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Sophie - The Pussy Never Lies

Categories True Story, Asian, Consensual Sex, Interracial

Author: Andy Hall

Published: 04 January 2018

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I have a mate who reckons he's got yellow fever. He's Irish Australian like me, but he only likes Asian women. In fact he's married to one. I've never felt the same way, although I had to admit to him that there are a lot of Asian girls with very tidy little figures. I said to him once that if they start making Asian girls taller and with bigger tits, I might switch teams.

That was all before I started visiting brothels. In Melbourne, a lot of brothels are run by Chinese and only have Asian girls. You can find other races, but you don't have as much choice - of locations and girls - and a lot of European girls work privately and are more expensive. I started fucking Asian girls basically because it was cheaper and more convenient. It's not because I have a thing for Asian women.

In my experience, Thai girls have the best attitude to sex and sex work. They are usually beautiful and they are the most fun to fuck. I also like the Japanese girls. They are shy and conscientious, but know how to please a man. If you are paying a Japanese girl to fuck you, she's going to do a good job.

I could be wrong, because I've only fucked a couple of dozen Koreans, but they all seem to me to be tall with big tits. They are my ideal Asian women. Many of them are also energetic in bed, sexually aggressive and eager to please. It's a good combination.

* * *
I went down to the Colosseum at lunchtime one Monday. I didn't know it at the time, but it was the beginning of a big week. Victoria and Sophie were working.  Both Korean.  Both tall and statuesque, with long legs and big tits. I’ve fucked them both before.  Separately - but one day I'd like to have a threesome with both of them. But not today. Today, I chose Sophie. 
Sophie stands out in an Asian line-up.  She is tall, has lovely long legs and a perfect rack.  She is also very beautiful, albeit in a very Korean way.  She walks like a catwalk model and has a soft sexy voice.  She is the full package. 
She came back to get me and took my arm to lead me down the hall.  I felt like a winning contestant on a TV game show being led away by a model. 
“How are you?”  she said.
“How have you been?  I remember you, you’ve been with me before, haven’t you?  You probably don’t remember me.”
“Oh, I remember you alright.  I’m just surprised you remember me.’
“You probably don’t want me to remember you.”  That wasn’t true.  It was nice to be remembered - especially by a girl as beautiful and as popular as Sophie. 
She made chit chat.  Did I have the day off?  Had I had lunch?  The girls at Colosseum all seem to read off the same script. She turned on the shower for me while I undressed and left me to it. She disappeared into the girls’ bathroom and came back with a bath towel wrapped around her.  It was a cold day outside.  She looked sexy in a bath towel.  I prayed for it to drop.

It didn't. There is no god.
I dried and climbed on the bed.  She reluctantly took off the towel and started to rub her lovely fine hands over me.
“You are nice and warm,” she said.  She was warm too, but I was warmer.  She had not an ounce of fat on her slim frame to keep her warm.  Unlike me. 
I ran my hands over her smooth, soft, flawless skin.  She was very pale and had no tan lines.  Her curves were gorgeous.  She dropped low against me saying, “You are like a heater.”  She hugged me to warm herself.  Then she started kissing my nipples. 
"Your skin is so beautiful.”  Her shoulders, her arms, everything was beautiful and perfect.  Her beauty was turning me on and my erection bulged between us. 
“Thank you.”
She moved down my torso.  Kissing me as she went.  Her lovely breasts dragged over my cock.  I was now fully erect. 
“Oooh.  Big cock,’ she purred.  She grabbed a condom and put it on with professional ease.  I watched with anticipation as she grabbed my erection to put it in her beautiful mouth.  I was rigid and my cock did not want to bend back to her face.  She crawled forward and swallowed me. 
“Ohhhhhh,” I groaned.  I stroked her shoulders and her arms.  I loved the soft feel of her creamy smooth skin. I held her ponytail.  I wanted my cock to touch the back of her throat, but she would not take it in that far. 
She didn’t suck me for long because I was already hard.  She climbed aboard to ride me cowgirl.  Her tits were spectacular.  Not too big.  They looked done, but they weren’t.  There were no scars and they felt real.  She had nice small areola and pert little brown nipples. 
I grabbed her lovely narrow waist and held her as she positioned me at the entrance to her pussy. “Big cock,” she repeated as she slid slowly down it for the first time.
“Ooohhh you feel so good, Sophie.  You are so beautiful.”
“Thank you,” she said distractedly as she rode up and down on me.  “Mmmmm,” she groaned as she slid down.  I was rock hard.   She felt great.  I grabbed at her lovely hips and felt her thighs.  Every bit of her was beautiful to look at and lovely to touch. 
She rode up and down for a few minutes.  Then she asked to change positions.  We swapped places and I got in to missionary position to enter her short shaved pussy.  Her body looked amazing.  I slid inside her.  I studied her beautiful face and I ground into her pussy.  She kept her eyes open but she did not return my stare.  I was so hard I couldn’t feel the condom.  Her pussy was nice and tight.  I felt I could cum at the slightest provocation.  I tried to relax and slow down to prolong things.  It worked.  I could feel the head of my cock popping out of her tight pussy and then I thrust it all the way back in again.  I could feel every inch.  She moaned.  That feeling of every inch going in and out is something you don’t get very often with a condom on.
I lowered myself until I could feel the scratch of her bush and the bulging resistance of her big boobs.   I kissed her neck and she moaned softly.  I wrapped my arms around under her back and held her delicate shoulders in opposite hands.  My pecs moved over her breasts and our nipples rubbed against each other in a way that felt new and exciting.  She turned her face to the side and I buried my face in her hair and kissed her shoulder and her neck and her cheek. 
“You are such a beautiful woman,” I said quietly, close to her ear.  I revelled in the touch of her skin against mine and the feel of her pussy on my cock.  “Thank you” she breathed softly, and she put her arms around me and hugged me back.  I had the strange feeling that we were making love.  It struck me as odd and unlikely at the time, but that’s how it felt.  Sometimes you have to suspend your disbelief and go with the flow. 
After a few minutes of intimate fucking, I hoisted myself back up.  I sat back on my heels and lifted her lovely long legs in the air.  I watched my cock sinking into her pussy.  I held her legs behind her knees and pressed lightly as I leaned on her and fucked her.  I ran my hands up and down her beautiful smooth legs.  It occurred to me that Sophie is probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever fucked.  Others have had more voluptuous bodies with more sex appeal – she was a bit on the skinny side for me – but for outright exquisite beauty, I cannot think of a better complete package. 
She crossed her legs at the ankles and I moved them both over to my left shoulder.  Her perfect ass lifted off the bed as I leaned forward to penetrate her.  My hands were beside her breasts near her armpits.  She was pinned in that position.  I slammed into her repeatedly.  I watched her face to make sure she was not uncomfortable.  After a little while I pulled back.
“If this position is uncomfortable for you, just say.”
“No, it’s OK.”
I kept slamming her.  It felt really good.  I could have come like that, but I felt I would be missing out if I didn’t see her beautiful body in doggy position.
“Can we change to doggy?” 
I pulled out and climbed off the bed.
“Standing doggy?’ she asked.
“Yes please.”
She backed up to the edge of the bed on her hands and knees.  I let her guide my cock in to her tight little hole.  There were no problems and after one or two adjustments to get comfortable and be at the right height and the right angle, I was pumping away at her pussy, looking at her lovely asshole above my thick cock as it slid in and out. 
I paused once to feel her lovely narrow waist and grope around for her tits.  She hoisted herself up off her elbows to let me cup her tits. 
But it was straight back to holding that perfect ass and watching my cock slide in and out of that gorgeous body.  All the way out and all the way in.  She liked it too.  I could feel her pussy lubricating.  I got harder and kept pumping.  She got wetter and slippier.  We were both grunting and groaning. 
“I’m going to cum, Sophie.”  I could feel it building and I was careful to keep the rhythm and not do anything that would bend my erection or make me slip out.  It was a very satisfying orgasm. 
"Thank you, Sophie.  That was so good.”  I was panting and my heart was racing still. 
“You did good, baby.  You did very good!”
She pulled off the condom and cleaned me up.  I got in the shower.  After she tidied up, she got in with me.  She was relaxed and chatty and beautiful.  I watched the water flow over her beautiful curves.  She could be a body double for movie stars. 
I left with a smile on my face and feeling very satisfied.  I cannot think of an encounter that has flowed so effortlessly from start to finish.  I was just captivated by her beauty for half an hour and everything else disappeared. 

The best bit was her pussy getting wet at the end.  I got hard again on the way home thinking about that.

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Sophie - The Pussy Never Lies

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