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  1. My Bus Driver
  2. My Bus Driver (pt.2)

My Bus Driver (pt.2)

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Job/Place-of-work, Male / Female

Authror: Stuff0666

Published: 23 January 2018

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Monday morning rolled around, and I was excited. My pussy was sopping wet as I got dressed, and I quickly soaked through my panties just thinking about seeing Rob again. I knew we couldn't do anything right now, but seeing him was half the fun.

The wait at the bus stop seemed like forever, but soon enough my bus came around the corner. I made sure I was the last one on, and as I walked up the steps I tripped, sending myself sprawling onto Rob's lap. "Oops, sorry Rob." I giggled, looking up at him. He smirked, and I stroked my hand across his cock through his pants as I stood up. I left a scrap of paper on his lap containing my phone number. I took my seat behind his chair, and an uneventful bus ride ensued.

School was boring right up until lunch, when I got a text from an unknown number.

R: Hey sweetie, it's Rob. Text me when you can.

I smiled at my phone, immediately texting him back.

O: Hey Rob, it's actually lunch, so I'm free to talk.

We talked for a few minutes about meaningless things, before I decided to make it a little riskier.

O: I want you so bad Rob. My pussy was soaking wet thinking about you this morning, and it still is now.

R: Fuck Olivia you just made my cock get so hard. I'm going to have to jerk off now.

O: Mmmmmm. Can you show me?

A few minutes later a video popped up on my screen. I ducked into the bathroom to watch it, locking myself into a stall. I opened the video, watching as Rob stroked his cock with my ripped panties from the other day wrapped around it. Another video popped up as I watched, so clicked over to that one. Rob was jerking off faster in this one, and as I watched he shot ropes of cum out of his cock, covering my panties in it. My pussy was soaking wet again, so I pulled down my pants and panties and stuck my fingers in it, taking a quick picture and sending it to Rob.

O: Wishing this was your cock instead ;P.

R: Fuck baby I want you so bad.

The class bell ringing forced me to out my phone away, but halfway through my second last class the office called my teacher and told her I was getting picked up. I was confused, but went to my locker anyway, pulling out my phone as I did. There was a text from Rob.

R: I called the school and said I was your dad, told them you were leaving. Come to the bus area.

I packed up quickly, almost running to the bus area. Sure enough, Rob was already there. He was always here around this time, so if anyone saw him it would be nothing new. He saw me coming and opened the door, and I climbed on. Without saying anything, I smiled at Rob, who was sitting in the drivers seat of the bus.

I put my backpack on to one of the seats, stripped off my coat, then climbed onto Robs lap, facing him. I kissed him soundly, grinding down on him as I did. He kissed me back with just as my passion, his hands slipping under my sweater to my bra-less tits, rubbing the nipples with calloused fingers. I moaned into his mouth, then pulled back. "Fuck I missed you." I panted, out of breath.

"Me too baby." He replied before kissing me again. Soon his lips moved from mine and down my neck, kissing and licking a trail to my collar bone, where he sucked a light red mark. I swatted at him gently, but didn't stop him. He pushed up my sweater, latching on to my left nipple and sucking on it roughly. Soon my moans filled the bus, and I was grinding down hard on his cock, which I could feel through his pants.

We paused our movements, looking at each other, reading the lust there. In a flurry of movement, we both pulled down our pants, and I impaled myself on his cock, my pussy eating him up to the base. I began riding him slowly, not wanting this moment to end anytime soon.

"Fuck you're so tight, your pussy around my cock feels so fucking good oh fuck yes it does holy shit." Rob's head was buried in my tits, and his words sent vibrations over my nipples, which went straight to my pussy. I picked up the pace, and Rob took the hint and grabbed my hips, moving me faster. Soon I was slamming on his cock, my tits flying as he fucked me harder and harder.

I screamed as I started cumming, and Rob sealed his lips over mine to muffle it. He stood up, still fucking me, and bent me into one of the seats. From this new angle he was able to pound into me even harder, and soon the whole bus was rocking with the force of it. Our moans mixed with the sound of his cock slamming in and out of my wet pussy, and soon I felt his cock grow and his cum start slamming my pussy walls. He held himself there for a moment, finishing cumming, before he pulled out and sank to his knees as best he could on the bus floor, and began eating his cum out of my pussy.

His skilled tongue soon brought me to another orgasm, and I screamed as it tore through me, leaving me shaking and Robs face covered in my juices. I rolled over onto my back, looking up at him. Both our chests were heaving, but we were smiling.

Right up until a knock sounded on the bus doors. We both looked over, eyes wide, and saw one of the school janitors. Rob let out a relieved breath, though I was still panicking, half naked and sprawled on a bus seat and about to get caught.

Rob, on the other hand, looked excited. Without bothering to pull up his pants, Rob went over and opened the door. The janitor, a man in his sixties named Bill, climbed the bus steps and clapped Rob on the back. "I see you've been having fun." He looked over, taking in my naked form. "So this is the slut you told me about? Damn, she's hot." Bill stepped over to where I was, and reached a hand out to touch my boobs. I slapped him away.

"Olivia, it's okay. Bill here is a friend, and I told him you would fuck him. Is that alright?" I looked at Rob, my eyes wide. I flicked back and forth between them, my eyes drawn to where bill was stroking himself through his pants. The outline of his cock was huge! Not super long, probably seven inches, but extremely thick. That's what made up my mind.

"Okay Bill, I'm all yours." I spread my legs, showing off my wet pussy.

Bill undid his pants, setting his monster cock free. "Roll over. I wanna fuck you from behind."

I did as he asked, and no sooner had I done so his huge cock was forcing its way into my tight pussy. I moaned, tears leaking from my eyes as I realized that that was only the head, and I still had another six inches to go. My pussy ate it up though, and soon I had his whole cock in me. He didn't wait for me to adjust, just started pounding into my with no control. He picked me up, swinging me around so I was in the isle, hands and knees on the dirty bus floor, and fucked me harder.

I guess my moans must've gotten too loud, because all of a sudden Rob was shoving his once again hard cock into my mouth. He began fucking my face at the same pace Bill was fucking my pussy, which set off a chain of orgasms through me. With all the added lubrication, Bill began to fuck me faster and harder.

He bent down over my body, placing his mouth near my ear. "Gonna cum in your pussy, slut. Gonna fill you with my seed, make you pregnant with my kid. Can't wait to see your slut belly full of my baby."

My eyes widened at his words, and I tried to pull away, to say something, but I was sandwiched between his and Rob's cocks, one in my mouth and one in my pussy. Soon they were both cumming, spewing their seed into me from both ends, filling my stomach and pussy with warm cum. I came at the same time they did, pussy quivering and body shaking. They both pulled out, and I collapsed onto the floor, my tits pressed into the dirt and grime.

I heard Bill doing up his pants, and Rob doing the same. There was a murmured conversation, then the sound of backslapping. The doors opened, and Bill left, whistling a merry tune. Rob bent down to help me up, slapping my ass as he did. He handed me my pants, but kept the panties he pulled from them, tucking them into his pocket.

As I got dressed, I looked at Rob. "He said he was going to make me pregnant." I said, my eyes wide.

"Yeah, Bill's always wanted a kid." Rob shrugged off my wide eyes. "I guess we'll find out if he got lucky this time, eh? Oh, and I arranged with your parents for you to come over again on Friday after school, only you won't be shoveling snow this time."

I was about to ask what he had planned for me, but just then the bell rang for the end of the day, and kids began streaming out of the school. I had just managed to pull my coat on and find a seat when the fist kids began filing onto the bus.

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My Bus Driver (pt.2)

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