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  1. Confession of a Serial Killer.
  2. Confessions of a Serial Killer (repost)

Confession of a Serial Killer.

Categories Diary, Blowjob, Cruelty, Death

Author: falseprofit

Published: 17 January 2018

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I hate some of the words people call men like me. Pyscho, pervert, deviant. Such ignorance from people who have no idea what power actually is. I was once called insane by a pretty little brunet just before I nicked her carotid artery. She didn’t look so smug as I stroked myself off with her blood flowing all over my cock. Damn, the look on her face was fucking intense. I managed to come, shooting my juice all over her pussy as the light went out in her eyes. There is nothing in the world like that. Watching a pretty girl die as my orgasm peaks. Damn, just the thought makes me hard.

What I am is a sociopath, a monster who preys on those I can use to sate my desires. Sex is fun and all, but it’s so much more satisfying when I can use up every part of the woman I’ve chosen. To reduce her to nothing more than a thing, a husk emptied of everything that made her who she was, solely so I can truly feel alive.

That’s what power is.

Call these accounts nothing but stories if you will. I care not if anyone believes them. Disbelief by others is part of my armor. With such naiveté in abundance, I can walk the world mimicking the sheep around me, free of suspicion and able to select my victims as easily as other choose which cut of meat they prefer.

It’s a wonderful way of life.

My first kill wasn’t planned. Her name was Teresa and she was simply perfect in her crop top and tight jeans. We met at a bar and instantly hit it off. All I knew then was that I wanted her badly, but I’d never even suspected the creature dwelling inside me. Couched in ignorance of who I truly was, I expected nothing more than a good fuck when I asked her back to my place.

She was a shade over five feet tall, slim and lean with long, dark hair and a very tight little ass. Watching her walk made my mouth water and my cock was throbbing with the idea of sliding into that wet little cunt. I was sure she knew what I wanted, what I expected from her. Why else come back to my place if not to fuck?

We came in and sat next to each other on the couch, sharing a couple of bears and a few lines of coke. I was buzzing high as the Rockies when we first kissed. Fuck me, her lips were so soft and her tongue tasted sweet against mine. Each time I laid out a line, she happily drew it up the straw and just as happily accepted my caress on her thigh. I was sure I was gonna get laid.

That’s when everything changed. I leaned over her, sliding my hand up her inner thigh, feeling the heat of her leg under her jeans until I tried to unbutton them.

“Uh, no baby.” She said as she guided my hand away. You are a great guy but I’m not ready for that. Can’t we just talk for a while?”

No? After all that, she said no? She had to be shitting me! I was incensed and she saw my anger rising in my eyes. Stammering something about having to go, she reached for her purse and I just snapped. There was no fucking way I was gonna just let her walk out of there. Even then, had she not put up a fight she might have survived, but she just couldn’t let me have my way.

I vividly remember how bright her eyes were as a grabbed her arm. Her hair, so perfectly done, became mussed as she tried to yank her arm back.

“Let me go, you asshole!” she screamed and my blood instantly turned to fire.

The rush was uncontrollable. Feeling her strength fail against mine made me feel like a god. She tugged and squirmed against my grip in a completely useless effort and the more she fought the more I realized I could do anything I wanted to her and there was no way she could stop me. That was the first time the monster inside me awakened.

There was something magical, something intoxicating about watching her struggle as the fear flashed in her eyes. There was this moment when it dawned on her that she was going to be raped and her anger turned to panic. Fuck! I loved how that felt! Her pleas for mercy, the quiver in her voice, all of it was like a drug and I couldn’t get enough. I was holding her down, trying to decide what to do next when it hit me.

I wanted her to suffer pain. Suffer for me. Oh, my gosh, that was the moment I changed.

Snarling with a lust-filled rage, I slapped her, hard. The sound of my palm striking her face filled my ears and the skin of her cheek turn bright red. She knew then she was in real trouble and she tried to cower and crawl away.

I fucking loved it.

She screamed when I grabbed her by the hair, trying to claw at me with her perfectly manicured nails. She managed to draw my blood but I didn’t even feel it. Her screaming, though, had to stop. Gripping her throat, I slammed her into the wall hard enough to stun her. My grip tightened, cutting her air off until her eyes began to bulge.

“I love hearing you scream, Teresa. I wish I could let you scream your lungs out but I can’t afford to let you be heard. The thing is, I want to hurt you. I want to so badly I can barley control myself so I tell you what. You do as I say and I’ll hold back, but if you so much as whimper loudly I’ll break your fucking neck and fuck your quivering body as you die!”

Yeah, that did it. She actually peed herself as my fingers dug into her throat. She was trying to agree but my hold was so tight she couldn’t speak at all. Part of me wanted to end her life right there.

I was so inexperienced that I’m surprised to this day that I managed to control myself. I wonder how at times but I know it came down to one thing, I wanted to rape her first. Not to just fuck her mind you, but to take her violently while she struggled and cried. I wanted to make her feel every bit of it as I stole her dignity and destroyed her life.

I know. I’m an evil bastard. Save the insults for someone who cares. You are still reading, with either a cock stone-hard with anticipation or a cunt wet as fuck with a secret desire to be next. No matter how you protest, you’re as sick a fuck as I am. Embrace it, if just for the story. I guarantee you’ll get off if your let yourself.

So, there I was with Teresa trapped against the wall. Terrified and defeated, waiting to see what I would do to her and hoping against hope she might yet live to tell the cops. Oh, she denied that, of course. She begged me to let her go and promised to not say a word. It was so strange a thing promise.

I mean, why would I accept? I had her where I wanted her, why would I deny myself her life after all of this? “Shut up, bitch. You are getting fucked tonight. No way out of that now.”

Horror filled her eyes and tears flowed down her face, causing her makeup to run down her cheeks in dark streaks. Her body quaked as the sobs rolled through her, and each one made my cock throb with need. Opening my jeans I pulled out my erection and placed her hand on it.

“Feel that, bitch? That is what your pain does to me. It just makes me want to hurt you that much more. How does that make you feel, knowing I’m hard and ready to fuck you, ready to rape you in ways you’ve never even imagined? Does it scare you, or make you wet?”

That was too much for her and Teresa collapsed on the floor, holding my feet as the tears rolled freely down her face. “Please, I’m begging you, don’t hurt me. I don’t want to die. I’ll do anything you want if you just don’t hurt me. Please!!”

She was crying frantically by then, loud enough that I was starting to worry about her being heard. Meanwhile, my fist was traveling up and down my cock, stroking it hard enough that precum was already dripping off my now, purple head. Smirking at the irony of shutting her up with my cock, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to her knees.

“You don’t want to get hurt? Then suck it, suck my cock like your life depends on it, bitch, because it does. I want to feel your throat squeeze me until I am ready to blow my load all over your pretty face, got me?”

Teresa’s gaze locked fearfully on my cock and a hard tremble rolled through her. I knew she was thoroughly revolted at the idea, but none the less, she dove on it without hesitation, eager to sate my lust if it meant I might not harm her more severely.

At first, she barely touched me with her tongue, acting as if the taste were somehow vile to her. This soon became frustrating as my cock was tingling with the need to feel her wet flesh around it. Reaching down, I slid my hand under her top and squeezed her breast hard, pinching her supple skin viciously.

Teresa pulled back, crying out again as she sat back on her knees. “Get back up her and suck it right or I’m gonna rip your tit off!” I screamed and slapped her hard, knocking her to the ground. I was ready to kick her in the gut when she scrambled back to her knees and virtually inhaled my cock.

Oh, fuck. This time she had it right and her mouth was tight on my glans as she sucked me deep. Placing her hands on my hips, her mouth moved up and back, taking me as deeply as she dared without any further hesitation. It was a tremendous blowjob, and I was briefly impressed by her skills.

I stood over her for a time, rocking on my feet as Teresa sucked me into her throat. She gurgled and gagged, covering my cock in saliva until it dripped down her chin. My balls were churning and ready to burst when I understood that is exactly what she wanted.

I realized then she hoped to drain me, preventing me from truly fucking her and a bolt of hot anger shot through me. Pushing her back, I reached down and dragged her now torn top off her body. Teresa was reeling from the sudden change and her eyes were red with tears as she gazed up at me.

“What did I do wrong,” she began when I fisted my cock and pointed at her face.

“Nothing at all,” I responded with a grin and then let my urine flow in a hot stream right into her mouth. The sight was incredible and I laughed as my piss splashed down her face and over her breasts. Teresa was shocked to her core but could only lean back as my hot stream ran over her skin. She was mine then. She knew it as well as I did. If I wanted to piss on her she knew she would only sit there and let me.

Fuckin’ A, that’s what power is!

My hard-on never waved as my bladder ran dry. By then, Teresa was soaked. Taking her by the hair again, I dragged her to my couch and threw her face down in the pillows. It has all been a blast but by then I just needed to fuck this little tramp before she was used up. Holding her down by the back her neck, I dragged her jeans down, over her hips until her ass and the pink slit off her cunt was exposed.

Teresa knew what would happen next and, feeling completely defeated, only managed to cry into the cushion as I knelt behind her. I was shaking with need and rubbed my head up and down her slit until I felt the soft entrance to her cunt. Gripping her shoulders, I thrust forward hard, forcing my cock between her lips and deep into her womanhood.

I expected her to be wet but her tender flesh harshly clung to my shaft. Teresa screamed her pain into the cushion as my cock tore her open, but soon her moisture began to flow and my cock began moving inside her with increasing ease. “There we go, now you are being a good little whore, aren’t you? Taking my cock so deep, mmm, I bet you’d love to come all over it.”

Teresa didn’t respond but that hardly mattered. I took hold of her hair and stabbed into her unmercifully, driving my cock deep with an animalistic need. I thought I would come quickly but for some reason my stamina seemed unquenchable. Like an iron rod, I plunged into her as hard as I could until she was almost limp with exhaustion.

That was the last thing I wanted. I thrived on her pain and loved the way she struggled, so feeling her withdraw like that enraged me. I wanted her to react to me, to recoil and fight, yet all she was doing was letting me have my way. With my cock still hard and deep in her cunt, I pulled off my tie and wrapped it around her slim neck.

“No, bitch. You don’t get to hide. You don’t get to escape. I’m going to kill you now, understand? I’m gonna strangle you as I fuck you, just so I can feel you convulse on me as I come. This is it for you, you’re gonna die as nothing mote that a piece of meat on the end of my cock!”

That got through to her and she instantly began to fight. Her body jerked, trying to throw me off as her fingers clawed uselessly at the tie around her neck. The struggle only made her cunt suck harder on my cock and my balls boiled as I fucked her to death. With a hard lunge, I drove my cock deep, steaming my cum into her as my orgasm exploded over me.

Teresa still struggled, even as my cock emptied inside her. I was done with her then and with a sharp jerk, felt her neck snap like a piece of balsa wood. Oh, fuck, it was amazing. Her body jerked and twitched as her pussy clamped down on my cock. I felt her life slip away just as my seed began dropping out of her. What struck me most was the silence. It was so… final.

That was the best fuck I’d ever had, and even as I rolled off her body, I knew she was only the first. There were so many things I wanted to do and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I found another little whore to kill.

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Confession of a Serial Killer.

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Comments (3)
deviantgoddess — 16 January 2018 21:07
I want to be your slave and let you do so many things to me. Mostly I want to watch while you rape your next girl. I would do anything to her you asked me to.
falseprofit17 January 2018 07:51
Thank you DG for a wonderful comment. I kind of lie the idea of a personal slave to help with the kill. A Harley Quinn to my Joker. That could work
falseprofit17 January 2018 07:50
Thank you DG for a wonderful comment. I kind of lie the idea of a personal slave to help with the kill. A Harley Quinn to my Joker. That could work
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