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Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Job/Place-of-work, Male / Female

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 22 January 2018

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Take care in selecting which of these stories to read, some might offend people of sensitive faith.


I have gathered up my stories that have distinctive religious themes into this one posting. There are varying amounts of respect and disrespect in them. So, if you would be troubled by reading some that are blatantly disrespectful, please pass this posting up.

Nothing in these four postings is intended to violate any one’s faith or convictions about them. Among these postings are some of the things that concern me however, like the deep divisions between all the religions that try to worship and honor our God of love. And the division between the especially spiritually motivated and the rest of us who also love God, but have very busy lives trying to take care of our responsibilities. And ultimately those of us who love God, but have no desire to ever become perfect and live with the burden that that would put upon us.

If any of these issues concern you, you might make them a matter of prayer between you and God and discuss your feelings on them with him.

There are also postings here that might deeply violate some people’s religious convictions, especially Catholics. I have personally no bad feelings towards any religion that tries to motivate people to honor their fellow men in peace and worship the maker of us all.

God Bless you all!

James Dylan Dean

Table of Contents:


An Open Letter to God

A Quiet and Shy Nun

A Day in the Life of John Smith

A Place For Us

Sexy Nun Role Play


First of all LORD, I mean no disrespect to your name and majesty, but I do have some thoughts to share with you in the open and a few questions, too.

I first learned about you in life changing fashion when I was about eight years old and learned your name, in its English language version as Jehovah. It’s in the Bible, or used to be in the older King James versions. I guess the Trinitarians prefer to confuse you with your son and are so determined to erase that special name.

I have spent forty years of my life in close association with a dear body of Christians and very much enjoyed serving your interests with them. I am no longer in active association with them since my life decisions vary in some ways with their lofty standards. No bitterness over this, just living with reality.

I learned that very special people have a heavenly hope of being with you and your esteemed son in heaven. They are often referred to as ‘saints.’ I think that many of us humans have met people who are truly special spiritually oriented people that we would suspect would be in that limited crowd. Hard to tell sometimes with so many hidden things in people’s lives. And I don’t include those who exorbinately live off of the ‘flock’ or needlessly interfere with people in matters beyond their calling. I suspect that certain faiths are rich with such people and that others are poor with their numbers.

Also, I learned of the hope of righteously inclined people living on a restored paradise Earth. I suspect that a majority of all the people who have ever lived deserve a chance at that.

Despite my deep and abiding respect and faith in you, I don’t count myself in either group of people because I made a contract with you to follow to my best your standards in a proactive fashion and have now diverted myself to only being an inactive believer, who is under active discipline. I have no intention of ever asking for that to be relieved.

I intend to as the Apostle Paul put it, “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow I will die.” I believe that that is the only path left to me, since I don’t feel that I will deserve a favorable resurrection.

If I should meet up with Jesus, the Apostle Peter or you in person I intend to offer my respect for you and tell you that the only defense that I will offer is that: I rarely lied, tried to be fair with everyone and never wanted to hurt anyone. I will then brace myself for your destructive power over my assumed insolence in the face of your powerful moral convictions. I intend to take whatever you bring upon me with the courage of being a man.

I do wonder though, if in your lofty plans for the future you might make plans for a place for people like me who are not now saintly and likely never will be, but would like to live in a place where we would not have to follow all of your laws so literally and where we are disciplined according to the rule, “Let the punishment fit the crime.” And where the punishment for even lesser crimes is not death. I wouldn’t want to live with truly awful people, but some minor or more serious (but nonlethal) weaknesses could be worked with there. After all these are the kinds of people that I have lived with all of my life.

Maybe we could be on one of the many planets that has been discovered that could be terraformed into a workable home for us. If needed we could endure being sealed off from the rest of your perfect universe to protect it from our slightly askew existence. And perhaps we would only have your presence to show our respect for you and have your moderation of our affairs only to prevent truly harmful actions by the few among us that wouldn’t have everyone’s welfare as a major part of their actions.

Could possibly in this imperfect world, we each have jobs that we really like and a companion that we really love, be it the opposite sex, the same sex or perhaps the sex confused? Could we share in sexual practices which evidently your high standards frown on like: oral sex, anal sex, wife swapping, orgies, alternate outside of the relationship part time partners and such? All as long as no undue pressure is put on the sharers and no hurtful physical harm is involved, unless that is desired by the ‘victim’ of course?

Could we please live our lives in a healthful state as long as you could personally stand us? And could we live there without your ‘sword of righteousness’ putting us in perpetual fear of offending you? Could you give us understanding and fair minded leaders; and spiritual guiders who are really interested in spurring us to positive avenues of life, instead of just being another of the forces that prey upon us?

LORD GOD of the Universe, could there be a place for us, the ‘unrighteous’ but unharmful to live in peace, if not with your blessing; at least with your positive sufferance?

If I am to live again anywhere after death, I think that I would much prefer to be there than with a bunch of righteous people that I could never be the equal of!

Your Admirer, James

THE QUIET AND SHY NUN: (Just a fun story.)

I woke up and there was a woman beside me in bed. She was cuddled up to me spoon-fashion and seemed to feel right in place with me. She didn’t shy away when I reached around to hold her tight as she dozed. And her buns felt so very nice up to my belly and hips. And then, it came to my mind what this was all about and how it had happened.

About four years before, I was fresh out of the Air Force, twenty-one and looking to move ahead in my life post-military. The four years had definitely not been wasted. I had done a lot of growing up and had gained a tech school education in electronics and quite a bit of practical experience in working with electronic equipment. But, because most of my experience had been watching military style equipment cabinets glowing and humming, I was ready for something else.

I had worked for Bell Tell for a couple of months in San Jose, CA where I had finished my enlistment, but though they really liked me and I was very successful in the job that they assigned me, again it was mostly observation work, with some local wiring installations in the evenings. Not something that I would want to do for any time, I felt. They did tell me upon leaving that I could come back anytime as far as they were concerned. Always good to have something in reserve, I felt. And they were very nice to me.

I could have stayed in CA and went to college there, since I had been in residence for more than a year and could qualify as a resident, since all of it had been off base. But, I had just parted with a very powerful but hurtful relationship with a local girl and so with missing my family back home, I decided to move back to start anew.

Upon arrival and application to the local Community College (called a Junior College then) I found out that I was too late to start classes for the Fall Quarter, so I bided my time to start in the Winter Quarter. My major at first was going to be Meteorology, since that was a growing field and also because the weather in our region is particularly volatile and interesting. Besides according to the assessment tests, because of my strengths in science and math, I was predicted to very well in this major.

While I waited for my classes to start, I decided to see if I could find some kind of low-stress and undemanding part-time job to help finance my education without having to borrow any money. I had full G.I.Bill for my use, but it wouldn’t cover everything and besides I was going to stay with my mom, since all by my youngest brother was grownup and gone and so she had a vacant bedroom. She also didn’t drive, so with my car, I would be of some help to her in her transportation, despite that she was very adept at using the local bus system from her long experiences in riding them. She said that she didn’t want any money from me, since she was totally self-supporting. Didn’t mean that I couldn’t slip her some once in a while and maybe buy some of the groceries too.

In the newspaper ads, there was an ad for a night helper at the local hospital, so I decided to check that out, since I wouldn’t be able to work during the days, anyway. It was a Catholic Hospital and well known I the area for its high level of care. The Administrator was a Nun (correction Sister,) a Mary Margaret, and a majority of the nurses and other personnel were also Sisters who lived in the detached abode of theirs.

From my military experience, I had learned in official conversations to get to the point and not waste professional’s time. So, I outlined what I was doing and that I would like to see if could mesh with their expectations.

She took this in coolly and then laid out what would be expected of me. They would work around my school schedule, work me as many days a week as I wanted, schedule me from eight in the evening until four in the morning, with a half hour lunch on the premises. The first four hours would be a combination of providing a strong right arm in the E.R. when needed and posting bills from the day to a journal and then entering the info in the system for billing. And the second half could be a combination of me doing homework from my classes and taking a nap. The pay would be minimal, but regular.

I smiled up to her and said to her, “Sign me up.” And she did, and then took me around to show me the areas that I would be involved in including the hallways that I would wander through at night as a low intensity security check. I said that I thought that I could handle all of this and started right away at that night. For the first couple of months I worked full time until they could find a fill in for my off days. A rather sturdy looking woman just a couple blocks away was hired to mill in as my schedule required it. And then I settled in to working Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays to start to match my upcoming class schedule.

During the first week of this new job, when I was doing the security stroll, as I turned down a hallway that was not on my itinerary, I encountered a wraith like creature coming towards me and then when it saw me, it disappeared down a side corridor and out of my sight. When I got my senses back from the shock of it, I realized that it was one of the Sisters on a nighttime stroll of her own. So, then I moved to the lunchroom which was empty at this time of night, since most night time workers ate in their work locations. And I opened the lunch bag with its P.B & J sandwich on buttered bread, fresh apple and small container of chocolate milk to enjoy my lunch time meal. Alone!!

As I took the first bite, I thought that I felt a presence move past the open doorway, but when I looked back there was no one there.

Since, the wraith like nun (Sister) was avoiding me while evidently trying to ascertain who I was, as I decided, I determined to vary my scheduled strolling down her hallway for the next five nights and encountered her every time, much to her chagrin it seemed to me.

Since, in the service and afterwards I had developed in to somewhat of a Lothario, when she finally decided to stop me from strolling down her assigned hallway and approached me on the matter, before she could start admonishing me, I took her into my arms and gave her a very light kiss and then moved on to go to my lunch. As I looked back at her escape, I saw her stumble a couple of times and then pick up her very energetic and swift transit. I smiled to myself as I left the area.

I didn’t see her for a couple of my work days, and then all of a sudden she showed up in the lunch room when I was beginning my lunch. She sat on the other side of the table, but was looking down on its surface, evidently trying to determine what I was about from its surface, while being on guard to make a quick escape in case I made a move to assault her again.

I made it my purpose to move very slowly and deliberately to ease her nervousness, and placed another sandwich like mine before her in its was paper wrapping. I then began to eat mine, grateful because I had been bringing her a sandwich every time I worked since the ‘kiss,’ hoping that she would show up to eat it and save me from blowing up like a balloon by eating it myself. You see, I am one of those people that has no filter in regard to food, if it is there and ready to eat, I consume it with no regard to the consequences. That comes after I burp.

But, after a brief moment of indecision, she took up the sandwich and as she bit into it, I saw the definite signs of a smile. She finally looked up to me when she took a sip from my chocolate milk carton, as she leaned back to partake with her eyes then aligned with my face. She also was enthusiastic at my halving and coring of the apple with her getting her half. After she finished her share of the apple, she rose to leave, without halving said one word.

As she was about to leave, I addressed her and said, “If you are waiting for an apology over the kiss, you will wait in vain.” And then while that rocked her back on her heels, “And thank you for sharing my lunch………….time with me.”

I saw the corners of her mouth rise with that as she then made her escape from any more interaction with me.

Over the next few times in the hallways, she nodded as we passed, but skirted around me just in case I decided to get frisky with her again. And she would show up for lunch with me at least once a week. Finally on one night, when I placed the sandwich about half way between us instead of right before her, just to see her reaction to this, she short-armed it. So, I pulled back the chair next to me and motioned for her to take it. She looked into my eyes, surely to make sure that I wasn’t red-eyed in sexual lust and then moved around smartly to take the chair to my left. The one closest to the door!

We shared our lunch together and I controlled myself and didn’t attack her in any way. This seemed to calm down her more fragile feelings about this and she seemed to relax then more in my presence than ever before.

I decided to try the limits of this on our next hallway meeting and so when she approached me, I opened my arms and bid her to enter them. With only the slightest hesitation she moved forward and I took her into a very firm hug and backed off with my face to give her a very virginal kiss and then backed off. She just sort of vibrated in place and then slowly turned and went on her way down the hallway with no stumbling at all.

The next two times, she sat right by me and showed no reaction to me modestly laying my hand down on her upper thigh with no motions at all, just let it lay there and feel her warmth through her habit. On the third time of this, she leaned over before leaving and gave me a very firm kiss with her fingers in my hair.

As I was finishing my first year to stellar grades, things stalled at this level of advancement, and throughout the summer in which I worked as many days as I could I saw very little of her.

When the next school year began with me on the mark with my summer classes catching me up to my contemporaries, she again came back into my regular association in the hallways and at my lunches. I later found out that she had been out of the area in attending a sabbatical to help her see where she could be of the most service to her new faith.

On our first lunch together of my sophomore year of college, she reestablished the standing of our relationship by sitting next to me, accepting my hand on her thigh and kissing me firmly when she moved to leave. I was entranced by this. Every detail, from her memory, for sure.

The next time, she advanced things a millimeter, by reaching over and resting her hand on my upper leg as mine crossed hers to return to her upper thigh. I felt that she was trying to convey something substantive to me, but I was afraid of scaring her off, to determine what it was. She evidently felt my hesitation, and so on the next meeting in the hallway, she avidly moved into my arms and reached around me to engage herself to me much more intimately than in the past. I explored this development by moving my hands from being strictly on her back to down to engage her firm and tiny behinds. She made no identifiable resistance to this. But, I felt that this was enough advancement for this time and so we kissed firmly and parted reluctantly on both of our parts.

The next time that I came to work, the security officer at the entrance to the hospital directed me to move right up to the Administrator’s office. Meaning, Sister Mary Magdalen, of course. I approached this with a definite feeling of doom. Perhaps, she had found out about the involvement of one of her Sister’s (nun to most of us) in my life. And since she was of a different faith than me and supposed to be virginal in my understanding, I felt that I knew where this was going to go. That is with me going from the premises.

As I approached to her office, the receptionist was nowhere to be found, so I entered into The Sister’s office and took the chair that she looked up an directed me to. She then absent mindedly as she examined some papers before her, directed me to close and lock the office door. So, I did so and returned to the directed to chair to await her pleasure, or maybe wrath, I wasn’t sure.

She then looked up to me with a sober expression and addressed me, “James, I have before me reports on your working for us over the first year. They are sterling in estimating your work for us. And as I have requested the results of your studies, I find that you are sterling in that, too. You have turned out to be a very ideal type of employee: energetic, responsible, attractive and forward looking. I still have hope that you will reconsider your education and remain with us. (With this I determined that the risk of me being fired was very much reduced.) In any case I look forward to your continued presence with us throughout your education.

Now are there any concerns about your work or presence here?”

‘Oh,oh, here it comes,’ I felt at the time.

“No, nothing that I can think of,” I offered cowardly.

“Well, then. What about a certain young postulate that you have been meeting with and sparking at night?” And with that a very penetrating peering at me with a magnum sober expression on it.

“Uh, Oh, that,” I offered lamely.

“Oh, I think that you can do better than that, James! From what I have learned you have totally beguiled the young woman into being torn between serving the church and ‘serving’ you! How do you feel about that?”

I then looked up to her with total honesty and addressed her also soberly, “Sister it is true, I have gotten to know her and to admire her very much. I have no idea of her convictions in this regard, but I think that she very much liKes me, too. I would never want to interfere in her desires to serve God in any way that she determines to be proper to her.”

“You might be surprised that she had just this afternoon talked this very enigma over with me. She is very determined to try to find a way to both be yours and the churches. I advised her to think on this a while, but that there is a way out for her. She could become a lay Sister and appropriately serve the church and still be your wife in the future. Being your wife is your purpose in pursuing this, isn’t it?”

“Well, Sister, I had though up to this time, that that was premature to consider. But, after what you say, it will definitely be a priority of mine.”

“I would seriously advise that or to leave her alone. She is not only a prospective Sister in the faith with me, she is my niece, the daughter of my favorite sister who happens to be of your faith, but also still very close to me, too.”

I must have noticeably blanched at this. Just the reaction that she desired, I surmised. And then she continued.

“Here are a few things to take into account with her. She is only just eighteen, but has had a tumultuous childhood. Her father, who is Catholic like me, unwisely divorced my sister over her becoming active in your faith. I know quite a bit about it, and I totally admire their peacefulness and very high moral standards. While I would rather have her with me, I am very comfortable with her place in your faith that seems to be feeding her spiritually very well. Surely, her ex-husband will very much regret his divorcing her, if he hasn’t already. And as a tenet of your faith she is very much discouraged from welcoming her back. His loss, since I know that she is a wonderful housewife and wifely lover, too. He is unlikely to ever find her equal.

The reaction of ‘Celeste’ was to go wild in her behavior and to become involved in smoking, drinking, drugs and wild abandoned sex. She became close to a young man she met through that life style and he violently raped a young girl who was about to give him what he forced upon her. He then dropped her like a dog turd and completely broke her heart. The church people of my sister tried to help her, but ran into a blank wall, so my sister asked me to try to help. So, I spoke up for her and got her the assignment as a type of trial in the life appointment for her here in the hospital. And then you came on the scene.”

With that a frown, sincere or not, I couldn’t determine.

“I neither bless nor curse the relationship that you two have entered on. You two will have to work this out. But, James, I put you on notice that if you do any further harm to my dear niece, you will have to answer to me. And it will not be pleasant for you!”

I shuddered at that, and remarked, “I will never endeavor to hurt her, Sister. I think that I am falling in love with her, but even if I wasn’t she is surely a dear soul.”

“Keep that in mind, James. Now, please leave my office as I have OTHER important matters to care for!” I got a brief glare and then a brief smile to send me on my way.

That night when we met for lunch, she threw off much of her previous reserve and cuddled right up to me with her head on my shoulder and my arm around her back as we ate our sandwiches. Neither of us then or ever referred to our discussions with Sister M.M. that day of ever after. But, even in her habit; which I learned she was not authorized to wear, but no one had the nerve to tell her about it; she became very much more affectionate with me and began to share very short expressions of interest in things about us.

I suggested that we needed to associate away from this venue to see if we are compatible enough to continue to pursue a relationship beyond the friendship that we already had. And asked her what she would like to do first. And so she jokingly asked that we do a virginal date. Burgers and a movie of her choice, to start. I totally agreed with this and so we set the date for the following Saturday night.

I picked her up in my vintage Plymouth Valiant, a two door with a slat-six motor. I had stiffened up the shocks and she was a dream to drive. She was very comfortable as I seated her and belted her in, and seemed very relaxed to be with me. I asked if she would get into trouble for this, and she said no, that at the stage that she was in the training, she still had a lot of freedom to seek out her way into the future. At that she relaxed and we soon arrived at the Burger Burp 2, the first new drive-in of that prospective chain.

We really enjoyed the food there, as they have the reputation of being somewhat more expensive than the other chains, but with excellent food and service. When we finished we made it just barely to see the movie, a John Wayne western to my surprise. But, she seemed to enjoy it a lot, and cuddled and held hands with me all the way through. Even tolerated my hand again on her upper thigh. I kept if motionless, though, to prevent any backlash on this very pleasant evening. When I got her back to the Hospital for her to move to her room through it, she grabbed hold of me, kissed me deeply with our first tongue and with a brief swipe at my unmentionables, she left with a teasing laugh and barely touched the landings on the stairs up to the entrance.

On the next lunch together, she mentioned that she had told Sister M.M. about our date and how very nice it was. She seemed to take it very well and invited us to a small family gathering at her house the next Saturday night. And so we did. Sister had advised that we enter separately and contain any shows of affections to the holding of hands which would show our interest in each other without alerting any concerns by the others at the party for Abigail’s (her real name) welfare. I met her mother and she asked as to what congregation that I had attended and I said the Fairview one and she remarked that she had heard of me.

I was alarmed at that, but she interjected that there were no bad feelings to me, just hopes that I would come back to active attendance and service. I assured her that I was contemplating that. And then she asked how I felt about dating her daughter, a prospective Catholic sister. And I remarked the same that I would in dating any good-hearted Christian girl. She smiled at that and then let me alone to regather with Abigail in a darkened corner. She had already gotten the word that both Sister M.M. and her mother were quite pleased with me.

On the way in taking her back to the hospital, where she lived next door, I mentioned that with her approval that we probably needed to go to the next level in our relationship to see if we would work out together. I knew that the church and my religion too, would prefer us to wait for that until we were married, but with her totally horrible previous experience, and her effort to escape that and possibly sex with any man from then on, that we needed to see if she could accept me in that way too, to quiet this concern for both of us.

She remained wordless for a few minutes and then spoke up that that was a valid concern, and that we should think about it for the week. If we both concluded that this was the right way to go, that we could get together in my new apartment, just across the street from the hospital to settle our hearts on this, the next Sunday night and she would sleep over with me to reinforce it. I concurred and she left me with a smoldering kiss to peak my interest.

That Wednesday night, when we met in the hallway on our rounds, she grabbed my wrist and guided me into one of the vacant examination rooms. She looked into my eyes and then leaned back on the examination table with her lower dress pulled up to under her bra and then looked at me and then down at her exposed lower body. I got the message and lowered myself to give loving attentions to her lower regions.

I first nuzzled up to her slightly rounded belly and rubbed my face and new mustache all over it. I then lowered her business like panties and moved my face up to her pussy area. I nosed around in her small bush above her cleft and soon after moved down with my lips and tongue to liven things up with her pussy lips and clit. Since she was in a rather precarious position, I advanced things much quicker than I would usually and gave her slit, clit and pussy opening brief but energetic attentions. I could taste in the relative darkness her girlish cum leaking out onto my face and then very quickly her shrugs, shimmies, shakes and bolt like jerks that led up to her climaxing right down on to my face.

With my womanly cum laced face, she reached down to raise me up to kiss me very tenderly and then with her strength waning, she reached down to loosen up the male member, which she immediately guided into her most private place. As I entered her, I moved up quickly to be fully engaged with her and soon after dumped my load, since I had not been with another girl for some time. She shuddered at this and then gathered me up into her arms and kissed and hugged me with wild abandon. When we broke off, she smiled and advised me, “See you Sunday.”

When I offered a questioning attitude, like what was this about then, she offered, “Just a pre-trial motion, sir!”

On Sunday evening, she didn’t have to be picked up. It was still daylight and I lived right across the street from the hospital now in my own very comfortable apartment. When she came to the door, she was dressed in a very severely cut business suit with a prominent cross on her lapel. I noticed that and reached over to the side table next to my chair and waved a copy of our world famous Christian magazine at her. We both laughed at the ‘uppityness’ of this, and then gathered ourselves together to go and prepare dinner.

I don’t even remember what we fixed, but we didn’t choke on it, and did enjoy a very convivial and lively discussion throughout it until we had finished the dishes and moved to our bed. At least I now hoped that it would be “our” bed.

I undressed more quickly and she waited until I was naked and settled in the bed under the covers. And then she slowly and deliberately undressed before me making each motion meaningful and sexy as hell. Or in this case Heaven.

As she revealed her body increasingly with each article removed, I got a taste of what it would be like in our future together if we could mesh our different faiths, but similar views on life to being one in union.

With her progressing undressing, I knew what kind of union I was desiring at this time. And so with her willowy body and lovely eyes, she gathered herself to be under the covers. She then in a very small but earnest voice asked me to proceed very basically this time, to see how it worked for us. We could explore the more advanced fun starting with the next time.

So, I took her into my arms and hugged her with caressing down her back. She was caressing mine at the same time. And then she lowered herself to address my member for a few brief moments, just long enough to enliven it. With that accomplished, I moved down to her pussy and began the activating of it too. Soon, she was leaking the telltale cum out of her love hole and I then moved my member up and in to her love zone. She seemed to be totally entranced by this and held on to me very tightly as I struggled to get the motions in progress to bring us both. The excitement built up very rapidly and we after only about twenty minutes of love play each came to our happiness’s.

We then moved together again and she reversed her body to have her back to me and reached between her legs to install my now rearisen cock back up in to her still awakened pussy and with a, “Anal next time!” we settled down to sleep the night away together in love.

We now moved on to marrying only a few weeks later at a justice of the peace office to avoid religious hurt feelings on both sides of our families and set about to prepare ourselves for the arrival of our first child, the one we initiated in a certain examination room.

Both families got used to us attending our own meetings on Sundays, with an occasional foray into each other’s faith’s social events. I became again active in my faith and eventually became an elder, even with a nun as a mate. She advanced to administering a local charity in the churches name, despite my well-known place in my religion.

We had four children that covered the spectrum of religious decisions and loved them all. We all loved each other deeply and stayed the course through the rest of our lives and let the Creator decide what to do with us after that.

WARNING: This story could be a very hard ride for a person’s religious feelings!


“Oh Honey, are you okay? I can see the stress written all over your face.” With that she takes her dear husband into her arms and with kisses and hugs takes away the mental agony that her husband has brought home with him from his day at work.

“What went wrong, Honey?”

With him lovingly looking up to his ‘soul mate’ wife and the mother of their three children, “You know that I don’t like to complain about such things. You have your own drama and stresses to manage taking care of our home and family.”

“I know John, but sometimes it is very important to let it all out to close up these disappointments to behind us, so that we can move positively into the future.”

“As always the wise one, no wonder Adam couldn’t give up Eve after her sin. Just too much a part of his coping with his own life challenges, too.”

“Just one of the things that women do well, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I agree.”

“I hear the kids coming down the stairs to dinner, so let’s turn to that and we can try undoing some of that stress for you later.”

So, they gathered around the table and with hands held together thanked all in heaven for the very fine dinner arrayed before them and the having of each other to share it with.

After watching a dozen horrible news reports from around the world and two uplifting ones, they watched a talent show, and when one of the contestants did so very well and thanked the LORD for all of his blessings, John nodded in recognition of that.

When they went to bed, John lay under the covers and admired the woman coming to join with him. She had born three children and showed the effects of them, but she had recovered most of her beauteous body appearance and her loving will was undented. She smiled as she uncovered herself and joined in shamelessly with her man, the only one that had ever been invited into her secret places.

He laid back and accepted her into his arms and kissed her very tenderly on the lips, which she accepted and pushed forward on. Soon, their tongues were dueling, with his hands moving to her breasts. Eventually, with a lot of deep-seated feelings expressed, he moved up into her and they joined together as one body, one marriage, one loving couple. They soon after that climaxed together and fell deeply into sleep, still hugging each other.

As John fell into human sleep, his spirit-self kicked in and his Son addressed him, “Father, how are things going on this dwelling among humans today?”

“It is as you said it would be, Son. As I have often observed them, and also unexpected for the depth of the feelings that they feel and share with each other. The depth of their sympathies for loved ones is expected, but far beyond what I originally designed in them. It must have developed over time. A ‘life sustaining development’ to preserve the species as Darwin might have asserted. And in this, I think that I would agree.”

The Son replied, “You know, of course, that I never got to actually share in intercourse with a human female in my thirty-three and a half year sojourn with them. Not that I didn’t want to, nor that none were available. Mary Magdalen was very open that she would have loved to have been to me as wife or concubine. It was very inviting, but not on the agenda for me for that period of history.

And, some of my brother angels fell under the influence of Satan for having those desires that were not appropriate for them then, either. And look at the terrible cost of his deflection and theirs. The whole Antediluvian world destroyed, except for eight persons, and then with the Demons not allowed anymore to physically appear, the terrible influence that they have had on human affairs since. Which has caused you to gather up as many of the good souled ones in these last days as possible. But, what about the rest of mankind that is not determinately evil, just mostly doing the best that they can under the trying circumstances that they face?

It was for this reason that you agreed to not only observe, but to intimately share in human life to better understand their attitudes and actions, that are not meant to be offensive to your standards, but often are. By your personally experiencing human life even deeper than I, it was why I suggested this. And it was amazing that you agreed. Since, you have very forcefully separated yourself from direct contact them ever since Adam’s sin. Speaking to them only thru me or other angels. Except for a couple of times with Moses.

So, I hope Father, that when you come back to your heavenly throne, that you will have an even deeper feeling and sympathy for not only your saints and ‘sheep-like ones.’ And consider more positively how you might integrate others into your future plans for humans, than to simply destroy them, because of not meeting all of your standards of conduct.

I asked this of you since I died such a horrible death for them, first for your people the Jews and beyond that for all of mankind. I came to love them very much in my own sojourn with them.”

“Yes, Son, I know. I would never had even thought of doing this, except for the outstanding way you showed such sympathy for them and such obedience to the mission that you agreed to follow in coming down here, too. With that I not only had no concern for my person, as in a human form, but also that there would be any trouble with me coming back and reassuming my divine position. I trust you above all others, My Son.”

“Okay, Father, you will be awakening soon in your human form and experiencing a very different kind of day than the previous one. The first one was to show you the very positive side of human family love that helps them to cope with life in this sometimes treacherous system of things. But, now you are going to experience some of the bad things to see how this also affects their hearts. So, Father, brace yourself for a very rough ride!”

“Yes, Son.”

In the morning, John awoke and enjoyed a great breakfast with his loving wife, handsome sons and little bitty girl, Abigail. She was bright-eyed, lovely and the apple of his and his sons eyes. They would all fight sharks for her if necessary. She rose up and tenderly kissed her father as she walked out to make her way to her school only six blocks away. The boys caught their buses to their college classes since they were much older than their fourteen year old sister.

John had only been at work for an hour when he got the call that all parents dread, his little girl had been attacked on the way to school and was in the E.R. at the local hospital. His supervisor told him to take the rest of the day off with pay, and to report back on how his little girl was doing.

When he got to the hospital, his wife was already there, in drenching tears for their little girl. She told him that the doctors would come out soon and report to them on how she was doing. That came a few minutes later to Abigail’s fearful parents.

With the saddest eyes imaginable, the Doctor addressed them, “I am sorry, but there is no hope for your daughter, she will be gone very soon. I am having the nurses accompany you to be with her in her final hour, so that she will not be alone.”

Two parents, with abjectly broken hearts and teary eyes fought to maintain as much of a calm face for their dying daughter that they could. When the door to her room opened, there she was still on the operating table, with all kinds of paraphernalia attached to her. They could barely see their little girl under all of the hoses.

But, they disciplined themselves to approach her in a positive spirit and each from a side of the bed took one of her hands. She was awake and alert and looked from her mother’s to her father’s eyes and beseeched them, “Mother, Father, why did Mr. Miller do such hurtful things to me? His eyes were so terrifying and he stripped me and put his thing into me. (Then through terrified eyes,) he then swore at me and called me names while pushing his thing into me through my pain.”

“Sweetheart, sometimes these things happen, and no one seems to be able to stop them. I am so sorry that I couldn’t be there to protect you, my love!”

“But, Daddy, isn’t God supposed to be everywhere and to protect women and children and stop bad people from doing terrible things. Isn’t that what he says that he will do for those who believe in him and his Son and try to be as good as they can?”

“I’m sorry, my little girl, I have no answer for that.”

With a very faint squeeze on each of her parent’s hands, she then lay back and closed her eyes in death. Just a little girl’s body on a very large bed.

John, had four more hours left in this human body, and his grief was so bad, he didn’t know how he would make it. He then heard that his sons had found out and were on their way to revenge their little sister on Mr. Miller, whom the police had questioned but released, pending the filing of charges, which were due soon.

But, the brothers got to his home first and beat the old man to death as he screamed out his fears and apologies to the wild-eyed brothers sick at heart at what he had done to their sister.

Then the ambulance came to get the body of Mr. Miller, as the police very sadly took the boys away to jail for murder.

John and Marlaine, just stood on the sidewalk trying to find some way to cope with the loss of their whole world, their children. It was just too horrible to endure.

Right then, Marlaine disappeared and John returned to his rightful place, the throne of the Most High God of the Universe.

He was terribly shaken as his Son approached him on the throne, the only entity in the whole universe that could do so uninvited. “Do you see now, my father? The things both good and bad that they have to experience every day, at least some of them somewhere at any one time. It is no wonder that they ignore some of your prophets that try to help them. They can’t see us through their tears, Father.”

“Are you still sure that you want to destroy all of them that don’t closely identify with and worship you?”

“You are the one that made them. And with the ability to make their own choices and to grow in awareness of the things of all matter and time. Are you going to punish them for not coming to all of the right conclusions about you? How are they to appreciate your wisdom in letting affairs develop to where you have to act to remedy all of this for good?”

“You live forever, they only up to seventy or eighty years, with a precious few even longer. And they have to suffer from these things and observe others doing so, too.”

“Father, remember how you felt about losing your dear little daughter to a very sick man, after producing her from your body with the love of your life!”

“Please remember that, before you make your decision?”

And then the Son walked soberly from the celestial throne to let his dear Father think this over.

NOTE: I apologize if I have offended anyone’s religious sensibilities over this story. THE AUTHOR

A TIME AND PLACE FOR US: (What if God decided to make a place for regular people who wanted to do well, but not be forced to have to be perfect?)

‘US” being we just regular people. Not the Saints, nor the ‘monsters.’ Just run of the mill people, the salt of the Earth types. We make mistakes, but feel bad about them. We wouldn’t want to harm a fly, unless it threatened a loved one, a dear friend or anyone that we happen to be near to. But, we chafe under the ideals that many religions propound. We like our little ‘sins’ as long as we don’t hurt anyone else with them. Perhaps we cringe at the idea of a place where we have to be perfect all of the time, or suffer very dire consequences like losing our lives.

What would a place appropriate for us be like?

DREAM VISIONS: My favorite place in my mind. It is where my dream visions spring up and grow from.

They aren’t strictly dreams, because I exert mental control over them, even backing up and editing them to a more pleasant path. They do have freedom of providing details freeform, though. I can even sometimes choose the subject of them, often some latent desire inspires them. They have virtually no connection with my real life, though persons from my real life appear in them. They can get very romantic, but very rarely do I include any actual sex in them. I save that for my real life.

An example of this kind of ‘wishing’ is in the story on this site, TAXI DRIVER #8 (With Mind’s Eye.) It tells of Marcus the cab driver using this technique to escape a very unpleasant medical situation, and also to try to heal his heart over a very traumatic loss in his life, Jazzmine.

Could this technique be used to address the above question? Let us see, as we expand our minds and consciousness’s to use this means to examine what it might be like.

I am going to sleep on a particular night with all of these issues on my mind. I have reread my posting, AN OPEN LETTER TO GOD, which features thoughts on this matter. And for my ‘dream vision’ I am going to pretend that he has an-swered in the positive. So, upon my passing, I find myself…….not in heaven, a paradise Earth or the imagined ‘hell’ of some religions, but on the planet MARGIN, named because it is near the limits of God’s patience and allowance for us, the imperfect admirers of him.

I awake to subdued sunlight under a spreading oak tree. Evidently they are healthy here and plentiful. I am alone, the same age I was when I passed, but feeling quite healthy, none the less. As I look around I see a vista that could be seen from any small town of the Midwest United States. No town, though, but a small village is within eyeshot. I am unsure of what I am supposed to do next, and so I sit down under the tree to await someone who might be motivated to guide me to my next steps and also answer some of my questions.

As I await what is to come, I ponder over all of the things that I would like to know about: Where am I? How did I get here? Why am I here? And what do I need to know to not cause any problems for myself here?

After only a few minutes, I see a young girl walking along the path that crosses in front of me. She appears to be about twelve, which I have always propounded as the epitome of human intelligence and civilization, at least until puberty hits them right along the side of the head and locks them in step to eventual womanhood and perhaps motherhood, which might not be their main goal in life for sure. She appeared to be happy and well adjusted. Probably ‘pre-puberty,’ I would guess.

“Oh, Hello, Mr. You are new here, aren’t you?” I nod assent to that question. “Then I will guide you to the village elders to help you into the transition into our way of life here. Just be calm until they have a chance to enlighten you as to the situation here.” This was all said very brightly and matter-of–fact-ly. With that she took my hand and led me for about a half a mile to the village and its square.

On a stone bench there under another tree of indeterminate kind, were six grown-ups, three males and three females. They all appeared to be about 35 years old and in superior health. They looked up to me from their interrupted conversation and invited me to take a seat on a nearby facing bench and await for them to conclude their important discussion. In their muttered conversation, he caught his name being said by them a couple of times.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Martin. Welcome to Serenity Village of the planet Margin. We are what goes for a government for our village’s affairs, you will learn of the higher authorities as we go on.”

A second person, this time a male continued, “This world is much like the one that we were used to. It has all of the Earth type climates, land masses and oceans, though not in the same configuration as we came from. This village is part of an ‘United States of America’ type of governmental area. The laws are very similar to what you are used to. So, living lawfully like what you were used to doing previously, will likely keep you out of trouble here, too.”

Now a third person continued, this time a female: “There are some important differences, though. There are no tobacco products here, no recreational drugs, no criminal organizations at all, only very light alcoholic drinks, and nothing that would cause permanent harm to the ecology is permitted. The Lord of all creation has appointed an Arch Angel to monitor our activities here. He is not our boss, but will interfere if anyone is in dire danger, or if someone initiates planet harming activities.”

The fourth continued, “There are some additional freedoms here, though. We have a choice of our jobs. You will receive intense training in whatever profession that you desire. You will have freedom from fire arms here. They are not needed as there is no war allowed here. And there is a sexual freedom here beyond what you could even imagine.”

Fifth now entered the dissertation, “Women and men have the right and ability to enjoy any of the sexual activities that they desire, as long as no one else’s freedom is infringed on and no one is permanently harmed in any way. Despite what you might think, there will be women (and T.S.s or homosexuals) to share with you what you want to do. You will find no shortage of them here, since those who are too good for those kinds of behaviors aren’t here. You can work towards a Long Term Relationship, if you want. We don’t call them marriages, since they are not intended to last till whenever/if ever death comes, nor are they intended to forbid outside interests. Having children here is optional and has to be agreed with by both parties.”

Lastly, Six, “In the family arrangement, there is a slight edge to the male in leadership, but no allowance for any abuse or infringing on the lady’s interests or freedom. Under this type of arrangement, most of the ladies have no trouble showing a slight deference to the male of the family.”

Number one again, “Since you will not be expected to choose a sexual Long Term partner for some time, until you get your feet under yourself here and have found a job that suits you, you can sign up on the village’s Sexual Freedom Board and have an appropriate partner for yourself any night that you desire one. And sometimes they will be the LTR of another family arrangement. No hostility by the mate is allowed under these conditions. Just return her in the same condition as you received her,” said with a smile.

They then informed him that he will have a small suite in one of the local family’s home to live in while he gets used to the situations here. His reservation has already been made for him. Also noted is that the meals here are of the same nature and ingredients of what he has been used to in his former life.

He was then led to the home that would be his base for some time. And informed that a lady was going to join him that evening. They knew who to choose for him, since everything pertinent about him was known to the council. Also, he could catch up on a lot of things he was bound to be curious about, because this planet has a world wide web, just like Earth did. And each house had a terminal instead of a T.V. and all of that type of entertainment was provided through that channel.

The folks in the home he was spending the night at were just lovely. They both as all of the persons who had been here for some time appeared to be in their early thirties. They were very gracious and welcomed him to share a dinner with them. The meal was a very familiar one. It had home-made potato salad, fried chicken and creamed peas. There was a very light white wine along with it and it was all delicious, even the apple pie that came to the table for dessert. Marvin thought to himself that he would find a way to produce a root beer for himself, if there wasn’t one already available here. He seemed to remember that HIRES had a home kit for that purpose.

After dinner and a hug from the lady, he settled in to one of the comfortable chairs in the living room and glossed over a couple of books that appeared to have been produced on this planet. In one of them was a global map, and the leaders that had interviewed him in the village had been right. The continents on Margin looked nothing like the ones on Earth. There were five of them, with a familiar bias towards the northern hemisphere, the oceans were much smaller and the land masses much larger. His village was close to the center of a continent named Oceania. It appeared to have just one country that covered the whole continental area. The country capital was far east from here and it was named Lincoln.

He also saw on the table a magazine style book that was entitled, MARGIN, a newcomer’s introduction to. He knew that he should get acquainted with that as soon as possible, perhaps starting tomorrow. That is if there was nothing else more important to do then.

When it came time to retire for the night, he was led to a bedroom upstairs from the rest of the household and told to make himself at home there. It was a typical bedroom with an old fashioned bed and a very new large comforter. He availed himself of the water in the pitcher and washed his face and ‘pits’ in preparation for sleep and whatever else would come his way that night.

As his eyes fluttered towards him falling to sleep her heard a slight squeak in the door. He felt no fear because of the general atmosphere of the place and people that he had experienced so far. But, he was curious at what this was to mean. He didn’t have to wait long as a female shape became busy doffing her clothes and then gliding under the comforter to be next to him. She whispered into his ear, “I am Nicole, the younger sister of the lady of the house. Don’t worry, I am of age for here, even though that is not as serious concern as it was in our previous lives.”

After that, she said not a word for the rest of the night. Neither did I, since we were then very busy in introducing our sensuous desires and talents to each other. She started by cuddling up to my side as I laid on my back. She nuzzled up to my neck and played her hands over my body, lightly caressing it and watching for my reactions. I used my one free hand on her side to reach under her arm and gently caress her lower chest and upper belly, all that I could reach for the moment.

My body was warming up from the comforter and her attentions. And hers was too. She advanced things by rising up on one of her hands and reaching over to my face with her open lips. I rose up to meet them and our tongues touched and then began a dance together. My free hand was now able to access her tiny firm breasts and she was moaning with my attentions to them. I then pulled her on to the top of me and guided her to lay on the top of my body with her soft feminine body squirming about on mine. My hands had now moved to caressing her butt cheeks with fingers straying down the butt crack to and beyond her anal entry.

As one of my fingers strayed back up to her anus, she reached back and pushed it even deeper into that orifice. I was going to roll her over and mount her, but she resisted that and I realized that I was still in the body of an aged man, though in good health, so I let her take the lead. She then rotated her body so that we could ‘69’ with her on top. She smelled and tasted so sweetly, that I wanted to linger there. But she was advancing things to a climax before I ran out of energy to finish us both off.

So she rose up and mounted me cow girl style and with the flexing of her hips and belly forward and backward with a very slight upward and downward motion too, we both came very quickly. At this she kissed me good night and cuddled again up to my side to comfort me through the night. It was good to not be alone on my first night in this new land.

When I awoke in the morning, she was gone, but there was a very pretty flower on my pillow where she had laid her head. I had no idea of what it was, but I knew very well what it meant.

I went down to breakfast to join in with the family there. The food again looked and tasted familiarly to me. And the atmosphere in the home was very warm and friendly. No sign of the sister, though. I was informed by the man of the house, who now introduced himself as Ken, that a guide would be coming very soon to walk me to some very important meetings for that day. So, I arranged my clothing to a more serious presentation and awaited him on the front steps.

When the guide arrived, it was Nicole, much to my pleasure and she duly noted my enthusiasm at her arrival. She stepped forward and chastely kissed me on the cheek and then led me by hand to the village square. When we arrived there, she disappeared on to some other responsibilities, I guessed. So, I waited patiently for the village elders to arrive and inform me what was their concerns for me that day.

Only number one showed up at first and she motioned for me to remain seated as she took her seat next to me. “We have a number of things to share with you now that you have a day’s experience here and a good night’s rest. You did get a good night’s rest, didn’t you,” said with a slight smirk.

“Oh yes, I did,” returned to her with another good natured smirk of my own.

She smiled at this. “Well, some history first. A number of years ago, it became evident that not all persons were accounted for by the appellations: Saints, ‘sheep-like’ ones, ‘goat-like’ ones and the evil ones. There was a very large number of people who were for the lack of a title, simply just regular folks. Not particularly spiritually inclined, but usually living up to most of the celestial standards of conduct. Our God, being known as Yahweh, by some, which means ‘He causes to become. In other words he causes himself to adapt as he lives and sees events develop, decided to listen to some voices from among humans who wanted no part of a heavenly life, nor one on a paradise Earth either, with perfect people. They meant no offense to the High One, but would rather live on a planet like the one that they had been born on and lived their whole lives on and with people like those that they had always lived with. So, as he sometimes does, he listened and broadened his purpose for the future with this answer to their beseeching.

Thus, MARGIN was set aside for them. It is an isolated world and not expected to interact with the perfect ones in the rest of the universe. But, ‘in his home are many mansions’ and this one and the immediate area are ours. He only set down two irrevocable laws for us. No killing anyone and no causing permanent physical harm to anyone. Other than that, he left the rest up to us. And he appointed an Arch Angel to inforce his will on those two points. We see very little of him, because people who are prone to those kinds of actions are either cured of that before they come here or don’t come here.

He gave us this dispensation, but because of his personal aversion to unholy people and acts, he left it up to humans to figure out a way to work this out. So, the scientists on Earth discovered how to reanimate deceased ones, and God reached out in response to their efforts and transported them to here. Thus you are here, too. And your sexual proclivities are unchanged. But, you will have to be very careful to not infringe on others rights in these matters. No woman is required to have sex with anyone, not even their regular partner. But, fellow feeling and a desire for these sensations themselves, makes sure that there are plenty of avenues of sexual interest to be pleased with.”

“What about my immediate future? The folks that I am living with are really fine people, but I don’t want to become a burden on them. I want to carry my own load as soon as possible. And I would like to return to my gardening and fruit tree culture as soon as possible, too.”

“All in good time, sir. You have to recover a measure of your youth first, so as to not endanger the reclaiming of your health. So, since your mind is in top condition, this is a great time for you to pursue the education and training that will qualify you for the profession that will be the backbone of your working life from now on. You may add other abilities to that in the future, too. From our knowledge of you and your interests, we are going to be training you to be a forest management specialist. We do have forests not far from here and ones in various parts of the world. With the world-wide web we can train a person for any job anywhere, but for this kind of training, we think it best if you would sojourn for a few years in the city 30 miles away. It has a population and facilities that will very much advance your educational development. It also has an abundance of the young women you so crave for sensual adventures. And with your reputation, you should have no trouble attracting many of them to fun with you.”

“One other thing, would you like to have Nicole accompany you and dwell with you during your studies? She says that you are very pleasant in bed, which is not a bad start to a relationship at all. By-the-way, being with her is not a lifetime obligation, nor would it prohibit your other sexual adventures, as she would also be free to pursue hers, too. She is trained as a Management Technician, and so can fit in almost anywhere she goes to.”

“Well, that sews that up, I guess! When do I leave?”

“Is tomorrow, too soon?”

“No, I think that that will work out fine. Will Nicole make the trip with me?”

“Yes, and she will be spending the night with you too. You might want to get a lot of sleep, though, for it is a long and tiring walk for even a young person. However, there are resting places with meals along the way. They are free here, as we use no specie at all here. We all are just expected to pull our own weight in the advancement and maintenance of our society.”

“Sounds good. May I walk around the village and nearby areas to get better acquainted with the world that I am now part of?”

“But of course. And Nicole will join you when you want her to. Perhaps you will want to see it through your own eyes alone at first.”

“Yes, I would like that. And I guess I will be under Nicole’s observation as I proceed around. So, I will wave when I want her to join me.”

“That should work out fine. And now there is a pub down the street to enjoy a lunch before you begin your wandering.”

With that he nodded to her and began to make his way down the street.

After an afternoon of wandering about the village and its vicinity, the last half with Nicole with him, he came to the conclusion that this could be one of many of the Midwest areas that he was familiar with from his visits to his aunt when he was young.

The two of them, hand in hand then wandered slowly to her sister’s home to share in the evening meal before bedtime, to prepare for the next day’s journey. They did play a little in the dark, doing side by side facing each other ‘69’ which is delightful and not at all physically demanding. They each came quickly and then snuggled together to face the rest of the night together.

In the morning, Tim and Ruth prepared a lunch for them to take along and made up a satchel bag for them to carry a change of clothes for each. With a lot of hugs and a couple of tears, Marvin and Nicole set out on their two day trip. They were being cognizant of Marvin’s still apparent age and were going to take it easy on him. It would be a few years for him to move backward in age to being on par with the rest of the several years long inhabitants of this new world and very familiar local setting.

With the gracious aid of a family midpoint of their journey, with them providing a bed for them for the night and a dinner to fortify them, they again set out in the morning with another lunch to fuel the way for them. So, far Marvin noted that they hadn’t met one unpleasant person in his few days of sojourn in this world. He hoped that this would continue.

When he arrived in Bellis City, a very near facsimile of his home town on Earth, he and Nicole were greeted at the gates by a local guide. They had been expecting them and so led him to the Grand Education Center to make his home in the boarding house room assigned for him and Nicole. Nicole had an appointment the next day to receive her work assignment in Bellis City, while Marvin was matriculating to enter the school. The nature of the school was that it didn’t matter when in the year that a person started, and they would continue on with no vacations until they were done with their education and training. When they left the school, they would be totally prepared to take up whatever trade or profession that they had been trained for. Marvin had been educated before and noted the excellence of the program at the school. It took only three years to get the Earthly equivalent of a five year program. And that included postgraduate practical on-the-job training.

By the time of his graduation his apparent age had been reduced already to about 45 years of age. His health was hale and hearty, and Nicole was more than delighted at his reawaked sexual prowess and sense of adventure. They had progressed to regular anal, which helped to delay pregnancy until they made a stronger commitment to each other, and was pleasant to them both, too. They were into multi partner dates and also role plays. Sex was just the great interpersonal fun that it should be.

After a couple of weeks beyond his graduation, he made the decision to move his habitation back to the vicinity of Nicole’s sister and her partner Ken. Nicole and Marvin were still very fond of each other, but decided to live apart for some time to spread their wings. A young lady who greatly resembled Mariah an escort that he had known on Earth decided to accompany him and live with him for a while. Nicole had found another local guy to share her life with for the next few years, also. So, they parted with the usual hugs and promises to see each other in the future. It would probably happen, too.

Back in the village, named Serenity, he was assigned a small cottage to start his local life with Mariah who had come there with him and a job assignment in the local forests and the lands around them. They had a small garden spot, too. It was a wonderful start to a renewal of life. When Nicole came back a few years later, they got a bigger home and she and Mariah and Marvin lived together for many years, eventually having a child each with him.

After the children were grown and educated, the ladies took turns traveling about the lands alone, always one of them remaining with Marvin. This arrangement continued on to the dim futures of their lives, in a practical sense forever.

With that, Marvin woke up in the morning, fully remembering his ‘dream-vision.’ He shared it with his readers and hoped in his heart that it would someday become true.

Sexy Nun Role Play: (A very rude Role Play Scenario. If you are Catholic and will be hurt by this, do not read, it please!)

Two people far away from their home on Terra, find time to play a little Role Play that will help to fill their loneliness and have a bit of fun with their shared sex and lightly held religious convictions.

With the end of that discussion, the Captain and his chosen mate for the day, Margaret---a twenty-four year old solar system’s engineer (figures, huh) of Euro-Asian descent decided to play together. She turned out to be a very lovely and affectionate partner he learned. It is interesting to note that contrary to some factions of human society, the B.G’s actually recommended a very affectionate atmosphere in the producing by intimacies of the following generation. Their copious records noted a definite advantage in this, even including the note that wildly inventive and active sexual practices do have a definite, though low grade, positive effect for especially intelligent children. What a wonderful excuse for lively sex that was.

So, on their way to her quarters, the discussed various Role Plays that they might want to enter on. Both of them were very respectful of other’s faith based convictions, though neither of them were desirous of involvement in them, except for a mild degree in their personal thoughts. So, in the spirit of doing things theatrically, that they would never do in reality, they decided to a fallen nun and priest type of sexual adventure. And they really got into this, because they wanted to do it and might never be together again in any form.

When they got to her apartment, she selected on her apartment controls to have the appearance and features of a church like set of rooms. And had the necessary clothing provided. Very realistic, too. Not the jazzed up ones that are sold commercially. So, after a brief discussion on how this free-form sexy drama would work out, they separated to their own individual showers, dressings and entries into the field of sexual combat, as it were.

So, in outfit and attitude they joined together in their imitation church.

“Oh, there you are Sister Faith. I was about to seek you out anyway and here you are. The LORD surely provides, doesn’t he?”

“He surely does, as also does the Virgin Mary too, don’t you think, Father?”

“Sure enough! In fact I have always thought that the Holy Trinity should be the Father, the Son and the Virgin. Seems more like a family to me.”

“Oh, Father,” she responds with a little blushing, “Maybe the Holy Spirit is a reference to Mary after all, since aren’t wives the main motivating force in family life, anyway?”

The middle aged Catholic priest answered, “Perhaps you are right about that. I had never thought of it in that way, Sister.”

“Just proves that a self-educated and practiced priest can still learn from a young nun, don’t’ you think?”

“I think that you have just demonstrated that, my dear Sister.”

With that, the priest went on with the purpose for his searching for Sister Faith in the first place. “Sister, I think that I have missed you in the Confessional lately. You used to allow me the privilege often, and the other priests say that they haven’t seen you lately either. Are you having personal problems that I might help you with, Sister?”

After several minutes, while the patient priest waited on her and the Sister hoped that he would lose patience and leave off addressing her on the topic, she decided that there was no escaping this, so she suggested that they join in the Confessional to clear up the matters.

Then, still firmly in their roles, they entered the Confessional with the screen between that was supposed to block each other’s view to sponsor a more open exchange, but in this case was blocked only on her side without her knowledge. So, she began her litany of remorse in general terms and beseeched the Son, The Father and especially the Virgin Mary for forgiveness as to her still unspecified shortcomings and sins. With a repeat of the prayer with the beads, she was finally ready to get down to specifics.

“Father, I have sinned. I have had very disrespectful fantasies and dreams involving you and me and my faith and sexual desires. I do not want to sin further, but can’t seem to get them out of my mind, no matter how much I try. Is there any way that you could help me in this?”

“Well, Sister, I have found that sometimes acting out our worse fears and sins helps us to put them behind us. Because, then we can process them as a reality instead of a fantasy, with realities much easier to deal with and also to be forgiven of us”

The young only eighteen year old sister then fearfully inquired of what that would involve.

“If you want to actually deal and dismiss this from your life, meet me in a half an hour in my quarters and I will show you.”

“Okay Father, I will pray on this and then if my mind and heart accept this, I will come to you at the appointed time.”

Father Joseph nodded to her and then moved from the Confessional to prepare himself for the coming ordeal, if it actually happened.

When the young nun appeared at his quarter’s door, he ushered her in and sat her down in a chair facing him sitting on his bed. A rather handsome one, too, she thought. Was it the one in her dreams, she wondered. After all she did do cleaning of his quarters once in a while as part of her duties in the church.

Father Joseph opened their ordeal with a prayer of blessing, with the young nun kneeling down next to him as he offered the prayer, which she repeated word for word as it progressed to the best of her ability.

After she had sat for a few moments and appeared to be composed, he asked of her how she was dressed in her sexual dreams. And she responded naked. So he asked her to assume that manner of appearance. And he watched avidly as she shed her clothing before him. The asking of him to turn his back didn’t even enter her mind. And after her appearing before him in the nude he asked how he was dressed in them. How he knew that it was him in her dreams, she had no idea, but responded, nude from the waist down only. So he shed everything from his waist to the bottom of his feet all the way down to his skin.

She tried not to, but did admire his manly equipment.

So, he took her into his arms and hugged and caressed her young and sacred body. She at first shivered under this personal attention, but soon got into it and cooperated as she had done in her dreams. She was still a virgin at this point in her life and was a bit worried about how things worked out in her dreams, with her losing it many times in her fantasies, but not in reality. And the Father had mentioned realities, hadn’t he?

As her hands were confined to his chest, back and arms for the moment, his hands proceeded to move up to her ample breasts to bring them into their growing sexually alert stage. When she began to lean into him with his hands and lips caressing her breasts, he knew it was going to be soon time to move on to lower things on her.

After further simulations on her chest, he kneeled down and moved her legs apart to start servicing her Holy Portal and her Obscene One, too. His tongue moved about the both of them, licking, probing and heating them up. After several minutes of this, he moved to sitting on the side of the bed and bid her to return the favors to him.

So, she kneeled down on his very soft bed side mat and began by caressing his privates with her hands, but it quickly moved to the use of her mouth and lips giving it the ‘lip service’ that his Holy Instrument and Holy Seed Repositories deserved. She became very animated in her licking of his Repositories as her mind began to turn off and her lusts were called up from deep within her, just like in her dreams just before the masturbation began.

He then guided her to laying on the bed on her back and with her legs splayed out and her eyes dancing wildly in anticipation, then he renewed his attentions to her Holy Church between her legs. With a mumbled liturgy that she just couldn’t quite understand, he accurately directed obeisance given to its stations.

Eventually, he reached to the floor and took up her large personal cross that she always wore descending between her ample breasts and with its rounded shaft and blunt lower end he doused it with the holy anointing oil and installed it where it belonged, up in her Holy Road to Spiritual Paradise.

She was stunned at the suddenness of this and blocked herself from crying out at the ruin of her fleshly blockage by the Holy Instrument intended to lead to her acceptance of her salvation along with the Holy Seed from Father Joseph, her savior of the moment.

When he withdrew the purified and ennobled cross from her Holy Entrance, he then tasted of her virginal blood of Mary to sanctify himself for the coming Holy Journey to her Throne of Reproduction.

In preparation of that, she leaned up to again give brief attentions to his Holy Instrument, to prepare it for its diving into her holy interior church structures. He moved up to the doorway to her heaven and then plunged up the corridor to the opening to her royal interior room. The room of the production of a new Messiah, “Dear Sister, accept my presence at the entrance to your most sacred room, to deliver my blessing seed and cause you to produce another brother of our Lord to help deliver us from trouble in this very dangerous time.”

With that, she bucked up and drove her body up to be totally impaled like her lord was, only this time for the Father to deliver the seed into her for a new son of the faith. And with Sister totally impaled onto him, he delivered his holy seed up into her and they prayed together that she would deliver another chosen one. With that he laid down on her which she accepted as a blessing being laid upon her by the Father, as he was rose over Mary so long ago.

But, Father Joseph instructed her that one more thing had to be accomplished and it would have to occur with her on her belly elevated up on two holy pillows like two steps to heaven, or in this case two down to hell. She not sure of what to expect, none the less cooperated and bared her ass and rosebud for the Father’s attentions. So, he kissed, licked and probed into this obscene gateway and then with unholy lube, on his instrument and in her unholy orifice, he plunged into her with her loud cries rebounding off of the walls, and then delivered his infamous load to the Sister with, “Now you vile bitch, accept this unholy load of my seed to produce the enemy of our new lord, for our lord to be able to show his mightiness in vanquishing him to the lower realms.”

With that she bucked up again to receive his blessing now into the lower depths of her ass and accepted this load, too into her body. And then they both collapsed on the bed to rest up a bit.

When they came to, he asked of her, if she had all of her dream contents acted out, and she replied all and more. He then asked if she thought that she could dismiss the tormenting dreams from now on or would she need further treatments. She replied with a big smile that she thought that this would help a lot, but she was sure that repeats of this would be necessary, and at that the Captain and his Lady of the Moment collapsed in laughter on the bed holding each other very tightly.

When he was about to return to his ship, and was saddened at the thought of losing this wonderful mate forever, she hugged him and said that one never knows, does one. And if the Real Father, the Creator didn’t act on their obvious affections for each other, the Over Lord just might.

And sure enough, he was sent back on another unrelated mission in the vicinity of Space that was still profoundly unknown, to serve as the permanent ambassador of the Terran people to the people of this incredibly inventive human production. With a certain young woman welcoming him back to the process of inventing a number of their own productions of half Benson heritage

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