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  1. The Football Life pt. 1
  2. The Football Life pt.2
  3. The Football Life pt. 3
  4. The Football Life pt. 4
  5. The Football Life pt. 5

The Football Life pt. 1

Categories Fiction, Black, Non-Erotic, Teen

Authror: RC38

Published: 05 January 2018

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My alarm jolted me awake at the usual 5:00 A.M. time. As always, I checked my phone, but there was no “good morning ;*” message today. I rolled out of bed a little bit more tired and lifeless than usual. I slipped my shorts and tank top on, followed by my shoes. I exited my house and proceeded on the brisk streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the sky barely lit.

By 8:25 I was walking through the school hallways as usual, but for the first time since the 6th grade, I was alone.

“Ramesses Kinggg,” a familiar voice called behind me.

I spun around. “Alizé Santos,” I greeted my friend.

“So what’s the deal with Aaliyah?” I shrugged with a grin on my face. I wanted to try and play it cool, but deep down, it hurt. I was hurt. She must’ve known because she just gave me a sympathetic smile and ran her hand through my dreads, like she’s always done since we were little. “I’m always here for ya kid,” she assured me. “So I heard that you’re starting Varsity?”

Now I started to genuinely smile. “You know I’ve been doing this football shit since I was a young boul (A boul is Philly slang for “person”).”

“Yeah yeah, I know, Superstar.” She flashed me that smile that I’ve loved since I was 6 years old.

Me and Alizé met in the first grade, because we were both wearing New York Giants hats in class one day, a social crime in Philadelphia. We started to talk to each other, and ever since then we’ve been the best of friends. I’ve always had a crush on her deep down, but I just never had the heart to tell her about it. I’m not the type of dude she would be into, she likes them “thug” niggas. Guys that don’t give a shit about their future, that do everything for clout. I just don’t understand that girl, she’s too good of a character to chase guys like that.

The next night, we had our first game right here at home. The only freshmen to play varsity were me and my friend Kai Thomas, who was going to get carries at running back and line up at wide receiver on some plays. I played cornerback, and unlike Kai, was a full-time starter. In the locker room, me and Kai clung together like melted Life Savers. We got taped together, we put on our pads together, wherever you saw him, I was right next to him. We grew up playing football together, so I guess it was just comforting to be around each other before our game.

It was before we were about to hit the field, after warm-ups that Jordan Adams, our defensive captain pulled me aside. Jordan was a senior, he was All-State last year, a 5-Star recruit, and committed to LSU already. All of us young defenders looked up to the safety.

“Look, between me and you… coach wasn’t going to start you tonight,” he quietly said. “He’s never started a freshman before, me included. I had to stick my neck out to convince him to put you in there, because I know what you can do and that you give us the best shot to win. Don’t fuck me over.”

The game started off slow. Yards were hard to come by for both offenses in the first quarter. The speed of the game was definitely an adjustment at first, but after a series I was able to pick things up. The offense didn’t test me until right before the second half. They were on our 5-yard-line on 3rd & Goal. The receiver across from me was pretty tall; 6’3 compared to my 5’10. I knew they were going to try to exploit my height this close to the end zone, and sure enough, this was the play. He took one step, planted his foot, then ran for the back corner of the endzone. I was with him step for step. He turned for the ball, headed high and to his back shoulder. Right as the ball closed into his hands, I hopped up, fully extended my arm, and batted it away. Our sideline erupted while my teammates on the field all came over slapping my helmet.

“...batted down by #22… Ramesses King, Freshman.” It was my first time on the speaker for Varsity. My confidence rocketed upward.

It wasn’t until the 4th quarter that I saw more significant action. It was 4th & 1, and coach called cover 2, meaning I was responsible for any receiver to my side less than 5 yards down the field. So when the ball was snapped, I ran with the man across from me until he cut for a slant. I knew this play from film study, the fullback was going to be in my zone for just enough yards to get the first down. I planted, and dashed to where I knew the fullback would be. Sure enough, the quarterback never saw me and let the ball go, so I jumped in front of the fullback, caught the ball, and darted all the way to the endzone. It was all she wrote from there. We won the game 21-0.

In school that Monday, I felt like a celebrity. Everybody was telling me how much they enjoyed seeing me make plays, from my freshman peers to teachers that saw me passing in the hallway. My heart sank when I passed Aaliyah in the hallway. I glanced to see if she was looking at me, but she just pretended that I was invisible as she talked to her friend walking right by me. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that.

We won the next three games, and I was able to rack up two more interceptions throughout them. Kai was playing too, be he was relatively quiet when he would get time.

On Thursday of that week, Alizé ran up to me in the hallway before lunch.

“My friend will not stop talking about you and it’s driving me crazy,” she said.

I hadn’t even really given girls much thought since… “Uh… a’ight?”

“It’s Casey,” she revealed. “After every game she’s like ‘Ramesses was lookin sexy out there, he could get it,’ blah blah blah. So will you just take her Snapchat and hit her up?”

Casey wasn’t bad looking by any means, but I didn’t know about talking to another girl so soon.

“Ehhh I don’t kn—“

“Ramesses, shut the fuck up and hit this girl up. Don’t let Aaliyah ruin girls for you please.” I obliged and added her.

That Friday night, we had our homecoming game against our rival school. Interestingly enough, they also had a freshman receiver that was tearing it up this year. Coach even fed into the hype a little bit, telling me to follow him around wherever he went tonight.

On our first defensive possession, I finally got to see how this kid looked in person, and he just looked better than any receiver I’ve ever gone against. He had to be at least 6 foot 4 towering over me, and he wasn’t skinny by any means either. He looked like he should play tight end, about 230 pounds. After the ball was snapped, I realized why he wasn’t a tight end. He got off the ball faster than I’ve ever seen before, planted his foot, gave me a slight nudge to separate from me, and caught the ball thrown his way. I came up to tackle him and felt his hand grip my jersey and throw me right past him. I looked up to see Jordan finally bring him down after about a 20-yard gain. Damn. It. The rest of the game, I respected his speed and played a little bit further off.

Offensively, we just couldn’t get anything going the first couple of drives. Three plays, punt, three plays, punt, three plays, punt. It was hard as a defense to keep making stops with no offensive production. But, an unfortunate blessing in disguise happened when our starting running back left the game injured. That meant it was time for Kai to go in.

“Thomas!” Coach yelled to him. “Let’s go! I hope you’re fuckin ready!”

Now knowing Kai my whole life, I knew he’d been waiting for this moment all year. He jogged onto the field with that same swagger he had all through Pop Warner when we were kids. Most running backs like to bend their knees in their stance, but Kai always liked to stay loose, and stand high. The defense didn’t know what they had coming to them.

When the ball was snapped Kai took the handoff, and shot through the hole into the open field. A defender tried to hit him from an angle but Kai stopped on a dime and cut back, leaving him on his knees. The next defender was put on his back by a wicked stiff arm, and the last defender got smoked in a foot race to the endzone. Amidst the excitement of the whole team, all I could do was laugh to myself. Some things just never change.

The defensive possession after that, I guess they tried to create a spark of their own. On the first play, the receiver ran straight down the field with no intentions of stopping. Nobody this season has been able to run past me. The quarterback launched an errant pass directly into my arms, and I was immediately tackled by their receiver.

“Y’all makin it too easy, c’mon son,” I said to the receiver.

“You can’t cover me, my quarterback fucking sucks,” he said in a genuinely annoyed tone.

We ended up winning 44-6. Kai had three touchdowns, and I had another interception, that one going for a touchdown of my own. After the game, me and Kai were selected to be interviewed by the local newspaper.

“I’m here with Kai Thomas and Ramesses King. Now these two guys are only freshmen, and they dominated the game tonight,” the reporter said. “Now Kai, when you first entered the game, what was going through your head?”

“Well I knew that the big guys in front of me always get the job done, so my only focus was making sure that I took advantage of what they prepared for me up there.”

“Yeah, that line did a fantastic job of opening holes for you. Now Ramesses, I know there was hype going into this game surrounding the matchup between you and Jamal Washington. Why do you think you were able to succeed in this matchup tonight?”

“Well, he’s one heck of a player, I must say. But the coaches had us all watching lots and lots of film this week, and made sure we was all in the right spots and knew where to be. I knew where my help was coming from every play, so it allowed me to be aggressive in certain spots and make plays.”

“Very well put, both of you. I expect to be hearing a lot about you guys for years to come. Great job tonight.”

“Thank you,” we synonymously replied.

As we were leaving the field, Alizé, Casey, and a girl I knew as Mariah were waiting for us.

“There they are!” said Alizé in a loud tone. “Look at these two all-stars!” I swept her up and lifted her up over my shoulder, squeezing her tight. “Put me down! You smell!” I laughed and obeyed her command.

“Good job Ramesses and Kai,” Casey said with a shy smile. I noticed that she dressed way up for a football game. Both her ample cleavage and her thick, bouncy ass were on display.

“Thanks,” I meekly said back to her. I could tell she was here for me, and that Mariah was here for Kai.

“Are you going to the dance tomorrow?” Casey asked.

“Yeah, you?”

“Mmhmm,” she said, grinning.

“Well, I look forward to seeing you there,” I said to her with my most flirtatious grin. She definitely was good looking now that I was getting a better look at her. And maybe nothing’s wrong with just entertaining the idea of her as long as we didn’t actually date.

The next night, me and Kai went to the dance together, and met up with Casey and Mariah there. There was no question that they were dressed to impress yet again. Casey barely had a shirt on, it cut off at her belly button and again, showed a lot of cleavage. Her leggings showed off her ass perfectly too. Mariah showed off her assets as well to Kai.

Casey was all over me during the dance, grinding her soft ass against me as much as possible, making my dick rock hard most of the night. Mariah and Kai were doing the same. When the dance ended, Alizé came up to all of us with a dude I was familiar with named Darren.

“We can all chill at my house,” she proposed. Me and Kai both looked at each other to see any objections, but there were none. We all trekked by foot 15 minutes away to Alize’s house. I noticed there were no cars in the driveway.

“Free crib, huh?” I asked.

“Yes sir,” she said excitedly. We entered her home and all sat in the living room together. Me and Casey on the couch with Alizé and Darren, and Kai underneath Mariah on the chair. At first we were just small talking, but things started to escalate when Alizé asked: “Is anybody here not a virgin?” We all awkwardly looked at each other, waiting for somebody to raise their hand. After about thirty seconds, Alizé broke the silence by saying “C’mon! I’m really the only one?”

“Bitch what the fuck!” Mariah shouted, hysterically laughing. Casey laughing right along with her.

“Alizé you draawwlin (Philly slang for acting crazy),” I said. This girl really fucked somebody already? My mood instantly dropped. I’d always had this fantasy that she belonged to me, even when I was dating Aaliyah. It crushed me to hear the realization that somebody other than me was able to enter her.

“Duuuudeee I regret it sooo much now,” she pleaded. “You remember Los?”

Jeez Alizé that guy was like 22. Alizé had met him on Instagram, and had lied about her age, saying that she was 18 to talk to him. I thought she was just doing it for free rides and weed. I didn’t wanna believe that there was more to it. “Yeah,” I said flatly, trying to hide the dread in my voice.

“We got soooo high and we started making out, and I just got sooooo horny. So we fucked.” Nobody in the room even knew what to say. The story was just so obscene to hear that we were all kinda in shock. “Does that make me a whore?” She bowed her head.

Fuck yes I wanted to say. But I held myself back.

“I mean it’s only one nigga,” Darren said. He was just tryna fuck his damn self, obviously.

“Yeah but she startin pretty damn early,” Mariah interjected.

“And boul about 8 years older than you, that’s a whole case,” Casey added. Thank you. Somebody said it.

That night had made two things clear: Alizé wasn’t the same anymore, and Casey really wanted me bad. Alizé and I used to spend all of our summers together, running around the city of Philly until the sun set doing anything. That all changed last year when she started to smoke weed. I don’t smoke or drink because of personal family issues, and Alizé just couldn’t get with that I guess. She gradually started to hang around her new friends, chasing guys more actively, and stopped wasting time with me. And it wasn’t until that night that I realized just how far we really drifted apart.

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The Football Life pt. 1

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