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  1. Betrayed!
  2. BETRAYED! Chapter 2


Categories Fiction, BDSM, Bi-sexual, BDSM

Author: Randy MacAnus

Published: 04 January 2018

  • Font:

Randy MacAnus

All rights reserved by the author.

If you would like to see more chapters to this story, please indicate that in the comments below. If you have ideas about directions you might like the story to take, by all means include them in the comments. I have additional chapters outlined, but am open to modifying, if I get interesting feedback.

I'm straight. I'm sure of that. But you'd never know it, with all the stuff I've been through! My name is Maximillian Marx. Yeah, I know. Tell me about it. Everyone calls me Max, thank heavens, but even then, the name 'Max Marx' still causes snickers.

Anyway I grew up on a farm in Kansas way back in the day. No Internet. No sex education. No personal computers. No Playboys in our little farming community's general store. At least not where a kid could get at them. So we learned sex by the braille method, so to speak.

My dad was first generation German and my mom was first generation Swedish. My older brother's name is Karl. My father was a cruel man. Karl took after my father. He was 6'3” and 210 pounds of solid muscle. He had black hair and blue eyes and was broad shouldered and hairy chested at the age of twenty. He never lifted weights, but working on our farm, he didn't have to! If my father (we never called him 'dad') hadn't had some gray hair, they would have looked like brothers.

I was two years younger, and took after my mother. Small boned and slender, with shaggy blond hair and blue eyes. I didn't even need to shave. As I also worked on the farm, I had good definition. What they call 'cut' these days.

But there was no way I was ever going to bulk up. At eighteen I was 5' 7” and 140 pounds, and that's as big as I would ever get. I had a 38” chest, which looked good on my small slender frame, and a 27” waist. I was a huge disappointment to my father, who felt that a real man would never look like that. He was actually embarrassed by me.

Needless to say, my brother was the favorite. It was made quite clear that he would inherit the farm and I would get nothing. My mother was too afraid of my father to stand up to him, but she was nice to me when he wasn't around. If that makes me sound like a mama's boy, well it didn't work out that way.

I was always determined to prove my father wrong, and I would not allow my mother to make me soft. Not that she really tried. She was nice to me, but she was a classic taciturn Swede. Not much affection.

Anyway, I had girl friends because I was cute and had a 'nice personality.' Some of them wanted to mother me. Dumped them quick! As I got older, I was looking for one who would put out. The closest I got was a couple of months before Senior Prom, when I started dating Sharon Wilson.

Sharon was a dark-haired Amazon with piercing blue eyes, a toned body (she worked on a farm too) and a firm pair of c-cup tits. She was also six feet tall, and just the thought of climbing that mountain made my dick drip! The thing was, she was very dominant. As our relationship developed, I found being dominated and humiliated really turned me on. Go figure.

After we'd been making out for a while, she let me cop a feel of her tits. She said I stunk at feeling her up. If I wanted to get anywhere I was going have to do exactly as she instructed, and learn how to please a woman, or it was over.

Well, feeling up her boobs was as far as I'd ever gone! Hell, if it meant getting farther, and better yet, learning what turned a gal on, I'd do any damn thing she wanted!

At least that's what I thought starting out. From that point on she took total control. The first thing that always happened was I had to strip naked. Over time she taught me how to kiss, feel up her boobs, touch and caress most of the rest of her, until the only thing left was her pussy.

I never got to touch that with my hands, only my mouth and tongue. And I loved it! It somehow felt right to be naked and on my knees, with her fully dressed except for no panties. Whenever she would expose anything I would be blindfolded, so when I said I learned by the Braille method...

To make sure I didn't use my hands, she would tie my wrists behind my back. All of this made my dick so hard I could have poked it through a two by four! The problem was she never made any effort to get me off, so I had to jerk myself raw afterward.
After a few times eating her twat, she asked me if I jerked off afterward. I blushed bright red and she cracked up laughing. After that, she made me stand there naked and jack off while she watched. Gosh, I loved the humiliation—and the danger! We always did our thing outside in the woods. Good thing it was a warm spring!

Finally, I worked up the nerve to ask her if she could get me off. If I'd known what was coming, I never would have asked. She made me suck on her fingers, then she put two of them up my butt, while I was still blindfolded and with my hands tied. Surprise!

She also started tying my hands differently. Now, instead of taping my wrists together, she taped each wrist to the opposite arm above the elbow. This gave her full access to my butt. And I was helpless to stop her. She knew just where the prostate was. At the time I didn't even know it existed! Holy Crap!!!

The trouble was she didn't stop there. The next time it was three fingers. The time after that was four. The next time she worked my ass over with a small, greased up cucumber. Still blindfolded, so boy was that unexpected! When the pain subsided, it actually felt damn good.

Once she had established that routine, no more grease for the cucumber. She made me lick and suck on the cucumber to lube it before it went into my butt. And the cucumbers kept getting bigger. I really didn't like that, but she didn't care. If I wanted her to get me off, this was how it was going to be.

She even made me learn to deep throat the damn thing! When I did I left teeth marks on the cucumber, which pissed her off. The dad of one of her girlfriends was a dentist, and Sharon got one of those jaw opener things from her.

From then on, I got throat fucked before I got butt fucked by that cucumber. The helplessness and humiliation were a phenomenal turn-on for me, but I really did not like having that thing in me!

That said, because of what she had taught me, I learned to get myself off using my own fingers, which saved my dick from getting so raw. Why it never occurred to me to lube my dick, is beyond me. I guess that just shows how little I knew about sex stuff.

Once I learned how to finger my own prostate, I told her I'd had enough, because it was too much like taking a dick. She said fine, we could either break up, or we could go back to me just pleasing her, then me jacking off while she watched. I agreed, but only because she promised me that I would lose my virginity the night of senior prom. Boy was I looking forward to that!

Two things changed. From then on, when it was time for me to jack off, she still untied my hands of course, but I had to keep the blindfold on. Since we always did this in the woods, I never knew if anyone else might be watching. Another big turn-on! But also very scary.

Everything went fine for the next two weeks until prom night. There was no way I was getting either my father's or brother's truck, so she drove. That somehow seemed fitting, as she'd been in complete control from the beginning.

The drinking age in Kansas was 21 and I didn't dare come home drunk, so I avoided the punch bowl which was always spiked at the prom. After the prom (boring) she drove up a dirt road into the woods, somewhere between our farms, which were about five miles apart.

Before we left the high school parking lot she made me strip naked and ride in the back of the truck, leaving my clothes with her, in the cab. Thank heavens we left early, and no one was near where we were parked!

I was afraid she was going to turn on the rear facing work lights, which would have lit up the truck bed. But she didn't. I scrunched down whenever a car went past, but I don't think anyone saw. Sharon giggled every time I did that.

When we stopped, she ordered me out of the truck and taped up my arms and blindfolded me. She locked up the truck so I knew I couldn't get to my clothes unless she wanted me to.

Then she put a dog collar around my neck and snapped a leash on it. That was new and scary and exciting. She ordered me to my knees. I was apprehensive about having sex in the middle of the road, even if the road was almost never used. At least I hoped so! I wasn't familiar with it. But I was too turned on about the approaching sex to object.

Then she did something I didn't like. She made me open my mouth wide and quick stuck in the dental jaw opener thing before I knew what was happening. That's the problem with blindfolds. You never know what's coming. I tried to protest, but you really can't be understood with one of those things in your mouth!

Then she made me get up and started walking me down the dirt road. Now I was really scared. When I'd been naked with her before, my clothes had always been right there. Now I was heading further and further away from them, while bound and blindfolded, and with my clothes locked up in the truck. She continued to walk and I continued to stumble along behind, as she guided me by tugging the leash.

Then she turned up a path into the woods that seemed to curve all over the place. I had no idea where I was or how to get back to my clothes. My dick was hard and dripping, but I was terrified. After what seemed like forever, Sharon led me into what I sensed might be a small hunter's cabin.

“You didn't think you were going to get fucked in the dirt and leaves did you?”

That settled me down a little. She led me to what seemed like the middle of the room and ordered me to my knees. At least this was familiar! She had me start by worshiping her feet with my tongue. I couldn't have used anything else, the way I was bound and with the thing in my mouth!

Fortunately, I have an unusually long tongue. (Eat your heart out, Gene Simmons!) I think my tongue was one of the reasons Sharon started going out with me.

From there I worked my way up to her pussy, tongued the living crap out of that, then started working expertly on her clit. She was going nuts! Boy, was this great! After she'd come about half a dozen times, she made me stop.

Sharon took the leash and made me crawl on my knees to a heavy oak table. Then she made me get up and lay across it on my stomach. She hooked the leash under the table somewhere. That held my head in place, just beyond the edge of the table. Then tied my ankles to two of the table legs, pulling them wide apart.

“Aw crap!” I thought. “She's gonna do that cucumber thing again! Well, I damn well better get laid!”

Sharon said, “I promised you'd lose your virginity tonight and you will. But not with me. Enjoy the ride, bitch!”

It was then I heard the sound of footsteps. There were clearly at least two other people in the room and the sounds were being made by heavy boots! Just as I tried to scream “No!” through the jaw opener thing (I never did find out what they call it) a large thick cock was shoved all the way down my throat, until I felt pubes tickle my nose.

Because of Sharon's "training" with the cucumbers, I knew how to deep throat without gagging, but breathing was going to be an issue pretty quick.

In addition to the guy who owned the cock that impaled my throat, I sensed someone else standing next to him.

His voice whispered in my ear, “You're helpless bitch, and you're ours for as long as we want to use you. The longer you take to get us off, the longer this lasts. We understand you have a really talented tongue and asshole. This will be over quicker if you make good use of them.”

I was struggling like crazy, but he was right. I was completely helpless. There was a big cock down my throat that I could do nothing about. And I had no illusions about what was going to happen to my butt! All this time Sharon had been training me for this! I was furious with her, but that would have to wait until later.

I didn't know for sure how many there were or who they were, but it really didn't matter. I began working my talented tongue around the cock in my mouth, to show I would cooperate.

“That's it, pussy boy. A very practical choice,” whispered the guy at my side. The guy whose dick was down my throat hadn't said anything. He just started fucking my throat as I worked my tongue to get him off quicker.

That's when I felt the hand on my ass. “Aw crap,” I thought, “Can't he wait until this other guy is finished with my mouth?” But then I realized this would be over quicker this way. Heck, I couldn't do anything about it anyway!

At least he started with greasy fingers to open me up. But after only a couple of minutes of that, he was ready to go. And go he did! He pushed in a cock that was bigger and thicker than the biggest cucumber Sharon had used on me. He went all the way in with a single shove. I screamed around the cock down my throat, but that didn't really accomplish anything.

They got a rhythm going, both of them shoving in at the same time, so there was no way to ease off either one of those cocks. I got the feeling they'd done this before. As the pain in my ass receded, my dick got hard and started dripping, of course.

I heard some snickering, and realized it wasn't coming from the guys fucking my throat and ass—or from Sharon. While I'm sure she would have enjoyed watching me being defiled by these guys, I suspect they wouldn't have wanted a girl there. I was quite sure she had left.

“Aw crud!” my brain said to me, “There's more than two!”

I heard boots come toward me; then there was one hand stroking my cock and another giving my nuts a very painful squeeze. I couldn't tell whether the two hands belonged to the same guy, which was really disturbing. How long was this going to last?!

The answer came quickly, and it wasn't good. As the two guys inside me finished up, two more immediately took their place. As they were entering me at the same time, I heard the door to the cabin open and more boots come in.

It turned into a truly mind-numbing experience, as one cock after another got buried in my ass and throat. “Fuck me!” I thought to myself, then instantly told my brain to change that phrase. I wasn't just completely fucked, I was completely mind fucked!

I couldn't really focus on anything. My mind wandered, my tongue was on automatic as was my butt hole, squeezing and releasing, as Sharon had trained me. Bitch. On top of that, various guys kept milking Mr. Happy and squeezing my sore nuts.

There's an old expression, “I didn't know whether to shit or go blind!” But even though I was completely confused and disoriented, it didn't really apply, as I couldn't shit with those dicks up my butt, and I already couldn't see because I was blindfolded. And no, I couldn't peek. Sharon had used the same duct tape she'd used to bind my arms.

The dog collar was digging into the back of my neck and the ropes were digging into my ankles as I was pounded from both directions, and being shoved back and forth across that table by the guys who were relentlessly fucking me raw. There were going to be bruises everywhere!

The second pair finished and the third pair started. Were they the first pair just swapping ends, or were there at least six of them? I didn't want to think about it. I became aware of whispered conversations and quiet snickers in the cabin, coming from all sides. Not good! That meant more guys.

I realized that no one was saying anything out loud. Of course! They all knew me and didn't want me to recognize their voices! Would they confront me later, publicly, and humiliate me that way? Or would I never know who had used me? I wasn't sure which would be worse. Being confronted publicly with my deflowering at the hands of a bunch of local guys, or wondering whenever I saw a guy on the street if he had been one of the ones who had degraded my helpless body.

Then I heard clicking and whirring noises. They sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite place them. Then I knew. The new color Polaroid camera! Someone wanted souvenirs! At first I thought it might be for blackmail, to get me to do stuff later. But heck, guys can't keep their mouths shut. And there were so many of them, the whole town would know by noon tomorrow!

Given the fact I had already had three orgasms by this time, you would think my dick would be out for the count. But as soon as I had the thought about the whole town knowing, it stood right back to attention. If there had been any doubt in my mind that I was turned on by humiliation, it was gone now. The other possible consequences were not a turn-on. Like my father throwing me out because he would blame me for this, and the 'disgrace' I brought on the family.

I still had two weeks to go before graduation. I could only hope that someone would take me in! Either that, or maybe I could just live in this cabin. “No, not a good idea, brain,” I thought to myself, “That will look like I want more of the same. I'm going to have enough trouble avoiding that as it is!”

Finally, things seemed to be winding down. I started to notice the door opening and closing, but clearly people were leaving not entering—the cabin, anyway. The last two guys swapped ends and gave me one last ride.

When it was over, the one from behind whispered in my ear, “Have a good time, pussy boy?” It was the same voice from when this began. I didn't know who it was, but I sure recognized that whisper.

I shook my head 'no'. He whispered, “Well, you better get used to it, bitch.” Then he gave my butt a hard slap and the last two sets of boots walked out the door. I started struggling with my bonds in a panic. “You can't leave me like this,” I tried to shout through the mouth opener thing. No response. I hung my head in shame and despair and I began to sob.

After what seemed like forever, the tears finally stopped. Then I heard a noise. At that point I would gladly have been fucked again just so I was released afterward! Boots crossed the cabin floor. Then I heard another whisper in my ear.

“Would you like to be left like this?” I shook my head 'no' as hard as I could. The voice whispered, "I've already had you, a couple of times, and I don't need to use you again now. But if you promise to submit to me whenever I say, I'll turn you loose now. There are more guys on the way. So, it's them tonight, or me until graduation. If you break your promise, I'll break your legs."

I nodded my head yes, and said, "I 'omise" through that terrible mouth opener thing. He slapped my ass, untied my legs, and disconnected the leash from the collar. He did not untie my hands, but he did pull off the blindfold.

I slowly got off the table and stood. I turned around and saw the guy who was going to be using me until graduation. Aw crap! It was the football team's middle linebacker. Mean to the core! He was 6 foot 5 inches tall, and built stronger than a brick outhouse! He really would break my legs, if I let him down. I'd be lucky if that's all he did! He removed the mouth opener thing, but left my arms tied.

"I'm going to leave your arms tied. I wouldn't want to make things too easy for you," he said with an evil grin. Sadistic prick!

I leaned against the table for several minutes, slowly regaining a small amount of strength. But I knew I couldn't wait long. More guys were coming! Finally, I moved away from the table, used my shoulder to push the door open, and stepped outside.

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