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  1. Home Schooling
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Home Schooling

Categories Fiction, Boy, Incest, Male / Female

Authror: James Forrest

Published: 21 December 2017

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Home Schooling

You know how boys talk on the schoolyard. I don’t remember if it was someone putting someone else down or just random talk, but one day in the sixth or seventh grade I learned the term “corn hole.” I found out that it meant anal intercourse. The idea of having sex in your anus had never occurred to me.

A few weeks later, my younger brother, Mark, and I were fooling around early on a Saturday morning. We pulled our pajama bottoms off and wrestled. Soon we were both completely naked. I bent him over in front of me and recalled the term I had learned. My penis was hard. I think I had been masturbating for few months by then. I realized that my penis wouldn’t go easily in his tight hole. The idea of putting my penis in him didn’t work for me.

I was still looking at his anus and thinking that I couldn’t see how someone would do that, and it might hurt him when I looked up to find my mother looking at us. Even though I hadn’t done anything to him and had decided that it wasn’t appealing, I’m sure she thought that something was going on—based the fact that we were both naked, and I had an erection.

She told me to go to the bathroom while she stayed with him. I stood naked in the bathroom, waiting. Even though I was embarrassed, my erection didn’t want to go away. A few minutes later, she opened the door and came in, closing the door behind her and standing in front of it. She’d been naked when she discovered us, and she still was. I don’t think I had ever seen her naked before. She was what I’d call lithe. She was the same height as me, long dark hair, and a thin waist. Her breasts were pointy and didn’t sag at all. Her nipples were long and thin and were erect. Her bush was very dark, almost black. I couldn’t see anything there other than the curly hair.

She told me that I shouldn’t do what my brother and I had been doing, and she didn’t want to catch me doing it again. She finished speaking and waited. I said “okay.”

She kept standing there. I was standing naked in front of my naked mother with my erect penis standing out. It was more than a little uncomfortable. She looked down at my erection. It stared back at her.

She moved closer. She was now about two feet away. Her nipples looked hard as they pointed toward me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I took a step toward her. She didn’t move. I reached out with my right hand and touched her nipple. She drew in a breath but didn’t stop me or pull back. I touched her other nipple with the fingers of my left hand. With both hands, I rubbed her nipples, they got harder. I moved my hands from side to brushing my fingers across her nipples. She pushed her breasts toward me. I pulled on her nipples. She squirmed. I cupped her breasts and squeezed. They were soft and heavy in my hands. I rubbed her nipples between my thumbs and fingers.

I rubbed and pulled her nipples for several minutes while she squirmed and twitched. She dropped her hand and clasped my penis. I wasn’t sure what to do next, but she seemed to push her bush toward me. I put my hand on the furry mound. She came closer and pressed my penis against her side. I pushed through the curly hair and found a crease in the center of her mound. I pressed harder, and my finger followed the curve of her mound down between her legs. Farther down, the mound spread out. My finger followed the crease to a soft fold. I pressed my finger into the fold; it parted and I reached a wet place.

She took my hand and turned to the door. She led me to her bedroom. She shut the door after us. I heard the lock click. The covers were pulled back on the bed. She led me to the bed, sat on it, and moved to the center. I got onto the bed next to her. She pulled me closer, and I lay next to her. My hard erection lay against her hip, and I pushed it against her. She spread her legs and pulled me over. I lay between her legs, my penis on her mound. She pushed me down. My penis slipped down the crease. When it found the wetness, she raised herself, and I slipped into the wetness.

She surrounded me, and I pushed into her. Stroking in and out came naturally. Every time I pushed into her, she answered by pressing her hips up. It was hot inside her, and it soon became hotter. An intense feeling spread from my penis, and my body shook as I pushed hard. I held my penis in her wanting more but I was soft.

This was much better than masturbating.

I think from the moment she’d stood naked in front of me, I’d been on autopilot. It seemed right to touch her nipples. It was natural to have her hand on me. I found the crease in her bush without hesitation. I slipped into her as natural as could be. But when I came, she was still pushing against me, and I didn’t know what to do.

She rolled me off of her, took my hand, and put it on her bush. I rubbed there, and she pushed against my hand. My finger found her crease. She moaned. I rubbed in the crease. She twitched and pushed up. I found the opening at the bottom of her crease. It was wet and open. I rubbed the opening, and she panted. When I pulled my finger up, I found the bump at the top of her crease. When I pressed there, she moaned and twitched. I kept rubbing the bump, and soon she arched her back and cried out. She kept twitching and moaning for at least a minute; then she put her hand on mine to stop the rubbing. I guess I’d never considered that women could climax as boys did.

I lay next to her, my soft member on her leg. I cupped her breast and fingered her nipple. I pulled her nipple, and she pressed her chest to my hand. I rubbed the other breast and fingered that nipple. She leaned over and kissed my forehead. She pulled me up so that my head was even with hers. She put her hand behind my neck and pulled my head to her. She kissed me deeply. I was surprised when her tongue met mine; she tried to wrap her tongue around mine.

We kissed for several minutes, exploring each other’s mouths. My member came to life, and I pressed it on her leg. She spread her legs. I moved over and lay between her legs again. She was even wetter, and I slipped down her crease and into her again. As soon as I was in her, I felt the urge to move in and out. She met my thrusts by pressing her hips up. She pulled her legs farther apart, and I pushed deep into her.

This time, I was able to keep moving much longer. Each time I pushed deep, she pressed her mound against me. Her hands on my hips encouraged me to go faster. I pounded hard and fast, and she responded with moans. The feeling from my penis was growing, and I thought that soon I would feel the wave and the release, then she arched her back, and her whole body spasmed. She squeezed my member hard, and I answered by pushing into her and holding there while my body spasmed as hers had.

My penis went soft and slipped out of her. I rolled over and lay by her side with my hand on her breast.

She said that we should go to breakfast. My brother was still watching TV, and so I didn’t have to explain why I was naked when I slipped out of my mother’s bedroom and tiptoed back to our room.

The next morning, I woke up with an erection. Mark’s bed was empty, and I heard the TV from the living room. I still had my pajamas on as I crept down the hall. Her bedroom door was open. I closed it behind me and clicked the lock. She was sleeping on her side in the middle of the bed. I dropped my pajamas beside the bed, lifted the covers, and slid in behind her. She raised her head as I put my arm around her and clasped her breast. She jerked when I pulled on her nipple. I pressed my hard member against her bottom. She lay still while if ran my fingers in circles around her nipple. I slid my hand over and fingered her other nipple. She jerked again.

After a few minutes, she rolled onto her back. I climbed on her and pressed my hard member on her mound. The curly hair brushed softly on the end of my member until I slipped down her crease and found the wetness. She lifted her legs, and I slid into her. As young boys often do, I only moved in her for only a minute before I shook and pressed into her. When I slid out of her, she pulled me up and kissed me. Her soft lips and her tongue in my mouth soon made me hard again. I slid down and lay between her legs. I tongued her nipple and then sucked it hard. She pushed against my mouth. I rose up on my elbows and entered her. She answered each thrust with her hips and by rocking her legs. I pushed her legs up and pressed as deep into her as I could. The heat inside her increased, and she moaned. I pumped faster. She pulled me closer. I pumped faster. She twitched and arched her back, pressing against me. The pleasure came in waves that pushed me hard into her.

I rolled off her, and she went to make breakfast. I put my pajamas on and went to see what my brother was watching.

We developed a regular pattern that summer. During the week, she was up for work and out early, but on Saturday and Sunday mornings, while my brother watched TV, she would show me more and I would make her come. She taught me to hold out longer on my first time, and I showed her that I could do it three times in succession. She showed me the doggy position and let me rub her nipples while I lay on my back, and she straddled me. I studied her wet, pink opening up close while she knelt over me and I tongued her bump while she swallowed my member, and I pulled on her nipples.

I learned a lot that summer, but the best was when she spread her legs wide apart, and I lay on her pushing deep she while her hips matched every thrust. She pulled me to her, pressed her breasts against my chest, held her mouth to mine, and devoured my tongue. The passion built until she moaned, twisted her hips back and forth to drive me deeper, and squeezed my penis tightly. The heat built up inside her, her body thrashed, and she cried out. At her peak, I pumped as fast as I could to drive her higher and keep her orgasm going until the waves of pleasure spread from my penis, time stopped for me, and I held myself in her as fluid pumped through my penis.

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Home Schooling

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