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Benji & Me Gay Romance story

Categories Diary, Bi-sexual, Gay, Masturbation

Authror: stabian

Published: 29 December 2017

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Today is a very special day for me, I’ve just recently got the confirmation that validated my driving license which means I can finally drive my beloved car that my grandfather left in my name. However this isn’t the only reason of the tingles in my body, I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m making a bold move on Jasmin's gorgeous brother whom I’ve been fantasizing about for years. He isn’t openly gay yet but I’m extremely suspicious on his case and I've been very open about my suspicions when I chat along with Jasmin. She’s my best friend and even ex ‘girlfriend’ as we dated for the last time barely a year ago, actually let’s start the story from there as it was an important moment in my gay acceptance and the realization that I was madly in love with her brother.

It was a friday night, I was at Jasmin’s house after having just finished dining with her and her mother Lawrence and her brother Benji. So we were all well fed and I was now naked under the covers in Jasmin’s bed as we kissed and fondled along. However, not even 10 minutes into our embrace she stopped molesting me and drew herself away to face me in the eyes.
"Johann.." she started

'Oh god what have i done now' I thought as I waited for her to proceed in her speech.

"I find it cute that you went along to go out with me and all... but let’s be real for a second, you’re not REALLY interested in me are you?"

"Uhm.. what? yes.. I am.." I stuttered somehow nervous from her questioning,

"You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking that you would be way more.. ‘excited' to fondle with my brother next door rather than being here sucking my tits." she stated abruptly;

The words stung but I couldn’t find myself to answer anything back except for being a bit shocked by her blatant words.
Seeing as I wasn’t giving her any answers she proceeded to talk,

"Every time you come along to eat dinner with the family and even tonight, all of your attention is focused on Ben. Like All the time!" she continued;

"..no not alw.." I awkwardly began

"Even my mom jokes with me that you stare more at him than at me!"

Oh my god was I that obvious?? This was extremely embarrassing for me and especially for Jasmin! I didn’t even notice it myself, it’s just that I’m so drawn by him, maybe mesmerised is a good word. Yeah that’s right, mesmerized by his mokka hair that swerves to one side revealing his reflective brown eyes that show so much depth and life. And gosh, his personality is just over the top for me, he’s sort of half shy but has the confidence to talk when he can and slips some hilarious stories along the way, so yeah I’m totally int...

"Johann! Even now you’re thinking about him !" she hushed to me as she noticed my eyes traveling to boy heaven.

I suddenly realized what she was saying, it’s true, I would much rather be squeezing Ben against me in his bed rather than fornicating with Jasmin. I was a bit shocked that I hadn’t admitted it to myself before and she saw it first, now all my past memories of me as a kid gaping at other boys thinking

"Gosh that guy is good looking" started to make sense.

"..Sorry, I’m so sorry Jasmin! You’re right.. he is reeaally sexy.. I’m so sorry if I hurt you, I didn’t know.. "

"Chill dude, don’t you worry about me, I think I knew all along but I had to give it a try cause you would have been a great boyfriend for me!" she said consoling me,

We lay silent in her bed for a bit as my thoughts raced thinking about how my own parents would react when they discover I would never go for a girl again, let alone conceive a child so they could become grandparents like they love saying…

"So? » Jasmin peeped breaking the silence.

"Yeah...I wanna bang your brother." I said chuckling to her

"don’t say it like that! He’s my brother!" she laughed slightly embarrassed ;

"I bet you peak on him when he undresses" I teased to her with a big grin on my face;

"You’re so stupid!" she laughed kicking my leg « And why don’t you check for yourself? Then you can tell me all about it" she proposed in a half serious half joking way;

My mouth opened and closed again, was she serious? He was in the shower right now as we could hear the water running next door where his room was.

"Is this..some kind of trick..?" I asked her as I squinted my eyes in suspicion.

"Well, he’s just one door away… " she answered waiting for me to make my decision;

My dick flinched at the thought of getting a real peak at Ben’s naked sexy body right at this moment.
I thought for a few seconds, weighing out the risks and the reward before I thought it was better to act fast while he was still under the shower.

"I’ll just..go next door and.. think about it..." I said as I slowly withdrew the blanket from my bare body and went for the communicating door between Jasmin’s and Benji’s room.

Jasmin’s eyes followed me as I slowly opened the door without making a sound. Next step was to cross Ben’s room to the shower door that would become future masturbating picture memories.
I creeped across to finally reach the door that would reveal my naked fantasy, the shower was still runnning and I set my eyeball against the keyhole.
My jaw dropped and my penis grew ever so quickly as I admired a scene I was definitely not expecting. He was crouching slightly and facing back to me which meant I had full view of his tender butt being penetrated by what looked like a peeled cucumber which he motioned in and out of his moist pink anus. I felt precum starting to flow from my dick, my eye was glued to that keyhole, this was more than I could have ever expected!
Ben’s motions kept going faster, now I could see his head leaning against the glass shower wall to support himself as he was furiously fucking himself with that vegetable. His dick was super stiff but he only now started grabbing it and with just a few steady fast motions I heard a small muffled grunt as he blew a big load of cum at great speed right onto the clear glass wall. A second long rope of semen flew out and a smaller third before he slowed down his cucumber pace and started catching his breath back.
At this point my dick was oozing with precum and I tried catching it all without touching my tool for fear of blowing it all over Ben’s floor.
Him on the other hand was starting to recuperate and without warning just as he pulled the cucumber out of his ass a loud fart resounded as it exited his hole. He stood up in a jolt embarrassed hoping that nobody heard that mighty sound and I flew back to Jasmin’s room hoping he didn’t catch a glimpse of me spying on him through the keyhole.

"So??" Jasmine asked excitedly as I closed the door behind me
I looked at her not knowing what the hell i should say at this point.

"It looks like you enjoyed it anyways" she smirked pointing at my perpendicular leaking pole.

"He..was definitely naked…" I started saying to her as I reached to crawl back in bed

"Whoah stop!" she gestured to me


"You’re like a leaky cauldron right now Johann.." "And these are clean bed sheets.."

"Oh.. yeah sorry.. I’ll just wipe it o.. »

"Ahhh wait a second" she said as I stopped in my tracks curious by her thoughts.

"I have a proposition.." she continued with a bit of playfulness in her voice "Since it’s agreed that we’re never going to date again..why don’t I make it.. official?" with a slight hesitation in her voice;

" oook...and what do you mean by official?" I questioned,

She stood silent for a bit as she tried to figure the right words but ended up huffing a short sigh and just crept forwards on her knees and my dick flinched when as she grabbed my warm wet dick between her fingers.

"Just.. imagine I’m Ben.." she reassured to me;

I was a bit shocked by her move but Ben’s naked body was too fresh in my mind to even care about it.
She enclosed her lips around my shaft and my dick jolted a bit more shooting additional precum out from it’s tip.
I imagined myself opening the door into Ben as he steps out of the shower and before I know it he is on his knees tasting with his warming mouth and playful tongue sweeping over every surface while my tip gently touches the inner walls of his mouth. He starts bopping his head back and forth and I feel my cock twitching hard right before I shoot with a mighty groan a long thick stream of cum down the back of his throat followed by what seems a never ending fountain of juice until his mouth fills up and cum runs down his slender chest.

"mmmh…Johann!. »

He can talk too?
I snapped back to reality into the dimly lit room standing besides the bed with a well spent dripping dick.

"oh my god! I’ve never seen so much cum!" Jasmin exclaimed as she worked with her hands to scoop some semen leakage on her body before eating
it without thinking twice about it.

« I don’t know what you saw in that shower but holy fuck that got you pumped up!" she smirked at me before taking my dick back in her mouth to suck it sparkling clean.

"And you must love those sheets of yours.." I replied standing there nonchalantly before she pulled me back in the warm bed.

"Just spending some last good times with you as my..boyfriend..sort of.."
I pulled the blanket over myself before creeping into sleep mode.

"Yeah whatever, this will never work between us anyways but you’re still my best friend Jas’!" I quietly said to her.

"And you’re like a big brother to me.." she said as she couldn’t hold her sniggering back anymore,
"Mmmmh, gross as usual" I laughed back to her before she hugged me hard from behind and kept squeezing until sleep started to fully take over…

Back to the present.
I woke up at 6am this morning without any alarm, I think I know why.. The first thing that came into my mind was the fact that I’m going to meet Ben tonight and TRY to get close to him, like properly close.
My mind was racing as I lay there in bed watching the sky getting lighter, it’s the end of March and the weather is getting warmer each week to my great satisfaction, this means I can spend more time in the garden building my treehouse which has sort of come to a halt during the winter.. Oh and it also means I definitely have more chance of seeing Ben in like thin clothings and shorts! VERY HOT!

I got up from bed half an hour later and spent the entire morning getting my shed tidy and noting everything I needed in order to start building the wooden railing on my treehouse. All that exists now is a rather large wooden platform built between 3 thick tree arms suspended nearly 4 meters into the air.
This went on until my mom called for lunch, it was just the two of us today, my dad is away for work 1 week at a time and he comes back on monday mornings.

"So, are you excited for tonight?" my mom asked curiously as my eating pace started to slow down after the raging hunger I was enduring earlier,
I find it very hard to answer honestly and without being a little bit irritated as she is not aware that I’m gay, like I can’t talk freely about my life, there are always secrets I have to keep for myself which stops me from being.. myself.

« Yeah, I just have to get my appetizers ready and get dressed then I’m all good » I stated back,

« Oh yes! And don’t forget your to wear you nice shoes on! » she reminded me

« yeah I know I know »

« And who are you going to be dancing with? » she pushed on getting to the sensitive part of the conversation
I wanted to say out loud ‘I wanna dance and be with Ben all night and then we can kiss and he’ll be my boyfriend forever!’ but that’s not something I’m going to risk right now..

« Don’t know, probably with Mrs Heinkern » I said jokingly, Mrs Heinkern was my awful, mean and grim looking geography teacher I detested. She never said anything nice, was always so uptight with the curriculum that she followed by the letter and avoided any communication with her students outside classes by completely ignoring them. So yes, a delightful lady…

« Don’t be silly! You better make your moves Johann, or you’ll regret it forever. » she said leaving the table leaving me more anguished than ever!
I packed up the dishes and went to my room so I could have some thinking time on my own.
I closed the door behind me and looked at myself in the mirror hoping to find some confidence. I definitely wasn’t bad looking, I had blond sweeping hair, brown eyes, a bit of tan, a bit of abs and a very good looking cock. It’s just that I get nervous and loose some confidence when I’m in front of benji, not all my confidence but I’m definitely not at my best.
And was he really interested in me the same way I’m interested in him?? Jasmin would say ‘meh’ but her vote doesn’t count cause she just likes annoying me except I have no one else to ask except for Ben of course.

I lay down on my bed to rest my mind and my body, I just wanted to get this over with! It’s stressful.
I fell into what seemed like a deep sleep full of strange, very strange dreams with absolutely no meaning whatsoever, I would have strong feelings of joy, fear and love of things I encountered but made absolutely no sense if you would place it in the real world. Thankfully I later woke up at around 5 pm feeling completely rested and ready to take over the world, Yes! Tonight is gonna be a great night!

At 7 pm I was walking towards my car with a large plate of ‘delicatesses' I fabricated earlier, did I tell you about my car? Well before my grandfather passed away, he used to drive every weekends with me in it, I loved that car! The roaring sound it made, the stunning looks it gave off and just a fabulous cocktail of sensations came about every time you drove it. I closed the door and turned on the engine as it roared into life, for those of you who want to know it’s name you can open the drivers manual and find the words 1971 DeTomaso Pantera GTS showing up. That’s all i’m going to say.
After setting my mirror I shifted into first and roared off onto the open road with a thousand expectations running through my head…

A suivre...
To be continued...

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Benji & Me Gay Romance story

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