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An inspirational whore

Categories True Story, Asian, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Authror: Andy Hall

Published: 10 January 2018

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"My name is Amy.  I’m from Hong Kong.  Pleased to meet you.”
It’s a wonder I remember what she said.  She had an exceptionally pretty face framed by long wavy black hair.  Leaning forward to shake my hand, her large breasts spilled over the top of her bikini top. 
“Pleased to meet you,” I said.
As she turned to leave the room I watched her carefully.  I'm a sucker for big tits, and often I've found myself getting into bed with a plain faced whore with no waist because all I could see during the intro was a great set of jugs in a push up bra. But Amy was no apple bodied siren, hiding her faults in a bustier or a baby doll. Her skimpy bikini showed off a lovely curvy figure and long legs.  She was taller than average.  I raised my eyebrows in admiration.  She was the whole package. 
I was towelling myself dry when she knocked the door.
“Come in,” I called.
"You very handsome,” she said as she settled on the edge of the bed and made preparations. 
"Thank you.  You’re very beautiful,” I said.
“Thank you.”  She flashed me a smile of genuine appreciation and her eyes darted discreetly to my crotch before she selected a condom from her bag.  It was a cold winter’s day and the room was not particularly warm.  Being wet and cold and nervous was not doing me any favours.  She selected a Small condom. 
She unhooked her bra and I watched with unabashed fascination.  There were no scars or any other signs of augmentation.  They were gorgeously heavy and natural.  They swung away from her chest as she stooped to remove her panties. Spectacular. 
I finished drying and discarded the towel.  She patted the bed and said, “Come here, baby.”  As I climbed onto the bed she added, “Get comfortable, baby”.
Kneeling beside me, she let her warm hands, her soft nipples and her fine hair trail over me.  Her shiny dark eyes flashed at me under fake eyelashes.  She stared very deliberately into my eyes and repeated, “You are very handsome man,” as if one of us had not been entirely convinced the first time.
"You’re very pretty,” I said.  She smiled again.
I caressed her soft hair and let my hand wander over her naked body.  Her skin was so smooth and I thrilled at the feel of unseen curves and crevices.  She kissed my right nipple repeatedly.
With the dexterity of an expert she opened a condom with her teeth and one hand and applied it with her mouth. 
I was still a bit nervous.  I breathed deeply and groaned as she sucked.  Slowly I filled her mouth to the point where she decided that she had underestimated the size of the condom.  I watched again with fascination as she worked only with one hand and her mouth. 
“Can I get on top?”  I asked after she’d finished.
“Sure.  You wanna fuck me now, baby?”
She tumbled onto her back with her legs in the air and guided me into her trimmed hairy pussy.  She was warm and wet and tight.  She kept her eyes open and looked at me from time to time as I fucked her.  I found her brazen eye contact a turn on and put my face close to hers.  She leaned in to kiss my neck and shoulders.
She whispered encouragement, finishing every phrase with “baby”. 
I dropped down to put my right forearm under her head.  I kissed her neck and smelled her skin and her hair.  Her breath smelled of cigarettes.  I would normally find that off-putting, but I revelled in the intimacy.  After a short while I dropped down completely and put my other forearm under her shoulders.  My skin pressed against hers and I felt the bulge of her big breasts between us.  I embraced her shoulders and pounded her pussy.  I enjoyed dominating her in this position and she submitted with soft whispers of “baby, oh baby”. 
I hoisted myself back up after a while and asked her if we could change position.
“Doggy?” she asked and I nodded. “I like doggy too, baby.”
I withdrew and got up on my knees to allow her to change positions.  My erection stood out proudly and she made admiring noises as she guided me back in.  I was distracted by her cute puckering backdoor while I watched my dick slide in and out of her lubricated pussy.
She had a perfect figure.
“Wow! What a gorgeous ass!” I heard myself exclaim.
“Thank you, baby.”
With each stroke, I drew all the way out before plunging back in.  The exquisite lips of her pussy clung to the head of my cock as it came out.  We both were raw and swollen and glistening. 
I looked sideways at the wall mirror and saw her big tits hanging heavily and swaying with the motion of our fucking.  I bent forward over her beautiful back and reached around to fondle her breasts and weigh their heft.  That wasn't a good position for fucking and I got back up on my knees, holding her gorgeous buns in my fingers as I pounded her. 
But her body was too perfect for this to continue for much longer.  Mentally, I had ticked all the boxes before we started.  Now physically, her body pushed all my buttons.
I heard myself panting, “You’re so beautiful, Amy, you’re making me come”. 

It was true.  She was. 

And I did.
"Oh baby!” she gasped as my hips jarred against hers. 
I collapsed over her and kissed her back.  “Thank you, Amy,” I panted.  “That was wonderful.”
"Thank you, baby” she insisted. “You did good, baby.”
She grabbed some tissues.  The condom was very full. “Ooh, baby!” she remarked in surprise.  “Big load, baby!”
We showered and got dressed in silence.  She offered her cheek for a good-bye kiss.  “See you next time, baby.”
I’ve seen her name on the whiteboard at Oriental Angels many times since, but she is always “busy”. Everybody wants to fuck Amy.

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An inspirational whore

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