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Mr. Martin

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Rape, School

Author: littleirishprincess

Published: 29 December 2017

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My freshman year of high school I joined the drama club. I worked with my friend Justin in the set design department. Neither of us was into acting really, but we both liked working on sets. Justin enjoyed being able to use his hands and I liked having an opportunity to spend time with Justin. Justin and I had been friends since we were young and recently I started to realize how sexy I found him. He was a few years older than me with floppy brown hair and adorable blue eyes. The only problem was he has a girlfriend. Sammy was the jealous type so the only real opportunity I had to spend time with Justin was in drama club.

This particular afternoon Justin and I were putting together bleachers for Grease. Knowing we were going to be working alone that day I put a real effort into looking cute. I had my long red hair pulled back into two French braids. We had a uniform but once I got out of my last class I unbuttoned the first few buttons of my top and rolled up my skirt a bit. I also had on my cutest bra and pantie set, they were pink with black poke a dots and the bra was a push up, that made my A cup breast look like Bs or Cs. It was hot work putting together the sets so after a half an hour or so Justin and I sat down to take a break. We were drinking water and leaning on the bleachers when Justin flicked a wet paint brush at me.

“Cut it out!” I yelled as I ran away from him.

“I’m going to get you Molly.” He chased after me through the empty auditorium. As I ran I made the mistake of running through an aisle. I could not go as fast with the seats making the lane tight. “Got you!” he laughed as he grabbed me from behind having dropped the paint brush during his chase.

“No fair” I said “Your too fast on the track team and everything.” Justin and I had always horsed around with each other when we were kids, but this was the first time in a long time he has done anything like this. I tensed as I realized he hadn’t let go of me. I squirmed around in his arms trying to turn to face him. Once I worked my way into his arms I looked into his eyes. Then he pushed me down a bit until we were sitting side by side.

“Look at you, growing up so fast on me.” Justin said as he placed a hand on my thigh. I was so excited I could barely bring myself to breath. I closed my eyes and leaned in a bit, hardly able to believe I was going to get my first kiss. My throat was so dry all of a sudden and all I could think about was how chapped my lips felt.

But before anything could happen I heard the door slam. “Mr. Sullivan, Miss. Cain! Get up here this instance!” Mr. Martin our drama teacher was as the door. Sheepishly, Justin and I made our way to the front of the auditorium, my heart racing the entire time. I’ve always been a little bit afraid of Mr. Martin, he was young for a teacher most likely still in his 20’s and a lot of the girls in my class thought he was hot. I was honestly more intimidated by him than anything. He was probably over six feet tall and pretty muscular. He wore his dark hair short and his dark eyes always seemed to be watching me.

“Do you feel this kind of conduct is befitting of a young man and lady from St. Gregory’s school?” He asked when we got to the front.

“No, sir” Justin and I mumbled in unison and we stood there looking at our feet.

“Mr. Sullivan, please go to my classroom. I expect you to clean the whole room and really think about what it means to be a St. Gregory’s Crusader. I would also like an essay on how a gentleman should act around a young lady on my desk tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, sir.” Justin said as he left the room.

That wasn’t too bad I thought to myself, I don’t mind cleaning and I can whip out an essay like that quickly. I breathed a sigh of relief.

“What was that Miss. Cain?” Mr. Martin asked.

“N-n-nothing,” I stammered, as I shifted from foot to foot. I tried to look up and meet his glare but I was too intimidated.

“For a young lady like you I think a different punishment is in store.” He said. “Do you think I should let your parents know about this lapse in judgement? I didn’t think they sent you to Catholic school just to have you spread your legs for the first boy who shows an interest.”

I stood there too terrified to say anything. My dad would kill me if he found out about this. That would be the end of being able to see Justin, or any of my friends really.

“Well, should I.” Mr. Martin barked when I didn’t answer.

“N-n-n-no, sir.” I replied timidly. Against my will tears started to fall down my face.

“Well, then what would a fitting punishment for a little slut like you? Maybe I should teach you about the dangers of attracting a man’s attention. Let you see what happens to little whores who walk around the school with their shirts unbuttoned . How about that, Molly?” He jeered.

“Please don’t” I whimpered.

“Well it’s either that or I call your parents which would you prefer?” He returned.

“You can’t call my parents.” I cried. In my head I pictured my dad screaming at me, there was nothing that terrified me more than he did. It has been years since he has spanked me, but I knew he would not go easy on me for something like this.

“All right” he said has he grabbed my shoulder pulling me close to him. “Where should I start?” He questioned under his breath. I was too petrified to say anything, or even move. I kept my eyes shut tight praying this would all be over soon. Still holding my shoulder with one of his hands he started caressing the side of my face with the other one. He wiped at the tears running down my face and muttered, “Now that’s a good girl, be still.”

Then I felt his lips on mine. Soft a first, laying gentle kisses on my lips. I stood as still as possible hoping that if I did not move he would grow board with me soon. Slowly his lips became more insistent. He sucked on my lower lip and then nipped at it. It was soft but the surprise of it made me gasp. That was the opening he was looking for. He rammed his tongue into my open mouth and explored my mouth. His hand worked its way down my back and aggressively cupped my ass. His lips left me mouth and made their way along my cheek up to my ear. He bit my earlobe and then growled into my ear. “We can either do this the easy way or the hard way sweetie. Easy way, you play along like a good slut and I let you go home with your dignity intact. Or the hard way, you stand here like a cold fish and I fuck you hard in every one of your holes.” I tried to answer but all I could get out with a sniffle. “Answer me you little slut, or I’ll answer for you.”

I screwed up my courage and whispered, “The easy way.”

“Good answer, Molly” he replied. His pulled away from me and grabbed my hand. “Let’s go back stage” He said pulling me with him. Knowing it was useless to resist and hoping to get home soon I followed him into the small dark room. He sat down on a folding chair and said “Knee down sweetie, I am going to show you how to pleasure a man. If you are good all you need to do is use your hand.”

Nodding, I knelt down in front of him. I could see his pants were tented from where his erect penis was struggling against them. “Unzip my pants Molly” he commanded. With a shaking hand I unbuttoned the top button and pulled down the zipper. “Now pull my penis out.” I worked it through the hole in his boxers and out through his fly. Erect in front of me his penis had to be at least eight inches. I had never seen one before I my life, but this seemed huge. “Grab the base” he said, his hand guiding mine over his cock. Slowly he started moving it up and down, and squeezing my hand harder around his cock. He grunted as I worked his penis faster and faster.

“Now, nobody likes a dry hand job, Molly. Lick your hand and keep going.” I pulled my hand off of his penis and spit on it. I grabbed him again and continued pumping him. “Faster and tighter, babe.” He muttered his eyes screwed up. I continued rubbing his penis up and down going as fast as I could. Liquid started leaking out of the top his penis, I used that to get him wetter. He moaned and groaned as I continued but eventually my wrist started getting sore. I started slowing down. He opened his eye and said “Did I tell my little slut she could slow down?”

“N-n-n-no” I whimpered.

“Open your mouth.” He commanded. I did and he pushed my head down over his hard cock. “Suck me, little sluts who can’t give a hand job need to suck cock Molly.” His cock was overwhelming. I tried my hardest to suck him. At first only a few inches of his cock were in my mouth. I pretended it was a Popsicle and suck as hard as I could. Salty liquid flowed into my mouth making me want to gag but I continued sucking not wanted to make Mr. Martin any angrier. His hand was on the back of my head slowing pushing my head lower and lower on his cock. I continued sucking until it hit the back of my throat. I couldn’t breath and was gagging so hard. I pushed him off of me.

“I’m sorry,” I whimpered. “I can’t do it. You’re too big to fit.”

“Well if you can’t get me off with your hand or your mouth I know what you’re going to need to do” He said. Then he commanded me, “Lie down.”

Trembling I lay down on the floor. I thought I knew what he was going to do, but I was too petrified to do anything but obey. He got on top of me and pushed up my skirt. “Tell me what happens to little sluts who can’t suck.” He growled. I couldn’t respond. “They get fucked in their tight little pussies Molly. Say it.”

I slowly repeated it back to him through my tears. “That’s right Molly, just remember you deserve this.” he said as he pulled down my tights and underwear all at once. He held me down with one hand, while his other hand rubbed up and down my pussy. Despite myself and my fear I started feeling a tingling down there as his rough hands ran over my clit. He pushed a finger into inside me. I gasped at the unexpected feeling.

“My little slut is nice and wet for me isn’t she?” He laughed. “I knew you weren’t a good girl, a good girl would never be this dripping.” Slowly he pumped the finger in and out of my pussy. Just as I started getting used to the feeling of it he added another finger and moved even faster. It felt like I was being split in two, but there was also a hint of pleasure in the feeling. I started rocking my ass a little bit to match his motions and get his fingers deeper in me. “You like that don’t you Molly”

All I could let out was a squeal. The combination of pleasure, pain, and humiliation was overwhelming. Mr. Martin’s fingers got slower and then he pulled them out altogether. He placed the tip of his penis at my pussy lips and slowly started pushing in. His fingers were nothing compared to this, the pleasure I had felt from them was gone; replaced by the overwhelming pain of having my pussy stretched to the limits. Still he pushed on centimeter by centimeter until his cock was entirely inside on me. Then he slowly started to move it in and out. He was just barely moving it out and then pushing himself back in, but even that was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe I was lying on the backstage floor getting fucked by my drama teacher. I started crying in earnest.

“Don’t fucking cry you whore!” Mr. Martin growled. Then he slapped me across the face. Any semblance of control he seemed to have before was lost. Quickly he pulled his cock almost all the way out of me, before slamming it back into me. He repeated this again and again never slowing even a bit. I continued to cry as his balls slapped my pussy lips again and again. The pain was unbearable, but there was nothing I could do but lay back and take it.

“Ohhhh god” he groaned at the end as his hot cum filled me pussy. He pulled out and wiped his cock on my skirt. “If you ever tell a living soul what we did, I will make this seem like a gentle kiss.” He said. Then he got up and left the room, leaving me crying alone on the floor his cum slowly leaking out of my spent pussy.

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