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My older Sister

Categories Diary, Anal, Incest, Teen

Author: tom8899

Published: 10 January 2018

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A short description of how my sister and I found each other; we went on holiday together one year and from day one it was clear that we both were looking for an opportunity to do something we both had wanted for a long time. After an evening of fun, teasing and frank talking, we made our way back to the hotel......we knew.......

When we got back to the room she was not drunk, but not sober. She was very amorous towards me, and I could not stay calm. I remember as we went up the stairs, she walking in front of me, and all I could think of was to be licking that ass so hard, biting her cheeks etc....honestly, I was nearly out of control. I find it quite hard to explain accurately what I was feeling....but lust was foremost in my mind.

She told me later that she had every intention in going as far as I would, but she did think that I would get scared and run. She was nearly right!

When we got in to the room she threw herself on the bed, and when I said she should get in she said she was too tired to take off her clothes. This may sound silly but we were acting strangely...like we didn't know what was going to happen.

I pulled off her boots, and she said what about the rest.....I took this as a clear indicator of what she was thinking. I reached up and undid her jeans, and she just looked at me. I pulled them down her legs and her little knickers were slipping down over her hips too. With her jeans off I could see her pussy; it was not completely covered by her panties.....i was still trembling. She got up and took off her top and bra, then walked into the bathroom. She came back in and told me to get into bed. I took off my clothes while she sat on the bed and watched me. When I pulled down my underwear and my cock flopped out she said that she hadn't seen that since I was a baby!

I got into bed and she crawled over and straddled me, with her big breasts hanging down from her body. As she leaned forward to kiss me her nipples ran across my chest...they felt very hard. When we kissed it was electric. We started to kiss hard, our tongues flicking in and out of our mouths, and all while I was pulling at her nipples and she was grinding her mound into me, through the sheets.

She pulled back the covers to see me naked, and I didn't have an erection. She asked if I was ok and I didn't know what to say....i was as aroused as I could be, but my cock would not grow. She pulled at the shaft for a while and kissed it....she squeezed my balls and ran a finger down into the crease of my ass, but still nothing. I think at this point she might have guessed what was wrong (it was obviously a mental block of some kind, purely a psychological reaction) and decided to relax me as best she could. She asked me what did I like doing best, and after looking at her for a few seconds I said, "licking and sucking pussy", which has a big effect of her. All she said was "Oh fuck, Colin"......"oh fuck".....and she lay back on the bed and opened her legs as far as they would go.

Even though the light was dim I could see her mound, her lips and her ass. I can only say that I turned into an animal. Here was my 56 year old sister, naked, with her legs open, displaying her wet vagina and wanting me to make love to it with my mouth....it was insane. I was shaking. I fell on her pussy like a devil, licking her bush, licking her lips, her clit, biting her thighs and the top of her mound like a dog. She probably came almost immediately....I remember she heaved her hips towards me once or twice and then stiffened and relaxed for a bit. I kept going....I wanted to fuck her ass with my tongue, something I love doing. I lifted her legs to expose more of her ass and her little anus, which I licked hard.

She started moaning and said "please keep going" and turned over, kneeling up and opening her legs to give me access to her rear.

It was magnificent. I pulled her ass open to show her little hole and all the little hairs running up and down the crease. I cannot tell you how I really felt, but I got such an over-riding impulse to bite her all over her ass.....it was so strange and so worrying. I licked her hard. I spat on her anus and flicked it with my tongue. She moaned loudly when I did this. I started probing her ass with my tongue, forcing her anus to open and let my tongue in a little at a time. This drove her insane, and she started pulling at her pussy vigorously.

I was in heaven, and it was she who alerted me to my cock. She could look back and see it hanging between her legs. I was so engrossed in her ass that I did not feel my cock growing...I looked down and I could see that it was as hard as marble. If she had left me I would have driven it into her ass there are then, but instead she pulled me in closer, and grabbed it. The head was like a plum and the skin was stretched tight. She started to slide the head up and down her slit, rubbing it in circular motions around her clit. I think she came again here, because she stopped moving for a minute,her breath rasping, whilst holding my cock against her opening. I was afraid to move. My cum had been rising for a while, and I was terrified that if she rubbed me once too much that I would come. I told her this and she dropped my cock.

She knelt up facing me and we kissed hard for a few minutes. I remember the kissing very clearly. I would nearly say that when she kissed me hard it was almost as pleasurable as giving my cock a suck. Hard to explain.

After a time she lay back and said simply, "love me, Colin". She opened her legs and I knelt close to her. She seemed to be fascinated about seeing my cock enter her. She looked up and guided it into her, holding my hips and pulling me in and out, all the time watching the head of my cock slip between her lips. She would do this for a while and then just lie back and groan.

My orgasm was starting to build. How I lasted so long at all I think is down to her, and the initial reluctance of my cock/mind. I could actually feel my cock get harder, always a sign. It was like a branch of a tree, and the veins were pumped out so much it looked like it was near to bursting. I just wanted to ride her so hard, forcing my cock down into her body. Photos http://cpmlink.net/qX0UAA I put my head on her shoulder and grabbed her ass, pulling and stretching the cheeks apart, lifting her hips up to me. I drove my cock into her flooding cunt, wanting to force myself into her as far as I could. I started slamming my hips against hers, and could feel our pubic bones meet.

My balls were hanging down in their sac, banging against her ass. I will never forget the almost violent fucking I gave her then; I rode her so hard, driving her down into the bed, her juices plastered all over our saturated pubic hair, and the delicious wet sound our genitals made.

When I felt the cum rising at the base of my cock I gave another thrust and pulled out of her, grabbing my shaft and jerking it once or twice until the thick milky cum squirted out, down on her tits, her belly and her mound. I produced what seemed like gallons of cum that night. It was everywhere, and must have ruined the sheets etc, not that we cared.

We just lay there for a while, until I got up and got drinks. We talked for hours after that. We talked about everything, and eventually we talked about us. We agreed that it could not happen again; it was simply an experiment, a sexual release by two people of something that was building for many years.

I think we were both a little embarrassed by what we had done, and it was a bit awkward for a while.

We were always close, but we are closer now, and get along so very well. I still regard her in a sexual way sometimes (can't be helped) and if given the chance, I would have no hesitation in having sex with her again. She is aware of this (although she may not feel the same - women are different, aren't they) but now and again she'll do a little tease. All good fun. I cannot change what happened, or who it happened with. But I do consider myself very fortunate to have experienced such things.

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My older Sister

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