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a Lucky fuck

Categories True Story, Asian, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Author: Andy Hall

Published: 21 January 2018

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I went out to Silk Lotus after work one Monday. I'd had a good fuck at lunchtime and the Viagra was still burning in my loins and I wanted another shot.

Since I fucked Chloe 7 months ago, I haven’t been here many times. My cock throbs at the possibility that she might be here and I will get to pop in and out of her tight entrance again.

There are cars in the carpark and there is a woman in a car out front. I wonder if she is stalking her husband.

Reception seems empty but then the manager pops his head up from behind the counter and directs me to the waiting room. I need to pee.

The first girl out has big round tits and a big round face. She wears a sheer white dress and tells me her name is Mani. She’s not great, but she would do.

The next girl is slim with broad hips and looks Thai. She has a cheeky grin with a bumpy nose and crooked teeth. She is cute but not pretty.

“Hi, I’m Lucky.”

She is not one of my previous Lucky fucks, but I like her. She has a great little figure and she knows it. She throws her hips around like Mae West.

I can’t remember the last girl.

The manager comes back and I pay $120 for half an hour with Lucky. I grab a plastic cup of water from the cooler on my way across the foyer.

In the room I undress and shower and pee down my leg. Lucky knocks and comes in while I’m still showering. She brings a towel over for me.

“It’s cold out?” she says, and I assume she’s referring to the fact I’m not hard. But I tug the chubby into shape and he looks decent while I dry. Lucky giggles when I dry my back and my cock swings around in front of me. She has stripped and is waiting on the bed. She moves around impatiently on her knees, like some kid itching for a pillow fight.

When I look at her body she covers herself modestly with her hands and arms and looks shy, but it is a sexy performance that is more playful tease than modesty. She tells me she's from China.

I finish drying and walk over to the bed. Before I can climb on, she is over like a shot, walking on her knees from the middle to the edge. I am standing beside the bed and she presses up to me.

“You very big man.” She is still shorter than me, despite the high bed. She kisses my nipples and I pull at hers. She has small breasts and a large mole on the side of her left breast that feels like another nipple when I caress her. She looks up into my face and kisses me on the lips. Then she stands up. “Very tall man.” She is taller than me now and her nipples are in my face and I kiss and suck them. She looks down at me and smiles and kisses me again. She pulls at my lips with hers and French kisses me in a way that is very intimate and sexy. I don't usually kiss whores. They don't usually want to be kissed. Lucky is a total slut. That worries me and excites me.

After a long lingering kiss she backs away and invites me to lie down. She gives me a cat bath like only the Chinese whores do. The Thai girls kiss you all over but the China girls actually lick you. She sucks on my nipples and I caress her arse.

“You feel gorgeous.”

“Thank you.”

She keeps looking up at me and smiling as if she is really pleased to be with me. Like she can’t believe a guy as handsome as me would chose a girl like her. But her cheeky smile is irresistible and she’s all I want right now.

She moves about quickly and I am excited but not very hard. While she lingers at a nipple I tug my cock. It's leaking precum.

She moves down my body and starts licking my balls and my perineum. I try to relax and enjoy it. Having my balls licked doesn't really do much for me, but she is doing it better than anyone else. She even licks up my shaft. I want her to lick that sliding pearl of precum, but she is careful not to go that far up.

“Big cock,” she says, and gives me that cheeky grin. “You want me to suck it?”

“Ooh yeah.” She reaches for a condom and puts it on masterfully with her pouting lips. She unrolls it with her mouth and swallows me whole in the process. Not that I am fully erect at this stage.

“Big cock,” she repeats, and her face blanches as if swallowing me was not as easy as she made it look. Then she goes back for seconds.

“That’s it. Suck my cock, Lucky.”

After a few more swallows, she examines the condom and takes it off. “You too big for this. I get bigger one for you.” She applies another condom with a kissing pout. “Much better for you, big man.”

She has her hair tied back in a knot and I grab hold of it to push her face down into my pubes. She lets me do it and she inhales my shaft. I am now fully erect and she takes it all. “Good girl!" She gasps for breath with a big “Ahhhhhh!” as she releases my bulging head from her lips.

“You like it? Me good girl to suck all your big cock?” I smile and nod. Then as she deepthroats me again I press her head down that extra centimetre at the end. Oh God that feels good! She lets me do that a few more times.

I'm sure if I wasn't wearing a condom I would have come down her throat there and then.

She moves her ass around so that it is closer to me and I start feeling her pussy lips and running my thumb over her anus as she sucks me off. She has those wide sitting bones that pull her apart and show off her pussy and her anus. Her pussy is dry and I can’t get any access with my left hand. But she lets me touch her anus and I grab her buttock and rest my thumb along her open crack. There is not the noticeable heat from her anus like Tabatha.

I sit up. She is not showing any signs of stopping. “I want to fuck you now, Lucky.” She doesn’t hear me over the slurping noises, but stops and looks up.


“I wanna fuck you.”

“OK.” She sounds a little disappointed. Like she had something else planned. Maybe most guys come in her throat. That wouldn't surprise me. We switch places and she grabs a big splodge of lube. “Need this for big cock” she explains.

It’s so weird. For years, no one commented. And now everyone seems to.

Her eyes are open wide and challenging me. “Go on, fuck me – I dare you!” they seem to say. I slide into her and she grins. Our eyes search each other as we concentrate on the feeling of my cock in her pussy. She is young and tight.

“You’re nice and tight.”

“What?” She doesn’t seem to understand. But she squeezes me again with her tight muscles and I groan. “You like?” She squeezes again. “You feel it?”

“Mmmm.” I withdraw my cock all the way out and the crown of my head catches on her entrance. It is not so much a pop as a crunch. Like a knuckle in a sphincter.

“Ooh!” she seems surprised, like she’s never felt that before. Then she gives me that “Hello, big boy” smile and we keep fucking. She’s showing off her tight pussy muscles and I’m showing off my big cock. She is every bit as tight as Chloe. That cello string tightness.

I jam her as hard as I can. She encourages me and eggs me on.

“Feel gooood. Fuck me!”

“I like fucking you Lucky.” I do. She smiles and pecks at me affectionately with her lips.

I sit back on my heels. She rides her pelvis up onto my lap. She squirms around on my erection like she’s doing reverse cowgirl on her back. She seems to enjoy it and I let her go for it for a while. Then I suggest doggy.

I stand off the bed and she backs up. I press into her with my erection.

“Lower,” she says, worried that I am too close to that big open anus. I pop through that tight pussy entrance and start fucking her. My cock looks nice and thick sliding out of her and I make sure to let her feel the whole length slide slowly out over her entrance. I enjoy that too. She makes noises that give me the impression she’s never felt a cock like mine before.

I can’t resist running my thumb over her anus. It has a slimy feeling that makes me wonder if she is not clean. I sniff my thumb, but there is no smell. It must be lube. Reassured, I press more firmly on her hole with my thumb. It feels wonderful and she doesn’t object. I massage her anus firmly as I fuck her.

“You’ve got a lovely tight little asshole, Lucky.”

“You like?”

“Yes, I do.” Something about her casual tone, her open hole, the amount of lube on it and the way she is letting me fondle it roughly, makes me wonder. “Do you do anal sex?”

“What?” I’ve never had the guts to ask a girl during sex before, and she’s asking me to repeat it! But I’m not put off in the slightest. She is such an enthusiastic whore. Lucky strikes me as the sort of girl who’s up for anything.

“Do you do anal sex?” I tap her hole with my thumb this time.

“Oh. No.” She sounds shocked and embarrassed. Shocked that I asked and maybe embarrassed that I have found the limits of her slutiness.

“That’s OK.” She's not a total slut after all.

I keep fucking her and massaging her anus.

“Look in mirror,” she says. “You fuck me good.” She seems to like the view, but I can’t see it from my position. I don’t really care. She looks good enough from where I’m standing.

I stop playing with her anus and just grab hold of her nice hips. I speed up a bit and really fuck her hard.

“Yes! Fuck me hard!” She is watching us in the mirror and sounds excited. She is almost shouting.

“You want me to come? You want me to pump your tight little cunt full of cum?”


“You’ve got a wonderfully tight cunt, Lucky. I love fucking your tight little cunt.”

I can see her smiling cheerfully as she looks sideways into the mirror as I pound her ass and talk about her tight cunt.

All the dirty talk and her slutty attitude and her neat little body and her tight little cunt finally push me over the edge. She calls out at the start because she knows it’s coming. I give her what she wants. It's what I want too. I give it to her again and again. I keep pumping slowly even after the last drop is gone.

Finally I pull out and she cleans me up. She offers me a massage, but I’m keen to get going. I shower and dry and dress. She gives me a good bye kiss on the lips. She is still smiling as if she can’t believe her luck to get fucked like that by a guy like me.

But it's me who got lucky.

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a Lucky fuck

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