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  1. Gigi Pt 1 - "Fuck me HARDER!"
  2. Gigi Pt 2 - Threesome with Alison

Gigi Pt 2 - Threesome with Alison

Categories True Story, Asian, Interracial, Male / Female

Author: Andy Hall

Published: 29 December 2017

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I went down to Melbourne Colosseum again at lunchtime.  It was warm like Summer.  I want to try again for another threesome.
The first girl to walk out is tall and slender with a nice figure.  She is wearing string bikini lingerie that shows off her lovely body.  She introduces herself as Alison.  Her ass has that generous fat that makes her look normal and womanly as she walks away.
The second girl is tall with long legs and an apple body and big tits in a bustier.  She looks Korean and has her hair up.  She has that over eagerness of a whore who doesn’t get enough work. 
"Hello darling.  I’m Eve.”  She bends down to shake my hand and then grabs my right bicep in her left hand.  I am wearing a singlet and my arms are bare.  “Ooh.  Very nice darling.”  I’m flattered more than I should be. 
The third girl is Gigi.  She looks every bit as hot as the last time.  Perhaps more so.  I didn't expect to see her again. She said she was going back to Sydney. My cock twitches at the memory of how hard I fucked her last time.  I smile but there is no recognition on her side. 
The next girl is Jasmine.  She is fabulous.  I met her that time earlier in the year when I fucked Lily and Yumi.  But I know from then that “Jasmine no do two girls”, so there is no point asking.  It crosses my mind to abandon the threesome idea and just fuck Jasmine.  She is that hot.  But I decide to stick to Plan A and only go for Jasmine as Plan B if Alison and Gigi won't do a double. 
I wait for another girl, but an old Chinese punter comes into the waiting room instead.  If he’s not on the wrong side of 70, he looks like he is.  Withered and white haired and wearing a paddy hat.  He shuffles over to the other couch and sits down.  I react with a mix of horror and admiration.  I can’t imagine still doing this at his age.  But hats off to him for showing up. 
No more girls appear and I get up and go to the counter. 
“I want two girls for half an hour.  Alison and Gigi.”  Mamasan nods.  I'll have to come back for Jasmine another time.
“Two thirty.”   I give her $240 and she shouts over the intercom while working the till.  “Alison, Gigi, 30 minutes.”  She pauses.  “Room 3.”  I wait for my change.
I wander up the hall and Eve strides past with her nose in the air, snubbing me for my snub.  She’d give the old guy a run for his money, but he’ll probably pick Jasmine. 
Gigi comes out of the staff room in a pink happy coat and beckons.  She makes small talk as we climb the stairs.  She asks me if I’ve been here before.  Clearly she doesn’t recognise me.  I nearly say something (“Yeah, I fucked the bejesus out of you, don’t you remember?”), but decide to let it go.  Playing along, I ask her where she is from.
"Laos.”  That’s funny.  She said Thailand last time. 
Alison arrives while I’m in the shower.  I’m not as fat and rubbery as last time.  I’m not really nervous, but I’m not yet turned on.  It’s weird to be naked in a room with two gorgeous girls who are going to let me fuck them and still not be aroused. 
Gigi jumps in the shower as I get out.  Alison is kneeling up on the bed and directs me to lie down.  Gigi won’t be ready for a few minutes, but it looks like Alison wants to start without her. 
"Hello,” says Alison to the chubby, who is stirring at the sight of her hot body kneeling over me.  She climbs astride my left thigh and lowers her waxed pussy down onto it.  I watch her lovely boobs roll and hang and stretch as she moves, and my cock swells in admiration. 
She drops down and starts kissing and sucking my left nipple.  Gigi joins us not long after and starts kissing the other nipple.  Then Gigi moves up and starts kissing my collar bone and my neck.  I look down, hoping she will kiss me on the mouth with those exquisite little doll lips of hers, and she sees that I want her to, but she refuses.  She has that petulant and defiant look in her eyes that provokes me. I look away again and let her keep going on my neck.  She gives me goose bumps and a hard on.  She moves up my neck and kisses my cheek.  I turn back to chase her lips with mine, but hers flee south and I am left to bury my nose in her clean fragrant hair and inhale her instead of tasting her. 
Alison breaks open a condom and applies it with her mouth. Gigi crawls up on her hands and knees, dragging her plump tits over my chest and up onto my face.  She wouldn’t let me play with her nipples last time, so I’m pleasantly surprised when she offers one to my mouth.  I kiss her nipple tenderly, afraid that she will be sensitive like last time and pull away. But she holds it there and I start to suckle on her teat.

Her nipple grows hard in my mouth. She has those big chunky dark Asian nipples that I adore. I flick the tip of my tongue over the very tip of her nipple, teasing her with the cold wetness and different texture of my tongue. She moans and I know she likes it. I am trying to concentrate, but Alison has my cock deep in her warm mouth. I am actually getting more turned on from sucking Gigi's nipple than from Alison's competent blow job, but as my cock grows and stiffens, Alison sucks me more hungrily and I can't help but be distracted. I suck my lips in over my teeth and clamp Gigi's nipple with my covered teeth. She is swollen and raw and wet. She moans almost continuously and holds her position like she can't move.

This is so much more of a turn on because she wouldn't let me play with her nipples last time. I have been cautious up until now, half expecting her to pull away and put a stop to my fun. I clamp harder and harder, testing her limits. Finally I throw caution to the wind and bare my teeth to bite her.

"Agh!" It is more surprise than pain. It was a gentle, affectionate bite. She tenses anxiously for the first few bites, but she relaxes as she decides to trust me with her nipple in my teeth. She continues moaning softly with pleasure and then offers me the other nipple.  That’s always a good sign. 
While I’m sucking on Gigi’s tits I grope her arse, grabbing her far buttock and nestling the back of my extended thumb in her crack and feeling the warmth of her anus on my skin.  She lets me keep it there. I hold her buttock like I own it.
I look down at Alison sucking on my cock.  I am enjoying this. 
Alison says something that I don’t catch.  Without waiting for an answer she climbs into cowgirl and slips my cock in to her wet pussy.  Gigi moves out of the way and then comes back to hang her tits in my face.  She has really warmed to my chewing on her teats.  Alison moves tentatively as we get started.  But I am soon reasonably hard and she slides up and down.  Her tits hang near my face too and I take a turn sucking on one of her nipples while Gigi takes a break. 
“You want to get on top of me, baby?” asks Alison.  The cowgirl is not working so well.  It rarely does for me. 
We swap places and I slip into her easily and I’m soon rock hard.
“That’s better, baby,” says Alison.  Gigi moves over to the other side of the bed.  She runs her hands over my body as I fuck Alison.  It feels hot and I look at her from time to time.  She returns my gaze with a directness that surprises me, because she wouldn't look at me last time. It turns me on all the more because Alison is looking away with her eyes closed.  Alison seems to be concentrating on the feel of my cock inside her. She screws up her face each time I thrust into her. 
I look at Gigi and she points to herself and pouts a silent question.   “Me?”
I pull out of Alison.  “Gigi wants a turn.”
“Ok.  Lie down for me baby.”  Gigi starts sucking on my cock while Alison drops her nipple in my mouth.  There is no flinching from Alison and I get the impression that rougher is better.  I pinch and bite and suck hard on her nipples and get rock hard in Gigi’s mouth.  I grab at Alison’s ass and try to rub her anus with my thumb, but she pulls my hand away twice and I get the message. 
Gigi is about to hop on for cowgirl, but I tell her doggy instead.  She gets on all fours across the bed, facing the mirror on the wall.  Alison kneels up beside me.  I slide smoothly into Gigi and her cute little anus looks up at me as I watch my cock draw slowly out again.  I grab hold of her gorgeous ass and test the squidgy softness with my fingers. 
I can see myself in the mirror with Alison’s hand groping my chest.  I can feel her other hand on my bum.
“You strong man.”  Alison is speaking softly, close to my left ear and her little hands squeeze ineffectually on my hard muscles like it might be true.  She looks down the front of me to my cock and Gigi’s ass below.  “You got a big strong cock.”  I join her in looking down at my cock sliding in and out of Gigi’s pussy.  Gigi is grunting enthusiastically and turns around to watch us inspecting her.  Her figure looks sensational in this pose.  I enjoy the awareness that I am fucking one girl with another girl watching. Gigi also seems to be enjoying the fact that she is getting fucked and Alison is missing out. I get harder and speed up in the excitement.  My cock pops out and slides over Gigi’s anus as we keep pumping for a couple of strokes before realising what has happened.  We stop to fix it. 
We recover the momentum quickly and I decide that this is it.  At the start, I thought I should empty my load in Alison because I fucked Gigi before.  But now I’m remembering how much I enjoyed fucking Gigi the last time.  There is a chemistry between us I don't quite understand, but I decide I’m going to fuck her in this position until I come.  She looks so good on her hands and knees with me holding her heart shaped ass and skewering that tight pussy. My heart is pounding and Alison can feel it. 
“That’s it, baby, fuck her with your big cock.”  Her whispering dirty talk is driving me wild and I can feel my orgasm building.  Alison twists a nipple in the same rough way I treated hers.  “Your big cock,” she repeats, sensing that she is pushing my buttons. She is.
I feel Alison’s lips pressing softly against my skin in a lingering sensual kiss as she peers down the front of me again.  “Look at that big cock fucking her pussy, baby.’  She chews the words as she speaks against my skin.  She sounds as sexy as hell.  “Fuck her, baby.  With your big cock.  That’s it.  Fuck her. With your big . . . strong . . . cock . . ."
Like a whispering assassin, Alison talks me all the way to the edge and gently pushes me off the cliff.  As I pump Gigi full of cum, she reaches around to press the back of my hand and keep it against her buttock, as if she is worried I might let go of her arse.  I have no intention of letting go. I hold on to that beautiful ass for a wild bucking ride to the finish.
I give Gigi the last deep thrust and hold it inside her.  She clenches me tightly with her strong pussy muscles to squeeze the last drop of cum out of me before letting me withdraw. 
“Thanks.  That was . . .” My voice dies in my chest.  I can’t find the energy or the words to finish the sentence.  Alison's dirty talk has stopped.
Gigi cleans me up without a word and then puckers up for a kiss on the lips.  She looks cute and I kiss her. 
I get in the shower.  Gigi gets in after me and we exchange smiles repeatedly while we wash in silence.  She doesn’t stare at my cock like last time. 
That prolonged silence at the end seemed to me to be significant.  It can’t always be easy for three strangers to come together for an impromptu sexual performance and make it work in half an hour.  To do it so well and so easily is almost magical.  That’s why I was silent. 
I don’t know if the girls felt the same way.  Maybe it happens regularly for them.  But when she puckered for that kiss and when she smiled in the shower, there was a hint in Gigi’s dark sparkling eyes that what just happened was not part of her normal day.
Gigi was ready first and we left Alison behind in the room.  Gigi gave me one last kiss before she let me out the back door.  She seems quite fond of me.  It’s odd that she doesn’t remember that I fucked her brains out before.  I'll never forget it. And I'll never forget that fucking awesome threesome with Gigi and whispering Alison.

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Gigi Pt 2 - Threesome with Alison

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