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Everybody loves fight night

Categories Fiction, Incest

Author: Soo Ah

Published: 10 January 2018

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My son and several of his friends have been waiting on this fight for weeks. They love watching men and women fighting on the UFC. I never cared for that much. Looking at two grown men laying on the floor, one on top of the other, punching and kicking each other into submission, it seemed more like prison rapes than anything else.

For whatever reason, my son, Jason, wanted this night to be very special. Two of the young men that he trained with his local jujitsu club had a decided that they were going to stay overnight. I made sure that they had all the usual assortments and goodies to snack on while they were watching the fights. And then decided that I was going to go take a hot shower. As usual, my husband was working so I would be spending the night alone.

It was difficult to focus on enjoying the shower, when ever so often you would hear a roar of screaming and cheering coming from the family room. So letting my mind wander was going to be difficult. I finished shower, and decided that I was going to be going to bed soon, so I put on an oversized T-shirt, a little black lace thong and finished taking care of things in the kitchen. One of Jason’s friends was standing behind me when I turned around to put the last couple of glasses back into the cupboard, and he was startled when I turned around and caught him staring at my ass. But I just played along, pretending not to notice anything, and asked him “did you need something else? I can bring you guys some more drinks… Or food if you need it” I could see his eyes locked on my breasts. Not that that was unusual, because everybody loves staring at my tits. And after a $7000 investment to make them perfect, I was quite proud of them. My nipples harden instantly so I walked over playfully, and gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him to go back into the living room, and I would be there soon.” The poor boy, standing there with his mouth wide open, nodded silently and walked back into the living room.

Once I had the kitchen back to myself, I can feel that I was getting turned on. I slid my hand down and touched my swollen clitoris, I thought to myself “fuck, I could finish myself right here” but I didn’t. I grabbed more chips, dip and more soda out to the living room. My son was completely engrossed in the fight, one of the other boys, Robbie, the biggest of the group was exchanging tips back and forth with Jason, talking about which move should be done where. Kevin however, the one who was just in the kitchen turned and was obviously getting his eyes full me once again. I’m not going to deny it, 38, I’m in very good shape. But I loved the attention. I blew Kevin a seductive little kiss, and then I sat down in the large pit sofa in the back of the family room. Jason and Robbie kept talking relentlessly about the ongoing match that they were watching on television. Every time Kevin would turn around, I would bite my lip innocently, and smiled. I know that at his age, the hormones are raging. I would often find my sexiest lace thong panties and my son’s bedroom. So as I was smiling at Kevin, I didn’t even realize that one of my fingernails was tracing my nipple through the T-shirt. All I knew was that I was getting quite moist sitting there. That’s when all the sudden, Jason and Robbie stood up, screaming. Kevin quickly turned his attention back to the screen, pretending to have seen what was going on. Jason and Robbie both instantly began to roll around in the middle of the living room floor. I was insistent that they not break my coffee table… Again. Finally, Robbie was on top of my son and force him to give up. Jason was becoming frustrated, and I try to get the boys to stop, I told them to just watch the fights and settle down. Kevin was constantly staring at me. And Robbie, being as large as he was, it made me wonder if he was just as large downstairs.

Finally there was a decision. One man had choked the other one until he gave up. All three boys began to chatter about the technical abilities. And that’s when I commented “I don’t see what the big deal is, I can get out of that hold anytime I wanted to.” For the first time, Robbie turned around, sarcastically smirking at me, but getting a perfect view between my legs. The little black lace mash strand of fabric that did nothing to conceal my pussy. Now both he and Kevin were fixated on me. Jason continued to watch the rest of the action on the television.

Robbie commented to me “if I were on top of you, there would be no way you could stop me from submitting you.” I could tell that his demeanor was changing. He was definitely focused on me. My large tits straining under the fabric of the T-shirt. Laying back on the pit sofa with my legs open. Jason was oblivious. But I took Robbie up on the challenge.

I got down the middle of the floor and told Robbie “okay, show me. Let’s go.” Both he and Kevin sat there looking at me laying on my back, offering myself. Without looking away from the television, Jason reach back and told Robbie “pay attention.”. But Robbie was already paying attention. To me. I can tell you that the excitement that I was feeling, all I wanted to do was peel my panties off and do both boys right there.

Robbie, he finally got the courage to tell me “maybe you should… Go put something on first…” I just smiled and told him “come on Robbie, are you scared?” This definitely got his attention. He sarcastically walked over to me on his knees, he was putting one hand on each knee and looking down at me, and it was all I could do to keep from cumming right there. Sarcastically he told me “I’ll even let you put me in your guard.” I went along with it, I have no idea what a “guard” was. So he explained that I would wrap my legs around his lower back and that was a way of controlling him. I giggled and told both Robbie and Kevin “you mean like the missionary position?”

Jason was completely fixated on the matching the television. While Robbie slowly crawled between my legs. All three of the boys wearing nothing but sweatpants, and I can already see his cock pointing up like a compass underneath the fabric of the loose fitting material. He slowly laid down on me, and told me “when you give up, all you have to do is tap me.” He took my wrists in his hands and pinned them down over my head. When I felt his hips pushing against mine, I couldn’t help it, I let out a soft moan. It startled him, and he quickly raised up “are you okay?” I smiled awkwardly and told him “oh God, I couldn’t be better.” I wrapped my legs tightly around him while he positioned himself on top of me and he told me “go ahead, try and get out of it.” I knew what he was doing. He was getting his jollies by dry humping his best friend’s mom. I just lay there for several seconds, savoring the feeling of his large cock straining under the fabric, pushing against my pussy. And he nudged forward, “go ahead, try and get out of it.” I gently begin to move my hips back and forth and smiled “what if I don’t want to get out of it.” I could see him turning bright red with embarrassment, and he told me “the idea is to get me off of you.” So I began to play around, struggling lightly, pretending not to be able to move. Helpless. And now both of us were openly grinding her hips back and forth together. Robbie was panting heavily and I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him tightly against me. Whispering quietly “Robbie… I know what you’re doing right now.” He panicked, and pulled his arms out to each side and pushed up off of me, his face was bright red. But I kept my legs wrapped around him. I reached up lovingly with both arms under his and pulled him back down and whispered “I don’t mind… You don’t have to stop.” I kissed his neck and whispered “don’t stop… Just keep pushing”. I looked over at Kevin who looked like he was about to scream. Clutching at his own cock, and watching his best friend Robbie dry humping me. As soon as I pulled Robbie down tightly on top of me, he whimpered like a child “oh my God, don’t move.” The head of his cock was clearly exposed from the top of the waistband and as I looked down between the two of us, I caught several hot strands of his load shooting across my stomach and my tits. Kevin had his hand inside his pants, stroking himself.

Jason turned around at the exact moment he heard Robbie grunting, and he saw what was going on. He jumped up, furiously exclaiming “what the fuck Robbie? Get the fuck off of her!” Robbie looked up at Jason with me still holding onto him with my legs, and responded “dude, she won’t let go of me.”

Feeling his hard shaft rubbing against my swollen clitoris, I began rocking and bucking up against him. I told him tightly against me and began kissing him passionately. Instantly waves of pleasure washed over me. Having an orgasm from being dry humped was incredible. Jason screamed at both of his friends “you guys get the fuck out! Go home!” With Robbie laying on top of me, he was embarrassed by covering me with his cum, I looked up at Jason on top of me “Jason, grow up. It’s no big deal.”

Jason was still furious, but the first thing that I noticed was his cock straining under his pants as well. He snapped back at me “it’s no big deal? I wonder what dad but think, if he walked in right now. I wonder if he would think it’s no big deal?”
Robbie slowly and reluctantly climbed off at me, staring at me, and then looking at his best friend, apologizing. “Dude, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to. It just happened. Look at her, she’s so hot! Besides, you know as well as I do that every guy in our school wants to fuck your mom!” Jason just shook his head “you guys need to beat it. Get out and don’t ever talk to me again.”
Poor Kevin would have to wait for a couple of days to get his relief. And Jason stomped around the house, moping for the next hour, I sat in the living room behind him but he refused to make eye contact with me. I tried to explain to him that it was just an accident. That sometimes, things just happen. It’s not that anybody plans it. I should’ve made the comment that I did, but I told him “can you control it when you get an erection? Of course not. And you need to have relief.” I got down to my knees, and crawled over behind him, kissing his cheek lovingly “sweetheart, things just happen. That’s it. Please don’t blame your friends. And please don’t tell your father.”
Jason turned around, looking at me. And to be honest, it scared me. Like an animal. He looked at me and stared for several seconds, and said “it just happens? Just like that?” That’s when he stood up in front of me, he just reached right into his pants and pulled out 7 inches of very thick hard cock. Stroking it right in front of me. Now I was the one who was startled, I felt dirty and ashamed. “Jason, stop, stop it right now!” But he stood over me, defiantly stroking himself. And he blurted out to me “you want me to stop? You didn’t tell Robbie to stop, did you?” He put his hand on the front of my four head and forcefully pushed me back. It caught me off guard that’s for sure. Looking up at him, he deliberately took off his sweatpants. Continued stroking himself and told me sarcastically “it’s nobody’s fault, right mom? It just happens, right?” As I try to get to sitting upright, and regain my balance he just pushed me down again. He pulled the bottom of my T-shirt up to expose my tits, as I tried to push him off.
Stroking himself, he slipped his hand into my panties, and with a single snatch, ripped the panties off of me completely. I got up to my elbows again, snapping at him “Jason, I said stop it!” Any forcefully pushed me back down again, laying on top of me, I can feel him stroking and fumbling with his large cock between my legs. I knew what was going to happen, and I was both terrified and aroused beyond imagine. I felt him rub the head of his cock several times back and forth between my silky wet pussy lips. I didn’t want to consciously, but I was already giving myself to him.

I felt the weight of his chest on top of me, pressing against my firm tits, as he slowly began to push, and suddenly with a wet “plop” I felt his cock plunge all the way inside of me. The realization of my own son pushing his cock inside of me shocked me like cold water being poured down my back. But he began thrusting relentlessly. Holding on tightly, biting my neck, whispering “you see mom, you were right, it just happens. Fuck, you are much tighter than I thought you would be… Jesus, fuck, you feel so good.” He was pumping all 7 inches into me furiously. Within a couple of minutes, both of those were rocking and bucking back and forth together. I was still trying to admit that I didn’t want it, but I did. My eyes were filling with tears, but I was moaning repeatedly “sweetheart, just hurry up, get it over with. Cum for me.” That’s when he put his mouth against mine began to kiss me passionately. Slipping his tongue into my mouth, grinding, the way that he was grinding against me was directly against my swollen clitoris, and I began to tremble underneath him. Shrieking “oh my God, baby, I’m coming. Oh my God please don’t stop. Oh my God don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me harder” and that’s exactly what he did.

Wrapping my legs tightly around him, trying to control the violent pace that he was going at, my arms holding onto him, with my fingernails breaking into his skin. My body begin to spasm uncontrollably and I felt him exploding inside of me. Several hard extremely violent thrusts inside of me, each one forcing his hot seed deep into my pussy. As he finished, he laid there exhausted, on top of me. Panting heavily. Now is the feeling of guilt began to set in, he kissed my cheek and whispered “I’m sorry mom, I couldn’t help it. And I love you.” I held on tightly with my legs. Telling him “sweetheart, don’t move. You don’t have to pull out yet. My mind was still racing, spinning. I’m laying here with my own sons cock inside of me. I can feel his hot cum dripping down into my ass as we both lay there for several minutes just holding each other. He finally whispered “are you okay?” Tears rolling down my cheeks. I just nodded, we kissed again, as lovers and he slowly pulled off of me. The relief of feeling him pulling out of me was tremendous. He stood there completely naked, with his swollen cock still pointed straight out. Offering me a hand up. To be honest, I wasn’t ready to walk yet. We both walked into the shower, with me stumbling most of the way. He turned on the hot water and stepped inside. And then I climbed inside the shower with him. As we finished, we both walked into the bedroom, still completely naked. And he crawled under the blankets with me. We had crossed the bridge that we couldn’t turn back from. And I knew it. We both did. I reached down and took his cock in my hand and gently begin to stroke him. Within moments, he was completely swollen again. As hard as steel. And this time I took the initiative. I climbed on top of him, and guided him back into my pussy. As much as I wanted to take my time and enjoy it, and really make love, I was fucking like a teenager. I couldn’t get enough. This continued on for the next hour, until both of us exhausted, fell asleep in the bed.

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Everybody loves fight night

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