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My Story

Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time

Author: Alicia0142

Published: 10 January 2018

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My Story of how it all began. True story
I am a married Southern wife. When I was growing up I was taught my church going parents that sex was dirty and not to be given into till married. I guess that's why I was such a prude when growing up. Only kissed a couple boys and never touched. I didn't want to be that way inside but dare not change or suffer the waft of my parents.
I got married and moved to another state and thought that would help but my mind was a mess. My husband was a dear and got me help. I went to session after session but sex was not enjoyable. My husband carried me to see a porn movie. No internet back then. I watched my first interracial porn and got so hot i was dripping on my seat. We came home and went at it all night. My husband noticed and asked if it was watching those bulls stretching those ladies. I blushed and said "no guess I was just Horney" He laughed and said "sure you were" I know it made me curious. We would lay in bed and talk about it and i could just feel me getting wet.
He would use it in fantasy situations and I couldn't help but get wet. I know you think you know where this is heading but you would be wrong. I am not that easy I still had issues and just could not get over them. I wanted to be a good lover for my husband but our marriage failed.
On my own and starting over. I was scared to date and scared of men. When I was younger boys would ask me out or try to feel me up, Now they would not look that much. I was pretty I was told, 5'8 blonde and hazel eyes. Nice C cup breast. I had a good figure and when I went out with friends men would ask me to dance and try to get me home with them but I knew it was me. I was in my 30's and thinking its over now.
I met a man that did not try to mall me and was nice. We dated for months and he was a gentleman. We had a talk about where the relationship was going when I could see we were serious. I let him go further as we grew closer. He was so nice to me and said he did not want to rush me. He would kiss and suck my nipples and get me so hot. Now i started to wonder what he had in his pants. My ex was average and was a good lover but i had nothing to judge by. I let him get his hand between my legs one night and he drove me up the wall. I told him to please wait. I could feel his want for me against my leg and it turned me on.
He proposed to me and i accepted. I didn't want to be alone any longer. I told him to make love to me one night in his car. I think I was melting down as he undressed me. I was taken aback as he kissed me there and sucked my clit. I must have cum more times than I could remember. I grabbed his belt and opened his pants to see what he had for me. He was bigger than my ex but not a monster like I saw in the porn movies. I had never sucked a cock but I wanted that one. I sucked till he cum in my mouth and he said he was sorry but it had been a long time for him as well. We made love in the back of his car until we were ready to pass out. He carried me home and I asked him to stay but he wouldn't till we married. I was so in love.
After a honeymoon and endless hours of making love we settled into our married lives. We enjoyed each other and had a normal enough life at first. After a couple years it started to get bland and i told him what my first husband did to lively it up. He thought I had lost my mind at first till we watched some web porn and saw what it did to me. I watched him get so turned on watching and then making love to me till I was a gooey pile of fluids. He asked me one night if I ever thought of what one of those big cocks would feel like. Of course I told him there was only room for him.
of course asked if he wanted one of those beautiful porn stars and he said only you. Well as you can imagine our nights of watching and talking turned into what would if feel like honey as he make love to me. He bought a dildo for me and starting using it on me as we had our little sessions. It would drive me crazy. He asked if I would dress up at night for him which I did, he bought me new sexy clothes which is totally out of character for me. I even tryed to look sexy going to the store. I noticed the men there looking and it made me proud. I saw I loved to tease and it wasn't cheating so it was ok, right? I had no idea what was about to happen.
Part 2
I got a call from a old friend from school, Julia was a close friend and we confided in each other when we were young. She wanted to see me. She was in town and I gave her the address. When she came in she looked great and was all sexy like I'd never seen her. I asked what was up and she said there was a man in her life. I hugged her and i got us a glass of wine and said lets talk.
Just like me she had a failed marriage and although mine was longer ago She was adjusting. I asked why she broke up and she said sex was not good and she wanted more. I said well did you find it? She said her live in was close to a foot long and thick as her wrist. We both laughed like school girls and kept talking. I almost fainted at the next part, she told me he was black. I felt myself go instant wet. I told her my internet browsing for interracial porn habits and he laughed. We were drinking wine rather heavenly and getting tipsy. She asked if i had ever been with a black man? Told her about my teasing the guys at the grocery but nothing more. Then she floored me again and said would you like to? She peaked my interest.
She said come on Sue I know you want to. I said that might be true but i don't cheat. Julia says why don't you and David start swinging. I told her of our playing at night and making believe we did. I said i'm not sure i could do it. Then she shocked me again and told me her and Darnel had done it, in fact he had given her to several of his friends. I really didn't know what to do after that. She said come on Sue your no prude I remember how you use to watch me undress in gym and I always thought we would get it on sometime. I blushed beat red.
I said that might be true but this is different. I told her i had no idea how to get started much less how to talk David into it. She said you'll figure it out and i had to laugh. Julia then kissed me full on the lips and said besides we may swing with you guys and Darnel will give you what you want. I knew it was a mistake but i kissed her back and pulled her in my arms tight. The wine or the fact I had not seen her in a few years but we got each other hot then decided to save it for later. I told her I would try to get David interested. I knew he was but how do I pull this off? She left in a cab guess we drank more than I thought.
I sat about to coming up with a plan. That night we talked and then pulled up some porn. I got hot like I always do and David made me orgasm. He said he loved the way it turned me on. I said do you like to imagine me fucking other men? To my surprise he said its on his mind all the time. I thought there's a chance so I didn't stop. So you like watching all those young porn stars getting those big cocks? To my surprise he said no I like to put you in there place. What me a porn star? No you getting the fuck of your life. Wow didn't expect that. Then he bout did me in and said especially those big black ones. I was done. I had another orgasm just from his finger.
Next morning I told him about Julia and he said he remembered her from the wedding. I told him she is divorced and living with a man. A black man. I told him she was stopping by on their way out of town and asked him if he wanted to play hooky and meet them. He said he had a meeting and couldn't just tell them next time.
I got a text from Julia saying they were on their way. When they got there i was most impressed. Darnel was 6'4 or 5 and built. Handsome as well. Julia grabbed me and hugged me. Then Darnel does the same. So your the one who sent my girlfriend home half drunk and hot? I said I guess but didn't mean to. He just smiled. She told me your were sexy hot but Damn! didn't know you looked like this. I blushed head to toe. We sat and drank coffee as it was early for wine. The subject got around to what Julia and I had discussed. I gave her a look and said you told him? He said don't worry your secrete is safe. I was embarrassed to say the least boy he was a master at calming it down. I told them what David had said and they both agreed we were half way there. I told them I hate they were leaving cause I know nothing about swinging and how to get in it. Julia said they were working on a business deal and if it went through they would be back and stay awhile. I kissed her and said i missed her and was glad of it. Well she kissed back hard and her hands went around my neck. We both looked at Darnel and he just said don't let me stop you. I'm just going to enjoy the show. We kissed and fondled awhile then I looked at Darnel and he was rubbing his cock, my god it looked like it was half way to his knee. Julia said you having trouble baby? He said looks like. She said there not going to let you on the plane like that. Why don't you let Sue see that beautiful big cock, he looked at me and I said don't let me stop you. He removed his pants and then his boxers. My god i almost fainted. Julia led me over to him and i could not stop her. I was having thoughts about David and said i would not cheat.
Julia took my hand and wrapped it around the biggest cock i had ever seen. It was like steel and had veins bulging out all over. It felt wonderful in my hand. Julia was kissing my neck and rubbing me all over as i stroked his cock. I knew I would feel it in me soon. I apologized and said I could go no further and they understood and they needed to go anyway. They both kissed me and left me a mess. I had to take a shower and cum while in it
That night David and I had a wonderful love making session and talked a bit. He said he wants to see me pleasured by a big dicked man and I smiled inside. I tried to make out like it was no big deal but inside I was screaming for it.
I talked to Julia often and told her of my progress and she gave me pointers. After about a month I was sitting by the pool and heard a voice I've heard before. Darnel came walking up and said he was in town finalizing the deal on their business and thought he would stop by. He was in a suit and looked great. I said let me call Julia that I didn't want any thing hidden. He said she was the reason I stopped by. I led him to the deck and went and got him a beer. We talked and laughed for a bit then he asked how it was going with David? I said we are fine and he laughed and said I mean with the swinging? I said oh we are talking. Do you need help? What do you mean I asked? Why don't you call and see if I can Carry you guys to dinner? I did and Daivid said great. He came home and we spent the after noon swimming.
I could watch Darnel all night. He is so built and that cock of his moving around in his shorts had me panting. We got dressed and went out. Great meal and lots of drinks had me buzzing. Darnel said lets go some place quiet so we can talk. We went to his room. This conversation moved fast with Darnel in charge. He told David about swinging and rule one he says is no jealousy. He told David you may have a beautiful lady over on a bed making love to her and notice your wife is screaming having more fun than you, can you handle that? David looked him straight on and said that's what we both want. He smiled and said Sue has never had a monster cock. I want her to enjoy one. Darnel was in a full grin.
David said do you want to fuck Sue Darnel? He said more than anything. David told me to get undressed and let him see you. I did as I was told. I was trembling as I removed my dress. He said leave the Thigh highs and heels on dear which I did. Darnel was watching me close and said I was beautiful. I felt bad as Darnel had already had this little show. David said lay down and show him your pussy baby. I was soaked. He asked Darnel if he liked. Darnel was almost falling over as he said yes over and over. David asked him if he liked fucking married ladies and he said yes till they couldn't walk. I said im almost there now and we all laughed.
I was so proud of David tell us what to do and moving this along. He told Darnel to touch me and see if i met his standards. Darnel fingered me and felt my breast for 15 minutes or more. David said show her your cock Darnel. He was had already. David looked and said Sue can you take that? I told him of course if he's easy and gets me ready. David looked scared and I comforted him and said it will be fine. Darnel then told David, why don't you sit in that easy chair and let us get acquainted. To my surprise he did. Darnel kissed me and started sucking my breast and nipping on my nipples. I was about to cum when he put two fingers in me and curled them up behind my pubic mound, working his fingers fast and hard on just the right spot I orgasm so hard i was squirting and sprayed the bed. I gasped and jumped up and went for a towel all the time apologizing for it. Darnel held me and kissed me and told me that was the sexiest thing he's ever seen. I turned red all over.
David asked if i was ok and then sat back down. Darnel went back to work on me and soon i was building back up to another orgasm. I had never had over one. Now i couldn't count them. Then my dear husband did something I thought i would never hear him say. Sue return the favor and suck his cock. I couldn't wait and didn't have to. Darnel slid his cock in my mouth and it was great. He stroked it in and out and I felt the power of a real cock. He asked David if I would swallow or should i cum on her tits? David said give it to her she'll take it. I had never but I was in another world. He took it out of my mouth and stroked it and i licked. I was about to go crazy and he came on my face. In my mouth as well. I sucked all i could out of his cock as he came but i wanted more. His cock never went soft. He got between my legs and rubbed my clit with the head and i was in ecstasy. David walked around beside us and used his phone to take pics as my pussy was being stretched like never before. He worked into me and slowly started to gain a inch or two into me. I orgasm again and he went deeper. I was gasping for breath and David started to get worried. I told him please don't stop this.
Darnel was taking long strokes and I just knew he was completely in. He came up between my legs so I could see and he was half way. I was begging to take it easy and he did, He flipped me over and on my stomach I could see my husband was stroking his cock I was happy. Now the real fucking began. I didn't think it could get more intense girls was i wrong. Long strokes made contact with my cervix every stroke now. It hurt but the pain kept me grounded. My heels were hitting his ass as i spurred him on. I was trembling and covered with sweat as i came again.
I said please let me rest. We rolled away from each other as my David started to cum. I told him let me have it and I took it right down. I was a different person. I wondered why i had not done this before. That was real fucking. I knew i was going to hurt tomorrow but who cares. That was several years ago and a lot has changed. I'm older would like to think wiser but there's a debate on that. I am learning how to write the things i experienced back then and want to do more if there's interest. Thanks for reading and more to come. Sue

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My Story

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