was clothing, with some
school books and magazines, music and electronic equipment, and a
desktop computer. Dad let me borrow his pickup truck to make the
move easier, and the process took less than 90 minutes.

But it was a different story picking up some extra things at
Alexa's home in Overland Park, where she had lived with her mother
and father since 1994. Alexa, needless to say, was a bit of a
hoarder. Cleaning out and boxing up the contents of her bedroom
was quite a massive chore. There were a few pieces of furniture to
haul and probably five times the amount of clothing than there had
been to move from her dorm room. She wanted more time to sort
through everything and promised to donate what she did not want or
no longer need to charity. Alexa also insisted on bringing along
her vast collection of dolls and teddy bears from her childhood,
and various other treasured mementos and knick-knacks.

And then there was Matt, her precious cat.

Alexa's mother, Angela, agreed to part with the frisky feline
and allow him to move into our house in Lake Quivira. Matt had
been a fixture in Alexa's life for the past 15 years - since she
was in preschool - and Alexa was the one who took care of him
throughout the years. She loved that cat to no end and often
thought of him as the brother, the sibling, that she never had.
Or perhaps a better term was to say that she was Matt's mommy.

I joked that Matt needed his own moving truck. For starters,
we had to package up 213 (!) different cans of wet cat food - all
high-end brands and flavors - and three big bags of dry food.
Alexa had insisted to her parents in recent years that she be the
one to look after Matt and spend whatever money was necessary on
him. An entire box was devoted exclusively to bags of cat treats
and toys. He had three separate litter boxes, two of which were
automated (one of them looked like a spaceship, I kid you not),
and three cat towers. I did not even know that _cat furniture_
was a thing. There were seven various types of scratching pads.
Matt even had an automatic feeder for his dry food and a water
fountain that circulated fresh water 24 hours a day. He had nine
different fluffy beds, although Matt enjoyed sleeping on Alexa's
pillow the most, and his very own collection of blankets.

Alexa had spent her high school years and now her first year
in college working odd jobs here and there part-time, mostly
earning minimum wage. She was currently in the process of trying
to get a front desk job at a local health club, with the goal of
earning a CPR/AED certification by the summer and then, eventually,
being promoted into a fitness instructor position. With her love
for exercise and living a healthy, vegan lifestyle, could there
possibly be a better job for her than this? But that was a
different subject altogether. My point is, Alexa's top priority in
life as she grew up and worked at these menial jobs was, quite
simply, Matt. She spent a LOT of money on not only his well-being,
but also making sure that he lived in the lap of feline luxury.

An automated litter box that cost $99? How about a second,
this one for $399? A $79 feeder and a $59 water fountain? A cat
tower for $89? Actually, three of them. A seemingly endless
supply of toys and curious contraptions? He only ate the finest,
most high quality dry cat food ("my Mattsy Moo Moo is only allowed
to have _Blue Wilderness_"), which was quite expensive as well.
Alexa even gave him bottled water, believe it or not! She would
take Matt to the veterinarian if he showed even the slightest hint
of illness and gave him preventative flea and tick treatment the
first day of every month. The ointment ran $49 for a pack of three.

Matt lived a better life than most people did!

I knew there were going to be certain challenges ahead as Alexa
transitioned into her new home and eventually marriage with me.
Matt was currently hiding somewhere behind the kitchen cabinets
here in the house, presumably nestled near the dishwasher and the
stove. There was a small hole in the woodworking at floor level,
and he went scampering in there earlier after refusing to come out
of his cat carrier for 15 minutes. The poor cat did not know what
to think of his new home. Alexa spent two hours trying to coax
him out from behind the cabinetry, but there was no use. Not yet,
anyway. Matt had spent the last 15 years in the same, exact house,
only leaving it for rare, sporadic trips to the veterinarian.
Being here in what was new and strange surroundings must have been
a major shock - even terrifying - to him, but Alexa would nurture
Matt to comfort soon enough. I had faith in that. It would just
take a little time. Most cats acted this way after a sudden change
of scenery. But Matt would be eventually be okay simply because
for as much Alexa loved him, the feeling, I knew, was mutual. Her
mere presence would ultimately help soothe whatever anxiety he felt.

It was also not lost on me that Alexa had a 30 mile commute both
to and from school each day, either. That was going to be a major
challenge, unfortunately. She no longer lived right on the campus,
which made things convenient and super easy for her. And while
those 30 miles would zip by in a hurry along U.S. Interstate 70,
I worried about Alexa's car being put to the test every weekday on
the expressway. Her vehicle, a burgundy red 1988 _Mercury Tracer_,
was actually older than she was! It had accumulated a lot of miles
throughout the years and was, in my opinion, ready to conk out. The
LAST thing I wanted was for it to break down and for Alexa to be
stranded on the side of the interstate with God-knows-who passing by.

Thus, I made the decision within the past day or two that I was
going to purchase a brand new car for Alexa. It did not have to be
anything too expensive or too flashy. I just needed to be certain
that she would have a safe and hassle-free commute both to and from
the university in Lawrence each day, as well as her job. Oh, I
already knew that Alexa was going to object. She hated the idea of
me purchasing any so-called gifts for her, and she absolutely
refused to take any hand-outs in terms of money when I had offered
it in the past. Not her style at all. She was not a materialistic
person whatsoever, and did not want others to think that our
relationship was based off of me lavishing her with money and gifts.
Trust me, certain people we knew in our lives would run with that
assumption all the way to the moon if given the opportunity.

But we were engaged now - the final step before marriage - and I
could easily justify my decision to purchase a brand new vehicle
for Alexa. It was quite simple, really. In just five weeks, my
money would be her money. We would be a team, and I, for one,
could not wait. Besides, Alexa did not need to be driving over 60
miles each day in a car that was made when _I_ was still a kid (and
THAT was a long time ago, you know). Alexa would just have to
learn that I was going to take care of her from now on - MUCH
moreso than I had these previous nine months. Alexa, quite simply,
was going to be my Matt. It was my duty as her husband-to-be to
see to it that she lived a very happy and comfortable lifestyle
from this point forward. I would not have it any other way.

Unbeknownst to Alexa, I was going to take her to a couple of
different car dealerships this coming Saturday and have her pick
out a new ride. Again, nothing flashy. Something with good gas
mileage for the highway; I was thinking along the lines of a
_Toyota Prius_ or a _Honda Fit_, or perhaps a _Mazda3_, but would
ultimately allow Alexa to make her own decision on which car she
wanted. Those were simply going to be my suggestions.

I was not rolling in money and personal wealth by any means,
trust me, but I owned and operated a successful medical practice,
and had paid off the mortgage on the house nearly two years ago.
Both my _Jeep Wrangler_ and my motorcycle were paid off as well.
In addition to my retirement savings, I had a nice nest egg in
the bank. Until I met Alexa, I really had no reason to spend
money. I simply got by and lived, for me, a comfortable life.
Nothing fancy or over-the-top. My house was not decked out with
expensive art or decor, or the latest technological advances.
No way; not MY style. Being thrifty had allowed me to build
that proverbial nest egg, and buying a new car for Alexa (among
other things to come) was not going to hurt my savings much at all.

As my father once told me, you cannot take your money with you
when you die. Unfortunately, you (or I) could go at any given
second. It's a harsh reality. As people, we might as well spend
our money on what makes us happy while we're alive and healthy,
and still have the opportunity to do so.

And nothing in the world made me any happier than Alexa.

Likewise, Alexa had spent the great majority of her own earnings
thus far on Matt. It was her money, her decision. As long as Matt
was happy, SHE was happy. It did not get any simpler than that.

As Alexa and I continued to relax at the kitchen counter after
a long day of packing, moving and unpacking, her smartphone buzzed
and she pulled it from her purse. All of her attention suddenly
shifted toward it - just like that - as she looked down and began
gliding a delicate, slender finger across the screen. After a
good 20 seconds, I tilted my head and offered her a curious glance.
I still felt that she was way too attached to that hideous phone.

"Are you swiping left or right?"

Her eyebrows raised as she looked at me. "Huh?"

"_Tinder_," I clarified, referring to the popular dating
website, pointing to where her finger still hovered over her
cellular device. "Are you swiping left or right?"

"Oh, no it's not... I'm scrolling... this is _Instagram_." She
turned the phone around and I saw pictures of two young children
covered in white powder. Alexa's pretty face then scrunched and
she gave me an agitated expression. "_Tinder_? God, Jeremy. What
a horrible joke! Don't quit your day job, okay?" She paused, then
softened considerably. "My friend, Krissy, her kids - Kaden and
Ariel - they decided to bake a cake. By themselves. While Krissy
was taking a shower. And this is what she came out to find."

"They're adorable." Krissy? I had never heard of this
particular friend of Alexa's before. But Alexa was so outgoing,
so likable, and had an endless array of friends. I would probably
never know them all. Regardless, both of Krissy's children looked
to be in elementary school. They were as cute as could be.

Alexa scrolled to another photograph. The boy was putting the
strainer on his sister's head. Oh, wow. The next picture showed
what appeared to be the boy chucking a bag of flour all over the
girl. What a mess those two made together!

"They're a handful, but I love 'em to death, and will happily
babysit for Krissy whenever she asks me." Alexa swiped again and
the mother in question appeared. Krissy was between the kids who
each had a hand on either side of her face, then the next showed
the flour handprints and the youngsters giggling up a storm.
"From the moment Kaden was born, her entire life became about him.
And then she had Ariel, and well, they're both her world now.
Ariel had some complications, but she's doing awesome now."

"That's wonderful. Krissy seems like a great mom."

Alexa set her smartphone down and her chest rose as she took in a
deep breath. It took every ounce of my self-control not to allow my
eyes to wander and focus on her lips. Alexa had promised me a good
and thorough blowjob for later tonight after all of the hard work
and extra effort I had put forth in helping her move everything
today. Hey, I even skipped out on opening day today for the Royals
for her! That was most definitely a first, because I NEVER missed
an opening day, or at least a home opener. Hell, I had no clue
whether the Royals won their game against the Angels or not.

But oh... those lips were so pink and sweet, and soft as butter.
A perfect distraction for any sporting event or outside interest,
just like Alexa as a whole. Neon arrows were practically pointing
at those lips, but I somehow managed to resist the temptation.

"I'm glad you want to have them, too."

The sound of Alexa's voice drifted into my consciousness, but my
brain was still fighting the animal instinct within to drop my
gaze. Or, better yet, simply scooping Alexa up and into my arms,
and taking her off to the bedroom to start the festivities early.
I was still in the process of trying to switch gears, pull myself
back, yet also puzzle together what her prior comment meant.

"You're going to be a great father yourself one day, Jeremy."

Oh, that.


Images quickly flooded my mind, but these were G-rated. They
took immediate control and shoved aside the more lewd thoughts.
I saw Alexa looking down at her pregnant belly, caressing it with
both hands. Alexa lying in a hospital bed holding a newborn.
Alexa sitting in a chair rocking our baby, nursing.

I blinked and kept my eyes shut for at least five seconds as I
tried to clear the images from my mind. It didn't work.

"Jeremy?" Alexa's voice was soft, quiet.

Opening my eyes, I saw lines of concern across her forehead.

"And you will make an excellent mother when the times comes," I
offered. Those previous images had me feeling even more aroused
than the idea of receiving a blowjob later tonight did. Huh?
Really? How incredibly HOT would sweet, little Alexa look at nine
months pregnant? OH MY GOD; the mere thought blew my mind! I
always had possessed a weak spot for pregnant women. Nothing in
this universe was more beautiful than a woman nurturing a new life
inside of her. But what if that woman was Alexa? Alexa, PREGNANT?
My, oh my. "I cannot wait to start a family with you, honey."

Alexa held out her right hand and twirled her fingers about. "I
just cannot stop smiling, or looking at your grandmother's ring
that you gave to me. It's so BEAUTIFUL!" While Alexa stayed busy
in recent days admiring her engagement ring, I hadn't been able to
take my eyes away from my new _fiancee_. "Are you POSITIVE that
you want me to have this, Jeremy?" Alexa bit her lower lip,
showing definite signs of uncertainty. "I mean, you said your
grandmother had it from 1937 all the way 'til her death in 1996.
That's 59 years! I LOVE the ring - don't get me wrong - but I
don't know it if truly belongs with me like you say it does."

I drew Alexa against me, drinking in her sweet and selfless
nature, her contagious smile. God, she was such a genuine doll.
"Before Grandma passed away, she made me promise that I would one
day give this ring to a woman who truly deserves it. A woman who
swept me off of my feet and made me feel things that I never felt
before." I paused, then smiled. "I was her last grandchild NOT
to be married, Lexi. That's why she gave it to me with specific
instructions. Trust me, you deserve this ring. You do. YOU are
EVERYTHING that Grandma said I needed in a woman."

"Oh?" Her curiosity was piqued now. "What's that, exactly?"

Time to be brutally honest again. "Grandma said I needed to
find a woman who was incredibly bright and intelligent, and just
as aggressive as I am. Someone who is strong, very independent.
A life partner, Grandma told me, has to understand where you're
coming from on all levels. It's that way for everyone, any
possible relationship or marriage, you know. Grandma said I was
young and smart, very successful with my medical practice, and
needed someone similar who had the same type of self-respect,
someone who could flourish with or without me. If that makes any
sense to you." I was rambling and not making much sense to myself.
Perhaps I should have taken more time to word myself better to her.

Alexa raised a curious eyebrow. "I'm successful? I could
flourish on my own? I'm a broke college kid."

I chuckled. "Oh, look at you! Don't give me that, Lexi.
You're still incredibly young and just starting out in life! But
look at what you've done so far. Look at what you've accomplished
already. You were a straight-A student all throughout high school
and earned a full-on scholarship to go to one of the best colleges
in the entire country, the University of Kansas. I wish _I_ could
have went to Kansas myself. You're taking biochemistry, physiology
and anatomy, among other courses, and one day you're going to be a
successful physical therapist. You were cooking and cleaning for
yourself by the age of eight, taking complete and total care of
yourself. That's independence. You light up any room you step
into and people are always happier after they speak to you." Alexa
blushed and averted her gaze for a split-second due to my excessive
(but honest) praise. "Five, ten years from now, you could have the
whole world at your fingertips if you wanted. The ceiling, the sky,
is limitless for you. And you damn well know it. You could be
anyone you want to be, do anything you want."

She spoke gently, "All I want is to be with you, Jeremy."

Oh, the smile that spread across my face...

Alexa's blue eyes suddenly widened in pure happiness. "Hey,
pretty boy. Did you miss me? Did you miss Mommy?"

"Mommy?" I parroted, confused and clueless. I had no idea.
But Alexa seemed to be melting right before my very eyes, and I
saw her looking at something beyond my shoulder. When I turned,
I then realized why. Matt had finally come out of hiding, albeit
reluctantly, from within the woodworking of the kitchen cabinetry.
The cat still appeared quite antsy and uncertain of everything.

"Mattsy Moo Moo!" Alexa proclaimed, getting off her stool and
making a move toward him. "Oh, are you okay? You okay?" She
dropped to her knees and gently picked the cat up with both hands,
cradling him to her chest. Alexa gently petted it and showed a
tremendous amount of love. "Oh, this is a SCARY house, isn't it?
Oh, I know. I know, baby. This house is SO MUCH bigger than the
one you're used to in Overland Park with your Grandma and Grandpa.
Yeah, I know. I know, baby. But you'll get used to it. I'll be
here with you from now on, and so will Jeremy." She motioned
toward me with her head. "You know Jeremy, right? He's been over
a LOT to visit you, hasn't he? You like playing with him, and
especially like it when he brings you catnip." The animal, as
could be expected, seemed indifferent toward me. It was, after all,
a cat. And cats often came across that way. "Well now, you and I
are going to SHARE this house with Jeremy. We LIVE here now!
THIS is our new home. Isn't that EXCITING?"

Why was my heart fluttering as I watched Alexa heap nothing but
warmth and affection onto her cat? And why did I find it so damn
sexy and endearing that she had cared for this little, innocent
animal for the past 15 years? Matt obviously loved her, and
seemed very content whenever she was around. Alexa just had so
much love to give in her heart, and I found it intoxicating.

"Jeremy, could you hand me that bag of treats?" Alexa asked,
pointing to my left. What, the soft-moist cat treats with the
crunchy wild salmon flavor? That was what the bag said, at least.
I snatched it up and gave it to Alexa. She reached inside and
offered Matt three tiny nuggets, and he scarfed them down quickly.

"You like your cookies! Don't you, baby?" Alexa's chest puffed
out like a proud kitty mama. "For my fourth birthday, all the way
back in 1995, Mom and Dad said I could have a cat," she said to me.
"Mom took me to a pet store in Olathe the day after my birthday.
I still remember it very clearly. We were looking at the cats in
the display cases and I saw Matt, huddled under a blanket. He had
some sort of infection because one of his little eyes was closed.
Matt was so tiny; only 12 weeks old. And seemed so scared. But
when he looked at me, he perked up and bumped against the glass,
wanting me to pet him. He knew he belonged with me. I was a
goner. I told Mom he was the kitty I wanted for my birthday."

"But the pet store said Matt wasn't available for sale at that
time because he was sick. He had that infection, and they could
not part with him yet. Being only four, I threw a wild temper
tantrum. Right on the floor in front of everyone. Mom tried to
get me to pick out another cat, but I did not want another cat. I
wanted Matt! We left the store and I cried the whole way home."

"Dad tried talking me into another cat too, but I told him I
wanted Matt. I went on and on about it. So, a day or two later,
Mom promised that she would do everything she could so we could
adopt Matt. She called the pet store and asked if he was available
yet, but he wasn't. She wanted him anyway and promised we would
take him to the vet and get his infection totally cleared up. But
the pet store could not give him up until he was healthy. Mom
called back the next day, the day after that, and so on."

"Finally, about a week later, the pet store said that the vet
had cleared him - Matt was 100 percent healthy - and he would be
available for adoption the next morning. I was so incredibly happy.
Mom actually took off of work the next day and we were in the
parking lot 30 minutes before the place even opened. I would have
DIED if someone adopted Matt before we had the opportunity." Alexa
laughed gently. "The rest is history. Matt went home with us,
and now, 15 years later, he is still with me." She picked the
feline up and nuzzled her lips against its back. "Mattsy Moo Moo,
I LOVE you. You're the BEST cat anyone could ever ask for!"

I dropped down to one knee before them and gently stroked Matt's
back and shoulders. He flinched at first, still clearly skittish
with these new surroundings, but did not seem to want to run off
and hide. He warmed up to me in a hurry. Of course, with Alexa
giving him so much love right now, Matt wasn't going anywhere.
He was a pretty cat, I suppose - an even mix of orange and white.
Those green eyes were so big and expressive.

"What's the life expectancy for a typical cat?"

Alexa frowned. "15 years if they strictly live indoors." What?
The same age he was now? Oh, no. But then Alexa's spirits lifted.
"Matt may not be as quick and as nimble as he once was, but the vet
said he is doing GREAT the last time I took him in for a check-up.
The vet said because I take such good care of him, he could easily
see Matt living another two, three, four... maybe even five years.
Or beyond." Alexa sighed. "I sure hope so." She then paused for
a moment, lost in thought. "The world record age for a cat, I read
online, is 38. Some cat in Texas lived that long."

"38? Wow." I rubbed Matt's paws with the back of my knuckles.
"Do you ever let him go outside?"

"Very, very rarely," Alexa responded. "And only on a leash."

"A leash?" They actually made _leashes_ for cats? Double wow...

"It's more like a harness, but acts the same way a leash does,"
she explained. "I take him out for walks when the weather is nice
and warm. He loves to get out and explore. GUIDED walks."

"And why didn't you take him away to college with you?"

Alexa made a face. "What? And have Matt stay in that tiny dorm
room? That would have been like a jail cell to him, probably." A
good point, indeed. She shook her head at me. "Besides, Merissa
likes to have her dog, Drizzle, stay with us two or three days each
week. That room was way too small for two animals to coexist in."
Alexa nuzzled her nose across Matt's face. "You're in your new
home now, baby. No more lying on my pillow in my old bedroom and
yowling for hours on end while I'm at college. I will be RIGHT HERE
with you every single day from now on!" Alexa's face lit up as she
told me, "Mom says Matt would lay on my pillow and cry a lot once I
went off to college. But when she put old home movies with me on
for him, he would quickly settle down and watch them."

"That cat missed you. He loves you."

She hugged him tight. "I love him too."

I smiled softly. "I bet you'd like some more pets too, huh?"

"Gosh, yes!" Well, that brought forth a gust of energy from her.
"As you know, when I was younger, money was really tight for Mom and
Dad. They could only afford to let me have one animal. That's one
of the reasons why as I got older and started working, I wanted to
be the one who took care of Matt and all of his expenses." Her
expression turned hopeful. "You'd be open to the idea, Jeremy, of
a little companion for Matt? Perhaps even two of them?"

Alexa? I'd do anything to make her happy.

"I would." Alexa brought a hand to her mouth and seemed to be
on the verge of crying, but was able to harness her emotions and
stave it off. Clearly, my offer touched her. It was readily
apparent that she loved all animals, not just Matt. We could stop
at a pet store, or the humane society, on Saturday once I purchased
a new car for Alexa. Or perhaps it would be a better idea to wait
until after our honeymoon in May? Hmmmmm. We would be gone two
weeks, and Matt would be going back to Overland Park to stay with
Alexa's parents at their home until we returned.

Alexa wiped a lone tear from her cheek. "Why don't you have
any pets, Jeremy? You'd make a good pet daddy."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know. Thought about getting
an aquarium a few years ago and filling it with fish. I did some
research, though, and it seems looking after an aquarium and taking
care of goldfish was a lot more detailed than I thought it would be.
There are so many things you have to do when setting up a new tank,
and then to maintain it, keep it a healthy habitat for the fish..."
I shivered theatrically. "Honestly, I didn't know how or where to
start. Plus, I was afraid I'd do it wrong, and the fish would wind
up dying because of me." I frowned. "Isn't that pathetic?"

Alexa reached out and touched my wrist. "No, it's not. It
just means that you care and have a big heart." She smiled at me.
So, so sweet. "Maybe we could get an aquarium and fill it with
the prettiest, flashiest goldfish, and you and I could take care
of all the upkeep together? I don't know the first thing about
having an aquarium or the upkeep of one either, but I bet you and
I could learn how to do it... together. What do you say, Jeremy?"

Oh wow, this girl was so special. Truly one of a kind.

"I'd like that very much."

Alexa smiled again. "So you've never had any pets at all?"

"I had them all the time when I was growing up. Remember, I
grew up on a farm. We had lots of cats, but they stayed outdoors
90 percent of the time. My favorite was named Paddy Paws. We
called the The Great One. There were dogs, chickens, goats,
roosters, rabbits and my dad's favorite, horses. My dad loves all
his horses the same way you do Matt." I frowned and added, "I
just haven't had any pets since I moved away from home when I was
in college myself." I reached out and ruffled Matt's head with my
hand. He was a good, well-behaved cat, and I could tell just by
looking at him that Alexa took tremendous care of him. "Until
now." I looked deep into his eyes and proclaimed, "I want you to
live a happy and comfortable life here with us, buddy. Okay?"

"I've always wished that Matt could have had a companion or
two," Alexa said. "Either another cat, or a small, friendly dog.
He and Drizzle always get along great whenever they're together."

"We can work on that," I promised her. "Getting a partner in
crime or two for Matt. How about the summer, once our honeymoon
is over? You can get whatever you want. Cat, dog, whatever."

"Really?" Alexa was beaming. "You mean that?"

"You know me, babe. I'm easy. Whatever you want."

"Oh, thank you, Jeremy."

I had never been as aware as someone as I was of Alexa, right
now. Not in any of my 37 years had I been so in tune with every
breath, every look, every gesture of another human being. My
senses were in overdrive. Even the air itself felt supercharged
around us. There are many ways to find ultimate happiness in
life, but all I really needed, I had realized, was Alexa.

Keeping her happy had to be my top priority from now on.

Alexa was the warmest and most kind-hearted woman I had ever
met, bar none. She effortlessly spread joy and good will to most
everyone she met. Look no further than how she treated her cat,
for Christ's sake. Just wait until we have children and Alexa can
dote and love on them! They will undoubtedly have the greatest
and most wonderfully caring mother in the history of the world!

Yet Alexa didn't believe herself to be doing anything special.
That made her even more incredible, even more appealing, in my
eyes. She was the epitome of selfless giving and her good nature,
her humbleness, touched everyone (and everything) around her.

Over the next several moments, Alexa held Matt close to her
chest and took him on a whirlwind tour of the house. They spent
the majority of their time in the guest bedroom downstairs, which
would serve as his own room for now. There Matt would find his
favorite litter box (the super expensive one), as well as his
feeder and water fountain. Hopefully, he would remember where the
bedroom was located (especially with the litter box being there).

I lugged behind and silently watched Alexa - no, I _admired_
her - as she continually talked and played with her precious pet.
Remember the blowjob which I referenced earlier that she promised
me? Honestly, it was the furthest thing from my mind right now.
Not only were Alexa and I engaged, but she had finally moved into
my house! I cannot repeat that enough. How long had I been asking
her to move in? In a way, I still could not believe that she and
I actually lived together... let alone were getting married in just
five short weeks. Finally, the stars had aligned for me.

I now had the opportunity to be alone with Alexa every single
night for the rest of my life. Even if nothing physical happened,
I would still be the happiest man alive. I really did not care if
all we did was turn on the big screen television and watch old
reruns of _The Big Bang Theory_ or _Gilligan's Island_. Just the
simple fact that Alexa would be in my presence was well more than
enough for me. I'd move Heaven and Earth to make that happen if
need be. Anything beyond that, in my mind, was gravy.

Delicious, tasty gravy.

A perfect example of this was later that evening, I pretended
to pay attention to the movie that was playing as a low hum of
excitement continually buzzed throughout me. Oh, I felt so very
content. I was totally relaxed and filled with a lazy happiness
that generally only occurred in the most laid-back of moments.

The circumstances could not have been more ideal. I had the
next three days off from work. Alexa and I were on the couch,
enjoying perhaps her all-time favorite movie, Children of the Corn
(the original 1984 classic, not its poor 1999 remake). It may be
difficult to believe, but Alexa absolutely loved horror movies.
Surrounded by snacks, she was snuggled up next to me underneath a
blanket. Everything felt so good. Matt was dozing on the window
sill. It was late, and the dim living room created a warm intimacy
that cocooned us as we lounged on the comfortable sofa cushions.

"Since you have three season tickets, would it be cool if
Merissa went to the Royals' game with us tomorrow night?" Alexa
reached across my lap and grabbed a handful of popcorn.

"Sure," I shrugged. "Why not?" I had been a season ticket
holder of the Royals since 1997, and, although I had gone to many
games alone, I always purchased three seats every year. The same
three seats, even, just in case anyone ever wanted to go with me.
My brother or my sister, Dad, my brother-in-law, my nephews or even
both of my nieces. I often went with my good friend, Mike, and his
girlfriend-of-the-day. I would invite whomever; all they had to do
was ask. I had owned these same three season tickets since 1997.

Alexa wound up going to several games with me last year after we
met and seemed to develop a like, an appreciation, for baseball,
which was excellent, because I had been a true life-long fan of the
sport. It was always a blast to go to the old ballpark and simply
unwind with her, especially after a long day of work. Perennially,
the Royals were a losing team - I figured 2011 would not be any
different - but I was still a fan, and still loved going to their
games. No amount of losing would ever change my mind on that.

"I'm not sure if Merissa has ever been to a baseball game at
Kaufmann Stadium or not," Alexa said. "She's been to many football
games - to see the Jayhawks at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, and
then when they played Missouri at Arrowhead Stadium last November.
That was awesome." Arrowhead Stadium was also the place where
Alexa injured her leg during a cheerleading stunt gone wrong and
limped around for the next six weeks because of it. Not a good
memory, especially since I initially thought she may need surgery.
"I'm pretty sure Merissa has never been to a Royals' game, though."

"Let's change that, then," I grinned. "We can take her with
us tomorrow night. Nothing like going to a baseball game."

Oftentimes when I went to see the Royals play, I'd make a new
friend or two. Kansas City was a friendly town and Kaufmann
Stadium itself almost always had more empty seats than it did
spectators. Thus, the setting felt intimate. I was on a first
name basis with several of the long-time season ticket holders in
my particular section behind the first base dugout. I had even
been known to give or trade tickets with the people next to me on
occasion (say I needed five seats for a certain game instead of
three, or vice-versa). We worked together like an actual family.
Because that's what this great town felt like to me. A family.

Alexa scrunched her face at me. Oh God, it was so adorable
when she did that. "Are the Royals EVER going to win again?"

I laughed. "Probably not. The way baseball is nowadays, small
market teams like the Royals are doomed to struggle. They just do
not have the financial resources to compete for a division title or
the World Series." I smiled again. "I'd just like to see them win
one more World Series in my lifetime - they did in 1985 - but I
doubt it will ever happen. Not with the way baseball is nowadays."

"Oh, never give up hope, Jeremy." She grabbed another handful
of popcorn and then pointed toward the television. "This movie,
Children of the Corn, has always messed with my mind. You see the
red-headed guy, Malachai? One of my mom's friends - Devon - she
actually named her kid Malachai and it freaked me out really bad.
I was like, oh my God! I remember Merissa and I watched this movie
for the first time maybe ten years ago during a sleep-over one night.
All I remember from watching it back then was hearing this really
scary, creepy, demonic, right-from-the-depths-of-Hell voice yell
out near the end of the movie, MALACHAI! I was scared out of my
mind and now, a decade later, that scene will still mess with me
when we get to it even though I've seen this movie a hundred times.
It's weird, very super-trippy. I love watching horror movies.
I'm the worst at watching them, though, because I almost always do
the ear thing - I cover up both my ears, and then I close my eyes
and watch out of the corner, but I love watching them."

"Why do you love watching horror movies so much if literally
every single one you have ever seen scares the hell out of you?"
A valid question on my part, yes?

Alexa giggled. "That's the fun part! Horror movies scare the
hell out of me, like you said, but I'm a big fan of the villains.
The characters. Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky. A
lot of people hated it, but I loved The Blair Witch Project. But
this movie - Children of the Corn - and A Nightmare on Elm Street
are probably my two favorites of all-time."

I smirked at her. "You're a very unique girl."

"This is so weird, I used to fall asleep to the movie The Ring.
It would be in my DVD player and it would just re-play, and my mom
would be afraid to come into my room and tuck me at night in because
she was like, afraid of the horse's eye. But for some reason, that
movie, I just loved it. And that Halloween, I was Samara."


"The main villain in the movie, a little girl. I was so weird
back in those days. There's a scene in it near the end where
Samara comes out of the television and kills this guy. She was
this evil, little demon. It was one of the scariest movie scenes
of all-time to me. It was just terrible."

I eyed her intently. "You ARE weird."

And the unquestioned love of my life.

* * *

"Since when is my upcoming marriage and future with Lexi really
ANY business of yours?" Quite angry because I was having this
conversation at all, it was the next morning when I stalked off to
the kitchen and turned on the coffeemaker. "Why do you even care?"

"Because I'm your older brother," Hudson said to me over the
telephone, seething as well, "and believe it or not, I give a shit
about your well-being, your financial security, and marrying a
19-year-old girl fresh off the bus without a prenuptial agreement
in place will undoubtedly be the DUMBEST thing you'll ever do."

It was Friday morning and just like old times, I suppose, Alexa
fell asleep last night after she and I finished watching Children
of the Corn, only to then pop The Ring into the DVD player. She
did not even make it through half of the second movie before dozing
off. I watched the rest of it in silence, then scooped Alexa into
my arms and carried her up to bed. She slept the whole way
through, and I was out like a light myself shortly thereafter.

"I am NOT asking Lexi to sign a prenuptial agreement," I told
Hudson for the fifth or six time today. I watched the coffee drip
and wondered how I could possibly drink it through clenched teeth.

There were two very distinct sides to Hudson, who was more than
ten years my senior. The funny, outgoing side that he displayed
to almost everyone, and the more gruff, highly opinionated side
that he rarely allowed others to see, but that was almost always
present when he was in protective big-brother mode, as he was now.
Yet Hudson always took it to a whole other level with me. I often
felt like he looked at me as a young toddler who needed guidance.
Certainly, he spoke to me that way when in the mood.

"Don't be STUPID!" Hudson exclaimed at me. "Listen, Jer! Don't
you realize that four, five years down the line, if you get a
divorce, Lexi will be legally entitled to at least half, if not
MORE, of any appreciation in value that your medical practice
experiences during your marriage? It could really devastate your
practice, even cripple it. Do you want that? You need to go see
a lawyer and get Lexi to agree, to sign, a prenuptial agreement!"

"I'm not asking her to sign any damn contract!" I had several
reasons why, but one of them was at the forefront. In my mind, a
prenuptial agreement seemed like the deathknell for a marriage even
before the wedding officially took place. I am sure others had
valid reasons to have one wrote up and signed, but as for me
personally, I saw no reason whatsoever for a prenuptial agreement.
All it would do was irrevocably corrode my relationship with Alexa
and make a divorce feel like a foregone conclusion sometime in the
future. That was my opinion, and I refused to budge. Besides, I
had complete faith that Alexa and I would spend the rest of our
days together as a happily married couple. Everything I had, I
wanted to share equally with her. If I felt that a divorce was even
a remote possibility for us in the future - which I did not, by the
way - what was the point of even getting married to begin with? It
would be like shooting myself in the foot, yet on purpose.

"Lexi comes from a poor family and grew up on the wrong side of
the tracks in Overland Park!" my brother argued. "She comes from
nothing, Jer! NOTHING!" If Hudson were actually in the kitchen with
me right now, I'd reach across the breakfast bar and violently grab
his collar. Either that, or I'd just flat-out clock his ass with an
uppercut. How DARE he say... "You're a young, very successful,
up-and-coming doctor with a LOT of money saved up. Why risk that?
Why risk what you've worked so hard for your entire adult life?
Why risk your savings? Maybe even your retirement?"

"Don't you DARE talk bad or insinuate ANYTHING negative about
Lexi's parents or the way they raised her." I filled my cup with
coffee, but then poured it right down the drain. Upset, I was not
thinking straight at all. "Bob and Angela are two of the best
people I know, and they love their daughter implicitly."

"What if you're nothing but a meal ticket for Lexi?"

"HOW can you talk to me this way?" I was trembling with anger,
and about ready to flip my lid. Oh, I had taken a lot of grief -
and tolerated it - over the years from Hudson, but this trumped it
all. I was at the absolute end of my rope now. "You know what?
FUCK YOU. You have NO IDEA of what Lexi and I have built together
over the past nine months! You are the ONLY person in the ENTIRE
FAMILY who has been against me hooking up with Lexi. It's been
that way since DAY ONE. Why can't you be happy for me, for a
change, and let me LIVE MY LIFE?"

"So you don't need a prenuptial agreement?" he countered. "You
and Lexi have the PERFECT relationship and will undoubtedly have
the PERFECT marriage, huh? No troubles at all, you say? Going to
have smooth sailing with your little teen-aged wife-to-be?"

"I never said there wouldn't be any troubles."

"You acted this same way, Jer, had this SAME, exact mindset,
when you were engaged to Suzi. Look where THAT got you. You came
home early from work one day and found Suzi fucking some random guy
in your VERY OWN bed." Oh wow; Hudson had to go there, didn't he?
"You were close to marrying Suzi, and you're damn lucky that the
wedding didn't already take place. Suzi would have cleaned you out
in the subsequent divorce because, just like now, you didn't want a
prenuptial agreement. You didn't NEED one."

"I surely don't need one with Lexi. She's different."

"What are you going to do if you come home two, three years from
now, and Lexi is fucking some random guy on your sofa?"

"FUCK. OFF!" I roared at him in a frenzied rage. Why was Hudson
acting this way? What did he have against Alexa? Why couldn't he
be more like Janae, our sister, who supported every decision I had
ever made? Even Mom and Dad had zero reservations about what I had
with Alexa. I was mature and well more than old enough not to have
others telling me what to do. I did not require my overzealous big
brother's _help_. "This doesn't concern you, Hudson!"

"Oh yes, it does!"

I bit back the emotions that burned in my chest. "This is about
Grandma's ring, isn't it?" I then hissed at him. Hudson already
told me earlier this week that the piece of jewelry - Alexa's
engagement ring - had to be included in a prenuptial agreement. If
she and I were ever going to get a divorce, Alexa would be legally
bound to return the ring to me. But not without her signature.
"You're mad that I gave her Grandma's ring, aren't you?"

"You should have given that ring to Mom and let her keep it!
That ring belongs in OUR family!"

"Grandma specifically said I was to give it to my future wife
whenever I found her," I countered. "It WILL be in OUR family.
And Mom gave her blessing to that. She has NO PROBLEM with it.
So why should you? And if, by chance, things do go wrong between
us in the future - which they WON'T, but if they do - I KNOW Lexi
would give that ring back to me if I asked her to. I just KNOW it.
She realizes full well Grandma wore it for 59 years. Lexi is NOT
the type of girl to be greedy and fight over something like that.
She feels guilty now just wearing it."

"Bullshit! She will take that ring and pawn it off somewhere
when the two of you get a divorce! And our family will NEVER see
it again. Grandma's most prized possession... gone, just like that.
All because you don't have the BALLS to get a prenuptial agreement."


"Go ahead, little brother. Marry the poor, little cheerleader.
She's probably never had two twenties to rub together in her life.
Oh, but she will now, won't she? Let Lexi into your home, let her
sink her greedy, little claws into everything you have, everything
you own. And in two years, when you're getting a divorce and Lexi
robs you of everything you've spent your entire life working for,
DON'T come crying to me about it because... I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO."

"This conversation is OVER!" With that, I smashed the button on
my smartphone, cutting the connection. Furious at Hudson for his
wild assumptions, I latched onto a nearby stool and sent it flying.
I then turned and found Alexa standing at the entranceway to the
kitchen, her eyes wide, her body shaking.

Oh, fuck...

Suddenly, I felt as if I'd been kicked in the gut. All of the
anger within me dissipated instantly, and I found myself in damage
control mode. How long had Alexa been standing there? How much of
the argument with Hudson, at least from my end, had she heard?

Perhaps I should have taken the telephone call into my office
and closed the door when the discussion first went south. But I
was not accustomed to having someone else - a housemate - here with
me, and I never had to worry about privacy in the past.

"Lexi, let me explain..."

Her entire body still shook. She crossed her arms in an obvious
effort to stop them from trembling. Her lower lip even shook and
she bit it, clearly trying to hold it in place.

"Don't cry," I pleaded with her. "Please, don't cry."

"Jeremy, I heard what your brother said about me, about my...
parents. I could hear his screaming over the phone in the next
room, even. I'm a n-nothing, little, gold-digging bitch who is
only out to... to rob you?" She closed her eyes and shook her
head. "What have I... ever asked from you?" I looked at her
with an even mixture of disbelief, shock and empathy. She did not
deserve to be subjected to this. Alexa then swiped at a single
tear which had broken loose.

"You have no reason to defend yourself to me."

Much to my horror, Alexa then slipped the engagement ring from
her finger and put it on the kitchen counter. "Maybe it's best
that I give this back to you." There was no stopping the flow of
tears now. She sucked air into her constricted lungs. "And maybe
it's best that y-you and I... d-don't get m-m-married after all."
Before sobs tore from her chest, she stormed out of the kitchen.

FUCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! Goddamn it!

"I don't believe this!" Alexa spat once I tracked her down in
our bedroom. She threw a pile of clothes onto the mattress. She
was shaking so badly, however, that they kept dropping to the
floor. Doing everything I could to keep my composure, I stepped
forward and touched her from behind with both hands. She hesitated
briefly, but then twisted away with an extreme anger of her own.

"It's good to know what your family really thinks about me!"
Alexa scooped the clothes into her arms and gathered Matt, her
cat, under her right arm, and headed for the front door.

"Lexi, wait. That was Hudson, not my entire family. Both he
and I said several things to each other we're going to regret for
a long, long time. Heat of the moment. He doesn't really feel..."

Alexa hooked her purse with her finger and turned to face me.
She looked so incredibly vulnerable, so raw, her hair disheveled,
bags underneath her beautifully sad eyes. I loved her with every
fiber of my being and knew that if we could just sit down and talk,
cooler heads would prevail. Alexa would put her engagement ring
back on, she and I could hash things out with Hudson if necessary,
and we'd resume forward with our wedding plans.

Yet Alexa was so out of her mind, so incredibly hurt right now.

"I can't stay here with you any longer. I'm going home to my
parents, but I'll be back at some point to get the rest of my
stuff. I'm sorry, but I refuse to be an albatross to you OR your
family. It's OVER, Jeremy! It's over."

I wanted to scream, but knew it was best that I stay calm.
Alexa and I simply needed to sit down and talk this thing through
like we always had. Thus, I rested my forehead on the top of her
head. "Please, don't do this, Lexi. I love you, and you love me."

She again hesitated, this time for an instant, but then opened
the front door and went rampaging out to her car...

<<<- End of Chapter 08 ->>>

==---- -- -- -- - --- -- -- - - --- -- -- --- - -- - - - - --- -- ----==
"Recollections 2"

(c) 2017 Kaadorix

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Recollections 2 Ch. 08

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