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  1. I Love Lucy
  2. I Love Lucy pt.2
  3. I love the taste of my Brother's Cum

I Love Lucy pt.2

Categories True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob

Author: JSipes7798

Published: 09 January 2018

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It’s the second day in a row Jim doesn’t go to visit with Lucy, so she goes to the Drugstore to see why. She finds him sitting in one of the booths talking to a boy his age. Lucy walks up to the booth and stands there and waits for Jim to acknowledge her presence.

“Hi, Lucy, this is my friend Jody,” Jim says in a nonchalant voice.

Lucy nods her head at Jody and then says, “Jim, can I speak with you privately?”

“I don’t have any secrets. Not like some people I know,” Jim sarcastically snaps. “Go ahead and say what’s on your mind.”

“I would rather we go someplace more private.”Lucy insists.

“Where do you have in mind? Some place private like maybe your Brother’s bedroom in the attic?”

Lucy gasps and her face turns a crimson red. Her stomach knots as she wonders just what he means by that remark. She hopes it’s not what she fears it may be. How could he possibly know, she wonders? Unless it was him that made the noise that startled her and David while they were having sex in David’s bedroom, she thinks. Lucy turns and rushes out the side door to the parking lot. Jim immediately regrets having said that. His first instinct is to go after her, but decides against it.

“What the hell was that about?” Jody asks.

“I don’t want to talk about it right now. I need to get out of here,” Jim answers.

Jim leaves the drugstore and walks down the street with his head down; not going anywhere in particular. He loves Lucy and wants to marry her, but wonders if he can get past the fact she fucks her brother. He grumbles to himself as he replays the events he witnessed two days prior. There is a knot in his stomach and he is beginning to get a terrible headache. A car slowly pulls up beside him and honks. It’s Lucy and she motions for him to get in the car. He is hesitant at first, but after giving it some thought, he finally relents and gets in the passenger seat. They drive for several blocks without speaking. Lucy finally breaks the silence. “You know; don’t you?”

“What exactly is it I know?”

“You know about me and my Brother, don’t you?”


“Damn it, I knew I heard something on the stairs. Will you please let me explain it to you?”

“What is there to explain? I saw you fucking your Brother. It’s as simple as that.”

“No it’s not that simple. It is very complicated and I want to explain it to you from the beginning.”

“Go ahead, I’m listening. I can’t wait to hear you explain your way out of this.”

Lucy makes a turn into the large city park and drives down one of the tree lined roads to a large wooded area and parks. She turns the engine off and turns to face Jim.

“I think I am in love with you, Jim. And I think you are in love with me also. I don’t want anything to spoil it for us.”

“You mean like fucking your Brother, but not fucking me?”

“You don’t understand.”

“Then please help me understand.”

“I love my brother very much and he loves me. We have always been very close. Ever since I was a small child I knew I could always count on my brother for everything. He has always been there for me and I have always been there for him.”

“I suppose that includes taking care of his sexual needs.”

“It includes anything my brother wants or needs. I will be there for him just as he has been there for me.”

Jim shakes his head and says, “I still don’t understand how you can say that you love me, but still fuck your brother?”

“Don’t you have Sisters?”

“Yes. I have three Sisters, but I never fucked any of them.”

“Do you love your sisters? Were you and your sister’s real close?”


“Are you going to sit there and tell me you never once thought about fucking them?”

Jim hesitates and moment then shakes his head and says, “Okay, I have to admit, one of them I wanted to fuck really bad, but the occasion never presented itself.”

“If you got the opportunity to fuck her today would you fuck her?”

Jim doesn’t answer her. He sits quietly staring off into space. It is apparent he is in deep thought.

“Well? Would you fuck that sister today if you had the opportunity?”

“Yes, I suppose I would.”

“Could you fuck her and still love me?”

“Yes, I could fuck her and still love you. That wouldn’t change how I feel about you.”

“So what’s the difference between you and me? I love my big brother, but I am not in love with my brother; not like I am in love with you. I love it when my big brother holds me tightly in his arms. I love fucking my big brother. I love how it feels when he makes me cum. I love making him feel so good that he cums like a volcano erupting. We have been doing this for each other since I was a very small child. We started doing it so long ago, I can just vaguely remember how it started, but I have grown to enjoy it very much and dread having to ever stop being with him like that.”

“How often do you twohave sex with each other?”

“It’s just when ever one of us feels the need. Sometimes we do it three or four times a day and sometimes we may go days without doing it. He tells me when he needs me and I tell him when I want him. When we want each other, I sneak to his room during the night. We often do it in the afternoon before our parents come home from work. When they go off to visit friends we usually have sex the whole time they are gone.”

“Okay, I can tolerate you having sex with your brother, but aren’t you afraid you will get pregnant?”

“No, because I have been on birth control pills ever since I started my period at age twelve.”

Jim is puzzled. Parents have to okay a minor going on birth control. Why would her parents do that? “Why would you go on the pill at such an early age?” Jim asks.

“I don’t want to go into that right now. Just forget I ever mentioned it.”

“You said you were going to explain everything to me, so that includes telling me the truth about everything. How do you expect me to really understand if you leave things out? You can’t selectively tell parts of the story.”

“No. I am afraid you will hate me and never want to see me again. I just can’t tell you everything.”

“Don’t be silly, Lucy! I am not going to hate you. I don’t hate you for fucking to your brother, so what could possibly be worse than catching you fucking your big brother?”

Lucy doesn’t answer right away. She stares off into the distance while drumming her fingers on the steering wheel. It is obvious she is struggling with her thoughts. She questions whether she should bare all to him and risk losing him. She struggles with it for a while then decides it’s best to get it all out in the open now rather than sometime in the future. She feels sooner or later the rest could come out and destroy everything.

“Okay…okay, I am also fucking my Daddy,” she blurts out while crossing her arms in front of her. “There, I’ve said it and you promised not to hate me.”

Lucy sits back and waits for Jim’s reaction. He feels his chest tighten and he can’t seem to draw his next breath. There is a knot in his stomach and he feels like he needs to throw up.

“Oh my God, Lucy; do you mean to tell me that you are being gang-banged by your brother and your Daddy?”

“No, no…it’s nothing like that. My brother doesn’t even know anything about me having sex with my Daddy. My Daddy made me promise not to ever tell him or anyone else.”

“Oh shit…fuck, fuck, fuck, Lucy. My head is about to explode. Now you have to tell me everything and I mean fucking everything. Start at the beginning and don’t leave a single god-damn thing out.”

“It’s a long story.” She answers in a low timid voice.

“I don’t give a shit. I have plenty of time. Just start at the beginning and bring me up to date.”

“Well, to start at the beginning would mean going back to when I was 3 or 4 years old.”

“Okay, go back to when you were 3 or 4 years old. Just don’t leave anything out that will come up in the future and create this drama all over again.”

Lucy takes a deep breath and begins her story.

“When I was 3 years old, my Grandmother lived with us and her bedroom was where mine is now. I had to sleep in the other twin bed upstairs, in David’s bedroom. I have always been scare of the dark, so David would let me crawl in bed with him. He would put his arms around me and hold me close to him and tell me stories until I would fall asleep. Every night after my mother tucked us in bed, I would slip in bed with David. We would always sleep in the spoon position. Most nights I would feel something poking me in the rear-end and I finally asked David what it was. He told me it was his thing that he use to pee. He said he didn’t know why it got hard like that every night, but it felt good to him when he rubbed it against my butt. I asked him if I could see it and he pulled his pajamas off and let me see it. I wanted to touch it and he let me. I started to squeeze it and pull on it and he would squirm and giggle. He showed me how to jack him off by moving my hand up and down his dick. He said it felt really good to him when I did that, so every night I would play with his dick until I got tired and fell to sleep. I was about five and David was seven when he told me that a friend of his in the second grade said it was suppose to feel real good when someone puts their mouth on it. His friend, Joey, had accidently seen his mother do it to his Dad and his Dad would go crazy telling her that it felt so good. I put my brother’s dick in my mouth, and he said my mouth felt wet and warm and that kind of felt good to him; especially when he humped my mouth. So I would put it in my mouth every night. Then one night by accident, I drug my tongue over the tip end of it and he jumped. He asked me to keep doing that and I did. Later on Joey told him I was supposed to be bobbing my head up and down while sucking and running my tongue around the end of it. I started doing that every night for several months then one night David started shaking and moaning and a sweet tasting juice filled my mouth. I didn’t know what was happening at the time, but I later learned David had his first orgasm and shot his cum in my mouth. I loved the taste of his cum, so I learned to make him cum in my mouth every night. When I was 10 years old a girlfriend of mine told me it felt really good when a boy licks your pussy. So I had David try it on me. He didn’t want to at first, but I insisted. That was the first time David tasted my cum. I loved the way it felt to me right away. It took him awhile, but he learned to like licking my vagina. I still have to point out to him all the spots that feel good to me, but he makes every effort to find them on his own.”

“Okay, that explains how you and David began having sex. I want to know how you got started with your Dad.”

“Well, one day when I was about 7 or 8 my Daddy walked in on us while I was sucking David’s dick. He became very angry and told David to stay in his room and he made me go down to his bedroom. I thought I was in real trouble, but all he did was to ask me to suck his dick. I did, and his cum tasted better than David’s. He let me suck his dick and swallow his cum every chance we got. Daddy made me promise to never tell David or anyone else that I was sucking him off. David still doesn’t know to this day that I do it with Daddy. It has been very hard to keep it a secret from mother. Sometimes I think I see suspicion in her eyes, but she has never asked me about it. Daddy taught me a lot about sex. He was the first one to every stick his dick in my butt. It hurt at first, but after a few times I started to like it; especially when he would shoot his cum up in my butt. It made me cum too most of the time. Daddy said he stuck it in my butt because I couldn’t get pregnant if he cums in my butt. Once I got my period, Daddy had Mother take me to the doctor and put me on the pill. Soon after that he started fucking me in my vagina. I loved the feel of his dick in my vagina right away. I could feel my vagina squeeze his dick and I would cum two or three times before he would cum once. It wasn’t long before I was begging him to fuck my vagina all the time, but we had trouble finding time to do it without getting caught. I decided to show David how to fuck me because it was easier for us to sneak away to his bedroom. We have been doing it every chance we get since then. I love the feel of a dick in me so much; I can’t get enough of it. It feels so good when I cum; I secretly started finding other people to fuck me, because Daddy and David weren’t available enough. I have never told either one of them about fucking other people, so please don’t ever mention it.”

“Believe me, Lucy; I have no intention of ever discussing your sex life with your big brother or your Dad. And while we are on the subject of other people, have you ever had sex with a woman or a girl your age?”

“Yes, my Daddy used to take me to a woman he worked with; I think she was his supervisor or something. Anyway Daddy would take me to her home and we would suck each other’s tits and lick each other’s pussy. He loved watching us together. He would watch us and jack off.”

“Was she the only female you had sex with? Did you ever experiment with girls your own age?”

“Yes, I’ve had sex with other female lots of times. Girls can make me cum just as easily as boys. There have been a couple of girls I go to school with and then there is a girl in my neighborhood that I get together with all the time. We have sleepovers and always lick each other’s pussy several times during the night.”

“So girls turn you on too?”

“Yes, especially when their nipples get hard and poke through their sweater. I think you guys call it running with their headlights on. That gets me so aroused and I really love sucking on a hard nipple and I like to have my nipples sucked.”

“Damn, you are getting me hard just thinking about it.”

“Okay, let me get back to my story. I found that it’s so easy for a girl to find someone to fuck her. All a girl has to do is let a man, or boy, know she is interested. I don’t remember many times when I was turned down by one. All I have to do is position myself so they can sneak a peek up my dress or accidently give them a view of my tits. Men and boys, or so easy to seduce and use for sex. I tried to seduce the pastor at our church once, but he never seems to get the hint. So one day I asked him out right if he would like a blowjob. It shocked him at first, but he gladly pulled me into his office and let me suck him off. His cum tasted about the same as my Daddy’s. The janitor saw me with the pastor and cornered me one day and threatened to tell my parents if I didn’t do the same thing for him. I sucked him off in the janitorial closet and the very next day he brought his son, Reggie, to the church and made me suck him off too. His son was about my age and I actually enjoyed sucking Reggie’s dick. His dick was bigger than his Dad’s and it hurt my jaws, but his cum was very sweet. I asked him if he would let me do it again sometimes. He started coming to the church to help his dad at least two times a week. We would meet in the church balcony and I would suck him off. One day I let him fuck me and his dick felt so big and so good I had to have it more and more. We started fucking every time he came to the church. I got to where I would have my first orgasm as soon as he put his giant dick in me.”

“I guess it was a good thing that you were on the pill. Just imagine the up roar if you had turned up with a black baby. That would have been hard for your parents to explain to their friends.” Jim comments more to himself than to Lucy.

Lucy takes his remark as sarcasm and ignores it. She continues with her account.

“When I was a girl scout, I would sell cookies all over my neighborhood. A lot of the men in the neighborhood, and sometimes the women, would invite me in and I would play innocent and let them touch me. That always led to more sex play and I would end-up sucking them and fucking them. The women would suck my tits and lick my pussy until I had an orgasm. It was a win-win for me. I sold a lot of cookies and I found more men and women to help satisfy my sexual needs. The ones I really enjoyed, I found reasons to return to their house even when I didn’t have Girl Scout cookies to sell. They never failed to make me cum. And that’s about it. That’s my whole sexual history in a nut shell.”

A dozen thoughts race through Jim’s mind all at once. He tries to digest what Lucy has told him about her most private thoughts and feelings. He knows that he loves her more than anything else in the world and feels he cannot live without her. He wants to marry her and be with her forever. Its decision time for him, and he wonders if he is strong enough to deal with the stress that will come with an overly sexed wife. On the bright side; he is guaranteed to have sex any time he wants, and even at times when he really doesn’t want it. He will have to turn a blind eye to the fact his brother-in-law and father-in-law will have equal access to his wife when he is not available. He feels he can put up with that in order to have the love of his life. On the negative side; if they have children will he ever know for sure if they are his and not from someone who was singled out for casual sex. He decides Lucy is what he wants and is eager to spend the rest of his life with her.

“I love you, Lucy and I want to marry you. I don’t care if I have to share you. I just have to be with you no matter what.”

“Okay, Jim, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I really do love fucking and cumming. I am telling you I can’t get enough of it. So if you think you love me and want to continue to see me, or marry me, then I am yours. Just know that I am truly high maintenance when it comes to sexually gratifying me. Do you think you can live with those terms?”

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I Love Lucy pt.2

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