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There Comes A Time: Chapter 1 [There Comes A Time]

Categories Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Black

Author: ftmsub

Published: 29 December 2017

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Author's Note:
I would like to quickly state that this is entire story is fictional. It is entirely fantasy. I am a crime writer in real life and often my crime stories include victims of rape and brutality. Of course I am not going to write those scenes in a published book so this is my way of being able to write those style of scenes to help me write my actual books. This is extreme and dark, if that isn't your style, I suggest you just close it out now. All participants in sexual activity are the age of 18 and older. Legally appropariate. There are not and will never be children involved in sexual activities or seen in a sexual light. Again this is fantasy, this will never happen. Remember that when commenting or voting.

Chapter One: There Comes A Time

There comes a time in a man's life where he realizes what he was meant to do. Some men realize they were meant to be CEO's, Doctors, Lawyers. The fancy types. I, however, learned what I was meant to do was a little bit different then the average American male. And much more illegal

- April 9th, 2013 -

I was thrown into the system when I was a year old. I didn't find out about my past until I got older and asked my adoptive mother. According to her, my father was a notorious gang member known for his violence. Although my mother wasn't in a gang, she was just as violent. She apparently got into fights with everyone she came across and often my parents would fight with one of them ending up in the emergency room. Eventually my father was caught and after investigations, I was ripped away from the only family I knew.

I grew up with hatred. I also grew up going from foster home to foster home due to the fact that I was always so angry. I guess that's a family trait. I would constantly get into fights with my foster siblings and was just plain violent. Thankfully the foster family at the time decided not to press charges but demanded that I was out of the home within that day. And I was. I was sent to a group home for angry teen boys and I sat there for six months before I was told that there was a couple coming to meet me. I didn't care if I ever got adopted, I was fourteen and extremely angsty.

The couple that came to visit me were Heather and Laurence Marshall. They were an older couple, probably in their early to late fifties. I wasn't sure why they wanted to meet me. I was an angry fourteen year old. But they told my case worker that they wanted to help me get over my anger through time and management. When I heard that I saw this as my way out. They were old, I could easily sneak out of the house.

It took a few months before the adoption went through. Apparently they require background checks. I never understood why. Why not just adopt out the kids. There would be less sitting in the system. But finally the day came and I was able to leave the group home. I figured this would be a fairly simple situation and I would only have to stay there a couple days before I escaped and never looked back.

But as I sat in the backseat of their car, I saw how far away from the city we were going. Thirty minutes turned into an hour and finally two hours went by and we were pulling into a long driveway. Their house sat at least two miles away from the main road. As we get closer I noticed they lived on a farm - great, of course white people lived on a farm.

They appeared way too nice, especially for an older couple who lived so far away from people. What were they hiding?

After I had settled in and had a look around the house, they had me sit down in the living room so we could "talk". I didn't know why but I was hoping it was about the door to the basement that had four different locks on it. They told me that I wasn't allowed to go in there until I was eighteen but I wanted to know why I couldn't.

"We want to explain to you why we adopted you." Heather said. "To put it simply we did not adopt you because we thought we could change you. We don't want to change you."

This left me confused. Why would they want to keep an angry and unpredictable teen in their house?

"You see, my wife and I, we own a business. It's a very different kind of business and its also very illegal." Laurence said. "We know you got into fights all the time, often winning, and also tried to rape your foster sister which is why you ended up in that home. When we spoke to the adoption counselor, we told her we wanted an angry teen so that we could hopefully get them into shape and proper citizen in society. You were the first one she brought up."

"Wait so let me get this straight, you adopted me because I’m violent?" I asked.

"Yes. You see, my husband and I found out we couldn't have kids, we hatched a plan that we would kidnap a pretty girl and he would get her pregnant so she would carry our baby. But we quickly found out that it would not be the greatest idea. We would never be able to get the kid medical care and of course the mother was still an issue as well. So we killed both of them. That started a rush between us. So we kept it up. We kept kidnapping and raping. Only this time we simply just killed them when we were finished and burn their bodies. We want this to be a family business."

I didn't really know what to think of my new parents. I didn't know if I liked them or hated them. Did I like them because they wanted me to keep being angry and didn't want to change me, or did I hate them because of that fact? There were a lot of thoughts running through my head as they kept feeding me more information,

"There are a few rules when it comes to the family business. We don't kidnap anyone under eighteen. We also won't allow you to have sex with any of our victims until you are eighteen. We understand what we are doing is wrong and illegal but we do not, under any circumstances, mess with children. Understand? I do not want to hear from my grave that my own son kidnapped a child."

I tried to understand the best that I could. Obviously I was going to listen to their rules. If I wanted to fuck someone, I could fuck someone of my age until I got old enough and they allowed me to I suppose, rape their victims.

"We live off the grid. Which means if you were to go out back you'd find not only animals but also plants, that is how we survive. We only go into the city for kidnapping and of course medical situations. Sometimes we have to go in the city for other things but mostly we live off the grid. However that doesn't mean we don't have access to current age things. You will still have access to the internet, but a different form. You will have access to what the youngster's call The Dark Web. Anything you could ever dream of as far as illegal things are on there. To help you better your skills, you'll also find a couple fleshlights in your room."

Now I was completely confused. Of course I knew what the dark web was. Anyone who was anyone knew what the dark web was. That's where illegal things happened. What was confusing to me was how open this couple was. How they wanted me to practice fucking and were allowing me to watch illegal things. I didn't understand it.

But of course I said nothing, I wasn't going to rip this opportunity away from myself. The opportunity to have access to girls whenever I wanted when I was an adult? That was like heaven to a guy like me. Plus I could commit whatever violence I wanted on them without being tossed from foster home to foster home.

- March 8th, 2017 -

I had just turned eighteen which meant my parents would finally let me go and see what was in the basement. I had never looked more forward to anything in my life. I didn't know who they had down there or what she looked like but I didn't care. I needed to stick my dick in something, anything. My parents unlocked the door but didn't join me. I was thankful for that, I really wasn't interested in letting my parents seeing my genitalia.

"Son, we have to be getting rid of her soon so if you want you to be the last thing she sees, feel free to take care of her and we'll get rid of her body later."

The basement was dark when I got to the bottom, my hands searching around for the light switch. I guess whoever was down there heard the shuffling and started screaming. It was coming out muffled so I assumed that whoever it was gagged. I finally found the light switch and turned the lights on in the basement. There, laying and tied down on a metal table, was a blonde young woman. My guess was between 18-20 years old. She was naked and had forming bruises across her stomach and thighs, I assumed from getting whipped. She had panties stuffed in her mouth but her eyes were red from stress. But my eyes were locked to her pussy, she was defiantly not tight like I had hoped her to be but I also wasn't sure how long my father had kept her down here.

I walked over between her legs, running my hands over the fresh bruises which caused her body to jump. I could only chuckle at that, laughing at how reactive she was. There were so many things I wanted to do to her, to get all my anger out that I had been holding in all these years while my parents made me wait because I wasn't old enough. I thought that was stupid at first but then I realized why they had that put in place. Although they knew what they were doing was wrong, they didn't want to mess with children and that was something I learned to respect.

"Alright you little slut, let's get down to business. I can't wait to fuck that tight cunt of yours." I said, unzipping my jeans and sliding them down my legs. I rid myself of all my clothing so that I was standing there naked with my half-hard cock. My father had a collection of toys and other items sprawled across the basement. I could choose any I wanted but I ended up settling on grabbing a bottle of lube.

"Now I don't know what my father has done to you already but if he hasn't done this then you're in a for a real treat." Normally I wouldn't even think of using lube but I knew for what I was about to do I was going to need to.

Still she screamed through the gag as I started lubing up all five of my fingers and even part of my actual arm. I poured a bunch over her pussy to make sure she was good and lubed up.

"Come on baby, quiet down. I gotta make sure you're not too tight for my cock. I highly doubt you can take all eight inches can you?" I said. I pressed two fingers at first, watching her head go forward as she screamed. I knew she wasn't in any pain yet and was just being dramatic.

The two fingers turned into three and then four, my fingers moving ever so quickly within her. I was being rough with it too, making sure she felt every bit of pain that I could give her. After all, this was about me receiving pleasure and her receiving pain. I worked the four fingers in her, constantly spreading them apart so I was stretching out her pussy more. Then came the fifth finger and that's when the lube was starting to dry up and wear off.

I curled my hand into a fist once all five fingers were inside of her, pushing roughly until my entire hand was inside her and all that was left was my arm that could go in her. She was screaming bloody murder with tears running down her eyes. It was music to my ears if I was being honest with you. There was nothing I loved hearing more than a woman crying from pain.

I began to thrust my fist inside of her, watching how open her pussy was from shoving my entire fist into her. My cock was hardening just from the entire scene before me. However her screaming was getting too much and I pulled my fist quickly from her pussy, her screaming once again from the pain. I looked around the basement, grabbing a dildo and some duct tape.

"If you're going to fucking scream the entire time I'm torturing you, we can put your mouth to good use." I said. I pulled the panties from her mouth and she started to scream for real. I quickly grabbed the dildo and shoved it in her mouth, pushing it until the end was right at her lips. She choked on it but I didn't care. I placed the duct tape over her mouth so the dildo stayed in and she stayed quiet. "There, now if you die, I don't really give a fuck. I'm going to fuck your dead body anyway."

As I returned back to where I was, I could hear her choking and her eyes were swelling up with tears from her gag reflex. It was a lovely sight, watching her breath get taken away because something was lodged in her throat. If worst came to worst, she died. I'd still be able to fuck her anyway.

I continued my assault on her pussy with my fist as I heard her choke and gag on the dildo in her mouth. The sounds became more sporadic as time went on and I wondered how long it would take before she finally just stopped breathing. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, watching the way it stayed open for a bit and then went back to its original form.

"Fuck, there are so many things I want to do to you but honestly I'm just enjoying watching you slowly die." I said, "Maybe I should do one thing before you die."

Thankfully her ass was positioned just correctly to where I could easily shove my cock in. I know I should grab some lube to try and ease her pain a little but I really didn't care. I pressed the head of my cock against her tight pink hole and grabbed her hips. I pushed her down while I pushed up. Even though her hands were strapped down, she was still clawing at the table from the pain. I pushed and pushed with all my strength until the head finally slipped through. Her face was red and mixed with blue like she was losing her breath from the dildo in her throat.

"Of fuck yeah, white girls always have the tightest asses." I moaned, pushing harder and harder. Her own reflexes were trying to push me out but I kept pushing forward. I knew there was going to be blood when I pulled it back out and in fact there might even be shit. I'd have to have her clean that off.

I could see her losing consciousness and I leaned over her body and ripped the duct tape off. I then pulled the dildo out of her throat and she gasped for breath. I wasn't ready for her to die yet, I needed to hear scream and cry more before I fucked her dead body.

"Now you better stay quiet you cunt or I'm shoving this dildo back in there and I'll let you die." I warned.

"Please stop fucking me. It hurts so much." She begged.

I ignored her, starting to pick up a pace with fucking her ass. Every time I pulled back, I could see a little blood on my dick. That was to be expected since I went in dry. But again, the more pain for her, the more pleasure for me. Her ass was just so fucking tight and it felt so good around my cock. She remained quiet although I could hear her crying. Music to my ears.

I pulled nearly all the way out and then shoved myself back in very roughly. I continued that assault for a few minutes before I pulled all the way out. I looked down at my dick and all the blood and shit that covered it. I needed to put her mouth to good use.

"I'm going to untie you. If you even decide to run, I'm going to bash your head on those concrete steps and then fuck your bloody body, understand? You're going to do exactly as I say or there will be trouble." I warned her.

She nodded frantically, already trying to wriggle free of her binds. I undid her feet first, noticing the bruising around her ankles, noticing the same when I undid her wrists. She sat up slowly, trying to gather her surroundings. I grabbed her by her hair and yanked her off the table.

"Down on your knees." I commanded.

She quickly followed the instructions, however when I presented my cock to her lips, she saw the blood and shut her mouth tightly. I was getting annoyed and angry with her at this point, grabbing her hair at the roots and yanking hard until her mouth fell open in shock. I took that as an opportunity and shoved my cock into her mouth. As a reaction, she clawed first at my arms and then at my thighs, trying to get me out of her.

"I told you if you didn't fucking listen to me, there was going to be trouble."

It was then that I felt it, her teeth. She bit down on my cock, causing me to groan in pain. I yanked myself from her mouth and threw her over towards the stars, causing her to hit her head.

"You stupid little cunt! Girls like you deserve to fucking die!" I screamed.

She was slightly unconscious from the blow to her head. I wrapped my hands around her throat and squeezed. With what strength she had left, she tried to dig her nails into my skin. She didn't have any left so she was doing no good. I squeezed harder and harder until I could feel her last breaths trying to force their way out. I kept my hands like that for a few more minutes until I was sure she was dead. Blood was leaking out from where she had her head on the steps.

I grabbed her by her ankles and pulled her until she was laying flat on the floor. Her now dead and mangled body lay before me. I didn't think I would resort to killing her so quickly but the bite to the dick was what drew out my anger. But know I could do whatever I want to her body. I pumped my cock a few times in my hand as I look at her body. I crawled on top of her, positing myself so my cock was right at the entrance to her pussy.

It was a tight fit but I pushed myself in, holding onto her hips and using my strength to make sure I was balls deep in her. She was so tight when she was dead, it felt so much better then when she was alive. I watched the way her tits bounced as I fucked her. Her dead body held so many options for me but I just wanted to fuck her tight pussy until I released inside of her.

As I looked at her mangled and dead body, my cock forcefully entering her pussy quickly and roughly, I realized what I was meant to do. I was meant to carry on this sick family business. Kidnapping random women and holding them against their will. Maybe some would eventually come along and listen to what I'd have to say but this, forcing myself upon them, this was something that I wanted to do.

I wasn't able to hold on for long, pushing myself balls deep one more time until I released my sperm inside of her. I cleaned myself off and left her body at the bottom of the staircase, letting my parents deal with it. They would teach me later on I'm sure how to get rid of a body but right now, I wanted to take a hot shower and contemplate what my future goals were for the business.


It was a short time after that incident that my mom had us get rid of our electronics. We built a huge bonfire and threw them all into the pit, watching them burn. I asked her why we were doing this and she said some change was about to come to the family. She told me that she wanted me to move to the city and get a business degree so I could run the business later on in life. She then told me I would inherit the twenty-something million dollars they had invested and gained over their lifetime. I had no idea that my parents were so rich but apparently they kept it in the bank so it would continue to collect interest.

I woke up around noon on a Saturday when I heard police sirens approaching our house. I had never jumped out of bed so quickly. I ran downstairs to find both my parents in handcuffs and sitting calmly at the kitchen table. Two police officers stood in the dining room, questioning them but when they saw me, one of them drew their gun and pointed it at me.

"Please don't shoot him. He had no idea any of this was happening." My mom pleaded.

I held my hands up, trying to act completely innocent to the officers but I was still put in handcuffs. I was escorted to a police car and sat in there for close to thirty minutes before they were escorting my parents out and into police cars. We were driven to the police station in the city, put in different rooms for obvious reasons.

"Alright Mr. Meyer, we're going to question you about the events that took place in the house you were staying in." The officer said, earlier introducing himself as Officer O'Connell.

"Listen officer, I'll tell you that I was suspicious. Two old people living in the middle of nowhere, on a farm with four different locks on their basement door. I was adopted when I was fourteen so of course I was suspicious. I searched and searched for keys and even tried to pick the locks but with no luck. My parents, they're good people. I was so angry when I was a teenager. I threw things at them, constantly yelled. But they adopted me to rehabilitate me. And that's exactly what happened. I've learned different ways to control my temper. My grades went up before I graduated high school." I explained.

"No girlfriends though? Not even a little fling in high school?" Officer O'Connell asked.

"No sir. After I learned to control my anger I really wanted to focus on my grades. I wanted to get into a good university and get an actual degree. I wanted to make people, my parents, proud of me and my accomplishments. I didn't necessarily want a girl to distract me from my goals. I'm sure I would find a nice girl in college to date."

"Well legally we can't hold you without evidence. There's no evidence you committed any crimes or any suspicion of it." Officer O'Connell said. "We did find out that you inherited their bank account which is quite a big sum if you ask me. My advice to you kid, get out of town. In fact, get out of state. People around here, they don't care too much for people like your parents, and they sure aren't going to believe you had anything to do with it. Find yourself a nice university and get the degree you want. Start a new life and stay away from trouble."

I was released from my handcuffs and I shook the officer's thank. "Thank you sir. I will defiantly do that."

And I did follow his instructions. I went down to the bank later that afternoon to find out exactly how much I inherited. Twenty-four million, five hundred thousand, fifty dollars and sixty cents. I withdrew that and put in a duffel bag then I did exactly what the officer said. I left state. I fled to North Carolina, Charlotte to be exact. I found a nice apartment building and a community college where I could get a degree in business. I put my money in the bank and left it untouched so it would collect interest, soon finding a job to support myself so I didn't have to touch the millions of dollars sitting in the bank.

And in a couple years, hopefully the family business would be back in action.

To Be Continued

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There Comes A Time: Chapter 1 [There Comes A Time]

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