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  1. Game Of Thrones
  2. Game Of Thrones ch2

Game Of Thrones ch2

Categories Mature, Lesbian, Bestiality, Male / Female

Author: BF

Published: 10 January 2018

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Chapter 2 – Tailsa Stark + Greywind

Tailsa Stark was worried to death about her husband Robb Stark he was the love of her life the father of her child her everything she was scared every night for him as she through about the Lannister getting a hold of him and his men’s what would they do to him probably behead him just like they did to his father Ned Stark she didn’t want to think about it she couldn’t she just pray he came home safe to them.

She felt an kick in her stomach to which she rubbed her stomach with soft hands I know Love I want him back as well

tears begin to fall down her face dear lord of light please bring my husband, his or her father back to us please safe and sound.

Soon she heard an rustling outside their tent she quickly grab an knife and held it tightly in her hand who there I have an weapon with me there was no answer her let out quiet breath as the rustling started to move into the tent her eyes widen in surprise as Robb Stark direwolf Greywind came inside the tent staring at Tailsa Stark with curious eyes.

Tailsa Stark sigh in relief oh Greywind it just you did you come to protect me and mine and Robb baby form the evil Lannister did you huh.

Greywind growl as he walked over to Tailsa and give her a lick on the cheek to which she giggled and give him an kiss on the nose she looked into his eyes and saw the wolf determined of protecting the women Robb love with all his heart at first when she met the wolf she was terrifying of him cause of his massive size and his sharp teeth and claws but she also saw an sweet sigh of him as she got to really know the wolf well.

She took the wolf head and held it against her chest sighing heavily as her heart begin to slow down as the safeness of the wolf being with her Greywind closes his eyes as he felt safe in Talisa embrace he would die for her, Robb, or their unborn child any day of the week.

She let go of Greywind giving him another kiss on the cheek before letting go of his head she smile I’m glad your here with me tonight Greywind you make me feel safe now if you excuse me I’m going to take a bath she got up form the bed and begin walking toward the small room she turn to see Greywind was right behind her she smile I’m all right Greywind you don’t need to protect me while I’m taking a bath beside I’ll need some privacy I don’t want you seeing me without my clothes on that would be a little weird you just wait out here I’ll be out soon.

Greywind let out an low snarl as he sat down in front of the room watching Talisa Stark as she close the door she sigh in relief as she begin to strip off her clothes she begin to francisite about the wolf in an horny way Greywind was an big wolf and she begin to think the size of his dick god she wanted him all to herself but then she through about her husband it was cheating she didn’t want to be unfaithful to her Robb but Greywind was turning her on completely the way the direwolf head was laying on her chest she wanted more of him no she wanted all of him.

She got into the tub and began to relax into the warm water where she put her two fingers onto her cunt and begin rubbing herself wildly thinking about the sexy direwolf out there his muscles body, his powerful teeth, his sharp claws, she started to moan like an crazy women but she didn’t want Greywind to hear her he might break down this door wanting to attack the person who was harming or attacking her.

Tailsa was going crazy as she was close to cumming the water was falling over the tub but luckily an towel fell to the floor so she wouldn’t slip once she got out of the tub she finally managed to cum as it released form her pussy she let out an huge moan to which she sigh in relief but then she heard Greywind start to stratch on the small door she called out to the direwolf don’t worry Greywind I’ll be out soon.

She steality step out of the tub grabbing one of the towels that was hanging on the wooden stand she wrap it around herself and started walking toward the small door where she could see cum was still dripping form her pussy she used the towel and wipe it off quickly before opening the small door to see Greywind standing there looking seriously as ever he was always cute when he did that she through.

She petted his head and started to walk toward the bed that Robb and her shared she could feel the wolf eyes on her hot sexy ass she needed this wolf and she needed him now she sat on the bed and glently patted it where at once the direwolf walked over to the bed and jump onto the spot sitting right next to her.

She turn to the direwolf who was staring at her with what she could see was lust in his eyes he wanted her as well there was no stopping these two they wanted to fuck each other badly in fact Tailsa could tell cause of the size of Greywind dick it was fucking big bigger than Robb even god she needed this wolf now.

She wrap her arms around the wolf neck and whisper sexily Kiss Me.

Greywind didn’t have to be told twice he brought his muzzle forward to Tailsa lips and clash together she moan heavily into the direwolf mouth as he slide his tongue into her mouth she lay slowly on the bed followed by Greywind as he stood over her body that was still covered by the towel he growl into her mouth which make her moan with passion as she wrap her legs around his body.

She removed the towel as it felt to the floor Greywind then lay down on top of her body to keep her warm she kept moaning into his mouth as he kept growling and snarling into her mouth they pull apart as they looked into each other eyes she whisper god your sexy as hell fuck me Fuck me the best you’ll ever fuck any wolf or women’s cause I’ve known you have bang a few of them when we travel into war.

Greywind snarl as he begin to lick her neck with soft lick she moan into his ear oh god yes baby fuck me he move down to her breasts where he lick with each tender lick she moan even louder as the wolf made her nipples hard he move down to her stomach she giggled as his tongue tickled her belly before he move down to her pussy.

He growl as he breath on his pussy she moan as she felt his hot breath on her pussy god this wolf was turning on more and more.

He drove his tongue into her pussy she moan holy fuck oh my god yes Yes YES he drove his tongue in more and begin eating her out she moan yes yes yes don’t fucking stop Don’t Fucking Stop he look at her while he was eating her out he was enjoying this more than her he close his eyes and growl deep into her pussy she moan and shuttered as this wild beast was fucking her like no tomorrow she moan yes Yes YES you fucking sexy wolf god I love you I Love You.

It wasn’t long before she cummed to which Greywind eaten it all up he pull out of her pussy and stood over her nude body she looked at him with love in his eyes he wasn’t done yet his dick was hard and big and she wanted it she grab a hold of his head and kissed him passionately on the lips she moan into his mouth give me that big dick of your I want it in my pussy.

He growl in her mouth as he lay down on her covering her nude body on his fur he slowly pick his dick into her pussy she moan into his mouth as he snarl into her mouth it wasn’t long before the dick was shoved into her and he begin pumming into her she moan as she pull away form his mouth oh my my my my god yes yes yes yes yes yes oh god it feel so good aha aha he pumped into her even faster as she let out long moan as she held the direwolf to her chest she moan into his fur as he kept moving faster and faster into her pussy.

Tailsa wrap her arms around Greywind neck Yes Yes Yes Yes God Your The Best Oh God Yes Good Boy Oh Yeah Good Boy you are indeed.

Greywind was going super now as he speed up his dick movement Tailsa yelled Yes Yes Oh God I’m cumming Oh Baby Cum with me CUM WITH ME.

Greywind howl as she moan into his neck she was breathing heavily as Greywind collapsed on top of her she held him in her arms kissing him everywhere she smile to herself now it your turn baby could you lay on your back for me Greywind.

Greywind snarl as he released form her he then lay flat on his back where Tailsa stared at his dick in wonder god he was so big she grab a hold of it and begin to suck it in her mouth he whimper as she started to pick up the speed holding that powerful dick in her hand.

Greywind growl as he too started to cum it wasn’t before long it went all into Tailsa Stark mouth just like Greywind she too swallowed it all up she let go of his dick as she climb over the wolf body he looked up at her with wonder Robb Stark was fucking lucky now Greywind himself was getting lucky too.

Tailsa moan as the dick started to enter her pussy soon it was inside her again as she bound up and down on Greywind he growl alongside her as the nude women was moaning like crazy Greywind snarl as he move his dick up fast as he ever could they were both enjoy this more than they realize Tailsa bend down to capture Greywind lips again in an passionately kiss he growl into her mouth as his dick was close to cumming in her she moan as she hugged the wolf with her arms moaning like crazy.

They released their kiss as they climaxed together Tailsa lay on the wolf kissing him one more on the lips she pull apart form Greywind and smile we are so going to fuck more when Robb is out fighting for the starks Deal.

Greywind growl as they kissed again wrapping her arms around the wolf neck she was truly happy being with the three loves of her life her Robb, Her Unborn child and Now Greywind whom she loves with all her heart.

Tailsa pull apart form Greywind and lay on top of him they were both tried as fuck Greywind was so happy having this sexy women on him was turning him on again soon he would fuck her again with that the wolf and Tailsa closed their eyes both happier than ever.

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Game Of Thrones ch2

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