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It's What's Inside That Matters

Categories True Story, Anal, Gay

Authror: Tony Sodom

Published: 04 January 2018

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I didn't have to think twice, the ad was clear about the cock size and the picture was there to prove it. It seemed very real. We planned to meet at this little strip mall. The guy would be in a BMW.

I got there and a white BMW was parked at the very end. When I got closer, he lowered the window and I saw him. He was a handsome man with deep blue eyes. But his greying hair turned me off. I can't do it with someone that is my father's age. But I gave in to curiosity, I thought I needed to see his cock, was it really 8 inches long? He was married, like me, and we had no choice other than the car or a hotel room. He didn't like us renting a room as he was very concerned with privacy. This was a huge thing for him. He offered to take me to this little storage facility where he was renting a space. We got there and after he parked the car in the storage room, he lowered the gate.

We moved to the back seat and started stroking each other. He unzipped me, pulled my pants down and started sucking my dick and balls. He was good enough, nothing spectacular. I unbuttoned his shirt, his body was in great shape given his age, I tickled his nipples and squeezed my hand down his trousers to reach his ass. A nice, firm and hairless butt cheek was good to the touch, but I had to see it too. My turn came to suck him, so, I unfastened his belt, pulled down his zipper and, as he lifted his hips up, I pulled his pants down all the way. Well, if I was told that Jesus came on earth for His second coming, I would have been less surprised! In front of me was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. A full 8 inches, thick as a wrestler's wrist with engorged veins running along its dark, rock-hard length. The head was the size of a big purplish plum, the ridge around it was quite thick and well-shaped. His balls were hairless and unbelievably huge, they could not fit them in my palm. I sucked and sucked till he was all wet and slippery. My only complaint was I could not deep-throat, it was impossible to take this big head as it jammed my esophagus.

As we needed more space to move, we got out of the car and I was going to lay face down on the left side of the hood and on top of the left fender. I lubed myself well, but he added some more on my hole as well as on his dick. I liked he was considerate and did not want to hurt me. He knew he had to be gentle as his size was beyond unusual. He started teasing my asshole with his fingers. It was obvious he knew how to please a guy well. I wondered how many holes he had ripped in his life, but then I focused on the moment. I was the lucky one here, I didn't mind his grey hair anymore. His two fingers felt like a gentle drill taking me to high excitement levels. He stretched me well and then added a third finger. I thought I needed this as a prelude to his prick. I pushed back and took all of them, with a little pressure signaling I was reaching my limits. But he was good. Just with his fingers, he almost made me cum. I knelt and sucked him again. I tried to deep throat with no success, but I was able to smear his cock with that thick saliva a gagging throat can give, the best lubrication.

"Time to please you, boy," he said in a rather commanding tone and showed me the hood.

I turned and laid on my stomach anticipating a great fuck. He rubbed his cockhead along my crack, my lubrication worked well and he slowly pushed himself in my hole. It felt ...ful...filling...I pushed to stretch my hole and his cock just popped inside my muscle ring. My ring was ready to crack. This was the thickest head I ever took. I was stretched to my limit, but kept pushing to ease the pain from the shaft that was following. The man didn't move at all, he stayed there with his cock ridge flush against my sphincter while stroking my butt and back.

"I want you to have a good time. I 'll take care of you," he responded in a comforting way while adding lube on his shaft. He pushed more, maybe a couple of his thick inches. I gasped and panted and moaned not knowing if it was pain or pleasure that was taking hold. I could not push any more, only feel impaled by a monstrous dick. He slid himself slowly in, then out a couple of inches and then again in taking his time and stroking me. A couple more times and I adjusted to the feeling. He kept penetrating me with slow and deep pushes until my ass juices drenched him well. I could tell he loved my ass. He started pounding me faster, all the way in and all the way out but never allowed his head to come out of my ass. My sphincter was pumping him along the length of his shaft. I was in 7th heaven, a thick piston plowing my ass, a great gentleman giving me the greatest of pleasures. I felt my ass muscle opening wide every time he pulled himself out and I pushed to keep it wide open every time he plunged in. This was the most harmonious fuck I ever had. The old guy and I had some sort of mental match.

He knew and applied all the tricks. First he fucked me slow, then fast, then slow in but fast out, then fast in and slow out with a twinge of ecstasy when his 8 inches were sliding out of my ass. He slapped my ass a few times and asked if I was happy. I could only nod, I was out of breath. His heavy balls were slamming on mine. They were so drenched with my ass sap, they made this funny noise and feel sticky when hitting my balls. Then he turned a little to the side rubbing his cock against my left cheek before plunging deep, then he did the same on the other side. He pulled my cheeks apart and thrust himself violently making me moan loud and feel weak. He pulled my cheeks up and then down several times while pumping in and out, thus rubbing himself on my hole's top and bottom ends. I was losing control and fast. I came with several spurts staining the front left tire. I could tell he enjoyed my muscle ring pulsating while I was cumming. He leaned over and hugged me, kissing my neck with his dick still plunged inside me. The guy was happy. He had given me the best fuck of all times and he knew it.

"Boy, I am going to give you the best orgasm you ever had, I have a secret," he whispered.

"What is he saying? He gave me the best orgasm already...is he so old he forgot it?" I wondered.

But he knew what he was saying, I didn't.

He allowed me a couple of minutes to recover, his hard prick always in my ass. He pulled his cock's shaft back till his thick ridge reached my muscle ring from the inside. He pulled just a little bit more till his thick ridge passed my sphincter and then pushed in just a little for the ridge to rub against my sphincter again but in the opposite direction. I melted. He kept doing this rhythmically and fast. My knees began trembling, my sphincter locked in the open position, my ass liquids started flowing down my thighs, my dick throbbing but unable to cum, I had no voice, just moans and hums and an immense urge to let my insides out through my rectum. I had no concept of time during this physical and emotional trial, I was a soft mass with no willpower. With a groan from deep inside my lungs, I surrendered body and soul to my ass wrecker.

How long this lasted, one minute or one hour, is anybody's guess. All I know is that my existence was elevated to a supreme level of orgasm. My first anal orgasm. I was dizzy and flying as if I were on drugs. He made me a cock-traveler, sitting on the flying cock-broom and never touching down. I was shaking like a girl in her first orgasm. I had to try very hard to breathe as I was under my expert plowman's spell turning my nervous system into a series of little but constant convulsions. The guy pulled out completely and came on my hole. He plunged again pushing his sperm inside. There was no way I could keep it in, my ass muscle was so dilated that let the jizz out immediately as soon as his plowing tool came out.

We dressed and he drove me to my car. When I reached my apartment, I was still dizzy and weak. My underwear was soaked with my juices still dripping out. I took a shower and exhausted as I was, I fell asleep in seconds. The next day, my muscle ring was still wide open, this excitement was a huge load to take. I didn't go to work, I had to rest. I emailed the guy and thanked him. We planned another session for the following week, a session that was as fulfilling and dramatic as the first one, but no element of surprise. Regardless, I learned I should not judge a person from his age or looks.

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It's What's Inside That Matters

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Comments (1)
Bill (guest) — 07 January 2018 04:30
I wish I had that dick in my ass too, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Never had a an anal orgasm.
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