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Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 04 January 2018

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I am an old gaffer and have a regular routine in my life. It takes the place of having a woman to tell me what to do. Though somethings that a woman instructs me to do are just fine with me. But, lacking in one, I make do with my own ability to plan things out.

I am in relatively good shape for my age of in the seventies. But, I do have limitations due to work related overuse syndromes in my back and hip. So, I am careful to not aggravate them too much. I stay around my condo for much of the time and spend a lot of it on my computer writing my little stories.

I do get out of the condo on at least three days a week, though. Not counting for movies and dining out. They are on the three days a week that I go to do my walking at the mall, of which two of them I combine with my grocery shopping days.

Since, I spend so much time alone, I am always looking for opportunities to engage people in discussions on almost any topics that they chose to listen to. It is surprising how many will respond in this very friendly town. Even young women and mothers with babies will often take a few moments to share a few words with me. I dress in an easily identifiable manner to allay their suspicions and reasonable fears of strangers. I look very much like a retired cowboy, with my Clint Eastwood hat, my silver gray hair, my mustache and van dyke beard, my blue jeans and unironed dress shirt. I usually wear a light jacket, except for when we have nasty rainy weather up here.

As I wander around the store, I look people in the eyes and judge as to whether they would allow a comment by me. Since, I worked in the grocery industry myself and then was required to engage people by saying ,”Hello” or some such thing to sponsor a very welcome atmosphere in the store, I am very comfortable in engaging people in conversations. Because of racial tensions and prejudices, that people might think I am in favor of due to my dress, I am very aggressive about greeting people of different colors and ethnic backgrounds. I feel that people who feel welcome are much less likely to cause troubles in our society. I have gotten many gracious gestures from them in return to my showing of my interest in them.

One of the areas that I am especially garrulous in is at the check stands, especially if there is a long line. I have a favorite checker who is constantly amazed at how I can get people to respond to my conversation initiatives. Often I will say things like: “Boy, your cart looks a lot healthier than mine!” or “Your baby (or cat, dog or other pet) sure looks interested in his/her surroundings!” And the always reliable, “What special thing will you make with that combination of ingredients?”

Lots of people are just like water balloons bulging out full of water, that are just looking for an excuse to bust forth in sharing their thoughts. And it can be very humorous to see someone that once initiated, have trouble shutting down the conversation mode. Also, I have had some absolutely heart-warming things said to me by people who are lonely or repressed, in response to having someone address them in non-threatening discussions. I feel especially good after occasions like that.

At this point in life, I am a bit lonely, too. Oh, I have a couple of professional ladies that see me a couple times a month between them and fluff me up right properly. Much appreciated and enjoyed. But, they have lives of their own, and often boyfriends or even husbands, and are not available for just social kinds of things. Like movies and dining out, which I usually avoid unless I have someone to share the experience with. So, I am always looking for a social friend that doesn’t have to engage me in sensual things, but I am open to that, too.

On one occasion, there was a group of long lines at the check stand, with me having a first of the month shopping list that can be quite lengthy. My favorite checker is the favorite of a lot of people’s like I was when I worked in the industry. She is very married, rotund, smiley and a delight to be around. But, she is VERY married and sometimes a bit wistful about maybe wanting to associate with me, but she is very faithful to her man. Good for her. Doesn’t stop her from engaging me in conversations too with expressions of concern about my health and such because of my age and sometimes gentle teasing about my check stand conversations with her customers. She is not resentful, though, but amazed at them at times.

This time with the long lines, there was an older lady, about the same age as me. She was behind me and we were four large grocery cartfuls back from check stand salvation with our paying up. She was with a young woman, perhaps a granddaughter or caregiver. And in somewhat of a dither over the long line. Not like she or I were likely to have any grand plans that were causing the soles of our feet to burn in anticipation.

So, Irma the checker looked over at me as I sized up the older lady and awaited for what grandiose gesture I would use today to initiate a conversation with this age appropriate lady this day.

I started with, “Boy the lines are sure longer than usual today.” And with a slight frown from Irma, awaited a response from the gray-haired lady. She looked sort of surprised at someone maybe talking to her, not sure if I meant it to be to her.

So, to let her off the hook or let her advance her interest, I nodded to the young lady and addressed the older one with, “But, I know that Irma will get us through very quickly.” Smile from Irma and an even bigger one from the senior citizen lady.

One customer ahead of us was gone then. I let her know then that I was a regular in the store and had lived in the town for about six years. But hadn’t made any real friends yet. Then I let that percolate with her for a few minutes. After I saw that she wanted to talk, but just couldn’t get the words out, I inquired of her as to where was a good place to meet friendly people of our age group. And that lit the fire, to Irma’s amusement and the young lady’s surprise, because this lady must probably be living like I do, mostly alone and at least somewhat lonely.

“You might try the Senior Center here in town or one of the churches. They can be very friendly indeed to those that they get to know. People are also quite friendly at the bay front and lake side beaches, too, if they are approached respectfully.” There it was, the limitation factor. She was now engaged with me enough to offer suggestions and a concern of hers with my addressing her. Good start.

Actually, I already knew of all of these things and had much better results at the beaches and the mall than at the Senior Center, which seemed to be dominated by long-time members to the exclusion of anyone new. And I didn’t want to sit around with folded hands there or at any church for an extended time to allow them to come to a judgement about me.

But, this silver-haired lady was already showing a measured interest in me right then and was actively talking with me. So, now that I had primed the pump as it were, I let her off for another customer, to see if she would continue our discussion.

After waiting for a further comment of mine, she trying to find a topic to continue the connection with me asked if I had tried the internet dating scene. And I nodded to her, this is where Irma’s keen interest picked up too, “Yes I have in in years past had several very pleasant dates from there, but with my advancing age and the proliferation of scammers and other types of crooks, I have given up on that.” She seemed please do hear that.

It was now my turn to be checked out as the older lady was keenly inspecting my purchases, trying to deduce anything that she could learn about me without being too forward or obvious about it. I guess that I passed inspection, because as I moved forward to leave, she bumped into me, apologized and then thanked me for talking with her. I told her that it was my pleasure. And that was the total truth, too. The younger woman seemed relieved to see me go and in her regard, quit invading their space. I saw no such attitude in my contemporary, though.

When I got home and was busy putting my groceries away, a card of introduction dropped out of one of my bags. It had the name Hattie on it and a local phone number and email site. I smiled at the courage that it took to accomplish that.

So, I let things simmer for about three hours from my arrival at home to let things settle down at her place, also. And then I called her on the cell phone number supplied.

She seemed really glad that I called. She was probably one of the older generation that still believed that a woman should never call a man who wasn’t her son, father or husband.

She went on to tell me that she had enjoyed our little conversation in the checkout line and that she also survived the trip through her cash register offering. I noted the sense of humor as being very encouraging and told her so. To take her off the spot I told her that I would enjoy further conversations with her. And she replied that she would, too. So, I told her that the best time for me was between six and eight in the evening when I had my day’ toils complete and was still awake enough to carry on an intelligent conversation, I hoped. She said that that would be fine and that she would take my call on the next evening. Then we hung up, with me thinking and taking notes on topics that I could engage her with. A key one would be the young woman, who seemed very disturbed by my outreach to the older woman. I wanted to find out who she was and what authority did she have over the older lady’s matters.

We had four fine conversations over the next couple of weeks and then decided to meet in person on our first public date at the ROCKET’S DONUTS in Big Town on Westside downtown. She brought Elisa, her young woman attendant with her, and Hattie was dressed up in a very casual but striking ensemble, that showed off her feminine gifts very well without them being overly exposed. I noticed and she noticed that I noticed. She acknowledged this with a very vibrant smile.

We then entered into a detailed discussion of what we like to do, and found many correspondences. We both liked to go out for entertainment, movies and shows at the Mt. Beaver Theater. We shared an interest in card games, particularly cribbage which is generally asserted to be the finest card game there is for only two participants. It can accommodate more, if it is called for, too. And I related a humorous conclusion that I came to from my former marriage that cribbage is the best form of birth control that has ever been invented, since it virtually guarantees that one of the players goes to sleep angry.

She almost choked up her tea over that assertion, and then livened things up with a bit of gentlewomanly laughter. Elisa was noticeably irritated by that run of events, but Hattie just reached over and patted her hand, so she relented and calmed down. While Elisa was off to the restroom, she silently slipped me a card, which I immediately hid in my pocket to consider later. After that, we continued on our personal searches into each other’s areas of interest until she was ready to go. When we broke off the meeting, she gave me a very circumspect kiss and hug and then toddled off with Elisa trying to keep up.

When I got home, I considered the card’s message. It said in very prim writing for me to arrive at her home, address offered, at eight in the evening two days from then and to bring my gun with the trigger cocked. I took it that she was referring to my member, in this case.

When I arrived, she took me by the hand and led me right to the bedroom. I guessed then that I was right about the gun. And in a beautifully appointed bedroom arranged like a vision of a grander past, she slowly removed her outer bathrobe to reveal the woman inside of it in a lovely embroidered slip that clung to her spare frame like a second skin. She watched my eyes as I looked her over and when she determined that I was very pleased with her, she opened the covers to the bed, removed her slip and entered the bed in a naked state. I was totally amazed at this very proper lady in the public eye, and how she was acting now. A proponent of the, ‘lady in public, but slut in private adage of a previous age, evidently.’

Then under her gentle nudging, I brought myself up into her same condition and entered on the other side of the bed to be beside her. As my hands wandered over her body, I noticed that it was slim and very toned. At my eye inquiry, she smiled and told me, “Three days a week at the gym.” I nodded at that.

First she initiated the kissing which, I proceeded with in as gentle a fashion as I could muster up. She advanced that to brief and shallow tongue penetration into my mouth and then relaxed back to enjoy my next moves. I then lowered the covers to her apparently reawakened curious feelings and busied myself in inspecting her B-minus sized breasts, spread over her chest, only lightly pendulant and with nipples struck straight up. After gently caressing and kissing them, I started to suckle on her nips and she entered into a sensual dream world of sighs, moans and very quiet shrieks.

At that point there was a disturbance at the bedroom door with Elise rushing in to save her elderly charge from this stranger in her bed. She had apparently used her provided key, which right then Hattie decided to relieve her of, and then suffered from Hattie’s blazing eyes, “Elise,……… go find your own male toy to play with, this one is mine. And I will require you to deliver over the key that I lent to you, to be easier for you to attend on me. I am in no danger of all from this very gentle man, except for your forestalling the entering of him in to me with a resultant climax, I hope. So, be on your way and lock the door behind you with the key left on the table next to the door.” All delivered with a Lady’s ire and fiery temper.

Elise huffed up a bit, but then thought the better of it, and then did as Madam had commanded.

“She means well, but just seems to not get that I am not an invalid and her daughter. I can take care of myself. You know that she is desirous of you too, don’t you? I just might give her some time with you while I watch, if you would like it. But, right now, I want you to get busy and deliver me to paradise here in my bed.”

I smiled at her and remarked, “Yes Madame!”

Then I moved down on her and raised the covers so that I could see, feel and taste her pussy. She got real excited at this, because none of her husbands or lovers had ever went down on her. I didn’t linger long there, but made a fine impression as to what would come at later times, while I moved on to not wear her out to now get her much desired sensations accomplished.

She offered to anoint my member before entry and allowed me to do the same for her exterior and interior pussy. She was very precise and animated in her expressing her desire for my performance and used a number of ‘gutter’ expressions to accent them. When I got up into her vagina fully, she with worshipful eyes, declared her love for this service to her and I gently probed in and out of her tender woman’s body. Since this was the first time in decades for her, she came very quickly and apologized for that fact.

I just smiled and retorted, “This was for my service to my very proper and lovely lady.” She then simply melted into my arms to nap for a bit.

When I awoke, she was using her mouth on me evidently without her dentures and the sensations from that along with the powerful sucking actions on it, brought me very quickly, too. Then we rolled over in spoon fashion and slept away the night.

After a few weeks and many times together with her in her bed, we went shopping together for the first time. Elise was sitting in the back seat being somewhat resentful, so Hattie pulled over and asked me to please get into the rear seat to attend to the desperately needy young woman. Then she drove up and down back streets, while I kissed, sucked on and then fucked her up her pussy from behind with her sitting on my lap, to Madame’s evident approval. Elise then cleansed me off with her mouth and with her in a much more tractable state, Madame pulled over for me to resume progress to the store.

When we got into the store, we moved through the store with Irma seeing us a couple of times while she worked diligently at her job of checking people out. When we got to her line and were second to be up, she was ecstatic over seeing us holding hands and very comfortable together. She blurted out, before even finishing with her present customer, “Well, James, it appears that you got your dream girl, after all!!!”

I smiled up to her and nodded, and her customer looked around and noticing our apparent social propriety of being together, and smiled too. A courtesy clerk rushed up to take care of us, and even the manager smiled with the conclusion that I would be a much quieter customer now, though a still very appreciated one.

Shortly thereafter, Elise moved in permanently to take care of Hattie and me. Also to get her share of my cock, I supposed because she often did so in Madame’s bed with her observing the festivities. She never married, she was like our favored child. And took very good care of the two of us. I never sold my own condo, but stayed in it only up to two days a week, to give myself and Madame regular briefs rests from our sexual exploits, which soon moved on to anal sex, which she just loved. Especially, if I stayed in her as we slept through the night.

We never married, but remained a committed couple for the rest of our lives, which stretched out to a hundred and five years for me and a hundred and eight for her. She could have lasted longer I think, but probably just missed me so much in her bed and pussy.

As I had aged and then began to lose some of my intimate abilities; Hattie, who up to that time was an unknown (to me) wealthy lady, arranged for her doctor to send me to a urologist, who used a very expensive and dependable way to enhance my penetrating abilities. It involved using water introduced to artificial chambers in my penis that could be activated and released at our heart’s content from then on. She was very happy with this, as I was too. It prevented me having to resort to chemicals to accomplish this, thus doubtlessly extending my life span and activity in her very proper lady’s three ports of call.

We both left most of our fortunes to our previous children, but left the house to Elise, with enough income so that she could maintain herself there without ever having to work a day again for anyone else. Also, we had in mind for her to find her own gentleman lover to light up her later years, too

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