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Chloe's tight entrance

Categories True Story, Asian, Blowjob, Prostitution

Authror: Andy Hall

Published: 29 December 2017

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I've been going to the Silk Lotus for nearly five years. The girls are a bit hit and miss, but it's convenient and easy. I went out there one Tuesday night.   

It's in an industrial estate and the streets were deserted. I never park in the big concrete yard in the front. I parked in a side street around the corner. The yard is empty, which is a good sign. I'll get my pick of the full line up.

The brothel itself has a red lit sign and red swinging front doors like a tacky Chinese restaurant. But the rest of the building is just an ugly concrete warehouse. It's big and cold and empty inside. There is a reproduction Greek statue beside the water cooler to the left. Closed circuit TV screens behind reception remind you that you are being filmed. There are two waiting rooms on the right. One with a curtain and one without.

The manager is a middle aged Chinese and he gives me a smile of recognition and gestures to the open waiting room with his hand before going back to call the girls. The waiting room without the curtain has a leather couch and a leather chair. A table is strewn with old porn mags. I assume they're old because the girls pictured have unshaved pussies. I take a seat on the couch.

The first girl to come out is a Chinese Coco dressed in bright red lingerie. She says she is going to suck my cock and I'm inclined to let her. She would do for my purposes, but the next girl comes bounding out with entusiasm and smiles a warm friendly natural smile and says she is Chloe and bends her beautiful long legs at the knees to shake my hand in a coy imitation of going weak at the knees to see me.  She giggles girlishly when I shake her soft hand.  She's gorgeous. 
The last woman in tonight's selection is Gigi, the classy Singaporean lady I’ve fucked before. (Not to be confused with Thai Gigi from Colosseum.). Gigi is beautiful, but wooden and we didn't really connect last time. She looks like some exotic movie star from the forties, but I'm not prepared to risk it again.

The manager comes back.
"Chloe.  Thirty minutes."

He shows me into one of the big empty bedrooms. There is a small table beside the bed for the girls to lay out their stuff. On the other side is a chair for me to put my clothes on. The bed is big and square and too firm to sleep on. It's more of a fuck platform than a bed. There is a worn red bedspread with no sheets underneath and no pillows.

There is a large, open, tiled shower recess with a stack of towels on a wooden shelf at the entrance. The shelf is the fourth piece of furniture - all functional, and nothing more.

I strip and shower.  Chloe comes into the room before I've turned off the water. She is relaxed and confident and looks directly at me and then down at my cock as I shower when she puts fresh towels on the shelf.
"Where are you from?”  I ask her as I towel myself dry.  She is undressing from her skin coloured underwear. 

“I from China.”  I'm a little surprised.  Her coy girlishness is more like Japanese or Korean. 

Without her clothes she has virtually no tits, but nice big Asian nipples.  Her figure is slim and subtly curved. No big hips or tiny waist. I prefer women that are more shapely, but I can't complain.  I chose her for her nice legs, her pretty face and her personality.  She's also at least 15 years younger than her rivals. 
I get on the bed.  She has her packets of condoms and lubricant on the bed beside me.  While she is tying her long straight hair back in a ponytail, I run my hands over her body and pinch her nipples.  She bends over and starts kissing my nipples.  She has lovely skin.  Smooth all over.  I touch her delicate shoulders and stroke her hair.  I get pretty hard pretty quickly and she can feel it as she leans her body over me. 
She moves down between my legs and gets a condom for my erection.  But she misjudges the size and it won't fit.  I take that as a compliment. She rips open a bigger one and gets that on. 
Starting at the base, she slowly licks and kisses the length of my cock.  Watching her pretty face and lovely mouth down there is a big turn on and I strain and twitch under her.  She tries to bend me from the horizontal to the vertical to put me in her mouth.  But I'm so rigid that my cock won't bend to 90 degrees and she settles for 45.  She closes her lips firmly around the head and pops me in and out of her mouth, letting the bulging corona of my circumcised cock catch on her lips each time on the way out.  It is only later I realise she is setting up the theme for the evening.  I am now so fat and hard that the condom is stretched clear and it looks and feels like I'm not wearing one. 
Chloe does the porn star thing and looks up at me to show me the whites of her eyes.  I hold her by the hair and gently fuck her mouth.  She lets me do it and she lets me go all . . . the . . . way . . . in. 
I can’t adequately describe how good that feels, so I won't bother.    If you've done it, you know what I mean.  If you haven't, try it. 
After a few minutes of that I'm ready for the next stage. 
“Can I fuck you now, Chloe?”
She stifles a giggle.  “Of course!" and she smiles as she climbs over me as if to say, “you can fuck me anytime, you don’t have to ask.”
She breaks open the packet of lubricant and smears her pussy with it as she lies down.  

She is hairy on the outside, like those girls in the magazine in the waiting room. I squeeze through the tight entrance of her vagina.
I press into her deeply and withdraw slowly, pulling the bulging head of my cock back out through her entrance for that satisfying pop, before plunging back in.  I can feel everything.  Every inch, every ridge, every muscle.  It feels wonderful and I am entranced. 

I used to play bass guitar. Her muscles are as tight and hard as thick bass strings. I never fucked my guitar, but it sort of feels like I am now. I almost expect to hear a twang as the corona catches at her entrance and 'plucks' her bass strings every time on the way out.

I lower myself ever so slowly towards her face.  She keeps her eyes open but looks to the side.  She makes little grunts and moans like an anime character, like I am hurting her and she doesn't want it.  After a few minutes, she turns to face me.  I go cross-eyed for a moment because our faces are now too close.  I pull back until her lovely face comes back into focus. 
“You fuck me very slow.”  It sounds like that might be a problem, but I'm not going to change pace for her.  I'm enjoying this too much.  “Most men fuck too fast.  Unh! Unh!  Unh!”  She says it quickly to indicate fast male grunting.  “You fuck me nice and slow.  Thank you.  I like that.”
I smile and she smiles back.  I feel my head pluck those cello strings again and then my 'bow' slides back in over them, playing a long deep chord that seems to resonate up from between my legs.
“You’re so fucking tight, Chloe.” She looks a bit uncertain.  I’m not sure she understands that it's a compliment.  My head pops out again as if to give her a hint.  “And you’re very pretty,” I sigh as I push back in very slowly, letting her feel all 19 centimetres of my length passing through her sphincter-like entrance. Her head lolls back on the pillow and she groans a long deep note.  I lean down to kiss her neck and her cheek.  She moans again. 
I feel I could do this all night.  And we keep going in missionary for a good 10 or 15 minutes.  My cock stays rock hard and her pussy lubricates itself and stays string tight.

I’ve fucked girls before who can clench their muscles tight, but they usually tire after a while and let go.  Chloe was just small and permanently clenched.  It was fucking wonderful. 
"Can we change position?”
"Yeah-ess,” she sounds unsure.  “What position?”
“OK.  I try.”
Try? I’ve never heard that before.  I climb off the bed and stand beside it.  She backs up.  She has her lovely long thighs spread too far apart.  She is used to being taller than the men.  I bend my knees to get lower to enter her.  I am waiting for her to guide me in. The girls usually want to take control for doggy entry. She pauses as if she is waiting for me to do it.  I start to push my cock into her.
"Ohh!  Not there.  Down a bit.”  Oops. A few millimetres lower and I pop in. 
"Your legs are too far apart.  Do you want to move your knees closer together?  That’s it.” 
I hold her nice soft hips and pump slowly in and out.  That nice little anus that I nearly invaded is there every time I look down.  Her vagina is just as tight in this position, but I can't pop out of her entrance in this position or my cock will spring up and away from her hole. 

I am enjoying watching the full length of my cock sliding in and out of her. But after a few minutes, I can tell from her noises and movements that something is not right. 
“Are you OK?  Let me know if you get tired in this position.”
“Not tired.  Just too deep.  Your cock go too deep.” 
I'm not that big, but I do get complaints from time to time. It's a nice problem to have. 
“We can change positions.  It’s OK.  I don’t want to hurt you.”
We change back to a sort of missionary, near the edge of the bed.  She has one of her beautiful long legs hanging off the side of the bed.  I sit upright on my right heel and prod her hairy pussy.  I take advantage of my free arms to grope at her little tits and pluck at those big stiff nipples.  But I can’t get my weight behind each thrust and we move back to a more orthodox missionary.  She giggles at the awkwardness of the changes.  I worry that we might run out of time.
We settle back into the long, slow, popping rhythm as before, and I make the effort to bring on an orgasm.  I get into a push up position and start to slam hard into her pelvis.  She makes her high pitched anime grunts. If it's too deep, it's too bad. After a few minutes more I am slamming into her in wild release. 
“Thank you, Chloe!"  I sit back on my heels, panting, and she sits up.  She thumps her fists on my thighs.

"You tired?  Very big exercise.”  She seems impressed at my stamina.   

The alarm goes off.  Perfect timing.
* * *

I’ve been back a few times to Silk Lotus since, looking for her, but she wasn’t there when I went.  I sort of gave up on Chloe, but I never forgot that tight pussy.

Then, about 6 months later, I popped in one Saturday afternoon and, amidst an impressive lineup of about seven girls, Chloe was there. I picked her, of course. She was wearing a little black negligee and her body was more toned and hotter than I remembered. She didn't seem to recognise me. I didn't expect her to. It was only one time and it was months ago. She was the one with the memorably tight pussy, not me.

She went through the same routine and she went down on me like before. She started licking my balls and she held my erection in her hand as she started to lick the base of my cock. I blossomed to full size at her touch. Then she stopped.

"Hey! I remember you!" she said, addressing my cock. "You're Andy. You've been with me before."

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Chloe's tight entrance

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