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  1. The gift
  2. The gift 2

The gift

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Body modification, Consensual Sex

Author: truck24000

Published: 16 January 2018

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Arggggghhhh!!!! ….. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had since mom and dad finally got unlimited internet.
Bang … Bang … Bang … “What ya doing in there little brother? Jerking off again?”
“Fuck off Alicia! Leave me alone”
“Mom said to come get you, tell you dinners almost done and to wash up before you come down.”
“Fine, I’ll be down in a minute”.
She always gets what she wants ever since she turned 18 and she grew tits and an ass. She knows every guy stares at her now and she uses it to her advantage, the bitch.
“Justin hurry up and get your ass down here for dinner, we’re all hungry and waiting on you!
“Coming! I start down the stairs and that’s when everything changed.
I woke up in the hospital with everyone around me looking and crying, dad was holding mom up as she was hysterical, and Alicia was balling as the tears were really flowing down her cheeks. There were others, but I didn’t know who they were or why everyone was acting the way they were.
Then everything just froze but me and one of the other people I didn’t know. He scoots by everyone till he is at my bedside and looks down at me, shakes his head and speaks for the first time.
Well, well, well, Mr. Justin are you having a bad today?
I just stare at him and then I blurt out “what the fuck is going on?”
Who are you?
What happened?
Why is everything frozen?
My name is Fred,
To answer your questions, I will start with the last one about why everything is frozen.
I froze time so that we could talk with no distractions or being rushed,
I already answered the first one as my name is Fred.
As for what happened, well that’s all on you so to speak.
What do you remember before you awake here?
I washed up and was heading downstairs for dinner. Then I woke up to this shit.
Well I will tell you what happened then as I was watching you the whole time and I mean the whole time including when you were masturbating in your room to porn vids you found for free.
After your sister told you to wash up you went in and cleaned up and headed for the stairs and when you stepped down on the first step somehow you missed it took a tumble down the stairs hitting the hall table at the bottom of the stairs with the back of your head snapping your neck in 3 places severing your spinal cord. Opening a nasty gash that let all your spinal fluid escape and when your brain collapsed you were basically dead.
What do you mean DEAD!
I’m talking to you, aren’t I?
Well yes and no, let me explain further, before you fell I was about to freeze time and talk to you but it all happened so fast and then I needed to get authorization to do what I am doing now.
You see, I was going to offer you a gift that more than likely would have prevented the accident and then none of this would have happened.
Okay then, what is this thing you were going to give me?
First you must know that this accident just didn’t happen, it has been two weeks and today they took you off life support and that’s why everyone is crying. If you still want this gift, then there will be so many unanswered questions as to how and why this has all happened, but I can assure you it will blow over and you can lead a normal life with no complications.
All you must do is tell me “yes” and then it will be done.
YES YES YES YES I yelled, please I don’t want to die!
Okay then but I must warn you to the side effects of the gift before I give it to you.
Side effects? Like what?
You will be able to think of any answer to any question. You will never get sick. You will age but slower then most. You cannot be hurt, but if you try to deliberately hurt yourself or cause the harm to happen the gift will leave and you will die! You will be able to read the persons mind when you are intimate with them, kissing, hugging, and sexually as well.
You push your thoughts into someone and that person will think it is their own thoughts and ideas.
Now ……. do you still want this gift?
I do!
Then take my hand and squeeze as tight as you can. It will hurt a little but when it’s done you wake up again here in the hospital and everyone will see you move.
I squeeze like my life depended on it and then the pain, it was almost unbearable but when it stopped I opened my eyes.
Alicia was the first to notice my eyes opening and she screams out “LOOK” his eyes they opened.
Then mom shrieks as she sees me looking around and yells at dad to go get the doctor or the nurse just get someone!
She hugs me tight as does Alicia, mom straightens back up and yells for dad to hurry up.
Alicia hugs me tighter and tighter to the point I can feel her tits and nipples pushing into my arms. I think about how great that feels and suddenly I felt a shiver run through her and then she leans down closer to me and she whispers in my ear “that when we get you home I will let you see and feel my tits all you want and that I am so sorry for being a bitch to you. I can’t believe what I just heard and figured that she was just being a bitch again and trying to tease me to get me in trouble with mom and dad.
At that moment time froze again and Mr. Fred showed up and asked how I was doing and if I had any questions. Boy did I have some questions!
What’s going on? Why did my sister say she’s going to show me her tits when I get home?
Well remember what I said about side effects? Well if you think of something it will come to pass. As for what’s going on, well your healed and will never get sick again.
You will be able to basically get and have whatever you want for the rest of your life. You can have anyone or anything all you must do is think about it and it will come to pass. Money will no longer be an issue as you will know what stocks and what investments to invest in.
As for the reason why, we picked you well that’s a longer story then what we have time for here as I am only allowed to freeze time for so long as well as for so many times.
We choose you because … well … we drew straws and each straw had a name of a teenager attached and yours was picked.
“But why was my name in the mix?
Well the criteria for being on the short list was that you had to be below average grades in school as well as average looking and a virgin.
“I’m not any of those”.
Okay then we will take back the gift and you will remember none of this and you will die when the life support is taken off.
I must go now but if you really need me for anything just think about me and I will come back.
I finally get back home and get settled in my room with a clean bill of health from all the surprised doctors and all I want to do is try out my new gift.
Knock Knock “Justin may I come in”?
What the fuck? She has never been nice, nor has she ever knocked normally?
Yea…. Come on in Alicia.
“How ya feeling Justin? You really scared us back there. Two weeks you never twitched moved or opened your eyes. And when the doctors said there was no brain activity they suggested we pull the plug. We in there saying our good byes when I saw your eyes open and both mom and I couldn’t believe it and we were hugging you tight cause we almost lost you.
While I was hugging you, it came to me that I should have been a much nicer sister because you never know when your going to lose someone. I know you always snuck peeks at me when I came out of the shower or when you would try to barge into the washroom when I was in there. Well mom and dad have gone out to get stuff that you might need, and they will be gone for at least 3 or 4 hours.
So, I made a promise to you and here it is…
Let me describe my sister.
She’s 17 and what most boys my age would call a walking wet dream. She has the perfect shaped tits which are a C cup I think and an ass that’s better then J-Lo’s. She is not a skinny minnie by no means is even fat she just has all the curves in all the right places. I have rubbed one out many times over seeing her in a skimpy bikini.
She pulled her t-shirt up and over her head and she wasn’t wearing a bra, so her perfect tits were on display for me to see. “Would you like to touch them”?
Damn right I wanted to touch them. I reached out put my palm over the left one and I could feel the nipple getting harder against my hand. I squeeze gently, and she moans softly as I start to rub her nipple with my palm making it harder and harder. I started to think what they would feel like with my tongue running around them, and I noticed the shiver again. Then she sits besides me and takes my head and brings my mouth to her breast and tells me to please suck them tease them and play with them with my tongue.
I suck gently, and she starts to moan even more as I gently nibble and bite them and then she shudders as my tongue runs across her nipple and she suddenly shakes and stifles a groan and whispers that just made her orgasm from playing with her nipples. The thought ran trough my mind what it would be like to see her nekked and there was the shudder again and she says to me would you like to see more?
I’m not stupid so of course I said yes!
She stands up and slips off her jeans and then pulls off her sexy red thong. It slides down and I wonder what it smells like and she tosses them to me and tells me to take a deep breath. I breath in deep and I’m drunk with the smell and my cock goes instantly hard. She lays down besides me and tells me to go ahead and touch wherever I want and to do whatever I want.
My hands are now on both of her tits and the nipples are rock hard again and she starts to moan out loud and I know I can make her have another orgasm if I keep playing with them, but I have better things I want to try first.
I start to suck and nibble on the right one first this time as my hand runs across her stomach and lower still till I feel the landing strip that she has. It guides my fingers down to her pussy and I can feel the heat and she trembles as my fingers part the lips and dip slowly in and the heat intensifies, and I can tell she is so wet that it seams to drip down across her asshole. She moans out loud again as my fingers probe deeper and then I curl my finger up and find that hidden spot and as soon as I rub it some she explodes all over my fingers and grabs my head and pulls me into a deep kiss.
I move besides her and she stops and tells me to just lay back that she has this, and grabs my hard cock and gives it a few strokes. I tingle from her touch as she wraps her fingers around me and slowly strokes it up and down then she uses her thumb to rub the precum that’s leaked out all over the head. She bends her head down and blows lightly on the tip of my cock and I can feel the warmth of her breath and I get even more hard then I was earlier. The thought ran through my head about being the perfect size for her and I felt the shudder this time, as she lets out a small squeal I look down and see that my cock actually grew in thickness as well as length. I must be at least 7 inches long and the size of a pop bottle around and I smiled as I felt her perfect lips part and my cock slowly slip past her lips, but it didn’t stop there as she went all the way down till here nose was in my pubic hair and I could feel her swallow each time. It’s like it was the perfect fit, not to long to make her gag but just long enough to hit the right spots. She hums, and I almost blow my load right then. As she pulls up my cock comes out with a pop and she says that its perfect, never had a cock that fit just right, wish I knew about your cock sooner as I would have done this earlier.
“So, this works on me as well, hmmmm. I wonder if I thought about my cock always being the perfect fit for any pussy or mouth I then I will become the best fuck any girl ever had. So, I thought it and felt the shudder and knew no matter what my hard cock will always be the perfect fit for any girl.
Alicia’s head was bobbing now and on every up stroke she swirled her tongue just under the head where it’s the most sensitive. She was playing my balls at the same time and I reached down and tweaked her nipple just as she went all the way down on my cock. She moaned loudly on my cock as she had a mini orgasm and then I just unloaded all my cum down her throat, I could feel her swallow each rope as it fired out of my cock moaning and shaking as she had mini orgasms one after the other.

She pulls off my cock with a smack and a smile and look right at me and starts stroking again as I really haven’t gone down at all. As soon as I’m at full hardness again she just looks into my eyes as she kneels up and places a knee on either side of my hips still stroking me. I don’t realize what she’s doing till I feel my cock head rubbing against her very wet and very hot pussy lips. She coats my cock with her juices and then with a sultry look she lowers herself on my cock taken it completely. I feel my cock shudder some and realize that its adjusting itself to be the perfect cock for her pussy. As she bottoms out on my cock we both let out a soft groan and she tells me “I have never had a cock that fit just right, your hitting every single spot to bring maximum feeling. I can feel every twitch and vein on your cock and I will promise you that you will never go without pussy ever again”.
She starts to lift herself and the feelings are incredible, it is the perfect fit of cock in pussy. We groan out as just the head remains and then she drops down all the way. It’s an incredible feeling knowing your getting the perfect fuck, she stops for a second then as she sits all the way down she wiggles her ass in little circles bringing a completely new sensation which is awesome! She starts to scoot back and forth with me buried in her pussy her clit mashing against my pubs and she jerks a few times and moans that she is getting close. Her movements become erratic as she scoots faster drawing my cum from my balls, faster I push up some to get even deeper and my cock hits her cervix just right and that pushes her over the edge as lets out a scream that she is coming, “cummmmmiiinngggggg NOWWWWWWW”
She shakes as I grab her hips and push up hard and fast driving my cock against her cervix, each time she squeals loud and tells me not to stop faster, harder, we fuck till I can feel my cock just pushing past her cervix and then it happens my cock pushes through and she screams out CUMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG AAAGGGAAAAAIIIINNNN!!!!!!!!!!! And at that moment I let lose with the largest load I’ve ever had, all of it going into her womb where all those unprotected eggs are. She collapses on me and with ragged breath tells me she loves me and now she is mine for always!
She slips off me to the side and falls asleep on my bed with a smile. I look up and find that the bedroom door is open, but I knew it was closed. What the hell the door was closed I know it. I put a towel around me and walk out down the hall and hear sounds from mom and dads room and when I get to the door which is open somewhat I peek inside and see my mother with her fingers under her skirt, I wonder, did she see us? If so I hope she gets off good cause she is going to be next. As I’m looking at her I see the familiar shudder then hear her moan out loudly and I see that she is a squirter!
I do believe this just might be great gift after all.

Depending on actual comments I might or might not continue this story line. Please let me know what you think both good or bad, so I can tweak what works and fix what doesn’t!

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The gift

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