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  1. THE DICKSTER-Private Eye
  2. THE DICKSTER-Part 2
  3. THE DICKSTER-Part 3
  4. THE DICKSTER-Part 4


Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Job/Place-of-work

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 22 January 2018

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A continuation of sprucing up my story threads on this site.


Part One:

A nondescript looking man enters through a door that is barely hanging on its hinges and glances at the receptionist’s desk in vain for a person to inquire of. Any person would do under the circumstances. No one was there. Didn’t even look like the phone was working.

He heard a voice from farther within, “Hey, if anyone is out there just come through the outer office and through the inner door and there you will find me.”

The guy shakes his head and proceeds in as directed to an inner office with a battered desk, one rusty looking file cabinet and not much else. The guy sitting in the chair had obviously seen better days. And this wasn’t one of them. But, he gathered himself up and addressed the rumpled person behind the desk, “Are you Mr. Sterling? Richard Sterling, the Private Investigator?”

“Yes, Mr…………ah, I didn’t get your name.”

“And you won’t either, it is already mine. Okay, sorry for the lame humor. I will choose to be anonymous for the time being.”

“That will make it difficult to do business. How would I bill you?”

“Well, my name isn’t Bill for one thing. Sorry, I just can’t help myself when I get an opening like that. But, I pay with cash, that is acceptable to you isn’t it?”

“Oh, I think that I can force myself to work with that. What amount do you wish to start with?”

“Don’t you want to know what the case is first?”

“No, I am in it just for the money not out of curiosity!”

“I think that that is known as humor retaliation, huh?”

“Yes,………you could say that. And do not under any circumstance retort, “I will.””

Dick got a smile in return for that defensive move. “How about one thousand dollars in advance against your time and expenses?”

“Works for me. I guess I will get to eat today, now. And call the delicious Candy back to work.”

The man passes this over and tells Dick, “I have a sheet of paper that has the salient facts of the situation. This is to guarantee no misunderstandings about was said at this time. I will not repeat any of the details out loud at any time. And I expect you to keep the paper secure.”

“How will I be able to get ahold of you, if the need arises?”

“You won’t! You will have no contact with me until I come back again to your office. And if you should run into me during your investigation you will not acknowledge knowing me, you understand?”

“Yes, I get it.”

“How will I get more funds from you if I won’t see you? You know that I put out a contract on unpaid bills, don’t you?”

“That is satisfactory, as far as I am concerned, because I do it myself for those who do not finish a project with me to my satisfaction!”

“I guess you should also know that I have another P.I. firm on tap to look after me if something should go wrong with me and I disappear. It is the Kinsey Milhone Agency.”

“Good one, I read detective novels too, sir. And by the way, where is your certificate that should be on the wall to show that you are licensed by the state and have the qualifications for this job?”

“They are with my receptionist!”

“I didn’t see a receptionist!”

“And you won’t find any license or qualifications for me, either. The state thinks that I am in Sales and Marketing as far as they are concerned. And since I pay all of the pertinent taxes and fees, so far they have shown that they could care less what I am doing.”

“Good enough for me!”

“Okay, I will get right on this after lunch, which I can afford now, as soon as you pass over the funds.”

“Oh, by the way, do you have any undercover agents to work with you?”

“No, I ‘tup’ all of the lady witnesses, myself!”

“Good, as it should be. And can I have your business card, so that I can keep your cell number?”

So, Richard passed over a well-worn card reading, THE DICKSTER AT YOUR SERVICE, Local Private Investigations, email address and cell number.

“Catchy title, there, Mr. Sterling!”

“Well, they don’t seem to forget it.”

“Not surprised.”

And with that the client left.

Richard went downstairs immediately to get lunch at the national chain ‘Sub’ store on the street side of the building common to his office. Their part of the building was definitely being taken better care of than his part. Perhaps, because they always paid their rent on time, he surmised. So, in about five minutes he got his eleven inch long ‘foot long sub,’ and returned to his office to consider the written facts on the paper that he stored securely on the seat of his chair.

‘No one in their right mind would search there, would they?’ he thought.

He quickly between bites got the gist of the situation and decided to check out several people that were listed under the title: persons of interest. ‘He really does read detective novels, Huh?’ he said to himself. If he got to ‘tup’ a couple of the ladies, so much the better.

As he exited the front door of his office building, he noticed a striking young lady sitting on the bench waiting for the bus. She had nothing to do with the case, but not wanting to miss any opportunity, no matter how extremely unlikely it might be, he approached her and giving her one of his business cards remarked, “I noticed you sitting here and since young ladies are always in some risk of danger, here is my card just in case I might be of some slight service.”

She took the card, just because of the considerable nerve that it took for him to approach her with that kind of opening line. And you never know, he might just be useful someday. She smiled and dismissed him with the turn of her head.

Sterling got the point and moved on down the sidewalk to get his Lexus, parked in the NO PARKING ZONE. He regularly bribed the parking meter lady to ignore this regular offense, and she usually did. She was being nice today, so he got into it and settled in for a drive with his 1902 model. At least it looked old enough to be one.

As he was driving, he achingly remembered the last time that Fancy was in the car and gave him some road head. Lovely. She had, as he reminded himself, loosened her blouse so that her tits hung out and lifted her skirt so that her panty less ass was available to his pawing.

She leaned over the center console with her titties bracing the shift lever, Lucky Guy, and took his member into her mouth with a generous outpouring of saliva. They were in a hurry to get her to a bus going out of town, so she didn’t waste any time. He drove with one eye, kept one eye on the breasts surrounding his shift lever (His car was an automatic, so the lever didn’t have to be touch-ed….darn it.) and had his arm outreached to grope her sweaty pussy while she pounded his cock energetically. In less than three minutes, he shot his wad right up into her mouth. She choked a bit because of the lack of warning, but got it down without drowning and then settled back into her own seat to ride out the rest of the passage.

She let him figure out for himself how to get himself cleaned off and reclothed. He managed at the next light, one of the longest in cycling in the state.

His memory then recycled back to the present, with him still with a very sore hard-on to contend with. Maybe his first interviewee might be able to cure that problem of his, he hoped.

Mrs. Edith Blankenship, wife of Henry Blankenship: 40ish, Caucasian, homemaker, socialite, three children in late teens, attractive, gambler.

Richard approaches the front door of a mini mansion. Very nice and not pretentious. The usual white with very well cared for lawn and gardens. Since it is in the late afternoon, he rings the bell, and is quickly addressed by the main lady of the house in person.

“What is your purpose in calling at my door?” she intones with a somewhat elevated nose and attitude.

He hands over his card, THE DICKSTER, Private investigations (he has a variety of them), and she looks up at him, “That is a rather curious card, sir!”

“Yeah, I get that all the time. But, people don’t forget it, though.”

She now sizes him up before proceeding. He thinks it is a good thing that she can’t see the current size of a certain appendage of his.

Then he adds, “May we talk inside Madam? It is so gauche to talk of personal things in public.” He knew that that would motivate her to move inside, if she was going to listen and talk with him at all.

She stands thoughtful for a moment and then waves him in to sit in her ante room, conveniently located right by the front door entrance. It is a small room with a love seat and coffee table. No room for anything else, but it has a nice view of the grounds.

She rings a bell and asks what refreshment that he would like. He mentions a certain brand of root beer, which she just happens to have on hand, she having teenagers, you know. And she selects tea for herself. When this is delivered she indicates to the maid that she is not needed for the rest of the day.

And then when they had sampled their beverages, she turns to him, “Now what was it that you wanted to discuss with me,” said with a slightly superior but expectant attitude in her pose and voice.

“I have a very private matter under consideration and I would appreciate it if you would just answer a couple of general questions for me.”

“Well sir, I will listen to the questions and answer what I feel is appropriate, which is probably none.”

Richard braced up after this retort and proceeded, “Could you indicate where you and the Mr. were last Thursday evening?”

“No, I don’t believe that I can.”

“Would you indicate what your husband was doing on the third Saturday of last month?”

‘No, not that either!”

“Well, I guess I am wasting both of our times, so I will excuse myself to travel to more productive venues. Thank you for the root beer, Ma’am.” And with that Richard moved to sit up, but……..

“Oh my, there is the Mr., parking in the driveway. How will I ever explain a detective being here? He hates lawmen and P.I’s to death. Sometimes I wonder if literally.”

So, she lifts up her sundress and lowers her panties while she leans over the arm of the love seat and tells Richard, “Fuck me sir, that is the only excuse that he might accept for you being here.”

Richard as he is lowering his pants to free the awakened beast, scans a still very pretty rear end and decides to take her ass, since it is conveniently available and she is not likely to argue at this point. So, with a generous amount of saliva on her anal entry and his penis head, he plows right into her. She indicates some surprise at the port of entry, but gamely cooperates in his efforts. He is just to-tally entered into her, when the Mr. enters the front door to the vista of his wife being properly plowed up the backside.

“Oh Edith, I see that you are busy right now. I will go and get my afternoon scotch on the rocks and talk with you when you are finished. And sir, that is a magnificent weapon you have there, what I can see of it!” And he toddled off to get his drink.

Richard proceeded on, though he sensed that Edith would like to just forget it all. He added a generous amount of energy to the process and soon he came very deeply into her, with her surprised climatic response. After his withdrawal, she graciously used the cloth napkins to wipe clean the both of them, bid him adieu, but whispered to him, “Another time, sir.” And then escorted him out the door.

‘Well, I only solved one problem there this time, but with her invitation maybe more can be gathered the next time.”


Having dispensed with Edith and finding out nothing , but her availability for further fun, and her secret cell number, he decided to pack it in for the day and return to the office to busy himself with office matters that didn’t need to be done and wouldn’t be.

Evidently, Mr. Unknown had guessed at this eventuality and was so waiting for him at his desk.

“Guess I will have to invest in a better lock for my office door,” Richard mused out loud for M.U. to hear.

“Don’t bother! It wouldn’t help with the current condition of your office door anyway. And I can personally defeat any security system that you would ever be able to procure.” Said with a nonthreatening smile.

“I saw the first person on the list and found out nothing.”

“Aha, truth in reporting. How refreshing! In response to that, I have a proposition to make. I want you to be my man. That is that my considerations will take precedence over any other case or other matter that comes to you. The expression, precedence, means putting me first F.Y.I.”

Richard groaned, but nodded at that obvious insult.

“And to show my appreciation for your efforts so far, I am going to invest in your business. I am providing you with a gift of ten thousand dollars to update this office to a professional appearance. It should at least look like a pro’s digs. And also, that you can hire back that girl, Candy, as your receptionist. I think that if you give her a chance that she might just become another asset to your business besides a proponent of the ‘blowjob’ and available pussy. She is actually quite bright. Just desperate to succeed with you, since at the present she has few other options.”

“There, call her right now and ask her to come in tomorrow and from now on so that she can anchor the office for my needs of communication, and to service you to keep at least some of your attentions on the job.”

So, Richard complied. And she asked, “With the usual conditions?” And he replied with the affirmative. Not likely that that would hold her back.

“To ensure her loyalty and continued presence here, make sure that you give her bonuses appropriate to what extras she gives to you, too! I will be aware if you don’t. And I will make sure that you have enough funds to take care of my current plans for you and your business. Like a twenty-five thousand dollar re-tainer to secure your interest in my concerns.”

“Also, using some of the money that I have provided, the gift, plus the retainer, you can draw two thousand a month on it whether you are called upon to do anything at all or not to start. That amount will rise as you show dependability.”

Richard cocked his head and looked askance at M.U. “Why am I getting all of this fairy dust, sir? I am considered by some as a disreputable agent and a mediocre P.I. Why all of this largess that I haven’t even earned yet?”

“Because my dear man, every successful business man needs someone like you, a slum level dealer in their business that will do whatever needs to be done, when no one else will!”

“Oh, I see. And I thought that it was due to some kind of respect or optimism about me.”

“Yes, that too. You are exactly what I need, and so I am investing in you to become even more so. I don’t think that you are going to lose in this matter (except maybe your freedom or life, he muttered under his breath.)”

“What was that that you just said?”

“Oh, nothing, don’t bother with what is behind the curtain!”

“You evidently go to movies too, huh?”

Just a smile in return.

“And finally, I want you to get a hold of your landlord and after forwarding to him the next three month’s lease payments, demand that he comes and fixes up your office. If he doesn’t, I will buy the building for his late debts on it. And after he has or I do, repair this facility, I will have it decorated with taste to present a more professional look. Also, with the new office furniture and equipment, I will have a desk planned here for me, too. To monitor your activities, not the sexual ones, and to have a business hideaway at my beck and call. You don’t have any problem with that, do you?”

“No, I don’t think that I should. And I will now call the landlord.”

“Do it in the morning, after a fine meal tonight. Whatever else you provide yourself is up to you. I expect to see progress on the office right away. Leave me a note on your seat with its innate security, if you run into any difficulties. I look forward to meeting the estimable Candy tomorrow morning, too.”

“Okay, to tomorrow.”

And with that they both withdrew to whatever awaited them for that evening and night.

The next morning Richard arrived at his office to the sounds of hammers, saws and workmen, as they were very busy reconditioning his office. They must have started at the break of dawn with the progress that they had already achieved. And he found his present furniture out in the hallway, evidently ready for the dump, with a number of very large containers presumably full of their re-placements.

After he gazed about for a few minutes, he saw Candy walk in and instructed her to go shopping at STAPLES or some other appropriate place to get the sup-plies that she would need for the job. He handed a thousand dollars over to her and said to not worry about equipment, that he would take care of that. Candy, with stars in her eyes, immediately turned and left with her purpose and purse firmly in hand.

Right after that, Mr. U. showed up. “Saw Candy on the way out, damn no wonder you are obsessed with her! Now, let’s adjourn to the nearest discreet coffee shop to go over a couple of more things before the serious work begins.”

As the two of them settled in at the coffee shop, and their orders were passed on to the waitress named Stacy, they renewed their conversation in the most private corner of the shop.

“Looks like they will have the reconditioning done today, and I have arranged for the decorator to finish his work, including installing the new furnishings overnight. As soon as they finish, The GEEK SQUAD is coming in to install and tune up the very powerful electronic computing, communication and business storage system. We should be ready to start the real work then. And I will stay away for the first two hours tomorrow, so that you can christen the office in your own special way with Candy.”

“Thoughtful of you!”

A broad smile in return to that. “I know that you must feel that you have lost any control of your life, but after a brief period of adjustment, you will be mostly back in control of your affairs, (lots of luck on that, he thought.)”

After a brief pause while they enjoyed their drinks and goodies, Mr. U. proceeded on, “Just a few things to cover now, until you go out and stir up the pot again.”

Richard’s eyes arose at that statement, a mission statement it seemed to be.

“As you might have guessed, that will be you major job. To stir things up with targeted personages at my command. Any actual info that you procure will be a bonus. And I want a written coded statement of those facts on my desk waiting for me each day.

I have some assets that you will find out about. One of them is the Bash Brothers, two Neanderthal types who are very handy in the intimidation affairs of my business. They are also on call for personal rescues, too. You don’t even have to let them know where you are, the blessings of GPS, you know. Their number will be on speed dial for you along with mine, the office, Candy’s personal one and others that you deem necessary. Candy can have the ones necessary including the Bash Brothers on her office answering system. Any others?”

“Yes, some you might want, too. There is Marcus, a local cabbie who is de-pend-able and discreet. And he has a lot of connections in the local escort and native-American communities. There is Marvin, an old fuddy-duddy who loves to ferret out the most well-hidden gems of info, that no one else can seem to obtain.

And several escorts, whom I ‘ahem,’ have met professionally that know an awful lot about what goes on in this city.”

“Yes, those commonly considered low grade assets can be very helpful. I don’t want to know or hear about any of them again, just furnish me with any pertinent info that they obtain for us. ”

“Please call Candy and inform her to have the businesses deliver the sup-plies to the office later today, and have her take the rest of the day off with pay. And then you should go out to dinner with Candy or someone else, since you are going to be very, very busy starting after your office inauguration tomorrow for some time to come.”

“Yes, sir. See you tomorrow, if you show up.”

Richard got a warm smile in return as Mr. U. left for parts unknown, that were named after him.

The next morning, Richard arrived at the office to a scene out of a P.I’s dreams. The office was gorgeous, the equipment was humming and the beautiful Candy was at her desk sorting out the new supplies, twenty minutes early just like before. With that he reverted to his primary self, The Dickster and after seating himself in the office called Candy to come into his office, “Miss Candy, please join me in my office for a brief consultation.”

She refreshed her lipstick and brushed back her hair with her hands. Then as she stood up she did her best to wave off any offending wrinkles in her very new duds and moved to the door to join Mr. D. in the inner office. She locked the inner door as she passed it, knowing what was to come, or in this case cum.

“Yes, sir. I am here at your service as you requested.”

“Miss Candy, could you lower the mattress from the closet to the floor for us, please. I want to have you join me in the inauguration of our new office and renewed professional cooperation.”

“Yes, sir.” And she did so, after which she removed her outer clothing and hung them on the provided hangers.

With her kneeling on the covered mattress, Dickster joined her there face to face, kneeling both together and in an assumed lordly voice intoned. “Let this office and the people who toil in it be in peace with each other and the world out-side. To gain this blessing, I take this young lady in passion right now, right here to seal the trust intended.” This brought tears to her face in response.

He, still facing her gathered her into his arms and held her very tight for several moments. This had a very pronounced calming effect on her. He proceeded with the seduction of her in a very patient and gentle way. After all, he really did feel very strongly towards her.

He backed up and cupped her still bra covered breasts with his hands and began to massage them. As this proceeded, he bent forward and also began to kiss her very lightly to start. She was already responding to his respectful assault on her person with cooperative reactions and caresses of him, too.

He then guided her to her back and leaving her bra and cute panties on her, moved down to her erogenous zone and pushed the gusset aside and guided his tongue and lips to her love home. He moved on now rather quickly to licking and sucking of the love juices she was making available to him, and then centered on to her clit. With this she simply melted into the mattress softness and he opening up his trousers, brought out his impressively abundant member and installed it into its intended home port.

She then responded with the product of her Kegel exercises and rhythmically massaged his dick with her internal muscles. This caused her to advance towards climax as well as him. And after five minutes of this, they both came profusely. All accomplished in the assigned fifteen minutes. And leaving them both with an afterglow that would last throughout the day, or at least till the next pussy adventure on his part.

It took just a couple of minutes to restore order in the inner office and then both of them returned to their duties. At this point Mr. U. appeared. He seemed to be proving to have considerable timing talents.

As he settled in to his desk, “By the way, Edna, the rich lady who lost a daughter down town, and who is about to marry your Marcus, is to be treated very gently. She is a dear soul to all who know her. But, a visit to her is also in order, because it will help to get the word around that questions are being asked through multiple avenues of inquiry to keep my adversaries busy worrying about them, instead of interfering with my activities. So, I suggest that you make her a priority today, because I have it on good authority that she is available at her home right now.”

“Yes, sir, I will get right on to it.”

“Okay, good to go!”

So, with a blown kiss to Candy, which received a warm smile in return, The Dickster went on to the prowl. He had called Marcus and so was picked up at the corner for the ten mile trip to Edna’s fine home. One that he had never been invited to. After all, she was of the local largess enriched and intelligent and he was of the impoverished and slimy under-belly. But, he had one asset that might come into play, to even things out.

When he arrived around the circle driveway and paid and tipped Marcus, far beyond his usual manner he told Marcus, “Don’t wait and I will find my own way home. Thanks’ buddy!” With a nod, Marcus drove off. The Dickster would call another company to disguise how long he would be here to avoid any repercussions with Marcus, because he knew of the growing attractions between him and Edna. Everyone knew!

He was immediately met at the door, and guided in by the maid, a pretty little soul with downturned eyes. From what I had heard, you needed those in this home.

He was offered a seat at a small greeting room with a wonderful view of the grounds, to await the lady of the manor, so to speak. He knew that he wasn’t really here to gain any knowledge about the concerns of Mr. U. But, of course any that was gained would be gratefully accepted when forwarded to him.

After that thought, she glided in with a stunning day gown of some kind of gossamer fabric which covered everything and immediately brought them all to mind. Just as she intentioned, undeniably. She then took her seat in the grand manner of a very refined and self-composed lady.

“Yes, Mr. Sterling, to what do I attribute the blessing of your visit this morning?”

“You ladyship, I am here at the behest of a person who will remain name-less, on a matter of deep concern to him. It also, must stay unnamed, too. But, you might be in possession of some salient facts that might be of help to him. To assuage your honor and concerns, no one’s life or assets are in peril over what-ever you choose to share with me. (That got a raised eyebrow in effect.) What-ever you might share would just help avoid any unpleasantness, which you can imagine.”

“I am not sure of what I could share with you, but to discuss this, I think that we should take a walk around the grounds. Would you like that?”

At his ultimate smarminess’, he replied, “I can’t think of anything else I would like more at this moment.”

“Very well, let me get a light jacket and we can proceed.” While doing so, she motioned to the maid and instructed her to busy herself in the front part of the house until she returned to the interior of the home. With a nodded and understood assent, she moved to the formal living area to busy herself.

As they strolled about the grounds they came to a copse of trees that blocked them from view of the house or anywhere else, and Edna moved herself in relationship to The Dickster, to allow the sun to shine through her diaphanous clothing to highlight the special assets that she possessed underneath.

“See anything that you admire and desire, sir?”

“Yes, I believe that I do.” And with that he moved forward and took her into his arms. She made no resistance at all. So, he turned her around and moved her to a nearby tree to lean on an especially stout low hanging parallel to the ground limb. She knowingly lifted the back of the dress, and he ripped the gusset out of her silk panties, to reach her intimate assets.

She moaned as he used his hands to stimulate her sex zone, and especially when he came near to her anal entry point. “Only in the back port,” she moaned softly enough for him to hear.

“Are you sure that that is possible, with my member?”

“Oh yes, others have plowed that ground before. None as abundant as you, but we will work to make room, is it not true?”

“Yes, we will.” And he brought out his handy tube of thick lube and anointed her anus and his little head and proceeded to rub it around the offered target and eventually into her relaxing back port. He slowly worked it up into her and then let it rest for a few moments to let her innards get acquainted with this magnum intruder. It took almost no time at all for her colon to align itself with his intended purpose and he without delay proceeded to pound her onto the branch and into her depths.

She was moaning and lowly shrieking and calling out to him, “Pound up into that hole, Mr. Make my body quake with lust. You will know when I am ready to accept your gift when my legs begin to give out, and then shoot the juice to me!”

And so he did just so as instructed and perhaps too quickly her body caved down, and he shot his cum into her ass, and then they just held on to each other as they came down from the sexy high.

After they got their breaths back, she smiled and offered to him, “Well done, kind sir. And perhaps you will be invited to visit that zone again sometime. In the meantime, you can report back to your boss that you have accomplished your intended purpose here with perhaps another one of interest, too.”

“And now, I need to return to the house to prepare to meet Marcus to-night. I have big plans for that man.”

“Yes, he is a good guy, for sure!”

They then took their time strolling back to the house, and Richard caught the Blue Cab to take him back to town. When he arrived at the office, he made his coded report to Mr. U. and signed out for the day. Candy would leave at five thirty as usual and lock up.


The next morning the real symmetry of the office began to become apparent. Both Richard and Candy arrived twenty minutes early, They spent a few minutes with her giving him his morning introductory blowjob, she repaired to her desk and then at a quarter after the hour, Mr. U. would show up. And then the day’s enterprises would start.

This morning first up, besides you know what, he had to drive to meet with the Benson family in a tract home on the fringe of the city. This family was very well known, because of their son James who had been a local football star and now was a U.S.A.F. Major working on some kind of project that wasn’t even allowed to be mentioned. He had married a local girl, who was reportedly one of the brightest individuals in the world and a looker, too. Lucky guy. But, the conversation this morning had nothing to do with them. The purpose of the visit would become evident when he met with the mother of the house.

When he arrived at just before noon on a weekday, Mrs. Benson acknowledged him and guided him into the living room to take up a place on the full sofa there, while she took her place in the old fashioned bent wood rocker facing the sofa.

“Mrs. Benson, I will cut to the quick for you and say that I was sent here in my capacity as a private investigator to inquire about certain matters with you. Here is my card,” which showed: THE DICKSTER, Private Investigator.

“That is a very strange card, Mr. Sterling.”

“Yes, I get the substance of that often, but no one forgets the card.” ‘Yes,………..I can understand that,” said with a very slight squint to her eyes.

“To put your mind at ease, my questions are not about any of your family, but a certain young man, known as Bad Bob. Are you familiar with him?”

“I don’t really know him, but I do know some of him, since he was instrumental in breaking up a long term high school romance between Jimmie and Sue.”

“Yes, I heard of that. What about the situation with his death and that of the local girl, Sheila?”

“That was a terrible event, and very hurtful to my son, James, because he had some kind of connection to the girl. He was devastated over her loss for some time.”

“I understand that he doing well, now though.”

“That is what we understand from the official releases that we get from the Air Force. All we know for sure is that he is busy doing important work and is now married to a longtime high school friend named Frieda, but called Fred. We as his parents very much approve of her.”

“Yes, I have heard of her, too. A very commendable girl for sure.”

“But, back to Bob. Is there anything that you can add to the official account in the media?”

No, I am sorry, I can’t. I know of nothing else about it.”

“Okay, sorry to have troubled you over these events.”

‘Not at all, it is okay.”

“Don’t bother to get up, I can let myself out and will lock the door behind me. It was very nice meeting you Mrs. Benson. A blessing on this house and all that live here!” With that he took his leave and readied himself for the trip back down town.

On the way back home he thought of the Benson family. Just some of the nicest people he would ever meet. He knew that in his line of work that he often spent time with the slime of the city, in fact would by many be considered one of them, but he knew that he wasn’t too far gone to recognize a quality person when he met one, and Mrs. B was obviously a very fine person, indeed.

As he ate lunch he mulled over how things were going for himself. Not bad, not bad at all he surmised. His business was thriving now and not just with the considerable issues of Mr. U. He was going to need to expand his personnel to handle some of the routine matters, while he took care of the more important ones. He didn’t really want to bring in a new person for the present, at least to be involved in the more sensitive things, he needed someone that he already trusted …………….Candy, of course. He needed to sound her out on this as soon as possible.

Now he needed to concentrate on his upcoming meeting with the mayor. Mr. U. had already had one of his lawyers draw up papers seeking release of certain documents involved with the death of the previous mayor. And Dick knew that he was really going to stir up the shit by this oral and legal request. Well, that was part of his job, wasn’t it? But, he knew that he had to be much more careful how he proceeded in this endeavor.

So, when he appeared before the receptionist at City Hall, he was not in the least surprised by being shuttled off to some minor official in the mayor’s retinue instead of meeting with the mayor himself. As he approached her office, that is cubicle, she motioned for him take a seat there facing her. She was the requisite beauty of course. What politician attaches to his retinue persons who were talented and intelligent unless they had a Brazilian behind and big tits?

She reviewed the documents and then stated that she would forward them to the mayor for his approval. He mentioned that his approval wasn’t required, just their cooperation as the papers already included a judge’s order for compliance. And it was a state judge’s matter of authority, not a local one. He technically had no relief from a state order. Unless, of course, the state order was somehow lost. Then everyone locally could ignore it. And he guessed that that was what the young pretty thing before him was preparing to do under his Mayor’s order.

“Miss, not to make any premature accusations, but if these papers should come up missing, first of all they are duplicates of the originals. Legal ones. And since this is a matter of the state court based on federal rules, if they do turn up missing, then the State Patrol will come into the matter and they will not be stopped by a recalcitrant receptionist, nor a mayor’s well-meaning young aide. So, if I was you, I would get on the ‘horn’ and let the mayor know that his little diversion is not going to work. And have him invite me up to his throne room to converse with the ‘High Pu’baugh’ himself.”

At this the young aide showed her extreme displeasure over the course that had been inflicted on her and the reflection on her personal honor that the mayor’s course was producing, so she excused herself and moved for the moment to another cubicle across the room to call his highness, himself.

Whatever the mayor told her, she came back still troubled but offered to have the mayor meet with him at a place away from the office of the P.I’s choosing. Dick is a lowlife investigator, but he is not terminally stupid, so he told the young lady, “I will procure a meeting place for us and direct the mayor to it in about an hour and a half. I will then give him thirty minutes to show up, and if he doesn’t appear, I will have an appointment with John Lyncher, the local news-paper reporter with an already configured account of this series of actions by the mayor in time to get it into this evening’s edition. Do I make myself clear???”

With real fear on her face, she replied, “Yes sir! I will notify him of this!” With that he got up to leave and signaled the Bash Brothers to meet him to escort him from the building. Good thing, too. Since the building’s security department was on the way up to take him in hand. But, since the B.B.s were already in the building with Mr. U’s anticipation of just this scenario, the security goons backed off in the face of real danger to them. Having a trial due to their mauling later would not help them in the long run, they surmised. B.B.s would be just as happy terrorizing inmates in prison as ripping them limb from limb. And since this state strongly avoids the death penalty in cases a lot more extreme than taking out a couple of ‘fake cops,’ they might live longer ‘in house’ than out free.

Since, no one touched anyone, there was no provable actionable offense, so everything went smoothly on the egress from city hall.

An hour later, after conferring with Mr. U., Dick called the mayor’s office and left instructions for him to appear in the hotel/motel neighborhood to receive specific instructions on where the meeting was to take place. And with his own security installed, including the B.B’s, he took up residence in the ROCK-A-WAY INN to await his honor’s presence.

At precisely the two hour time of appointment there was a knock on the hotel room’s door and who would be there upon his opening of it? Miss Junior aide, that is who. And she was about to hand Dick some papers, when Dick with-drew his hand and ordered her out of the building. He had required the mayor to be present as he had indicated that he would be, Dick was not interested in any papers that the mayor sent instead. And he told the aide that he had ‘Staters’ waiting in the parking lot, if the mayor had any intention of interfering with his leaving the premises. Her compatriots could argue this out of a state prison if they caused him any harm or interference with his legal obligations.

She then sent a message on her cell, presumably to the mayor, received a return text which made her blanch and then nodded to the absent mayor on the other end and entered the hotel room.

She then with a tear in her eye, locked the door and turned about to remove her light outer coat to reveal a fake nurse’s outfit. Just like one that you would purchase at a sex shop. She took on the manner of a nurse attending to an ailing guest and guided him to the bed.

“You poor dear thing, it has come to the reception desk’s attention that you are under some kind of physical distress here in the room. So, I as the resident nurse have been sent to attend to you. Please, lay on the bed after removing your clothing so that I can check you out.”

Dick thought, ‘what the hell, I might as well play along. It is all being re-corded anyway.’

So, he moved nude up on to the bed and the ‘nurse’ resumed her deliberations with him, “Now please be still while I check your blood pressure and heart beat.” Well, the heart beat was undoubtedly rising since she was playing with my dick as she played at checking my pulse and blood pressure. Then she instructed me to turn over so that she could take my basal temperature, with a suspiciously large thermometer up my butt. But, with a generous daub of lube, it went in just fine. A saw a little smile on her part at that.

Then she said that I obviously needed a bath and so she guided me into the bathroom and seated me on the toilet. While the bath water was running, she installed her lovely lips around the head of my dick to keep it warm, I guessed. It was working, too.

Then she guided me into the tub after verifying that it had the proper temperature, then followed her washing of my body with a warmed wash cloth. As much fun as I have ever had that didn’t include actual sex. And after that she buffed me down with one of the provided bath towels and again guided me, this time back to the bed.

She then maneuvered me onto my back, and again addressed my member with her lovely mouth. The member came to attention rather rapidly with her anima-ted attentions. Then she pulled her scanty panties aside and lifted herself up over me and me into her. As soon as she had adapted to the unusually large intruder, she began a very sexy flexing forward and backward above me with a slight lively bounce added to it. She was showing a considerable amount of enthusiasm over this and surprised herself with a pronounced climax, dumping an amount of her girl cum right on to my tummy.

When her eyes recentered themselves, she again began her sexy motions to evidently bring me, too. And after about another ten minutes, voila, she succeeded with the caveat that she again came herself.

With that she slumped down on me like a rag doll and covered my pedestrian body with her gorgeous one, and as a final touch, she lowered her face to rest upon my shoulder with light moanings and sighs.

After several very comfy minutes, she got up to rearrange herself and to face off with me again. “You know that I can produce evidence of rape now and you would lose your license to practice, in addition to any other legal penalties that might come your way.”

“I don’t think so, young lady. Since this whole scenario is being recorded including your false rape assertion that you just announced. And since it will be established that you have done this at the behest of the mayor, he can be recalled over this besides whatever other legal penalties that he might incur. I suggest that the papers that I have requested be on my desk by ten tomorrow morning with no other delays, or this whole mess will be in the papers tomorrow. And for your information, this whole scene was transmitted to a distant storage with instructions to forward it to the State Patrol, if anything untoward happens to me.”

With that forwarded to the proper authorities, I made my exit from the premises with no interference. The ‘Staters’ on patrol in the parking lot waved as I went by. And I sent four dozen fresh donuts to their local station house as soon as I got back to the office.

In the morning, I had the usual fine services of Candy and then read the paper as I awaited the requested papers from the mayor. Inside there was a very small article with no title, but the following account. “This reporter had found out from unnamed sources that XXXX YYYYYY, a local beauty queen has resigned from the current Mayor’s staff and will be restarting her educational process looking to move on from her Political Sciences Degree to another of more immediate attention of hers. We wish her well on her endeavors.”

And right on time a very sober faced individual produced the requested documents on my desk and accepted my signed receipt of them. Since it was all videotaped, I didn’t even check up on them at that point. And when Mr. U. re-ported to the office later than usual, after seeing the stack of papers, he remark-ed, “You are becoming a real P.I. right before my eyes!”


Mr. U. left soon after his verbal pat on the back to Richard, to his other activities, also reflecting his name.

Just when I was about to do something useful, a very sharp looking dark suit appeared at my inner office’s door with a fine looking fellow inside of it. I beckoned him in and directed him to the very comfortable chair in front of my desk, but he avoided that and then in his most authoritive sounding official voice declared, “I am Hiram Mason from the State Attorney’s office sent to retrieve the papers that you have on the desk, in the name of the State.”

“Very interesting assertion, sir. But, these are my papers which I obtained with a state judge’s order. They are not yours. They are the personal property of this business. Now as to my sharing them with you, that we may discuss.”

A slight smile betrayed itself on the man’s face and he then took the seat in front of me since his initial foray into authoritive intimidation didn’t work. He had been warned of that possibility before he was sent out. And so now he was pre-pared to negotiate for what he wanted. “What do we have to discuss?”

“First of all, is it important to have the actual papers here, or the information that they contain?”

“The information is more important.”

“Good, see we can work something out. Now if you will move over to the computer console and open it up with the password taped to the front, you might then send a message to your boss, that I will immediately surrender copies of these papers, if you will supply me with a statement excusing me from any repercussions for doing so. Including the possibility of trying to tie me into whatever offenses that they or any related investigations of yours reveal.”

Then Dick, waited upon the young man’s decision.

Finally, when he realized that no bluff was going to work here, he did as he was invited to. And in ten minutes he received by fax a copy of an obviously previously prepared statement for my examination. I didn’t even bother to read it, but forwarded it to my on-call legal team, who fifteen minutes after that sent me back a revised version of their approval.

In the meantime while we were waiting upon my legal team, I called down to the new Starbucks in the building and ordered a Caramel Frappuccino for each of us. He admitted that he had never tried one of these before, but was an instant convert to them right there.

With the return of the revised edition from my legal team in his hands, he faxed it back to his boss the State Attorney General, himself, and in very quick order got a signed copy back, which he co-signed and then to which I added my signature. Made a copy of it for him and then ran all of my papers for copies for him. Added a statement that I guaranteed to supply any further information as to that investigation that we might gather also.

He displayed his first genuine smile, took the binder with the papers in hand and swiftly went about his business of delivering it to his boss.

Afterward, he cued Candy into his desiring her presence in his office immediately.

When she arrived, she inquired, “Again???”

Richard smiled and replied, “No, not this time, I have another matter to discuss with you.”

So she calmly took her seat in the very comfortable chair to await his pleasure.

“Candy, I am coming to a situation with the business of needing an assistant to help take care of the active business needs. Someone to deliver easy summons, do a little surreptitious observations and ‘the such.’ I was wondering if you might be interested. It will have an initial small increase in pay, which will grow as your qualifications grow with regular advancements in title as you earn them. And before you ask, you will no longer be required to take care of me in the new mornings, but will have to spend Saturday nights with me, if you catch the drift.”

“Well, Mr. Sterling, I had no idea that you thought so highly of me as to make an offer like this. If this works out, then I would be able to cease my other professional activities and center my attentions on you permanently. Yes, I am very interested.”

“I should mention that part of your duties will be to study along with me thru a professional correspondence course in Private Investigation. We will do it together to help each other and also so that I can have a matching diploma to yours to hang on my wall. Who knows we might actually learn some things that will be helpful to us, too.”

“This is all very exciting, Mr. Sterling.”

“The plan is for you to join me each weekday evening for at least two hours of study. The lessons will be mailed in. And the tests proctored at the local Com-munity College. Saturdays will be our social and intimate evening and night, and Sundays will be your day to do as you please.

Also, I am going to rely on you to search for and qualify your replacement as the receptionist. You will be training her, too. Choose wisely, as this will reflect on your rate of advancement. Remember the early morning duty, also.”

“I will get right on that now, sir. I will call in an advertisement for the newspaper as soon as you release me back to my duties.”

“I will be affording you a small work station in my office at first, but if everything works out, I will be coopting the next door office to become yours with it prepared for my favorite associate.”

With that she exploded out of her chair, raced around his desk and leaped into his lap. She then proceeded to weld her lips to his and mold her body to his body in as complete a hug and kiss as is imaginable. Then with tears in her eyes, she moved to address the several tasks that he had assigned her. As she was about to leave his office he yelled out, “Tonight at my house, the lessons are already on hand. And ………you are welcome!!!”

She then waved over her shoulder as she finally exited his office.

That night, their first of studying together, they ordered pizza in and studied intensely for a solid two hours. He found that she was very bright and had an even better memory than him, and his was very good. After the studying came the sex. And it was crazy good.

Her eyes were lit up like she was on a double dose of ‘C’, but not so, it was just the total excitement of seeing her life moving forward. Afterwards, she stayed the night with their bodies intertwined, neither of them moving an inch. After their morning showers, apart to save time. Heheheheh. They left for work. And when they arrived at the usual time, she insisted on preforming her morning ritual for one of the last times.

When she got to the desk, she found that she had already received a number of phone calls and emails. So, she checked through the emails first. One of them caught her eye, it had a picture of a young looking woman in a bikini, with a very determined expression on her face. So, she returned the email and invited her to come in and audition for the job. The girl said that she would be in within the hour.

She arrived in a manner of dress that revealed a serious attempt to look professional. Missed the mark in a number of areas, though. Like the slits in the sides of the skirt, with no underwear evident. Oh, well, Candy mused that she could take the girl shopping and lend her some money to have three sound outfits ready for her to wear to work. When Felicity filled out her job application, Candy noticed that her age was sixteen. Candy accepted the application and then put her through a number of office tasks. And she passed with flying colors. Great keyboarding skills, a fine conversational voice and a very good memory. So, she told Felicity that she would run it by the boss that night and let her know the next day.

Felicity left so obviously excited that it was a wonder that she didn’t have an accident in her panties on the way out.

That night after their studies and the preparing to send in another lesson, they reviewed the application and discussed the matter of her age. Richard wondered if it was even legal for her to work instead of attend school. Candy was familiar with this and said that since she was sixteen it was permissible. Richard added that then she would be required as part of her job to keep up with her high school studies and report to the school on Saturdays to review her progress and turn in any required work to continue towards her high school diploma.

He also asked Candy to make an appointment to discuss this situation with her H.S. counselor so that things could be coordinated between his business and her school. Also, verification that she was keeping up on her studies would be passed on by weekend text messages to the office. Both ways.

The next morning after the daily intimate benediction, Felicity showed up and was guided into his office. He looked up and waved at her to take a seat. She was so small that she almost disappeared into it. As she peeked over the desk, he asked her about a number of things and passed on to her that she would have to continue to pursue her H.S. degree to remain employed with them. And that he would check up on her to make sure that she was following thru. She took all of this quite well.

He then asked her to report back to Candy for some further important in-formation about the job.

When she did, Candy took her into the ladies’ room and inside one of the stalls informed her about the benediction tradition here. Felicity at first read this as some kind of religious observance, but with prompting eventually got the real point. She brightened up and said, “No problem, I can do that.”

With that she was invited back into the office to demonstrate. Candy closed and secured the door behind her and Felicity moved right forward to Richard as he was turned sideways with his chair. She bent down and settled herself on her knees and then proceeded to open Richard’s trousers and gently fish out his rising member. She took a quick look at it and after the initial amazement at its size, she proceeded with her prospective duty. She used some lotion sitting on Richard’s desk to start the process of stroking him. When his rising was accomplished, she moved her lips over to its head and slowly and deliberately guided him into her mouth’s interior to be greeted by her very active tongue.

This got his attention, and he added his pre cum to the proceedings to her delight. With this she added a pronounced sucking action on the out strokes and the race was on, he didn’t even get to announce his pending eruption, because it happened too quickly. But, she was ready to accept his gift and gratefully accepted it right down into her tummy. Then she used her tongue to wipe the area clean, rose up to give him a great big kiss and then left the office to report to Candy again. Candy got the text, “Hired.”

That afternoon, he reported to the school and the head guidance counselor. She looked very interested. In him. After all, after being around all of these pheromone driven young men each day that she can’t even touch, it must have been exciting to her to during her workday to actually meet an adult who was decent looking and evidently available.

They first got down to the discussion of Felicity. The counselor advised him that she was a top student, but so disruptive because of her advanced sexual status that she couldn’t be at the school. So, in fact the school was delighted with the program that Richard had outlined to her. It would guarantee that the girl would graduate on time and that a whole school of testosterone driven boys wouldn’t be walking around with continual hardons.

During this whole discussion, the counselor was seemingly unaware that she was twiddling with her nipples through her blouse, and with her chair turned towards him, showing off her bright red panties. At least it could be inferred that that was what was going on. But, Richard knew better. She was definitely offering herself to him in no uncertain words, but carefully with the sanctions of the educational system in mind. He decided to test this theory out. After all schools are where you propose and test out theories, aren’t they?

He stood up like he was about to leave, and with considerable disappointment in her eyes, she joined him to guide him out of her office, when jointly his shoulder jostled her bosom and one of his hands glided over her covered pussy. With a knowing smile, she moved over to close and lock the door and then sat down in her chair to accept his attentions to her pussy, now uncovered.

He moved his face right up to the welcoming cleft with no diversions or delay. They would have a very limited time for this. So, his tongue split the outer pussy lips to gain entrance to the inner two and thereafter her clit and love hole. With his spittle lubricating the area, he used his tongue and nose to very aptly offer his affections to her. Her offering of her girl cum demonstrated her acceptance of his offer. She then arose and with lowered panties, offered up her love hole to his penetration with her leaning over her desk.

`His now enlarged member sought out and then dove into the offered sanctum of her vagina. When it penetrated to the far reaches of her vault, just below her cervix, she let out a number of sighs and he proceeded to pound her solidly to her climax and his emptying of his love gelatin. She squirmed in appreciation for his gift and then they hurried to reassume professional appearances in preparation of his leaving of the office. He then exited.

When he got back to the office, he notified the two girls that everything was arranged and that Felicity would start actual work the next day. Not wanting to lose an opportunity, the two girls busied themselves in Felicity’s training for the rest of the present day. After that they all left for the day and the two adult students worked even longer into the night. When Candy’s mother inquired the next evening when she came home from studying as where she was the previous night, Candy answered, “Night School.”

The next day, Felicity showed up real early and had to wait until Candy and Richard arrived. Then she busied herself getting ready for Richard. When the time came she entered his office and locked the door behind her. She moved up to take his cock under her care as before, but when it was arisen, instead of installing it into her mouth, she moved up on his lap to his surprise and placed his face between her exposed titties, while she pulled his dick up and into her pussy hole. With her amazing sexiness and energy, she had him spraying up into her vault in no time at all. While they were coming down, he asked her, “Are you on something to prevent pregnancy?”

“No, not at all.”

“What about you having a baby, then?”

“No problem, I have an aunty who wants one. She can’t conceive. And if she balks, I will just raise it myself!”

Okay, as long as you don’t come back on me over it.”

“Not likely, I like this job and will do anything to keep it.”

“I will take that under advisement.”

The middle of the next week, all hell broke out in Big City. There was a tremendous expose in the local paper about a criminal cabal in the city hall with the mayor the center of it. The murder of the previous mayor, who had been involved also, and the murder of Jazzmine the daughter of a prominent local family were all solved by information gained. The FBI and State authorities were involved in the investigation with the very able help of a local Private Investigation office. And they named Richard’s business with its new name, BAY CITY INVESTIGATIONS, LLC.

The State Attorney’s office notified him of a planned visit by one of their representatives for that afternoon. When he arrived it was the same agent as before. And when he came in he immediately shook Richard’s hand and congratulated him for his part in taking down the local political/criminal syndicate. And in token thereof, he presented Richard with a framed statement from the Attorney General’s office attesting to that contribution on his part. Along with that, he presented the P.I’s office with a sizeable check from the ‘Crime Fighter’s Fund.’ And finally they informed Richard, that his office was the ‘Preferred Provider’ for the State in matters of private investigation for Big City and the surrounding county, and that the state was going to from that time on keep a sizeable retainer on hand with his business with the company’s right to make deductions each month whether they did any work for State or not. Richard was grinning like a Cheshire cat and reeling from all of this largess coming his way. But, he sucked it up and put on a professional show for the press and the State’s agent. Lots of pictures taken, several still hanging on the office wall till today.

With all of this new business, he decided on another agent to work with them, moving Candy to Chief Agent-In-Charge. And keeping himself as an associate agent and Office Manager. They also got in contact with the little girl that had acted as the pretend nurse, but left the cabal before she was swallowed up into it and offered her a position with the company. She replied that she was interested and would get back to them, when she finished her MBA at the end of the year.

Felicity had by this time graduated from high school with honors and was pursuing advancement of her education both at community college and with the P.I’s correspondence course.

About that time Mr. U disappeared from the vicinity, leaving a very sizeable balance in his retainer. He left a note authorizing yearly withdrawals, whether their services were used or not and every five years the business got a check with a note,

“Just In Case.

Never knew for sure who he was, but they suspected!

Four months after they began, they graduated from the correspondence course, with honors. It was supposed to take them a full year, but their working together on it helped them a lot. Every agent from that time forward had to take and pass the course, no matter what their level of education was. And Richard remarked that they actually learned a lot from the course, especially in the art of questioning and the business of investigations.

After the MBA girl came on board, the running of the business part was soon passed over to her. And Richard retired to raise, educate and play with the three children that he produced on his lovely wife, Candy.

Dick was not sure whether the morning ritual continued with the lady bosses, but the ladies always seemed to be smiling when he visited the office so he had his suspicions.

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