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  1. Mom, I'm Sorry
  2. Mom, Mom's Friend and the Fair

Mom, I'm Sorry

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: tom8899

Published: 04 January 2018

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My name is Danny, I am 19 years old and pathetically still living at home with my mother. I graduated from high school last year and instead of going to college, I got a job working nights at a local factory. I guess I've never left home because I would feel guilty leaving my mom alone in this house. My father split as soon as she got pregnant and she put her dating life off so that she could raise me. My mom is 39 and it has just been her and I for as long as I can remember. She is around 5'7 and if I had to guess, I'd say around 140 lbs. She isn't skin and bones but no where near fat. She has long brown hair, brown eyes, and subtle tanned skin. Growing up, my friends would always tease me about my mom being hot and wanting to fuck her but I never thought much about it. We all teased each other about moms, it was just our way of passing time. I've never really thought my mom was attractive, but what boy is attracted to his mother? In fact, I really never even considered the fact that she is a woman, she was just...mom. I'm not sure where I get my looks from, no one has ever said I looked liked my mom, or anyone for that fact. I am 6'7, brown hair, and blue eyes. I don't have an athlete's body but I am somewhat muscular. I often get complimented on my arms and shoulders but I do pack some loven in the middle.

Things around our house have always been pretty conservative. We both keep fully clothed in each other's presence, she never gave me the speech on the birds and the bees, I never indulge information about my sex life, and she doesn't ask. It's what I would call a pretty typical mother and son relationship. She has always worked hard to provide for me, instill good values, and direct me towards a better life...which makes what happened a few weeks ago very bizarre.

I got home from work around 7:30 in the morning. Mom was still asleep so I heated up some leftovers for breakfast. As I waited for the microwave, I couldn't help but notice that I was a little aroused and needing relief. So after I ate, I headed for the shower to clean up and rub a quick one out. As I pulled down my boxers, my half erect dick stretched free. I wouldn't say I am huge but more average. A good seven inches of man meat awaited relief. I have a pretty active sex life but I still enjoy masturbating regularly, there are things you can do in fantasies that you can't in the real world. I often fantasize about my mom's best friend, Rebekka. She is around the same age and sexy as hell. She has a tall slender frame with blonde hair and green eyes. Her breasts are grapefruit size and always seemed to be perky, but her ass...ohhhh, her ass was amazing. During the summer, she would often come over in really short cutoff jean shorts. You could see the crease between her thigh and ass cheeks. To a teenaged boy, that might as well have been porn. There were a few occasions when Rebekka would babysit me at her house. I would always find a way to sneak a pair of her dirty panties into the bathroom and jerk off while smelling the crotch.

The fond memories of Rebekka now had my shaft at full attention. I jumped in the shower and immediately lathered up some soap on my hard cock. As I began stroking the head, images of Rebekka's panties flooded my brain. I could almost smell that sweet musk wafting from the panties that once cradled that delicious pussy. My strokes became longer and harder as the images continued. I could feel the all too familiar tingling in my ball sack as I prepared to explode. KNOCK! KNOCK! "Good morning honey, would you like some breakfast?" The images of Rebekka quickly evaporated and silence filled the air as I tried to gain my composure. "Honey?" Mom asked again. "Uh, no thanks mom. I already ate..about to head for bed." Immediately, my erection began to deflate. "Ok Danny, sleep well." Frustrated, I finished my shower and headed for bed. Once in my bedroom, I slipped on a pair of boxers and climbed into bed. I tried to resurrect the fantasy with Rebekka again, but I drifted off to sleep before I could.

Usually, the alarm on my phone is what I wake up to but I am being woke up to a hand shaking my shoulder. "Danny! Wake up! Danny!" Startled, I quickly sat up in bed. "What mom?" I said with irritation in my voice. "I'm sorry hun, but there is water filling up the basement floor!" I quickly jumped out of bed and headed down to the basement. As most men, I usually wake up with a raging hard on and this day was no different. However, in my urgency, I failed to realize this. As I reached the basement with my boxers holding back my beast, I found that my mother had exaggerated in her panic. In the corner of the basement I could see water dripping down from the frame of the house. I grabbed a pipe wrench and the step ladder and headed to the corner. I knew what the problem was, as I've dealt with it before. A pipe fitting had broke loose and needed to be tightened. Unfortunately, this one was behind one of the main beams and was not easily accessed. I climbed to the top wrung of the ladder and began reaching for the leak. As I reached, the ladder began to wobble so my mother quickly grabbed the ladder to stabilize it. In doing so, my still hard cock was right in her face. I tried to maneuver myself to allow her face distance from her son's hard on but I couldn't because of the tight space I was working in. Nervously, I continued to struggle with the pipe fitting, working the wrench from one hand to the other in short turns. Constantly having to reposition my feet for balance, I could feel my dick shifting in my boxers, and before I realized what was happening, my manhood fell through the gap of my boxers.

My hard cock is now bare and inches away from my mom's face. "Oh fuck!" I thought to myself. I couldn't get my hands out to put my animal back in the cage, but all of the sudden, I felt a soft hand grab my shaft and guide it back into my boxers. Surprisingly, I felt incredibly aroused. "That's your mom, you sick fuck!" I thought to myself. My cock now harder than ever, I continued to work with the thought of my mom grabbing my cock. Nonchalantly, I purposely began to wiggle around so that my dick would once again pop out. As before, my mom grasped my hard on in the palm of her hand. As she guided it back to it's cover, I gently thrusted my cock in her hand. My mom paused for a moment, holding me in her hand before she placed it back in my boxers. I don't think I have ever been so aroused in my life! How can my mother's touch have such a seductive effect on me?

I now had the fitting tightened up but continued to act as if I was still working on it. "Is everything okay Danny?" My mom asked as she peered up at me. "Yeah mom, just hard to work in such a tight space." With that, I began to wiggle my manhood free again. This time, as I felt it fall free, I immediately thrust forward at her face, brushing my erection across her lips. "What are you doing to your mom?" I thought to myself. Before I could reason, I did it again but this time her hand catches my cock. I couldn't help but to let out a soft moan, reach down, and place my hand on top of hers. Softly, I guide her hand down my cock but in a sudden instance, she jerked her hand away causing me to lose my balance and fall to my ass. As I sit in the floor, I see her staring at me in horror. "Danny, what was that about? I am your mom!" I sat in shame as she continued, "I cannot believe you would do that! Completely inappropriate!" With my erection still in full view, I apologize, "I'm sorry mom. I'm not sure what came over me. You are right, it was inappropriate." I knew full well what I did and while I felt a little guilty, I wasn't sorry. My mom's face was red with anger and embarrassment as she said nothing and walked back upstairs.

I made my way back to my feet and tucked my cock away. I walked back upstairs to find my mom staring out of the kitchen window. With her back to me, she must not have heard me walk in. I took a moment to notice that my mom was in fact, a woman. I could now see what my friends saw. She was wearing a robe that reached her mid thighs, her legs looked soft and smooth. The robe caressed her curves with delicate care. I could instantly feel my groin tightening again as stare breathlessly at my mom. I quietly stroll across the kitchen floor towards her, my cock proudly leading the way. As I stand behind her, I take a deep breath wrap my arms around her shoulders careful not to press my erection against her fine ass. Startled by my caress, my mom tensed her body in disapproval. I softly leaned to her ear and said, "I love you and I'm sorry momma." After a moment, I felt her body relax and her hand softly patted mine which were now locked together above her breasts. As we stood there in silence, I could smell the alluring scent of her perfume, teasing my sexuality and provoking my carnal instincts.

My cock bulging with anticipation as I slowly bring my hips forward to her. As the tip of my manhood is about to make contact, I firmly thrust into her ass, burying my dick against her. Mom quickly jumps and spins around in my arms so that we are face to face. She places her hands on my chest and sternly says "Danny! No! Let gggg...". Before she could finish her sentence, I lean in and force my tongue into her mouth. I feel her hands push against me, trying to push me away but I stand firm. My tongue searching for hers, her nails dig into my chest as I grind my cock against her pelvis. My hand slowly rises to the back of her head and pulls her in tighter. Her hands slowly begin to weaken, her moans of disapproval slowly become moans of pleasure. Her tongue is no longer running from mine as her hands run up my chest to caress my cheeks. I can feel her gently thrusting back towards me as we passionately kiss. I slide my hand down to the tie on her robe and release the knot, exposing her white t-shirt and panties. Her panties are bikini cut, black satin, with white trim. I place my hand between her legs and begin massaging her mound from outside her panties. Mom lets out a low grow into my mouth. I can feel the moistness beginning to seep through her panties as I rub her with intent. I place my thumbs in the panty line on each hip and guide her panties to just above her knees. "OMG! Mom shaves her pussy!" I exclaimed to myself.

I begin kissing my way down mom's neck, lifting her shirt to expose her round breast. Her nipples the size of quarters, I inhale one into my mouth. Gently trapping it between my teeth, I tickle her nipple with the tip of my tongue. Her nails digging into the back of my head, so I clamp down a little harder before releasing it. I run my tongue down the center of her stomach. "Oh, baby." I hear her moan. I approach her smooth silky pussy and I can smell her womanly musk. I softly kiss around her lips, teasing her sexual desires. Then slowly, I spread her lips with my tongue in search for her swollen clit. Mom's body jerks as my tongue meets her womanhood. I suck her clit between my lips as I flick my tongue against her hood. Mom gently pushes against my head, "No Danny..mmmm...this wrong. Sooo...ahhh...wrong." As I slide a finger inside her wet pussy, she suddenly pushes away and pulls me up by my head. "We can't! It's already gone to far. You are my son...I am your...." she said as she turn back to the window. Unaffected, I place some of my saliva in the tip of my cock, place my hand on the back of her neck, and guide my cock to the lips of her soaking hole. Mom tried to squirm away but I strengthened my grip on her neck and thrust my dick inside her. As I bottomed out in her glory, I let out a growl as if I was an animal attacking it's prey. Mom's hand reach behind her, grabbing my ass cheek and pulling me in deeper. "No baby, don't...oh yes...no! Mmmm." I could sense her confusion, I shared the same confusion. I knew we shouldn't be doing this, it felt wrong...but that's what made it feel so amazing. I began slowly pumping my shaft inside her, feeling her pussy clinch around my slippery cock. Mom's hands were now in front of her, bracing herself against the countertop, thrusting her ass into me with every stroke. "Oh mom, you feel so fucking good!" I moaned. "Harder Danny! Fuck momma harder!" Her words pierced my loins like a dagger as I began pounding my cocker harder inside her. My hands fall to her hips as I pull her on me with every thrust, I can feel her pussy tensing when all of the sudden, Mom stands up straight. Photos http://cpmlink.net/zS0PAA My cock slides out of her, covered in her juices. She pushes her panties to her ankles and steps out of them. As she turns around, she gives me a devilish grin and walks over to the dining room table. Mom sits down on the table and seductively signals me to come to her with her finger. I turn to her with my dick proudly standing in full view, her eyes lock onto my manhood as I stroll to her. Licking her lips, she grabs my dick and guides it between her legs, "If we are going to do this, I at least want to see my son's face." With that, she pulls me back inside her and lays back on the table. Mom lifts her knees to her chest and moans, "Fuck me boy!" I couldn't help but notice how eager and untamed my mom had become. I violently thrust my cock in and out, punishing the pussy that once gave me life. "Oh fuck! Momma! Oh God!" I moaned as I continue to rack her pussy. "That's it! That's how mommy likes it baby! Faster!" She demands. I pace quickens and our bodies clap together in an erotic rhythm. "FASTER!" I feel her pussy tightening around my cock, her hands grip the edge of the table, she arches her back, the veins in her neck begin to swell, "OH FUCK! MOMMY IS GONNA CUMMM!" Mom lets out a loud moan as I hold my thrust deep inside her. Her body twitches with pleasure as she lays on the table with her eyes closed. As she basked in the glory of her climax, I slowly begin pumping my dick inside her, "It's my turn momma." Mom lifted her head and grinned. I quickened my pace and feel her juices soaking my balls. She laid her head back down and said, "That's right baby, fuck your momma's pussy!" Again, her words went right through me and I began fucking her harder. "OoOo! Does my baby like me talking dirty about his mommy?" She asked playfully. "Come on baby, give mommy your hard cock! Let me feel my son's cock pound me!" Instantly, I feel that tingle in my balls and begin pumping faster. "Oh man, I'm about to cum momma!" At that moment, mom placed her feet on my chest and pushed me away. I stood their with confusion swirling in my eyes. She then sat up, stood to her feet, and spun me around. She pushed me onto the table and kneeled between my legs. Looking up at me she says, "Momma wants a taste!" Mom placed the head of my cock on the edge of her lips, stroking her tongue along the hood of my dick. My toes curled as I let out a deep growl. I place my hand on the back of her head and guide her mouth down my shaft. She moans as her mouth fills with her son's meat. Her hand clasps the base of my cock and follows her mouth up and down my manhood. "Oh fuck, momma yes!" She quickens her pace and I can feel her tongue exploring ever inch of my piece. The tingle in my balls return and my legs begin to stiffen, "Mom, be careful...I am going to cum in your mouth!" Mom ignored my warning and as my climax inched closer, I tried to pull out of her mouth. Mom mimicked my movements, keeping my throbbing cock lodged deep within her mouth. I couldn't hold back any longer, my cock exploded and filled my mom's mouth with my warm cream. My body is completely stiff from climatic pleasure as mom milks my cock for every drop of its sweet nectar. Mom looks up me with a mouthful of me, winks, and swallows hard. Her act of porn blows my mind and I fall back on the table exhausted. Mom climbed up next to me resting her head on my chest. I lay there naked, trying to wrap my head around what just happened. Slowly, I felt my eye lids getting heavy and I drifted off to sleep on the table, next to mom.

When I awoke, I looked down to find I was alone and had been covered up. Mom must have went to the store or something...or maybe had to escape the shame. I couldn't help but notice an overwhelming since of guilt for my actions. I looked at the clock and saw that it was time to start getting ready for work. I took a shower, got dressed, and left for work as normal. Weeks later, mom and I have not spoke of or mentioned what happened that day. Things have been very awkward and uneasy, I can't help but regret the day....I fucked my mom.

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Mom, I'm Sorry

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