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Recollections 2 Ch. 10

Categories Diary, Blowjob, Discipline, Lesbian

Author: Kaadorix

Published: 05 January 2018

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Recollections 2
Written by: Kaadorix

M/F, F/F and a whole lot more

Chapter 10: "Bliss"

(Seven Years Ago // Flashback)

-*- Friday, April 1, 2011 -*-
-*- Lake Quivira, Kansas -*-

DAMN! DAMN, DAMN, damn! Double damn! I stormed all over the
house like a raving lunatic, up and down the steps, through the
various rooms and corridors, until finally, in the bedroom, I
leaned on the dresser and stared at myself in the mirror. My hair
was a disaster; my eyes bloodshot and red. It looked like I'd been
to Hell and back because, well, I had been. I wanted to punch my
fucking brother in the face so much! I wanted to scream. I wanted
to go back in time and make it so that telephone discussion with
Hudson never happened. I gritted my teeth, clenched my jaw and
paced the floor until my chest and stomach hurt so badly I had no
choice than to just let it all out. Thus, I raised my fists
skyward and roared at the top of my lungs, "FUUUUUCK!"

Every muscle within my body was tight, constricted. My heart
felt like it was on fire. How the hell would I fix this mess? I
stomped out of the bedroom and down the steps, and flung the door
that led to the garage open. I would drive straight to Overland
Park and apologize to Alexa. I'd take her back into my arms and
work this shit out. But then what? There was no taking back the
fact that Alexa had heard the nasty things Hudson said about not
only her, but her parents as well. Alexa had already proclaimed,
in her own blind rage, that our engagement was off. But what if
Hudson's accusatory words were enough for her actually end our
relationship as well? Even though I had done nothing wrong...

I slammed the door and backed into the house. I needed to take
a moment and calm down, settle, relax. Don't go running after her
yet, I reminded myself inwardly. Don't call her. Not yet. I had
three days off from work. Thus, I had time to think. To plan.

To mourn...

(Just like in chapter 15 of the original "Recollections", Alexa has
decided to hijack the story from me so she can offer an alternative
viewpoint. I tried to tell her no, but she baked me brownies...)

-*- Friday, April 1, 2011 -*-
-*- Overland Park, Kansas -*-

Written by: Lexi

Matt leapt from my arms, back in his familiar home after
one day away. I flung my clothes onto the floor near the front
door in my parents' living room and crumpled onto the sofa,
sobbing. How could this happen? Yesterday was supposed to be
the beginning of the rest of my life. My happily ever after!
After much debate, I'd finally moved in with Jeremy. But less
than 24 hours later, my relationship with him was over. Kaput.
Done. History. I sobbed until my chest and throat ached and I
had no more tears to produce. I punched the sofa pillows, then
stood and paced. I honestly felt like committing suicide. I
tossed myself into the center of the living room floor and curled
up into the fetal position. How could love hurt so much? Why
did life have to be so cruel at times?

I couldn't think past the words that Jeremy's older brother,
Hudson, had said about me. I was a poor, little cheerleader.
Jeremy was my meal ticket in life. Hudson predicted that Jeremy
and I would one day get a divorce, and I'd take everything I
could from him because I was greedy. I'd rob him blind. He even
claimed that I would one day cheat on Jeremy much the same way
his original fiancee (Suzi) did back in 2004...

I was not, Hudson insinuated to Jeremy, marriage material. I
did not really love him. I was basically a gold-digger.

I dialed Merissa's number. Merissa answered on the first ring,
and just the sound of her voice drew more sobs from a well deep
within my soul that I didn't even know existed. I loved Jeremy so
much, yet felt absolutely devastated! Crushed!

"Lex? What is it, hon? What can I do?" Merissa urged.

"I... I wanna move back into the dorm with you. I wanna come
home." That was it. I had to go back to my safe existence where
everything would be okay. Merissa would never accuse me of
something so vile. She knew my feelings for Jeremy were pure and
genuine, and not based off of greed or anything monetary.

"Oh, honey, of course you can come home. Lex, honey, tell me
what's going on. Did something happen? Did Jeremy do something?
I cannot imagine him hurting you at all, at least on purpose."

I pushed through the pain and the humiliation and told my best
friend since preschool exactly what had smashed my will to go on.

"Oh, hon. I just cannot believe that his brother would believe
or say anything like that about you. You're the sweetest, most
down-home girl I've ever known." Merissa's voice felt like a warm,
soothing hug. But at the same time, I wanted to push away from
that comforting embrace and wallow in the ache and the misery of my
suffering. And another part simply wanted to run back to Jeremy
and fling myself at him, into his arms. How could I still love
him after everything that was said? But damn it, I did love him.

There was no hiding from this excruciating pain.

"Well, Hudson does," I said to Merissa. "What should I do?
Should I talk to Jeremy some more? What should I say? No, I
better not. I mean, what if he takes Hudson's side and agrees with
him? It's probably best that I just cut Jeremy out of my life
altogether. I feel so confused! Merissa, help me!" I was acting
hysterical. "God, this is the reason why I've avoided being in a
relationship for so long. There too many things that can go wrong!"

"Take a deep breath, Lexi. Let this mess blow over, then talk
to Jeremy. Trust me, you DO NOT want to cut him out of your life.
It's Friday and you skipped out on your classes today. Kansas lost
and was eliminated in the NCAA Tournament this week, so you don't
have cheerleading practice to worry about, either. Or any games
that are upcoming. Not anymore. Sleep on this. Talk to Jeremy
tomorrow when you're less upset. That way you can patch things up
before you have to return to school on Monday."

"I don't know if I want to patch things up." Merissa was being
serious? Really? How could I possibly reconcile with Jeremy after
all of the nasty things that were said? "Merissa, I'm not sure
I'm cut out for this relationship business after all."

"Have you told your parents what happened?"

"No. They're not home yet. Still at work."

"I cannot give you the answers, but I would not make any rash
decisions today. You need to think things through. Do you want
me to call Jeremy and talk to him for you?"

"No! I don't want to see Jeremy again!"

"Then Hudson wins. Hands down." I realized that Merissa was
pushing me in the same way I'd probably push her if the roles were
reversed, but it hurt so much. "So come home, Lexi. Come back to
our tiny dorm room with me and just give up. Give up on the man
who loves you more than life itself and treats you like solid gold.
Don't you realize that I wish Grayson was even half the man Jeremy
is? That Grayson treated me HALF as good as Jeremy treats you?
You have no idea how lucky you are. Jeremy has never done a SINGLE
thing wrong to you, Lexi, including what happened this morning.
Think about it. What did he do wrong to you? What did he say that
was so wrong? So hurtful? Anything? He said... NOTHING! And you
want to break up with him because of his brother's opinion of you?"

I wiped my eyes as reality dawned on me. Merissa was right.
I felt so hurt and frantic, but Jeremy had done nothing wrong.
All of this was triggered and brought on by Hudson, who I had only
met a handful of times. What did I do wrong to him? I couldn't
allow Hudson to define my life. Or OUR life together.

"Sometimes I hate you."

"I can accept that," Merissa said. "Now get your little butt in
the shower, show up on Jeremy's doorstep and hold that beautiful
head up high, don't let the bullshit weigh you down, and tell him
you love him and you overreacted. You and him will figure this
stuff out. You two like to talk. It's what you do. But if by
chance you don't, you can come home to me. I'll open up a bottle
of Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat and we'll drink all the hurt away."

I sensed a forced smile laced with worry in Merissa's voice.
I also sighed. I did not drink alcohol, nor was I of legal age.
Neither was Merissa, for that matter. But that did not stop her.
It never had. "What if Jeremy hates me now because I acted so
childish and immature? We have had arguments before, but never
over something like this. You're right. He did nothing wrong."

"Lexi, Jeremy would never HATE you," Merissa stressed. "He
worships the ground that you walk on. You're a freaking GODDESS
to him. You need to go and see Jeremy as soon as possible. He's
probably just as hurt and as confused as you are right now."

I STOOD IN front of Jeremy's door in Lake Quivira with my hand
perched to knock. There wasn't much I could do about my red-rimmed,
glassy eyes since I nearly had a meltdown in the car on the way here
or the sick, deflated feeling within my chest, but at least I looked
good in my UGGs and favorite pair of yoga pants. Jeremy absolutely
loved it whenever I wore these stretchy pants, so it gave me a
modicum of confidence. I needed all the help I could get. I'd
been practicing what I was going to say for the past hour, but when
Jeremy opened the door wearing shaggy clothes, his eyes also puffy
and bloodshot, his hair a train wreck, it instantly derailed me.

"Lexi!" Jeremy spoke in an exhausted, forced whisper. He then
stepped back and opened the door wider. "Come in, please."

The little confidence I had brought with me completely shattered
at the sound of his broken voice. My eyes filled with tears and I
squeezed them shut as Jeremy took Matt, my cat, from my arms and
let him loose in the house. "Jeremy..."

His arms were around me then, holding me against his chest. His
lips were on the top of my head, kissing me in a way that pulled
more tears from that same invisible well deep within me.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered. "Hudson had no right to say all
those things about you. It's my own fault. I've let him push and
bully me all these years because he is my big brother, but that'll
never happen again. I called him back and gave him a piece of my
mind. He was upset when you heard him this morning, Lexi, because
we were really going at it like cats and dogs. Tooth and nail. He
didn't mean all those things he said. It's just his way of looking
out for me. It was the heat of the moment."

I cried into Jeremy's wrinkled dress shirt. I wanted to stay
right there in his arms forever, his words and good nature bathing
me like his hands often do, but I also wanted to push him away for
good measure. How could he even have a discussion with anyone, let
alone his brother, about me like that? Why does love have to hurt
so much? Surely, there had to be something behind Hudson's words.
Upset or not, there had to be a basis. A reason to say those
terrible things. What did Hudson have against me?

Jeremy shut the door as I was still in his arms. "Can you
forgive me? It's all my fault."

I pushed away then, just enough to notice his dark eyes staring
down at me with the most intense glare I'd ever witnessed. It
caught me off guard and strangled my words once again.

"You don't have to forgive me. Just know that we'll figure
this out and work through it together. I'll even invite Hudson
over sometime next week and we can all talk about it. That is, if
you're up for it." I watched Jeremy swallow, then shiver as if
he was frightened. "Please," he then said, offering his fist to
me. He opened it and his grandmother's ring shined and sparkled
brilliantly before my very eyes. The same ring he had given to
me once we became engaged last weekend. Truly a priceless family
heirloom that required safe keeping.

And perhaps the root of Hudson's problem with me?

He was also upset, I learned earlier, that Jeremy had given me
their deceased grandmother's ring. Once her most prized possession.
Hudson claimed that when Jeremy and I get a divorce in the future, I
would actually pawn that ring off for profit.

Seriously, what the fuck?

"Take this. It's yours."

"I... I don't know..."

"You don't want to get married to me?" Jeremy asked. The hurt
in his voice rivaled the ache in my own heart.

"I'll sign a prenuptial agreement if you want me to." Those
words surprised me as much as they did Jeremy. He reached for
me, but I stepped away, unsure of what I was doing, much less
saying. I always thought marriage was supposed to be about love
and family. Commitment and happiness. Like Mom and Dad's
relationship. Not about contracts and signing your rights away.
"I love you and want to marry you, Jeremy, but I'm hurt. Beyond
hurt." I grabbed the doorknob and swung it open. Suddenly, I
wanted to race back to campus and the sanctity of Merissa's arms.
Maybe it was time to try that alcohol after all!

"Lexi, wait!"

I closed my eyes, unable to form a rational response or even
weed through my tangled emotions and feelings to know if I
should just turn and high-tail again it or not.

"I don't want you to sign no prenuptial agreement. We don't
need it, Lexi. What's mine is yours, and yours is mine. I want
to feel that we are on the same page and, more than that, you to
know that I have full trust in you. Besides, I've always felt
that if anyone wants a prenup, they don't really want marriage.
Signing a prenup pretty much guarantees a divorce, in my mind."

With my eyes locked on the door, I said, "And what if we get a
divorce in 10, 15 years, and no... agreement... is in place?"

"Then you'd be entitled to whatever it is that you'd receive
in the settlement. But God, Lexi. We won't get a divorce. I
love you so much it hurts. It fucking HURTS!" Wait a minute.
Did I hear crying? Was Jeremy crying? I had only saw him cry one
time in the nine-plus months we had been together. That was this
past January when I finally got him to open up about his cousin
Brooke, who died in 1986 at the tender age of 12 from leukemia.
Oh, Jeremy missed her so much... more than I ever thought possible.
Her tragic loss created a massive black hole that nearly swallowed
up Jeremy's entire childhood and destroyed it.

"Suzi left me in 2004 and I was alone for so long," he went on.
"Night after night, month after month, year after year... it ate at
me, tore me to shreds, slowly, painfully. But having you move in
here yesterday, Lexi? You... you actually made this house feel
like a HOME to me for the first time in seven years. Since Suzi
left." I turned. Oh wow. Tears were just gushing down Jeremy's
face. "Why would I EVER want to divorce you? Why would I possibly
want a prenuptial agreement when I have no intentions of ever
leaving you? I want you with me forever! You're an angel and I
THANK GOD for you every single day. Don't you understand that?"

I cried in response and kissed him so hard that our front teeth
knocked. We both pulled back, holding our mouths. My body shook as
new sobs burned and bubbled through my chest and lungs. If there
was any lingering doubt concerning our future within me, Jeremy just
squashed it. Yesterday was the first time he'd felt as if he had
been HOME in the past seven years? All because of me? Jeremy has
said many wonderful things since we met last June, but that was
unquestionably the nicest one of them all. It will never be topped.

"Alexandra." My name left his lips like a secret. He touched his
forehead to mine and rolled it, causing our tears to intermingle.
"Will you be my wife, baby, because I want to be your husband more
than anything in this world?" What? Jeremy was proposing to me
even though I proposed to him last weekend, and we were already
officially engaged? Would this make it even more official? "I
want to love, honor and protect you. I want to offer to buy you
things you don't need and have you scrunch your face and tell me
no. I want to walk by the lake and kiss you as the sailboats go
by. I want to have a family with you, so you can love our children
the same way your own mom and dad have always loved you."

Oh my.

I reached up and touched his cheek, now crying tears of joy.
Jeremy took that hand into his and pressed a kiss to my fingers.
The stunning ruby-and-diamond ring that once belonged to his
grandmother sparkled between us in his opposite hand. True enough,
a kaleidoscope of brilliant, dazzling colors. The band was engraved
with roses and bellflowers, signifying eternal and unchanging love.

My other hand flew to my chest and I choked. "I can't breathe!"

"Marry me, Lexi. Be mine and let me be yours forever. No
boundaries. No limitations. Just you and I. Together."

I pushed my finger into the ring, finally accepting it, and
squealed, leaping into his arms as I said, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Y-"

My words were smothered in the most delicious kiss I had ever
known. The kiss of promises to come, hopes, and dreams from the
only man who could ever make them come true.

* * *

-*- Sunday, May 8, 2011 -*-
-*- Kansas City, Missouri -*-

( // Five weeks later // Written by: Jeremy // )

Outstanding and magical! Those are the first two words that
come to mind when I remember the day - May 8, 2011 - when Alexa
and I got married at one of Kansas City's premiere wedding and
reception venues, _Madrid Theater_, in the heart of downtown.

I began the day not at our home in Lake Quivira, but rather, my
parents' farm in Pleasant Grove. Where I had grown up and was
nurtured into the man I am today. I had spent the night there in
my old bedroom in preparation for the big day. There was nothing
quite like waking up to a hearty breakfast - bacon, eggs, pancakes
and sausage - that Mom had cooked. Hmmmmm, just like yesteryear.

I went for a walk in the woods out back, solo, and sat in the
spot near the roaring creek which Alexa had recently proclaimed
as her favorite on the whole farm. We'd stayed here and relaxed
for several hours many times before. I am in no way deeply
religious, but I recorded a video of myself praying for our wedding
day and the beginning of our marriage with my smartphone anyway,
and texted it to Alexa. I then put my cellular device in airplane
mode, not wanting any distractions for the remainder of the day.
Re-watching that prayer in the years that followed has increased my
own faith, as I've realized how many parts of it have materialized
and come true. Blessed, I certainly am.

I have no idea what caused me to do this (perhaps it was a
Holy Spirit nudge), but when I got back to the house, I decided
to write a letter to my future son - whomever that may be - which
was only to be opened on HIS wedding day. I decided to articulate
to my future son how I felt on the day when I married his mother.
Whoa. How incredibly happy and joyful I felt. How much I loved
and admired his mother, and always would. In the letter, I prayed
for his own future wife, their wedding day and their marriage.
And for the first time ever, I told my son that I loved him.

I made the 50 mile drive from Pleasant Grove to Kansas City on
the opposite side of the state border and, assured Alexa and I would
not cross paths until the ceremony later that evening, began to putz
around the wedding and reception areas. Tables and the dance floor
seemed ready, but the table setting still needed to get done, so I
volunteered to help the event coordinator and her staff. I laid out
a few tablecloths and arranged the runners.

Over the next two hours, my two older brothers (Hudson and Carl)
joined me. My best man, Mike, arrived shortly thereafter. The
four of us laughed and poked around the banquet hall and helped put
name cards out. Mike said he would have a date showing up later.
Her name was Keira and, in classic Mike fashion, I had no idea who
she was. That's because he would probably have a new date by this
time tomorrow. Mike was such a player! A suave, smooth-talking
womanizer. Women were literally lined up around the block at all
times to go out with him. I could never imagine him settling down
and actually marrying someone. No way, no how.

When Mom and Dad showed up with coffee and lunch, we decided
it was time to quit working and start getting ready for the big
day. The next few hours all fused together. I treated each of
the groomsmen to a professional hot lather beard and mustache
shave (if they so desired it). I hung out in my room with Dad and
my two brothers, and we reminisced about years gone by on the
family farm. Where had all those years went? Dad was so happy
that I, his youngest child, was finally going to tie the knot. My
differences with Hudson, needless to say, were a thing of the past.
He and I, along with Alexa, mended those fences over a month ago.

It was honestly so relaxing and laid back as we all got ready.
Janae, my sister (and biggest supporter), was beyond excited for
me. But I didn't feel nervous or anxious. I remember simply
enjoying those few hours. Mike was in and out. At one point, I
warned him to stay away from my niece, Chelsea, tonight. Janae's
daughter. She was the same age as Alexa, and I figured Mike may
have eyes for her. I knew that she would definitely notice him.

The ceremony was at 5:00pm, so 90 minutes before, I slipped
into my tuxedo. It was a dark, charcoal color, and (I must say)
it made me look like a million bucks. I wanted to stand out from
my groomsmen, of course, so all their tuxedos were a light gray.
Right before it was time to go down to the chapel, I spent a few
moments with Mom in my room. We laughed, we cried, and we said
"I love you" to each other. What a splendid, little memory.

I remember standing behind the red curtains on the stage,
peeking through them, waiting to go out. What I saw actually blew
me away. There seemed to be this otherworldly glow in the chapel
and everything had come together so beautifully; it went above and
beyond even my wildest fantasy for a wedding image. 350 of our
closest friends and family were all in attendance. There were
guests from as away far as California and Pennsylvania, and hell,
even Norway. The groomsmen walked out first, one by one, and then
I was given my cue. I walked out alongside Mike, my best man (and
best friend), and we took our assigned spots at the altar.

I borrowed a moment to look at the surroundings and allowed them
to sink in. Take a mental picture, I said to myself, and remember
this forever. Alexa chose this venue, a historic silent movie house
from the 1920's, because her parents got married here in 1994 when
she was a toddler. It held a special place in all of their hearts.
The interior was stunning, with a gorgeous staircase and lots of
gold accents. The gleaming wood floor and white lights around the
balcony made everything look elegant and almost dreamy. This old
theater was glamorous, romantic and vintage all at the same time.

Five of Alexa's good friends - Krissy, Sarah, Mandy, Gionna and
Mercedes - came out next as bridesmaids, wearing their pretty red
dresses and flower tiaras. They were all here and dolled up for
us? Our day? Wow. Yet Merissa, the all-too-chipper, beaming Maid
of Honor, easily blew them all away. Her hair was piled on her head
in a stylish bun, a few dark tendrils curling past her shoulders.
Dare I admit it on my big day, but Merissa was downright gorgeous.
Stunning. Up until this point, I had never seen her look any better.

But then the first bars of the wedding march sounded and Alexa
appeared at the opposite end of the chapel on her father's arm.

I lost my breath. I was utterly spellbound. To put it bluntly,
Alexa had always been smoking hot to me - beyond compare - but when
I saw her standing there, adorned from head to toe in white with a
matching smile, I thought she was breathtaking. An angel from
Heaven. My knees buckled at the sight of her. My heart raced. My
arms trembled. My stomach grumbled. I was in complete shock.

Everything I had been through in life - the ups, the downs, the
joys, the sadness, the heartache, the misery, even Suzi's betrayal;
it was all worth it. Now, I wouldn't change a single damn thing.
As I stood idly by and admired Alexa, I realized that all of those
past events and emotions had been bundled up into one magnificent
package - my life - and ultimately helped guide me to this moment
where I find myself today. Suddenly, instantly, all of the heavy
burdens and misfortunes had been forever lifted from my shoulders.

Thank you, Suzi, for cheating on me seven years ago. Without
you, I would not be standing here in this chapel right now.

As Alexa approached the altar alongside Bob, her eyes blazing a
path to mine, her smile became even brighter. My pulse quickened
and it refused to calm. But it had nothing to do with the way
Alexa looked in her luxurious bridal gown. Oh, don't get me wrong.
She was a goddess, all right. Rather, it was the aura of love and
spirit which Alexa radiated that made my heart beat like I'd taken
a hit of speed. Seriously, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven.

I'd waited for this very moment my entire life.

It was actually here.

With Alexa!


Enjoy it...

Her eyes glistened with tears, just like mine did. I couldn't
resist lunging forward and meeting her a step (or four) early.

"In a hurry?" Alexa asked with a soft laugh that made me grin
like a fool. Or perhaps a cartoonish buffoon. Was my jaw on the
floor and my tongue extended ten feet out in front of me? My eyes
bugging out of their sockets? It sure felt that way.

But damn, I loved that laugh. "You have no idea." I was in a
hurry, all right. The sooner she became my wife, the quicker my
lips could meet hers for a kiss (among other things).

I reached for her hands. "You look beautiful."

"So do you," she managed.

I really had no idea how long we stood there holding hands and
gazing into each others' eyes, but it was long enough for the women
to begin whispering and the children to begin giggling. Alexa's
father cleared his throat, snapping us right out of our private
bubble. I could have stayed in that moment forever.

I blinked several times as I had been too caught up in Alexa to
think and respect proper marital traditions. "I'm sorry," I said
to Bob as well as Pastor Joe, the officiant, but made no move to
walk away. Hell, I thought. This was MY wedding and I could start
new traditions. Thus, my eyes found Alexa's yet again and I blew
her a kiss before finally returning to Mike's side. As a result,
there were several more hearty chuckles amongst the gathering.

"I think your husband-to-be is quite ready, pumpkin," Bob told
Alexa with a grin, offering her arm to me.

"Yes, Daddy." She looped that arm through mine and smiled
sweetly. "We've BOTH been ready for this day for a long time."

"Dearest friends and family, we are gathered here this evening to
witness a historic and extraordinary event. At the invitation of
Alexandra and Jeremy, we are here to see for ourselves their love
and commitment, to witness their claim to their civil rights, to
surround them with prayer and support, and to share in their joy."

"But Alexandra - or Lexi, as she goes by - and Jeremy would first
like to take a moment to thank all of you for being here with them
tonight. They know that for some of you, making the journey took
considerable effort and expense, and for this they are deeply
grateful. All of you are the most important people in their lives.
All of the time and conversations that you have had with Lexi and
Jeremy before they even met helped make them who they needed to be
to first find themselves, and then each other. You have shared in
their best and their worst days, and you are an irreplaceable part
of their yesterdays, their today and all of their tomorrows. So,
rest assured that you will always be very close to their hearts."

"I look out at you now and I see a rich and diverse weave of
differing beliefs, lifestyles, ages and viewpoints. Yet you are
all here celebrating your love for Lexi and Jeremy, wishing for
them all that they would want for themselves, rather than what
your own hopes may have been. It sounds more like an ideal, but
it truly isn’t, and it is in part what makes their life together a
thing of such great beauty."

"There is a term that we hear often at events such as this with
very little explanation. The term is _Perfect Love and Perfect
Trust_ or _Unconditional Love_. In the case of a marriage, and in
the case of all loving, caring, committed relationships, the ideal
that this speaks of is not about perfection, but of expecting and
accepting imperfection and human frailty. It means that a couple
must say to one another: ‘I accept and I expect that on occasion
you will anger me as I will anger you, and that you will hurt me
as I will hurt you. But I know in my heart that between us there
is love and affection and friendship that is stronger. And I
trust that no pain is caused out of ill will, or malice, or
pettiness, just as I trust that we are together for a reason and
that we will never throw each other away. I trust that at our
best we will live together in love and joy and harmony, and at
our worst we will fight, with and for and beside each other, for
the greater good without fear of abandonment.' For the divinely
inspired desire to be together for a lifetime is indeed something
well worthy of fighting for. And these, dear friends, are the
promises that you have been invited to bear witness to this day."

"I’ve never met a father who was willing to give up his daughter,
so instead I ask, do I have your blessing for this marriage?"

Bob stood and spoke to Pastor Joe, "Yes sir, you do."

"Thank you. You may be seated, Mr. [Last Name]. Let us all now
close our eyes and bring to mind any loved ones who could not be
here today. May we always remember, inparticular, Lexi's Grandma
Great and Uncle Vince, and, for Jeremy, little Cousin Brooke and
Grandma Callie. Though they are absent physically, we invoke,
through our thoughts and prayers, their loving presence. We pray
that God might multiply beyond measure the blessings from these
deceased loved ones to this loving couple, and any children who
might one day be a part of their union. Now, from our hearts, we
ourselves visualize and sanctify all the blessings we would bestow
on Lexi and Jeremy in their lives as a couple and a family. And in
our sincere desire to bless, we in turn, are blessed also. Amen."

"Most would agree that it is love that keeps people together
when they’re confronted with that immense sky, with those infinite
distances that separate even the closest of men and women. But
what kind of love, exactly?"

"Poets, priests and philosophers, and no small number of
cabbies, barbers and bartenders, have debated this question. We
speak of spiritual love, passionate love, love eternal... but the
phrase that may capture the reality of this emotion best is...
_stirring the oatmeal_ love. When you’re willing to stand in your
bathrobe on a cold kitchen floor at five o'clock in the morning,
and stir the oatmeal so your spouse can have a little more sleep —
and not even think twice about why you’re doing it — then you have
a love that can last a lifetime."

"Such simple, pragmatic experiences are the best places for love
to take root. In such ground, love blossoms over time, becoming
deeper, more beautiful, and more profound. Love so deep, intimacy
so profound, cannot help but suggest transcendence, a shifting of
human experience into the realm of the spiritual, the divine. This
is what makes marriage a unique milestone in any relationship."

"Lexi and Jeremy seem as close as any two people can possibly
be. Yet they felt the need for something more - a rite of passage.
We define marriage as a sacrament, something that is itself defined
as _a rite ordained as an outward and visible sign of an inward and
spiritual grace_. Think about that for a moment. An outward and
visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace."

"That is why we are here - to witness this visible sign."

"These words, these actions - they are the manifestation of that
inward grace. In this way, a marriage is like a mirror. It lets
us look into depths that cannot be seen directly, and reflects the
spirit of the two being joined together as one."

"Lexi and Jeremy, I ask that you please turn toward each other
right now and clasp hands. Look at them closely, deeply, intently.
These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and
vibrant with love, that are holding yours on your wedding day, as
you promise to love each other all the days of your life."

"These are the hands that will work alongside yours, as together
you build your future, as you laugh and cry, as you share your
innermost secrets and dreams."

"These are the hands that will work long hours for you and your
new family."

"These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish
you through the years, for a lifetime of happiness."

"These are the hands that will countless times wipe the tears
from your eyes; tears of sorrow, and tears of joy."

"These are the hands that will hold each child in tender love,
soothing them through illness and hurt, supporting and encouraging
them along the way, and knowing when it is time to let go."

"These are the hands that will massage tension from your neck
and back in the evenings after you’ve both had a long, hard day."

"These are the hands that will hold you tight as you struggle
through difficult times."

"These are the hands that will comfort you when you are sick,
or console you when you are grieving."

"May they always be held by each of you."

"May they have the strength to hold on during the storms of
stress and the dark of disillusionment. Keep them tender and
gentle as they nurture you in your wondrous love. May these hands
continue to build a relationship rich in caring and devotion in
reaching for your perfection. May you Lexi, and you Jeremy, see
your four hands together as healer, protector, shelter and guide."

"Lexi and Jeremy, by coming here today, you have reached a
crossroads in your lives. You’re turning away from your yesterdays
and looking ahead to your tomorrows. Your past is a distant
memory. Your future a waiting adventure. It is a new dawn, a new
commitment, a new life. The bonds you are forging here today will
change your lives forever."

"Do you, Jeremy, promise to take Lexi to be your wife? To play
with her and care for her; to make her laugh, and let her cry? To
offer your best counsel and give your sincerest support with all
of the love you have to give?"

"I do."

"Is it your choice that Lexi be the one with whom you wish to
spend your life?"

"It is."

"Do you, Lexi, promise to take Jeremy to be your husband? To
play with him and care for him; to make him laugh, and let him
cry? To offer your best counsel and give your sincerest support
with all of the love you have to give?"

"I do."

"Is it your choice that Jeremy be the one with whom you wish to
spend your life?"

"It is."

"Long before today your parents provided you with a foundation
of love and caring which has brought you to this point."

"At this time Lexi and Jeremy would like to acknowledge the love
and sacrifice that each mother has made to make their children who
they are today... a man and a woman who are ready to be committed
in a loving marriage of their own."

"Mothers cry when their children hurt. Mothers welcome pain
and burden to give their sons and daughters the gift of life.
Lexi and Jeremy will now present their mothers with a bouquet of
flowers, as symbols of eternal gratitude for their unconditional
love, their unyielding strengths in times of hardship, and for
all the selfless sacrifices they have made for each of them."

Both my mom and hers were bawling like babies...

"The formal exchange of your wedding vows is the most ancient
part of a wedding ceremony. These are the words that couples for
centuries have spoken to one another and, while they are very
simple words, they have extraordinary meaning and importance. As
you speak them to one another, you will discover that these are
truly sacred promises, and sacred promises must be kept forever."

"I am going to speak these words to you now, and ask that you
speak them to each other. Now you shall say a few words that take
you across a threshold of life, and things will never quite be the
same between you. For after these vows, you shall say to the
world, Lexi is my wife, Jeremy is my husband."

"Jeremy, as you look into Lexi's eyes, please repeat after me.
I, Jeremy, take you, Lexi - to be my friend, my lover, the mother of
my children and my lawfully wedded wife - I will be yours in times
of plenty and in times of want - in times of sickness and in times
of health - in times of joy and in times of sorrow - in times of
failure and in times of triumph - I promise to cherish and respect
you - to care and protect you - to comfort and encourage you - and
stay with you for all of eternity."

"Lexi, as you look into Jeremy's eyes, please repeat after me.
Jeremy, in finding you, my dreams have come true - in your love, I
have found a home for my heart and soul - I, Lexi, take you,
Jeremy, to be my husband, my constant friend, my faithful partner
and the love of my life - in the presence of God, our families and
friends - I promise to be your faithful partner in sickness and in
health - in good times and in bad - in happiness as well as in
sadness - I will cherish our friendship and love you today,
tomorrow and forever - whatever may come I will always be there
for you - as I have given you my hand to hold, so too I give you
my life to keep - so help me God."

"During this ceremony Lexi and Jeremy will exchange rings.
These rings are visible signs of their commitment to one another.
As this ceremony proceeds, we now invite family and friends to
take part in the warming of the rings. We ask that you wish them
health and happiness and all that is noble in life. We ask that
each guest hold them for a moment, warm them with your love and
make a silent wish for this couple and their future together.
When these rings come back they will contain, in their precious
metal, that which is more precious, that which is priceless - your
love and hope and pledge of support for their union."

"The ring is an ancient symbol, so perfect and simple. It has
no beginning and has no end. It is round like the sun, like the
moon, like the eye, like arms that embrace. It is a circle; for
love that is given comes back round again."

"Your rings are precious because you wear them with love. They
symbolize your commitment in marriage. They remind you of who you
are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. As you wear them
through time, they will reflect not only who you are as individuals,
but also who you are as a couple."

"Jeremy, please look into Lexi's eyes once again, placing the
ring upon her finger as you repeat after me. I marry my best
friend - the one who shares my life, my love and my dreams - Lexi,
I give you this ring - as a symbol of my love and devotion - I
offer you my heart, my soul, and my love - I join my life with
yours - to cherish and protect you as my wife - with all that I
am - with all that I have - I honor you as my wife forevermore."

"Lexi, please look into Jeremy's eyes again, placing the ring
upon his finger as you repeat after me. I marry my best friend -
the one who shares my life, my love and my dreams - Jeremy, I
give you this ring - as a symbol of my love and devotion - I offer
you my heart, my soul, and my love - I join my life with yours -
to cherish and protect you as my husband - with all that I am -
with all that I have - I honor you as my husband forevermore."

"May these rings remind you that your love, like the sun, warms
all that it touches; like the moon, brightens up the night; like
the eye, is a gateway to your innermost soul. And your love, like
the arms that embrace you, makes everything right with the world."

"This couple has come a long way in a short amount of time.
From Lexi stealing Jeremy's coffee and the last doughnut muffin at
_Perky's Cafe_ on the morning they first met, to declaring their
devotion to each other today, theirs is a continuing journey. It
will not always be easy. They will face challenges, trials, and
hardships, as we all do. But their union is strong and vital.
Their task now is to find joy in seeing each other constantly
blossoming, to find exhilaration in change and purpose in the new
roads traveled, no matter what direction is taken."

"They are explorers, these two. And the strength of their
marriage is a strength that celebrates every minute of life, as
well as the immense beauty of their love."

"Now before the fine folks who have assembled here tonight, and
in as much as you have each pledged to the other your lifelong
commitment, love and devotion, I now officially pronounce you
husband and wife. Those who all The Powers of the Universe have
joined together, let no one put asunder."

"You may now kiss each other to seal these promises."


I had never felt so incredibly joyous before in my life...

* * *

After all of the tears in our wedding ceremony, I am happy to
report that the reception was all smiles. Well... almost. Our
first dance song (A Thousand Years by Christina Perri) tugs at our
heartstrings and gets us every time, even to this day.

Since we had the ceremony and reception side by side at the
same location (_Madrid Theater_), we were able to kick off the
party literally the moment the ceremony wrapped up. Actually,
make that "fiesta", since the reception kicked off with chips and
salsa and margaritas for everyone. Alexa and I, however, were
whisked away to have our wedding photographs taken.

Before we made our grand entrance in the banquet hall after
the dizzying blitz of photographs, however, Alexa told me that
she wanted us to drive off somewhere. Even if we were gone for
just one minute, Alexa said, she wanted us to go someplace as
husband and wife (with my tuxedo and her wedding dress still on,
naturally). I agreed, of course, and I wound up driving her to
the convenience store down the street where Alexa bought, of all
possible things, a pack of batteries. Said she needed them.
Then we went back to the theater and joined the festivities.

But oh... those stunned looks Alexa and I got in that corner
store. She looked like Cinderella headed off to the ball! I had
never witnessed a more beautiful newlywed bride before.

Alexa and I had to do some serious leg-work leading up to this
to find a local caterer willing to accommodate our request for our
reception dinner: Mexican-inspired vegan cuisine. One contender
even told us that they considered vegan Mexican to be an oxymoron!
And this was on top of some MAJOR skepticism from several guests
about an all-vegan menu. Why was this so difficult?

Thankfully, a caterer from Independence, Missouri stepped up to
the plate and crafted us a drool-worthy menu for our nuptials
including sweet potato tacos, pumpkin soup shots, and roasted
vegetable empanadas. Outstanding! My personal favorite, though,
was the jackfruit tacos with cilantro slaw mixed in.

A professional florist put all of the flowers together and did
an absolutely amazing job. Alexa and I both received so many
compliments on the exquisite bouquets and the altar baskets.

On a side note, we took home several flowers ourselves, as did
members of the wedding party, but Alexa insisted on donating the
vast majority of the live arrangements to the nursing home where
her great grandmother ("Grandma Great") lived out for her final
years before passing away August. Alexa felt that the colorful
and vibrant flowers would bring joy to the residents there in what
was often considered a depressing and sad environment. God, what
a woman. Alexa had such a huge heart, and I loved her so much.

Since we had such a large number of guests attending the wedding
and the reception, we wanted to avoid a bottleneck with a single
guest book. And also... do something fun and original too!

So as a nod to our little hometown, we had a handful of
postcards from Lake Quivira on every table and invited guests to
leave a little message and then drop them into the mailbox on
their way out at the end of the evening. And they did!

Seriously, we've had a blast reading and re-reading through all
of the fun messages that people left us. One day, Alexa decided
to punch a hole in the corner of all of the postcards and bound
them together with a little metal ring to turn them into a book.
The continual reminder of our wedding day was kept on the dresser
drawer in our bedroom, visible at all times.

Alright, moving onto party time. Alexa's father, Bob, kicked
off the dinner by giving a sweet toast and blessing. Then...
surprise! He and my sister, Janae, took to the microphone and
actually sang a duet together. That was unexpected!

And soon we had a full-blown dance dance REVOLUTION! Did I
ever stop the whole evening? My adrenaline was spiking at an
all-time high. I danced with Alexa as often as I could, of
course, but also my mom and hers, Janae, Chelsea, cousins Candace
and Piper, Alexa's aunt Becky, and, last but not least, Merissa.

Oh, did I mention that Merissa was the lucky girl who caught
the garter during the ceremonial toss? How fitting. I still
could not believe how very close Alexa and Merissa were. Yes,
they had been best friends since the age of four and yes, they
did everything together. But it even went beyond that. As I
watched them interact and party together all night, I came to the
conclusion that Alexa and Merissa were extensions of each other.
They would forever be linked that way, I believe.

Perhaps one day, I thought to myself, I could be as close with
Alexa - mentally and spiritually - as she was with Merissa.

Then, much too soon, our reception came to an end and it was
time for everyone to head out. Although it was past midnight and
we had been here all night, I seriously felt as if the party was
just getting started. Man, time sure flew.

Alexa's parents were the final guests to leave at 12:57am, so
she and I sat alone in the massive banquet hall for a few moments
and finally got to take a deep breath, check out each others'
wedding rings, and have our first little snuggle of the evening.
Alexa and I spoke about how awesome this whole experience was and
how we were looking forward to our honeymoon, which would take
place over the course of the next two weeks in Napa Valley. In the
morning, we'd board a flight at the Kansas City International
Airport and find ourselves in San Francisco by the early afternoon.

How many 19-year-old brides who absolutely refuse to drink any
alcohol whatsoever (and were not legally old enough to do so anyway)
would actually choose Napa Valley - a.k.a. Wine Country USA - as
their honeymoon destination? Not very many, I'd wager. But that
was where Alexa wanted to go, and I had no problem with it. Why
would I? It was my job to make her happy. There was much more to
do in Napa Valley than drink wine and get buzzed, Alexa told me.
What a unique girl. She never failed to surprise and amaze me.

But our night, personally speaking, was still FAR from over...

* * *

"Can you do me one tiny favor?"

"That depends. Does it involve anything illegal?"

Alexa laughed. "No."

"Anything dirty?"

She offered a teasing grin. "Maybe as PAYMENT for the favor?"

"You're killing me." I took Alexa in another blissful kiss as
we slowly strode through the corridors, hand-in-hand, toward the
bridal suite here at _Madrid Theater_. Wedding, reception and
accommodations for the night, all in the same location. It could
not have been more convenient. "Anything you want, my wife."

"Can you be a little more of a jerk from now since we're
actually married?" Alexa was giggling playfully, but I offered
her a confused scowl anyway. Huh? Why would she ask me that?
"Just so I don't fall for you any more than I already have."

I chuckled lightly in response, getting her joke now. "What?
Maybe you can join me in the ABYSS, honey, because that's where I
fell for you long ago. A bottomless pit."

"Oh, I'm already there. Trust me."

We stopped walking in the hallway and I showered Alexa with
kisses, covering every speck of exposed skin from her hands to
her neck. We had total privacy guaranteed now in the theater and
I was going to take full advantage of it. I skipped over Alexa's
off-the-shoulder mermaid wedding dress and its sweeping, exquisite
train and lifted it slightly, kissing and caressing her ankles and
the tops of her feet. Alexa was not accustomed to wearing spiked
high-heels and had made comments to me more than once tonight
about how uncomfortable they made her feel. Oh, those little feet
and toes needed kisses! They needed some love! My lips serenaded
them with kisses and plenty of support. Then I stood and slipped
my arms around her, my mouth seeking its just reward yet again.
Even through our clothing, the heat was unstoppable. Alexa
squirmed and writhed against me and I realized that she was just
as turned on and wound up as I was.

And believe me, that was saying something.

"Lexi," I spoke in a deep, husky whisper. I then buried my face
in her neck, both of us rocking and grinding, refusing to stop
the illicit torture. We were now at our breaking point after such
a fantastic, memorable evening. Never mind the fact that we had a
flight to catch in six short hours. It was the furthest thing from
each of our minds at the moment, and for good reason.

I slid my hands beneath Alexa's little, drum-tight ass, angling
her hips so I could press harder upon her center. Our mouths came
together, fierce and hungry. I could barely breathe for the hot,
tingling sensations spreading like wildfire throughout my body and
the delectable friction wreaking havoc with my self-control.
Already, I was close to detonation.

"Lexi." My tone sounded as desperate as I felt. At the very
least, I had to take Alexa into the bridal suite and close the
door behind us. Right? "We've got to stop, or I'm going to strip
you naked and have my way with you right here in the hallway."

She was gripping my arms like a security blanket. Her eyes
narrowed and her voice was sexy, sultry. "What's so wrong with
that? This whole place is OURS. No one will disturb us." When I
gulped my throat in response, Alexa placed a hand on my chest and
pushed. "OHMIGOD." She clutched my tuxedo collar and yanked me
down for a torrid kiss, then motioned toward the nearby bridal
suite. "Open the door, Jeremy. Open the door because I'm going
to fuck you harder tonight than you've ever been fucked before."

Alexa grabbed my hand as I made it to the door in record time,
my heart pumping furiously. She reached for me and I met her in
a messy, urgent kiss, and lifted her into my arms.

"Going to carry me across the threshold like a true gentleman?"
she asked, smiling so wide it cut right through me.

"I know I love having you wrapped around me. And I love your
laugh, and your smile, and I'd carry you from here all the way to
our honeymoon in California if you'd smile like that every second."

"I'll do better than that. Take me to the walk-in closet."
She lowered her mouth to my neck as I carried her through the
suite. After climbing the stunning grand staircase moments ago,
past the portraits of previous Madrid guests and couples, and now,
through the bridal suite itself, with its panoramic, double aspect
views across adjacent Hyde Park and the beautiful downtown area, I
had a lingering question on my mind. "The walk-in closet?"

Once there, I reached for the light, but Alexa stopped me. "No
lights. Just get in and close the door."

My grin made its triumphant return. "This has potential."

"We're going to DO IT in every square inch of this bridal suite
tonight. No sleep for either of us. We can sleep on the airplane."
Alexa wiggled free from my arms and pushed my back against the wall
with a sexy thud. "You've been so patient and wonderful with me
since the very first time we met." She undid the lone, thick
button of my tuxedo sport jacket. "Now it's my turn to make you
feel good." Alexa yanked my dress shirt up and smothered my bare
stomach with hot, wet kisses.

Heat climbed up my torso at the immense pleasure as she licked
and kissed and groped. "God, Lexi. That feels amazing."

She ripped the button of my slacks free.

"Oh my."

"Remember the first time I gave you a blowjob?" I saw just the
silhouette of Alexa as she was now on her knees, gazing up at me
in the darkness. Still in her wedding gown, noless. She was the
hottest woman I'd ever seen, bar none. "I was so very clunky and
unorthodox, so unsure how best to please you." Alexa unzipped my
slacks and tore them down to my knees, briefs and all. My hard
cock bobbled free. She swished her blonde pony-tail back over her
shoulder and wrapped her fingers around my erection, and it pulsed
and twitched in her little hand. "I'm not clunky anymore."

I sighed as Alexa dragged her tongue around the tip of my cock,
up and down its length, then up again, over and over, until it was
glistening and throbbing with raw desire. She hovered her sweet
mouth over its head, and my hips bucked at the first touch of her
lips. I extended both arms to the sides and slapped the wall with
my hands in an effort to detour myself from grabbing her head and
deep-throating her, allowing her to go at her own pace, her own
rhythm. HOLY SHIT, her own rhythm! Alexa worked me so perfectly,
fast and tight, with a hard, frantic suck when she reached the
base. There was no holding back. I could not help it; I grabbed
either side of her head and rocked into her hungry mouth, deeper
and deeper still. She moaned around my cock, and it went through
me like shock-waves. It felt like a powerful earthquake.

"I'm... I'm not going to last."

Alexa bore down even more at the sound of my words, squeezing
tighter, sucking harder. Holy hell, seeing my sweet, careful Alexa
enjoying every second of pleasuring me while wearing something as
religious and sacred as her wedding gown sent me to the absolute
edge of release. The brink of madness, even!

"Lexi..." A last-ditch warning.

She frigged my erection as best as she could, and when she
cupped my testicles, heat shot down my spine and my hips pistoned
forward. "LEXI!" My climax gripped me with magnum force as it
went on and on. Clunky no more, agreed. Through time (and a lot
of practice on me, thank God), Alexa was an expert at sucking cock.
She was getting to be an expert in several aspects of sex.

I held her shoulders as the last of the aftershocks rumbled
through me. Alexa rose to her feet and, even in the darkness, I
saw that her lips were swollen and glistening with my arousal.
She stepped into my open, waiting arms and curled into the curve
of my body, fitting like a glove. Like she was born to be here.

"Jeremy," Alexa mewed in a soft voice. "My husband..."

I tipped her chin up and kissed her. I really did not care that
she had my taste all over her. I wanted Alexa to feel what it was
that I felt for her, not just what for what she'd done to me. I
deepened the kiss, wishing I could capture this moment and hold her
forever. Indeed, my wedding night had been a long time coming.
Way overdue, even. Our ravenous kisses turned soft and sensual,
and a contented sigh escaped Alexa's lips. She rested her head on
my chest and I embraced her, the future flashing before my eyes.
Breakfasts with spilled milk, starry nights, and t-ball games
involving our children. Alexa enjoyed reading and I knew we were
in the process of making our very own erotic romance, but this was
so much more better - and more real - than writing could ever be.

But those thoughts came too fast and broke all of my personal
rules I had set forth. Enjoy tonight for what it is, Jeremy, and
do not think about anything else. "Beautiful girl," I grinned at
her. "You came out of nowhere, and suddenly you're all I see."

A sharp, emotional cry escaped from Alexa's lips.

"Breathe, baby," I whispered, holding her warm, tight.

"You feel so good," rushed from her lips.

"Jesus, Lexi. You're... WE'RE..."

"Perfect together," she panted, plowing forward and out of the
walk-in closet, and dragging me with her. Off came my tuxedo
jacket and then Alexa began ripping at the buttons on my shirt.
"Take this thing off!" she screeched, quickly becoming frustrated.

I undid the final few buttons with ease and smirked at her.
"My, my, Lexi. I do like this side of you."

She reached for my dress shirt and pulled it from my body. My
hands found Alexa's taut, smallish breasts tucked all nice and
snug beneath the polyester fabric of her mermaid-style gown, its
color an ivory white, and I began to knead and grope them. Alexa
kissed my bare chest. It was insane how much I adored having her
this close to me. Her skin was lush and sensual, and so delicious
that I wanted to lick her all over. Hmmmmm, what a dinner that
would be! I again latched onto her neck with my mouth and feasted
away. This seemed like madness, yet I couldn't stop. Alexa grabbed
my chin a little roughly with a predatory look in her eyes, then
crashed her mouth to mine and went berserk. I clutched her ass and
ground against her, and holy hell, her bridal dress was still fully
intact. I needed to fuck her before combusting into a ball of flame.

"God, I love you," I gasped.

"I love you too. And I want you to fuck me."

We stumbled around the unfamiliar yet stunningly beautiful room
in a mass of tangled limbs and hungry kisses.

"You belong to ME now, Jeremy."

"I have since the day I met you."

Alexa's tender mouth and hands were all over me now, tasting and
groping, but I was right there with her. I wanted to take control
of the situation and lick her little, wet pussy to return the oral
favor she had given to me earlier. However, I bumped into a piece of
furniture and grunted in a momentary jolt of pain. Damn, that hurt!
Alexa tore her lips away and looked up at me with worry written all
over her lovely face. A second later, assured that I was okay, that
worry morphed into a playful grin. "You're so freaking clumsy."

Before I could say a word in response, Alexa kissed me long and
deep, trying her best to consume me. I surrendered and let her have
her carnal way, at least for the time being. The hard press of her
insistent, possessive mouth caused all of the muscles within my body
to relax. I did not fight, did not struggle to gain back control.
Instead, for the first time ever in my life, I simply let go.

Alexa's hands guided me to the bed and I allowed her to help
lower me to the mattress. Her arms circled my neck in the process,
but she did not come down on top of me. Alexa lay beside me, moving
her hips to the side of mine, my cock growing and stiffening yet
again as she deepened our magnificent kiss. Alexa's tongue searched
and took as pangs of hot arousal thrummed all throughout my body.

Suddenly, my whole mindset and demeanor shifted. I ended the
kiss and pulled away slightly, my gaze locked with hers.

"Your wedding dress needs to stay ON while we have sex."

Alexa tried to say something, perhaps in protest, but I moved my
hand up to her cheek and hooked my thumb over her teeth, holding
her jaw open. She certainly did not expect such a move, and it
seemed to electrify her. Those blue eyes were so gorgeous, so
expressive and filled with desire, there was no way I could ever
look elsewhere. Not that I would want to.

"It's been a fantasy of mine to make love to you on our wedding
night with your dress still on," I explained softly, placing a
series of kisses along her lower lip. "I'll take special care and
won't harm your dress whatsoever. I know how important it is to
you. How you want to save and keep it for the rest of your life."

"Cherish it," she mumbled, correcting me, my thumb still pressing
down on her teeth. "Always remember it."

I smiled and chuckled in response. "Of course. Don't worry.
I've got you." When she tried to arch over to meet my lips, I
drew back, holding her at bay with that thumb on her teeth, then
shook my head. Without a word, I brought my mouth forward and
slicked my tongue over her upper lip, then dipped inside, teasing
over her own tongue. She met my efforts lick for luscious lick.
Applying pressure to her jaw felt sinful and possessive. Alexa,
meanwhile, was transitioning to her naturally submissive mindset.
She rocked her hips as I pushed my thumb into her mouth and she
closed her lips around it, sucking and swirling her tongue as if
it was a lollipop. I pressed my cock hard against her thigh and
my hips began to move at the same pace as I stroked my thumb in
and out of her mouth. Alexa closed her eyes and seemed to
disappear into the erotic heat.

No more words passed between us as I then hoisted Alexa up, my
palms covering her ass, and pressed her against the wall. She
wrapped her trim, sexy legs around my waist and squeezed tightly
as I blindly fumbled with the lower half of her gown, our mouths
locked together as one. I managed to bring her gown up near her
abdomen and push her panties - no, that was a thong - to the side.

Kissing Alexa made my head spin, my senses completely hijacked
by the intensity of her desire. Now it was her turn to fully
surrender. Alexa sank against my body as I wrapped a hand in her
hair and squished her against the wall, right where I wanted her.
The head of my cock probed for and then found her pussy. I slid
my hands down her body and gripped her hips once more, then
thrust hard up inside her, filling her with a forceful plunge.

Alexa squealed into my mouth, her cries cut off by my lips as I
held her in place and fucked her thoroughly. I let loose with a
lot of aggression as my senses shifted into overdrive at the
realization of, after all these years, I was finally married.
Alexa screeched out and I did not know if she was making cries of
pleasure or pain. All I did know was that no matter what, Alexa
clearly wanted more; more of my searing, fiery cock that never
failed to make her pussy melt.

Loud, animalistic noises escaped from both of us as I began to
lift Alexa up and thrust her down against the wall, fucking her
without the need for her to so much as even move a muscle. She was
like a toy in my arms, her 5-foot-1, 102 pound frame easily lifted
and pulled down, impaled on my erection.

I did not even try to resist as I came inside her bare pussy,
shooting my sperm deep inside her. It slid out and coated her
upper thighs as I withdrew my cock and set her back on solid
ground. The bridal dress flowed down and she seemed to transform
back to a prim and proper bride in seconds. But then I noticed
that Alexa was wet and sticky, her hair was starting to become a
mess, and her face was flushed a hot pink color.

"You're gorgeous when you've been fucked," I said, kissing her
again. "I could spend all night playing with that little, wet
pussy of yours." When Alexa gulped her throat in response, my
words were instantaneous. "On your knees. I want you to suck me."

"But you just came..."

"Does that matter?"

Alexa shook her head, then dropped to her knees and looked up
at me as I fisted my cock. God, she was gorgeous in that mermaid
dress. An angel! My shaft glistened with my juices and hers, and
when I pressed it into her mouth, Alexa gave a sour expression,
tasting both of us at once. She straightened up and channeled all
of her energy into bobbing her head along the length of my cock.

I let out a groan, my fingers curling in her hair. I felt
Alexa's sleek, velvety tongue swirling around my pound of flesh
within her mouth. She was insatiable! I began to thrust once
again, filling her mouth over and over. Her body writhed and
squirmed with every thrust deep inside her throat.

"Stand up, bend over, and put your hands on the bed."

"Again?" Alexa asked the question even as she obeyed.

"I want you," I said, pulling the dress up and tossing it onto
her back as I took position behind her. Holy hell, I said to
myself. Look at that lingerie! I caught a brief glimpse during
the bouquet toss at the reception earlier, but now I saw Alexa in
all her splendor. Elegant, thigh-high stockings with a frilly
garter belt attached. DAMN! I had never seen her in stockings
before! And that sexy, little thong. Oh, that thong...

With even more fuel now added to my fire, I stood behind Alexa
as she held onto the mattress and pressed my cock back into the
tight clasp of her pussy, thrusting forward with a nice, steady
stroke. My recent satisfaction meant that I was in no hurry to
find my third climax of the evening, which also meant that Alexa
was going to be stuck in this position with her pussy wrapped
around my cock for as long as I saw fit. Time to slow down!

"That's a good girl," I praised as I slid myself deep inside
her and then almost all the way out "Oh, that pussy is wet,
isn't it? It's BEGGING for cock." Alexa whimpered as I touched
her clitoris with the head of my erection and rubbed up and down
her folds before finding that slick, little entrance again.

Slowly but firmly, I pushed inside Alexa, my thickness
stretching her, demanding everything she had. She was so
slender and petite; it was like fucking a little rag doll.

"Listen to me, honey. Listen up. Put your face on the bed,
Lexi, and rest it there, along with your shoulders, and bring
your hands back to your ass. I want you to spread yourself
open for me so I can see your pussy as I fuck it."

Alexa let out a snivel of complaint, but reached back
regardless and slid her fingers over her body. She clutched
her cheeks gently and seemed to hope that would be enough.

"Spread them, Lexi," I told her. "Don't play modest with me. I
want to see everything. I want to see my wife in all her glory.
Spread those ass cheeks far and wide apart."

Alexa slowly did as she was told, baring herself for me,
making the tight, little rosebud between her ass cheeks flex and
stretch with the spreading motion. Oh, that ass. It was perfect!
Maybe one day, Alexa would break down and finally allow me to fuck
that ass. Why not tonight? Hmmmmm. I could easily see that my
hot, throbbing cock was stuffed clear inside of her pussy.

"Keep yourself open for me, Lexi," I encouraged her as I began
to gently thrust. "Keep that pretty pussy displayed."

Alexa moaned against the bedding, one eye turned up and glaring
at me, her body quivering as I sank so deep inside her that I felt
perfectly, gloriously complete. Little moans and grunts of passion
emanated from her as I had my way. Slowly I began to take her
harder and faster, my cock slicked with our juices, sliding easily
back and forth in and out of her exquisite, wet pussy. And she
held herself open for me as just I'd ordered her to.

"Whose pussy is this, baby?" I asked her in a taunting tone.
"Who does this little pussy belong to?"

"You!" Alexa cried out, rolling the side of her face upon the
mattress for added effect. "IT BELONGS TO YOU!"

I fucked Alexa for several moments, not speeding up or slowing
down, giving her just enough stimulation to keep her arousal
peaking, but not quite enough to achieve climax. Being 18 years
her senior, I was using my knowledge and wealth of experience I
had over Alexa to my advantage. Why not? There was something
that seemed very educational about the way I was fucking her. It
was controlled, so very deliberate.

She'd have to get used to this for the rest of her life.

"You need more. Don't you, baby?" I grinned down at her, my
voice tender, smooth. "You want me to fuck you harder?"


When Alexa's hands slipped from her spread, tight ass cheeks, I
drew my own hand back and brought it down in a hard, powerful swat
that surprised even me as it exploded across her backside.

"Fuck!" Alexa let out a scream and thrashed wildly under my
control, but did not seem to want to escape. I had an interest
in spanking her and exploring that avenue of play between us. I
think it is safe to say that she had an interest in it as well. I
had done it in the past with Alexa, but only twice, and under very
certain circumstances. She responded well both times, but, as
always, I wanted to take things slow with her. I could not just
put her over my knee and go to town, and think all would be well.
Things like this... they needed to be done in moderation.

I soothed my hand over her ass.

"Jeremy, WHY?"

I began spanking Alexa again, not as hard as the single slap
that had made her scream, but hard enough to sear her bottom, hard
enough to command her attention. Hard enough to turn her raised
backside into an aching rubble of flesh while I had a firm grip on
the nape of her neck. I would never physically harm or injure her
at all. No way. Still, was this... actual discipline on my part?

"I told you to keep yourself spread so I could see your pussy,"
were my words as my palm landed swiftly, and every square inch of
ber body responded accordingly. "But you let your hands down."

Alexa frantically tried to reposition her hands, but it was too
late for that. It was time that I consume her entire soul with my
will. For two to truly become one on our blessed evening.

"I always knew that tight, little ass of yours is actually one
big erogenous zone," I taunted, giving it another heavy-handed blow
for good measure. "Has my baby girl been naughty tonight? Does
she need Daddy to spank her and then put her to bed?"

"Fuuuuuck," Alexa moaned softly, clearly not wanting to make a
sound, yet unable to stop herself.

By now, Alexa's pussy was streaming juices, her arousal as great
as it had ever been, as I resumed my thrusting motion, fucking that
little hole with every last ounce of strength I had left. Just as
I often enjoyed doing to her mouth. Yet again, this had been the
perfect spot to throw in a surprise spanking. It elevated things
to a whole other level for us, especially her. Every part of Alexa
belonged to me now. And vice-versa, of course. I took my newlywed
bride even harder, sliding deep into her, my pelvis meeting her ass
time and time again as I towered over her, our bodies rattling in
the most depraved yet enjoyable way humanly possible.

Sweating and grunting, gasping her submissive pleasure into the
sheets, Alexa seemed to abandon herself and any sense of right or
wrong. It did not matter to Alexa how I fucked her, just as long
as I did. The feeling was mutual. I needed Alexa more than I
needed oxygen as she cried out, her bottom and pussy perched nice
and high for my taking. The sounds of bodies slapping filled the
suite, a wet sound, skin meeting skin over and over again as I
snaked my hand around her waistline and strummed her soft spot.

My opposite, less dominant hand gave her backside a few more
swats as my cock continued plundering away.

"Fuck! JEREMY!" Alexa screamed almost as if she was in agony,
but there was no hurt for her. I was absolutely certain of that.
Rather, she was lost to pleasure. Alexa managed to spread herself
open for me once again just as she bucked and screeched and cried
out with an orgasm that took her to the very edge of insanity. A
rough growl escaped from deep within me and suddenly I was right
there alongside her, our bodies locked, thick spurts of gooey semen
spewing into her snug, fertile womb, filling her to the very brim.
We rocked together in unison, the whole world a haze.

"Oh, baby," I rumbled once my cock disengaged from Alexa and she
promptly dropped to her hands and knees in an exhausted, deflated
heap, my seed oozing from her pussy. After such a rough coupling,
Alexa needed a moment to gather herself. Or perhaps five. She
moaned continuously and breathed in heavy, deep gasps beneath me.
I reached down and ran a loving fingertip along the back of her
neck. "You're incredible, Lexi. Incredible..."

"And you're insatiable," she mewed.

I grinned. "Yes. Yes, I am. Especially tonight."

I reached down and swept Alexa into my arms as if she was no
more than a feathery weight and then laid her down upon the bed.
I curled in close and slipped both arms around her as she hid her
face from me, perhaps on blind instinct, still in the process of
trying to recover. I brought one hand back and moved it to her
chin, then had her meet my gaze. "It's time we get you out of this
dress." I leaned forward and kissed her bare shoulder as I now
used both hands to lower the zipper on the back of her bodice.
"See? The dress is perfectly intact. Not a rip, a blemish, on it.
We'll get it washed and you can keep it - cherish it - forever."

"Th-Thank you, J-Jeremy."

"I know the wedding and the reception took a lot out of you, as
it did me, but the night is still young. How about I draw you a
nice, warm bubble bath --" Alexa groaned and sighed in utter
delight at just the mere idea as I finished, "and get you cleaned
up a bit. I think a full-body massage is in order."

"Really?" she squeaked, crinkling her nose in the most adorable
way imaginable. "You'd do that for me?"

I chuckled as both she and I worked in unison to remove the
wedding gown from her body. "I'd do anything for you, baby."
Holy fuck; the thigh-high stockings with the frilly garter belt
attached, her G-string thong which was still pushed to the side
(not to mention a red, aching backside) and, as I now saw, a
strapless bra. Perhaps I'd have to convince Alexa to start buying
more sexy and intimate lingerie like this. Lots more of it.
Hell, I'd love a few _fashion shows_ every week from now on.

"But what can I do for you in return, Jeremy?"

I slid over top of Alexa, her back to me, and pinned her hips
in place as she writhed upon the bed. "Oh, I'm not done with you
yet. Not tonight, baby." My adrenaline may have been spiking at
an all-time high. But I knew it meant I would have a massive
crash and burn later, but that was okay. Our wedding night only
happened once, and I needed to enjoy it as best I could. "After
the bubble bath and your massage, sweetie, I'm going to lick your
pussy and then I'll fuck you again. Hard." Alexa shivered and
gulped her throat as I added, "You will suck my cock again too, and,
if you're good, I may even put you over my knee for a spanking."

"Oh God, Jeremy." Alexa bit her lower lip to stifle the moan
that rose in response to my words. She was aroused. It was a
reaction as natural as night becoming day. Whenever I touched
her, Alexa's body responded fully and without regard for her own
limitations. Indeed, we were perfect together.

"You DO want me to fuck you again, right?" I slid up over her
back and nipped at her earlobe. Though my cock had been depleted
and was in hibernation for the time being, I slid it along the
firm texture of her ass anyway, and sensed her pussy clench in
anticipation of being filled again later tonight.

Alexa's answer was a soft moan.

"Stay here and relax," I instructed her, rising to my feet.
"I'll be back in a few. Going to draw your bubble bath."

"Okay," Alexa said softly. Her eyelids looked heavy and it
seemed that she was ready to drift off into a dream. Thus, I
better hurry. I turned and began walking toward the elegant
washroom, but Alexa's voice stopped me. "Jeremy?"

I stopped and looked back at her. "Yes, honey?"

"Thank you for everything." A single tear streaked down her
cheek. "This truly was the happiest day of my life. Thank you
so much. I... I look forward... to spending my life with you.
I... I'm happy. I feel so happy." She wiped new tears away.
"I've never been happier."

"Oh, we're just getting started," I proclaimed with a wide
smile. "This was just our first night together as a married
couple. Trust me, baby, the best is yet to come."

<<<- End of Chapter 10 ->>>

==---- -- -- -- - --- -- -- - - --- -- -- --- - -- - - - - --- -- ----==
"Recollections 2"

(c) 2018 Kaadorix

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Recollections 2 Ch. 10

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