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My Christmas Present!

Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Threesome

Author: jafobuds

Published: 09 January 2018

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My wife Melissa was excited as Christmas approached. She loves this time of year and since we have been enjoying a new found seuxla freedom together our love making has gotten more passionate.

Melissa and I have shared many sexual firsts and she knows how much I love the experience of a tight teenage pussy. I prefer girl who are not porn stars, but average girls who are interested in trying new things..

Melissa also knows that I love petite african american girls as well as just plain petite girls of any race. The day after Christmas, Melissa announced that she had one more present for me and that I could unwrap them at 6:00 that night in front of the fire.

I excitedly awaited that time and exactly at 6pm the door bell rang and Melissa ran to get the door. "Your presents are here baby!" Melissa squealed.

I sat on the couch with an excited knot in my stomach wondering what could it be?

I could hear Melissa giggling and talking quietly as she came towards the living room."Baby, Merry Christmas!" as she and two young girls walked from the hallway.

"This is Mandy and Myra, they're your Christmas presents!"

I smiled as two very beautiful young women dropped their coats to the floor and came walking towards me in little Santa outfits and high heels!

Mandy was about 4'5" with curly blonde hair and perky breasts and powty lips, she filled her Santa costume out very well!

Myra was african american and stood about 5'5" with straight hair and she was very thin and somewhat muscular and her breasts were full and nearly spilling from her costume. I could tell she worked out frequently!

"They are both for you baby!" Melissa said as she smiled and giggled!

They both had on white stocking and red high heeled shoes and they both wore cute little Santa hats, but my eyes were fixed on their tits at this point!

They both sat down on the couch and Myra said "Have you been a good boy this year?"

"I musta been, since you are both here!" I said excitedly.

Mandy looked at me with her pretty blue eyes sparkling in the light of the fire, "We are going to have a lot of fun tonight!"

Melissa poured us all some drinks and I sat there with the biggest boner anticipating the night ahead of me! Melissa said, "I'm just going to sit here and enjoy thie fire and anthing else I may see "as she threw another log on to the fire.

Mandy and Myra talked and giggled as they drank their Scotches and I just stared at them. I had to ask them how old they were. Mandy replied "I just turned 18."
and Myra said, "I'm 19".

My cock was throbbing and Melissa knew it as she watched with and evil little smile from next to the blazing fire.

I drank my scotch and Mandy took the glass as she did her best to seduce me with her wet powty lips as she caressed her breats!

Myra did the same as she smiled at me and said, "Your wife told us you have a big cock, is that true?"

"Um well, you'll have to judge for yourselves I guess."

Myra began to squeeze my cock through my sweatpants and she smiled and looked at Mandy and announced, "It's true Mandy, we are in for some serious fucking tonight!"

Mandy smiled as she leaned over to kiss me and she too began to rub my aching cock, "Mmm, I can't wait to get that inside me!"

Now I never really considered my dick to be big, but with petite girls anything seems big to them.

Myra slowly pulled the top of her Santa suit down to exposed two perfectly shaped perky breasts with small brown nipples. Her tits were fucking perfect!

Not to be out done, Mandy slipped her top down and exposed her beautifully shaped breasts with small pink perky nipples!

I could not wait to get the rest of the little suits off of them and see their sexy little bodies! About that time, Myra pulled my swollen cock from my sweatpants and started to lick the tip as she looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes. Mandy stood and took everything else off except her white stockings.

Her little body was tight and firm and she looked like something from inside a penthouse magazine sitting right in front of me. Her pussy was shaved bald and the wetness around her little pussy was glistening in the light of the fireplace. Mandy rubbed her pussy and kneaded her tits as she watched Myra slowly inhale my cock!

After a few minutes Myra stood and took everything off but her white stockings, I have to say she was super fucking hot!

Her tits were full and her nipples stood erect and she too had her pussy shaved and her ass was small and tight!

Mandy not wanting to miss out took over Myra's position and began to suck my throbbing cock as Myra now played with her pussy and moaned as she rubbed her wet clit!

Mandy sucked my cock and I watched her tight, firm little body as she worked on my shaft and Myra began to kiss me passionately and I began to finger her wet little snatch. Myra's pussy was super wet and very tight, I struggle to push my finger inside of her! I began to rub the outer wall of her pussy and at the same time knead her clit. Myra's breathing became rapid as she ground her pussy against my fingers.

Mandy sucked my cock and slide a finger under my balls until she massage around my ass, it felt great and I watched her small mouth work up and down my cock. I reached over and began to finger her pussy as she sucked on my cock and her soft moans of pleasure got steadily louder.

Myra said, "I want that cock in my wet pussy, I want you to fuck me good!"

I said, Ok, you can eat Mandy's pussy while I fuck you." Myra readily agreed and before I knew it I was positioned behind her little chocolate ass watching her begin to eat Mandy's pussy!

Mandy's eyes rolled back in to her head as Myra began to suck and nibble her pussy and I slowly moved my cock to her dripping wet pussy. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit as she moaned, I began to enter her pussy and she took a deep breath as my cock began to impale her tight pink little pussy!

"Oh, that feels so fucking good, fuck me, fuck me hard!" Myra begged as my cock sunk deeper in to her womanhood!

Mandy was in the throws of an orgasm thanks to Myra's expert pussy eating! I finally was all the way inside Myra and her pussy gripped every inch of my cock, but I didn't want to blow a load in her yet. I wanted to eat that sweet pink pussy!

I told Myra, "I have to eat that little pussy of yours!" as I fucked her.

I withdrew my cock from her and I don't think she wanted me to pull out because her pussy gripped my cock as I pulled out of her!

I told Mandy and her to sit on the couch and I assured Mandy that she would be the next to sample my hard cock and she smiled, but both girls sat in front of me with their pussy ready to be eaten!

I started with Mandy and her pussy was sweet and wet, her little pussy was even smaller than Myra's. I could wait to feel my cock invade her tight hole!

I licked and sucked each of their little pussy's and I have to say, Mrya's pussy was awesome and she tasted even better!

I placed my big thumb in to each girl as I licked and sucked their sweet boxes, and each girl played with their tits squeezing their nipples and moaning as I ate them!

After eating their pussy's, Myra began to quake and she announced that she was going to cum so I sucked her little dark clit for all I was worth and she exploded in orgasm and her tight little pussy grabbed the thumb I had inside her pussy and I could feel the muscles inside her squeezing my thumb almost begging for a hot load of cum to be shot inside her!

Soon after Myra's orgasm started, Mandy announced that she was "about to cum" and did she! Mandy began to moan and then scream as her pussy grabbed my thumb as well, but Mandy's pussy began to squirt her hot juices all over my hand and some on to my face!

I had made both girls cum before they had made me cum, I felt like a stud!

Melissa sat by the fire and said, "Baby, that was fucking hot, how do you like teenage pussy?" I smiled at Melissa and drank the scotch she had refilled for me.

Both girls at this point were aching to have my cock stuffed in to the small pussy's, so I told Mandy to stradle Myra and I was in awe of Mandy's small firm little ass! I told Mandy to eat Myra's pussy as I fucked her and for Myra to watch my cock slide in to Mandy's pussy!

I did the same thing to Mandy, I slide my swollen cock up and down her slit and then began to enter her pussy! As my cock slide up her pussy, I could feel every inch of her little snatch and Mandy moaned as my cock invaded her tight hole. "Oh, your cock feels so good, fuck my little tight pussy!"

"I intend to fuck you silly Mandy and then I'm going to fuck Myra silly too!" Myra smiled as she watched my cock slide further up her friends pussy and Mandy licked and sucked Myra's little snatch in between moans and muffled screams.

I pulled my cock all the way out and then jammed it all the way into her soaking little pussy until she was grunting and moaning. Myra grabbed my cock at one point and sucked it and then placed it at her friends wet slit and then I jammed back in to her pussy!

This went on for quite awhile and Mandy was not able to control herself as she moaned and screamed with pleasure, I knew she was getting close to cumming again and so was I.

I told Mandy, "I'm going to cum in your tight little pussy Mandy, are you ready!?

"Yes, yes cum in me, cum in my tight pussy please!" She begged.

I began to cum up her tight little pussy hole and she let out such a loud scream, I knew her pussy was cumming hard and I could feel her pussy spasming on my cock and gripping me as I unloaded a huge load of creamy cum in to her!

Mandy's pussy began to squirt again as my cock filled her with cum and all she could do was scream out, "I'm fucking cumming, fuck me, don't stop"!

I shot about a half gallon of cum up her little chute and she loved every ounce of it! I pulled my cock out slowly and Myra was there with her waiting mouth to catch the overflow. Myra licked my cum from Mandy's pussy and then she inhaled my cock and began to suck it like a mad woman!

Apparently, Myra loves to eat creampies and suck a cock that soaked in pussy juice and cum. I found out later it's one of her favorite things to do!

Poor little Mandy collapsed in to the couch, my cum still drizzling from her tight hole!

Myra, looked up at me and said, "I want that big cock inside me too!"

"You'll have to give me a couple of minutes Myra, I just blew a weeks worth of spunk in to your friends pussy!

We each had another drink and I looked over and Melissa had gotten oneof her dildo's and was fucking herself silly! I offered her my cock and she sucked on it until it was hard and then I looked at Myra, "It's your turn baby, I can't wait to fuck your tight little pussy!"

Myra smiled and asked, "How do you wanna fuck me?"

I want you to ride me so I can watch your sexy little ass bounce up and down and I want to see my cock strecth that little pussy for you!"

"Ok, I can't wait!" Myra cooed.

I laid on the couch and Myra got on top and she took my hard cock in her small hand and I watched as my cock began to slide in to her sexy pink pussy. Her little dark ass was fucking awesome and I watched closely as she accepted all of my cock and she began to fuck it. My cock was soaked in her juices and after a few minutes I asked her to turn around so I could suck her perfect tits as she fucked me. Her tits were perfect like I said, and Myra knew what she wanted and just how to get there!

I fucked her and sucked her tits and then I wanted to fuck her from the back. Myra smiled and said, "That's my favorite way to take a big cock!"

Mandy rubbed and kissed Myra as I took my position behind her firm dark ass. I stuck my cock inside her and she let out a moan as I entered her tightness. I did to her just what I did to Mandy and I pounded her pussy and each time I stuck my cock inside her she moaned louder until her moans were screams of pleasure and she announced that she was about to cum and begged me to cum in her like I did Mandy.

I fucked her until I could feel her pussy convulsing around my cock and then I fucked her harder and she screamed as I told her that I was going to shoot a load of cum deep inside her tight pussy!

"Do it, cum in me, fuck my pussy, don't stop!" She begged.

I fucked her as I did I began to unload another huge load inside her and you could hear her pussy squishing from her wetness and my cum and she let out a scream and she began to squirt as well!

I fucked her until her pussy stopped leaking and I stopped until my cock stopped filling her. I asked Mandy if she wanted to taste our cum and she readily agreed and began to lick Myra's pussy and then my cock!

These two teen girls were awesome and I fucked them until the next day and I fucked them in every hole they had and they left happy and my Christmas present was one of the best I've ever had!

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My Christmas Present!

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Comments (1)
smallprick44 — 09 January 2018 17:29
Lucky guy...wish I had presents like that..
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