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I like IT... IT Makes Me Feel Dirty in a Good Way

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Incest, Masturbation

Author: stifflittlepoints

Published: 09 January 2018

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I like IT... IT Makes Me Feel Dirty in a Good Way
Written by Stifflittlepoints
Jason was the respected cousin that the Martin’s loved almost like a son. The holidays were over and he still had a couple of days left staying at their house. His parents had decided to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and go on a Caribbean cruise. He said goodbye to the Martin’s, who were going to visit close friends for the entire day.

That left him home alone with Lily, who had just entered high school as a 9th grader. She could have physically passed as a middle school student, which was one of the reasons, Jason secretly was attracted to her.

Lily was a great student, in fact she spent most of her waking hours studying. Jason had tutored her in the past, but lately she began to excel in school and for the most part, didn’t need his tutelage. At least in academic areas. Socially was an open opportunity he thought. Despite both cousins being . . . who many would argue “downright hot” in the looks department, they had kept themselves away from giving in to their secret attraction and lust for each other. Lily was somewhat tall for her age, with long blonde hair that came down just past her titties. She had blue eyes and a mischievous smile and a developing body that had begun to respond excitedly, most recently towards guys who were handsome and had abs and muscles . . . just like Jason.

The older cousin had wanted to start a little naughtiness with his younger, innocent almost ingénue-like cousin, but never found the opportunity . . . until tonight. He was in the guest room looking at porn lit online and was deeply involved with a piece written by an author named Forbidden Innocence, whose short stories often left him with a stiff boner in his pants. He was so involved in one of the stimulating stories, that he did not hear Lily walk down the hall towards his room.

The door was open and as she was about to say hello, she realized he was staring at the text on the screen. At the angle he was at, she also noticed he had a huge erection . . . at least that is what the sex ed. class called it. Maybe because her body had not yet started to emerge much . . . she basically just memorized terms and spit them back on quizzes and tests and didn’t quite fantasize much about the opposite sex. But there in front of her was a boy she was forever excited about, with his hand rubbing his hidden organ, that she longed to see and know more about. She was about to say something, but then decided to quietly go back to her bedroom and start the adventure in another way.

Lily knew Jason had his phone with him and knew he would stop for a second to look at texts. This would be a better way she thought, rather than barging in on him. What exactly could she say . . . she thought . . . as she took out her IPhone, that might start some action or something between them. She opened up the Messages app and suddenly it came to her:

“Dropped by your room and saw that you were pretty busy (LOL). What you were reading must have been pretty exciting . . . because I saw that BIG lump in your pants . . . and that excited me. I know it’s a bit kinky . . . but could you send me like a couple of pages that I could read from that story? I promise not to tell anyone, but unlike guys, I don’t get turned on much by looking at porn pics . . . but reading it (at least I think) might make me get kinda horny. Could you capture a couple pages of what you are looking at and send them back to me? –Lily”

Lily sent the text and just as she had imagined, Jason watched her message appear on his screen, just as he was unzipping his jeans to fist his cock. His first reaction was to just turn red and become extremely embarrassed, but then he realized he would just be following her request if he sent her part of the story and maybe later he might find himself finally getting a kiss from his truly foxy cousin or even touching her (how about stripping her?). He was looking at a pretty erotic passage from the story, and wondered whether it would be too much for her. He went ahead and found something slightly tamer and then attached it to his text that read:

What a pleasant surprise. Go ahead and read the attached and let me know what you think. –Jay

Lily was crossing her fingers that she hadn’t scared her cousin, so when his text came back, her heart started beating faster and faster. She read his short message and then clicked on the attachment that read like this . . .

"The game's even naughtier when we play at Carrie's," she said. "First, we break up into teams! Two people have to lie down together and not move a muscle or make a peep for 5 minutes or they have to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING the other team wants them to."

"Wait..." Mike started to protest the rules, but then trailed off with "never mind". The three pairs of eyes trained on him and bored through his outward shyness and modesty and looked forward to finally seeing a boy NAKED. They had played with each other, but the thrill of seeing a penis become a real COCK was lewdly on their minds. "Who's gonna be on my team?" he asked with a sly hesitancy in his voice that he had never heard before.

Sarah grinned at him. "Who do you think silly? Besides, it's Carrie's and Molly's turn to lay still anyhow." She reached over to Molly and made swirl patterns with her finger on Molly's exposed upper thigh. "Lie down on the bed you two." Carrie jumped up on the queen-sized bed and stretched back as the springs reverberated beneath her. She slipped her hand into Molly's, and the two lay there soundlessly. Sarah walked across the carpet to the door and pushed it shut. Mike could not believe he was inside the bedroom . . . with 3 very horny and willing girls!

All the thoughts and feelings that made the lump in the middle of his bed sheet point up to the stars late at night converged upon him. Mike scooted onto Carrie's side of the bed. The zipper on Carrie's jean shorts ratcheted slowly downwards as he tugged on it with a sly grin on his face. He now began to appreciate the power he had over her, and the consequences if she objected to what he was about to do.

He spread his hand onto the light blue panties the gap in her shorts revealed, and cradled her crotch in his hand. He could feel a moist heat radiating out through the nylon, as he gently slipped his fingers into the indentation he knew was her pussy, or better yet . . . maybe her clit. For several seconds, he fondled this spot and gently rubbed her hoping for some reaction . . . even a purr of enjoyment, which he knew she was having at that moment.
He looked down at her and Carrie's eyes were fixed on the paneled ceiling above and her mouth was frozen in a wide grin. Mike grabbed the denim shorts and nylon panties and slowly tugged them down along her thighs (with her help) until they covered her lean calves. He looked down and the hairless pussy lips between her legs were now glisteningly damp. Someone must have recently shaved he thought.

Sarah knelt over Molly and tugged at her thin top quickly moving it over her bare breasts. Molly's teenage mounds were capped with pert red nipples, and Sarah held her black hair above her head with one hand while at the same time leaned forward and intently used her tongue to lap at the girl’s buds wickedly.
Mike slid his hand back down to the intersection between Carrie's thighs, and slipped his middle finger between her warm folds of skin. Carrie blinked joyful tears out of her deep green eyes as Mike slid his fingers towards the tail of her blouse, then back down into her. The fly on his shorts was swollen painfully with his hidden erection underneath. He longed for some naked relief and the thrill of exposing himself to each of the three girls. Mike heard a clock's loud ticking above the muffled moans and silent shivers in the room.
Sarah deftly popped the snap on her jeans and snaked her hand down inside . . . soon finding her wet and shivering twat. Still licking Molly's stiff nipples, she found her forearm twitching with rapid strokes bringing her self-satisfaction. Shocked, Mike trailed his hand away from Carrie's vagina and along her abdomen. Then she heard Carrie whisper softly, "Keep doing that".

"A-ha!" Sarah instantly stood erect, a bright white triangle visible where she had pushed apart her jeans. "Now you're going to get it! What do you think they should do, Mike, for being so naughty?"

"Hey," Molly said playfully looking down at her glistening nipples. "I didn't say anything."

Sarah turned to her and frowned. "But you just did . . . and the five minutes wasn't up yet. Mike, what do you want them to do?"

The total absurdity of the scene . . . a girl with her shorts and panties warming her knees, another with her t-shirt shoved up to her neck and her bare breasts showing, and still another with her underwear gaping through her jeans - made Mike snicker with delight. Anything was now possible! "I think Carrie and Molly should take off ALL of their clothes . . . and then carefully LICK both of us . . . all over," he said firmly. "We can sit on the edge of the bed, have them kneel before us and watch them bring us off."

"OK," Sarah said as her lips twisted with an impish smile, "but let's get ourselves ready first."

Molly and Carrie looked on with glee as Sarah, whose jeans had fallen to mid-thigh, hopped about on one foot as she tugged them first off one foot, then the other. Mike stopped breathing for a moment as he glimpsed the damp oval spot at the front of Sarah's panties. A small pink flower was fixed in the center of the wet spot. Sarah slowly undid the buttons on her blouse as she cast her eyes down at Mike's lower half, anticipating the sight of her first real COCK. Mike shrugged off his t-shirt and undid his shorts, letting them pool on the floor. The round tip of his cock poked out of the front of his white cotton jockeys, and a tent had formed around it.
Next, a pink cotton bra popped into view as a shrug of Sarah's shoulders sent the blouse fluttering to the floor. After a few determined tugs, Sarah's panties settled around her ankles, and she stepped out of them clad in only a bra and socks. For some reason this looked more erotic than her being totally naked, Mike thought. Her nipples pushed the fabric of the bra outward as she lay down on the bed beside Molly and parted her legs. The sight of her flushed and puffy labia made Mike's cock stiffen even more and buoy upwards until it pointed skyward.
The girls' constant giggling vibrated in Mike's ears. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of his underwear and tugged them down to mid-thigh. His cock was not huge but it pointed defiantly towards the girls. Mike shuffled over to Sarah and looked down at her. She lazily lifted her hand upward and gave Mike's cock a quick squeeze, amazing the other two startled girls . . . who couldn't believe her actions. "Sit down, Mike! We ALL want to see that COCK of yours!"

Sarah's fingers left velvety trails of intense pleasure along his twitching shaft, as Mike's knees buckled beneath him as he planted his bare buttocks on the bed. Carrie tugged her panties up snug around her pussy, then tossed her shorts into a pile of everyone's laundry and walked around to Mike. She knelt in front of him and laid her cheek down on Mike's thigh, idly letting a finger slide up from his testicles to the tip of his circumcised boyhood.
Carrie's other hand was nestled between her thighs, and it rubbed slowly over her panties. Molly tugged off her shirt, then scooted down on the bed and flipped over onto on her stomach. She placed her hands on Sarah's inner thighs, then let her tongue slide out and work its way up and down Sarah's furrow. Molly's right hand slipped across the sheet and down into her red shorts.

As the cadence of grunts and moans about him intensified and quickened in pace, Mike saw Carrie lean her head forward and felt a delightful moist warmth envelop his cock as Carrie let it slide over her lips and into her mouth. Never in his wildest dreams could he imagine what she was doing to him. Mike's own mouth went dry as Carrie's tongue bobbed and weaved about the length of his cock, the rough texture of her tongue setting off fireworks inside his head.
Mike stretched his fingers across the bedspread until he grasped Sarah's hand firmly in his own. They gripped each other's hand tighter and tighter as their pleasure grew, each exploring new and unknown heights of joy. Their hands sweated together. Mike's stiff cock bucked against the roof of Carrie's mouth as he had his first orgasm, and the burning gaze of Sarah's eyes seemed to penetrate him and find the same things she had seen in that shy and lonely boy at the playground fence many years ago.

Lily had absent mindedly slipped her fingers inside her shorts while she was reading. When she was finished, she shook her head almost embarrassed at herself for fondling her own pussy while reading. The fact that she and Jason had shared the same passage was also exciting to her. Now what should she write back to him when she returned his text?

“That was really hot Jason. Any chance I could come down to your room and maybe you could show me another passage? . . . Like how about just getting started with a guy . . . like kissing and stuff? I haven’t really done much with boys before and maybe you might be interested in getting me started?”

Jason quickly read her response and immediately tried to remember the story where a girl was trying to learn what to do on a date. He texted back:

“Come on down Lily. I think I can find just the right story and maybe I could read it to you and we could role-play together. Sound like a plan?”

In the background he heard her literally running down the hallway to his room.

“That was fast,” he said looking at the young girl with true curiosity and interest on her face. Things were moving much faster than either of them could have ever imagined.

“Let me find the story for you,” he said. “Good here it is. Why don’t you sit down here at my laptop and I will stand behind you and we can read and act out the story together?”

“I can’t wait,” said Lily looking up at her cousin. Just for a brief second she examined the large lump on just one side of the zipper of his jeans. Was she going to get a chance to finally see a boy’s cock for the first time?

“Here it is . . . let’s take parts and see what happens.” He pointed to the screen and Lily started.

(LILY’S Part) “I don’t even know how to kiss yet,” she admitted.

(JASON’s Part) “Well . . . I could maybe help you through that part. I wanted to let you know what a guy does and thinks on a date and if I were him, I would hope that if I wanted to kiss you . . . that you would know what to do.” Wyatt moved his hand up from being in between him and the couch and placed it over her head and on the top of the love seat just above her shoulders. She was wearing a button-down blouse and he knew from inspection, that she did not have anything on underneath.

(LILY’S Part) “That would be wonderful . . . but kinda kinky to . . . I mean you being my next door neighbor and all,” she said somewhat surprised. Her heart was now pounding in her chest. She had kept it to herself, but she had always found her neighbor to be an extremely attractive boy. She suddenly looked up at his lips and fantasized about kissing them.

(JASON’s Part)“ “It’s just a lesson. I think you would feel much better if you had some experience and knew what to expect,” he suggested as he looked into her blue eyes and saw how she was getting excited. “Let’s pretend this is the backseat of the car. If it’s okay with you . . . why don’t I pretend I am him for a few minutes and that way you can practice on me, so you aren’t embarrassed at what he might do. Let’s just start off with a kiss,” he said, not giving her the chance to turn down his proposal. (After Jason read his line, he leaned over and kissed his cousin on the lips for the first time. He began slowly, just allowing his lips to touch hers. He was surprised that she moved her head closer, making their kiss become more urgent and much more satisfying. After a few minutes, he broke away.)

“That wasn’t too bad was it?” Jason asked innocently. Lily quickly shook her head but dove right into the next part of the story . . . hoping things would get much more nasty, to match her sudden shameless thoughts.

(LILY’S Part) “If Jordan kisses like that . . . I don’t know what I would do. Your kiss felt REALLY good. Sooooo, what might be next?” she asked realizing her little pussy was beginning to moisten. (Lily blushed because her body was responding the same way and she had said “pussy” in front of him).

(JASON’s Part)“ “Have you ever heard of French kissing before?” he asked.

(LILY’S Part) “Kinda . . . like using your tongue?” she whispered.

(JASON’s Part)“ “Uh huh. It’s just like what we just did . . . except you are entering the other person’s body and it makes it feel much more special.”

(LILY’S Part) “Can we try it?” she asked excitedly. But Lily meant it in real life.

(JASON’s Part)“ “Sure. I will start . . . and then you go next,” he said . . . again leaning towards her and for the first time placing his hand on her shoulder and gently pulling her closer. Jason stopped reading and continued to follow what the story had already indicated. Soon after his lips touched hers, he moved his tongue in between hers and gradually moved it in a few inches and then began to move it all around her tongue. Lily was not ready for the flash that was racing through her body as she closed her eyes and thrashed her tongue against his as they wickedly fought back and forth. For several minutes they continued . . . each getting more and more horny.

Jason slowly withdrew his tongue; curious what Lily would do next. As if on cue, she thrust her tongue into his mouth and repeated what he had done with her. She was surprised at how excited she was becoming. She had just learned how to rub herself off . . . but this foreplay was making her little pussy dance to VERY positive steps. Wanting to introduce the feeling of having a cock in her mouth, Jason began to thrust his long tongue into her mouth and she mimicked what he had started and playfully sucked on it. He had not paid much attention, but his cock was now at full extension under his jeans. He needed to reroute it, but elected to just wait until the right time.

“So how was that?” Jason asked.

“Awesome Jason! You sure know how to kiss REAL good.”

“So . . . should we stop the story for now . . . or what would you like to do?”

“I don’t want to stop acting it out just yet.” She realized that by performing where the story was going, she was being guided to the lustful places she wanted to enter in the first place.
There was a brief pause, as she speed read the text and then she read the next part of the story: “Okay so let’s say Jordan kisses me. What might he do next and is there anything maybe I should do to keep things going . . . if things are going good,” she asked. Selfishly, she could care less about Jordan right now. She was getting VERY horny and wanted to keep this boy excited and eager to satisfy her. She had accidentally glanced in his lap . . . and saw the big bulge just under his zipper. She fantasized about somehow seeing what he looked like . . . with his pants off. After reading that line, Lily followed the girl in the story and looking down noticed Jason’s cock was almost bursting out the front of his pants. Jason was excited by her glimpse and continued reading:

(JASON’s Part) “Guys think about sex and stuff usually a lot more than girls. If I am Jordan and we just got done kissing, my mind is thinking about other parts of your body that I want to see and touch. But don’t be surprised by what he might do. I think you are old enough to know what I am talking about.”

(LILY’S Part) “Okay . . . so what might he do . . . then when he gets excited?” she teases.

(JASON’s Part)“ “Tell you what . . . why don’t I just demonstrate ... and you can just follow along. If you have a question . . . just stop and ask . . . Okay?” Carly immediately visualized how far this might go. He wouldn’t show her his thingy, would he? She didn't think she could handle that just yet.

(LILY’S Part) “Okay,” she said and soon after, Wyatt had gone back to kissing her, but this time much more forcefully. Next he found the top button of her blouse and carefully unbuttoned it. At the same time, he kept moving his tongue into her mouth and wickedly teasing her with a constant game of tongue tag. Soon the next button was undone, followed by the third. He knew he could now reach in and touch her bare titties . . . but he wanted all of the buttons gone before moving ahead with his seduction.

“Jason . . . can we try this part . . . maybe lying on the carpet?” asked Lily.

“Heck yes,” said Jason enthusiastically. “Let’s move the chair aside for a minute.” Lily stood up and Jason quickly whisked away the chair. The couple sat down next to each other on the carpet and taking the lead . . . Lily leaned across and began to kiss her cousin. Jason placed his arm around her, eagerly grabbing her shoulder and holding her tightly.
Lily was concentrating on thrashing her tongue back and forth across his, but when she felt Jason quickly unbutton the top button on her blouse, she moaned her acceptance. She was happy he wasn’t mauling her small breasts, but when he unbuttoned the second button, he did allow his fingers to enter the opening in search of the top of her breast. She had taken off her bra back in her room, in preparation for this moment and she slightly dipped her shoulder so that his fingers might find her stiff nipples.

Jason was eager to follow what she was thinking, but didn’t want to rip her top either. Suddenly there was no material in the way, because Lily had quickly unbuttoned the rest of the buttons and Jason’s hand was free to explore. Simultaneous moans took place as Jason’s moist hand cupped Lily’s bare breast. He had a little experience before this tête-à-tête and he allowed her stiff nipple to slide in between his fingers, where he slowly squeezed them together and then after a few minutes he gently grasped the nipple in between his thumb and first finger and pinched lightly. He was surprised at the shiver that he felt from her body but even more surprised that she broke their kiss and with some difficulty got up onto her knees and continued reading the story off the screen with her bare breasts on display.

(LILY’S Part) Meanwhile Carly was back to thoroughly enjoying kissing her friend and it wasn't until all of the buttons above her shorts were undone that she realized that he had begun to strip her . . . NAKED. She didn't want to seem like a little girl so once she felt his fingers moving towards her open blouse, she grasped his hand and quickly buried it inside her top. Wyatt gasped at her act and she was rewarded almost instantly as he cupped her small breast and began to fondle her nipples.

“You knew what was going to happen, you very naughty boy! You must have read ahead,” Lily giggled.

“Who me?” replied Jason. “I don’t believe you’re actually reading the story right now.” Lily shrugged her shoulders, still lacking any type of confidence with boys. “Let me read the next page and then we’ll give it a try, if its ok with you, said Jason.” Lily nodded her head. Just as he was about to read, Jason gently reached behind his cousin and cupped her tight little ass in his hand. It sent a thrill down both their spines.

(JASON’s Part) “This was a new sensation for the young girl. She had gone through the sore and tender parts of tittie development but lately especially when she aroused herself, her breasts were precursors for almost certain excitement down below. As she continued to French kiss her friend, his fondling soon included mild pinching, rubbing and the pulling of her nipples all slowly leading her towards a possible climax. (Jason kept his right hand on Lily’s ass, but bravely reached up with his left hand and cupped the opposite breast he had squeezed seconds earlier. He watched Lily’s eyes close shut . . . and thought it was safe to keep reading.)
(JASON’s Part) “And Wyatt knew caressing her breasts would excite her. He had read an article where researchers had discovered that stimulation of the nipple activated an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex. This was the same brain region activated by stimulation of the clit and pussy. Wyatt wanted to get her topless so as he continued to kiss her, he pulled the bottom of her blouse out of her shorts and pealed it back and off her shoulders. (Jason again used the story to mimic what he was doing to Lily. Soon her blouse was on the floor and she was topless for the first time in front of a boy. Jason kept reading:

(JASON’s Part) “Carly was about to object but soon both of her sensitive breasts were being fondled simultaneously and the result was AWESOME. Wyatt leaned forward and began to lick her nipple. She didn’t look up, but Carly immediately began to moan her appreciation.

“Time to role-play some more,” said Jason. Still cupping her butt, he leaned over and cupping her breast, he made her nipple available for a quick lick and then seconds later, he opened his mouth and sucked her stiff bud inside his mouth. He began to lash his tongue over her excited nipple again and again.

“Oh Jason . . . that feels soooo . . . awesome,” said Lily. For the next couple of minutes, her male cousin took turns making love to each breast. Finally, he looked back up at the screen and began reading.

(JASON’s Part) “Lean your head back and let me get you more excited,” he whispered. Carly was well along in terms of cumming so she followed his suggestions. For the next several minutes he took turns licking, sucking and even gently biting the girl’s breasts and nipples. Your date’s cock will be like a steel pipe by now he whispered. (Lily had been examining her shiny nipples when she heard those words and interrupted Jason.)
(LILY’S Part) My turn . . . My turn Jason. “Take it out and learn how to make boys VERY excited and shoot their cream.” Carly wanted to see her friend’s cock very badly, so she looked down, reached over and began to undo his pants. Once this step was accomplished, she began to tug at the waistband. Wyatt surprised them both and lifted his ass off the couch to make it easier for her. Carly whispered, “I want to see it,” and all of a sudden she yanked down his shorts to his knees, freeing his cock for her inspection.

“Time to catch up with the action,” said Lily. Jason immediately stood up and turned to face her.

“I’m getting VERY hot Lily. Let me take off my shirt and then you can act out the story for me,” said Jason enthusiastically. He quickly shed the garment and watched Lily kneel in front of him. Nervously she grabbed his belt, unhooked it from the buckle and opened it up. She tried not to look at how far his cock was thrusting out the fabric, but her fantasies guided her approach . . . as she kept staring as his zipper as she gently pulled it down. Her heart was pounding full tilt and in her topless condition her nipples were fully erect, and she wondered whether Jason could see it.

“Time to yank,” said Lily as her fingers curled over the belt sides, into his boxers and then she pulled both garments at the same time, and suddenly his trousers and underpants were at his ankles. He had taken off his slippers so with a little effort, he stepped out of the jeans, causing his now free cock to bobble up and down in front of her lips. He was proud of his organ and moved closer to Lily for her to see it better. Embarrassment was all over her face, as she asked if she could read a bit more. Jason laughed and said . . . “Go for it”.

(LILY’S Part) “Don’t be afraid Carly. Grip my cock like this and slowly squeeze on it and then move it up and down with your hand. Boys LOVE this. It’s called a “hand-job” and I promise Jordan or any other boy that you date, will love you doing this for them. Go ahead and try it,” she said moving her hand away from his shaft. Carly had become VERY aroused and wanted to make her friend feel just like she did. Nervously she reached out with her hand, gripped his shaft at the base and following his instructions, as she began to wank on his 7” cock.”
“Should I keep reading . . . Jason or act out what the story says?” whispered Lily. Jason thought for a moment and then said:

“Keep reading . . . but promise me you will do exactly what the story says,” he stated in a matter of fact way. Lily nodded her head but was suddenly worried what she might be made to do.

(LILY’S Part) “Rub that juice at the top of my cock all over the head. Carly slipped her finger over the tip of his cock and gently spread his precum all around the tip. Still mesmerized by Carly’s breasts, he went back to fondling them as he watched her successfully coat the top half of his shaft. She replaced her fingers and hand around the top half and began to gently squeeze and stroke it. Wyatt began to moan as he began to feel his cum starting to travel the full distance from his churning balls.

“I am going to cum REAL soon. Do you know what that means?” he asked.

“It’s like it shoots out when you have an orgasm . . . right? That’s what they taught us in gym class.”

“That’s right and sometimes it gets a little messy, but I know where I’d like to spray my stuff,” said Wyatt.
“Where is that?” she asked eagerly. (Jason moved over towards the screen and at the same time, gently pushed Lily down on the carpet.)

“Lay down on your back Lily, and take off your jeans,” said Jason. She was surprised at the urgency of his command, but quickly unhooked her belt and pulled down her pants. Once she was left with just her panties on, she looked again at his throbbing rock hard cock . . . and hooked her fingers inside her panties and pulled them off as well. With a big smile on her face, she laid down on the thick carpet buck naked. Jason was truly mesmerized by the sight of her beautiful totally uncovered body. Jason grasped his moist, stiff cock in his hands and began to jack off standing above her. He looked at the screen and then said:

“I am going to spray my cum all over your breasts and body, Lily,” he said paraphrasing from the story. . .bending down and with his free hand, he gently pinched the girls’ nipples. Straddling her body, he grasped the base of his shaft, and he urgently began to jack his cock and at the same time lean over his cousin. Within seconds a long rope of hot cum burst out of the tip of his belching shaft, and he sprayed a continuous stream all over her titties and then up past her throat towards her lips and face. Almost like reloading, he sent a second streak of cum towards her mouth that had opened wide in complete surprise, depositing teaspoons of jism into her oral cavity. Finally, when his young cock had stopped its continual spray, he knelt down, legs spread and positioned his shaft over her pussy, he whispered in her ear:

“How do you feel?”

“I like IT... IT Makes Me Feel Dirty in a Good Way,” she said.

More to follow?

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I like IT... IT Makes Me Feel Dirty in a Good Way

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Tyler Gets Caught After School The Anderson's had three children, Matt 18, Tyler (a girl) 16 and young Carly 15. Because of their occupations, the parents were not really involved much in terms of bringing up their children, and Matt became almost a father figure for the two girls. He was...


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What He Made Me Do on the School Trip

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He was my science teacher . . . and little did I know that he would teach me oh so many naughty things right in the middle of all my friends from school. I had just turned 15 and I thought I was pretty grown up . . .you know a fresh teenager and all that. My boobs were continuing to grow and I was...


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My Boyfriend and I Teach My Younger Sister

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I was listening to the radio, when the weather forecaster said there was an 80% chance of snow three days from now. Where we live, local school districts call school off if just a few inches fall overnight. The forecast said we could expect 2 - 3 inches on the ground by Thursday morning. That...


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