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Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Romance, Teen

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 21 December 2017

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“How the fuck did I get roped into this assignment? What a ‘cluster-fuck!’”

“Anything wrong in there, Nico?”

“No, Aunt Bell, I just got my little toe tangled in my sock and it hurt!”

“Just watch out for those socks. They can be dangerous, you know!”

“Very funny, Auntie.”

“You’re welcome, nephew.”

With that I got my six-six, two hundred and eighty pound body up and into the shower to get ready to face another day as a seventeen year old junior in high school. I remembered that I had done this before, and hated it then too, except for the football. I loved the football.

“Do you usually wear socks to take a shower, Nico?”

“Only today, Auntie. Only, today.”

“Well, hurry it up, socks or no, since the bus will be here in fifteen minutes.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I made it down in five and then rushed to catch the bus with a lunch sack that looked like a significant part of a week’s groceries for four. On the bus a whole seat was cleared for me. I had already only been at Benson High School for a month, but my reputation was well established. I was the star middle line-backer on a middling team that seemed to be improving by the week. The local coaches tried to talk me into the lines, but I knew from my ‘donor’ memory that I had been a star middle linebacker in college and that is where my future would be in this time frame, also. It was only, play me at middle linebacker, with a little tight-end or nothing. And the coach couldn’t afford to lose a player of my magnitude, so he gave in. Wasn’t sorry when he saw the results either.

On the way to school, a twenty minute ride, I passed over in my mind my assignment here. I was a fifty year agent of the FBI and a senior analyst when I had been recruited by the Senior Agent in charge to move back to a younger age and infiltrate the organization known as DUOMENTALITIES. They had a method to replace the minds of young persons, who were either brain dead due to a medical reason, or beyond horrible in their personal lives. At first the transfers had resulted in persons who were stumped as to who they really were, but in the latest iterations, full active memory of their former selves was enabled. It did include the ability to turn it off at key times, so that the former memories wouldn’t interfere with current activities, like getting laid, which seemed to be happening more often than I ever remembered. It involved the use of a key phrase that had to be repeated four times, and then only for four hours at a time. Which was more than sufficient to finish off any of the current fuck-bunnies that I met.

When I got to school, I got off the bus to the usual welcoming committee, the ‘spirit gals’ a loose (smile here) organization with school sanction that was assigned to keep the key athletes and anyone else bringing positive fame to the school, well taken care of in any of their personal needs or desires. ‘Where the hell, was this idea when I had been a teen. Oh, yes, it had existed, but they then limited themselves to a very virginal kiss or a run for pencils as needed. Now, they practically fucked the beneficiaries of this treatment in the hallways, and if they had done so, probably everyone else including the staff would have congratulated the guy on his good judgment in allowing it.’

Lunchtime was fun, and the reason for the large lunch, too. I would get to partake in one of the empty classrooms and have at least three of the ‘spirit gals’ sucking me off in rotation as I tried to not choke on the eating of my lunch. Usually, made it through, too. Both with an explosive expulsion of cum down a willing throat and the finishing off of one of Aunt Bell’s magnificent homemade lunches. It takes a lot to feed and service a high school star linebacker these days, I guessed.

It was Friday and that meant a playoff game, leading to the State Football championship. The other team was reportedly very nervous about playing us, because of me. Though my team had a mediocre record up to this time, we had made a dynamic turn-around when I joined in the action. Two running backs that had run into me were out for the season. No dirty play on my part, I didn’t need to. It is just quite damaging to high school running backs being tackled and fallen upon by a man-sized youth like me.

The cheerleaders were all psyched up over this game. They had thrown around their pom poms in too many losses over the years. They were planning on sharing their other pom poms, those attached to their chests, after the game if it was a win for the home team. The boys on the team knew about this and needed no more encouragement to follow through for the glory of ‘old’ Benson High.

The game resulted in a thirty-one to twenty-eight victory for Nico’s team. One of the most exciting ones in local high school memory. The losing team walked off the field with their heads held high, and not a broken leg or arm among them. The home team left the field baring the weight of the combined cheerleader, spirit gals and any other ‘vestal virgin’ that wanted to sacrifice her most valued possession for the reward of the players. There were going to be a lot of very apologetic prayers said by young teen girls this coming Sunday at church.

However, after the initial enthusiasm around me, I settled down to enjoy the company of Angelica a close neighbor of Bell’s family and friend of James, a star basketball player of note, too. He was damn good for a white boy, and probably could hold his own with the ‘bro’s, too. Angelica and James had been very close until I came upon the scene, he got top marks for class in having attracted such a fine looking ‘sister’ even if she was a bit singed around the face with very light scarring. I guessed that none of the rest of her was scarred.

So, while a mini-orgy ensued at an after-the–game private party, I instead went with Angelica, my Angel, to spend some time with her. Her folks were very understanding and spent their time in the family room with her siblings, while she and I had the living room to ourselves. None of them made any effort to monitor our activities between us. With a T.V. movie between us, I got some that evening. It was well into the movie after us spooning for a while and that led up to her lift-ing her skirt and planting it down on my uplifted cock from her ministrations. It took a bit of effort to get all of me into her, but when I did, her face lit up and I soon after planted a full load of my seed up into her. I don’t know who was the happiest in this, probably a tie.

When it was time to go, walking home for six blocks since no one in their right mind would bother me, Angelica’s mother came and saw me to the door, and with a light kiss to the cheek and a, “Come back anytime, Nico.” I wandered into the dark all of a sudden not hating this assignment anymore. I knew that I would have to cover that at my Saturday regular report to the local Agent-in Charge. I wasn’t supposed to enjoy this monitoring of the other objects of this process that I had endured.

On Saturday morning, I made it to the dental practice front for the D.M. headquarters in Big City and then was led to the secret door, down the hallway and then out a back door to enter a FBI disguised van inside of a hidden garage, to be driven out to the local A.I.C.’s home for the interview.

The A.I.C. welcomed me and sat me in his study, which was part of an empty home, as he had sent all of his family and staff out for hot dogs and ice cream. ‘That should cause a riot in some tummies,’ I thought to myself.

After I reported the facts that I had gathered for the week, which in my mind strongly insinuated that the ‘process’ was a raging success, the A.I.C. began to question me about my relationship with Angelica and my visit to her family home on Friday night. Okay, with this I now knew that there was a spy on my being a spy, and that my actions were being very closely watched and analyzed. I just told the truth. She was a beautiful girl and very affectionate and supportive of me. She was also running interference with other gals that wanted to monopolize my time, instead of me doing my duty. I knew that that statement would get them were it would do the best for me.

He nodded and told me to stay the course and let me go, with no further words.

Benson won the state high school championship, the first team with three losses to ever do so. I made all state and was being crowded by other high school coaches (which I duly reported in on) and also received preliminary attentions of college recruiters. They were very careful of their efforts, not wanting to lose their places in the National Championship Playoff’s circle of likely candidates.

During the basketball season, I cultivated the friendship of James, the white dude who was the best player on the basketball team. Of course, I knew that he had been a star guard in a small college team, so it was no surprise to me. But, from my observations, I felt that he could have succeeded at one of the big schools, too. He was that good. He was also a very cool dude, no wonder Angelica thought so highly of him. And when I found out that he was the one that had saved Angelica’s life that made him my friend for life. And he never showed one bit of jealousy over my coopting Angelica from him. His attitude seemed to be, whatever was best for Angelica was good enough for him. And believe you me that was a powerful influence on my treatment of her. Anyone loved by someone like him, deserved the very best from me, and she got it to the limits of my abilities.

In my over seventy years before this mind transfer, I had had a number of truly fine lovers of all colors and many ages, and had married one. The marriage had lasted ten years and died a horrible death. Two children were very hurt by it, but at least we managed to insulate them as much as we could of the rancor between her and me. I was never even close to being tempted to try that again. But this thing with Angelica was the most heart-warming thing that I had ever encountered and it would be terrifically hard for me to leave it. I made a promise to myself that I would resist leaving her if I could.

It was deliriously fun sitting in the stands with Angelica crowded up to me on one side and a bevy of ‘spirit girls’ on the other, while watching James make fools of any guard who tried to challenge him on the court. He had moves that Lebron would have loved on city courts that lit up the gym. His team won the State title that year, too. A double that no other state team had done for many years. And it made us both citywide famous and helped to draw us together even closer. Angelica liked that, but she remained separate from it, because of latent feelings she still had to him, and the determined loyalty that she felt for me. I undersood, but it was good for me to have a ‘bro’ in this time, even if he was white.

That Spring, he came in second at the statewide track meet and I placed third in the shotput, which I had never even tried before this year. We both smiled at that. And that summer, I was welcomed to attend at James’ folk’s summer Saturday pool parties, the only guy outside of their family of my age allowed. This was when Angelica attended, which was just about every single Saturday.

We then went into our senior years, I played football again to statewide renown, but we didn’t have a very good QB, so we didn’t go far in the playoffs. And James then let it be known that he had found other interests and wasn’t interested in playing basketball that year. That caused a loud outcry among the staff and student body, but his parents came through for him and stifled that and things moved on okay. In the Spring he won the mile in state record time at the state meet, and I won the shotput. We were both deliriously happy about that, and since we were now close to graduating seniors, the two families let Angelica drive my Aunt’s minivan to a drive-in movie with her and me and of all things James and his sister, Mindy.

We got into the van and made our way to the Drive-In Theater, one of the last still in operation in the state. We had to drive about ninety miles to get to it. We then settled down with the back seat moved back for Angie and me; and the rear area covered with a mini-mattress and open sleeping bags for Mindy and James. The mini-van also had side and rear curtains to protect our privacy, so that we could be as nude as we felt like being. I and Angie assumed that mode very quickly, I had no idea of what James and Mindy were doing in the back. But, I did know that none of us was paying any attention to the screen at all.

After some serious cuddling things got very serious between Angie and me. And finally she moved to her back for the final event and my sizable dick was firmly planted up into her pussy with me lightly banging it. She had the biggest smile that a person could imagine. And then with my lips sucking on her tit and when I was about to unload, I saw the shadow of James come over the back seat’s rear back rest and his mouth move to engage Angie’s. I was about to protest, when I felt a little finger move up my ass, to my delight, too. Then I got it, they wanted to share and augment our loving intimacy. With James deeply tongue kissing my girlfriend and me being steered on by a probing finger up my ass, I soon unloaded a mighty spurt up into Angie and James then withdrew to allow me to move my mouth down on to my beloved Angie.

When I came to myself, I was a bit miffed by all of this, but when I looked into the back seat and saw the two huge smiles there, it all just melted away and I laughed my ass off with Angie tightly held in my arms. My only comment was, “Your Turn!”

So, the back seat’s rear backrest came down so that a clear path was made from the front seat all the way back to the back door. With that, Mindy doffed her clothes, I got to hold briefly her little girl bra and panties to my delight and then she mounted herself sideways just in front of the rear seat, leaving room for James to occupy that space. Then to the rear of them, Angie arranged herself aligned with Mindy’s lower half, and I did so with her top half. Then we awaited the fun.

James began with some of the lightest kissing that I had ever seen. No wonder he was taking the deflection of his Angie, so well. Soon, Mindy was moaning, with him planting his mouth over her pussy and licking it. She couldn’t take much more of this and so he moved to between her widely splayed legs and quickly moved his cock up into her love chamber. With him proceeding in the probing of her, Angie moved to install her tongue into James’ anal split, with occasional probing’s up inside. And I moved my mouth down to very gently kiss and probe Mindy’s mouth correctly interpreting the situation as needing the gentlest moves possible with such a young and tender young woman.

When James unloaded his spunk into her, he just seemed to melt into her, and I and Angie just looked at each other and knew that they would be our best friends forever!!!

We drove home that night with me plastered up to Angie as she drove and the two in the back seat seemingly having become one. We broke off at the respective homes with a lot of smiles and promises to do this many times again.

After the next few weeks, the three of us graduated, with Mindy needing to finish two more years. A little over one, if she really pushed it. But, a couple of days later, disaster struck. James was in the hospital with his life in jeopardy. I went to see him and used a combination of bluff and two hundred and eighty pounds of persuasion and thereby got in to see him. It was pathetic to see such a good athlete look like this especially since he owed me a lifetime of friendship and I was determined that he pay up on that. Not to mention the sadness that his love of his life, Mindy and his lifetime best friend Angie must be feeling. I hugged him and then left with tears rolling out of my eyes. I didn’t even try to cover them up. My red eyes and tears followed me all the way out of the hospital.

And then to the A.I.C’s office in the federal building. He was shocked to see me, but even more so when he saw the red eyes and tears. Before, he could scold me for breaking security in this matter, he held his breath while I unloaded on him. Unknown to me and to be brought up at my next reporting session, it had been decided by the head of the FBI and confirmed by the President, that I would be allowed to continue in my new self for the rest of this life. They felt that they more than owed it to me for a lifetime of decorated service to the FBI and the nation.

But, in this case dealing with Frank they had some good news. Evidently the mind reading of James’ former self had been recorded and stored and there was going to be a determined attempt to reinstall it in James as an over-ride allowing for his current memories to continue. It was hoped that the improved manner of accomplishing this, which I had been a recipient of would work to stabilize James’ mind and his health. They had very high hopes.

The only thing was that he would need almost continual intimate contact to divert him from the fear of his current condition and keep him centered until the process could be accomplished in the next week. So, after being dismissed with the knowledge of my continuing in this life with my beloved Angie, I called her and related what was up. So, she offered to be part of the intimacy work and I totally agreed. And it was so, she was one of the bare bodies and pussies that occupied him for the next week, and then the D.M. Corporation had James flown down by medicopter to the Twilight City niche hospital for the procedure.

The procedure was a success and James entered upon a summer long process of reclaiming his health. By that September he was ready for college, but not for basketball for another year of rehab. I was, though, and boy was the local college glad about that.

As far as I know, I am the only recipient of the NFL’s All-Pro team, fifty years apart, and they didn’t even know about it.


“Will you all please come to order! We have a lot on the agenda for today. You will notice that in front of each of you is a microphone. The notes for this meeting are going to be produced from the speaking of all of us. So, please enunciate clearly.

I will be taking few questions, and only at my request. This should help to move things along, since we have other matters to take care of once this business meeting is over.

I am assuming that there is no ‘old business’ to take care of, and if there is it will be rolled over into our new business.

I hope that you have filled out the questionnaires that I forwarded to each of you. The matters covered there are very serious to us personally and to the welfare of this corporation. I also, have the winnowed results of suggestions from the question boxes that I had installed around the campus. There are going to be very substantial rewards to those that make useful suggestions that are actually adopted by us. Any treading on these ideas or efforts by the managers involved with the ‘suggesters’ will be dealt with very sternly. Do all of you understand? Show that you do by a showing of hands. Since this meeting is visually recorded too, there will be no acceptable excuses for violations of this edict.

Probably all of you at this table are familiar with each other. The most important ones are me, who will be addressed by the title, Sir. And the man at the opposite end of this table, who is ‘The Brain’ who made a bunch of seemingly unrelated ideas come together. We all work together, but I believe in a minimum of knowledge of each other’s name, nor their personal lives.

As you know, the proprietary knowledge that makes this whole system work is basically the only valuable resource that we possess. So, only four members of this board know the whole pattern. I, ‘The Brain’, and two other who are anonymous to the rest of you due to security concerns. You who are not of the four, should probably be very glad for that, since we four have a ‘death oath’ on each of us. If any of the four is absconded to gain information to anyone not authorized, the four of us will die and this facility will become an empty hole in the ground, along with the niche hospital that we use to actually perform the procedures. The rest of you will escape that as long as you aren’t in either facility at the time of destruction and are not suspected of being one of the four. All of us here have had very stringent procedures done to us to virtually evade any manner of questioning that might be used. And you are paid very well to endure this threat to your welfare.

We have our own security and it is tough. But, the FBI has decided to take an active part of our security as an outside source protecting us from threats that we might not be able to handle. This is because they know our security protocol and definitely don’t want the process to be lost. Our actual process will probably never be found out by anyone else. Others may come to their own manner, but it won’t be ours. It took Mr. Brain’s expertise, a lot of work and a couple of fortuitous discoveries to make this all come together. And since the fortuitous discoveries are unlikely to be replicated, the secret is safe with us.

Now a brief overview of where we are at this time.

We are still an independent company doing our job and managing the way we do it. But, since the Senate Hearings which couldn’t have worked out better for us, we have had to accommodate some government concerns. The main ones are: the coopting of young people as recipients of the transfers, the intentions of the donors and the level of income that were are deriving from this enterprise.

The FBI has made it perfectly clear that if we don’t do some generally acceptable work, that they are willing to shut us down and endure the loss of all that we have come to know about our process. But, they would rather not have that happen, so this is the agreement that we have come to with the government, through the FBI.

We will continue as we have, but we will also integrate free procedures for deserving and indigent patients. Since, out introductory overhead investments have long been paid for, this shouldn’t reduce our bottom line much at all. The procedures are not all that expensive to do anyway. The main expense anymore is the protecting of the relevant knowledge of the procedure.

When the next board member retires, after the enjoying our own version of the neurilizer, the person will be replaced by an active member of the FBI to watch things from the inside. No information of the operations is to be transferred to that person. But, they will be able to monitor our compliance with the mutually negotiated agreement. This is one of the reasons for our overly long board session tonight. The other reason will become apparent later.

Now at this time, we are five years into the active part of our processes. Most of the recipients of the Mental Matching have been local to this city, for us to keep a close eye on them. Of the first batch, the longest surviving member was for two and a half years. Jimmy, has been a very successful project after we got over the separation syndrome when his grandfather, who was his donor, died. It is over four years since his initiation and he seems to be doing fine now.

Frank and Lacy are doing great. They both being recipients and matched together. It has worked famously, since besides their obvious attraction to each other, because they are both members of the recipient’s group they have that with all of its challenges in common, too. Interestingly, neither of them want any further children despite their considerable libidos and their enjoyment of each other. They both say to that when queried, ‘been there, done that!’ Notice has been taken of this and it is now being addressed in the program’s protocol.

Nico is doing very well with Angelica. James had had some to do with that, also. His being big in heart over Angelica’s attraction to Nico, while still accepting her as a dear friend did much to help that process along. And we are glad that the FBI has okayed Nico to stay the course with his new life with Angelica and their friend, James.

The relationship of James and Mindy, though incest per se, is not going to be a big problem, since genetically there would not be a significant threat to any children that they might engender. But, interestingly, neither of them want children, either. They are just so bound up with each other, that maybe they recognize that a baby’s interests might be lost in the shuffle. This needs further study.

The babies that both mothers of the recipients had by their physical sons, don’t seem to be in any abnormal risk, either. This is beyond our understanding at this point. And the actual partners of the mothers have had varied reactions to this whole thing, further muddying up the waters of understanding.

Alex was a total failure, and we will have to continue to analyze as to the efficacy of repeating that protocol again with questionable donor subjects. Alex himself is enjoying his declining years, with considerable more zest after his experience with us.

Now for some of the suggestions on how we might expand our applications of this process, because of the FBI mandate, and the fact that we are running low on suitable donors for this process. We will never run out of eligible recipients, sad to say.

From an employee in H.R. in the company came this one: a temporary ‘slut’ or ‘rake’ session lasting two to eight hours, sort of like a super alcoholic drink to suppress any personal hindrances to enjoying an intimate time with an agreeable sex partner. When it wears off, there would still be a memory, but no guilt as to the fun that was had, and the person would return to their normal mode of conduct. This one we took very seriously, as you will find out later this evening.

Another one from an employee was a super effective way to eliminate alcohol, cigarette and drug addiction obsessions. A way to truly undo these compulsions for those seriously wanting to do so. This should help repeat DUI offenders and might help to alleviate not only their affliction, but help the courts to have a good reason to show some mercy on them. If a person after treatment should return to their affliction on purpose, then it would be on them as to what happened after that since our process is actually relatively inexpensive, we can do some study of what other treatments charge and severely undercut their charges, to actually make money on this kind of treatment, too.

Another mentioned would be to curtail antisocial behavior in otherwise very responsible people, like annoying habits and perhaps fits of anger. Just think of the savings to society if those two things were successfully treated. Maybe helping mothers get the start on in the mornings, and husbands reliably off to work might be small feats that could have wide sociological benefits.

So, these treatments would go a long way to satisfying our government mandate and get them off our backs, like the very expensive celebrity surgeons who do ‘split lip’ surgeries on poor children to keep societies’ anger off of them for the way they actually make their fortunes.

I would like to have each of you now to put an identifying notation on your questionnaires that you were supplied with and pass them forward, just like you did in grade school. Those that are unidentifiable or missing will engender a very resented visit by me to address the oversight evident in this fact. The resentment is because you should have taken this seriously, just because I went to the trouble to supply the forms to you. And that my time would be better served analyzing the good suggestions instead of inquiring as to why they are missing.

Now that that is over, on to the next item of business:

All of your wives or partners of other descriptions have after you left for the meeting received an envelope with a notation that the meeting would last all night, accompanied by a gift card with a thousand dollars on it to be used on whatever they want, except for a search as to your whereabouts for the night. And whatever happens tonight will be covered by our employee confidentiality agreement. Nothing is to ever be said to anyone, not even your mate.

As to those who wish to refuse this additional meeting, there are forms on the desk enabling you to cease as employees of this firm. Barring that I expect you to be on the bus in fifteen minutes. And please put your cell phones, all of them, in a pile on the table before you leave. Anything of that manner, including pagers, to avoid arguments. Any deflections on this order will be dealt with very harshly, I promise you. With that the pile of cell type communications devices grew rapidly. And they were, everyone of them, on the bus, too.

When everyone had settled in, SIR required each to look under their seats and locate the black head covering, and as soon as the located it, to put it on and pull the draws strings very much like on a hoodie and then tie them off. This was a hint that they were not to know where the next session of the business meeting would be held. Only Sir and one other person knew, and he wasn’t talking, you know. But, she would be there to welcome the guys when they got there.

After they got their head coverings on, and had them verified to be in proper order by SIR, he informed them that the bus that they were on was a selfdriving type, to settle (?) their nerves. There were more than a few sighs by muffled voices over that. But, with SIR still unladen with a hood, at least he could yell out to them to lower their heads in case of an impending collision. He got very few laughs over that statement.

They could tell, though that the bus changed direction and turned back on itself several times until the most directionally blessed of them had no idea of where they were.

When they arrived, they were rushed into the building before removing their hoods. And then permitted to gussie themselves up after having their hair plastered down to their scalps.

Upon being made to be in proper form for societal introductions they found themselves standing in a line on one side of a meeting hall, with a similar lineup of gorgeous ladies opposite to them on the other side. The ladies were looking over at the guys with no little curiosity as to their natures.

Then the lady that was evidently the social director for this meeting, walked to the center of the two lines and through a system amplified voice asked for everyone’s attentions. Since anyone that bothered to count the ladies on the opposite side would find that they numbered eleven, the indication was that the directing lady was going to be part of the occasion, if they were to be evenly paired up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me have your attentions now, please!”

She then awaited for the murmurs and chattering to stop.

“We are here for a grand experiment. One of the company’s employees, actually me, suggested an advanced usage for our process, to widen out its applications. I can’t wait to see what some of the rest of you have thought up, too.” A little light laughter with that.

“What we have here is most everyone’s ‘wet dream.’ A process to throw off all inhibitions for a stated time, six hours in this case, enjoy unrestricted (unhurtfull, too) sexual fun and afterward feel no guilt at all, and a return to our normal manner of dealing with life and sex. In this case, you will note identical appearing small closets at the end of your respective line, they go to opposite ends of the room to avoid premature engagement of the sensual kind. When I give the signal, you are to proceed to the one at the end of your line and walk through the cabinet, pausing for a brief moment until you see the green light flash and then return to the line you came from. You will have to show a little patience at that point because your body will not be attuned to that mode.

When everyone has cleared the cabinets, you will be directed to pull the mattresses out into the center area and do what comes naturally for this kind of kinky thing. There will be no pairing off, each will be available to any of the others, part of the programing is designed to make that work for all of us. Also included is the instructions to be courteous and generous among ourselves to prevent hurt feelings and the reactions that come from that.

So, I will get in the ladies’ line and we can begin the programming. “

With that the lines moved rather rapidly as they were very excited about this experiment that they were to become a part of. Then the two lines finished the programming, which was accomplished in rather quick order. The mattresses began to be moved center stage and the clothing was flying every which way.

In this case, it was the guys who were a bit shy to start, but the gals soon overcame that. Naked breasts, asses and pussies seem to have that effect on males. The ladies didn’t bother with sexy clothing, since none of them would be wearing it for long anyway, so they just got down to their skin and took the guys by the hands and soon had them totally engaged with them on the mattresses.

Interestingly, this whole extravaganza was being recorded from various angles, ‘for scientific study purposes of course. The system blurred the faces of the participants, so no one’s identity was sacrificed in this video recording. But, there was very real scientific interest in what would occur among the participants with at measured dose of the process active in them. The first thing noticed was how the ‘slut ray’ was acting with the women. They were throwing off all caution right away.

Within ten minutes half of them had dicks up their asses and the rest had them up their pussies or mouths. And they were arranging themselves to interact with multiple partners at a time, making the scene not of a bunch of individual acts, but nearly a totally combined one.

One lady had one dick in her mouth, another up her ass and a third either dick or mouth up to her pussy. And the cum both female and male was already making itself manifest among them. Several ladies had cum already leaking out of one of their orifices, with the others to be filled up shortly. All of them were just a bit wild-eyed from the goings-ons.

SIR, had the party director laying with her head over the side of two stacked mattresses, with his medium sized dick mounted into her open wide mouth and pounding into her throat. She wasn’t choking for some reason and even through the stretching of her face to accommodate this, a very large smile could be seen. He soon emptied into her mouth and then fell to his back to accommodate her next desired fun.

A couple of the guys were taking a breather and also enjoying watching the action. One of things that caught their attentions was the smallest girl present, only four foot nine inches, had three cocks up her ass, with them alternating in pounding into her. She didn’t seem to be having any difficulty in accepting this, either.

Several couples now were entering in upon a daisy chain, with mouths, vaginas and dicks the tying up factor. Evidently one of the participants climaxed in the process of enjoying this and it caused a seismic response right around the ring, with generous manifestations of cum both male and female being produced. Sort of like the ‘Wave,’ at a football game.

Some fatigue was setting in now, at the two hour mark and several of the couples were entwined with dick up pussy or ass and immobilized with a nap for the next couple of hours. A couple of hearty souls continued on with the fun as the other rested.

At the five hour mark, they were all awake again and the ladies went to work making sure that all of the guys were totally emptied of spunk, before they left.

When the end came, it tapered out for each person over about fifteen minutes, about the same as it took to program all of them in the beginning from the first to last and then there was a dash to reconnect with their clothing, right out in the open though. The girls walked around and hugged all of the guys before they broke off and with hoods back on returned to their respective buses.

When they got back to the offices, they took showers, delaying while their clothing was refreshed for their return to their homes.

Upon arriving at home, each of the men instructed their wives to take the kids out for lunch and shopping while they slept away from an exhausting business meeting overnight.

Some of the ladies guessed what might have happened, but contained themselves to enforcing a one week couch trip for their mates, with the understanding that they probably didn’t have any choice in the matter. And they loved their lifestyle supported by these great paying jobs after all.

But, at least something had to be done to make the point of the mate’s disapproval. Not one divorce ensued.

It all worked out fine, though, because the guys while at work over that week got the benefit of a residual influence in the ladies of that night. And some of those ladies would eventually move up to the board as an affirmative action, with the retiring of some of the all-male board.

[This story arc will be completed in the upcoming stories: FORGETFULNESS, INC.

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