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  1. Gigi Pt 1 - "Fuck me HARDER!"
  2. Gigi Pt 2 - Threesome with Alison

Gigi Pt 1 - "Fuck me HARDER!"

Categories True Story, Asian, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Authror: Andy Hall

Published: 22 December 2017

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I went down to The Melbourne Colosseum at lunchtime.  The last time I did this, Victoria and Sophie were on.  I fancied having a threesome with them.  I want to stand in front of the big mirror with a naked girl in each arm.  Victoria and Sophie are so statuesque and beautiful, they would make me look like a Big Swinging Dick. 
In the shop, there is a new big price list up on the wall.  The price for two girls has gone up from $210 to $230. I only brought $210 so the threesome is out. 
The first girl to come out is Karen.  Not the same Karen from my time with Jen and Cat, but she would do. 
The next girl is Gigi.  She’s taller and has big tits and a nice figure.  She is pale and looks Eurasian.  She's cute in a very sexy way. She has exquisite little pouting lips on a mouth that looks miniature on her broad face. There is something gentle and shy about her. I like watching her walk away. 
The madam comes out.  That’s it.  No Sophie, no Victoria.  I’m disappointed.
"Any girl you like?”
"Gigi.  The second one.”
I pay for half an hour and she tells me to wait at the bar.  Gigi comes out of the staff room and beckons.  She grabs a towel and I follow that cute arse up the stairs. 
"Where are you from?”
I shower and my cock is swollen and rubbery from the Viagra.  It swings and bounces while I shower and dry and I become aware that Gigi is staring at it. 
She is waiting at the far side of the bed near the table and she calls me over.  She has taken her heels off and she is not so tall.  Her mouth is level with my nipples and she sucks one while rubbing the other with her hand.  She pulls my cock with the other hand.  I am instantly into it.  She has big tits and those nice big dark Thai nipples that I love. I pull on them and she lets me do it a few times, but then she guides my hands down to cup her boobs instead.  The message is clear that she doesn't like me playing with her nipples. That's a shame. They are perfect for pinching and biting.
She bends over and kisses down my midriff and I grope her nice arse.  Her skin is smooth and dry.  When she stands up straight again, I smell her lovely hair.  I look around for a mirror, but we are standing out of view. 
She stands back and kneels down in front of me.  The weapon is pointing straight at her face.  She inspects it from different angles and for a moment I think she might suck me bareback, but she is just assessing condom size and she slips on a large. 
After wiping off the lube with a tissue, she takes me all the way in to her mouth.  I put my hands on my hips and let her do what she does.  She does it well.  It feels nice despite the condom and I start to stiffen against the roof of her mouth.  I groan.  Then I cup my hands over her ears and fuck her face.  She lets me do it and keeps sucking me down.  She leans back and tilts her head up to let me see the whites of her eyes as she looks up at me. That's a nice touch.  
“Good girl.”  I look down into her eyes while I fuck her mouth. She breathes noisily through her nose as my six inch circumference fills her tiny mouth. I feel her head pulling away from my cock, perhaps for her to catch her breath, but I have gathered her hair in a pony tail at the back and I hold her firmly by it and force my erection back into her warm wet mouth. I'm not finished fucking that sweet little doll mouth yet. There is a flash of resentment in her dark eyes as she stops straining and takes me all the way to the back of her throat again.

It is one of the better covered head jobs I’ve ever had in my life. 

Finally I let go of her head. She gasps, wipes drool from her chin and stands up.  Without speaking I push her into standing doggy right there against the bed where we are.  I press the head of my cock up against her clit and draw it back over her wet lips until it finds the entrance to her vagina. She lets out an exclamation as I enter her.  “Oh!” I think it all happened rather more abruptly than she was expecting.
I grab her hips and start to fuck her.  There is an edge to me today that has not been there before.  I am hard and ready to fuck hard from the start.  I spread my feet to get down to her level and stick her pussy with my big cock. It feels so good.
"That’s it.  Fuck me hard!” she says, as she pushes back hard to meet my thrusts.  She has barely spoken the whole time and her tone and the words are unexpectedly harsh.  But I like it.  Up until now, she seemed a bit reluctant, but clearly I've misjudged her level of engagement. She speeds up and I pause to let her do all the work as she slides herself back and forth on my pole.  Then a minute later, she shouts: “Fuck me! HARDER!”  I resume and we jam our pelvises together for the next few minutes like we're trying to break them.
I get tired after a while and lean forward to grope her tits underneath.  I kiss her back.  She squeezes me with her tight pussy muscles. 
"Your pussy is nice and tight, Gigi.”  She doesn't acknowledge my comment, except that she keeps clenching and releasing my cock. She's showing off.
She takes the change of pace as a sign to change positions.  She pulls off me and turns around to lie on the bed on her back.  I climb on top of her and my cock finds her pussy without any guiding hand.
“Unh!” She grunts loudly as I plunge in to the hilt in one thrust.  She looks to the side and keeps her eyes closed.  She is wearing a fine gold necklace that looks very sexy against her skin.  She has flawless skin.  I just want to fuck her so bad.  I try to fuck her slow at first.  Probing every inch of her pussy. 
I study her face.  I want to lean down and kiss her, but I don’t want to sacrifice the rhythm and thrusting power of my elevated position.  When I lean down to kiss her delicious collar bone, she pushes me away. 
“Fuck me harder! You have to finish soon.”  Her tone is petulant.  I don't like her pushing me away, but I’m amused by this cute little girl who won’t look me in the eye, but who demands to be fucked harder. 
"You want me to come?”  I put my face close to hers, challenging her to look at me. She refuses to open her eyes, but she knows I'm in her face and a slight furrow appears between her eyebrows.  “You want me to pump your pussy full of my cum?”  I am aware that I sound more aggressive than usual.  My erection seems to catch under her pubic bone like a hook. 
I sit back on my heels and hold her little thighs together. She reaches down to check that the condom is still in place.  I’m fatter than it is, so it’s not going anywhere. 
I lean forward again and she rests her soft little calves on my shoulders.  She turns her head to the other side, but still doesn’t open her eyes. 
Now I have her pinned.  My shoulders hold her legs in position. She has her arms down by her side, almost underneath her and I am leaning on my hands which are blocking her arms on either side.  Her arse curls up in the air as my weight presses on the backs of her legs and there is nothing to stop me jamming my erection into her pussy with full force. 
Each jarring thrust feels so good.  She gasps and winces, but she doesn’t tell me to stop. 
I give vent to a pile driving fury that I have never inflicted on any whore before.  I am so turned on by her lovely little body, the fact that she is pinned there and unable to move and the fact that I am so hard.  And she is asking for it.

With previous girls there was always some holding back. (I might hurt her. She might not like it.) With Gigi there is no holding back. I feel like an animal.
Gigi endures the pounding for a few minutes and then it gets even more intense as I start to come.  For the first few squirts I cannot get my cock far enough into her to satisfy the animal. But as I keep thrusting and grinding and spurting, it seems finally to bring some relief.
After it’s over she cleans me up silently.
“Thank you,” I pant, after a minute, when I start to get my breath back.  I flop back on the bed.  Panting for breath and my heart pounding.  Gigi puts her hair up in a clip and goes over to get in the shower.  I can't tell if she is sulking or if she is pretending that nothing happened. I roll over so I can watch her shower while I continue to lie there. 
Finally, I get up to check my watch. 
"You can have shower too, if you like,” says Gigi and she turns on the second shower head.  I look at my watch.  It is 1pm.  We were only fucking for 15 minutes.  It was very fast and very intense. 
I get in the shower.  Gigi stares as I soap up the post coital chubby.  She can’t take her eyes off it as it bounces and swings while I twist under the spray.  I’m flattered and amused.

"He's sleeping!" she says, in a slightly awed whisper, still staring. Then she looks up at me in disbelief. I don't really understand what she means. Perhaps she is impressed that I'm still so big when I'm spent.
She wants to linger under the hot water and I get out first. 
“It’s cold,” she says when she finally gets out. 
"Melbourne is cold.  I live in Sydney.”
"Oh, really?”
"Yes, I go back tomorrow.  Sydney is not so cold.”
"You go back tomorrow?  I was lucky to meet you, then.”  Lucky to fuck you, I mean. 
We finish getting dried and dressed and she lets me out the back door. 
I walk back to work.  All the way back I have a painful budge in my pants.  Despite the discomfort, I have an enormous sense of relief. 

There always seems to be a period of euphoria after these episodes.  The feeling will fade and I will not remember why or how it was so good.  But as I write this, only hours after the event, I honestly can’t remember ever feeling this good after a fuck.  

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Gigi Pt 1 - "Fuck me HARDER!"

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