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One Warm Night

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Blowjob, BDSM

Author: asdfgh_22

Published: 09 January 2018

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Part 1:
It’s a beautiful summer evening and the weather is so perfect that there is no need for AC or even a fan to be on. You are sitting on the bed waiting anxiously for me to come back in the room. You’re wearing only a light robe draped loosely over you with nothing on underneath and I’m in my pajama bottoms and a tank top. The kids are sleeping soundly and I am turning off the rest of the lights in the house and making my way to our bedroom. We both know tonight is going to be a special night because you had recently let me know that you wanted to delve further into our experimentation with BDSM. From our past experiences I knew the thought of being tied up, spanked, and choked turned you on so tonight I will be happily doing everything I can to push you over the edge and thanks to a recent investment in sound proofing our bedroom you don’t have to hold any of your screams back. I enter the room and walk over so I am standing next to you and our nightstand. I can tell you’re already excited because even though you’re doing your best to act relaxed I can still see a mild fidget, occasional lip bite, and the artery in that gorgeous throat of yours lets me see exactly how fast your heart is beating. You have been a good girl and already laid out all of the toys we are going to play with tonight on the bedside table. You set out your collar, vibrator, our lube, the riding crop, and restraints for your arms and legs. However helpful you’ve been we both know that tonight it doesn’t matter how good you are though. Tonight you’re going to be punished; tonight is going to be a test of how much you can take, and I don’t intend to stop until you’re gasping for breath begging me to.

I leave you enough room between myself and our nightstand and I say “Stand up” you comply and stand up in front of me. I look you in the eyes and gently run my hand through your hair until I’m cradling the back of your neck while still clutching your hair between my fingers. We smile at each other as I ever so gently increase the tension forming my hand into a fist. It clenches your hair driving your head back, your chin up, and eliciting an adorable squeal of excitement and pain. Your hands are clutched at my sides as I lean in and slowly kiss and lightly bite from your collar bone up the side of your neck on my way to your ear where I stop and whisper “Take off your robe.” You release your grip and move your arms back to untie your robe. You slide it off your shoulders and it drops to the floor giving me an unobstructed view of your perfect body. I release my grip from your hair and pull my hand around so I am cupping your cheek. I regain eye contact with you and say “Pick up your collar and get down on your knees.” You reach back to the table, grab it, and then slowly drop to your knees in front of me. I extend my arm and you hand me your collar then with your hands at your sides you lower your head so I can fasten it on you. I take a moment to appreciate how absolutely stunning you are before I move your collar under your neck with one hand while brushing your hair aside with the other. I fasten it, move your hair back and grab your chin so I can tilt your head back up and see your beautiful face again. I ask you if you’re ready to begin and with a naughty smile you nod her head and say yes. I smile back, grip the back of your collar and pull you to your feet. You take a quick gasp of air once you’re fully up but before you can fully compose yourself I pull you close and we begin to deeply and passionately kiss. With my right hand still firmly grasping your collar I let my left hand roam all over your soft, warm skin. I start at your lower back with a gentle caress along your spine as I move lower to get a firm grip on that perfect supple ass. Using the new leverage I pull you even closer as our tongues and lips continue to dance together and we begin to grind our bodies on each other. I loosen my grip on your ass, press my fingernails into your side and rake them upwards along your ribs and when I’m in position I begin massaging your right breast and rolling and squeezing your nipple between my thumb and pointer finger so it hardens. I break our kiss and pull your head back so I can once again suck and bite near your collar bone below but I continue to move lower so I can kiss down along your chest and while still grasping your breast I take your nipple into my mouth and suck on it while circling my tongue over the tip and giving it very light bites before I move on to your other nipple to give it the same treatment. I lean back up and pull your lips back to mine for another kiss before I pick you up and toss you on the bed. I grab the wrist and ankle cuffs and hand you the wrist cuffs to put on while I secure the ankle cuffs. Luckily the rope is already measured and attached so as soon as the cuffs are secure I tie off each of your arms and give you another kiss before moving down to tie each of your legs. Once I’m done you’re completely restrained, arms and legs spread apart. We both know now that I am completely free to do whatever I want and all I want at this moment is to make you cum over and over again. Kneeling next to you I lean in for a kiss and then begin gently gliding my fingers from your forearms slowly down to your shoulders stopping to massage your breasts and tease your nipples. Taking time to suck and nibble on each one before I slowly continue to work my down from your chest to your stomach leaving a trail of kisses. As I move down further and further I place one hand on either side of your ribs digging in my nails to rake along your sides until I get to your hips where I use my thumbs to apply pressure to your hip bones just as my mouth reaches the top of your pussy. I ease back on the pressure from my thumbs and merely rest my hands on your hips so you can start to focus more on the heat emanating from my breath as it begins to spread right above your clit. I gently kiss right around your slit on either side going further and further down and venturing out to suck and bite lightly on your inner thighs. Finally I use my tongue to separate your lips and press into the bottom of your slit at the opening of you pussy so I can get a direct taste of that delicious cum that I feel like at this point I’ve been starving for. Once my tongue has penetrated your soft folds and gathered as much nectar as it can I slowly lick from the bottom up to you clit where I start to make circles around it. I have gotten my taste of your amazing flavor and all I want is more. I use light pressure circling around but not on your clit. I want to tease you just enough that when the time comes you’re absolutely ready to explode and feed me more of your cum. After a bit of teasing I press my lips around your clit and suck it into my mouth while continuing to tease it with my tongue. Once I’m done your clit should be nice and sensitive so I’ll change things up a bit. Now I’ll switch to long slow strokes up and down with the flat of my tongue going top to bottom and dragging as much of my tongue as I can over your now engorged clit before beginning slow strokes horizontally over it with as much pressure as I can apply. I continue to repeat random combinations slowly at first but increasing in speed and intensity until you build up more and more and then you can’t take it anymore and you have an orgasm that racks your entire body. Of course that was just the first of many and I know neither of us are anywhere close to being done so I don’t stop entirely I just slow down a bit but this time I build back up faster. Licking, sucking, and putting pressure on your clit. Circling the tip of my tongue directly on it, batting my tongue in different directions over the top before going back the sweeping horizontal and vertical high pressure licks with the flat of my tongue. I get you back to the brink and make you orgasm again pausing in between only to clean up my delicious reward. The fun is just starting though as I go back to tonguing your clit. I then shift and I move my right hand beneath my chin and slowly begin to stroke my fingers up and down your slit coating them in your juices. I move my head back momentarily to spit on two of my fingers then I insert them in your pussy and go back to licking your clit. I begin to finger you while curling my fingers upwards so I can start hitting your g-spot. I tease you more and more going back and forth from fast to slow using my finger to not until you can’t stand it anymore and you cum again all over my hand. I never stop what I’m doing as your body rides out another orgasm; instead I just gradually slow down. Of course by this point you might have cum enough that you forgot about your vibrator still being unused, but I haven’t and our fun is just beginning. I reach onto the table and grab it along with the lube. I apply some lube, turn on the stubby side and put it directly on your clit as I slide my fingers back in your pussy. I move my fingers slowly in and out so I don’t give you too much of a sensory overload and as the vibrator hums and buzzes on your clit you begin to build up once more. Restraints hold you tight as your body attempts to twist and contort because it almost can’t take anymore pleasure. Your hips moving almost on their own as your back arches up and down because your mind is in a haze of orgasmic build up while it struggles to cope with the sensation of direct pressure and vibration on your clit and the slow rhythm of my fingers sliding in and out of your now sopping wet pussy. As I slowly pick up the speed of my fingers I also gently curl them up and start hitting your g-spot. Finally the buildup is becoming too much and your body starts to shake uncontrollably. Your arms and legs tense and pull against the ropes but you can’t get free and you can’t do anything to stop me from continuing my assault on your now very sensitive and very tender clit. I increase the tempo of my fingers and up the speed of your vibrator and then all at once your orgasm hits. You start cumming but I’m not letting up. You desperately thrash from side to side trying to get loose and trying to get some relief because now you can’t stop cumming and it is becoming too much for you to handle. You cry out begging me for a timeout because it’s too much, too good, and your body can’t take it anymore. As you look at me with pleading in your eyes I stare back up at you and smile but I don’t stop. Instead I continue until you cum one last time and I finally move the vibrator away and withdraw my fingers. As you finally relax and layback limply on the bed still panting I lightly lick you so none of your delicious juices go to waste and give your clit one last kiss. Then I quickly get off the bed and clean up so we can move on to the next part of the evening.
Part 2:
As your heart rate finally begins to drop back down to normal I untie your restraints and allow you to stretch and move your arms and legs normally. I remove my pajama bottoms and my tank top and climb back into bed with you. I lean in give you a kiss on the lips, gently caress the side of your face and after moving my head to your ear I tell you to get on your hands and knees. Once you’re up I position you so I have enough room to move around either side of you and I reach over to the table to grab the riding crop and one of your hair ties from the night stand drawer. I move in front of you and lay the crop down besides you so I can put your hair up in a ponytail. As I gather your hair and pull it back you notice my hard cock only inches away from your face. I finish putting up your hair, grip your ponytail and tilt your head up so we are looking each other in the eye. We both grin and you already know what I want so you lick your lips open your mouth and I slowly slide my cock inside. As you go to work bobbing your head forward and back on my cock I lean over slightly to pick the crop up again. With the crop now in my right hand I grip your ponytail with my left and savor the feeling of your warm wet mouth sucking me in as you start to take more and more of my cock into your mouth. It’s not long before you are expertly sucking in long strokes from the head to the base. As you get into a nice slow rhythm I begin to lightly drag the tip of the crop across your back. The feeling of your mouth is almost too much for me to concentrate especially when you take me down your throat as your lips reach the base of my cock at the apex of each stroke but I focus up so I can put the crop to use. I run the crop down your spine and rest it on your left ass cheek as I grip your ponytail tighter in my left hand stopping your head from moving and leaving only the head of my cock in your mouth. I tell you to stick out your tongue and while holding your head in place with your ponytail I start to slowly thrust my hips forward and backward moving my cock in and out of your mouth. As my strokes get longer I eventually find myself fully engulfed by your mouth with the head of my cock in your throat. As I’m buried as deep as I can go I hold your head still for just a second and then *CRACK* I bring the crop down with a load slap on your left ass cheek. I move my hips back allowing you to take a quick breath before thrusting back forward and *CRACK* delivering a matching slap to your right ass cheek. I continue to thrust in and out of your mouth while alternating an additional slap each time I am down your throat. Since I began thrusting in and out of your mouth you had steadily began salivating more and more causing a thick layer of saliva to coat my cock and drip down your chin. Because of the excess lubrication the pleasure is almost too much for me to take and since I am satisfied with the collection of small red welts that have formed on either side of your ass I slowly withdraw my cock from your mouth. We are both a bit short of breath as I shift to your side put the crop down and slowly start to caress your skin. I start at your shoulders and move my hand down your back until I reach the now fresh red marks. I lightly move my fingers over the sensitive welts causing you to writhe and twitch arching your back in and out. With my other hand I reach beneath you to cup your gorgeous breasts one after the other and then I move my hand down your stomach and gently begin rubbing your clit with my fingertips. You’re still incredibly wet so I move around behind you, gaze down at that gorgeous ass now dotted with red marks, grab my cock and position it at the entrance of your pussy. I slowly slide inside of you until your ass is resting against my hips and we both take a second to enjoy just how good the other feels before I slowly pull back out so I can start nice slow rhythmic strokes in and out of your pussy. I begin with a firm grip on your hips and then shift my hands up so I can knead and grope your ass while I continue fucking in and out of your tight wet pussy. I pick up my pace ever so slightly before stopping and letting you move yourself forward and backwards controlling the speed on your own. As you focus your concentration on fucking yourself back and forth on my cock I release my grip on your ass and move my right hand over your left ass cheek before raising it in the air and *CRACK* bringing it down with a loud slap leaving a bright red handprint to be seen with the marks already made by the riding crop. You let out a loud moan and *CRACK* I repeat the process again with my left hand on your right cheek making a matching red handprint on that side. You inhale sharply and let out a squeal but you don’t miss a beat and continue to rock forward and backward on my cock as your pussy gets even wetter. As you do your best to stay focused on pleasuring the both of us I continue with successive slaps *CRACK* left cheek *CRACK* right check *CRACK* left cheek *CRACK* right cheek. Over and over again you moan a little bit louder and a little bit longer until that perfect milky white ass becomes a dark read. It’s obvious how sensitive the skin has become so I take a short break and instead start to gently move my finger tips over the bright red surface. The skin is very warm to the touch and the cool contact of my fingertips causes you to get goose bumps. You have become incredibly hot from the deep burning sensation in each cheek that has quickly spread to you pussy causing you to now be even more wet. I can tell you are trying your best to increase your pace so I decide it’s finally time to give you the release you’ve been longing for. I reach forward and get a firm grasp on your collar for leverage and start pounding into you from behind. You cry out begging me not to stop so I begin increasing my own pace fucking you harder and faster, giving you exactly what you want. Your orgasm starts to build more and more with each thrust of my hard cock into your dripping wet pussy. You are moaning loudly now and since I’m still gripping your collar keeping your back arched and head up you have no pillow or mattress to stifle your cries of pleasure into. I have thus far only kept a mild grip on your collar only restricting your breathing a bit. Just enough for you to feel the constriction and turn you on but not enough to stop your breathing entirely. As your moans grow louder and the pounding from my cock gets more intense I can tell you are coming close to your climax so I keep the pressure on. As you begin to tense I see your hand gripping the bed sheets tight so I bury myself in you completely, stop moving and pull your head closer to mine so I can whisper in your ear. You whimper as you desperately grind your hips into mine doing anything you can to cum because you are so close. I tell you to beg. Beg me for that orgasm. Tell me how much you need that cock to pound your pussy until you explode. You moan and immediately comply and as you continue grinding back into my crotch you start begging me, pleading with me to continue. Telling me exactly how much you need my cock, how close you are to cumming, and how bad you want to. I whisper good girl before pulling out and slamming back into you as hard and as fast as I can. You scream out over and over as I unrelentingly start fucking you as hard as I can, picking up speed faster and faster until you can’t take it and begin to cum. You’re shaking violently now and gyrating your hips. You attempt to lean forward but I still have a firm grip on your collar and with one last adjustment of my grip I pull you as tightly as I can arching your head back close to mine. As I continue fucking you as hard as I can and with my new grip on your collar you lose the ability to inhale and exhale any further. You move a hand to tug at your collar hoping for relief but my grip is too tight and I am showing no sign of stopping. As you continue to ride out your initial orgasm another one builds at the thought of being choked and fucked so roughly. All of the sudden stars begin to fill your view and as one more body shaking orgasm hits you I yell out to let you know I’m cumming. As your body explodes one more time you feel jet after jet of my hot cum being pumped deep inside you and it’s the last thing you remember as your vision blurs, your body goes limp and you pass out.

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One Warm Night

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