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Categories Fantasy, Anal, Authoritarian, First Time

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 22 December 2017

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A tall white-haired man stands at the dais in front of a crowd of industry types, investment analysts and news media types. He calls the audience to attention and then:

“Ladies and gentlemen, please give close attention to the following announcements. DUOMENTALITIES, INC. has the honor to introduce a new subsidiary corporation to specialize in a very new application of our well-known MEMORY MATCHING process. The new application is called appropriately, ‘forgetfulness.’

Don’t we all have things in our lives that we would just rather forget? Personal hurts, or embarrassing mistakes, or even disputes between our lovers that we just can’t seem to get over? For those applications and others, we are consigning these applications to the new company, FORGETFULNESS INC, to utilize and develop its efficacy and learn of even new applications.

To lead this new company, we have selected from within a highly talented and accomplished manager, L.V. McDermit. I now turn the dais over to her to accept the welcome to her new responsibilities, and for her to try to diffuse any real curiosity about this new product and effort. (Said with a wide smile.)

The tall, regal and intensely serious L.V. slowly and purposefully approached the dais. She stares at the crowd balefully and then turns on her megawatt smile and sexuality.

“I know for a fact that many of my subordinates, and perhaps at least some of my superiors, call me, LOVEY. Perhaps because of my looks, maturely sexy body and sensual manner when I am happy.

But, they also call me, THE BITCH, when I go on the corporate warpath over missed assignments and lackluster efforts. It’s not the failures that upset me, though I don’t enjoy them either. But, in any research company, failure is a common daily occurrence. It is a lack of effort and sloppy efforts that infuriate me. So, anyone that comes to work for me, and it will be me for some time to come, better be prepared to be intelligent about their efforts and ready to pull up their shirtsleeves and put their ass on the line for me.

I don’t really care what I am called behind my back, as long as I get the proper results from my staff. But, you better be careful of how you address me in person, though.

There are some rumors circulating around that I slept my way to the top, part of the reason for the appellation, BITCH. [With this she removes her light jacket and fluffs up her very prominent breast line, with a barely seen brief flashing of her pussy.] Well, if I did, no one seems ready to challenge me being her now! [And as she turns her body to the side to show its fabulous profile,] If anyone wants part of this from now on, they better bring spectacular results, comparable to what they might get in my bed!”

This new company will be named FORGETFULNESS INC, which will name our main product. We will have offices nearby to Seattle, San Francisco, Wichita, KN, Newark NJ, and Tallahassee, Fl. That will probably be the only treatment centers that we will have, but we may open small assessment centers for possible patients in more sites as the success of this enterprise justifies them.

With that there was a hush over the crowd, and not one person in attendance could think of a single question to ask her in the abbreviated question and answer session. Exactly what she had aimed for. And with the silence, she left the podium to greet some of her favorites from the crowd. While her declared enemies were left to twiddle their fingers, wondering where else thy might want to be at that time.

As she gathered her staff together, she recruited action and treatment personnel only from within the existing company. This would cause the original company to recruit more employees to fill in the blanks, involving vetting them very deeply to avoid as much as possible agents of competing companies. Or government agencies, either.

As had been intended from the beginning, only four key mangers of the company knew the whole process, and anyone involved with one of the four independent stages of the process or the original four all knowledgeable ones were strictly not permitted to associate with each other. This was to prevent any passing on or comparing of knowledge, which might compromise the company’s secrets. That anyone would ever guess the whole system, that wasn’t already in the know was basically impossible, since a key feature of it was a complete surprise and accidental discovery, which was not expected to be repeated.

So, any of the top four or key personages of the four isolated departments were not allowed to date, or just fuck, anyone from those the other departments. That was not a barrier to fun and games as much as a person might think, because there were plenty of personal and attractive people in the business offices and Human Services division to fill any one’s dance cards. It was from Human Services that Lovey slept her way up, that is rose up to become the powerful figure in the company that she had become.

Now that she had her research and action staffs fully filled, she turned her eyes to get a top business manager for that part of the company. She had in mind a local talent named, Luthor Belisle. He was only five years out of college, with a MBA, but was already attracting attentions, because of his big dick and his very sharp business acumen. It was handy that he was Bi, but preferred females. He had no steady girlfriend or boyfriend as of yet and was known to play the field.

Since, Lovey wanted to build the business part of the company from the top down, she set her eyes on him. He was at this time about 29 years old and she was 38, each in their primes. So, she arranged to intercept him at the country club on the next Saturday night when he would be trolling for his next bed mate and intended to make herself available for that.

Upon arriving, she managed to get a table near to him, as he worked over a young thing to be with him later, in bed. She was definitely interested in him as a person and date, but obviously very hesitant to commit to a fucking that night. After a dance of the two, L.V. arose and asked permission from the young girl to dance with Luthor, to in her words, “Ask for some business suggestions about building of her new company.” Estelle, the young thing, actually knew what kind of business that L.V. was aiming for at this time. She was now reassessing whether she should give in to Luthor’s advances that night after all.

It was a slow dance that they were enjoying and because she was at least five inches taller than him, her breasts were parked right up and on his shoulders, with his neck in between. As he liked that very much, she left them there for the present while she plastered herself up to his eager body. “Anything you want to talk about,” he choked out.

“Not at the present,” she replied. “Why don’t you take the young girl to your apartment and give her your, uh …………. member, and then call me to get the address to my place and get what you really desire.”

He nodded and then they broke apart, with him returning to take the young girl again up into his arms to dance, and L.V. leaving to get ready for him at her gloriously sexy condo.

As the young couple finished their second dance of this grouping and since they had already eaten, he inquired of her as whether she wanted to go home and call it an evening, or come up to his place for some private attentions. She quickly decided on the later, because she instinctively knew what would happen if she shied away from his desires for her that night. Because even though she wasn’t eager to serve up her ass to him yet, she still wanted to be at the top of his list for a permanent billing with him in the future, with a wedding to initialize it. So, if a premature ass-giving was necessary, then she would render that to her desired future mate.

In the taxi on the way to his place, he fluffed her up good and improper. His hands were everywhere and soon she didn’t care at all, in fact was enjoying it and now looking forward to having her pussy entered and filled up, as she had so often read about and seen on porn videos.

Once out of the taxi, he had his hands down her panties with her dress lifted up in the back and she didn’t even care that other guys on the way could see this. They whistled and made cat calls, but she was oblivious to this in her feminine heat. On the way up the elevator, with several women in it too, he had her plastered up against the wall and with his hands now down the front of her panties and playing with her pussy as the other riding ladies watched with interest, perhaps wanting some of that treatment, also.

When they got the door open, she immediately shed all of her clothing and he lifted up her small spare body and carried it to the bed. He didn’t waste time with undressing, but leaned over and guided her legs apart to begin the process of lighting her fire up even more. He then with his finger up her pussy, leaned up to kiss her and to suckle her breasts, back and forth between them and up and down from them to her mouth.

At this time, her mind and moral gauge were turned completely off, and she opened her legs even farther to welcome his entrance into her most sacred feminine home. He threw off his trousers and underpants and without removing anything else, he lowered his body to possess this tiny and fragile pussy, with its cherry still intact. After taking a bit of time for her to get used to his monster cock around her birth portal, he plunged in and right past her virginal barrier. She was so excited by all of this that she barely noticed the brief stabbing sharp pain of its destruction and settled in to receive the deep plunging into her body’s interior and the surge of the manly cum that she knew was coming to her inner love nest.

He now threw off all caution and then emptied all that he had in him up her pussy vault to her excited acceptance. She not only didn’t care if this would make her pregnant, she hoped that it would. It might accelerate what she was hopeful of, after all.

With him emptied into her and she evidently not going to climax this time, he laid down over her with his body raised by his arms and knees to take his light and manly weight off of her pristine and slight female body. She appreciated this and reached up to hug him very tightly. When they came down to regular active consciousness, she asked to go to the bathroom to freshen up, but he responded to her that he would take care of that and asked her to move her butt to the side of the bed. With that he kneeled down to clean her pussy up with his tongue and lips. She was very shocked at this, but soon was responding to it and then finally got her jollies off, too.

With this, she pulled him up back on to her body and kissed him until she was out of breath. They then rose up to get themselves back in reasonable and publicly proper order. He then informed her that he was taking her home, to accommodate him making a business meeting that night. She surmised what that meeting would be about and whom it would be with, but kept her mouth silent over that fact. Which caused her to pass the first test of a continuing relationship to Luthor. On the way to her home, her parent’s home, he informed her that he would be flying to San Francisco, the next Wednesday and staying over for at least two days, and would like her to accompany him to act as a logistics assistant.

He informed her that he would put in a request for her professional assistance on the trip, since they both worked for the same company, and that he far out-ranked her immediate boss. Also, though she was young and very impressionable, she was also very proficient in her job of arranging for business trips for the executives of the company. So, the request would be very logical and pretty much impossible to refuse.

With this, Estelle figured that the path into his life was still very open for her, but that it would depend on how she treated him from then on. Her parents would be excited about this, and its possibilities for their daughter, the only one of their four to graduate from college and try to make a substantial place for herself in life that did not just involve having as many children as they could generate. Not that they didn’t love their grandchildren, because the actually did. They just didn’t have to be raised in poverty (not actually), they asserted between themselves. They were a bit surprised when Estelle came in early, but with the smile on her face, they surmised that things were just fine. And especially so, after the announcement of him taking her to San Francisco in a professional capacity. They, of course, knew what other capacity that that would also involve.

She as she laid on her bed and reviewed the evening’s events and possible outcomes from them she came to the realization, that she was under scrutiny by Luthor, for a probable future relationship. So, she figured that she better be ready to up the ante, including butt play that would be surely coming up. She was wondering how she would ever get that monster cock up into her ass. It had worked up her pussy alright, perhaps a genetic gift from her mother, whom she knew used a monster dildo when her father wasn’t around. So, she made a note to visit the town’s sex supplies shop and get some butt plugs to enlarge and loosen her entry port to accommodate him. She knew that once inside of her that there would be plenty of room for him, if judging by her solid deliveries from that port was any indication.

So on the next work day, Monday, she on lunch went to the shop and with the knowing help of a lady sales clerk got the needed appliances. She immediately installed the smallest one and was determined to wear it for the rest of the day. Unknowns to her that because of her spare figure, tight dress and very flimsy panties, the outline of the base of the plug was there for everyone at work to see. None of them mentioned it, because of the fun that they had watching her, but none gave her any grief over it, either, because she was very well liked by her fellow workers. In fact a number of her fellows, both women and men would have liked to have enjoyed her butt as it was being highlighted to them.

The previous Saturday night, after dropping off, Luthor proceeded to across town to join up with Lovey, to spar over his being recruited to her newly established company. As he did, he thought over how he would maneuver Estelle into giving him more of what he wanted from her, without scaring her off. He knew that he would have to be progressive in his attentions to her ripe young body, and continue to assure her of the hope that they would eventually get together, even maybe marry. But, he also wanted to be assured of her submissiveness, so that the disaster of her pulling back on pre-marriage allowed sexual activities or even worse a divorce wouldn’t happen, so not only would her acceptance of all his desires from then on be determined, but her attitude towards actually carrying out his desires would be analyzed.

When he got to Lovey’s place, she immediately buzzed him up and greeted him at the door in panties only. A lady walking past behind him evidently got a sneak preview of what he was about to enjoy and remarked, “Lovely equipment there, Lovey.” With that, Lovey grabbed his arm and jerked him into the condo. After that she turned and looked at him and then proceeded to her bedroom. He followed too just in time see her lovely butt move over the side and into a rather large and foamy swim spa right in her bedroom. She motioned for him to join her and so he very neatly undressed and stacked his clothing neatly on a chair that was available.

He then moved to join her in the spa and when he settled down opposite of her and facing her, he began to admire her pretty face and her floating boobs, alternately. She noticed and with that moved closer to him and invited him to give some attentions to what he was so obviously admiring. With that his hands moved up to caress her breasts and his mouth to savor her lips and tongue. After that their bodies moved together and they began to cuddle together, facing each other.

When the kissing got hot enough, they toweled each other off and moved to her giant and soft bed. They took each other in a side by side 69ing process and when they had each other risen enough, his dick and her clit, they moved with him in between her legs with her laying on her bottom, to have him implanted into her sex vault. There was no love involved in this at all, just a friendly sex fest, with business implications. After he emptied into her, and she then got her rocks off, they settled down to enter negotiations over him taking over her business affairs in her business concern.

“First of all, are you at all interested in moving to my new company and taking over the business side of it?”

“Possibly, what would be in it for me if I do?”

“You would have total control of the business side of this enterprise only subject to my occasional inquiries and the auditing of a very tough outside CPA firm. You would get to select your own staff with the aid of a local detective agency and a local hiring firm. The detective agency would vet them as to entanglements with our competitors or governmental agencies, and the hiring firm would deeply check up on their qualifications for the job, including background checks to ascertain their availability for intimate fun. You will be recompensed at a rate commensurate with your responsibilities at highest amount of your business contemporaries. You will have the run of the firm for your intimate interests, including me once in a while. And a full benefit package, with some priority stock given out each year.”

As she took his dick up into her very wide mouth to service it again, she asked, “What do you think?” While mumbling her interests in him, he was using his hands to search around her ass for the possibility of entry. She sensed this and moved her body into position for him to enjoy this entry, too. He soon accomplished that with little fuss and with his further emptying, he shouted, “I do!”

But, then he inquired about his little friend, Estelle. And Lovey, with the only person inside of the new company that would ever be allowed to use that appellation to her face, replied, “I think that she will do very well to be your wife, if she will not interfere with your other duties and interests. I know that you will be taking her on the trip to San Francisco to check out the offices in our new building there, so that will give you time to sound her out on this and other issues that might come up. I suggest that you two have three children to keep her very busy about two years apart and set aside Sundays as strictly family days, with at least one a month with her parents. And that you arrange to have at least two evenings a week regularly with her, so that she can anticipate them and be ready for you on them. And also, that you avoid ever rubbing her face in your outside pussy interests.”

He remarked that he thought that they would be able to work together, just fine. And with that she had him reenter her ass hole and they slept the night away in that condition.


On Tuesday, before the big trip to San Fran, Estelle was just getting up to move to the lunchroom to eat, Marley a fellow worker approached her as she moved from her desk chair. “How is the big date coming along, Esty?”

“Oh, it is developing just fine, thank you.”

As Marley looked around her to her rear, she remarked, “I could guess why, hun.”

“Oh, My God. Does it show?”

“Sure does, and don’t worry. Anyone who notices it here in the office wouldn’t say a word. They will just suffer in silence because they aren’t going to get any of that, which you are showing off. Including me!”

Estelle looked at Marley, like she had never really seen her before, and saw a faint grayish shadow on her lower jaw line. “You mean that you would like to make love with me, Marley?”

“But of course, sweet thing. And I have the tool to do it with, too!”

“You mean that you are a ……..”

“Yes, and why don’t you shout it out so that anyone else that doesn’t know yet will be appraised of it!”

“Oh, I am so sorry, Marley. I didn’t know. And it makes no difference to me. You are very pretty. How can I make it up to you, for what I blurted out?”

“Stop by my apartment after work and we can discuss that.”

And so being the nice girl and subservient, too, she did. And got a preview of what she was going to get over the next couple of days. Was grateful for the introductory help, too.

On Wednesday morning, Luther showed up at Estelle’s parent’s home to gather her up for the flight to San Fran. He took her bags out to the Mercedes that he drove rarely and returned to accompany her to the car. Her parents got only a very brief introduction to him because of time constraints, but were very impressed by this future son-in-law, they hoped for.

On the way to the airport, they only engaged in light banter about the trip and what was to come down in S.F. He did mention that they would be discussing some very important issues while on the plane in a private room in Special Class, and inquired if she was up to them joining the Mile High Club. “Of course,” she said yes, and with no little enthusiasm, too.

With them settled naked into the special sleeper berth in Special Class and the plane off of the ground, they began to initiate their entry into a very special club. When they got up to 20,000 feet, he was already up and in her and when they reached 30,000 feet, he had emptied into her again. With that they laid together and nuzzled up to do some serious talking.

“Estelle, honey, I have some serious things to run by you now. Are you ready for some serious talk?”

“Yes Luthor, I am. And was hoping for this.”

“Well, as you have probably guessed, I am interested in you not only for our present fun, but with a long future together. But, I need to lay some cards on the table, because a long term relationship with me will be somewhat untraditional in some respects. Oh, I will at the proper time marry you, so that our children will have a committed parenthood pair. This is an unusual marriage proposal, huh?”

“Luthor, I am ready for any kind of marriage proposal from you, after all you have already sampled the cow, you might as well procure it, don’t you think?”

“He he, I see your point. And I enjoy the ‘cow’ very much as you might surmise!”

“Yes, I have noticed that.”

“Well, here is how it will have to be, if it will work out for us. When we marry, you will really be my wife, and center of my life. We can have as many children as you wish, with three being ideal to me. We will have a fine home, and you won’t have to work, but can remain employed until the babies start to come, and then I will want you to center your attentions on them until they are all entered into school.

I will reserve Sundays to be strictly for the family. Church optional, I am not interested in joining, but will accompany you as your devoted husband anyway. And I always did enjoy the meals and gentle association associated with their picnics and ‘pot lucks.’ Wednesday and Thursday evenings will be set aside for me to be home for family dinners. And I will actively love you as long as you can stand me. And I will never have children on purpose with anyone but you.

The other side of this is that I will be a very important business head and will need to use all of my abilities to sponsor and advance my business’s interests, if you catch the drift. So, our marriage will need to be open to some degree, with me allowing you to share with your friend Marley on Tuesday afternoons, if you want to balance things out.

I should be home for the night on every night except Tuesday nights, that I need to spend with L.V. my boss discussing in detail the business, and on Friday nights with other required endeavors. Saturdays will be up in the air, some at home and some not.

As to our intimate lives, I will require you to be rather submissive about them, with all that you are aware of as of now and a lot more to come. Except possibly for anal, there should be no discomfort for you, though. I would never want to hurt you in any way. And I will be discreet about all of our agreements, to not embarrass you in front of your family nor your colleagues.

This is a lot to ask of you, but necessary if we are to make a permanent go of things. I don’t want our lives to devolve into a divorce or a hurtful permanent relationship. I will always be truthful about anything that I tell you, but some things will remain unsaid and about them you will have to trust me.

Now, I won’t bring this up to you again, until you have thought these things out very carefully. You might discuss this with your mother, because she seems very cool about things. But, not your father, please!”

With that Luthor shut up to let the lady think things over while he laid with her and played with her titties and pussy.

When they arrived at SFO airport, they claimed their luggage and found the taxi that she had arranged to haul them. As they walked out to the cab, he noticed that she was wearing a very tight dress and suggestively swiveling her hips as they moved along. Showed up her delightful rear to good effect and was maybe a partial answer to his total marital offer.

They got to the hotel that she had also arranged and she moved to take him into her mouth as he called about to arrange the tour of the new office building that he would be occupying, if this hiring offer worked out. He had some trouble enunciating with her intimate attentions, but managed to tough it through.

It was obvious that nothing local was going to happen until the next day, so Luthor set in to try out some ass with Estelle. He already knew about the butt plug at work incident and the date that she had with Marley, a striking looking transsexual. Still got his main manly equipment too, and initiated Estelle in the mysteries of anal sex upon her visit to him. He made a mental note to thank him for that service for him. With the butt plugs that she had been progressively wearing and his initiation session, it should be a lot easier for him to get his monster in to the rear end assembly and up into her ass flue.

When it became obvious as to what he wanted right then, she fully cooperated with the effort. She lifted her dress to up over her hips, got down on her knees with her head laid sideways on the mattress, opened up her hips to his visual and sensory examination, and handed back the super lube for them both. He was impressed about her business-like approach to this. A good sign for their futures together. So, he bent over and began waking up the sphincter to his attentions. Using his fingers first, her rounded the entry hole with very light touches, then moved his mouth down to liven up the sensory feelings in her. When the hole began to slightly open, he slathered on the lube to her ass, probed a gob of it inside and then plunged his mega member slowly up and in to her anal cavity.

He got oohs and aahs and moans from her at his invasion of this very private place. And some low toned shrieks as he powered up into her. But, at full depth, she began to thrust back at him, forcing him up even further and this brought on an explosion from him into her lower G.I. that left him and her breathless and ready for an immediate nap. They lowered each other to nap on the bed with him still parked up her back shoot and some of the cum leaking out around the entry hole.

When they woke up, neither of them felt like going out to dinner, so they ordered in Chinese and enjoyed it in their naked selves with only napkins to catch the spilled liquids on them. Even so, she got a gob of the red sauce on her and Luthor gallantly licked it off for her with her enthusiastic thank you in return. After that they settled in to watch some local T.V. and retired after a quick shower, to cut down on the pheromones and left over sexual odors. They managed to sleep the night away and only paused for some mutual oral in the morning.

Luthor took Estelle with him as an active assistant in the tour of the new offices of the even newer corporation. He wanted a lady’s opinion of it to balance out his manly impressions. And she while still sashaying with her hips made some very intelligent and specific suggestions on the office’s current status and what needed to be done to bring it up to his standards. One thing she mentioned was the necessity of having a room with a shower and a comfy bed for his daytime ‘naps.’ He smiled at that. And agreed.

With the mission done, they spent some time wandering in the Fisherman’s Wharf area and them packed and flew back to their home area. On the flight back they worked in an Anal Mile High addendum to their official card. And bought some joke cards of the proper attributes to carry on them in proof of their new status’s.

When they dropped her off at her parent’s house, her Dad was not in evidence, but her mom took Luthor into her arms and held him tight for several very hot minutes with her unbra’d breasts making a noticeable impression on his chest. When she let go, then Estelle settled-in in the same manner and Luthor left with a big smile and a hard-on.

Things progressed well from then on. He moved to the new company and she stayed on with their old one. He thought of bringing her on in the new company as an executive assistant, but he knew that that would imperil his other interests from getting off the ground. He worked on his new staff and was scrupulously fair about the process. He did insist on personal interviews with all of the persons who would be working with him directly in a personal mode and got firm commitments of all of the ladies and a couple of the transsexuals of intimate attentions to his secret napping room. They even offered to demonstrate their interests and were allowed by him to do so, in their final interview preliminary to hiring. He even got a couple of magnificent blow jobs from the T.S’s to round things out. They offered anal to him too, to secure the positions, but he deferred that to later in case he should become interested.

Since, Estelle was giving him everything that he could think of intimately and seemed very determined to continue to do so, they made arrangements to get married and named a date. Her mother was ecstatic and her dad was suitably happy about it.

At the chapel, her mother oohed and aahed at her daughter’s naked beauty. And noticed that Estelle’s belly was beginning to round up some. A pregnancy, or just a woman’s maturing was apparent. She left the father in charge of his daughter and left them with her nude and just putting on her wedding panties to her father’s interest, but discomfort too. He hadn’t seen this much of her since she was very young and it was getting to him, so Estelle locked the door and moved over to her embarrassed father and grabbed him into an intimate hug with his hands reaching down to her firm butt cheeks and his lips first powering on to her mouth and then down to suckle on her young woman’s tits.

As her father was hurriedly reacquainting himself with his daughter’s body, she lowered her hands and found his member to be very hard and totally risen. With this knowledge, she smiled up to her father and sweetly kissed him again. Then she lowered herself to her knees and nuzzled up to the cock that had impregnated her mother and started off all of her life and dreams. With that in mind she slowly and with a lot of smiles up to him, opened his zipper and fetched him out as he was strongly shocked. And then she took his beloved and mature cock into her mouth and lovingly kissed, licked and suckled it until she let some of the steam off for him.

When she finished him, with his cum leaking out of the sides of her mouth, he decided to get one last look up his daughter’s pussy and lowered himself to suck her off, too. He approached her small love patch above her pussy slit and nuzzled and rubbed his face in it. Then after looking affectionately up again at his little girl bride, he moved his lips down to penetrate and slip up and down in her pussy slit to her obvious pleasure. By now, she was rubbing her pussy into his face demanding even more sensual sensations to prepare her for the stress to come at the ceremony that would mark the beginning of the rest of her life.

He then moved the tip of his tongue up to and in to her pussy vault, to taste the last few minutes of her maiden life. She then gushed her young lady cum into his mouth in appreciation of her father’s loving attentions. With her lust totally aroused he stood up and moved her over to lean her over a dressing bureau and slung his cock up into the young bride-to-be’s open vagina. She bounced back repeatedly on to his cock and finally he emptied all of his fatherly love right up into her most private place. With him slowly moving out of a place that he had so longed for, to his surprise, she turned and hugged him and told him how much she loved him. With that accomplished, they both smiled and the preparations re started towards a very solemn ceremony to start in only forty minutes. Her panties went on with no effort to cover over or eliminate her father’s cum from leaking down her legs. She would proudly bear that process under her long white as purity wedding dress as she took the love of her life into a dearly desired marriage.

In the groom’s quarters, his best men had moved on to other preliminary pursuits with the bride’s maids and so with Luthor leisurely marking time before the last dash to dress up for the occasion, the bride’s mother decided to check up on him. She entered his retreat and locked the door behind herself. She then moved to hug him again and whispered into his ear, that she wanted to sample what her dear daughter was going to enjoy for the rest of her life. So she backed up to a dresser in the room and opened her blouse to expose her bounteous breasts to his view. When she determined that he was ready enough for her, by the apparent rising of his monster cock, she un-velcroed her fancy mother’s wedding dress and opened her legs with her behind on the bureau and welcomed him up in to her very experienced pussy vault. She was stunned at how full her mature pussy felt with his penetration of her and let out a number of loud moans and shrieks as he pounded up into her to her delight. After he shot his cum up into her upper chamber, she closed the Velcro flaps and left the cum leaking down her legs under her long dress as a reminder of the best time that she had had in years. Like mother, like daughter. She planned on repeating this as often as she could get away with it over the years, after all it was her that talked her daughter into giving him whatever he wanted with her body.

Then the ceremony started and finished with a lot of happy people celebrating the newly married couple, he being about thirty and her just twenty that day. Neither of them had any interest in attending the reception, they whirled their ways through them and left for more important things to come. The rest of the wedding party well understood that and had a great time even without them.

Nary a pussy was left unfilled, and every cock got at least one emptying at the party. Everyone voted it as a total success.

On their wedding night, they didn’t penetrate each other, they already had a lot of success and experiences with that. So they reversed her to him and they spent the night with their heads in each other’s groins to their joint deep pleasures. He had noticed the cum stains on her legs, but ignored them.

Over the years, they got their three children all healthy and whole. They got along very well, and she never did start the process of discontinuing the intimacies that he so enjoyed, including anal. Actually with practice, it became much easier for them to accomplish and after they had their third child, it became the most featured sexual activity, since it wouldn’t result in another pregnancy. And it with practice became to be the provider of monstrous climaxes for each of them.

Interestingly, when the family Sundays came along it became traditional for her father to ask her to accompany him to examine his new stamps in his very expensive and inclusive collection. With their withdrawal into his locked and private study, her dress would be lifted and her panties removed by his teeth and then they would fuck until they couldn’t take it anymore. She always left the room with leaking cum slipping down her pretty legs even under short dresses and bare legs intact until they got home. This totally delighted her father the initiator of this condition. And when she noticed him admiring the view, she would widely grin back to him.

When the father and daughter would withdraw for some parental sexual love making, her mother would also then lead Luthor off into a far corner of the house to admire her looms and the very fine products that she made on them. However, as soon as the door was shut and securely locked, she would throw off her Sunday dress, with nothing under it and move her dear son-in-law to be sucked on and to introduce that monstrous cock up into her pussy. She hoped that one day that she would get a son from him but it never happened. They really had a lot of fun trying, though.

When Luthor and Estelle’s children got old enough to be more aware of things, everyone had to be a whole lot more secretive about things. On visits on Sundays, the children would be left to play with the other older children or in charge by their aunts. The uncles very seldom showed up so that they could watch their sports games in peace at their homes.

Estelle’s sisters began to be mildly jealous at all the attentions that their sister and brother-in-law were getting, so they maneuvered things so that they got their own pussy pounding on the visits. Everyone then just covered for each other and things worked out fine. Luthor was always very tired when they would get home, though.

His regular meetings with Lovey continued right up till his death. And his activities with the young pussies at work did too.

One of his first junior assistants, joined the company as an unpaid intern to get business experience while she took college classes as she finished her final two years of high school. When she came to interview, she insisted on talking with him in privacy. Not unusual for those applying for work with this company. The offered wage and benefits packages were among the best in any related business.

When she entered the room, she showed a confident manner, in advance of her years as she took the chair facing him. He smiled at the fresh young face and then busied himself studying her resume and educational record. They were both sterling, but short on actual working experience. All that she had was some light work at the company where her father was employed, with her as a file clerk.

He looked up at her and asked her, “What makes you think that you are ready for working at a business of this stature?” Not said unkindly.

Lila looked a bit spooked by this question, and replied, “I have busied myself to learn as much about business as I can. I have excellent grades, but I know that my real learning will start when I come to work here. I very much want to start with a forward looking company like this one.”

“Well, said, young lady!” With this she somewhat relaxed.

“But, you have to know that hundreds of young women are interviewing for this opening. There are only five open for the present.”

“I asked my father about that, and he said that I must be willing to make sacrifices to get a job like this and he hinted at what they might be. I am a virgin at the present, but I am willing to sacrifice even that to get this job.”

“That puts you close to the top in eagerness for sure. Are you prepared to demonstrate your determination?”

She smiled and stood up and shucked her clothing to be naked in front of him. She seemed to show no reluctance or nervousness over it at all. She then stood in place and slowly moved around, so that her body made a 360 degree circle before him, letting him see her from all angles. After that, she moved up on to his desk and stood there with her legs apart for him to see her young girl and unused pussy. She reached down and spread her pussy lips for her entrance to be seen, too. Then she turned around and bent over to spread her butt cheeks to show off her ass rosette, also. She then turned back to await what he wanted from her after that.

He took her hand and guided her down to the floor and asked if she would like to see the inner sanctums of his office. She knowing what this would probably entail, readily agreed. So, he led her back to the room that Estelle had designed for just this purpose and made her way to the bed featured there and planted herself on her back with her legs splayed.

Luthor stood back and admired the view presented to him, and also the perfect guile in her manner. So, he came up to the bed and sat at the side to allow his hands to caress around on this stunning young girl’s body. She made appreciative sounds as his hands searched, prodded and entered various points of interest on her.

Finally, she reached his belt and loosened it and then opened his zipper to inspect his male member. Her eyes got very big at the size of it, probably wondering how she would ever survive it penetrating any of her private orifices. But she bravely persevered on and leaned over to take the head of it into her mouth. As large as it was, it turned out to be rather easily facilitated in her oral cavity. Even when it penetrated down her throat. Her extra-large smile was a lot of the reason for that.

Then when he was excited enough, she urged him to between her legs to suck on her virginal pussy to get its cream out for him. She knew of this from many experiences in so called ‘self-abuse’ that so many adults put down, but her father never did. In fact he had introduced her to the practice and guided her early efforts, while allowing her to access pertinent porn on his computer. Her mother didn’t approve, but knew better than to interfere.

So, soon the girl cum was gushing out and he then moved his monster up to the entrance and guided it in to the cherry found there. With that he looked up to her to get her approval and she nodded, so he pushed through. Turned out that her hymen was easily punctured and her pussy took his giant cock rather easily for a virgin and a girl of her size and age. She only sighed a bit at his full penetration, with him fully entered into her. She then began to pump up to him and so he began pumping down on her. It took about fifteen minutes, of this play and then both of them came at once.

When he withdrew, he mounted his mouth up to her pussy opening and drank of her girl cum and virginal blood, which sealed the connection between them. He hired her right on the spot and she remained his main business aide and advanced up into the company’s hierarchy still as his girl lover and assistant until her untimely death at the age of thirty five in a car accident. She was the other monumental love of his life, right up there with his dear wife, Estelle.

Marley never did marry, and his relationship with Estelle on Tuesdays was one of the highlights of the week for him and her. She just loved sucking on her breasts as ‘he’ pounded up into her pussy. They never got tired of those sensations.

The day after their sixtieth anniversary, she passed away due to some newly named rare condition. She passed away in her sleep after Luthor had done the honors for her the night before. All of their friends, including Marley and Lovey were present for the very moving memorial service. Both of her parents and his were already gone. And the children were spread out all over the U.S. and so only one made it to the ceremony.

After the service, and the burial that neither Marley nor Luthor could stand to attend, they held each other for several moments in joined grief over the loss of each one’s soulmate, the ever radiant Estelle. Joined in mutual sorrow.

When his lone attending daughter took him home, she took him into the bedroom and undressed him and then tucked him in. Later that night, she moved to be with him and nakedly joined him under the sheets with him only dimly aware of what was going on. She kissed his forehead and then opened her legs to place his still monstrous cock between them and up into her pussy. No motions were entered upon, he just slept the rest of the night with his cock up the pussy of one of his beloved daughters and woke up to her being gone.

He lived for another fifteen years and enjoyed man of a pussy that came his way for those years.

He always actively remembered the beloved wife Estelle and the estimable lover Lila in his heart, until he died. He hoped to be with them again wherever they were to enjoy them again for eternity

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James Dylan Dean23 December 2017 02:46
How very interesting! Stories of people fucking their mothers. siblings and cousins, even underaged get ratings of in the nineties, but stories of management types who dip into their body of employee gets less than 40%. And this is despite a woman fighting her way up to the top in the only manner that women in general have a marked advantage over men, their sexualities. This despite the fact that they are our equals in most other areas, too.
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