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A Daughter, A storm and a Day

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Incest, Male / Female

Author: Akeelah Merin

Published: 04 January 2018

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The wind Hammered against the side of the house. The snow fell beyond the windows in angles lines – enough that the trees and other houses in the distance were all but dark grey outlines against the white snowy canvas. I had arrived yesterday for Christmas vacation back home – but my father was still on a business trip. His plane landed a few hours earlier – if all went well. I slipped my hand into my skin-tight jeans and retrieved a smartphone with SAMSUNG written in bold letters on the top. No messages, no texts. Hopefully, no news was good news. Another gust of wind blasted the side of the house. I cringed as if this sturdy structure of a hundred some odd years would tumble down around me. The floor seemed to vibrate with the wind.

Winds like this were common – too common out here in the American great plains. I adjusted my turtleneck slightly. I had felt a bit of skin on my stomach chill slightly as my shirt had hiked above my waist. My reflection stared back at me, seemingly non-corporeal in the window. My pink turtleneck was tight – my breasts causing a pleasant curved role in my shirt. My jeans clung to my ample thighs emphasizing my flat stomach. For once in my life, as I looked at my face acne free with my hair pulled into a no-nonsense ponytail, did I see more than a teenage girl. I looked hot! A smile crossed my face.

The pressure in the house shifted as the door in the back entrance clattered open. My eyes widened – DAD. I turned around as boots stomped off snow and the door clanged shut. I wheeled around the back-entrance door and found myself face to face with the tall man I had come to call father. His eyes fell upon me, and we smiled at each other. He pulled off his heavy green jacket that was dusted by snow and his large fury cap and hung them on the wall, and he extended his hand to me with a smile and shake of the head.

“Hey, kiddo! How’s my baby Girl!” He spread his arms wide and I leapt into them in a warm embrace.

His arms clasped around me, his muscles clenched as my legs wrapped around his waist. I felt him around me, no words just a tight embrace. I felt the heat from his body surround me like a furnace – his hands clutch my mid back and around my shoulders. College had been six months long so far, and as an eighteen-year-old, I had often felt homesick. I could swell that warm homey fragrance he used as cologne as it rose off him. His prickly cheeks pocked me gently – the cost of not using an electric shaver. It was an amazing sensation again after so much time.

We finally let go and my father put me down. We hadn’t seen each other since he had dropped me off at the airport to fly to Seattle. He looked up and down my body, eyeing my newly trimmed hair, and my choice of warm attire for the season. His smile did not vanish.

“You look great Kiddo!” He laughed as he pulled off his boots and dropped them into the plastic pad to collect the melting snow, “How have you been?”

“We talked last week,” I smiled, “I’m still okay, still happy.”

He laughed out loud, “Yeah I guess I’m worried about ya out there in the big world.”

With that, he put a hand on my shoulder and moved passed down the hall towards the bathroom. He had driven in from the east coast and probably hadn’t peed in a long time. My body tingled slightly. It had been about sixth months since my father and I had been together, been active. I thought of him unzipping his pants and unleashing the large slab of meat he had hidden in those buttons up jeans. My heart boomed, and my thighs trembled. Was he expecting us to pick up where we left off? Did it matter? Did he expect us to just move on?

The Bathroom door shut as I stood there wondering. I heard liquid plunging into a deep pool. I found my legs taking me towards the door, my crotch seemed to heat up. My senses seemed to heighten. I put my hand on the door nob and twisted pushing the door opened. There he was, holding his soft cock so his stream would plunge into the bowl. He glanced up, and upon seeing my entrance nearly lost his balance.

“Akeelah!” He chuckled, “You surprised me.”

“Its still nice,” I looked at the flaccid cock hanging from his pants, “Has it seen use recently.”

He shook his head, “No, no one really caught my fancy that way,” He looked at me and chuckled slightly, “I figured you’d move on.”

“I really missed you,” I frowned, “And not just the occasional sex we’d have when I got horny – I mean this place, your food, our long talks, and laughs!”

“You are so beautiful,” My father moaned leaning back against the wall, “I felt so guilty following the head of my penis and not the one on my shoulders.”

“I don’t regret a thing!” I laughed, “Neither should you.”

I felt the urge once again – even knowing he had not completed his first task I walked up to him and hugged him again. My shirt rose above my midriff and something warm and soft pressed against me, that pulsed with a heartbeat. I leaned up and met his lips on my own. He always resisted this, and he always gave in. A moment later I felt him kiss back. His hand wandered to my front pressing against my rib cage, a few inches below my breast. I felt the soft warmth on my stomach pulse slightly and slide leaving a cold wet trail next to my belly button.

“I missed you too!” He whispered in my ear, “Each time we do this I just want you more and more – I love it – but I hate it.”

I leaned my head forward resting my mouth by his ear, “You initiated almost none of our encounters – I did,” I whispered, “Remember what you told me when I had my first boyfriend?”

“Go only as far as your heart says you want,” My father replied.

I nodded, “If you want me to stop I will.”

“I don’t.”

I felt his heart beat inside the now hardening mass on my stomach. I pressed against him and felt him exhale breath. Then his hands dropped down to my shirt and slipped it up, his penis still grinding against me, getting ever harder. Goosebumps traveled up my sides as my shirt rose above my breasts and over my head. His eyes peered down at my B cup breasts – they had never grown very large. He through my turtleneck into a corner and pushed me away from him gently. I got a good look at his exposed cock – hardened. His mushroom head bulging upwards. My bra, black laced like an outer layer – they did little to hold the rolling hills up – as they already stood tall and proud.

“You are magnificent,” He gasped, his dick wagging in front of me as his hands slipped around my back.

I lifted my arms up and allowed my bra hooks to be undone and pulled away from my body. A smile had settled onto my face – he had never been this aggressive before. It was like he wanted me – desperately. It was beautiful. I wanted something in me, wanted to fill something fill me. Anything – my face flushed with heat as the ambient temperature in the room seemed to go up.

When my bra hit the ground, my father had dropped to one knee. A warm hand touched my nipple – which seemed to burn suddenly with sensation. My diaphragm engaged without consent – a hiss escaped my mouth. His mouth came next, surrounding my nipple with warmth. I cried out a little as his hands began to knead me like doe. Suction! As if my breast were the sole source of liquid in a desert. I gasped out loud.

His other hand pinched the other side. My other breast seemed to tighten into a knot as my nipple rose from my small breasts. I felt my mouth fall open as shivers went through me. Warmth filled my groin as my labia swelled in response – as if by magic pleasure surrounded me. My body shook again, racked by the sensations.

Pulsing – repeatedly – as a cry escaped my mouth. My body seemed to double forward, and I leaned into him as the waves washed over me. Then he stopped, and he rose to his full height again. A hand pressed against my shoulder – Down I was told. He wanted me down. So, I did. I fell to the ground on my knees and stared at the giant mushroom top of my father. The veins on either side bulged from his cock, and goo had accumulated on the tip, clear. A bit dripped off hanging from his head by a strand.

His fingers lowered the cock towards my mouth – and I opened. I wanted him to love this – and finally, I knew he did. My hand came up and brushed away his fingers and I wrapped my digits around the hot warm member. I slid it into my mouth. His precum made for easy sliding, as it mixed with the saliva in my mouth. The tight and soft skin rubbed along my tongue – the warm yet ever so slightly bitter taste.

He let out a gasp as my tongue tightened around him pulling his head towards him back of my throat. I felt it slide past me to the back of my throat – where my body lurched gently. I fought the gag reflex back as I worked his shaft with my hand. His gasps suddenly burst into moans. His hand fell upon my head, pushing. His hips thrust forward gently.

His cock jumped in my mouth. I looked up as far as I could. His teeth were gritted, and his eyes fixed upon me. It jumped again and again. I was ready to take it, ready to drink of the spring that would burst forth. My father backed away, pushing me off his cock. He clutched his cock in one of his hands grasping at me.

I leaned back, exposing my breast to him. He seemed to grunt and whimper at the sight as his hand moved back and forth on his shaft. Then a spiral of white cum ejected itself onto my chest, coating my breasts with semen. A Second burst erupted and landed on me. Several squirts later, he backed away gasping.

“I thought I’d last longer,” He moaned, “Really sorry.

“You are fine,” I chuckled, “You need that.”

I rubbed a hand across my tits smearing the white, warm liquid across my breast till they glistened in the bathroom light. A towel came down from above in my father’s hand, but I brushed it away.

“You should clean up,” My dad said.

“I want to keep it,” Scooped up a bit on my finger and slipped it into my mouth – the semi-salty flavor washed over my mouth, “I’ll get to keep a bit of you on me.”

With that, I rose to my feet and gave my father a sultry smile before picking up my shirt and slipping it over my head. It began to stick to the now hardening cream. His cock twitched in response, even as it fell limp. He looked half stunned and half turned on by my insistence. He pushed his now flaccid cock back into his pants and buttoned it up hiding it from view.

The day unfolded as the storm roared outside like a great beast. My father kept look at me with a smile – his eyes dropping to my chest. At first, my breast was just sticky – and grafted to the shirt easily. It wasn’t long before it felt like they had developed a carapace – as if they had been covered with wax. Then the sensation faded altogether and I couldn’t feel much at all. I still liked it though. Night time fell, and we saw no reprieve from the enraged snow.

In my room, I had unpacked a bit, but it was a foreign room now – it felt distant. And my dad had clearly moved a few things around in here to allow for some storage space pulled off my turtleneck and skinny jeans and admired the curves of my body in my full-length mirror. My breasts looked normal – no evidence of fluids having been on them earlier in the day. Gently I pulled down my thong, letting my smooth-shaven body glint in the mirror. A turned from side to side. I turned and grabbed my bathrobe and slipped it over my soft skin and tied the belt before walking out. I had a place I wanted to be.

I walked into my father’s room. Steam billowed from the bathroom as the steady rumble of the shower emanated. The bed had been neatly made as he was apt to do. Some humming rose from the room again. I smiled and untied my robe and let it fall from my body, feeling the tingling of the air. I crawled up onto the king-sized bed and pulled back the covers, slipping in. There I waited, picking up a book on the bedside table.

“Hey,” My father spoke as he stepped out of the bathroom, drying off his chest with the towel, “I see you’ve made yourself comfortable.”

I laughed and glanced at him over the copy of the novel I had just begun. Something about a Dragon Tattoo.

“How has school treated you,” He asked.

“Pretty well,” I replied putting the book down, “I’ve found a little nerdy niche with some friends, and I’m working towards a physics degree.”

His eyes widened, “So you really are going the physics angle – I thought your mother tried to convince you to go for a business degree.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, “We have differing opinions on how I should take my college career.”

Finally, after turning off the lights my father stepped up to the bed, “You are beautiful – I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you in whatever capacity you need.”

I nodded, “I know dad – now stop guilt tripping yourself.”

He nodded and slipped into bed next to me. His arms slid over my shoulder. It was cold as ice after wandering around the cold house. His muscled arm pulled me towards him. His hand slid under my breasts and touched my rip cage. It was a wonderful feeling, our skin touching each other as the wind howled outside like a forlorn Wolf. I shivered slightly as I looked over. The peppered haired handsome man was leaning up starring at me.

“Like what you see?” I flashed him a coy flash of my eyes.

His hands trailed onto my stomach where he rounded a finger over my belly button, goosebumps tightened my skin. His hand slid a little lower and touched my crotch gently. He flashed me a smile – he wanted something. I pushed my legs apart allowing his hand to slip down between my inner thighs. My mouth fell open as I sucked in a deep breath. A finger slipped between my swelling labia. Oh! Oh god! The finger slid up again, my body tensed slightly.

With that he retrieved a glistening pair of fingers and partook of the aroma like a fine wine. My father pulled the covers back to expose my body in full and gazed upon me yet again. My eyes fell to his penis which stood at attention again. Already a small glint of liquid pooled in the opening in the large mushroom head. He rolled on top of me and pushed my legs apart with his own as he leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips.

“I want you to say it,” He whispered, “Please.”

“It okay,” I replied putting a hand on his cheek, “I want you.”

I felt his cock poise itself at the entrance to my body – my father hesitated. My hand slid down his side and caressed his stomach. Then I reached forward, leaning up into a kiss. My hand clutched his cock and pulled it forward, pressing it against my labia. I felt the warmth of the head wash over the swollen lips of my body. I could feel my liquids seep down his angled cock, wetting my fingers gently. He shuttered – holding there as I began to gently stroke his penis.

Then he pushed forward. His wide head broke through my Labia. I let out a breath of air. A sharp pain racked my body – I winced. My father pressed harder as his head pushed my vaginal opening open and slid in. The pain suddenly became a rush of tingling all over my body. Heat exploded from my body. I felt him push again as his cock slid inside of me. I let out a silent scream as my cervix sent a shockwave through my body. He had pushed all the way in.

I closed my mouth and tried to breath as my father retreated and thrust in again, forcing me back into the same silent scream – through a hiss of my own voice squeaked through this time. I felt him thrust again and again – quickening with each thrust. My voice became more audible, as it escaped in pulsating gasped from my mouth. My hands clenched the bed sheets, as my body rose to meet his thrust. Each thrust brought forth another burst of tingling waves that washed over me and seemed to swirl into a twister inside me.

My father finally pulled out, leaving me gasping for air. I couldn’t believe what was happening – this had never been this intense. I felt his hands rolling me over. I complied and pushed my ass up into the air. His hands rolled around my tight ass several times before he leaned forward. I felt his cock slide into my vagina again, but as he slid his shaft slid across my clit -and as he did I nearly screamed. My voice leaked from my mouth like a long wave of pleasure – a mirror of my bodies sensation.

Faster and faster he pushed again as my body shivered and shook with his thrusts. My voice dripped from my mouth with every thrust. I pushed back every time. My face pressed against a pillow as this strange version of a man I knew had his way with me – the way I had always wanted him to!

“Fuck,” I heard him gasp, “God you are so perfect.”

I smiled at the words as he continued to press his dick inside of me. His warm cock dispersing heat inside. The world seemed to spin and twist as I felt my body reach a climax, sending me into the screaming throws of an orgasm. My body was racked – my heart banged against the inside of my chest.

“Oh god, you squeeze,” My father gasped as my vaginal walls clenched his cock.

I responded with a moan as his hand reached around me pulling me up – until my back leaned against his chest, his cock thrusting in and out of me. I let out a scream as I fell into his arms, my body fell into the throes of a second orgasm far more quickly than it had been at first. My father let out a scream as his cock was once again squeezed by my vaginal musculature.

“God!” He moaned slowing down, “Fucking god.”

“Fuck!” I gasped through the first breath I could reliably grab, “I think you missed me?”

“I did,” He replied pulling his cock from my vagina.

I collapsed to the bed and rolled over as his penis still stood at full attention, his cock covered a thick glistening gloss of precum and my vaginal lubricants.

“Where do you want it?” He said gently.

“Do I get to pick?” I smiled.

He nodded. Gasping for air that I desperately needed, I pulled my farther onto the bed and rolled over on top of him. With my eyes locked with his, I grabbed his cock and slid it into me. He easily slid into me, his slippery cock pumped me as I rose and fell on top of him. I leaned back as his hand clutched at one of my breasts.

“Fuck!” He cried as he thrust up, “OH FUCK!”

With that, his cock jumped inside of me. I sunk down on top of him and ground down pushing and rolling my hips. His eyes widened as he sputtered and gasped as his cock jumped once again – then again. Then on the fourth, a warmth flooded me as liquid filled me up. Pump after pump squeezed the cum from his testicles into my body. I let out a shivering moan as I stopped moving, feeling his orgasm pulse inside of me. After a few moments, I felt his cock begin to soften. I felt something hot seep from my labia. Finally, I rolled off.

“That was amazing,” I said feeling the liquid bubble out of me onto the sheets as I rolled over.

My dad took a deep breath, “Yeah – God I love you – but please tell me you are on birth control.”

I nodded, “Of course dad!”

He chuckled. It was not long before he was asleep. I felt the cum inside me squish ever so gently as I rolled over. Long after he fell asleep I lay awake with my hand on my stomach – I kept wondering what our child would look like. It felt good!

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A Daughter, A storm and a Day

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