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Lauren's Fuck Buddy

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Boy

Author: sofman

Published: 17 January 2018

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Lauren lowered herself down on my raging, straining hard-on, engulfing it with her soft, wet warmth and paused for just a moment feeling me inside her before she began to rock her hips up and down with increasing passion and speed. It took only four or five minutes until she tensed, clenched all her bodily muscles and suppressed a scream into a face reddening grimace and guttural grunt as her orgasm flooded over my balls and instantly set my own response into the full vocal, thrust and squirt mode, one, two, three times, deep inside her as she collapsed onto my lap.

It was only our second real date. I had leaned over for a goodnight kiss and her hand went directly to my lap, reaching up the leg of my board shorts and boxers to caress my balls. I was instantly hard. She was hot and ready. She unsnapped her bra and guided my hand up under her shirt then unbuttoned my shorts and dove down for a blow job. Before she let me come, she shimmied out of her panties, lifted her skirt, climbed on top of me and lifting herself over my lap and lowered herself… well I already told you that part.

One hell of a surprising second date. I was as much a spectator as participant. She just took charge, dove in and fucked me. How many times does the first fuck come before the first kiss? Or thinking back, the first kiss came during the first fuck. Not that I’m complaining you understand. And naturally, that was the first of many more to come.

But let me backtrack a bit.

I had seen Lauren around school of course but didn’t really know her. Not until we were assigned as lab partners in Chemistry. I couldn’t complain, she was smokin’ hot. As we began to have the obligatory conversations about our lab assignments we developed a natural rapport and began to talk easily about nearly everything else. We were reprimanded by the teacher a few times to get back on task.

We talked about the latest movies or who was dating who. We talked about cars or smart phones, music, concerts, whatever came to mind and it was casual and easy. We also talked about boyfriends and girlfriends and since we were just lab partners, there was no jealousy or discomfort in talking about her boyfriend Tom or my lack of current girlfriend. She even set me up with a couple of her friends and I went out with one of them a few times but nothing stuck.

About a month into the class she confessed that she and Tom had broken up. She said they had been dating for a few months and they always had a good time but they both realized that apart from great sex, there really wasn’t any romance.

The great sex statement took me by surprise because that’s one thing we hadn’t really talked about other than who might be banging who. But she told me that he had a pretty nice cock and she usually had multiple orgasms when they had sex. When she told me these things there was always a kind of dreamy look in her eyes before she snapped back to the present. And admittedly, there was an appropriate reaction in my pants but I never mentioned that to her. She said they weren’t going out anymore, but they were still friends and there was no animosity between them.

After those revelations, we started hanging out after school, having lunch together in the cafeteria, sometimes with her girlfriends, sometimes with some of my friends and sometimes with Tom and his friends. It was just all very easy and natural. Tom was a nice guy and we actually got along quite nicely.

Eventually I got the nerve to actually ask her out. It wasn’t so much asking her on a date, more like “Hey, let’s go get a burger and fries tonight.” and when we did, I paid.

She looked at me sideways and said, “So, is this a date?”

“Um, yeah, I guess so.” I mumbled. It’s amazing how you can be such open easy friends with someone but the moment it gets serious you turn into a bumbling idiot.

“Good!” she said beaming and gave me a great crushing hug. “I was wondering when you were going to ask me out.”

Confidence restored!

I took her hand as we walked over to a table and we had a great easy conversation of a whole new kind. By the end of the evening I actually formally asked her out on our second date to the movies and well, you know how that came out.

We went on plenty of dates after that, and parked somewhere afterwards to fuck before I took her home. When her parents went on a weekend trip, I spent weekend in her bed. My folks went out for the night, she spent the evening in my bed. If everybody was at home, we went up into the forest and parked in the shade of the tall pines.

But through it all, what I never realized was that occasionally, when we weren’t together, she was still fucking Tom.

I found out, quite by accident when she let something slip about where she’d been the night before and mentioned Tom by name before quickly hiding her face and turning away from me.

We met out by the bleachers after school and she sat with her head in her hands while I gently coaxed it out of her.

“You’re going to hate me” she said, through barely suppressed sobs.

“I love you too much Lauren, I could never hate you.” I assured her. “I just want to know what’s going on between you and Tom.”

The conversation was typically emotionally charged as these conversations tend to be, but she finally admitted that even though she and Tom had broken up, they still got together on average about once a week to fuck.

“If you want to break up with me I’ll understand. I love sex with you, it’s not that. I just love sex with Tom too. It’s raw and hard and he really pounds me, and his dick is so big. I just have to have the animal violence of it once in a while and I come really hard and intense with him. It’s just so different than the warm passionate loving sex I have with you. You make me feel loved and special and my orgasms with you are complete and soft and intense at the same time and we’re not fucking we’re always making love and I love that the most. I’m so sorry, I know I’ve hurt you and I don’t blame you if you don’t love me anymore.” And she broke down in huge, heaving sobs.

I held her as she cried and tried to get a handle on my emotions. They ran the gamut from despair, through betrayal, an unreasonable hatred for Tom and a desire to hurt him, to sorrow and even forgiveness of Lauren. I blamed it all on Tom. Stupid because it takes two, but my Love for Lauren was making her a victim rather than a participant.

But as I sat there holding her, I also realized that I had an unexplained iron bar hard-on in my pants. She was rocking against me as she cried, and the motion created a slight friction between the head of my dick and my boxers. As I focused on it, I realized that I wasn’t mad, I wasn’t betrayed, I wasn’t upset, I was totally and excitedly turned on by the thought of it.

I was turned on by the idea of my girlfriend fucking another guy. Shit! Was this reasonable? Shouldn’t I break up with her? Shouldn’t I yell and rant and threaten to go beat the crap out of Tom? Instead I gently lifted her to her feet, walked her to my car, drove her home and walked her up to her room where she let me softly and gently undress her and lay her on her bed.

As she lay there naked she looked up at me with tears still running down the sides of her face she asked timidly, “You’re not mad at me?”

“No, I could never be mad at you.” I assured her.

“You’re not mad at Tom?” she asked.

“How could I be mad at a guy just because he wants to make love to the most beautiful girl in school?” I smiled at her.

“We don’t make love.” She said, casting her eyes downward. “We just fuck.”

“Well, good. Because I want to be the guy who makes love to you.” I replied as I removed my jeans.

“But I don’t understand. You don’t care that I’ve been cheating on you”

“Do you love him?” I asked earnestly.

“No.” she replied without hesitation. “I only love you. I just like to fuck him.”

“Good, so you’re not cheating on me. Just having some fun.” I smiled at her.

With tears welling up in her downcast eyes she said. “I don’t know how you can be this way about it.”

“Well, I guess…,” I began, not knowing how she might react, “you’ll probably think this is weird… but, well… just thinking about it makes me really hard.” I blurted out.

Her eyes widened at that “Really?”

“Yeah, really.” I said as I leaned down on the bed, crawled up between her legs and pressed my now very hard dick against the opening of her pussy and pushed it all the way in in a single thrust.

“By the feel of it, you seem to agree.” I said taking note of the abundant amount of slippery warm fluids that allowed such easy access.

She replied by wrapping her legs around my waist, pulling me down to her face, thrusting her hips up into me and kissing me deeply with plenty of soft warm lips and sensual thrusts of her tongue.

I pulled back and began to move slowly and sensually in and out of her very wet pussy, but she would have none of it. She began to thrust her hips up into me and increased the tempo until we were matching each other, thrust for thrust, pounding each other almost violently and desperately. Her legs squeezed my waist, he arms pulled me tight, she kissed me fiercely and panted hard, grunting and moaning until I couldn’t hold back, and I simply exploded inside her, spasm after spasm until I was so spent I could only lie there breathing hard in near total exhaustion.

Clearly, she wasn’t done, and she rolled me over, never letting my surprisingly still hard dick slip out of her dripping wet pussy and started riding me, lifting until I was almost all the way out, then plunging down all the way down until our pubic bones were almost bruised from the impact. It was almost too much too soon for me. The after sensitivity was almost excruciating but I wasn’t about to disappoint her. I gritted my teeth and let her have her way. She bucked up and down furiously until at last she pressed down, squeezed her pussy tight around my dick, pulled half way up, then slowly back down a half dozen times, clenched her own teeth then let out her trademark muffled scream grunt as violent spasms wracked her body and she squirted a bed soaking amount of ejaculate all over me and the sheets.

She collapsed onto my chest and I savored the feel of her hot, soft skin touching me from neck to thighs, heaving up and down as she caught her breath and smiling at me as I cradled her head and kissed her softly on the cheeks and forehead.

As my hardon slowly subsided within her and finally slipped out of its own accord she whispered “I have a confession.”

“What? Another one?” I said with surprise. “You’re not fucking somebody else, too are you?” I teased.

“No, no. Just you and Tom. But I have to tell you that obviously Tom has known that you and I have been fucking since nearly the beginning and sometimes he makes me tell him about it. All the details. Like how you fondle my breasts and I suck your dick and what positions we were in and exactly when you stick it in and do I have an orgasm, and do you come inside me. All that stuff.” She said shyly. “And it really turns me on to tell him that stuff while he fucks me hard.”

I lay there quietly for a few moments. “Sounds we’re all a little bit alike.” I said.

“You and Tom are nothing alike.” she said.

“Oh I know, not in that sense but I guess we both are a little voyeuristic about you and sex.” I replied. “We both think it’s pretty hot.”

“Hmmm” she replied softly, smiling. “But part of my confession is that I love talking about it too. So we’re sort of like, three of a kind I guess.”

What changed after that was a new honesty between us. The following Tuesday after class, the day I had soccer practice, she pressed up close to me, kissed me goodbye and very softly whispered, “I’m going to fuck Tom while you’re at practice.”

That made soccer practice very difficult to concentrate on and while I don’t usually wear the damned “required” Jock Strap, I had to put it on that day to keep my constant erection upright instead of tenting my soccer shorts. I kept my shirt un-tucked as well for some added camouflage.

She called me late that night after I had gone to bed. “Hey.” She said.

“Hey back” I replied.

Silence on the other end.

“Tell me about it.” I said.

“Tell you about what?” she said coyly.

“Don’t tease me!” I said. “Tell me all about you and Tom today.”

“I told him you know about us... Me and him” She said after a pause.


“He asked if you were mad. I told him what you said. He asked if you were mad at him and I told him what you said about fucking the most beautiful girl in school. Then I accused him of fucking someone else ‘cause that couldn’t be me.” She teased.

I laughed “What did he say”

She paused, giggled a little and said softly “He said you were right about that.”

“Okay, but tell me the other stuff.” I said

“What other stuff?” she teased again.

“Lauren, tell me about the sex. Every Detail.” I demanded.

There was a long pause and I could hear her breathing kind of hard on the other end. I just listened.

“I went over to his house. Both his parents work so nobody is home in the afternoons. We went right up to his room and we both got undressed. He pushed me down on the bed and went right at my pussy and licked and sucked my clit until I came. That’s how we usually do it. Just sort of get right down to business. Then I told him I had to tell him something, and I told him that you knew. And I told him all that stuff I just said.”

“After I told him he sat there looking at me for a few moments while I stroked his dick and he said that was really hot”.

“Then he pulled me over on top of him in a sixty-nine and started eating my pussy again so of course I started sucking his dick and we did that until we both came. First him, then me again.”

“Did you swallow it?” I asked, now stroking my own dick.

“Of course.” She said simply. “Then we talked about you some more and he made me tell him all about the last time, when you found out about us… me and him I mean. And I told him how you just put it in all the way and I couldn’t get enough of you and I squirted all over the place because we were both so turned on.”

“That got him going and he rolled me over on my stomach and pulled my hips up and just started banging away at me from behind. Unngh… I was reaching under and rubbing my clit with one hand and his balls with the other but that started making my neck hurt so I let go of his balls to keep myself up and it took about twenty seconds for me to have a pretty good orgasm. Ummmphh… But even though I was begging him to stop he just pushed be down on the mattress and kept pounding at my pussy hard until he pulled out, jumped over to the side and came all over my face.”

“Oh my god I was still orgasming and my whole insides were shaking and twitching Aaaaaagh… so hard I couldn’t control it. It took me a couple of minutes to calm down and breathe regular again.”

“Even after I calmed down I just lay there with cum all over my face thinking about fucking Tom while I was talking about… unh, unhhhh, aaahhhhhmmmph… you! Oh my god!”

I listened as Lauren had an orgasm on the other end of the line and stroked my dick faster until I too let loose several good squirts all over my chest and stomach.

“I love you.” Was all I could say.

“I love you too.” She said softly. “G’night.” And she hung up.


Everything was different now. We had phone sex almost as much as we had real sex just from talking about her other real sex. She told me every detail about having sex with Tom and she told him every detail about having sex with me.

I saw Tom at school that next day after her confession to me. We made eye contact and exchanged a high five as we passed in the hall. It was strange. This guy was fucking my girlfriend and I as not only fine with it, I loved the thought of it. We hadn’t really been close friends, but he was a completely different guy to me now. Interesting.

Lauren told me that Tuesdays after school had been their usual hookup day when I had practice and during the summer or holiday breaks it was whenever she could work it into her schedule, at least I found out that she had never put me off to fuck Tom. I was her first priority and Tom knew and accepted that.

Besides fucking at almost any opportunity, we also did a lot of real dating. We doubled with other couples, went to the movies, got ice cream or dinner, went hiking in the woods, which admittedly sometimes also a little extracurricular cardio exercise.

By now it was just a common thing between us. Lauren and I would make love, sometimes she would spice it up with blow by blow descriptions of her exploits with Tom, sometimes we made slow, passionate love with no mention of Tom and it was accepted that She was fucking Tom sometimes and making love to me, as her regular boyfriend.

And it was all good.

May rolled around and my birthday was coming up. Lauren asked me what we should do to celebrate. I told her that anything we did, if it included her was perfectly fine with me. My mom and dad of course put together a birthday dinner and invited Lauren and dad grilled steaks and mom made a dark chocolate birthday cake. Mom and Dad gave me a new iPhone and Lauren gave me a twenty-dollar gift card to Apple Music. She said we were going to listen to it together anyway and there were a few tunes she wanted to download. She stayed late that night and we made popcorn and watched a couple of movies with the family.

When I drove her home, I got a nice blow job and a peck on the cheek as she jumped out of the car and said, “Pick me up at eight tomorrow morning and wear your hiking clothes.” She ran off into her house with a little backward glance and a wave as she closed the door behind her. I wiped a little smear of cum off my face that she had left there with her kiss and drove home, happy but very curious indeed.

I pulled up in front of her house at eight sharp and she came bouncing out the front door with two bulky back packs before I could even get the door open. “Let’s go!” she smiled as she threw the packs in the back, leaned over and gave me a kiss, then buckled up.

So, I started driving. “Where to, ma’am?” I asked a bit sarcastically.

“Henderson Peak Trail head.” she said smiling, without another word.

It was about a forty-five-minute drive from her house and she was strangely quite the whole time. I asked her questions and she either didn’t answer or gave me cryptic one syllable answers. So, I played along and just drove.

I pulled into the Trail Head lot and parked. There were a couple of other cars already there and one couple gearing up for an obvious multiple day camping trip but nobody else in sight. Lauren pulled the two backpacks out of the car and handed me one. It was moderately heavy, but not too bad. “Can I ask what’s in these?” I said.

“Picnic.” Was all she said and started up the trail.

She led, I followed and every time she looked back at me there was a huge mischievous smile on her face. We walked for nearly an hour and a half, well past the normal tourist day hike overlooks but not as far as the back-country camping areas. At one point we stopped to rest where a small stream crossed the path and drank some cold mountain water while she just smiled at me.

When she finally got up, instead of continuing up the beaten path she headed up the side of the stream where a barely visible game trail marked her way. I knew better than to ask. So, I hoisted up my pack and followed.

It was a rougher and steeper climb than on the trail and we had to fight our way through brush and over fallen logs, or scramble over large boulders. As she climbed a over a tumble of boulders ahead of me I looked up noticed that she seemed to have sat on a wet spot by the stream while we rested. There was a large dark spot all across both butt cheeks.

After about thirty minutes, we crested a shallow rise that opened up onto a small grassy meadow. Not really a meadow, but a grassy spot about forty or fifty feet across in a nice little shaded area with a deep pool on the left side which emptied down the hill we had just climbed, a sheer rock slab upstream over which the stream tumbled into the pool, a thick grove of pine trees and brambles on the right and the small ridge we just came over on the downstream side. It was isolated, beautiful and highly unlikely that anyone would chance upon it.

“We’re here!” Lauren announced cheerfully. She shrugged of her backpack and knelt to un-zip it. She pulled out a quilted comforter and spread it out on the grass and motioned for me to open my pack. I dropped it on the comforter next to her pack and she pulled out a pretty impressive feast. She had cold fried chicken, coleslaw, some rolls and potato salad. There were sodas in a small insulated lunch case with ice, a vegetable tray with ranch and blue cheese dips and the leftover half of my chocolate birthday cake from last night. I have no idea how she got that out of the house. I didn’t see it when I took her home.

“Today is my special birthday gift just for you.” She smiled and then to my shock, surprise and delight she untied her hiking boots, pulled off her socks, pulled her sweatshirt over her head, reveling that she wore no bra, then peeled off her jeans reveling that she wore no underwear. “By the way, did I mention this is a no clothing zone? Strip mister!”

AS I began to undress, she stood switching from foot to foot, staring at me tweaking one nipple with her left hand and actively rubbing between her legs with her right. That’s when I noticed the moisture literally running down the inside of her thighs and I realized that the large damp spot on her jeans had not come from a mountain stream

As soon as I shrugged out of my jeans she dropped to her knees on the comforter in front of me, peeled down my boxers and took hold of my now, very hard cock with both hands and stroked it gently. Then she leaned in and kissed it softly on the tip, licking the good size drop of pre-cum and humming in delight. She wrapped her lips softly around the head and sucked lightly, then leaned forward and for the first time ever, she held her breath and took my entire shaft all the way down to the balls. I almost came right there, she had never deep throated me before. In fact, nobody had ever deep throated me before and she didn’t even gag on it, simply looked up at me with a smile in her eyes as she moved back and forth from the tip to the balls.

I was stunned into silence as my legs quivered while I absorbed this whole new sensation. I closed my eyes and simply let it take over my consciousness. She pulled back and began to stroke me in earnest with one hand while she sucked the tip, and vigorously rubbed her pussy with the other. She switched between shallow suck and deep throat and back and at one point with my cock all the way in she stopped, tensed and had a shuddering orgasm on her hand, then pulled back and resumed sucking and deep throating me until at last, when I was balls deep in her throat, I grunted, tensed and came hard. She never even stopped, just took it all without so much as a drop escaping her mouth, then leaned back and said “Happy Birthday! Let’s eat!”

She sat back on the comforter and started serving out the food on paper plates and poured soda over ice in plastic cups. When I dropped a dollop of coleslaw and it landed on my cock, she bent over and licked it clean and sat back and smiled. We sat there and ate, and talked, and laughed, and had a very easy, natural good time just being together, sitting on a blanket in the shade, in the open air, naked and free. When we’d had our fill, Lauren packed up the leftovers, the soda cans and plastic cups. She put the dirty plates in a zip lock bag and packed it all back into the back pack it had come from.

When she was finished she pulled me backwards onto the comforter, spread her legs and guided my face down between them. “It’s my turn mister, I can’t wait any longer” she said breathlessly.

I put my hands under her tight little ass cheeks and lifted her to my face. I gently kissed her thighs up one and down the other. I brushed lightly over her labia as I passed and she sucked in her breath, but I refused to linger there, and I moved up near her bellybutton and kissed my way down but passed the important parts again and she grabbed my head and pushed me down to the preferred target. I relented and licked up her crack from just above her asshole, up her vagina and over her clit before moving back down and repeating the motion.

This time I stopped over her clit and sucked on it hard, eliciting a deep gasp. I sucked it, licked it, flicked my tongue over it and generally played with it vigorously. I inserted my two middle fingers and hooked them up into her G-spot and wiggled them inside. Between that and my tongue on her clit it took only eight or ten minutes to give her a body clinching, muscle spasming orgasm.

I crawled up beside her and lay down. She was panting, and her heart was racing as she slowly returned to a normal state of being. As soon as she did, she jumped up, sprinted the five or six steps to the pool and leapt in. She popped up in the middle of the pool and waved me to follow. I got up and ran into the pool.


It was ice water, mind numbing, skin stinging, muscle aching, hypothermia, ice cold! Lauren kicked over to me and wrapped her arms and legs around me pressing her crotch into mine and her tits into my chest. Well, that was warmer, but my dick was struggling between disappearing up into my stomach or trying to respond to a warm patch of soft curly hair pressing against it.

Her nipples were solid little stones and tiny little goosebumps had sprouted all over her arms and chest, but she was playing water nymph and was accepting the cold like a champ. She had a pussy, but I was being a pussy… I had to get out. I walked her out of the pool, her arms and legs still wrapped around me and headed over to the comforter.

Before I stepped onto it she let go and landed on her feet in the grass. “Wait, don’t get the bed spread wet!” she Warned me. She reached into the pack that the comforter had come from and pulled out two fluffy beach towels. Apparently, she had this all well planned.

She reached over and dried me off carefully, paying special attentions to my now one-inch dick, warming it sufficiently until it regained its normal size. Then she dried herself off and took me by the hand, leading me back to the blanket.

She lay down on the blanket and pulled me down. She wrapped herself around me and simply started making out with me. She kissed and hugged me, embraced me and rubbed her body over mine. We dry humped, I fingered her, she stroked my dick and we kissed passionately. I pinched her nipples and she moaned in my arms, I fingered her clit and randomly inserted a finger or two, then cupped her mound.

She caressed my balls and played with my swollen head. We rolled over changing positions, me on top, then her. Finally, after some more dry humping, well not really dry because we ere both leaking copious amounts of fluids by now, she finally directed me inside her and we truly began to make love, savoring every sensation, feeling every touch.

Lauren wrapped her legs around my waist, pressing my ass with her heels to push me in deeper. She grasped at my shoulders and back and moaned unashamed in the open forest.

I rolled her over, and pulled her to her knees and slid the end of my dick up and down her slit causing her to moan loudly and as I passed the entrance to her pussy for about the fifth time, she suddenly pushed back plunging me deep inside and began to rock on her knees moaning and breathing heavily. In just a few more thrusts she stopped, clenched and had a nice little body shaking orgasm.

She pulled away from me, pushed me onto my back, took my dick in her mouth and proceeded to deep throat me again.

“Where did you learn that?” I asked her. “You’ve never done that before. To me anyway.”

She looked up. “Promise you won’t be mad?”

“Why should I get mad?” I asked.

“Tom.” She said shyly.


“I asked him to help me learn how to do it for you… so I could do it for your birthday.” She said shyly “Happy Birthday.” She said again and bent down to continue the task.

I was in no state of mind to question or react. What she was doing was simply too mind blowing to leave room for anything else. When she felt my balls tense up and by dick find that final total hardness, she pressed down deeply and again swallowed every drop, letting nothing go to waste.

She lay down next to me and lightly stroked my dick. We may have drifted off to sleep for a bit, I’m not sure but I was suddenly aware that her lips were again wrapped around my dick and I was ready for another round.

When she saw I was alert, she climbed up on top of me and began to slide her wet pussy along my shaft. She was in a trance, eyes staring off into the forest, sliding back and forth until finally she raised up on her knees, lifted my dick, aimed it at her pussy, and lowered herself slowly down on top of me.

She began to slide up and down from the tip to the root, as deep as she could go. Reaching back, she cupped my balls with one hand and with the other she flittered her fingers over her clit. She twirled her hips around in little circles. She rocked them back and forth then side to side, all the while staring out into the forest with a huge smile on her face. She leaned back, bending my dick downward and watched it move in and out of her delicious pussy.

She lay down tits to chest, kissed me and pushed back and forth pressing me in as deep as she could get it. At one point she looked up over my head, then back down at me and smiled a huge grin, then looked back up at the forest. I tried to turn my head and look at what she saw but she turned my head and leaned down and kissed me deeply exploring my mouth with her tongue while she massaged my dick with her pussy.

“What are you so happy about?” I asked her.

“Mmmm… nothing” she said and looked up again and grinned.

She kissed me deeply and started rocking harder and faster. She pulled my hand to her breast and I cupped it and pulled her up to take her nipple in my mouth. She moaned into my ear and quickened her pace. She sat up and began bouncing fast like a jack hammer until I finally could take no more and erupted for the third time today, pulse after pulse and when she felt it, she came again hard, shaking and shuddering and this time letting out a scream that probably scared the wildlife away for a mile around.

When she finished, she rolled off of me, lay down on her back next to me and held my hand. Turning her head over to me she looked me in the eyes and smiled a huge smile and said one more time “Happy Birthday.”

“Wow, thank you. I love you, I don’t think this day could get any better.” I smiled back.

“Oh, I don’t know.” She smiled, then looked up over her head towards the forest again. At that moment I heard a rustling in the grass. I looked up and nearly sat bolt upright in surprise, but Lauren pushed me back down as Tom, fully naked, knelt down over Lauren who without a word spread her knees so that he could press his fully erect very impressive thick and probably eight or nine-inch dick all the way into Lauren’s wet and ready pussy as she let out a soft sigh of pleasure.

I was in shock as she lay there grabbed my hand, her head turned to the side and looked directly into my eyes with a huge smile not only on her lips but also clearly in her eyes. “This… ung.. is ..uhh. for unghh you Ahhhhhgh” She grunted between Tom’s hard thrusts. She let go of my hand and grabbed my already fully erect cock.

To say I was surprised was an understatement. Suddenly there was an intruder in our very intimate outing who was at the same time unwelcome, yet welcome and actually fulfilling a fantasy I only now fully realized I had.

Lauren had described in detail she and Tom having sex. We had been talking about Lauren and Tom having sex. She had detailed it while we made love. But the change from a mental image to the real thing was a shock, although as I watched her get drilled by that huge cock and watched her look at me with that adoring, trusting, loving look in her eyes, it almost made me cream just at the thought.

After awhile her head began to bounce up and down like she was nodding an affirmation as he pounded harder and faster. Her eyes closed but each time they reopened staring me right in the eyes. Her breathing quickened and she grunted with each trust. Her eyes flickered open and closed still looking at me but finally rolled back in her head and she screamed again as Tom thrust hard four or five times giving her another large load to join mine already in there. He pulled out, and lay down on the other side of her the two of them breathing hard.

I didn’t know what to say. That was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Porn had nothing on this. Two strangers fucking on film was hot, but two people you know, fucking live right in front of you is totally 3D amazing, and ‘holy shit HOT!’

After they rested for a few minutes Lauren got up, bent over Tom and began sucking his dick while reaching behind her and stroking mine. I watched for a moment as it seemed there was no way she could even get her lips around that monster, but whatever practice they had done preparing her for me apparently had been well learned. She deep throated him like a porn star. She could not quite get it all in but still with only an inch or so to spare it was impressive. I became fascinated watching her throat swell each time she went down.

Her ass was in the air to my side, so leaned over to lick her slit but something about all of that sticky male and female cum combo leaking out and dripping down her legs didn’t seem to promote any oral exploration. So, I pressed in two fingers which slid in easily and rubbed her clit with my thumb.

She was actively bobbing her head up and down on Tom’s dick and I was in a live porn scene with my girlfriend and her ex. I pulled up on my knees and started fucking her from behind. I settled into the same rhythm as she had going with her mouth and soon we were all rocking in properly synchronized.

I was happily sliding in and out of her when she pulled away from me, straddled Tom’s legs, one leg to get above his cock and slid it neatly inside as she lowered herself down where mine had just been. I won’t say I wasn’t disappointed at being so unceremoniously abandoned like that but just then, she reached between her legs, got a good dollop of the fluids coating her thigs and reached around to smear it on her ass. She rubbed a finger around and inserted it in her little brown hole coating it with the lubricating liquids, then turned and looked at me in a clear invitation.

She stopped rocking on Tom’s dick and spread her cheeks apart with both hands. This was new territory for me. Neither Lauren or any of my previous girlfriends had ever let me, much less invited me to have anal sex. And of course, never while fucking somebody else at the same time. But I’d watched enough porn to understand the physics of Double Penetration, so I planted my knees on either side of Tom’s legs and pressed the head of my dick against Lauren’s back door and pushed gently.

She pulled her cheeks apart further and I began to press in short little thrusts. There was plenty of slick sticky goo around her pussy, so I rubbed my dick around in it and pressed it up against her ass again. This time after a little rocking back and forth and a little wriggling, the head popped in and I felt her sphincter close around the shaft. I pressed a little harder and I slipped in easily. Lauren moaned. It might have been pleasure or pain, I couldn’t tell which.

I held still for a moment and Lauren started to push backwards into me. It was incredibly tight, but she was pushing her ass back insistently and I was finally all the way in to my balls. Which brought about another realization, that while my dick was in this fantasy come true fuck scene with my girlfriend, my balls were rubbing against another guys balls.

It gave me a bit of a shudder, but given the situation I determined to ignore the weird and enjoy the sublime. It took us a little bit of trial and error, but it wasn’t long before Lauren was moaning and shaking at the feeling of the rhythm of a cock in both holes. She was in apparent ecstasy and I was so turned on I could barely stand it.

Lauren was rocking back and forth, I was sliding out and back in to the root, Tom was doing the same and the pure thrill of it caused me to explode one more time flooding Lauren’s bowels with the last load of cum I figured I could muster that day.

Lauren felt it and tensed up so hard it hurt my dick. I gave another few finishing thrusts, pulled out and watched creamy white liquid seep down her crack and coat Tom’s balls. Without me pinning them down, Tom began to pump harder and faster and Lauren arched her back, dug her nails into his chest and let out another game clearing scream. She shuddered violently and began to shake and gasp as Tom surged stream after stream in spasmodic thrusts into my girlfriend’s pussy. Lauren collapsed onto Tom’s chest, breathing hard and emitting little mews and whimpers. My dick was still hard. I hadn’t been this hard for this long since I was a middle school kid sneaking looks at porn on my dad’s computer.

Lauren’s vital signs finally returned to normal and she rolled over and gave me a huge smile and a deep sensual kiss. When she did, I realized that even though Tom had fucked her good and hard twice, she had never kissed him. Not even once. It gave me a little shiver of satisfaction that I never mentioned, but just kept quietly to myself.

“Happy Birthday.” She said one more time as she got up and walked slowly this time down to the pool and just waded in until she could dunk her head under then tossed her hair over her head, sending a rainbow spray into the sunlight streaming down. I could tell she was rubbing her pussy, getting all the goo off and pressing her fingers up inside to rinse herself out. Then she reached behind herself doing the same to her ass.

“How long have you two been planning this” I asked to the air as I watched Lauren bathe.

“Couple of weeks.” Tom replied shortly.

“And the deep throat lessons?” I asked.

“Her idea.” He said. “Always wanted her to try it but she wouldn’t. All the way back when we were a couple. ‘Bout a month ago she said she wanted to. Asked her why all of a sudden and she said for your birthday. Can’t say I wasn’t happy to oblige. Guess that worked out for both of us. But she did it for you.”

“Hmmm…” I said taking that in. “And this little excursion today?”

“Her idea too.” He said. “When she let it slip the we were still fucking, she was real worried that you would be pissed and break up with her. When she found out it made you hot, she started wondering if she could get a threesome together. She was real nervous, but also excited about it.”

“Never mentioned it to me.” I told him. “Big surprise today seeing you standing there naked and hard all ready to go like that. Had some mixed feelings but when she looked at me that way and you went down and just started going at it, I nearly came in my pants. Well, I didn’t really have pants on, but you know…” I trailed off.

“How long were you there?” I asked.

“Came up to the pool just as you guys were getting out. Waited just over the rise while you guys went at it. Hot as hell. I Came twice in my hand just watching you. Good thing though, made me last a lot longer with Lauren than I would have. Said she wanted to fuck you good and not to come ‘til she gave me a nod. So I had to wait over there for that whole time. Also told me she wanted you to fuck her ass. Even planned how to set it up. Won’t let me do it. She’s a little afraid. No offense.”

“None taken.” I assured him.

“How did you find this place?” I asked realizing at once that they both had to know about it in advance.

“My brothers and I used to hike these woods all the time. Always looking for out of the way places to explore. Used to hike up here and swim in the summertime. Bring our girlfriends up here. Brought Lauren up here a few times when we were a couple. Not worth the drive for a buddy fuck though. I told her you two could have it.” He said “It’s a real nice place. Haven’t been up here ‘till now since we broke up.”

Lauren came up out of the pool just then and shook her hair mischievously at us getting us both wet, then screamed and laughed as we both leapt up and chased her back into the stream. I tackled her just as she hit the edge of the pool and we both tumbled in over our heads with Tom right behind us. We came up sputtering with my arms around her, but she wiggled away, and Tom grabbed her from behind and held her around the arms and waist as I came up facing them.

Lauren was struggling but giggling the whole time and Tom raised his hands up and cupped both of her breasts while holding her arms town at her sides with his elbows. I moved up close and kissed her while at the same time reaching down and cupping my hand over her mound, which was surprisingly warm in the icy water. I inserted a finger and she immediately stopped struggling. She lay her head back on Tom’s shoulder and moaned “Guys, I don’t know If I can take this again.”

“Well, let’s find out.” I said as I pressed in a second finger and pressed the palm of my hand against her clit.

She moaned again. Her hand moved over and grabbed hold of my dick. Despite the cold it was ready, willing and able. She started stroking it while I pressed on her pussy and Tom massaged her breasts.

I felt Tom’s dick pushing through between her legs and she reached down with her other hand and stroked him as well. Then she leaned in towards me, raised her rear end and guided Tom into her pussy once again.

She bounced on it for a few minutes then started duck walking, towards the shore, never letting Tom slip from inside her and pulling me along by the dick. She pushed me backwards up onto a low rock slab that was just a couple inches above the water, bent down and commenced to give me the third deep throat blow job of my life. Damn, this girl was insatiable.

Tom came first, squirting a last meager stream of semen into her and pulled out, so she climbed up on the rock and lowered her sopping pussy down onto my cock and rode me like that while Tom played with her breasts until I came again, two or three last hurrah shots then I had to finger her and lick her pussy until she had a tiny little body shaking final orgasm.

We dried off, got dressed, packed up everything and headed down the trail. Thurns out she had also packed flashlights knowing that we probably wouldn’t make the trail head before dark. Girl was smart too.

Nobody spoke until we made the main trail and Lauren sighed and said somewhat wistfully, “That was a really awesome day guys. I really loved it and I am dead worn out.”

“Me too.” I said.

“Yeah.” Tom replied.

“Hey Tom!” Lauren called. Are you fucking anyone else besides me?”

“Ummm… yea,” he said haltingly looking sideways at her.

“Don’t look at me that way buddy.” She scolded him “You’re not my boyfriend, you can fuck anyone you want as long as you save that big dick for me now and then.” She teased him, “Who is it?” she asked.

“Um, Jenny McKee.” He stammered.

“That red head Chess Club Geek?” I asked, not believing she was his type.

“Yeah, her.” He said with a defensive tone. “Apparently your girlfriend here bragged about my Johnson to her. She came to me and asked if I would fuck her. Just like that. Walked up to me in the hall and said ‘Hey Tom, now that you’re not dating Lauren anymore would you wanna fuck me?’ Damn forward girl. But really, take off those glasses and her clothes and she’s a hot bodied insatiable fuck.”

“Cool.” Said Lauren. “Bring her along next time!” and she strode off down the trail.

Next time?

Tom and I looked at each other in stunned silence, then we both turned and ran down the trail to catch up with her.

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Lauren's Fuck Buddy

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