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My First Adventure with Keith

Categories True Story, First Time, Gay

Authror: bulge watcher

Published: 04 January 2018

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I’ve always been an adventurous type and always looking for new experiences and I’ve always involved myself with those who were like-minded. My circle of friends were involved in kayaking and canoeing, flying, paragliding, scuba diving, martial arts, shooting – You name it we were into it.

My best friend Bob frequently talked about his cousin Keith who lived in Pennsylvania and how he would fit in with us if only he lived closer. It was in early March when Bob told us that Keith found a house in our area through his employer and that he was being transferred here. By late March Keith was moved in and we had a chance to meet him at a party at Bob’s house.

I arrived at the party and there he was standing about six feet tall with reddish brown hair and brown eyes. He looked well built and had a very friendly smile. When we shook hands and our eyes met I felt something that I haven’t felt in a long time. It’s hard to explain but the closest word that I can come up with was “Attraction!” We didn’t have much of a chance to talk because of all the people but during the next few weeks I had a few opportunities to interact with him. It wasn’t until early summer when our activities increased and we saw much more of each other. And I’m not talking about just ‘seeing’ each other but seeing more of each other as the weather warmed and we shed more clothing as we got into our water sports.

Keith and I hit it off really well and were always partnered up. As time went on that “something” that I felt when we first met grew stronger. I think he knew something was going on because he always gave me a nice smile. This was especially true one day while our gang was swimming at Thad’s lake, which was a private lake that was owned by the uncle of one of our friends. On that day we were all enjoying some swimming, kayaking and picnicking. Keith was wearing a blue Speedo that really showed him off nicely. While they weren’t Speedos, I wore a nice fitting Scuba Pro swim trunk that I felt showed what I wanted to show quite well. At one point Keith and I swam together towards a floating dock. When we arrived Keith got up on it first and when I followed he extended his hand and helped me up. As he pulled me up I could clearly see that despite the cool water, he had a boner! I pretended that I didn’t see it but the way he pulled me up it was right in my face. I couldn’t believe it but that sight got me excited and although I tried to hide my reaction there was no doubt that he got a good look at my growing bulge. I don’t know what might have happened next if it wasn’t for some of the other guys approaching us. As I got ready to dive into the water and head back to shore, we looked at each other and Keith gave me a VERY friendly smile. I gave one back and then swam to shore.

Later that night as I lay in my bed at home I began thinking about Keith and wondering if he might be gay. Heck, I was wondering if maybe I was as well. I never had feelings for another guy like I was having for Keith. The sight of that boner of his today kept going through my mind and as it did I got a raging hard on. I was left with no choice but to jack off and to my amazement I popped my load in less than a minute and it was the best that I’ve had in a long time!

About a week later we had another gathering at Thad’s Lake. We all had a good time and nothing really happened between Keith and I except for the fact that each of us caught each other occasionally checking out each other.

The evening soon approached so we started a fire and cooked up some hamburgers and hot dogs. As it got later the ‘crowd’ dwindled down to four of us, including Keith. I planned to stay the night in my van and asked if the others were going to stay. Jack and Ray were actually getting ready to leave and Keith said that he didn’t bring his tent.

A very funny feeling went through me when I told him that there were two bunks in my van and that he was welcome to use one if he wanted. Jack and Ray were packing up their things and weren’t paying attention when I made the invitation to Keith. Keith looked right at me and said, “Really?” I said, “Sure, there’s plenty of room!” He looked at me and with a shit eating grin he said, “That’s great, thanks!”

As Jack and Ray were finishing up their packing, Keith and I remained silent and just stared and grinned at each other. I had all kinds of strange feelings going through me, which made me feel like a young teenager about to get laid for the first time.

I couldn’t wait for Jack and Ray to leave and eventually they did. As they drove away I told Keith that I was going to close and lock the gate. I also told him to make himself at home and to take the side bunk. I ran to the gate and waved good bye to Jack and Ray. I locked the gate and then walked back to the van. As I did I thought about what could happen in the next hour or so. I became so aroused that it was actually hard to walk with that ‘thing’ stretching my shorts to their limit!

I got back to the van and thought to myself, “well, here goes!” I opened the side door to my van and there was Keith laying on the side bunk in his skimpy little white underwear. My van had a clear ceiling vent and windows in the back by my bunk. The moon was bright and full so it lit up the inside very well.

I looked down at Keith and asked him if everything was alright and he said, “Just fine!” I walked past him and got to my bunk. My heart was pounding because as I took off my clothes I knew that he was watching my every move. I got down to my tighty whities and hopped in the bunk face down. We got into some small conversation about the day’s activities but it was what was on my mind that I wanted to talk about and I decided to go for it.

Knowing that he could clearly see me, I turned over on my back and let him see me in all of my hard glory. I then asked him, “Keith, do you mind me asking you a personal question?” He said, “No, go ahead and ask away.” After a little hesitation I came out with it and asked, “Are you by any chance gay?” He answered, “If I said yes, would it make a difference in our friendship?” I told him, “Not a bit.” He then said that he wasn’t sure because he liked to mess around with both guys and girls!” I began fondling myself as I asked, “so you’ve had sex with both?” He said yes. I was really getting excited and finally asked, “What’s it like having sex with another guy?” He then said, “It’s really great ….. would you like me to show you?” “How” I asked? “I can give you some head if you want.” “Sure, I’ll try anything once!”

My heart began pounding faster and harder as I felt the van shake when Keith got up from his bunk and made his way toward me. He leaned down over me and asked if I was sure. I pointed to my hard dick and asked, “I think that answers your question!”

I scooted over and made room for Keith. As he got up next to me our bare thighs rubbed and I whispered, “Oh ya.” As Keith put his hand on my thigh he said, “I wanted to get in your pants the second that we met at Bob’s house. It’s too bad it took this long but better late than never.” I told him that I felt the same about him. As soon as I said that he put his hands on my bulge and began massaging it. I was in heaven! Within seconds he moved his hand under my waistband and had his hands on my bare dick. I was almost ready to pop right then and there when he suddenly stopped. He got up and swung my legs over the edge of the bunk and then pulled off my underwear. I lay before Keith completely naked with the biggest hardon that I think I ever had.

Keith looked down at me and told me to relax and that he was going to take real good care of me. He then knelt down between my legs and grasped my hard throbbing cock. I felt his warm smooth lips slide down my dick. He then began working it with his tongue, which sent shivers throughout my body. No girl had ever given me a blow job like I was having right then. My adrenalin was causing me to begin squirming all over the place but Keith used his strong arms to hold me in place. He got me going like crazy. I began humping and moaning as the pressure built up inside of me. I couldn’t believe that a Guy was having this effect on me.

I was getting to the point that I couldn’t hold back anymore. I told Keith that I was going to cum. I thought that he would pull off but instead he held me tighter and began working me harder. This was it! I began to stiffen up and as my toes curled I exploded. Keith’s lips tightened up and took everything in that I gave him. When I finally stopped he held me tight and began licking the head of my dick. It was like giving me a strong electric shock and I began trying to pull away. He stopped and said that he would remember that weakness of mine!

When it was finally over he asked me how I felt and what I thought. I told him that I have been with quite a few girls but that this was the best and most satisfying sex that I ever had! He then told me to rest up because there’s a lot more of that coming. I then asked what he wanted me to do to satisfy him? He got off the bunk and pointed to his crotch. His boner was gone and he was all wet. He then smiled and said that I already took care of him without even knowing it. He then made his way back to his bunk and said good night and pleasant dreams. I told him that I just had the best ‘dream’ that a guy could have. I said, “Thanks Keith, see you in the morning. Good night.”

I was totally exhausted so it didn’t take long to fall asleep. When morning came I was still laying on top of the bunk. I looked over at Keith and he was staring at me with a nice smile. He asked me how I was and I told him great and suggested that we take a quick dip. Without hesitation we both pulled off our underwear and then got out of the van and ran to the lake and jumped in. After a few minutes of swimming around I whispered to Keith that we were being watched by about six kids hiding in the weeds. He laughed and said, “Let’s give them a show!”

I followed Keith as he made his way to the floating dock. Without hesitation he climbed up on top and motioned me to do the same. We sat down on the side facing the kids who were well hidden but we could still see them. He told me that showing off like this was a big turn on for him. I told him that I saw what he meant as I became noticeably excited. He then suggested that we do a little wrestling. He then grabbed me and we began rolling around on the dock. I got on top of him first and then he was on me. This went on for a couple of minutes but those minutes were very sensual for me. We did our share of rubbing until we both fell into the water.

We made our way back to shore and when we got there we got back into our clothes and packed up. When we finished Keith asked what I was doing tonight and I said nothing. “Do you want to come over to my place and continue where we left off last night? All I could say was, “What time?” He said, “How does 7 sound?” I smiled and said that it’s a date.” As we both began driving away I wanted to say goodbye to those six kids who were still hiding but I just let them be.

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My First Adventure with Keith

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