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  1. Church Camp: Part One
  2. Church Camp: Part Two

Church Camp: Part Two

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Young

Author: Twojunkster

Published: 17 January 2018

  • Font:

Wednesday had passed about the same as Tuesday. I stopped the boys as they tried to get into trouble. The girls practiced their flirting on the male chaperones, who found it cute and funny to play along.

I swam and dunked the kids. The boys got into it this time and a wrestling match got going. After the wrestling match I sat on the beach, stunned, watching Katey walk off to her friends; brushing the sand off her backside.


Katey had gone under the water behind me. She was going to attempt to grab behind my knees to put me off balance. Somehow she got turned around and as my legs flew out from under me she grabbed my right calf and held it against her back. I noticed the smoothness I felt since she was wearing her green backless suit, but had little time to appreciate it as other things drew my attention.

The first were her budding breasts. As she was standing up on the sandy pond bottom her back was arched pushing her chest against my ass. I felt hard little pinpoints shifting underneath my swimsuit. I probably would have gotten the largest boner... Since groping her sister Alli the day before. But before that could happen something else drew my attention from the pleasures of this little girls body pressed against mine.

Someone rammed into Katey pushing her forward and into my crotch. Her face went straight into the goods, her nose pushing straight in-between my balls and crushing one against her cheek. My mostly limp but slightly elongated dick flopped across the right side of her face poking her in the eye.

I gasped and choked out a desperate plea for everyone to stop. I curled up as quickly as possible. Pushing the nubile girl away from my penis I breathlessly asked her if she was ok. She looked stunned and seemed to be trying to catch her breath.

The life guard that day was not Jessi. Instead Charlie came over and asked if everyone was ok. I told him the jewels had been crushed but that I thought everyone was ok. He chuckled at my pain and walked away telling us to holler if we needed help.

I crawled up onto the beach and sat down. I curled my back and spread my legs trying to give the boys a little room. I motioned Katey over to me. "Are you okay little girl?" I asked her using my nickname for the petite teen. She gave me that half glare she always did when I call her that and said she was fine. "You seem a little out of it. Do you want Charlie to make sure?" Her eyes shot open as she replied, vehemently saying "No! I'm fine. I... I just..." She started to blush. I could tell she wanted to apologize for smashing my balls but was too embarrassed to say it out loud. Between breaths I reassured her. " Its okay Katey. I'll be fine. It hurts but I've dealt with getting hit in the balls before... Although never by someone's face." I put on my brotherly smile as she blushed even more. "I'm actually worried about you more than me. Not that you are hurt..." She shifted her body bringing her legs up to protect her from what she knew I'd say next. " I'm more worried that you might be emotionally scarred from having your face pushed into your youth leaders crotch." I tried to say it nonchalantly in attempts to lessen the blow emotionally. She hunched her shoulders and glanced down and away from me but said " I'm fine. I just never expected it to happen like that." "Yeah, me neither." " No I don't mean the wres....nevermind." She hunched over even more, resting her forehead on her knees.

I was feeling better now so I sat Indian style and scooted closer to her. I rested my arm on her shoulder, patting her soft back. Trying to comfort her I said " You can tell me whatever you need to. No matter what you say I'll always care about you and be here for you. You got that?" She moved her hair from her face as she rested her chin between her knees. Her face, dripping with water she turned her eyes to look up into mine and she says "I know."


My heart stops.

For the first time I see lust emanating from her deep brown eyes piercing into me. It's a revelation. She doesn't just have a childhood crush, she wants to get me fired. She glances down and I automatically follow her gaze. She looks back at my face and smirks as she sees that I spotted her little titty exposed to my view. She has arched her back while keeping her head and arms on her knees. This let her too-small swimsuit fall away from her chest as the strap hangs down her left arm.

She readjusts her suit as she stands up. She then leans down to whisper in my ear and, this time, exposes all but the nipples of her breasts to me as she says "I don't want to say this but I'll try to mean it. Have fun with Jessi tomorrow." Standing up straight and, I can only assume, showing off her body; Katey straightens her swimsuit, smoothing it out as she runs her hands down her sides then walks off cleaning the sand from and jiggling her small round bum as she goes.

Stunned I bring my knees up and try not to get an erection as the past few minutes loop through my head. Finally its time to go eat. As we head back many of the kids ask if I'm alright. I assure them in fine and thank them for asking.

Katey comes up to me and asks if we can walk a bit behind. I say sure, thinking she wants to apologize. Instead she sidles up and underneath my arm. I almost push her away but decide not to as she needs to know I'm not going to abandon her. "Besides" I think "she does have her towel wrapped around her." In the back of my mind I know it'll be an issue later, but right now she needs assurance.

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Church Camp: Part Two

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