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A big hot cock

Categories True Story, Asian, Consensual Sex, Interracial

Author: Andy Hall

Published: 21 January 2018

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I went down to Studio 466 on a Monday. I’d taken half a Viagra and hydrated. I got hard on the way down thinking about asking the madam which girl has the tightest pussy. I’m wearing trunks and my erection extends out of the opening and rubs against the inside of my jeans.

The panel beating shops are closed today and the streets are quieter than usual. The madam opens the back door and invites me in. Julia peeps out from under the curtain as I pass the staff room. She smiles and I smile back and say hello.

After I sit down in the waiting room, the madam comes in and says that all the girls are busy and I should come back in half an hour. Then she disappears. I’m not sure what to do. The girls are clearly not busy and I've never been treated like this before. The madam comes back a minute later.

“You need to come back in half an hour, please.” I get up and pass her as she stops at the curtain. “Two girls here, but you want new girl.”

“I’m happy to go with a girl I’ve been with before.”

“No. They see you before. New girl for you. Half an hour.” There is a strained look in her face. She’s not happy. Either with me or the girls, I’m not sure which.

I walk out the back door and put my sunnies back on. I’m a bit miffed and the chubby is gone.

“Why won't Julia see me? Did she not like me saying I wanted to fill her cunt with my cum? Did she not like me sticking my thumb in her anus while I fucked her? Then I wonder who the second girl was. Was it Ivy or Pinky? Complaining that my cock is too big and I hurt them by going too deep?

My self-esteem starts to recover as I convince myself that I’ve been black banned for having a cock that’s too big. But I’m still a bit insulted at the treatment. I certainly won’t be going back in half an hour.

I end up at Melbourne Colosseum. There is no one at reception and I have to wait for the madam to come back and let me in. She always greets me in a sullen way. There is recognition, but no friendliness.

The first girl to come out says her name is Nana. I repeat it, uncertainly. Not a particularly fitting name for a whore. She looks elegant and tall and mature. As she walks away she has a big shapely ass that wobbles and is dimpled with cellulite. My cock twitches into action again to let me know that doggy fucking Nana would be OK with him. He doesn’t give a shit about wobbles and dimples.

The next girl doesn’t really look Asian. She could be Turkish or Andalusian. She wears white lingerie that glows in the ultraviolet light from behind the bar. She has a big rack of perfect tits. She is tall and elegant and pretty. Her eyes look odd, but in a way that make her look less Asian.

“Hi. I’m CK.”

I get harder and I can feel my cock leaking against my thigh in a way that says, “lock in CK!”

I wait and wonder if there are only two. Then there is a flicker behind the curtain. A Korean girl with a henna rinse steps forward and introduces herself as Yumi. I search her face and inspect her body as she leaves, but she is not my Yumi from the threesome with Lily. Even if she was, CK has loads more sex appeal.

I wait again. There is more movement, but it is Yumi at the bar. Then the door opens behind me and I worry that another punter will disrupt my choice. But it’s just a couple of girls carrying bags of food for lunch.

The madam’s face appears at the counter and I go up.


“How long for?”

“Thirty minutes.”

“One twenty, preeze.”

“There’s one thirty.”

I get my change and the madam actually smiles at me as she tells me to wait at the bar. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen her smile.”

I wait at the bar and CK comes out of the staff room. She doesn't look so tall when I'm standing beside her.

“How’s your day been?” She speaks English very well. There is barely any accent.

“Good, thanks. How about you?”

She laughs. “Mine is only just starting.”

She is wearing a Brazilian thong and I watch her ass carefully as she climbs the stairs. She climbs with slow, dignified steps. A voice in my head says, “I’m gonna hold that lovely arse while I fuck you, no matter how dignified you are.”

She shows me into room 3 and asks me to shower. All the coins spill out of my pocket when I go to put my jeans on the shelf. The chubby is poking out of my trunks.

I shower and dry and she invites me to lie on the bed. She has not taken off her clothes yet. She has a lovely waist with a jewelled piercing in her belly button. The padded bra is textured with diamond shaped waffles and pushes up her lovely big tits. I run my hand over her waist and arse.

“You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She smiles in appreciation. She is touching my cock gently, holding the head between her thumb and forefinger. She wipes me with antiseptic wipes and tells me she’s from Thailand.

I’m intrigued that she is leaving her underwear on. It is sexy underwear and she looks fabulous in it. My cock starts to fill.

“Maybe you want to see these?” She unhooks her bra and reveals a lovely pair of augmented C-cup tits, with big black hard nipples. They are little cylinders, each like the blunt end of a pencil, nearly a centimetre long. I've never seen anything like them. They are perfect nipples, to be quite honest.

I feel her right nipple with my left hand. I roll the firm little cylinder between my thumb and forefinger.

“Do you like them?” She smiles at me and raises her eyebrows.

“Yes, I do,” I say, slightly in awe. “They are so big and hard.” Meanwhile my cock is throbbing to full size in her hands.

“Yes, I have big nipples. And you have a big cock!”

“Thank you.” I’ve never thanked a girl before for telling me I have a big cock. I always thought the other girls were fluffing me. But with CK, it’s different. She sounds genuinely impressed. Like having a big cock is a good thing.

She puts a condom on me and starts sucking on my bulging head. I keep pulling on her nipples and twist them gently. She only sucks for about a minute. I have filled the condom to bursting point. She stops to swap it out for a larger one.

“Can you get on top of me, baby? Is that OK?” I nod. “Thanks, baby. I want you to fuck me with that big cock.”


We swap places and she lets me guide myself in.

“Let me feel that big cock,” she continues, and she thrusts her chin forward defiantly. She is provoking me deliberately and I want to jam my erection deep into her pussy. But the new condom catches a little at the start, so I don’t go in smoothly. I pull back and thrust in deeper and deeper. I am growing by the second. The defiance changes to a slightly worried look, as if I am getting bigger and going deeper than she expected. I keep pushing into her because she kept talking about my big cock and I want to give it to her.

CK keeps her eyes open and looks meaningfully into mine. She has odd-looking eyes, like Shae Summers or Angel Dark. Not cross-eyed, but giving that impression. But despite that, she is gorgeous and sexy. I want to kiss her. I lean down and put my right arm under her shoulder and I cradle her head in my left hand. She gasps as I keep grinding into her. I’m not going to kiss her, but I hold my mouth very close to her cheek and her right ear and I breath heavily and moan deeply as I fuck her slowly. My weight is resting on her, and her boobs are squashed against my chest. I can feel those pencil nipples poking into my skin.

After a few minutes of that I hoist myself back up. I try to sit back on my heels and put her legs together, but she won't put her ankles on my shoulders and so I get back into a gorilla missionary with my fists under her armpits and my forearms against the side of her lovely soft boobs. I pull all the way out. She clutches my arms and hisses a sharp intake of breath as if to say, “don’t go!” Then she gasps as I plunge all the way back in. She does not have the popping entrance of Chloe, but I can feel the meaty lips of her labia clinging to the head of my cock as it pauses at her entrance. Her eyes search mine uncertainly during each slow stroke as if she is wondering when it will end. And then she keeps gasping as if the end of each stroke surprises her. I must say I enjoy watching her reaction and teasing her in this way. And of course that only makes me get bigger and the strokes get longer and slower.

Finally, I ask to change positions. “Doggy?” I half expect her to say no. That I am too big to fuck her in doggy. I climb off the bed.

“It’s better to stay on the bed,” she says. She collects both the pillows and arranges them under the sheet to support her hips. Her hips look surprisingly narrow in this position. The pillows squash out her tummy so that her waist does not look as narrow as it should, but the whole scene is fine and she is just propped there waiting for me to take her. So I do.

“There we go,” I say with satisfaction as I half fall on top of her and slip back inside her in the same motion. I lean over her in gorilla pose and hump her in a way that is more prone bone than doggy. Her thighs stop me from going in too deep.

I grab her hips at the side. My fingers curl around the front of her and I almost pull her back into me as I thrust. She feels nice and I can see the length of my cock sliding all the way out, but only going about two thirds of the way in.

Two thirds is not enough to satisfy my urges and my hips start thrusting, harder and harder, in a primal frenzy to get deeper inside her.

I have that heady feeling of rutting a woman with abandon. Her firm arse and the pillows absorb the pounding and she just grunts quietly.

“I’m going to come, CK.” It is almost too soon to speak. The orgasm has only just started to build, but the words and my thrusting take it from there and I am thrashing away at her moments later, throwing my head back and grunting with relief at each stroke.

I give her one last “home thrust” at the end and hold it deep inside her before I pull out and collapse beside her. She is still in position with her head bowed down and buried under her long black hair. She groans a couple of times without moving.

“Are you OK?” I ask.

“Yes. Just hot. Hot from your big cock.” She peers out at me from between strands of hair and puffs one out of her mouth. She gets up as if she is stiff and moves slowly to get a tissue and wraps it around my cock. “Hot from this big hot cock,” she repeats and pulls the condom off. “Do you mind if I shower first?”

“Not at all.” It will be a pleasure to lie here resting and watch her. I roll onto my back. I am more out of breath than I thought, and it takes a while to get my breath back. Her figure is gorgeous, and those boobs and nipples are perfect.

I shower after her and get dressed in silence. She lets me out the back door and I walk back to the office.

On my way back I remember that I'm blacklisted at Studio 466 because my cock is too big for the girls there. But I smile because I've found a girl who appreciates it.

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A big hot cock

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