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  1. Flasher Girl
  2. Flashing My 2nd Cousin

Flashing My 2nd Cousin

Categories True Story, Exhibitionism, Female solo, First Time

Author: kissingfrogs

Published: 04 January 2018

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I’m really happy about all the people who been nice to me here & liked my stories. A lot-lot have said I should do more flash experience stories. It’s not like I wana get all known for the flash stuff but I mean I love flashing. Just don't wana bore yall by just writing that. So I dont know I guess one more & see what comes next. This is one that just now popped up from my memory and I think its one you might like.

Pulllleeeeze remember Im not a profesional writer okay. I dont care much about grammar. Just ask Mr. Linamin or howeverthefuck you spell his name. Yeah I tried flashing him to get my English grade up but didnt seem to go nowhere. Hm. Maybe he was gay. Not that theres anything wrong with it.
- - - - - - - -

From before I was even in junior high school, I was a toker. I could smoke weed allllll day and half the night and just love it so much. I never got to do it all day & night but that tells you how much I loved-loved it. I always felt free & I just wana throw off what feels like binds me and fly free & do what I want whenever. So yeah. Mary Jane & me knew each other pretty well ha.

I would blow4blow. I had no problem doing that. I didnt fuck often for weed but yeah, it was pretty easy to get my head down if you had a few jays or like a half-baggy. I learned the blow4blow thing almost as soon as I toked the first time so I did a lot-lot of bjs. It all makes sense to. I mean, toke on some guys joint so I can toke on another kind of joints.

So I was 16 & just starting my junior year of high school & my 19 year old cousin (second cousin I think) came out with his family for a four-day weekend. Mason & his family were staying at a hotel but they spent a lot of time at our place from all day Friday til late on Monday.

I mean, he was an okay guy. He had greenish eyes and was dirty blond type hair but none of that took enough away from a few zits. He was sorta tallish and was built okay I suppose. But his down fall was that he never had confidence. He was afraid of girls I think. He was shy & couldnt hardly look me in the eye at first. I suspect he was a peaker---you know---the kind that peak realllllly fast so no one notices.

He was okay to talk to once he loosened up and by Sunday, we had talked a few times just ourselves and he admitted he only ever dated twice & neither date went well & he never even kissed a girl b/c he didn’t know how to even go about it.

So guess what. I took him to a place down the street thats got some brush. It’s a place I sometimes went to to smoke out. And, since it was dark out, I actually showed like as in step-by-step how get a date to kiss him. Ummmm that sorta meant that I kissed my cousin but it didnt mean I actually was all into it. He didnt really appeal to me and he realllllly needed to do something about his breath and I eventually told him so.

I felt sorry for him to be honest. It was like mercy kissing. I actually have done that with bjs & fucking but those are different stories.

But he was realy thankful so I agreed to a couple more kisses---for mercy ya know---and after a lil more talking, he admitted he never even felt a girl up. I was surprised. NOT.

Well, I wasnt about to have sex with my cousin or give him a bj. Although……… If he had been a hotty, I might of. But, damn, he was 19 and never even felt a girl? Talk about a mercy thing. Not because he wasnt a hottie but mercy b/c he was needy. I'm sort of a sucker for that.

Actually, this part sort of stirred me up a little. I told him we could kiss and I would even let him even feel me up. It stirred me b/c I would be his first feel ever. It’s not like I have bazookas in my bra or anything but there’s enough for a zit-faced virgin college guy to get his jollies.

But, he couldnt even feel me up right. He touched with his finger tips etc so I took his hand and cupped it and put it on my boob (blouse) and then pressed his fingers. It was like priming a fucking pump. Once he got the idea, he started breathing so hard that I stopped kissing him. That breath. Yuck! I just let him feel me up and then I put his other hand on the other one and let him do it awhile. I never took my top off or anything but he got a good long feel.

I started getting the idea he thought he was going to get to fuck me but him being a cousin and him being so shy, that wasnt going to happen. I’m not into incest...I don’t think. But I don't know b/c I’m into freedom & people doing what they want so...hmmmm...hard to tell. But not with Mason. No way. He never even felt up a girl before.

But then I was thinking, so if he ever got that far with a girl, he wouldnt know what to do next so I told him in like a very brief way that if he ever got a girls bra off, get his tongue to work. Flickety-flickety. Suck softly. And if he ever got her panties off do the same. Tongue, tongue, tongue! (Dammmm I sooooo love oral. All kinds. Except I wont lick no guys ass.)

His face got all scrinched up and he said something like, “Use my tongue? Down there?” And I told him, if you don’t fucking go down & drive her crazy, she’ll “off” you and find a guy who will. He protested like he didnt believe there were very many guys who would do that but I told him that 90% of all straight guys in the world dive in & some even use snorkles (joke) so they dont have to come up for air. I don’t know if 90% of all straight guys are pussylickers b/c I havent had all of them between my legs-- yet.

He still never believed me I don’t think.

I looked for something else to talk about & I had just the perfect one. I asked him if he liked looking up girls skirts. So listen, here’s what I was thinking. Here’s this 19 year old virgin who didn’t want to lick pussy, never fucked a girl, never saw any nudity, & needed lessons how to even feel me up. THAT kind of guy is a wanking pornster I figured. Probably a perve. He was afraid to touch girls but I was pretty sure he was a voyeur & snuck peaks every chance he got. But, b/c he was shy, I bet his sneak peaks were like instantaneous. And he probably wanked about what he had seen once he got home. I’ve always loved flashing and I would LOVE to know how many men have looked up between my legs and then gone home and jacked off thinking about it. So love to know.

So yeah, with Mason, I was sure if I got him to look up my skirt, he would wank for weeks and...ummmm… that got me going.

He finally admitted the obvious. He peaked at girls but never stared. He loved seeing panties. He loved looking up girls skirts. He loved watching girls asses in yoga pants. But stare? Never. He was just too fucking shy and unconfident.

I was getting, shall we say, excited? Moist-excited. He was not my kind of guy but just the thought that we were in a private place and he could get down and actually stare up between my legs and that he would prob wank off forever thinking about it … even writing this now I’m a wee-bit hot.

So I asked, “You wana see my panties?” He looked like he was either confused or overloaded so I said, “I mean like get down and look up between my legs?” Yeah, just like that. Saying straight out felt so good.

He was literally illiterate. Or speechless. Whichever. He couldn’t even barely say, “Yeah.”

We had to move though because there wasn’t enough light where we were. So we went just a little ways up this dirt path, like only about 20-30 feet until a street light shone through but we were still mostly hidden.

The drama leading up to it was soooooo fucking hot! The thought of what we were going to do. Him never seeing anything like what I was going to show him, not my bare pussy, because if he didnt want to lick it, then why should I show it?

Anyway I had on thin enough panties that he would see it pretty dammed clearly. My panties were like transluscent. I think that’s the word. And they were getting transluscienter by the minute because there was dew in that there brush and it wasnt on the ground.

I loved that he would be right down in front of me and not just glance but actually look and keep looking. Like stare stare stare and I wouldn’t have to close my legs or worry about someone seeing us. Just the thought of spreading my legs like that and putting on a long wide show … mmmmmmm.

He got down and I felt like I had power. I asked if he was ready and just asking that was getting to me. He said “yeah” but it was a lil delayed I think because he was really turned on. Perrrrrfect!

I sat on a log. I think. Might of been a rock. But as my butt remembers it, it wasnt hard as stone so Im thinking a log. Or a stump. I was wearing a denim skirt that was about four inches above my knees when I was standing. My panties were this ultra soft lavender color. Almost like white but just this tiny tinge of lavender.

He was like a puppy dog. No, more like a puppet. Like I had full control of him. Like he would do anything I said. I had him about three feet in front of me and right at the level of my knees. He was practically panting. I just barely barely barely moved my left knee. Not enough to show anything but it was like his insides jumped just from that.

“Okay, watch.”

He wasn’t the only one having trouble breathing lol. So, I spread about four or five inches and told him to get down lower so he could look right up bettween my legs. I don't know why but I love when guys look up between my legs when I'm wearing a skirt. It just rocks it.

I reallllly wanted him to get a good long look. I pulled on his head to get his face more centered between my knees and when I got his face right there, I just slowlyslowlyslowly spread my legs right in front of his face. I was so hot from it. Especially him being a college guy who never even touched a girl or kissed but now he was looking right up between a girls legs and he would never ever forget it.

Then, I went for the home run. The full wide spread. The full beaver shot. I spread so slow until my legs were wide wide wide and showed it all. Then I even pulled my skirt up a lil more so I could show even more.
After a while, I pulled his head to just barely inside my knees. I didnt think he would see any better because with his face between my legs some of the light got cut off but I realllly hoped he would smell pussy and get addicted & think again about licking girls. And I wanted my pussy in his nostrils and then in his memory and head for a long long long time after.

I loved how long it lasted and he was getting reallllly hot from it and a few times, his hand went for his crotch but then he pulled it back I figure b/c I was there but thats what gave me the next idea. I dont know even now if I would do this again b/c it feels a little funny inside, but I closed off my legs and told him to sit next to me and I asked him if he liked it & he just had such a hard time even talking but yeah, he did.

So I said, “You were wanting to touch yourself, weren’t you?” I kept after him and he finally admitted it and then I asked if any girl had ever touched his cock and I thought his body was going to explode lol. It was like it jumped while sitting in place. I didn’t wait for his answer.

I put my hand on his almost irridescent greenish-gold jeans (who wears that?) on his thigh and his eyes closed and he breathed out and said, “Oh Godddddd.” I was going to tell him that I wasn’t actually God but I figured let him live in delerium a little longer.

He never pushed my hand away so I went up his thigh and then curled my fingers around the tube in his jeans and I squeezed softly and after a few times, I got finally to what I wanted for my big idea.

I tugged on my denim skirt up even higher until I could look down and see my panties. I squeezed his cock and he groaned and then I was all seductive like and said, “Would you like me to jack you off?”

He was sooooo under my control. The only thing that makes that kind of control better would have been if he would have been much bigger physically or much older age-wise. Just something about getting big strong guys or older wiser guys to just melt for me.

I told him if he got it out, I would stroke it while he looked at my panties. I also told him I woudlnt let him touch me. That it was a one-way thing. He really wasn’t about to argue lol. He fumbled with his pants and eventually sprang out a cock that really should have been on someone else. It was really quite nice. If it was just me and his cock, I would have at least sucked it until it was happy.

I slow stroked it and teased it and asked him if he liked it. Duh. Like what was he going to say? I think he was saying dont stop but he was jumbling his words so much I dont know for sure. Anyway, I didn’t stop. In fact, it was getting me hot because ….

Because the one thing I always wanted in flashing was to be in a safe place where a man (not really boy… I wana seduce & control a man, someone a bigger or like more composed) could take a lot of time to just look right up my skirt and right up between my legs and then he masturbates and cums with his face near my knees. Not like a quicky but a lot longer time. Like, he would be so into just looking between my legs that he would get off---not even touching me or having sex with me. Mmmm I have had soooooo many orgasms and fantasies about that.

So with Mason, he was looking between my legs, although from on top and not straight up between my thighs but still, I loved it. I was stroking his cock and it was like flashing and it got me going.

I went slow to make it last and to tease him & feel control. Then, I used just my thumb underneath and two fingers on the top and got in just the right place that guys like and I began to slow-steady-stroke his cock which was very very hard.

He was groaning and I knew he wouldnt never forget what he had seen. I just kept stroking him and when I felt him building up I said, “Did you like what I showed you?” He gasped “yes” and I said, “Will you ever forget it?” and he said “no” and I said, “Are you going to jack off thinking about it later on?” and he said “yes” and I felt like I was at the summit of whatever sexual mountain we were on so I went for it. I stroked him a lil faster and pressed my grip just a little tighter and I told him to cum… cum and think about my legs and my panties and my pussy. Cum. Cum. Cum!

And his whole body went stiff and he was halfway rose up off of that sitting position & he fucking shot this streamer of jizz through the air. I mean, check this out. When he rose up, his body twisted. He was almost facing me! So when he shot, he shot COMPLETELY over my knees. Not one bit even dropped on my thighs or knees! Before he shot again, I turned fully sideways so he wouldnt get it all over me.

Just as he was at the end, I cupped my fingers over the end and got some sticky-sticky on them and when he sat back down, I brought them up and showed them to him. I have no idea why I did that. I suppose I figured it would somehow turn him on but soon as I did it and he didnt show no reaction, I felt a bit stupid. Weeks later he would tell me that it turned him on because he coudlnt believe that he actually got his sperm on a girl. Ummmm---well---okay. I guess.

I did actually do some clitty work later that night and yeah, I got to the magical orgasm thinking about it all. Its not like I have to have an orgasm while flashing. Sometimes yeah, but I get turned on enough just doing it. I like the spontaneousness and sneakiness of it like in public places where only me & some guy knows.

But its not for getting layed. Ive done it to get layed or to suck or to blow4blow but out in public, its the voyeur part & just turning a guy on etc. There’s been guys that I would have blown if they would of approached me after a flash thing. There been a couple I would probably have fucked if they would of hit me up. But its mostly just flashing for fun & getting a turned on.

Ive been asked, well, who would you have blown or fucked after flashing. Its mostly not so much about who they are--- like how they look or age or whatever. The ones I would have done something with would have been the ones---probably---who talked about how much they liked looking and then it would go from there. Guys who are like on the rascal side. Not bad boys. More like guys who like sneaky stuff.

Anyway, Mason wasn’t hot but jacking off that nice cock was, especially while he was looking at me down there. We never did anything again. I hardly ever saw him after that. He finally got a gf so I like to think I had something to do with that lol. Like it was some kind of social work.

I mean, if that’s social work, then where do I sign up?

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Flashing My 2nd Cousin

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Comments (1)
ohiohikerguy — 07 January 2018 10:48
Last line made me laugh...I'll gladly have you as my social worker! LOL
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