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  1. Furry Fun
  2. Furry Fun 2

Furry Fun 2

Categories Fiction, Ass to mouth, Bestiality, Drug

Author: TimberWolf137

Published: 04 January 2018

  • Font:

The floor boards creaked and gave a little as I knelt down beside my bed, quickly looking over at the door to make sure I had put the flimsy dead bolt in place- flimsy because my dad want to be able to kick the door in without too much trouble in case of emergency. I folded up the corner of the summer quilt so I could see under the bed without that thing flopping down onto me and giving me more claustrophobia then there already was in the very stuffy room. The summer sun had already turned the room into a pre heated oven but under the bed was cool from its shade- which I was thankful for- as my head and arms shuffled things left and right to get to my particular treasure box. “Treasure box” might be an over statement, but to a man-boy with no girlfriend, a box of porno magazines might as well be one filled with gold and jewels alike.
I pulled the cardboard box out and sat it on my with myself next to it and without hesitation threw the lid off to the bottom of the bed and began leafing through the collection of mag’s. All had been collected over a few years, mostly from friends at school who shared magazines with myself and others. They were surprisingly difficult to get hold of as the local shop in our small town/ village didn’t stock them, so the only supply source were ones taken from, or given by; fathers, brothers, mothers or sympathetic sisters who visited the cities on occasion and had gotten bored by the content etc etc. My fingers pulled up almost all the mag’s so I could pull out an old favourite of mine, the pages where a little dog-eared but it was still in good condition. A tightly figured “Lisa” was on her knees on the front page of the mag, which was dedicated to her. Her Knees were spread so you could see the bulge of her tight muffin, one arm crooked behind her back and the other bent up so she could pin her bottom lip down with a finger. Her blonde hair was ruffled and she looked amazing with a slightly tanned skin and orange sized tits. Sat down, with the mag open next to me, I pulled down my shorts and boxers to mid-thigh and began staring at “Lisa” in sexy as fuck positions while beginning to stroke my semi erect cock. I eventually settled on a particular favourite picture of her where her legs were parted as she lay on her back, her toes pointed to the sky and her pussy lips parted with a white lube or cum oozing from her pussy opening. It was the hottest thing on the planet. Immediately I began beating my cock faster, it was barley erect when I quickly clamped the base of the shaft to stop any cum from going anywhere. I could hear footsteps approaching on the landing and wanted to still be able to answer the door if it was dad. My heart was thumping in my chest as I quickly pulled up my shorts, hoping the little bit of cum that always comes out will get absorbed by the waist band. Hustling the mag under the bed quilt and box, with lid on, under the bed I made myself presentable for the sharp knock on my door.
I walked up to the door, double checking my semi erect cock was not noticeable in my shorts, before sliding the squeaky dead bolt back and opening the door. My sister was waiting on the other side looking a bit miffed she had had to wait so long for me to open the door, not that she had been waiting long at all.
“Heya Ly’ds, what’s up?” I tried to reply casually but almost kicked myself in the face for the un intentional pun.
She rolled her eyes at me “not much, apparently” the sarcasm was thick, her tongue was very sharp for a petite framed 21 year old with a face of innocence and chocolaty brown hair. “But your weird little friend is at the door asking for you” and with that she turned away and went to her room.
“weird little friend” could only be one person at that was Jerry, who must of felt very awkward having Ly’ds open the door to him after she over-heard him at school talking brazenly about how he wished to sniff her pants. I chuckled to myself at having other friends at school regale me the story about how after hearing this Ly’ds had scolded him with her venomous wit. Floor boards creaked under my feet as quickly hustled into my bedroom and grabbed the freshly used porno mag and wrapped it hidden into a well-used, but hardly read, comic book so that it was well hidden. I ran down the stairs to meet Jerry. He was awkwardly stood on the front door threshold with a beetroot red face.
“You alright Jerry?” I asked with a small smirk and holding the mag casually next to me.
“She aint gonna forget the ‘pants´ thing any time soon is she?” The dismay and embarrassment was very obvious.
“Sorry hombre but- in Ly’ds case- she lives for a good grudge, particularly one which makes someone uncomfortable”. I laughed at his grimaced face after hearing this. “Anyway, what have you got for me? You sounded pretty impressed by it?”
Jerry quickly glanced around to make sure no one was looking “Do you have the Lisa comic for my collection? I haven’t seen it in ages and it’s my favourite”
Reluctantly I looked and gestured to the porno mag wrapped up and hidden away “Yeah I got it, it’s my favourite too. So you better have something good to trade with it!”
A big smile stretched from ear to ear on Jer’s face “It’s a little different but trust me its well worth it”. He slipped his backpack off his shoulder and rested it on the porch before carefully unzipping it to reveal a rectangular box. “My prize and near new ranger figure” he said pulling out the box and holding it out for me.
Without hesitation I took it and gave him the crumpled mag’s. Our local boy code was fairly common place but what he just said was rare, not only was the box containing porno which was new in from the city, it was also a video.
Jerry wasn’t surprised by my speed of exchange and didn’t waste any more time, simply zipping up his pack, hitching it back on his shoulder, turning on the heel and walked away. “good trading with you Char”
I crooked my arm and held the box with it against my side just in case Ly’ds made a grab for it, which was uncommon but safety was needed in case the tape had a sticker indicating to its adult nature or if she had heard the conversation and knew what was meant to be in the box. Trying to play it cool I casually sauntered up the stairs, trying not to draw attention to myself. I was almost at my bedroom door and safety-
“What’s in the box?”
I jumped at Ly’ds voice. “For fuck sakes Ly’ds! You scared the shit out of me!”
She giggled while leant against the doorway “You better pray that dad didn’t hear you say that to me or he will skin you while dipping the peeler in vinegar. But what’s in the box? What would that creep have to give you? And please tell me it’s not his moms underwear?”
Our dad wasn’t abusive but he could be very strict and swearing in the house was a pretty high felony, still her very poignant mental image made me shudder. “No it’s just a figurine he traded for a comic”.
“Jeez aren’t you getting just a bit-maybe-loads past the point of that stuff yet?” she said with a condescending tone.
With her natural ability to articulate words and put such expression into her sentences Ly’ds could probably wank a guy off just by talking to them. Shrugging my shoulders I turned around and carried on back to my room “We all have hobbies”.
“Uh-hu. Well I’m out tonight and won’t be back till late so you can have the whole evening to yourself”.
Shutting the door behind me and sliding the dead bolt back to secure it I pondered on her words; but dad’s still in tonight? The only video player and TV in the house were downstairs in the living room so there was no way I could risk watching the videos downstairs with anyone in the house. Sitting back down on my bed I opened the box to see if there was any hint as to the contents of the videos but alas there was none just two black cartridges with reels wound ready to play. I guess I’d have to wait for the planets to line up so I could see what mysteries the tapes had in them. I whipped the box under the bed again and stood up to face the mirror in the corner, I wasn’t a bad looking guy really, maybe just a bit of a late getter on the testosterone front but I wasn’t runt like either. Taking my top off I gave my torso a look down, few bits of definition here and there showing off a lean looking body, maybe not muscle packed but good enough to be found attractive by more than a couple of girls around. But for some reason I always struggled to get a girl into bed with me and it wasn’t for lack of trying. Maybe they all just weren’t ready for that sort of thing? Maybe I had come on a bit strong for them? Either way I think I am just going to have to put up with porn for a bit longer. Putting my top back on I sat on my desk chair and stared out of the window into the hot summer baked fields. It was a nice view and one I shared with my sister, whose bedroom was adjacent to mine, the fields seemed to roll on forever. Despite the mass of heat waves floating off the land there were still horse anthro’s working the fields, they were hardy folk to do so, surpassing their fully human counterparts who wouldn’t have been able to stay out there so long, or drink as much water as they managed. I quickly turned back to my room as one seemed to of had too much water.
This was going to be a long day.
The evening rolled on when I heard Ly’ds leave the house with a couple of other noisy girl-friends, I crooked my head out of the bedroom door quickly to see her short red skirt wriggle up her clean shaven thighs, I wondered if she shaved anything else? Her departure was very quick so I don’t think she noticed me looking but it was understandable because even at her age dad wouldn’t have let her out of the house looking like that. Curious though as if she was going out like that, she was going to drink… a lot! So dad would definitely hear her come in, at whatever time in the morning that was, at which point he would catch her and then the roof would blow off the house.
Not too soon after I had closed the door dad’s booming voice echoed around the house “Charlie?”
I shuddered at him using my full first name but had to answer to it, “Yeah da?”
“Al is having a poker night, I won’t be back till tomorrow. You know the drill”. There was a slam as the front door closed behind him.
All of a sudden a, what felt like, claustrophobic and loud house fell silent. Suddenly clear and open as if shackles had been taken off me, like the cell door being left open for a prisoner to walk out freely. So what’s the first thing I want to do?
Rummage through Ly’ds pant draw of course!
I waited a couple of minutes naturally, just in case anyone had forgotten something but luck was with me! No one had come back to the house for a quarter of an hour and therefore the coast was clear.
Ly’ds room wasn’t too dissimilar to mine, same creaky wooden floor boards, same furniture, the same view from the window, etc, etc. The only variations seemed to be the décor; dead bolt on the door- she didn’t have one-, and that her room was just generally tidier. Well, all that and her pants were in a different draw to mine. Sliding open the loose wooden draw my eyes feasted on a rainbow of colors and huge variety of shapes! I dipped my hand into the draw to feel all the soft and lacy trimmed pants, before pulling a pair from the draw. It was a Tanga style pant of bright blue silk with a dark blue lace trim going around the edges; I held them up to my face and inhaled the scent of… fabric conditioner. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t even a slight tang of Ly’ds scent on them but my cock still twitched at the thought of her wearing them. Rummaging through the draw I was even more disappointed because of how full it was, she must of done her laundry today because all pants where there and clean, from; boy shorts, bikinis, briefs or various cuts, hipsters, thongs and G-strings which with their cut opening would have left little to the imagination. But the one pair I had noticed missing was one of my favourites to rub my cock against; A black lace G-string which had a string triangle front with a red silk bow at the top, the string carried on down from that triangle and back up towards the waist band at the back. Yeah there wasn’t a whole lot of fabric to rub against but it was hot as fuck. My cock twitched again at the thought of her wearing the pair out tonight, I was picturing the string getting firmly wedged between her pussy lips as she danced..
But the night was far from over yet. Casually walking over to her bedside table I knelt down to open the door at the bottom of the cabinet, the usual type of thing was first to view; old photos, tissue box, contraceptive pills, old makeup, etc. But rummaging a bit further and I found my goal a bottle of lube and next to it; a sleek, dark blue, vibrator which must have been really difficult to get hold of considering where we lived. I sat myself back on her all-too- comfy bed and unzipped my shorts, pulling my semi erect cock out I held the vibrator in one hand and turned it on. I was very rarely treated to these sweet vibrations and relished in the opportunity to lay back and have the tiny little vibrations massage the tip of my ever hardening cock.
I lay back thinking about how hot she was with her shoulder length brown hair, which must give amazing bed head. Closing my eyes I imagined holding that same hair –instead of her vibrator- and pushing her lips around the tip of my cock. Was it weird to be thinking of my sister this way? I didn’t know, or really cared to be honest. Maybe it was natural, she was older than me and because we weren’t very close she seemed more distant then a sister or relative in general so therefore more like someone socially acceptable to think about fucking? Having not lost my virginity yet I was still very much wrapped up in my few and far between intimate moments with other girls and the ever circulating porn-.

Sitting up I had immediately forgot about the vibrator’s good vibes, turning it off and returning it to the spot I got it from and very quickly tidying up the dislodged pants and sheet covers as fast as I could. I had completely forgotten about the new tape!
Slinging the curtains shut and locking the front door were the first things I did to make sure no one caught me jacking off in the family room, I didn’t really feel like explaining what ever was on the tape either. I pushed the mysterious tape into the player and made sure it was rewound to the beginning before hitting the play button. Getting the front row seat in the house on the fabric sofa to pull down my shorts and boxers once again. The screen was black and crackly but soon began to be a clear picture - albeit a shaky one- clearly a home video of some sorts. I started stroking my cock in anticipation of some hard-core porn. But no human pussy came to view, no petite framed blonde, no leggy brunette, and no curvy ebony. In fact there was no combination of any human female on the screen. Instead it was an anthro girl. I knew Jerry was a bit odd and I expected that to show in his porn collection but this was something else entirely! This was basically bestiality! I had seen anthro’s around but never like this! Disappointed and a little disgusted I got up, I had half a mind to go over to Jerry’s house tonight and return the tape’s for the Lisa comic so I could finish the night with normal porn. Getting up I pulled up my shorts and boxers with clenched fists thinking that the night would be wasted. But as I got closer to the screen to eject the tape a small part of my brain tugged my finger away from the button. Call it curiosity.
It looked like a horse anthro which became more obvious when she turned her horse like head to the side. It had its back to the camera and was leant against a fence, the fur was tightly cropped to what I assumed was skin? I was not particularly clued up on anthro’s or their anatomy. It had the shape of a ‘she’ I think? The camera was of alright quality though the color was off, but I could see the shades of dark brown fur blending into a light blonde/ white. I took a step back to have a better view. She had a mane..? I think it was a mane instead of hair, but it started off like hair and was tied up into a pony tail but was on a horse’s head? She kinda looked almost human apart from the head, and the tail and the fur… Her dark brown tail swished from side to side showing how she wasn’t wearing anything, I began to struggle seeing how anyone would get off on this and was creeping back towards the eject button. Curiosity tugged at my head yet again as her tail stopped its swish movement and arched up, the shaky camera got in a little closer to her rump to show off her genitals. My mouth went slightly a gape and my cock began to twitch at what I saw. Her pussy was like nothing I had seen in a porno mag. Instead of being a ‘muffin’ shaped mound with the delicately protruding folds rippling out from a centre line, it was a lengthy tear drop shape. At the top of this dark, silk like, teardrop was a tight donut of a asshole which had a tight starfish in the middle, nothing like the ass’s I had seen in my magazines which showed a slight crater nestled between smooth ass cheeks. At the bottom of this teardrop was the closed slit area of what I assumed would be the ‘clit’ area, though no clit looking bean was on show.
My cock was semi erect and bulging against my short as I stood a couple paces away from the screen watching intently, I was no longer interested in ejecting the video tape. The anthro’s tail arched up sharply and my jaw dropped from the sight. Her luxuriously dark teardrop pussy split down the middle- even more so by her clit area- to show this vibrant pink flesh, even more amazingly it convulsed and squirted a liquid before the soft looking lips closed back up as if nothing had happened.
Butterfly’s whirled in my stomach and my cock was now uncomfortably hard, I immediately sat back down on the sofa and pulled my shorts and boxers back down, I was completely intoxicated by what I had just seen. With my left hand stroking my erect cock, jaw a gape and eyes glued to the screen- I was ready for more.
Once again the tail arched up and the anthros lips parted before a gush of liquid sex squirted for the pink flesh. I wished the camera had been better so I could have had a better look, but as it got closer nothing became more clear but stayed about the same just a touch less shaky. Two fur clad hands came sliding down the back of the anthro and each gripped the over bite of each cheek and spread them far apart, I assumed the hands belonged to the anthro herself. Another pair of human hands came into view then and tucked the arched tail between the wrist and ass cheek of the anthro so it stayed to one side. The human hands began molesting the dark silky lips of the anthro’s pussy, spreading them wide apart so the camera- and I- could see her convulsing pussy. It was really fucking hot, I could feel the slight bit of pre cum dripping down the tip of my cock and onto the shaft I was stroking. I continued to watch and the human hand easily slipped four fingers into the horse like pussy and began slowly pumping it, there was less liquid from the anthros ejaculation this time but it was enough to visibly cover and drip off the human hand assaulting it. I loved staring at the sight infront of me but I needed more, with my spare hand I fumbled around on the sofa for the small remote while not taking my eyes of the screen. Finding the little fucker between the sofa cushions, I waved it around frantically towards the TV trying to get the sweet spot, while mashing the volume button. Slowly but surely a hot, sex, sloshing noise began to echo around the quite, screen lit room.
“Ready for the big one you little slut?” a male voice said.
“Do it you animal..” If I had closed my eyes and just used my hearing I would have said that the voice belonged to an extremely horny young woman, not a anthro horse/ woman.
The fingers withdrew from the wet pussy as it continued to wink at the camera. The large male hand clenched into a fist and when the anthros pussy winked it unapologetically rammed into it.
“UaHHhh- You beast!” She moaned at what was- a very sizable appendage- forcing its way in and out of her.
The camera re focused and adjusted itself so I could see the anthros pussy trying to wink while it was being roughly fist fucked, the sloshing and general noise it made while being ploughed was insatiable. My eyes walked over the screen taking in the details including the donut like asshole which clenched and unclenched each time the fist drove home. My cock was rock solid and steadily dripping cum which lubricated the tip with every stroke.
“Come on baby give me more” she cooed at the faceless arms and hands.
The man didn’t say a word but instead withdrew his cum covered forearm and disappeared from the camera shot. The camera did its shaky business again and changed angle so you could get an off 45 angle from the anthros twitching asshole. My cock dipped a bit in enthusiasm as a pallid hip came into view with contrasting black streaks of very sparse human hair came into view. I wasn’t used to having guys in my porn and almost religiously kept to “solo Girls”. But this was a day for new things, apparently.
“You are a filthy cunt” his voice was almost venomous when he said the words, as if each word was an individual back-handed slap to her face.
Without any hesitation or even asking he plunged his cock into the anthros asshole, no lube, no foreplay for her donut, just straight in.
“AhhhHhh..” It sounded like she had lost her want for ‘more’ as the cock slammed itself ball’s deep into her asshole. She ground her teeth together as you could see the pain reflect in her facial expression like ink spreading through a glass of water.
He didn’t relent when every ounce of her body language seemed to shout that she might not be enjoying what he was doing. The hips slammed back and forth as if driven like a pneumatic hammer, unrelenting, unwavering and purposeful.
“ Ah.. Ah.. Ah-fuck!” the anthro screamed as the cock withdrew slightly but moved faster.
The donut of her asshole was now giving just the tip end of the cock pleasure as it rapidly went in and out, occasionally coming out all the way to force its way quickly back inside. Her pussy was no longer squirting continuously but was still, the black outer lips clamped shut while the cock ravaged her asshole.
“Here you go slut!” the man grunted as he wavered in his thrusting to slowly become still.
It hadn’t occurred to me why he had done this until he withdrew his cock and the anthros ass began to leak cum. The camera got faced to the asshole so you could see it up-close, the donut twitched sporadically as the thick lava like cum oozed from its slightly agape opening.
I paused the video there and felt myself getting close to cumming. I was ready for that feeling of release and needed it so badly, my balls were aching for me to climax.
I clamped my hand around the shaft as the other turned off the TV. Someone was at the door and I would need to see who it was.
“Just a minute..” my voice cracked as my cum glistening cock twitched, begging to be released so it could finish its course uninterrupted.
Yet again and with little enthusiasm I pulled up my shorts and boxers, to yet again tuck my erect cock behind the waist buckle. All while there was a continuing knock at the front door.

“Alright! I’m coming- Jesus” I whispered the latter under my breathe in case it was dad. With one hand one the catch bolt holding it open and the other on the door knob I opened the door.
Turns out I didn’t need to do much opening..
The door pushed out of my loose grasps and Ly’ds collapsed inwards on top of me. I only just managed to quickly adjust my stance and catch her under the arms with mine, if I hadn’t managed this one, or both, of us would have been on the floor.
“Tag! Your It!” One of Ly’ds suppose “friends” called as she ran back off down the street towards, what I assumed, was the bar they had come from.
“Ly’ds!? What the fuck is happening?” I was a bit flustered and with my mind racing to catch up with the situation my cock quickly diminished in size.
A slurred gargle from my chest was her reply.
I turned her around and dragged her back into the house and slouched her on the sofa while I went and closed the door. “well there my night over..” I muttered angrily as I clicked the catch bolt into place so that the front door could only be opened from the inside. I walked back to the sofa rubbing my brow in thought about the current events. Lydia was sprawled across the sofa with her eyes closed, knees apart, mouth open and saliva dribbling out the corner of her mouth. I continued to rub my brow over the headache that was now in front of me. Usually she at least managed to make it upstairs and into her room before she went into alcohol hibernation.
I knelt down by her face and pried her eye lid open with finger and thumb to see her eyeball roll forward to look at me. “You alright Ly’ds?” I asked exasperated.
“…I..I fiIIinnneee..” she gurgled and slurred more as her eye rolled backwards and she began to snore…
I let go of her eye and stood up. “for fuck sakes” I muttered more as I ejected the Video and returned it to the box up stairs. Thinking about my next steps I realised it would be to cruel of me to leave her down stairs in case dad came home early tomorrow, he would murder her for being in such a state. Then she would murder me for allowing it to happen, after she recovered from the hang over. I would have to at least get her in her room with a bowl for potential vomit and a glass of water. I opened her bedroom door as I went back down stairs so I would not have to faff opening it while holding her up.
‘Holding her up’ was a loose term which I found out translated more to ‘Carrying’ as I carefully took each step one at a time while ascending to the bedroom with her slung over my shoulder still snoring. Making sure I didn’t bang her head on the door frame I timidly stepped once again into her bedroom and gently flopped her, seemingly, lifeless self onto her bed. As I went to get her a bowl and glass of water I was comforted by her snoring in that it was a sign that she was still alive.
The bowl nestled nicely between her bedside cabinet and bed while the glass was left in the open on the cabinet so it was easy to see and grab. I stepped back and was about to leave the room but didn’t. She was laid over the bed face down with her tight red skirt ridden up her ass and legs spread. I hadn’t thought of it sooner and had never thought Ly’ds would be in a vulnerable state like this. But there she was, unconscious and open. I learned something very important at that second and it was that: Blue balls are the trump card against morals.
I crept up to her lying on the bed and stared at the half exposed ass cheeks. My heart was in my throat as my hand mindlessly came forth and rolled her soft skirt up to the bottom of her back with little to no resistance. Butterflies were echoing out from the pit of my stomach to the tips of my fingers and toes. There, in-front of me was Lyd’s soft luscious ass. With a hand on each ass cheek, I gently parted them, her skin was soft and supple but her ass was firm and toned. My heart almost gave out as when I parted those beautiful ass cheeks I could see the string of my favourite G-string tracing up between.
My Will was broken. All standards I thought I had lay in ruins. I didn’t know whether to vomit in disgust at myself or cum. I crumpled down onto my knees with her legs spread in-front of me, with her G-string flossing her perfect muffin lips. Any thoughts of walking away were banished. Sliding either hand up the outsides of her silky legs, I grappled onto each side of the waist band and began pulling the G-string down. I savoured every moment. I watched in awe as her beautiful, clean, waxed, asshole, was exposed to me. My cock twitching as I watch her pussy lips cling to the bottom of the string before I finished pulling them down all the way. Casting them aside as if I had never dreamed of sniffing them fresh from being worn, I focused on more important issues. Leaning forward, I deeply inhaled Lyd’s musk, it smelled of pure ecstasy. My hands crept up with a mind of their own and spread her ass cheeks again, but my thumbs were on the overbite of her ass. As her ass cheeks spread I could watch her pussy lips part and reveal the entrance to her luxurious pussy. I parted her ass as much as possible and savoured the view of her not-so-tight asshole gape slightly. Leaning back I casually licked a finger and pressed it towards her pussy. To my dismay she wasn’t as wet as I had hoped, probably because she was; unconscious as fuck and drunk as fuck. But after hurriedly getting the lube out of her bedside table, I was able to easily slip a finger into her pussy.
No noise came from Lyd’s other than her heavy breathing and a soft squish, as I slowly worked her pussy with one- and then two- heavily lubed fingers. My other hand was working my cock as I felt Lyd’s soft, rippled-pussy-hole, wrap itself around my fingers. When I drew my finger outs I parted them to make a ‘V’ and watched in awe as the lube-cum mix strung between the two. Evidently Lyd’s body was reacting regardless of her state. Looking passed the cum between my two fingers I saw that beautiful asshole and the butterflies swarmed through my whole body.
I slipped my fingers back into her pussy to keep them wet and edged forward. With my tongue out I greedily licked her flawless asshole and was even able to press it inside. There was no taste or weird smell but it felt hot as fuck to do it. I took my hand off my dripping cock and grasped one of her supple ass cheeks, then spread it outwards. My tongue was easily able to push into her ass then and I was even able to feel my fingers in her pussy.
I wasn’t thinking.
At all.
I was intoxicated in the moment and withdrew my tongue from her ass to immediately replace it with both fingers from her saturated pussy. Her asshole was far too accommodating; there was no resistance as they plunged knuckle deep into her. It was a different feeling I noticed, instead of feeling the soft ripples of a wet vagina, my fingers felt they were wrapped in a soft cloth. My balls began to ache as I watched Lyd’s asshole twitch and gape when I drew my fingers out all the way before thrusting them back inside.
With no hesitation I stood. Every part of me was trembling in enthusiasm as I completely removed my boxers and shorts. My cock was pulsating with eagerness as it dripped cum from the tip which was aimed at Lyd’s. Edging forwards I could feel the sensitive back of my tip rest against her coccyx, with a hand on my cock and my hips bucked slightly back, I closed my eyes and guided my cock downwards. I felt something that may have been her ass but not long after my tip found a wet pussy. The wet entrance almost pulled my cock into her it was so inviting. I didn’t think twice about thrusting every inch I had into her- which made an extremely satisfying squelch. The feeling was indescribable, having every little wet ripple gently squeeze and hug my cock. But I did not waste time on ceremony.
My hips bucked back and forth as my cock began pushing Lyd’s limp body back and forth on her bed. It was the best feeling of my life, but was going to end soon. My aching balls were twitching and I could feel my cock swelling from the cum beginning to build inside. So I grabbed hold of Lydia’s hips and pulled her back to mine with every thrust, making me going faster and deeper into her. Sweat beads dripped from my forehead as I stood on tip toes as I spasmed in climax. I collapsed forward onto her back as my balls twitched in unison with my cock.
I laid there for a minute pumping her with cum. When my cock began to shrink I fell backwards onto the floor, holding myself up with my arms, my eyes were level with Lydia’s pussy. My eyes did not divert as I watched her beautiful pussy gape and twitch while my white viscous cum bubbled and flowed from it. It slowly began to dawn on me. Then it was like a Anvil landing on my head while a heavy weight boxer performed a heavy punch to my stomach.
Retching on the floor I was shocked that I could of done such a thing, unable to say that I hadn’t as the cum pooled on my shorts in front of me. Knots were tying in my stomach and there were no more butterflies of pleasure or joy. Just dread.
My hands where still shaking in shock at what I had done as I attempted to clean my sisters cum filled vagina with a dirty towel. They still shook as I put her underwear back on and laid her properly in bed.
I double checked everything, to make sure that I didn’t look as if I had done anything. Cover stories and escapes ran through my head like a tornado as I lay in my own bed. A loud storm of problems in my head, but a quiet and still night outside of it.

I wrote this since the last story got so many good votes. I don't know whether to carry it on or not, or even where to go with the story. So if you liked it or have some good ideas; drop a comment.

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Furry Fun 2

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