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Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Teen, Voyeurism

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 12 January 2018

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It is spring time in Big City and at night time with a full moon out tonight. It is also the warmest late evening of the year so far and mostly clear, with just a few clouds to ensure no significant drop off of the night time temperature. The moon peeks around the clouds giving a strobe-light disco feeling to this evening, which also happens to be Prom Night.

Like with the animal denizens of the night there are going to be many sexual couplings in the near dark this night of the quick and clumsy type. At this time of the year the only mostly darkness inspired couplings that involve prolonged reproductive forays are of the vegetative type. The remaining pollen in the air continues its work in the darkness, too.

But, for the night creatures, it involves very short courtships and very quick physical resolutions to produce the next generations of their respective species. Among humankind though, there are exceptions.

For example, over in the Bay Viewing Park, a surreptitious couple is making their way in the sporadic darkness to one of the park benches near the shoreline. They spread out the blanket that they have brought with them and Peggy, a well-known courtesan and exwife of Marcus, draws herself up to be in the arms of her past husband. She talks in his ear of how much she loves him, obviously even more than when they had been married and now even though he is married to a fine lady. But, this time is just for them, just as Edna’s is at the mansion with one of her favorite ‘rich stud’ fuckbuddies. Marcus and Edna are very tolerant of each other’s outside interests, because of the tightness of their bond together.

Peggy and Marcus have little fear of being caught in this sensual exercise, because with Prom Night, law enforcement is very busy elsewhere with matters of much more concern, being underage drinking, possible rape cases, and D.U.I’s. So, in full view of a pair of young couples who are hiding in the shadows, they provide a very inspiring vision to anyone who happens to observe them in action.

The sexual heat between them is white hot and accelerates even more with his hands moving to her now exposed breasts hanging out of her opened blouse. It is still too cool for total nudity at this time of the year. So, with the deepest kissing imaginable finished for the moment, his lips move down to her bounteous breastworks and worshipful kissing, caressing and suckling proceeds with them. Peggy is well-experienced in faking sexual responses to facilitate the quicker completion of her clients, but on this night with Marcus the responses by her to Marcus’s loving ministrations are very real and supremely appreciated by both of them.

After getting a multitude of Aahs and moans and appreciative hands on his head, he has her move one foot up to the bench, while he moves down to her now naked lower half to render the appropriate worship to the goal of this sensual experience. He lowers himself to the small pad of pavement supporting the bench and reaches his mouth up to the now fully flowered pussy lips that he can only dimly see, but fragrantly smell. He moves his face up to smear it all around her little furred mound, her pussy lips and all the way back to her anal area. With this, she becomes even more lit up and starts to copiously leak her girl cum to Marcus’s waiting lips and enjoyment.

His lips now become more insistent and aggressive with her pussy, with his tongue licking up and down its now opened and engorged state. He is alternately probing her pussy hole with his tongue and lashing out at her clit at the top, causing her to waver on her feet under this total sensual assault. To forestall the inevitable, she had them move to the bench with him down on his back and nude in his lower half and her with one leg tucked through the opening in the back of the bench and them in the classic 69 pose. Then she moves on to catch him up to her in sexual heat, with him still busy with her lover region’s responses.

Since, she wanted him to plow into her pussy and eventually deposit his sperm laden spunk up into her upper pussy vault with the hoped for child with this still very dear man to her, she motioned for him to get up so that she could move to kneeling on the bench with her head and neck hanging over the back of it and her legs splayed open and her pussy open for his reproductive plunge into her most private self.

He was more than happy to indulge this fantasy for her, since he knew that she had long ago removed any chance for her to get pregnant with her main source of financial support in mind. He wouldn’t have minded actually succeeding in this actually, and Edna would be intrigued and very supportive because she genuinely liked Peggy and welcomed her into their intimate life as a coconspirator with Marcus and as a sexual partner of hers too. Edna would have loved sharing the momma’s milk produced by the birth, too. Sharing it with Marcus, who would has absolutely adored it also.

But, with their immediate fantasy in mind, Marcus powerfully plowed up into her pussy vault, with her sighing and crying with low volume shrieks at the feelings that this was causing in her internal body, her external clit and her love actuated mind. When she began to blubber in sexual heat, he then emptied himself totally into her, with a moaning and sighing of his own and slumped down to sit on the bench with his back to her raging red pussy, leaking his installed cum. She asked him to move, and so he moved to be beside her, and she lowered herself to being on top of his lap, with his still engorged cock up her pussy and on her knees with her arms around his neck and her mouth kissing him and pronouncing very sweet expressions into his ears. They remained in that pose for at least an hour while their bodies calmed down and their hearts were fortified.

As two young couples, who were not aware of each other, closely observed the loving sight in front of them hidden from views by the shadows of the park, Peggy and Marcus had many thoughts swirling around in their minds. Did they give up on their marriage to quickly? Should they get back together as a couple again, since Marcus and Edna were at the current time amiably divorced, but still living together? Could she hurt Edna very much by interfering with the very strong relationship that she and Marcus had?

But, they both came to the same conclusions as they both came down from their lustful highs. They were happier together now than they had ever been. Edna was a magnet that drew all three of them together. Peggy was so happy to be able to live in Marcus’s older condo rent free and blessed to share his time with her on Tuesdays all night. And that Edna was very precious to her, too. Marcus only thought; this is great, let’s do it again and I can’t wait to run this by Edna. After they again donned their clothing, they used the blanket to wrap around them against the coming up night chill and just cuddled together wordless at the sights of the moving waters.

The two young couples now came out of their respective thralls at the gonzo lustful display that had emerged before their eyes. They now turned their attentions to their respective partners, with no knowledge of the other young couple.

The girls were in panties and bras to prevent their Prom dresses from being stained by the grass or the coming activities. The boys had changed out of their suit pants and were in athletic pants to take whatever abuse that they would receive and to make it easier for their respective young female partners to have intimate access to give them the expected blow jobs. Each girl at this point was unsure of how much else they might be willing to share of themselves with their Prom dates.

Jenny and Bill were thoroughly engrossed in each other. Because of the upcoming chill and an absence of a warming blanket, their responses would be hurried up. So, he lovingly removed her panties and let them get into a 69 posi-tion and did a fine imitation of the operations of the older couple that they had observed. They had not ever been in enough privacy to enjoy this before and found out that it was mighty special in the doing of. Her pussy began to almost immediately leak the precious girl cum right down into his mouth. He found this to be wonderful to the taste and to the representation of her femininity being shared with him.

She was enjoying the feel of his dear male member in her mouth and was surprisingly much more active in the suckling and sucking on it than she had imagined that she would be. She and he soon moved on to such a highly charged sexual state, that she abandoned his cock on her mouth and moved her pussy up to impale it on his upright and stiffly engorged dick. She plunged right down on him, rupturing her hymen, without any hesitancy at all. There was only a very brief sharp pain, and quickly it moved on to the wonderful feelings of her being filled with the love of her beloved boyfriend.

At this point with her proud titties bouncing in her bra and her belly flexing in his sight on his cock, he began to feel a tightness in his balls, and soon after emptied his love right up into the deepest portion of her love vault. At this point he didn’t even care if she became a prospective mother from this, he was just very busy with unimaginable feelings of lust and love for this little high school girl.

The other young couple, unaware of the first mentioned ones, were also enthralled by the scene of the two obviously very experienced lovers. Married couple out for a wild night??? But, they also with her out of her Prom dress and in panties and bra, and him with a bare bottom were engrossed in sweet and enthusiastic kissing. As this proceeded, her mother’s words rang in her ears, “Don’t do anything that you will regret later and that could give you a premature motherhood!” So, she was determined to give this young high school boy the time of his life, but with no vaginal entry at all.

They also assumed the 69 position for a deeper involvement in each other’s lustful experiences and for more enjoyment of them themselves. They also found a great deal of enjoyment in the oral communications with the other’s privates. The feel, the look, the taste and the smell of each of their current experiences were driving them up far beyond the expected heights that they had anticipated. At this she knew what he would want and would be very resentful to not get. And she began to realize that she wanted this somehow, too. But, she was not on birth control yet and didn’t want to be a high school mother either.

So, she decide to give him the same but in an alternate port, her ass. He didn’t know this yet, but caught on very quickly when she rolled over on to her chest with her butt up in the air exposed to his view and play. When he moved up to her ass, she whispered, “Up my ass, Harold!” With that, he patted her behind and used a great deal of their combined cum to lube her anal entry. She made a real effort to relax and he carefully penetrated beyond her sphincter, to enter her back door love entrance.

They both found this to be a lot more pleasurable than expected, and he was patient to let her internal organs move about to permit a deeper penetration by his cock. When he finally achieved full entry he rested for a bit, and she sighed at the deep feelings that this was engendering in her. For one thing, she was feeling an unexpected reaction in her pussy, too.

Finally, Harold reinitiated his reciprocal plowing into her ass and quickly unloaded his spunk up into her. She had a mild reciprocal response and then they lowered to the ground with him on top of her back and sweetly whispering his affections and appreciations into her welcoming ears. A bit later they rose and after a very brief, but enthusiastic hug, made their way back to the vehicle to fill out the rest of the night at the Burger Burp until they were due to go home.

When she got home, her parents were waiting for her and escorted her to her bedroom. Her mother ordered her to remove her dress and panties and to lay back on the bed. With their daughter shocked at this, they spread her legs to see the cum still leaking from her behind, but upon inspection found the hymen to be still intact.

So, after conferring with each other her parents informed her that she could continue to see this boy and have some privacy in it as long as her ‘cherry’ stayed in its current condition until her wedding night. She was too shocked by this situation and its meanings to speak, but nodded to them in her agreement to compliance. And she didn’t anticipate very much discord with Harold over this. As long as he got her mouth and ass regularly.

As Peggy and Marcus moved across town to her condo apartment supplied by her exhusband Marcus and driving a modest car that he had also supplied to her, she shivered in anticipation of more lovemaking in an extra night that Edna had granted them, due to her multi-date that she was going to enjoy in the hot tub at her mansion.

She had invited one of her favorite partners, a thirty-something investment counselor from the country club that she belonged to. And she, a now forties divorcee, asked him to invite two of his younger-aged friends to join with them after she had enjoyed him for a bit. She was very much in love with Marcus and welded by hearts to him, but she was an unrepentant ‘wild child’ in adult form and needed the ‘wild’ in her life from time to time to contrast with the very gentle and comfy lovemaking with him.

She played with the guy in the very warm water, but denied him anal or vaginal entry until this friends showed up. When they joined him with her in the tub, she then allowed him up her ass, the place that she shared with ‘strange meat.’ Her vagina was reserved to Marcus only.

With the guy backed up to the side of the pool, she allowed his cock up her well-used anal entry and relaxed back into his hugging arms. The other two guys proceeded to play with her as the original guy gently plowed up into her innards. They rotated among her mouth and breasts, with their hands working over her clit, too. She just splayed her legs under the water, continued to lay back in the first guy’s arms and laid her arms on the side of the pool, oblivious to the world and the passage of time. After several minutes, she had no idea of how long, one of the new guys cycled in to move up into her ass with the leavings of the first guy very evident. Then after he also climaxed the last guy rotated in for his turn to unload also in her very desired port of love making. After this, they rose out of the water, lifted her out and after very gently drying her off with the available towels, they jointly carried her into the house and up to her bedroom to enjoy the rest of the night in further sensual pursuits.

Across town, a young high school male was about to be stabbed nearly to death by a very crazed and violent former girlfriend.

And a newly arrived to town family was suffering at the hands of a group of malignant and determined young men, who introduced their two teen daughters to the horrors of forced sex, as the young men fucked their unappreciative mother right before the young girls horrified eyes.

The younger replacement Prom date for the young man that was stabbed that night was now home after being brought home earlier and without the post Prom events that she richly desired, even from her cousin’s boyfriend, and was silently sobbing on her bed with her Prom dress still on.

Her visiting college age step-cousin happened to wander by her open door and saw his dear almost relative in abject misery. So, he entered the room and took her into his arms to comfort her. She mistook him for the missing Prom date who had abandoned her early on this memorable date, took him into her arms and actively began to react to his attentions and added hers to the mix.

Soon, she had her Prom dress up to her breasts and her pussy bare to his view and ministrations. He reacting with male infused hormonal feelings availed himself of the pretty bare pussy and moved very quickly to feed it its desired meal of his ramrod straight cock. She with closed eyes to maximize the physical feelings of this began to pump up on him as he pumped down and the two of them came within a few minutes followed by his withdrawing from the room to let her have whatever illusions that she treasured up over all of this.

Further across town, a young man about to have to enter the adult world, in college to start, was with his twin Prom dates, Mary and Marie who were still juniors in high school. They were being heard by their parents in the next bed-room through a very thin wall between their shared closets. Dad was laying spoon fashion up to his beloved wife of many years and firmly planted up into her welcoming pussy. There was smiling as they counted the number of times that Cliff apparently came and switched partners, with tinkling girlish laughter sprinkling into the emotional airs transmitting from the girl’s bedroom.

After several rounds, they heard him move to the bathroom they shared with their brothers, and they heard the mirror door open above the sink with a telltale squeaking, shuffling noises on the shelves, water pouring out of the faucet, a very brief gulp and then the return of Cliff to the two waiting young daughter’s further desires. The next morning, Dad found one of his ‘blue pills’ missing from the bottle in that bathroom. But, that night they heard further noises indicating more sexual moves going on. After a while it slowed down in frequency, and as Dad came into Mom, it was apparent that the youngsters had fallen asleep.

So, as we close this summary of a fine Spring moon lit night and its sexual exercises of good, bad and exceptional sexual encounters, we leave with the thought of some very happy people as they sleep the rest of the night away.

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