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Fun Night at Work

Categories Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Exhibitionism

Authror: bi_cd_in_mp

Published: 29 December 2017

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Fun Night at Work
I work at a 24 hour truck stop and I was told that we would be closing the store down for some reason above my pay grade and that only the restrooms would be open so I was going to be working to provide security for the store. I decided that since I was going to be alone and not have to work the register I was going to have some fun if possible so I posted an ad on Craigslist saying that I was going to be at the truck stop in the men’s restroom on my hands and knees in nothing but lingerie servicing any guys that needed it, and that bareback wasn’t only acceptable but it was preferred. Before I could even start getting dressed I received a few texts from guys asking me to send them pictures of me so they knew they were dealing with the right person and I told them there wasn’t going to be any other guys in nothing but lingerie getting fucked at both ends other than me so just show up and be ready to give me a good fucking and hopefully a big load of cum.
I finally got dressed and headed to work and the girl I was relieving said something strange had happened right before I got to work, she said that a guy had asked her if she knew if the guy doing the servicing had shown up yet and she said she didn’t know anything about it so I decided to let the cat out of the bag and showed her the ad I had posted and she said she didn’t believe me so I told her to come back to the showers with me if she really wanted proof.
She followed me back to the showers and I went into one and stripped my outer clothes off leaving just my lingerie and stepped out to show her and her jaw dropped as she stared at me in nothing but a black lace bra with matching ass less panties and fish net stockings. So I asked what she thought and she said she couldn’t believe I was the type because I was so “normal” and masculine acting all the time. I asked her if she was comfortable with me being this way and she said I actually looked pretty sexy in my lingerie so I asked if she would mind being my camera man for the night and she said yes she would do it for me.
She went back to the register and made up signs that said the store was closed except for the restrooms and put them on the doors and rejoined me in the men’s restroom. Within a minute a guy came walking into the restroom to find me on my hands and knees with my ass facing the door and said he was undoubtedly in the right spot as he pulled his cock out and knelt in front of me and shoved it into my mouth as “jane” began recording. After a matter of seconds he was rock hard and swapped positions and got behind me and placed the tip of his cock at my opening and began easing it in slowly until I told him he didn’t have to be gentle and to just fuck me already so he went right to pounding away at my hole as another guy came in and jane told him he was in luck because there was an open hole available so he knelt and shoved his cock in my mouth and went to fucking my face.
After about 10 or 15 minutes the restroom had suddenly filled with guys rubbing their crotches as they watched some sissy faggot get fucked from both ends in a truck stop restroom and the one fucking me announced he was about to cum as he buried himself balls deep inside me and grunted as he unloaded. As he got up and started to leave and the one fucking my face took his place behind me we all heard someone ask if they could make a suggestion to make things easier and I immediately recognized the voice as the owners son so me and Jane started stuttering out excuses and he said it wasn’t necessary as he suggested we use a table of some sort so the guys didn’t have to constantly kneel and get up so they didn’t hurt their knees and with that he left and came back with a small table that stood about waist high and was about 3 foot squared on top and a couple of pieces of nylon rope. He told me to lay on my back and put my feet up on the corners of the table and to dangle my arms over the sides and put my hands together under the table so I did as ordered to keep my job.
Mark (the owners son) tied one end of the rope to one ankle and ran it under the table to the other ankle and tied it off, then he used the other piece to tie my hands together then he pulled them towards my ankles and tied the rope to the one restraining my ankles. Now that he felt I was properly restrained he told the guy that was just about to fuck me to go to town on my faggot ass and show me how a real man fucks a hole as he stepped over by my head and told me to lay my head back and open wide as he pulled his cock out and shoved it straight down my throat and bent over and grabbed my sides and started fucking my throat as the trucker fucked my ass. In a few short minutes the trucker announced he was cumming as he pulled out leaving only the tip of his cock in me as he began shooting his load then he buried it deep in my hole and fucked me a minute or so longer before pulling out and thanking Mark for the good time before walking out.
Now Mark got between my legs and didn’t hesitate to get straight to pounding my now cum slicked hole as he pulled my painfully hard erection out of my panties and slowly stroked it. A trucker shoved his cock down my throat and went to fucking it and before I knew it having a cock in each hole and being jerked off was too much for me to handle and I was about to cum so I started mumbling on the truckers cock so mark told him to see what I was saying so pull his cock out of my mouth and I told them I was about to cum so mark pulled his cock out of me and aimed mine at his as he stroked even faster and told the trucker to keep fucking my throat. Within seconds I unloaded all over marks cock and once I was finished he shoved his cock right back in my hole and kept fucking me as the trucker said he was about to cum so mark suggested he give me a facial so the trucker pulled out and stroked his cock as he told me to keep my mouth open.
The first stream of his cum actually shot over my face to my chest and onto my bra then the rest made its way into my mouth and all over my face. As the trucker finished cumming he slid his cock back into my mouth and made me suck him clean as he fucked my face another few minutes. Once he was done he zipped up and left as another guy stepped up and put his already hard cock down my throat and began fucking it as mark steadily pounded away at my insides from the other end. Finally after another 10 minutes mark starts grunting letting me know he’s about to cum and as he does he pulls out and shoots half his load all over my now limp cock and my gaping hole before shoving it back in me and fucking me a little while longer until he finally pulls out and tells the guy to come get some of my ass. So mark and the guy swap spots and the trucker gets right to working his load out as Mark shoves his cock in my mouth telling me to clean it good. All I can taste is cum from the guy who fucked me first, mark and of course my own as well as ass juice from my hole. Once mark feels his cocks clean enough he pulls it out of my mouth and announces that he’s done and heading home but he wants to speak to me tomorrow morning before I go home.
As Mark leaves another guy steps up and takes his place and fucks my throat. This literally goes on all night long until finally after 8 hours straight of getting fucked and filled from both ends mark is back and tells the last few guys that we are about to call it quits because I’ve had a long night and need some rest so they need to hurry and finish up soon. They waste no time and both pull out of me and jerk their cocks rapidly until they cover me on both ends with their respective loads then zip up and leave as they thank mark for the service and say they will definitely be back again. Once we are finally alone before Mark unites my restraints he says it’s time for us to talk. He tells me he has no problem with what I did obviously but why not make money doing something I obviously love doing so he made me a proposal I couldn’t refuse. I could be a prostitute for the store basically, I would charge $10-$20 for my services and I would get 25% of all money made on top of my hourly pay. He would arrange for the back storage area to be cleaned up so I could use that and anytime during my shift if someone came in asking about the extra service I was to stop what I was doing and service them and I was only allowed to do it while wearing slutty lingerie like what I was already wearing.
So I of course agreed to the deal and mark released my restraints and helped me off of the table and to my feet. As I started to walk off he slapped my ass and told me this was the beginning of a lucrative partnership. Once I got showered and redressed he told me he forgot to mention that I wouldn’t need a cameraman anymore because he was going to have more security cameras installed in the back storage area and if the videos were any good we would upload and sell them to a porn site. I told him that sounded good to me as I clocked out and went home to get some much needed rest.

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Fun Night at Work

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