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  1. A Hectic Love Life Chapter 1
  2. A Hectic Love Life Chapter 2
  3. A Hectic Love Life Chapter 3
  4. A Hectic Love Life Chapter 4

A Hectic Love Life Chapter 3

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Gay, Masturbation

Author: stabian

Published: 09 January 2018

  • Font:

I hope you enjoy this chapter,

Chapter 3:

"Fuck Ben, we have to run." I said to him hastily

"To where? He's too close to our tent, we'll be spotted!"

"I..let's just run!"

We started running off in the direction of the camp showers which wasn't
too far, luckily the guy who shouted at us was far enough to not notice who
we were. We arrived at the building hoping we could use it as cover until
we found a way back to our camphouse;

"Can you see him?" I whispered to Ben as we stuck our heads out from behind
the building.

"I think so.. but he doesn't seem to.. Oh shit theres 2 of them! and one of
them has a torch,"

"Crap!" I replied trying to think of a cunning plan to get 2 naked guys
plastered in cum across the mines of tents to our own camphouse

"We either crawl little by little behind each tent to keep us out of sight,
or we're really dumb and take the path that offers no hiding at all but is
the quickest"

"First one please!" Ben answered as he slapped my ass as to say we should
get going.

As we silently crept to hide behind the first tent, the two men who were
searching for us were alarmingly close to the shower building, weaving
their torch in every direction and showering the tents with a beam of

"Shit shit we need to move!" I hushed to ben

We crept on all fours behind the next tent, the two men were walking around
the shower building so we took our chances and crept quickly past 3 tents
before resting behind another. Our path could be described as a zig zag
avoiding obstacles and hiding from the eyesight of our hunters like that
game The Classroom I used to play.

The two men emerged from the other side of the building now directing their
torch back to the tents.

"Try not to wake them up will you?" said the man without the torch

The beam of light slowly made it's way through and around the first tents,
we had to keep on moving.

"Quick!" I said to ben behind me as I crawled and lead the way to our next
hiding place, this time I was aiming to reach that big rock, it was a bit
of a long call but I felt lucky.

As I crawled faster and faster, ben hurried trying to keep up right behind
me, I could sense the two men were picking up their stride and we were
completely visible if they looked in our direction.

At last with one final leap I reached behind the rock and so did Ben who in
his haste crashed right up my arse head first. Not only that but his head
impact caused me to let out one of the noisiest and wettest farts I've ever
let out.

"STAN wtf!"

"Oh crap I'm so sorry Ben!"

"They definitely heard us now! and you splattered asscum all over my face!"

I know this wasn't the time but that got me hard again but almost instantly
I could hear voices of the two men jogging closer to our hiding spot

"RUN!" I said to Ben purposely bumping my ass on his face as I got up to
make a sprint

"OVER THERE!" cried one of the men pointing towards us

We ran Fast without looking behind us

"To the camphouse!' I indicated to ben, it was a bit of a risk but all I
wanted now was to get back to safety

"They might see us!"

"I know but..fuck it!"

We couldn't hear where the two men were but it seemed as if they had split
up, nevermind that I thought as I sprinted right into our camphouse
throwing myself into the tent section onto some soft mattress, Ben pulled
the curtain shut behind him and came to lie right next to me. We lay there
silent trying to listen for footsteps.

"You think they're gone?" Ben questioned as he looked towards me

"They're definitely Not gone, but I know something that might help us out"

I squeezed myself closer to ben touching our moist bodies together and gave
him full on kiss

Ben chuckled in our kiss but kept on going at it

WHOOSH! The curtain flew open and we broke apart to see who was the culprit
of breaking such a great moment.

"Well well, what do we have here.. a cute couple of faggots I say" said the
man without the torch in a low hushed voice

We lay there frozen in our spots waiting to get a better look at who it
was. The man however pulled the curtain shut behind him and strained
himself to sit down on our dining table, as he did so he pulled out some
matches out of his pocket and lit the candle on the table revealing his

"Mr.Hughes!" I gasped, Mr.Hughes was the owner of the camp, we didn't see
him everyday but from time to time he would check on how things were going,
and not many people dared to go against him.

"We are so sorry mr for all w..." ben started

"YES Shut it will you?" Mr.Hughes cut off, "Just because you're all grown
up now doesn't mean you can do whatever you want and especially not on my

We remained silent waiting for something dreadful to happen.

"You boys, you're lucky I was the one to find you, my wife really doesn't
have any patience for these kind of things" he continued

I looked at Ben and he looked at me, both thinking the same thing, first of
all we had no idea Mr.Hughes had a wife and especially not at camp and
secondly who the hell is a female and has the voice of grizzly bear??

"So how long you two been together huh?" Mr.Hughes asked as he brought the
candle with him to sit in front of us

"Well..." I started

"Jesus you guys are soaking wet!" he startled as he saw with the candle the
gleam of cum on our bodies

"Ok you two, I'm gonna make this quick and clear." He begun

We swallowed waiting for what he had to say

"I'm the boss of this camp here just so you know but my wife she has a hell
of a character and she ain't gonna like what I tell her"

"oh no please Mr.Hu.."

"BUT!" he continued directing a finger in the air to silence me

"I have a deal, if you do whatever I ask you to do, I won't be telling
anyone about your little business together, get it?"

We sat there waiting for more information

"And since you two woke me up this morning during your outdoors
experimentation, I think it's only fair you take care of my morning wood
you two." He declared as he stood up without waiting for an answer,
unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants down.

We both looked at mr.hughes huge bulge in his underwear,

"pull em off" he directed to me

I brought myself to my knees and reached both hands to his underwear, I
could smell his dick from here, it had a strong scent that made me stir a

I continued and slowly pulled down mr.Hughes's underwear down to his
ankles, looking up I received a drop of precum on my cheek before seeing a
large penis fully erect waiting to be taken care of

"As you can see this shouldn't take you too long" He said to me as he
wagged his penis next to my face

"Now before you get to work, you over there, come and suck his balls"

Ben startled by it, hurriedly went on all fours behind me and started
cupping my testicles in his mouth. Shit that felt good, I weakened a bit
and accidentally rubbed my face on mr.Hughes's hard wet dick.

"That's it boy, you know what to do now"

I grabbed his thick dick in my hand and instantly it stiffened a little
more, I approached it to my face and gently accommodated it in my
mouth. His penis felt warm and wet and filled my mouth generously, the tip
of his cock pulsated against the ceiling of my mouth, I started applying my
tongue and gradually begun a back and forth motion. From the groans
Mr.Hughes was letting out I understood I must have been doing a good job,
meanwhile ben was sucking not only my balls but the base of dick as well,
he seemed to enjoy the role he was given there.

"OH Yeah that's it stanny boy. Suck it all in." Mr.Hughes mumbled through
his groans of pleasure

Meanwhile Ben had gotten over the sucking, I could feel him move about
underneath me attempting something different.

Mr. Hughes starting taking a pace and begun pumping his cock in and out of
my mouth, I could feel it twitch and pulsate just like my own.

Without any warning I let out a a muffled cry as I felt ben's tongue rim my
anus once again which only made mr.Hughes pump even faster and harder just
as he grabbed me by the head for a steadier face fuck.

Ben's tongue went inside my ass and touched around every sidewall which
made my dick so hard it hurt, I wanted more and Now!

"F..FuCk Me..Ben" I managed to peep out between the in's and out's of
mr.hughes dick in my moist mouth

"With Pleasure Babe!" Ben said as he quickly stood up on his knees
directing his cock to my ever so hungry wet anus.

"OOHH Mmmmmhh" is all I could `say' as ben slowly slipped in his hard dick
through the portal of my ass, Fuck this can never get old!

Ben rapidly picked up a hasty pace of 2 fucks a second, he pumped in and
out of me with all with all he had and started caressing my chest while at

Here I was on my knees receiving oral and anal fucking on the same time,
this was too much for my dick, not having received any attention for the
last minutes I for the first time in my life shot the biggest load of cum
without even touching it.

"OOoooooOohhh mmmmhhfuuckkk" is all I could gasp as I tensed up and let out
ropes and ropes of cum flying on Mr.Hughes's bare legs and
underwear... shit..maybe?

This started off a domino effect, just after mr.hughes felt my loads of cum
running down his own legs, he got to a sudden halt as a tsunami of cum
flooded my mouth, wow way too much I was chocking so I pulled myself out
and let a fountain of semen fall down my chin as several more loads of
mr.Hughes's cum came flying at my chest, there was so much cum it felt
heavy as it hit my body. But very quickly Mr.Hughes stuck his dick back in
my mouth to shoot the last galleons he had left, all I could do was swallow
the thick semence as it filled up my mouth close to the top.

"Fuck Stan FUCK!!" Ben cried as I felt rope and ropes of cum hose the inner
walls of my ass as he tightly held me against himself, slightly digging
into my chest with his fingernails.

I couldn't say much as I was swallowing and licking clean the last drops of
Mr.Hughes's cock until he finally pulled it out with a slurp giving me a
chance to take a breath.

"Your a fine cocksucker, boy!" said Mr.Hughes in his texan accent as he
shaked his willy dry flinging dripplets of sperm all over my face.

Ben's tense grasp around my body had slowly turned into a cute hug, his
dick still lay inside my body as he lay his head on my shoulder. I couldn't
help but feel the urge to hug him back, I loved him so much.

"Well boys, the sun's rising and I better get going, and Remember. This
won't be our last session" He instructed to us as he pulled his underwear
up ignoring the strings of cum against his legs that came with it.

As Mr.Hughes pulled up his pants he turned around and walked towards the
exit leaving me and ben alone together.

"Fuck" I started


"I need a shower" I said to ben

"No shit stan! You're body is like 90% cum right now" Ben chuckled

I turned my head to face him properly, looked in his eyes and kissed him
once again with my cum filled mouth.

After a moment Ben retracted from the kiss

"Let me help you with your shampoo" he said

I quizically looked at him expecting another bad trick of his.

Ben pulled his semi soft dick out and cupped his hand under my ass to catch
the outflow of cum that poured out of me. As he catched the last drops he
used a free finger stick it back in my anus and scoop out some reminants.

"There we go" he said as he brought his cupped cum filled hand to my head
"Beeeenn... noooo!"

He quickly smashed the contents in my hair and rubbed it all in making me
look like a complete mess.

"Don't you look sexy now?" ben laughed "Come let's go and take that shower

End of Chapter 3

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A Hectic Love Life Chapter 3

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