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  1. Game Of Thrones
  2. Game Of Thrones ch2

Game Of Thrones

Categories Mature, Lesbian, Bestiality, Male / Female

Authror: BF

Published: 02 January 2018

  • Font:

Chapter 1 – Osha + Shaggydog + Summer

It was always cold in the forest for Osha as she had no one to cuddle up with to keep her warm and comfort to be with someone who she could love with all her heart she looked over at the sleeping Hodor who had Bran and Rickon Stark wrapped around his arms to keep them nice, safe and warm.

Osha looked over to her right watching as Jojen and Meera Reed were resting side by side it was so cold she could feel her breath coming out of her mouth she then saw Bran and Rickon Direwolves Shaggydog and Summer side by side at least they had long soft fur to keep each other warm too she through she slowly stood up and stretch her back as quietly as possible not daring to wake any of the others she slowly walked away form the group.

She walked an few miles away form the group so she could have some privacy to herself where no one could see what she was doing she begin to take off her clothes and her pants she sat up against an tree as she put two fingers into her cunt to where she let out an quiet moan of passion she needed this for an long time she hadn’t had sex for an long time well expect she got to screwed Theon Greyjoy he was sort of all right not the best she ever had in her life.

Osha begin to really push her fingers into her pussy now as her moan kept getting louder and louder she pray that no one would hear her or see her she then added an three finger into her pussy to which she moaning like crazy and let out an few scream as well.

Osha begin to franstic about Robb Stark and his long dick how she wish she could have fuck him before he went to the war after he heard what had happen to his father she could have kissed him all over his face make him more horny than ever they could have fucked for hours and hours she was nearly done fingering heraelf as her orgsam was coming fast and hot she let out an loud filled moan of passion to which she groan as cum came out of her pussy..

She stood up and started to reach for her clothes when all of a sudden she could fear two pairs of eyes on her only a few feet away form her.

Osha called our who there come on out right now or otherwise I’ll kill you quickly before you can blink.

The two pairs of eyes step out of the darkness as it was Shaggydog and Summer standing before her nude body she sigh in relief as the sight of the two direwolves in front of her she bend down to grab her clothes but stop in her track as she caught sight of their hard on cock underneath their furs.

She stood in front of the direwolves horny than ever she walked toward them reaching her hands out to touch both of them they didn’t hesitate as their heads touch both of her hands and give each of them an lick she petted them for an whole not noticing that Shaggydog was looking right at her pussy he saw drop of cum hitting the soft forest floor.

She whisper sexily to Shaggydog you want my pussy boy cause it all your as long as I can have your dick in my pussy she bend down in front of Shaggydog as he got on top of her she moan with passion at the weight of the black wolf on her body she braced for impact as his dick enter his pussy with great forced.

She moan wildly as Shaggydog begin humping her like crazy she could feel that big dick slam her pussy which made her scream oh Hell Yeah Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me yes yes Yes oh that feel Fucking great don’t you fucking stop Shaggydog let out an deep growl which she moan to god she love this horny beast fucking her like crazy it was turning her on more and more.

She yelled Oh Oh yes god fuck me FUCK ME Shaggydog filled me up with all that hot cum of your he snarl on her neck as he finally pushed into her cunt released all of his cum into her she moan as he let out an howled of passion as Osha opened her eyes she saw Summer standing right in front of her face.

Osha got right into Summer face and breath on his face don’t worry handsome I didn’t forget about you he moved a little closer until they were face to face Summer let out an low growl which made Osha moan like crazy she pant I was to fucking kiss you right here and now let me feel that sexy tongue in my mouth right now.

Summer growl as Osha grab a hold of his face and brough his lips to her she moan into his mouth feeling his sharp teeth and his tongue to which he join her tongue in an makout hot passion kiss he growl and snarl into her mouth to which Osha held his face she moan and moan in his mouth as he took control of the kiss this make Shaggydog horny again and he started pumping his dick into her pussy once more.

Osha pulled away form Summer to catch her breath oh fuck Fuck Holy Fuck yes yes god you direwolves are the greatest fuck in the whole wide world she moan as she looked into Summer eyes he growl at her and begin to kiss her again which made her grab his face moaning like crazy into his mouth Shaggydog let out an loud howl as he filled his dick Into her pussy again making her cum once more.

Osha was moaning like an hot wilding in summer mouth she panted yes yes oh fuck yes so good so good hmmmmmmm as she was kissing Summer with all her passion she finally pull apart and sigh your turn Summer I want to feel that cock in my pussy right now.

Summer growl at Shaggydog to get off her body to which he went over to an tree to relax after his long fuck with Osha.

Summer walked behind her and got on all four his dick was nice and ready as he slam his dick right into her pussy she let out an loud moan Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssssss fuck me summer make me the happiest bitch in the world you go baby make me cum like crazy.

Summer snarl as he speed up his movement as she moan oh oh OH OH Don’t Don’t Stop God Yes OH OH OH Summer howled alongside her as they cum together but Summer wasn’t done yet he pick his speed another time and fuck Osha like his bitch Shaggydog was watching with an shocking expression on his face.

Osha yelled Summer Summer SUMMER Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Oh Fuck Yes Good Direwolf Oh you and Shaggydog make me so happy tonight oh babies yes y’all fucking did OH OH she felt the biggest orgsam of her life coming out of her summer growl with sastifation as he released his cum into her as she let out an ghill scream of pure pleasure and happiness to which she was tried as fuck.

Osha collapses on the froest floor summer lay on top of her while Shaggydog came toward them he looked at Osha with an growl of happiness lowing his face to Osha to which she took his face and kissed him passionately on the lips she moan into his mouth as well god she loves these direwolves more and more.

She pull apart form Shaggydog and said that was the best fuck in my entire life thank you both for that could you both please keep me warm for the night since it so cold out here I need two strong wolfs to protect me form the scary white walkers pretty please maybe I’ll reward you both if you’ll save me form one how does that sound to y’all.

Shaggydog and Summer got on top of Osha where she sigh with passion these direwolves were all her now and forever and nothing was gonna take them away form her as long as she lived.

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Game Of Thrones

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