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  1. I Love Lucy
  2. I Love Lucy pt.2
  3. I love the taste of my Brother's Cum

I Love Lucy

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex

Author: JSipes7798

Published: 29 December 2017

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It is another boring day at the corner drugstore. Jim has to force himself to tend to his duties at the soda fountain. He has to wipe down the counters and fill all the drink boxes. Everything is routine until a cute little Blonde comes in the side door from the parking lot. Jim knows the moment she walks through the door he couldn’t live without her. She is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. He becomes light headed and can feel his pulse quicken and his breathing becomes shallow. He wants to scoop her up in his arms and kiss her all over her body.

She is the girl of his dreams. She is blonde, well proportioned, and tits that every guy dreams about. She is wearing bib type black Bermuda shorts over a white button up short sleeve shirt. The shorts are truly formed fitting and he can’t keep his eyes off her well rounded butt. She is about 5’ 1” and probably weighs around 100 pounds. She has what he describes as dancer’s legs. The thighs and calves are proportionally rounded to match her sexy round butt.

She pretends to ignore Jim as she nonchalantly floats about the drugstore. When she saunters into the cosmetics department, he can see from the strategically placed mirrors in that department that she is also covertly checking him out. She knows he is watching her and it sends a delicious quiver straight to her crotch. She can feel her panties get wet. After a teasingly slow stroll throughout the store, she finally makes her way over to the soda fountain where he is working. She orders a large cherry limeade and then sits down in one of the booths while he prepares it. The aroma of her honeysuckle perfume lingers at the counter as he makes her limeade. She sneaks an occasional look at Jim each time she thinks he is not aware.

She had heard from one of her girlfriends that a cute boy was working the soda fountain at the corner drugstore and she wanted to check him out. Jim is nineteen years old. He is tall and slender with light brown hair worn in a crew cut. He is six feet tall and weighs 160 pounds. She feels butterflies in her stomach as she watches him make her limeade. She tries real hard to look like she is not interested in him, but she blushes as her pulse quickens.

He walks out to her booth and places the drink in front of her. He silently waits as she takes a sip through the straw. She is clearly aware of his continued presence and with the straw still in her mouth she looks up at him with her beautiful green eye and smiles. It is undeniably the sexiest look he has ever received from any girl. Jim’s legs grow weak and he drops into the seat across from her.

“Please have a seat,” she mockingly says, while taking another sip through the straw.

He tries, but can’t think of anything clever to say. So he just sits in silence, drinking in her beauty. Things rapidly become frustratingly uncomfortable for both.

“This is a very good limeade. Much better than the last one I got here.” She says, trying to eliminate the awkwardness.

Jim tries to be charming, but starts to stumble over his words and finally ends up asking her name. She avoids his question then smiles and asks him how long he has worked at the drugstore. This is the first time in his life that he can remember being tongue-tied with a girl and he mumbles that he has worked there about a week. He asks her if she lives in the neighborhood. She nods her head yes and takes another sip of her limeade. Jim tries to ask another question, but she looks up at the clock over the soda fountain and announces that she needs to get home. She promptly slides out of the booth and makes her way to the door. Jim follows her and asks again for her name. She hesitates a moment then smiles and says her name is Sally. He asks for her phone number and she rattles off a number as she goes out the door. He quickly writes it down on his order pad.

When Jim finishes his shift, he goes to the phone booth in the drugstore and punches in the number she had given him. The recorded announcement states that it is a non-working number. He hangs up and goes to Ms. Odom, an older woman who has worked in the drugstore for many years, and asks her if she knows where Sally lives. Ms. Odom has never heard of anyone named Sally. When Jim points out she is the little blonde he had waited on earlier. Ms. Odom laughs and tells Jim that the blonde is named Lucy and she lives less than a block from the drugstore. Jim realizes he had been given a hand job by the girl claiming to be Sally. He goes to the pharmacist and asks him if he knows Lucy. The pharmacist ribs him a bit about the brush off, but gives him her full name, address and phone number. He also tells him she is a senior in high school. Jim is determined to learn more about her.

The next afternoon Jim calls Lucy’s correct phone number. After three rings it is answered by an older woman who Jim assumes is her mother. He asks if he can speak with Lucy. She wants to know who is calling. He tells her Jim from the drugstore. A minute later Lucy comes on the line.


“Hi, this is Jim from the drugstore.”

“I know who is; How did you get my number?”

“You gave it to me yesterday. Remember?”

“I gave you a…” She hesitates.

“A bogus number; yes I know.” Jim replies.

She doesn’t say anything.

“Look if you really don’t want to talk with me I will understand”, Jim Says. “I’ll just hang up and go on about my business. So it was nice to have met you. Good-bye.”

“No, wait! Don’t hang-up!”

“So, I take it you do want to talk with me.”

“Well, I suppose it would be rude if I didn’t at least listen to what you have to say.”

They speak on the phone for two hours, until Lucy’s mother makes her get off the phone. They make plans to meet the next afternoon to continue their conversation. That conversation the next day leads to a date and then another date, and another date. Soon they are spending all their spare time together.

After three months of dating they settle into a routine. Lucy gets home from school at three o’clock every afternoon and Jim gets off at the drugstore at three. Lucy’s Mother and Dad do not get home from work until six o’clock. That leaves three hours for them to be alone with each other. Sometimes Lucy’s brother gets home around 4:30 or 5, but most of the time he doesn’t get there until six.

Their daily afternoon rendezvous is somewhat routine for a couple of horny teenagers. They engage in a lot of heavy petting, but no sexual intercourse. Lucy is able to maintain control over their sexual explorations. As much as Jim would like more, he has only progressed to sucking and chewing on her nipples. He loves rubbing her bare tits on his face and she loves the chills she gets when Jim nibbles on her nipples.

The first time Jim meets Lucy’s brother, David, it doesn’t go real smooth. David is Jim’s age (19 years old) and is 6’ 2” weighing 220 pounds of muscle. He is a member of the U S Marine Corps Reserve. He makes it a habit to stay in shape just in case he is called up for active duty. David invites Jim up to his room in the attic for a man to man talk about how he expects Jim to treat his little sister.

The door to the attic is right by the kitchen door. He follows David up the stairs and when he reaches the fifth step, Jim can get a clear view of the entire bedroom. There is a twin bed against the wall to the right and another twin bed against the wall to the left. There is a night stand between the two beds. David sits on the bed to the right and has Jim sit on the bed to the left. David has a serious expression on his face and launches right into his rehearsed speech.

“I want you to know I love my little sister very much and I will not let anything or anyone harm her. I am two years older than she and I have always protected her from everything.”

Jim knowingly shakes his head yes, but has a puzzled look on his face. He wonders why David is telling him this, because he has no intention of ever harming Lucy. He is thinking David is probably one of those overly protective big brother. That type of brother is the most dangerous because they can be set off by the slightest hint, or suspicion of malicious toward their sister.

“I am two years older than Lucy and it is my duty to protect her. From the time she was three years old until the age thirteen, she slept right there in that bed you are sitting on and I slept right here. All that time I protected her from ghosts and goblins, or anything else that frightened her. When there was lighting and thunder, I let her cuddle with me until she fell asleep. She knew that she was always safe when I am around. Against our wishes, Mother made her move down stairs to another bedroom at age thirteen, but I still protect her when she needs me.”

Jim can see that David is sincere and listens attentively, but soon becomes annoyed he has to listen to the sermon. “I appreciate the fact that you are a good big brother, but why are you telling me all this? I hope you don’t think I would ever think of harming her.”

“I just want to make sure that you understand that I will definitely hurt anyone that harms my little sister. As long as she is happy, I am happy. Do you understand what I am telling you?”

“Yes I do, but does Lucy know you are threatening me like this? Is this something you feel obligated to do with all her boyfriends?”

“No she doesn’t know and you better not tell her. Understand?”

Jim feels insulted. He stands up and says there is nothing for big brother to worry about and goes down stairs to find Lucy. David comes down later, but acts as if the conversation never took place. Jim stays for dinner and then is allowed to accompany Lucy to her room to play records and dance. They are able to work in a little bit of hugging and kissing before Lucy’s Mother tells them it is after nine o’clock and suggests he go home.


Tuesday afternoon Jim is informed he is needed to cover for an employee who is running late due to car trouble. He calls Lucy and tells her it may be after four o’clock or later before he can leave work. She tells him the front door will be unlocked and she will be in the kitchen cooking dinner. He can come on in and sit with her while she cooks.

The employee solves her car trouble faster than expected and arrives at 3:20 and Jim rushes to Lucy’s house. The front door is unlocked and he goes in and heads for the kitchen. Lucy is not in the kitchen. He checks her bedroom and she is not there either. He returns to the kitchen and hears voices in the attic. He opens the attic door and starts up the stairs. At the fifth stair he can see the whole bedroom. David is lying on his bed totally naked. Lucy is naked and straddling his waist. Jim is shocked and it takes him a minute to realize that Lucy is riding her brother’s cock, cowgirl style. His first impulse is to scream at them, but can’t get enough air to do so. He stands frozen in place; not believing what he is witnessing. Lucy and David are both moaning and groaning with absolute pleasure. Their naked bodies glisten with sweat. Jim feels his cock getting hard as he watches them pleasure each other. Lucy’s blonde curls are wet with perspiration and stick to the side of her face. Lucy is out of breath, but she is able to say something to David. Jim’s loud heart beat is drumming in his ears and his heavy breathing almost drowns out what she is saying.

“David, I feel like you’re about to cum, so I’d better do something about it because we don’t want a mess all over the sheet. Mother will be asking a lot of questions on laundry day.” She rolls off and takes his cock into her mouth. She sucks and licks it for what seem like 20 minutes, but was probably no more than two minutes. Jim feels he should be angry, but instead his emotions are more like raw animal lust. He is watching the love of his life fucking her brother’s brains out and it is sexually stimulating him. He finds it very puzzling.

Neither Lucy nor David is aware of Jim’s presence as they continue to sexually gratify each other. Lucy’s mouth feels hot, slippery and perfect to David’s dick. He groans loudly as his cum shoots into her mouth and keeps shooting. Jim massages his hard cock through his pants. He has never seen anyone cum like that in his life. It just keeps cumming and she swallows the whole lot. He thinks she looks beautiful as her jaws inflate and her throat moves up and down as she swallows her brother’s cum. Jim wants her to please him that way.

Lucy wipes the remaining cum off her mouth with the back of her hand. “Now it’s your turn to please me,” she says as she jumps back on the bed and lies on her back again. David lies beside her and starts kissing her nipples and fingering her again, but she says, “No. Swap your hands and mouth around. I want you to suck all the cum out of my pussy and then kiss me and deposit it into my mouth.”

David flips around into the “69” position and prepares to launch a tongue attack on Lucy’s steaming hot pussy. Lucy’s right hand goes to work on her clit. Jim starts stroking his cock through his jeans.

“You must really love the taste of cum, Sis.”

“I do. I love the taste of it and I love the way it feels in my mouth. I can eat cum all day, every day.”

“Have you tasted your new boyfriends cum yet?”

“No!” she snapped. After a brief pause she adds, “Besides, he hasn’t ask me to suck his cock and I don’t want to be the one to initiate it.”

“Why not initiate it?”

“Because I am afraid you would be jealous and I didn’t want him to think I am a slut.”

David chuckles and says, “He won’t think you are a slut and I won’t be jealous. And I could definitely use some help satisfying your voracious sex appetite. Sometimes, Sis, you are way more than I can handle by myself.”

“Well, I am not willing to risk it because I really like him. I might even love him.”

“Well you have swallowed my cum three times this afternoon and now you want to swallow your own. I would think you’d finally get enough, or at least start wearing out his cock too.”

“Shut up and start licking my pussy!”

David finds himself with another close-up view of his sister’s pussy. It is warm and still damp from his cock being in it and the musky smell makes his cock start to stiffen again. He licks her pussy slowly and is grateful to hear Lucy’s moans grow louder. Her fingers point out various parts of her cunt as she instructs him just where to lick. Her hips start to move and gyrate, and it is hard for him to keep his tongue in the right place, but she doesn’t seem to mind because another orgasm is starting to build. His cock, which has somewhat deflated a little after shooting its load, is now starting to grow again, which Lucy notices and starts to jack him off again. After a few minutes of stroking his cock she pushes him off of her pussy.

“Lie back on the bed again”, she says and then crawled over him so her pussy is directly above his mouth. He raises up and traps her clit in his mouth. Lucy reciprocates and he feels the now familiar sensation of her mouth sucking his cock once again. She is determined to eat as much cum as possible this afternoon. David’s hands encircle Lucy’s buttocks and he pulls her pussy to his tongue where they begin to lick and suck each other. They are both nearing another gigantic orgasm when, she suddenly stops and stands straight up in the bed.

“SHIT! I heard something,” she says.

David freezes in place. Are our parents driving up the driveway right now? Are we about to get caught fucking? All these thoughts race through David’s mind. Jim panics and quietly hurries out of the house and makes his way back to the drugstore.

They listen for a moment then decide it is a false alarm. Lucy decides she wants to fuck some more and then lowers herself till the head of David’s cock is pressed against her vagina. With a slow lift of his hips, he enters her, and she slides her pussy down the full length of his hard shaft. She falls forward on his chest and they stay locked together just kissing and stroking each other until they both feel the urge to move. Slowly at first, until only the head of his cock is still in her, and then fully back in until his balls are pressed against the outside of her pussy.

They gently speed things up, and are soon fucking and moaning like a couple of dogs in heat. All at once her whole body tenses and her mouth clamped shut. David could tell she wants to scream, but knows the neighbors will ask questions, and so she keeps the scream inside of her. The rest of her body goes into spasms, her cunt muscles squeezes his cock, which can’t take anymore and for the fourth time this afternoon he shoots a massive load into his little sister’s pussy.

They lie quietly for a few moments then break their embrace and roll out of bed. They take a quick shower together and then Lucy goes to the kitchen to cook dinner. David turns on the TV in the living room and watches the evening news until their parents arrive home from work.

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I Love Lucy

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