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Under the Colosseum Pt. I

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian

Author: Cadwin

Published: 22 January 2018

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"And you are quite sure they're properly prepared?" Visellia asked as they were climbing down the stairs into the lower levels of the Colosseum, their steps now echoing through the stone hallways, only dimly lit by the few torches along the walls.

"Quite prepared, I assure you," the short, bald man replied as he was leading the way. "For the gladiators, there's not much to do besides to fight, or to train for their next fight. And so they spend much of their time beating off their extra cudgel, if you get my meaning." He paused and glanced sideways at the noblewoman, careful not to speak out of line. "Especially since there's no women for them around," he continued as Visellia showed no sign of indignation. "The stamina they build up that way is quite remarkable. Some of them can blow off easily five times a day. And since we've kept these here chained up for the past two days, the pressure in their loins must be very painful indeed."

Behind her, Visellia could hear her house slaves giggle, The two girls were new to her household, having only been acquired two weeks ago for what turned out to be a very good price for two young virgins, and she had brought them along to give them a first taste of what was epected of them as a servant in the house of the Visellii. Horatia, the head of her personal staff, shushed them to make them shut up. She gave her mistress an excusig nod.

Visellia smiled. Let them giggle, she thought. They'll get what's coming for them soon, anyway.

The room they were led into was only slightly larger than the hallway outside, but lit by many more torches, making it almost as bright as day in there. In the centre, four chairs were positioned in such a way as to form a cross, and on each of those, a muscular, tall, wild looking man was sitting, chained by his hands and feet, almost unable to move. The lady smiled, admiring the naked, oiled, well-trained bodies of her property. Yes, she thought, this was going to be a good day to indulge herself.

With a nod from her mistress, Horatia strepped forward, the two girls in tow. "This one's a champion," the bald man commented as they approached a black-haired, broad, unusually shaved gladiator. "Too bad he's also a traitor, or he would've fared very well in the military." The lady watched as her maid slowly knelt in front of the man, taking his thick cock into her hand and, making sure the two girls were paying close attention, took it into her mouth. She gagged as, almost immediately, her mouth was filled with piss, flooding out of the dick like a water fountain, accompanied by loud laughter from the bound gladiator.

Horatia reeled back, looking insecurely at her mistress while the cock kept pissing freely, squirting urine all over her tunic. "How'd you like the taste?" the man asked haughtily.

Visellia stepped closer. "Swallow," she ordered her slave, who still had her mouth full of piss, then motioned her to move aside as she pulled up her own tunic until her soft, round, white buttocks appeared. The noblewoman turned around and lowered her naked butt down onto the crotch of the insubordinate fighter, who still kept on laughing and mocking them. Slowly, inch by inch, she pressed a long, brown, thick turd from between her buttocks, right into the man's lap, where it lay warm across his penis, slowly melting and running down his balls. Without another word, she turned away and on to the next man, accompanied by the whispered gasps of the two new girls.

"This one's a barbarian, and a wild one at that," the bald man explained, gesturing to the hairy, thick, rough looking gladiator whose wild beard gave away his provenance quite clearly. "Never learned how to speak latin either." Well, I don't need you to speak, Visellia thought as she motioned for the two girls to come over while gently picking up the wild man's cock with her slender fingers. He got hard almost instantly, having gone so long without the warm, soft touch of a woman's hand that it alone aroused him considerably. As she began to stroke the hard, long shaft, sticky clear fluid began instantly to form on top, running out of its head at an almost constant pace.

Without a word, she grabbed one of the girls by her hair and shoved her head down onto the gladiator's cock, making her take him deep into her mouth. The girl squealed, but dared not to complain, even as her throat got flooded almost instantly by a thick, hot load of cum, pumping into her at such a rate that she could barely contain it. Within moments, it was running out of the sides of her mouth and dripped down onto her large, wide chest - one of the attributes that caused Visellia to buy her. "Swallow," the mistress ordered again, this time directed at the girl whose stomach revolted at the strong, tart, unusual taste of cum. Biting her teeth, and with tears forming in her eyes, she forced the creamy load down.

"You," she said, turning to the other girl. "Lick him clean and suck him until he's hard again." Horatia accompanied the frightened slave and guided her down between the man's legs, showing her just how to take the flaccid cock between her lips and where to apply pressure to get back up again. While she gently played with his balls, the girl could feel the shaft growing and getting hard inside her mouth again. "Mmh, that didn't take long," the mistress said pleased. "You've been quite full, haven't you?" The bearded man only grunted in response while Visellia pulled up her tunic again, baring her white butt once more, which was now smeared with brown stains. "Then let's see if this is slippery enough for me."

She lowered herself down on the man's crotch while Horatia, knowing her mistress' preferences, guided the thick, long cock, slippery from the young slave's saliva, straight for the lady's dirty brown asshole. Visellia sighed as the cock split her open, but then took it deep and hard. The noblewoman was obviously used to having her asshole stretched, a fact that Horatia knew only all too well, while the young slaves watched in awe at how their mistress' butt moved up and down the strong, hard dick while her empty cunt opened slightly above, leaking clear liquids.

"Go on, serve your mistress," Horatia told the second girl, moving her head between the woman's legs until her face was buried inside Visellia's thick black bush and she suckled like a baby at her pussy lips. The mistress felt the barbarian jerk and pulse inside her ass, and spurts of cum shot hot and hard into her intestine until they came running out around the sides.

"By Jupiter, this one comes like a horse," she gasped still riding him hard while she spread her legs wide so the slave could lick up the excess cum. The man grunted and groaned and indeed came several more times before his cock went flaccid again. Her first appetite sated, Visellia slid off his lap and nodded to the girl between his legs. "Good, now lick him clean again," she ordered, then turned to the other girl who so far had been standing aside, happy that she didn't have to taste any more sperm. "And you," she told her, "come over here and clean my asshole. With your tongue."

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Under the Colosseum Pt. I

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