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Recollections 2 Ch. 09

Categories Diary, Lesbian, Male / Female, Romance

Author: Kaadorix

Published: 04 January 2018

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Recollections 2
Written by: Kaadorix

M/F, F/F and a whole lot more

Chapter 09: "Begetter"

-*- Tuesday, December 12, 2017 -*-
-*- Excelsior Springs, Missouri -*-

"Sooooo... I can pick out any tree that's here?" Merissa asked
us at the farm where Alexa and I had purchased our Christmas tree
every year since we got married back in 2011, on the wrong side of
the state border, shouting to be heard over the festive holiday
music that was playing loudly on the sound system. The temperature
had dipped 20 degrees from where it was just yesterday, and snow
flurries were actually blowing around for the first time all season.

"That's right," I said, silently praying that Merissa would
choose a tree quickly so we could get out of this blasted cold.

"But there are so many! How am I supposed to pick just one?"

Beside her, Alexa smiled thoughtfully. "Do you want to know
how I've always picked our tree out here in the past?"

Merissa nodded.

"I always look for one that is really green and really, really
fat. I check to make sure there are no big gaps in the branches,
nothing broken, and certainly no brown spots. And then I try to
picture how he'll look in the corner of our living room."

"He?" Merissa asked, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Alexa giggled. "I've always thought of any Christmas tree of
ours as a he. I don't know why, but I always have."

"Oh," Merissa responded in a serious tone. She then looked up
at me. "Do you think the tree is a he too, Jeremy?"


"It doesn't really matter," Alexa said cheerfully. "Let's start
looking around and we'll look for all the important things. This
will be your fourth Christmas with us, Rissa, and the third as our
wife. Although this has been my own tradition with Jeremy every
December, both he and I agree that you should be the one to pick
out our family tree this year. Not me. You're married to us, too!"

"Just remember that it will go in the corner of the living room
between the window and the big-screen television," I told Merissa.
"The ceiling there is 13 feet high, so you can pick out a 12 foot
tree if you like. The decision is totally up to you."

"Wow," Merissa said. "12 feet? That'd be a BIG tree."

"Well... let's go find a big tree, then!" Alexa chirped, taking
Merissa by the hand and leading her toward the first row of pines.

I stood back for a moment and simply watched. The snow was
falling and even though all of us were bundled up, Merissa's cheeks
were rosy. Her eyes were wide with excitement as she listened to
everything Alexa said. Merissa was acting like she was a kid again!
I loved seeing her so happy and cheerful after everything our family
had been through in the past five-plus weeks and, even moreso, all
of the help she had given to me personally. I could hear her and
Alexa laughing, and then observed them as they stopped at one tree
and began inspecting it while discussing the various pros and cons.

Alexa and Merissa were making another memory.

A new tradition, perhaps?

A tradition that I was missing out on because I was too busy
standing back and admiring them! Clearing my mind, I caught up
to where they were standing. "So, what's the verdict on this one,
ladies? Do you like it?"

"It's very green," Merissa said diplomatically.

"And smells wonderful," Alexa added.

"Hmmmmm," I summarized, pausing to inspect the tree myself.
"We can go a little taller if you like, Merissa. This one is
only about eight feet tall. Remember, we want to fill up that
corner. A smaller tree like this... wouldn't look right there."

"Where are the bigger ones?"

I pointed toward the end of the row. "The taller ones are
in the back if I remember correctly. Let's go check them out?"

Merissa strode ahead of us and, while she did, I took one of
Alexa's slender, little hands into mine and squeezed lovingly.

"Rissa is having such a fun time," Alexa said as we walked
along. "It's good for her to get away from the house, the kids,
every now and then. She literally spends every waking moment
having to watch and police after them at all times. Even better,
Rissa has no worries about Madi or Asher, or Cooper. They're safe."

"The kids are in good hands with your mom back at the house," I
nodded. "I'm happy. I feel the need to constantly remind and
assure Merissa that she's just as important to our family as you
and I are. I NEVER want her to feel left out like she did during
my father's funeral back in April. That was AWFUL. Merissa needs
to be part of the whole holiday and... our little tradition."

Alexa smiled at me. "I agree. This was a great idea. Thank
you so much for coming up with it."

"Oh, it was my pleasure."

We found Merissa standing in front of a long row of towering
Serbian spruces. By comparison, they were almost two-and-a-half
times the height of my two wives. I walked over to Merissa and
tapped my chin with a thoughtful glare. "Any good ones?"

"I don't know!" she fretted, glancing around. "They're all
beautiful and would fit well in the living room, I think."

Together, the three of us walked around and looked at just
about every tree that was taller than ten feet. In the end,
of course, it HAD to be the very last one on the entire lot that
Merissa deemed to be her favorite of them all.

"Yup. This is the one. This is the tree I like the most!
What do you two think, Lexi and Jeremy? You like it, too?"

"Looks like a winner to me," Alexa responded.

"Absolutely," I concurred. The snow was coming down harder as
I motioned for one of the clerks to come over and help us.

Alexa reached out and gently touched my chest, particularly
where my heart was. "Maybe we should go and wait in the minivan
and have some hot chocolate while they get the tree ready for us."
Alexa massaged my chest ever-so-gently and offered a loving smile.
"Probably a really good idea right now, I'd say."

Merissa looked at me with sympathetic eyes. "You cold, baby?"

"A little," I admitted, actually shivering.

Merissa took the keys from Alexa. "I'll hurry back and start
getting the van warmed up for you." She then began walking away.

"Rissa is so sweet!" Alexa beamed.

"She certainly is."

"And she's really pretty."

"Beautiful..." I murmured, my eyes suddenly transfixed on her.

"Oh, I agree. I DEFINITELY agree." Alexa gripped my forearm
with her fist and hugged me, then kissed me soundly on the cheek.
I pulled back to look at her, and she was giggling up a storm.

"What was that for?"

"Just for you being YOU," Alexa said, again placing her hand
over my heart. "Let's go and get into the minivan and warm up,
and watch them trim our tree. The last thing we need is you
catching a cold out here. I already told the manager that they're
going to have to tie it to the minivan for us. I said you couldn't
do it because you had heart surgery last month and have serious
limitations on how much you're allowed to lift. He said okay."

"That's good, I suppose."

Indeed, it had been over five weeks since I suffered a heart
attack and had to undergo immediate emergency surgery, a coronary
artery bypass graft (CABG), at _Shawnee Mission Medical Center_
in Merriam, Kansas. The surgery took place back on November 4 in
the overnight hours. The road to recovery had been slow and very
grueling, tedious, and was nowhere close to being over yet. I was
not even permitted to go back to work until the day after Christmas.
All told, the recovery process would last about three months.

After surgery, I spent the first two days in the coronary care
unit (CCU). My heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels were
monitored and checked regularly. I was hooked up to an I-V at
all times, and had a tube in my bladder to drain urine and another
tube to drain fluid from my chest. Not very pleasant at all. I
received oxygen therapy through nasal prongs and had a temporary
pacemaker installed which helped control abnormal heart rhythms.

It felt like I was in a jail cell. I had nowhere to go.

There was a constant flow of visitors, both friends and family
alike, during the four days and evenings I had to stay in the
hospital. Alexa stayed with me overnight for two of them while
Merissa stayed for the other two. Both wanted to be there with me
at all times, but someone had to stay home with the kids, right?
Mom and my two brothers, as well as my sister, were all mainstays
as well, and even Mike, my best friend, was there for several
hours every single day. Mike even took time off from work for me.

For the first 48 hours post-surgery, it felt like someone had
taken a sledgehammer and pounded me in the chest with it. Yes,
it was THAT sore. I took plenty of pain medication, yet it did
not seem to help all that much. But I was already up and walking
by this point, even while in the CCU. As a doctor myself, I knew
how vitally important it was after such an intensive heart procedure
that I walk around - even if it was just a few baby steps here and
there at first - and get some blood flowing, a little bit of
exercise. It was crucial and would go a long way in my recovery.

I battled insomnia and a serious case of depression for the
first three weeks after getting home from the hospital. It's funny,
I suppose. I was a doctor and always told all of my patients to
be prepared for whatever side effects and curve balls they may face
following an operation. Depression and insomnia are two of the
most common after a heart procedure, yet I was not prepared myself.
Every little tweak I felt in my chest, I was scared that another
heart attack was coming. I lay awake at night and prayed that it
would not happen again. Even with all the love and support I could
handle from Alexa and Merissa, my kids, my family and all of my
friends, and even well wishes from my patients, I was depressed,
listless. Why had this happened to me? Of all people, why me?
What could I have done to avoid it?

I was overloaded with visits to various doctors and specialists,
and had to take several different types of medicine. There was
rehab to attend, constant imaging and X-ray tests. My leg was in
a lot of discomfort for the first week or so as well. During the
operation, a blood vessel was grafted (removed) from my right leg
and then sewn in around the blockage in my heart artery - hence
the term _coronary artery bypass graft_. It left an ugly incision
on my thigh that developed a nasty infection.

It took about a month, honestly, but things slowly started
getting back to normal. I still had a long road to travel,
though. But my mood had leveled out and I was no longer on edge
about every little pain or twinge I felt in my chest. Still, I
was not permitted to go back to work yet, or even drive a vehicle.
How was I going to get all of my Christmas shopping done? For
the first time ever, I was relegated to doing literally my holiday
shopping online and have it delivered to the house.

It was terrible. I hated doing my gift shopping online.

Being a stay-at-home mom, Merissa was a Godsend for me - for
our family - as she helped take care of my every whim while Alexa
continued to work five days a week at the health club. Alexa was
no longer a personal trainer, though; not for the time being, at
least. She had a cushy desk job now. Her own cubicle, even.

Oh, you know that Little Miss Firecracker had to love that...

"It's four o'clock, baby," Alexa said to me in the warmth and
comfort of our family minivan, sipping a cup of hot chocolate as
we waited for the employees to cut down our tree and then strap it
to the top of the vehicle. Unable to help myself, I had pulled
both Alexa and Merissa in close so we were all huddled together.
It felt so good to have both of them nearby. I loved the feel of
them on either side of me. Just being able to reach out and touch
them was an awesome form of therapy in its own right; a way to mend
my broken heart. "It's time for your medicine," Alexa reminded me.

Ahh, yes. I had to take an antiplatelet pill, a beta blocker,
medicine to reduce my lipid levels, and a plain old aspirin every
day at 4:00pm. Oh, and a shot of nitroglycerin spray. I would
never forget to take any of them on my own, but I was happy that
Alexa was so gung-ho and aggressive in reminding me. Each morning
when she had to work, Alexa would call on her smartphone at the
appropriate time and remind me to take my medication. She made
sure I never missed any doses at night, either. Turnabout was
fair play, I must admit, because I always did the same for her
whenever she required to take any sort of long-term medicine in
the past. It was our way of watching each others' back.

"That guy is looking at us funny," Merissa commented, pointing
toward one of the farm's workers. "Probably wondering why,
Jeremy, you have me and Lexi so nice and tight against you."

Alexa gave her best scrunch face. "Let him look." She reached
over and caressed Merissa's thigh. "It's none of his business."

Merissa shrugged her shoulders. "Probably jealous of Jeremy."

"You two want to go out to eat?" Alexa then asked us. "Or would
you rather get take-out and go back home to the kids? You know Mom
will gladly watch all three of them no matter how long we're gone.
She absolutely adores her precious, little grandchildren."

"The kids," I answered. "How about that place in Shawnee that
has authentic Columbian and Peruvian food? Take-out from there? I
have a sudden yearning for their coxina and choritos a la chalaca."

Alexa looked at me curiously. "Is that the mussels in that
amazing sauce mix of theirs?" When I nodded my head, she nodded
as well. "Fair enough. Peruvian sounds good to me tonight."

Merissa reached across my body and patted Alexa's abdomen. "I
know you're tired after working eight hours today, sweetie. I
vote yes on the take-out idea, too. Wherever is fine, I don't
care. It's best that we get home so you and Jeremy can take it
easy, kick back, relax. I'm sure the kids miss us. Besides, Mike,
Pamela and Kenzie are going to be over at seven o'clock tonight.
Mike and Kenzie are going to bring our new Christmas tree into
the house and lift it onto the stand. I'm going to help, too."

I squinted my eyes at those words. It really sucked, you know,
only being allowed to lift a maximum of ten pounds following my
surgery. I felt hamstrung in nearly every aspect of my life.
That meant I could not even put my own Christmas tree up. There
was no way I could climb up to the roof this year, either, and
place all of our holiday decorations and lights around the house.
We would just have to go without them, I guess, but it would
surely put a damper on the kids' Christmas as a result.

"I don't want you or Kenzie messing with that tree," I said to
Merissa in a serious tone. "Lexi hurt herself one year when she
tried to help me put it up. Hudson will be over tonight, too. He
and Mike can easily take care of everything by themselves."

Alexa smiled. "Oh. Your brother is coming over to help, too?
That's awesome; really nice of him. Always good to see Hudson.
Haven't seen him since Thanksgiving Day at your sister's house."
Alexa and Hudson had not always been on the best of terms - they
got off to quite a rocky start when I first started dating her
seven years ago - but everything was good now between them.
Especially after Dad had passed away earlier this year. His death,
unfortunate as it was, brought the entire family closer together.

Alexa offered another one of her patented scrunch faces while
glaring across the front seat at Merissa. "You're doing it again."

Merissa's eyes widened with total innocence. "Doing what?"

"You're looking."

"Looking at what?"

"The bump. The bump that isn't even THERE yet."

Merissa then rolled her eyes. "You're seven weeks pregnant,
Lexi! STOP calling it... the bump. You sound like Jeremy!"

Smiling, Alexa ran both hands over her lean, smooth abdomen
through the thick winter coat she had on. "Doesn't change the
fact that you were looking at it. What's up with that?" Alexa
tilted her head back and forth several times and taunted snarkily,
"You jealous, baby? Wishing you were pregnant again, too?"

Merissa stifled a laugh. "Uhhhhh... no. I've given birth to
two beautiful babies, including one just this past May. I'm
taking a vacation from being pregnant. Probably a permanent one,
too. Besides, four kids will be plenty for our little family."

Alexa nodded. "Yeah." I then watched in amusement as Alexa
reached into the candy bowl here in the minivan and opened up
yet another fun-sized _Snickers_ bar and popped it into her mouth.
Her fourth one since we left the house to go tree hunting at 2:30pm.
A fitness freak if there ever was one, two months ago, Alexa would
have never touched candy like this. But in the past week or so,
with her pregnancy in full force and her hormones in a constant
state of flux, Alexa suddenly had a serious craving for anything
that was chocolate. And her favorite was _Snickers_ candy bars.

"What are you staring at?" Alexa's blue eyes were fixed on me
and she seemed defensive as I watched her gobble the treat down.

I held both hands up in surrender. "Nothing." Alexa had always
adhered to such a strict, proper diet, and knew full well that I
found her sudden (and uncontrollable) cravings to be quite humorous.

"So what are we going to wear for New Year's?"

Alexa froze with yet another chocolate treat halfway to her
mouth. "You're kidding, Rissa, right? We're just now getting
our Christmas tree and you're already asking about New Year's?
Can we just take a moment and... breathe?"

"Breathing is highly overrated," Merissa countered, fishing
through the candy bowl and pulling out a crunch bar for herself.
"If we're going to the big party at Union Station in downtown
Kansas City to see the ball drop, we need to have the perfect
outfits. Fabulous outfits. We need to start planning now."
She pulled out two more treats and cradled them with her hand.

"You're not going to fit into anything fabulous if you don't
cut out the sweets."

"This coming from the pregnant chick who has LIVED on these
things for the past week. Give me a break." Merissa sighed and
ripped open the first of her three candy bars.

"Come on. Don't be like that." Alexa reclined back in the
seat. "Besides, it's not like we're looking to impress anyone.
We're going with my mom and dad, and your mom and brother."
Right. Michelle and Rick would be in town visiting from Georgia.
Merissa could not wait for her beloved family to get here. They
were due in a few days before Christmas.

"We should want to impress each other!" Merissa squealed with a
grin. "I want to look GOOD on New Year's Eve when the clock
strikes midnight and we share a big kiss. It's a tradition!"

Alexa nodded. "Rissa, you look good to me at ALL times. It
doesn't matter what you wear." Alexa winked at her and added,
"Or if you're not wearing anything at all. Especially then."

"So you don't want to help me search for the perfect outfits?"
Merissa eyed her intently. "This is because of HIM, isn't it?"

I felt the blush creep up my cheeks as Alexa played dumb.
"Him who?"

"You know darn well who I'm talking about. Him." Merissa
motioned toward me with her head. "Your husband. OUR husband.
Sergeant Sexy over here." My eyes widened in response as she
kept going, "The man you've been drooling over since the day you
first met him seven years ago. He's... domesticated you."

Alexa laughed because Merissa was being playful, funny. "What?
Like you don't drool after Jeremy, too? You'd drool after Jeremy,
Rissa, even when you were still dating Grayson. Admit it. There
is no need to deny it. I knew it then, and know it now. And when
you first moved into our home back in 2014, before you were romantic
with us, you'd watch for Jeremy through the window downstairs at
night in hopes of catching a glimpse of him."

"That's not true!" Merissa exclaimed. "That would be creepy."
Her expression turned guilty. "But... I did tend to listen to
you and Jeremy having sex through the walls at night."

"And that's NOT creepy?"

Merissa laughed. "Maybe? How could I NOT hear the two of you?
Your screams raise the roof, Lexi, whenever you have sex. And
there was the sound of the headboard banging against the wall.
Sounded like drums at a concert." When Alexa sighed and hid her
face in embarrassment for a split-second, Merissa reached out and
touched her wrist in a sympathetic manner. "Creepy, huh? It's not
like I had a glass to the ceiling or drilled a peep hole." Merissa
sat back with a huff. "Is it such a bad thing that I want us to
look good when we go downtown on New Year's Eve? I don't care who
is with us. I love to dress up every now and then. It's fun."

"You looking for a hot date to take home that night?"

"LEXI!" Merissa whined in protest.

"Oh, settle down. I was being sarcastic." Alexa tossed another
pint-sized piece of chocolate goodness into her mouth. "And don't
worry. We'll both find something cute and sexy to wear for New
Year's Eve. I wouldn't have it any other way." Hmmmmm. Too bad I
had already volunteered to stay home and look after the kids that
night, huh? Oh well; I knew my two wives would make it up for me
in some other way. They always did.

"Thank you, Lexi." Merissa's smile was soft and sweet and...
damn. She was just so fucking gorgeous!

"The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra will be playing at Union Station
on New Year's Eve," Alexa reminded me for probably the hundredth
time. "I know how much you'd love to see them perform, Jeremy.
There will be other live bands and musical performances, too..."

"I'll catch the orchestra sometime next spring or summer when I'm
fully recovered and up for a long night out like that," I told her,
silently insisting that staying home that evening would not a problem
for me. Rick and Alexa's father, Bob, were going to be with them,
as well as both of their mothers. They would be perfectly safe,
and deserved to get out and enjoy a big-band-fueled bash and party.
Even though it seemed like I'd been with them a lifetime already -
especially Alexa - I often had to remind myself that both ladies
were still only 26. Going out and partying on the town like they
were still college kids was good for them. They were still at that
age. Myself? I'd enjoy a quiet night at home with the kids and
would most assuredly be watching some NBA basketball games.

A few moments later, with the Christmas tree netted and secured
tightly atop our minivan, my two wives and I were cruising along
U.S. Route 69. It was about a 40 mile trip from Excelsior Springs
to Lake Quivira. Our path would eventually take us through the
heart of downtown Kansas City, so we were hoping that the rush hour
traffic was not too bad this afternoon. It was often hit or miss in
this area. We called ahead and ordered our dinner from the
restaurant in Shawnee, and hoped to be home in no more than an hour.

It felt very different being relegated to the second row of
passenger seats in our 2017 _Chrysler Pacifica_. Alexa was
driving instead of me, and Merissa was in the front beside her.
Next week, I would finally be permitted to operate and drive a
vehicle again myself. Trust me, it could not come soon enough.

"You should have let me drive today, Lex," Merissa stated.

"What do you have against my driving?"

"Ummmmm... how about that you're not very good at it?"

"I'm good, I'm just slow!" Alexa chirped. "I'm a slow driver."

"Is that what it is?" Merissa teased. "So what happened with
that turn earlier today, huh?"

"I wasn't far enough... up yet."

"Trying to turn down a one-way street? Is that it?"

"I did NOT try to turn down a one-way," Alexa insisted. "Or
turn down a one-way."

"Did we ALMOST go down a one-way?"


"According to YOU." Alexa laughed as Merissa continued, "But
the two passengers seem to know differently."

Alexa sneered. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Merissa glanced back over her shoulder at me for confirmation.
"Jeremy, did Lexi almost turn down a one-way street earlier?"

"She sure did."

"JEREMY!" Alexa screeched, giggling. "You're not supposed to
take Rissa's side in this! You're supposed to have MY BACK."

"Like hell he is," Merissa retorted, grinning.

Little, random interactions like that always made for an
entertaining time whenever I was out and about with Alexa and
Merissa. The comfort level - the chemistry, if you want to call
it that - between them was simply off the charts. To me, their
ongoing interactions just kept getting cuter and cuter. In my
opinion, at least, no two people in the entire world belonged
together more than Alexa and Merissa did.

The trip home seemed to take no time at all. At one point in
a pinch of touch-and-go traffic, Alexa whipped out her smartphone
and scrolled through her playlist, and then she and Merissa sang
duets along with Taylor Swift (Look What You Made Me Do) and even
Michael Jackson (The Way You Make Me Feel), among other musicians
and songs. Indeed, never a dull moment with these two ladies.

* * *

"Hey buddy. Did you have a good day today?"

"Yeah," Cooper, my three-year-old son, said as he snuggled under
his warm blankets later that evening as I sat alongside and relaxed
with him. It was well past time for Cooper and Madison, his younger
sister, to go to bed. But with Mike, Pamela, Mackenzie and Hudson
over tonight, we kind of pushed the kids' bedtime back a few hours.
Even so, I did not want to break my new nightly routine with Cooper.
I had gotten into the habit in recent months of spending about 10
to 15 minutes each night with him before he woulg go to asleep.
We would usually talk about the happenings of the day gone by.

"Good. What was your favorite part about today?"

"The movie theater," he answered, a toy car in his hands. He
and I, along with Merissa, Madison and Asher, went to the cinema
complex in Merriam this morning while Alexa was busy at work and
saw _Coco_, a computer animated musical fantasy film made by
_Disney_. Six month old Asher slept through the majority of it,
but the pair of toddlers gave the film two enthusiastic thumbs up!
Of course, Cooper and his little sister were not quite the harshest
of critics when it came to giving movie reviews. Not yet, anyway.

"That was fun, huh?" When Cooper nodded, I went onto another
subject. "Hey, do you remember what happened when I got home with
Mommy and Aunt Merissa after we picked out our Christmas tree?"
He seemed unsure, so I had to jar his memory a bit. Give him a
little nudge. "Do you remember when Mommy and I, and Aunt Merissa,
set you and Madi down on the couch? Grandma Angela, too?"


"What did we tell you?"

"There's... a baby in Mommy's tummy."

My heart filled with warmth and delight. Alexa's quantitative
hCG test, used to measure the exact levels of the pregnancy hormone
in her bloodstream, came back positive just over a month ago. She
and I were having another baby! No longer did we have to rely on
the word of my deceased father, who had come to me in a vision the
night I suffered a heart attack five weeks ago and informed me
that Alexa was pregnant. She would give birth, Dad said, to a
daughter named Brooklyn in July 2018. Now, with the lab work, we
had actual scientific confirmation to go along with my so-called
crazy ramblings and hallucinations. Alexa was really pregnant!
As it stood now, she was seven weeks along and doing GREAT.

"How do you feel about that, buddy?" We had decided to hold
off on telling Cooper and Madison about the big news for a couple
of weeks. We wanted the pregnancy to be a little further along
before sharing the news with them. "Does that make you happy?"

Cooper shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know."

"You're excited?"

He nodded his head. "Uh huh."

"Are you excited to have a brother or a sister?" Cooper kept
nodding his head, yet I already knew that he was going to have a
sister. There was no logical reason to have to explain that and
the unique way I found out to a three-year-old, though. It would
confuse him. "Good! I'm so happy that you're excited. You have
been SUCH a good big brother for Madi and Asher, and I KNOW you're
going to be a good big brother for our next baby." I leaned over
and kissed his forehead. "I love you, buddy."

"I love you too, Daddy."

"Do you want a brother or a sister?"

"A brother."

"A brother? Aunt Janae thinks that we're going to have a girl.
I seem to agree with her."

"She already... has a girl."

I laughed. "Yes, Aunt Janae does. But Chelsea really isn't a
girl anymore, silly. She's a woman, the same age as Mommy, 26.
Chelsea was a little girl at one time, though. Do you know that I
got to watch Chelsea being born? Back in 1991."

He shook his head.

"Do you ALSO know that Mike and Pamela are gonna have a baby?
Did you see how big Pamela's tummy was when she was here with
Mike and their friend Kenzie earlier? Remember, you were playing
with Ollie? Pamela's belly was HUGE, wasn't it? Ollie will have
a little sister in a few months. Her name is going to be ALEXIS.
Mike and Pamela are naming her after Mommy because Mommy helped
them meet and fall in love a few years ago. Isn't that cool?"

"Mike said... Kenzie need wittle baby... in her tummy too."

I stifled a laugh at those words. God, some of the things kids
say! Indeed, nothing would make Mike happier, I think, than if he
was to get Mackenzie pregnant as well. The two of them, along with
Pamela, were trying to follow the blueprint that I had laid out
with Alexa and Merissa on how to nurture and develop a successful
three-way relationship from the ground up. I did not consider
myself an expert on the subject, but those three thought I was.

Mackenzie was already talking about the possibility of becoming
pregnant herself, and providing a little brother or sister for
Ollie and Alexis. I still felt it was way too early in their
relationship for such talk, yet I must also remind myself that
Merissa was pregnant with Madison back in 2014 even before she was
officially engaged to Alexa and I. So, I've kept my mouth shut...

"And also, Mommy and Aunt Merissa's good friend, Sarah, is
gonna have a baby too. Sarah is SO excited. There's gonna be a
lot of new babies soon, isn't there? It's pretty cool."

Cooper nodded in agreement again.

I smiled at him. "I just want you to know how grateful I am
for you. And how good you are to your little sister and brother.
And how nice you are to your cousins. And how GOOD you are at
being a good listener." Cooper seemed a bit embarrassed at my
excessive praise as he kept fiddling with his toy car. "I LOVE
that you're my son. You know that, right?"


"I love you, buddy."

"I love you," he mumbled back. "Where's Mommy's baby? I want
to see... the baby."

"Inside Mommy's tummy," I reiterated. "The baby needs to stay
inside of Mommy for a long, long time - until next summer - so it
can grow, get stronger, do well."

"Maybe it will be... anudder Madi?"

"Very well could be, buddy." Cooper adored his little sister
and even thought of himself as her protector. "Mommy and I, and
Aunt Merissa are praying really, really hard that this baby will
stay nice and strong, and be born without any complications."

"Strong? Just like ME!"

I chuckled at him. "Yeah, just like you."

"Really strong like HULK!"

"Yeah. We want a strong baby like The Incredible Hulk. REAL
strong baby." Cooper was fascinated with everything _Avengers_,
and two of his biggest heroes were Captain America and Spiderman.
In fact, he had his Spiderman costume, minus the mask, on right
now. "So when you say your prayers each day, will you please pray
for our little baby? For your next brother or your next sister?"

"Yeah. Like I pray for you, Mommy and Aunt _Mawlissa_." The
way he spoke Merissa's name was priceless. So adorable! "Madi
and Asher too! What does... baby look like?"

Hmmmmm, it wasn't all too often that my three-year-old son
asked me a question that sent me directly into physician mode. I
missed working at my medical office so much the past several weeks,
though, so I welcomed the chance to play doctor again if just for a
moment. "The baby is only about a quarter-inch long and is still
considered to be what's called an embryo, meaning she is very, very
tiny. Since she has been inside Mommy for seven weeks, her head
and face are just now starting to develop. Her nose is popping up
and her eyes are forming. Hands and feet also should be developing,
though they look more like paddles right now than the little hands
and feet you'll be holding and loving on seven months from now."
Most of that, I knew, flew right over Cooper's head, but I raised
an eyebrow at him anyway. "You WILL be holding onto and loving
your little sister when she is born, right?" Oops. "Or your
brother? Holding hands and giving her - or him - guidance in the
world? Being a big brother is a BIG responsibility, you know."

"Why baby gotta stay... Mommy's tummy?"

"That's the baby's home for now. Gotta get bigger, stronger,
and in about seven months, baby will be ready to come out and
join the rest of us in the world. Not until then, though."

"Asher come from Aunt Mawlissa's tummy!"

"He did," I grinned. "Do you remember when Aunt Merissa had
such a big tummy earlier this year?" Cooper nodded his head as
I continued, "Little Asher was inside of Aunt Merissa for nine
whole months. Just like Madi was inside her before him, and you
were in Mommy's tummy before her. A baby has to stay and bake
like a cookie in his or her mommy's tummy for nine whole months.
And in July next year, our new baby will be born."

"Cool," Cooper simply stated.

"I know it's a long time, buddy, but it'll be worth the wait."

It took about 15 minutes, but I was able to coax Cooper off to
sleep for the night. When I left his bedroom and closed the door,
I noticed the door across the hall - Madison's bedroom - was still
open, but it was dark inside. She and Cooper used to share the
same bedroom, but Madison had just recently graduated to her own.
I figured Alexa and Merissa were still in there trying to get her
to fall asleep as well. I debated whether or not I should go in
and offer to help, but decided not to. My presence may rile
Madison up and make it more difficult for her to nod out.

"Hey sweetie," I then said with a big smile as I felt Lucy -
the 12-week-old kitten Alexa rescued from outside her workplace
seven weeks ago - swirling around my feet. The innocent little
feline looked up at me with those big, blue eyes as I leaned down
to gently pick her up. "How you doing, fur baby?"

Lucy had been a stray; somehow lost from her litter, when Alexa
found her sick and disoriented, and near death, outside of the
health club where she worked following a rainstorm at the end of
October. Lucy had been cold and hungry, and very underdeveloped at
a mere 14 ounces. Alexa got her some kitten food and took her
straight to the veterinarian to get her proper treatment and
medicine. Later that evening, we all got together as a family and
decided that Lucy deserved a forever home. We were adopting her.

Alexa was still reeling from the tragic loss of Matt, her
companion since the age of four. Matt lived 22 very long and
happy years right alongside Alexa, but succumbed to feline
leukemia earlier this summer and was now lounging in that cat
tower in the sky. Losing Matt was perhaps the most traumatic
and heartbreaking experience of Alexa's young life thus far,
except for her own medical scare with anorexia in 2007.

But Alexa's loving heart had melted for Lucy the same way it
once had for Matt. What was once a feeble and underdeveloped 14
ounce kitten just a mere seven weeks ago was now healthy and
thriving at 2.7 pounds. Alexa and Merissa had become Lucy's
surrogate mothers, feeding her with a bottle for the first week
before weening her onto canned food. Lucy had grown into a little
ball of fire and seemed to have the most fun either hugging,
licking or ambushing Izzy and Teddy, our two resident dogs. They
did not know what to think of Lucy, but at least tolerated her.

"You been behaving?" I said to the kitten as I carried her
down to the living room. "Or have you been ripping at the new
curtains again with those tiny, razor-sharp claws of yours?"

When Lucy saw the Christmas tree that Mike and Hudson set up
for us tonight, she struggled to break free from my arms, so I
set her down and she made an immediate beeline toward it. The
tree was barren; it had no decorations or ornaments on it yet.
In the past, we always let the tree settle for one night - allow
it to get acclimated to the temperature in the house and whatever
else before putting anything on it. It meant staring at an empty
tree for a whole night, but that's the way we had always done it.
Tomorrow, we'd deck it out with plenty of holiday bling.

We usually had our tree up the first week of December, too.
Today was the 12th, and we had just now purchased it. That sucked.
Suffering that heart attack and subsequent surgery had totally
wreaked havoc on our Thanksgiving and Christmas routines. It was
terrible, but the one silver lining from the whole ordeal was
because I had to take off from work, I got to spend a lot of good,
quality time with Merissa and the kids each day. That was awesome.
I felt closer with Merissa now than I ever had before.

With Lucy hiding somewhere deep within the tree, I turned and
focused on the 350 gallon tropical aquarium that was set up along
the far wall. Talk about being decked out; the aquarium was loaded
with live plants and a variety of fake rocks, corals, sunken ships,
castles, caves and even a miniature replica of Stonehenge.

"Hey Aristurtle, hey Bulldozer. What's up?" There were various
types of marine life in the massive tank, but my favorites were the
two Albino Red Eared Slider turtles. I ordered them from a
hatchery in Florida back in March at $249 apiece. The enjoyment I
have had in raising them made the purchases worth every penny.

I walked over to the aquarium and watched Aristurtle gnaw on a
calcium block at the bottom while Bulldozer was near the top, at
the water line, and looked ready to climb the ramp so he could
lounge and bask in the turtle topper beneath the tank's lights.
All around them were various types of colorful, vibrant little
creatures. A school of Rummy-Nose Tetras were almost always
together and roamed the tank as a group. There were a total
of five Indonesian Tigerfish Datnoids, three Denison Barbs, two
White Cloud Mountain Minnows, two San Merah Discus, and the
tank's scavenger, a lone Albino Aeneus Cory Cat.

Alexa and I did not know a single thing about taking care of
marine life or how to maintain an aquarium when we bought a tiny
five gallon fish tank back in 2011. Yet we were curious and wanted
to learn. Through much trial and error, we fell in love with our
little sea babies and, over the years, kept upgrading to a larger
tank. And here today, before me, stood the monstrous 350 gallon
aquarium that Alexa and I installed this past summer.

One of Alexa's upcoming Christmas presents was that I was going
to put our prior tank, its capacity 265 gallons, into the master
bedroom and then order two Potamotrygon Leopoldi Black Diamond
Stingrays from a breeder in New Jersey. Alexa was fascinated with
the stingray species and had wanted one of her own for many years.
Soon, she will have two! It would have to wait until after the
new year, though. Since these stingrays could be aggressive and
were extremely venomous, they would have to be separated from the
rest of our fish and two turtles. Thus, the need for a second tank.

When I went back upstairs, I noticed that the door to Madison's
bedroom was closed, as was Cooper's, still. Excellent. That meant
Alexa and Merissa had gotten our little daughter to fall asleep,
and Cooper was still out like a light. But where were my two wives?
Was the baby, Asher, awake and hungry again? Curious, I took a
stroll down toward the master bedroom.

"You're never going to get the sleep you need to wake up and
function at work tomorrow if you do that."

From within the bedroom, Merissa's voice piqued my interest.
It was laced with a touch of eroticism, desire and, dare I say it,
pure heat. I took a few steps closer and peeked in.

Alexa yanked the buttons on Merissa's blouse open and pushed
her hands inside, fondling her breasts. "Mmmmmm-hmmmmm."

"Baby." Merissa groaned and shifted upon the mattress, allowing
her wife more room. "You're not going to believe this, but I've
been thinking about you all day, hoping we could have sex tonight."

Alexa's eyes flamed. "Oh, I can believe it. Mostly because I
have been having similar thoughts about you all day. Especially
since you sent me that selfie you took in the bathroom mirror at
the movie theater earlier." Oh? A selfie? What selfie was that?
"So unlike you, Rissa, to send something naughty like that..."


"It made my day, though."

Oh, my cock was getting hard in my trousers...

"Shut up and suck my breasts, Lexi," Merissa breathed, peeling
the cups of her bra downward and guiding Alexa's mouth toward the
rigid, little peaks of her nipples. She tossed her head back at
initial contact, her long, cinnamon-brown hair whipping all about.
"Oh, Lexi. Oh, baby. That feels so good."

Alexa quickened her pace, then slowed to an excruciatingly slow,
erotic rhythm of dragging her tongue over and across Merissa's
nipples, giving each of them their just due. Merissa slid a hand
underneath Alexa's tank-top and caressed along her spine. Clearly
needing more, she pushed her hand down the back of Alexa's pink
sweat pants and did some maneuvering, then slipped into her lush
wetness, earning a lustful moan, causing Alexa to rock forward and
back. Alexa continued to feast on Merissa's modest, yet heavenly
breasts as she also fucked herself on those probing fingers.

"RISSA!" Alexa's hips shot off the bed and a sudden, fierce
climax washed all over her at once.

Alexa's slender, little body quaked and pulsed, and Merissa
stayed with her until she sank back down to the bed, sated and
spent. Alexa climbed over Merissa's lap and settled on the other
side, then curled into her arms as if she wanted to stay there
forever, and sighed. Merissa closed her eyes and breathed deeply,
soaking in every second they spent together.

"We better not get too carried away tonight," Alexa murmured.
"I hate to mess around and not have Jeremy join us."

Merissa cocooned her arms around Alexa and rested the side of
her face upon her shoulder. "He should be healthy enough again
for sex by the time January comes around. That's not too long."

Not too long? FUCK!

Another condition of my recovery was that - you guessed it - I
had to abstain from any sexual activity for a whole eight weeks.
Do you know how incredibly difficult that had been? Especially
with Miss America and Miss Congeniality walking around and
snuggling like newborn kittens in front of me every single day?
Not being able to act on my urges was pure torture!

Yet Alexa and Merissa had done their best to mask and hide
their own physical urges for each other since the heart attack.
They had been inseparable their whole lives, and insatiable the
past three-plus years, so putting on a modest front for me had
been difficult for them as well. Neither Alexa or Merissa wanted
to make me feel as if I was missing out, so they had done their
best to appear fairly celibate the past five weeks. But I knew
better. They were seeking their thrills and pleasures from little
_quickies_ together - like the one I just witnessed - thinking I
was unaware. It was okay, really. Sweet, even.

But when Merissa was deep into her pregnancies with Madison
and then Asher, there were days and evenings when she was not in
a sexual or frisky mood whatsoever. Some nights, her hormones
were so out of control that she did not even want either of us in
her presence at all. But did that stop Alexa and I from getting
it on with each other on the side? Other times, Merissa actually
wanted to join in, but just didn't feel physically up to it. That
did not stop me from getting down and dirty with Alexa, either.

I knew the ladies meant well, but I did not want to detour them
from enjoying each other while I was forced to sit on the sidelines.
Honestly, there was no need for them to worry about me. When she
was pregnant both times, Merissa told Alexa and I to _have at it_
whenever we wanted to. Don't let her stop us.

It was time I did the same.

I could toss the blame anywhere I wanted (and trust me, I have),
but I knew down-deep that the only person to blame for me having
a heart attack was me. I had to take better care of myself and
watch what I ate. With a deep sigh, I raked all ten fingers
throughout my hair and stepped back from the bedroom door. I had
gotten myself into this mess and it was my job to get out of it.
In the meantime, the girls should be free to have their fun.

Both of them turned at the sound of me approaching. Merissa
instinctively tried to cover up her bare breasts with a blanket,
but quickly realized that I knew what was going on. Yet the
thing I noticed most right now were Alexa's lips. I tilted my
head and inspected them. They were the most awesome lips. "I see
the two of you were able to get Madi off to sleep. Good job."

"Yeah," Merissa said quietly, releasing the blanket.

"And Asher is sleeping, too," I observed, glancing at the
rambunctious six-month-old in his portable bassinet.

There seemed to be less air in the room all of a sudden, and
the reason why was obvious. They felt guilty that I had caught
them with their hands in the cookie jar, so to speak. But I was
not worried about that, or even thinking about it at all. Rather,
I found myself transfixed by Alexa and her beauty. I still had
many ideas concerning her mouth, too. How awesome would it be
if she were to take that sweet, little mouth of hers and use it to
orally service and lick Merissa's wet pussy right now? I bet it
would taste good to her, too. But most importantly, it seemed
that Alexa owed it to Merissa after the orgasm she had given her.

I took a seat in the corner of the bedroom, in my rocking chair,
and glared at them. "I'm tired of this. I want you two girls to
kiss and make out - have sex with each other - like I'm not here."
Alexa tried to speak up in protest, but I cut her off at the pass.
"I know you both want to. Just do it."

"Jeremy," Merissa whined, "we can't have sex in front of you!
What about your HEART?"

I chuckled at her. Merissa was a total sweetheart with such a
compassionate soul. She, along with Alexa, deserved this. "I am
NOT going to have a relapse, or another heart attack, by simply
sitting here and watching the two of you have sex. Merissa, honey,
trust me. I'll be fine here. I'll even behave." I offered my
biggest smile. "You won't even know I'm here."

"Jeremy, are you sure? What if...?"

But that was all Merissa managed to get out before Alexa's lips
were on hers, seeking out what she'd so desperately craved for
weeks now. Alexa was starving for Merissa! Surprised and quite
unsuspecting at first, Merissa braced against the kiss and placed a
single hand on Alexa's chest, trying to push her away. But it was
only a second before she had no choice but to give in. Merissa's
brown eyes were on me, but then she closed them and moaned, and
sunk herself into the kiss in the most wonderfully erotic way.
That hand on Alexa's chest slid up and around, and came to a rest
on the nape of Alexa's neck and reeled her in. As Merissa began
to move her mouth against Alexa's, a tidal wave of need seemed to
consume them both all at once. Alexa had her hands on Merissa's
face, cupping her cheeks, kissing her madly, hungrily.

"God, you're so fucking hot," Alexa murmured against her skin,
transitioning her efforts from Merissa's lips to her neck,
planting hot kisses there as her hands wandered lower. Merissa
exhaled slowly and gave her head a little shake before glancing
over my way and immediately frowning. Did Merissa actually feel
sorry for me because I couldn't join them? Or was that her
problem? The simple fact that I couldn't join?

But it did not really matter to me. There was no need for
Merissa to do anything but sit back and lose herself in the
sensations that would be overtaking her body any second now.
Certainly, she did need to feel sorry for me.

Alexa must have sensed the troubles because she rose to her
knees and hovered over her wife. Alexa enjoyed being in charge
every now and then, so why not capitalize on that? She continued
to kiss Merissa and used every technique in her arsenal to get
her to soften and loosen up. Eventually, Merissa's eyes diverted
away from me yet again and she let out a lone, quiet murmur of
appreciation. Alexa smiled at the encouragement.

"I want you so much right now, baby."

Now Merissa was frowning at Alexa. "I'm sorry. I don't know
why, but my head is in a weird place tonight."

Alexa appeared sympathetic. "Yeah? Well, I think I can help.
Maybe you just need to relax." Maybe I needed to leave the room
and give them some privacy? Was my mere presence an issue? Alexa
leaned over and kissed Merissa's jaw. "Jeremy has given us his
blessing tonight, baby. Let's have a little fun and, you know,
put on a show for him. What do you say?"

Yes. God, maybe that was the shot in the arm Merissa needed.
Alexa was right. Merissa wanted this to happen. It was obvious.
Her refocused lips were on Alexa's and they were back in business.
But no sooner had I settled into my chair and gotten a bit more
comfortable that Merissa's worrisome eyes were fixed on me again.

She pulled her lips from Alexa's and placed a soft kiss on her
forehead. "I'm sorry. Please don't hate me, but I think I'm
going to have to take a rain check on tonight." The look of
disappointment upon Alexa's face caused my stomach to drop. "It
has nothing to do with you, Lexi. You know how much I love you.
You're the sweetest, sexiest girl in the whole, wide world to me.
I'm just not feeling up for this tonight."

Alexa nodded and offered a halfhearted smile. "I understand."

"Why don't I just leave so the two of you can have some quality
time alone together for a change?" were my emotional words. I
rose from the chair, anger flaring. "Merissa has been BOUND to
me, 24/7, for the past five weeks and I'm stealing her will to
kick back, relax, have some fun." Thoughts that I did not even
know I had - frustrations from the heart attack and surgery -
bubbled to the surface. "I feel like dead weight around here!
Dead weight in our marriage, dead weight in my very own home!"

"Jeremy, no!" Merissa exclaimed, jumping off of the bed and
scurrying over to me. "Don't think like that! I just... I don't
like you having to watch... and not being able to join in."

"You shouldn't feel that way!" I snapped at her.

Alexa stood and pointed a finger at me. "Why don't you sit
back down, Jeremy, and take a deep breath? How about I get you
an aspirin and some water? Please, sit down for me."

"I don't want to FUCKING sit down!" I erupted at Alexa. Indeed,
there was a lot of anger and frustration stemming from what happened
to me which I had done a fairly good job of concealing - keeping to
myself - these past several weeks. Until now. "You and Merissa -
ESPECIALLY Merissa - should not have to wait on me hand and foot
like you have! Like I'm a three-year-old, like Cooper!"

"Where is this coming from?" Merissa fretted, upset now herself.
"I hate what happened, but I've loved having you home with me. And
I certainly don't feel that..."

"You need to sit your ass down," Alexa warned me, interjecting
on Merissa, "and take a deep breath. We need to talk about this."

"I'M NOT SITTING DOWN! I don't want to... SIT DOWN!"

Alexa sighed. "This is the DUMBEST argument we've ever had!"

"You took care of Lexi when she was pregnant with Cooper, and
now you're doing it again since she is pregnant a second time,"
Merissa said. "You took care of ME during both of my pregnancies.
You'd do anything we'd ask, anything we wanted... anything to make
us feel better, more comfortable. But we never thought that you
were waiting on us hand and foot, like we were three-year-olds.
God, Jeremy! You're our husband, baby, and you did it because you
loved us. And now, in YOUR time of need, we're happy AS YOUR WIVES
to return the favor. In sickness AND in health, remember?" Tears
began streaming down Merissa's face. "I'd do anything for you! Do
you think I WANTED you to have a heart attack?"

Huh? What? Why would she say that?

"I cannot BELIEVE you're acting all moody and upset because
Merissa refuses to have sex with me in front of you." Alexa's
gaze was piercing as she glared at me angrily, her arms folded.

"I'm upset because I had this GODDAMN heart attack and it's
completely crippled my life!" I burst back at Alexa, which caught
her off-guard. Her demeanor shifted. She seemed apologetic an
very concerned. "I needed to ask Hudson and Mike to put up our
Goddamn Christmas tree because I CAN'T DO IT MYSELF, even though
I've done it every year in the past! I can't drive to the corner
market and buy a fucking loaf of bread. I CANNOT EVEN PICK UP MY
OWN SON and play with him, or my daughter, or my infant baby!" I
then shook my head and cried, "I ALMOST DIED!"

Alexa stepped forward and latched onto my forearm with her fist.
"The worst is over with, Jeremy. I know it's been a long road, but
you're nearing the finish line. In just a few weeks, all of those
restrictions are going to be lifted and you'll be able to go back
to work. Isn't that what you want? I know that not being able to
go to work and help your patients has been killing you."

"Lexi, I almost DIED."

"But you didn't!" she whined back. "You're still here! You're
fine now, you're healthy, and we're going to take steps and make
sure that this never happens to you again. I promise! I know you
have restrictions; certain things you can't do, but..."

"My father DID die from a heart attack!" Merissa reminded us,
trying to stave off a volcanic eruption of distress herself. "In
1999. When I was just seven years old! Do you know how HORRIBLE
it is to grow up when one of your parents is DEAD? For all of
your friends, every other kid in school to have their father in
their lives?" Every muscle and nerve within my body loosened and
I sensed the frustration and anger suddenly taking a back seat.
Of all people, Merissa did not need to be reminded that my heart
attack could have proved fatal. She had been through this whole
ordeal before. It did not end well. "Be GLAD, Jeremy, that you're
still here. Be GLAD that your wives still have their husband, your
children still have their father! Because for me, my family? We
would do ANYTHING to have Dad back with us. ANYTHING AT ALL!"

"Rissa, please don't cry," Alexa begged. "Please... no..."

But it was too late...

As Merissa fell to her knees and started sobbing, Alexa and I
converged on her and brought her into our arms. The volcano did
spout off, unfortunately, and Merissa shed many tears. Even after
all these years, she missed her father terribly. The father that
she barely had a chance to know before he was taken away from her,
really, in the blink of an eye.

A single heartbeat.

Not to mention her younger brother, Colton. He was gone, too.
Merissa had suffered so much loss for such a young age.

I came to an immediate decision. It was time I finally took
Mike's advice. A mental breakdown like the one I just experienced
was not conducive to a healthy lifestyle and/or marriage. One of
my wives was crying right now as a direct result of it. Not good.

Ever since I was in the hospital, Mike kept telling me that the
time would one day come when I'd need professional help. An outlet
to sort through the feelings and emotions that he knew as a doctor,
I was bound to have. To navigate this crazy mess I had gotten
myself into and steer my mind back on track.

I disputed him. I told him I'd be fine. There was nothing for
him - or anyone else - to worry about. Oh, not me. No way!

But I was wrong.

I needed to make an appointment to see a psychiatrist...

<<<- End of Chapter 09 ->>>

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"Recollections 2"

(c) 2018 Kaadorix

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Recollections 2 Ch. 09

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Categories Diary, Blowjob, Discipline, Lesbian

[[[-RECOLLECTIONS-2-10.TXT-]]] ---------------- Recollections 2 Written by: Kaadorix M/F, F/F and a whole lot more ---------------- Chapter 10: "Bliss" ------------------------------------------- (Seven Years Ago // Flashback) -*- Friday, April 1, 2011...


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Recollections 2 Ch. 08

Categories Diary, Lesbian, Male / Female, Romance

[[[-RECOLLECTIONS-2-08.TXT-]]] ---------------- Recollections 2 Written by: Kaadorix M/F, F/F and a whole lot more ---------------- Chapter 08: "Clash" ------------------------------------------- (Six Years Ago // Flashback) -*- Thursday, March 31, 2011...


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Recollections 2 Ch. 07

Categories Diary, Lesbian, Romance

[[[-RECOLLECTIONS-2-07.TXT-]]] ---------------- Recollections 2 Written by: Kaadorix M/F, F/F and a whole lot more ---------------- Chapter 07: "Quadruple" ------------------------------------------- -*- Saturday, November 4, 2017 -*- Daylight was...


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